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Established in 1999, ThriftyFun is a community of everyday experts who seek creative inexpensive solutions to daily problems. We share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, cleaning and more.

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Pets and Divorce

My husband and I are going through a divorce and I will be moving. We currently live on a ranch and have two dogs. One is a Border Collie mix who lives to watch the horses, he is about 6 years old and we found him about 4 years ago.

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Social Security Survivor Benefits

My grandson is autistic and cannot care for himself. His father is disabled. Why can't my grandson receive his mother's Social Security? She worked all of her child's life.

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Santa Dish Soap Bottle Dolls

Where can you buy the Santa heads?

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Dog Pees Inside When Left Alone
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Removing Wrinkles from Sheer Curtains

How do I remove wrinkles from sheers after washing them?

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Trash Can for Laundry Detergent Storage

I have just added a plastic flip top trash can, to my laundry area. It holds two big boxes of dry laundry powder. Makes it very easy to open the lid and fill the cup with soap for the washer.

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Path Garden Gift from Virginia
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Training an Abused Dog
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Selling Crafts

I decorated about 20 wine bottles and have given them to people as gifts. I enjoy doing it so much that I have more decorated bottles than people to give them to. I thought of flea markets, or eBay?

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Child Support and Social Security

If I'm divorced and my ex owes me child support when he dies, will I get his Social Security?

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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Birthday

Today is my boyfriend's birthday and he is 15 on Halloween duh his birth date. I don't know what to get him and I don't have enough money to buy what he wants. What should I do?

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Curtain Colour Advice
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Fixing a Crack in Mobile Home Ceiling

My 14 year old home has a crack in the stucco ceiling the width of hall (4ft approx.), where hall meets living room. It was fixed before by the manufacturer, but cracked when the seasons changed and the home shifted.

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Wedding Decoration Ideas

Please I am planning for my wedding and am so confused. I am thinking of doing my wedding outdoors or renting a hall. I want a wonderful decoration for either. My colours are orange, olive green, royal blue, and red.

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Estate Management Business Name Ideas

I am starting a company and would love feedback on a business name. It is going to be an estate management company that can provide an array of services. I have an accounting degree, developed office space....

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Rug and Curtain Color Advice

I have a sofa that has black leather arms and base with a very large back cushion that alternates plain black and one silver. I am wondering if a mauve rug and curtains would go.

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Using Online Accelerated Reading Tests

I want to do an AR test at home. I don't go to school now, so what should I do?

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Nightmare Before Christmas Yarn Wreath
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Halloween Pizza
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Curtain Color Advice

I have brown carpet and my couches are the same color, but I'm stuck on what color curtains would be good for my living room. I want to brighten it, but idk what color. Any suggestions?

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Buying Dawn in Australia

Where can you buy it and what is the cost per bottle?

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Singer Machine Won't Sew

My Singer 99 makes a light humming sound, but will not sew. The needle goes up and down only when I turn the wheel. Why won't the machine sew?

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Finding Someone to Cut Pine Trees for Lumber

We have 21 acres in Odessa Florida and have quite a few pine trees which can be harvested for lumber or paper. Is there a company which may be interested in taking them free of charge?

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Golfing Jack-O-Lantern
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John Deere Riding Mower Won't Restart After Use

I have a SX85 John Deere rider that after it has been run and is hot won't start in neutral. But if it sits a day or so it will start right up. Not sure what the problem is.

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Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails

There is a slug/snail in my porch. It has been lurking around for a few months, I have tried over and over again to find it, but I can't. Is there anything I can put down to try and get rid of them?

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Rice Heating Pad Fabric Content

I just bought fleece fabric to make rice pack cover, but neglected to check fabric content. Must it be 100% cotton to be used in microwave?

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Babysitting Business Slogans

I need a catchy babysitting slogan with the name Alexis in it.

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Insulating Windows for the Winter

I live in a old rental home. There are 2 windows in the living room where I always have the blinds shut. I was wondering if regular house insulation would be a viable solution. Any handymen see anything wrong with that?

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14 Year Old Dog Started Peeing and Pooping Inside

My dog has been an inside dog his entire life, he has been in a unit for 3 years and has a doggy toilet he has used for about a year without issue.

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Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a red brick wall and back splash and black cabinets. I was wondering what color would look best for the walls? Thank you.

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Sides to Go With Chicken Salad

I'm having chicken salad for dinner. What can I serve with it?

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Mattress Stains

What volume of hydrogen peroxide should I use?

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Save on Halloween Candy

This will be the 3rd - 4th year we'll be giving out candy canes, using last year's after Christmas sale candy. The expiration dates on the boxes are late October 2015 - 2017.

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What Color Vertical Blinds Should I Get?

I just purchased a dark grey sofa with beige pillows. Walls are two toned with beige and dark grey. Carpet unfortunately is a camel color. Have a tiled wall behind the wood burner with dark rustic colors, so the camel carpet kind of fits in with the room. What color vertical blinds should I get?

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Why is my Dog Itching?

My dog has just recently started itching and biting herself. I have not changed her food or am aware of any other change. Any ideas why she is doing this?

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How do I get Survivor Benefits?

How do I get survivor benefits in Tuscon, Arizona, if my husband passed away in New Mexico?

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Slogan Ideas for a Playgroup and Nursery

I am opening a new playgroup and nursery business. The name I selected is "Kidz Cafe". Please help me by suggesting a catchy phrase or slogan for it.

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Egg Whites for Angel Food Cake

I made an angel food cake using 12 egg whites from a carton of eggs, whose sell by date may have passed or was almost ready to pass. The eggs had set outside the fridge for about 24 hours ...

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Protecting Outdoor Styrofoam Sculpture

What is the best protection for an outdoor sculpture made from acrylic paint decorated Styrofoam? It needs to withstand snow and sun. Thank you.

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Cleaning a Dry Clean Only Down Coat

I have a nylon jacket that's dry clean only, oh and it's down. I thought I'd wash it with gentle soap and hang dry and then after put it in dryer to fluff. Thank you for any tips.

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Garage Opener Remote Not Working

I bought a new garage opener remote and I set it up, but it doesn't work.

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Clothing Bled on Itself

Help! I made my daughter's pink and white uniform tie-dye on the white. She has 2 tournaments this weekend. It cost $200 and no way can I buy one as it can take weeks. What can I do?

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Printing Coupons With a Barcode

Where can you print off coupons with barcodes attached?

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