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Welcome to ThriftyFun

A community of creative people and everyday experts who look for inexpensive solutions to everyday problems and share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, tips, and more.

Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal
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Uses for Food Grade Diatomacious Earth
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Buy Reusable Egg Containers
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Coupon Organizer for Seed Storage
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Create a Butterfly Garden
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Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)
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Plastic Storage Tub Worm Bin
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Asian Turkey Sliders
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Buy Seeds at the End of Season
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Recent Articles

Treating Arthritis in Dogs
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Stretching Nail Polish
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Charlie (Rottweiler Mix)
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Identifying Ashton Drake Dolls
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Value of Unidentified Dolls
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Information on Ashton Drake Dolls
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Selling a Doll Collection

I have somewhere between 1000 to 2000 dolls that I would like to sell. I would like to sell them all at one time. What is the best way to do that?

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Curtain Color Advice

My couch is black leather, the recliner and carpet are light blue, medium brown TV stand, and tan colored walls. What color should my curtains be? And what color should my accent pillows be?

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Safe Homemade Tempera Paints

When my kids were little, I did daycare. I soon found "homemade" supplies were cheaper and safer than buying them for crafts. I never had to worry about "not safe to eat" labels and the older children had a blast making supplies! Now I do them for my grandchildren!

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House Trained Dog Peeing on Its Bed

My 9 yr old house trained Dachshund has started peeing on her bed, but only the one in family room, not her night time bed or on the couch pillow she likes to lay on. She's been to vet, had tests and X-rays, but nothing major showed up so they put her on incontinence meds.

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Garden Bird Photos
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Italian Seasoning Recipes
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Bean Stew Recipes
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Deposits on Bottom of Irons

Recently I have been getting bad rust, or whatever, deposits on the bottom of my iron. I've used distilled water all of my ironing career and never had this problem. It ruined my last iron and I bought another one.

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What Breed is My Small Dog?
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Remedy for Thin Hair

My hair is too fine and thin. What can I do to make it thicker and strong?

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Bleach Spots on DC Shoes

I have orange and pink DCs and the bleach stains are pretty big. Does anybody know how to get them out?

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WonderArt Sweetheart 1982 Quilt Block

I am looking for WonderArt quilt block kit "Sweetheart 1982". I need 3 kits.

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What Breed is My Dog?
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Fried Doughnut Recipe

I am seeking a good fried doughnut recipe.

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Removing Stains out of a Ceramic Teapot

Use White King bleach diluted with water or table or cooking salt. I find that salt definitely works.

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Value of Yolanda Bello Doll
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Value of Diddle Diddle Dumpling Doll
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Riding Mower Won't Stay Running

My mower went through 3 batteries last season. If you have a charge it will stay running, but as soon as you take the battery charger off, it shuts off in like 30 seconds. It doesn't act like it has anything to do with the gas. It is like a bad alternator, but they don't have one.

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Killing Weeds With Vinegar
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Crescent Dog Recipes
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Sour Smell in Guest Cabin

We have a one bedroom guest cabin and it has a sour smell to it no matter how long we air it out. We have repainted the entire place including ceilings.

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Removing Set In Ink

How do I remove ink from clothes that have already been washed and dried?

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Name Ideas for Daycare

I'm trying to open a daycare and want to find a fun daycare name. I have 2 nephews. Please help me out.

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Will Bromelaid Tall Spike Bloom?

We have 2 bromeliad plants that I "rescued" from the neighbor's tree. They were both simply attached to and growing on a large limb. I planted them in potting soil with some moss in a hanging planter trying to keep their environment close to what they were used to.

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Social Security Survivor Benefits

My sister-in-law passed away leaving behind two beautiful kids. My question is would they be able to receive any type of benefits even though she lacks work history? She was on disability due to health issues that made it impossible for her to work.

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Using Pill Bottles for Storage
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Saving Money on Sleepwear
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Replanting an Uprooted Tree
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Vegetarian Stew Recipes
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Cake Frosting Recipes
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Homemade Stew Recipes
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Naming my In-Home Childcare

I would like to create a catchy name for my in-home childcare. I'd like to incorporate my name Jamie, but if something better comes to mind I'm open! Any ideas?

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Dog Aggressive with Other Dogs

How can I get my 8 year old Pomeranian to stop being so aggressive with other dogs?

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Underarm Stains on Evening Dress

I have an evening special occasional dress. The color is a light brown with silver sparkle throughout. It's a JR Nites by Carol Lin. I wore it once for a wedding, and it was a very hot day. The sweat and deodorant made the color change in spots to a reddish color in multiple areas on dress.

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Previously House Trained Dogs Making Messes

My fiance and I have three dogs; a Boxer, and two Yorkies from different parents. Our oldest Yorkie's name is Lexi. The younger is Chloe. We got both of them when they were close to six weeks, Lexi is 1 1/2 years old and Chloe is almost 1.

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Plastic Canvas as Drawer Liner

I don't know how all the crumbs get into my kitchen drawers. It seems like I'm always taking everything out of the drawers, dumping the crumbs, and wiping them clean - and replacing the liner!

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Storing Paint Brushes

After cleaning your paintbrush, wrap the bristles tightly in a dry paper towel folded in half. The towel will get damp so you can shape the bristles in their original shape. When it dries, it will hold them clean and straight and ready to use next time.

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Tools For Unclogging the Bathtub
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7 Minute Frosting

When I was 13 years old, I learned how to bake a cake. This was the first icing I learned how to make. I enjoyed baking cakes so much that I kept our family supplied with cake. I experienced a real growth spurt that summer. It was not up, it was out.

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Value of a Set of My Book House
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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits

My daughter's father just passed away. He is on my daughter's birth certificate; he signed it. But his family says my daughter ain't his. I always would tell him let's get a DNA, but he would say no. My question is if I apply for the SSI will they have to do a DNA test on my baby?

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Value of The Book of Popular Science
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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas

I turn 16 in two weeks and I need ideas for a girl's sweet sixteen?

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Bedroom Paint Color Advice

My bedroom suite is black and gold, so what would be a good color to paint my walls?

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Cheryl's Wheat Thin Crackers

My daughter and her family love Wheat Thins, which are not cheap and, I am sure, not all that healthy. After many many mistakes, I finally came up with a recipe that works!

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