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Established in 1999, ThriftyFun is a community of everyday experts who seek creative inexpensive solutions to daily problems. We share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, cleaning and more.

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Heater AC Blower on Dodge Ram Is Intermittent

My 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 pick up truck blower on the heater/air cond (HVAC) starts and stops with no warning. Changing the blower dial makes no difference. I still get cold and hot air, but no air flow.

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Homecoming Float Ideas

I need a really good idea. I'm part of the Bulldog Nation and we are going up against the Tigers. I need an idea fast?

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Laptops for Students

How can a homeless student can get a free laptop? My names is Christopher and I am a homeless student and I need a laptop for my college studies. The library is not always open.

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Value of Goldenvale Doll

I have a Goldenvale 2 ft tall doll, 1-2000, NJVF. How can I find out the value?

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What Kind of Dog is This?
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Measuring Pill Bug Happiness

How can one tell if a pillbug is happy or content?

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Curtain Color Advice

I have a beige and white couch and I'm trying to find some curtains to go with it. Please help.

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Feeding a Dog Chicken and Rice

My dog won't eat dog food. I cook her chicken and liver and rice is this OK?

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Remedy for Whiteheads
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Craft Ideas for Cellophane Holiday...
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Value of Vintage White Sewing Machine

I have a 1966 White Sewing Machine Model#166 Serial#2886 in the orginal cabinet with the knee pedal. Is it worth anything?

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Cleaning a Black Porcelain Sink
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Growing a Cypress Evergreen Tree

I live in northwest Houston and bought this tree for the area that lines my front walkway leading up to my front door. The temperatures here reach as high as 105 degrees on a rare day and usually stays above 95 degrees unless its pouring down rain. What is this tree's chance of survival?

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Hydrangea Bush Doesn't Flower

I have a hydrangea bush that doesn't flower at all. In early spring I mixed in fertilizer that was supposed to turn the blooms blue, but nothing happened. Should I dig up the bush or what?

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Homemade Spray for Flying Insects

How do I make a homemade inexpensive spray for flying insects?

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Cleaning Black Granite Fixtures
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Value of Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia...
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Freezing Apples

How long to soak in salt water?

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Samoyed Breed Information and Photos
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Choosing a Dog Breed
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Crochet Cluster Stitch That Uses Less Yarn

I was making a hat using the cluster stitch, and I was worried that I would not have enough yarn. The regular cluster stitch uses 3 yarn overs then pull through 4 loops. We'll I left off 1 of the yarn overs and pulled through 3 loops.

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Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son's friend had moved in with my family due to family problems. His father had passed away years ago. He is 15 and still going to school. Could he get his benefit checks himself, because his mother won't help him? We are here to help a child out.

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Cross Stitch Pattern for North Texas State University

I am looking for a counted cross stitch pattern for the seal of North Texas University.

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Cleaning Artificial Plants and Flowers

I spray Febreze generously onto the whole flower/foliage arrangement, tree, etc. This works just as well as commerical cleaners made specifically for silk flowers. Just spray, no wiping necessary.

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Making a 5 Point Crochet Star
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Discontinued Brewster Wallpaper #145-62636

Brewster # 145-62636. Northwoods Lodge sample book expired 6/14. Ironically, has 1 double roll. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I might be able to find any more? It is a blue, burgundy, and green plaid wallpaper.

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Wash Fruit to Prevent Fruit Flies

Wash all fruit thoroughly before storing, especially bananas! Your fruit fly problem will be quickly remedied.

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Mold Under Cabinets From Leak

We have wet wood under the sink cabinet and in the corner cabinet from the dishwasher. It stinks! The contractor removed the bottom floor panel and it was black and very wet.

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Water Plants With Leftover Tea
Read 2 Solutions
Using Rose Hips
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Red Hat Society Club Ideas
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Treating a Dog's Yeast on Skin With Tea Tree Oil

I used the Solo cup recipe, and it is working. Yay! The article said that you bathe the dog often. How often can I use the TTO shampoo recipe on my dog without overdoing it?

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Crockpot Meal Ideas

We are a very busy family, there are many days when I have little time to prepare dinner. Does anyone have any super easy and tasty recipes for one pot dinners in a crockpot? Thanks! :)

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Dog Pooping in Her Crate

My dog is about 2 years old. She has a bit of anxiety and as I just got her a few months ago, I don't know a lot about her history. Just recently (the past month or so) she started pooping in her cage.

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Inexpensive Kids' Lunch Ideas

My children and I are getting pretty tired of PBJ or frozen pizza for lunch. Any simple, but tasty ideas to make lunch more appealing?

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Easy Games for a Group of Senior Red Hat Ladies

Do you know any games to be played sitting around a table for a group of 30 senior ladies, Red Hats. Maybe something such as memory games, cards, etc.

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Kids Breakfast Ideas

We are all getting tired of cereal and oatmeal. Does anyone have any yummy, easy, and simple breakfast ideas to spice things up a bit?

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Organizing Little Girls' Rooms

Two of my girls share a bedroom. It is quite large, so there are lots of areas with potential. The problem is, they are swimming in their stuff! How do I organize their hats, purses, shoes, Barbies, jewelry, craft supplies, etc.?

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Organizing an Entryway

We have a smallish entryway and a largish family! :) It has a closet as well, but it is very small. We have loads of shoes, coats, and winter gear when cold. I have 1 over the door shoe holder on the inside of the closet door, but it's not nearly enough.

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Activities for Someone With MS

I have MS. I can stand, but not walk. I have the use of one hand. My husband would like to take day trips. Sometimes we take the bus to a casino. What is there to do? Beaches, swimming, hiking are out.

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Environmentally Friendly Weed Killer

I have thistle spreading all over my garden, is there a safe organic home-made recipe to get rid of this?

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Value of Porcelain Clara "Nutcracker" Doll
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Gift Idea for My Boyfriend's 18th Birthday

I really need your help. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months. His 18th birthday is in two weeks and I don't know what to get him. He's really into music and he plays a guitar.

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Value of Golden Book Encylopedia Set A-Z

How much would a dealer pay for a complete set of Golden Book Encylopeidas 1960. They are in excellent condition.

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Value of Funk and Wagnalls Encylopedia

How much would a dealer pay for a set of 8 encylopedias from Funk and Wagnalls 1959? The books are in excellent condition.

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Cleaning with Denatured Alcohol
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Recipes Using Trader Joe's Products
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Ordering From Garden Catalogs
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Repairing or Restoring A Marble Table Top
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Rufus B. Gankster and Bustrain (Pug)
Check Out This Photo
Buying Motsenbocker's Stain Remover

I would like to get a product called Motsenbocker's stain remover #1. Can this be purchased from the company directly?

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