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Dog Not Eating Well
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Leg Cramps While Sleeping

My age is 65 years, I have been a sports man and athlete my whole life. I regularly used to drink alcohol. I was a regular victim of cramps, sometimes in the back while reversing the car....

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Name for a Daycare Center

I'm into fashion and love sports. But my number one love is kids and I'm trying to open my own daycare center. But I need help with a name using fashion and games. Can you please help me?

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Making a Wooden Spool Doll

What is the finished length of the doll in the project?

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Worming a Puppy

I have given my 14 week puppy a whole worming tablet by mistake will this harm him?

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Value of a Seymour Mann Doll

What's the true value of a certificate of registration 8119657 Connoisseur collection doll?

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Information on Seymour Mann Doll
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Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread

I have an E&R Classic sewing machine. I can't get the needle to pick up the bobbin thread. It looks like it's not going down far enough.

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Availability of Survivors Benefits

We are in the process of acquiring custody of a minor relative. His father has relinquished his rights and his mother is deceased. The mother gave birth at age 17 with very little employment history.

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Fix for Salty Marrow Squash Jam

Any suggestions as to how to turn salty tasting jam (the marrow was initially covered in salt, left for 24 hours then rinsed) into something edible again? It's had all the sugar added and boiled, but just tastes salty!

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House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

Four months ago we rescued a darling three year old male Bichpoo who, after a few accidents, had no accidents for two or three months. We had to board him for a week and now he is peeing in the house regularly.

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Value of Encyclopedia Americana

What is the value on encyclopedia Americana 1984 -1986 editions?

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Removing Pet Urine Odor from Carpet

I recently moved into a new place. The previous tenants didn't clean up after their dogs. I have a 9 month old and am pregnant.

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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice

I am trying to gut the kitchen but keep the flooring. What is a good cabinet style and color (countertops too) for a kitchen with white gloss tile (with a little black whispery accent color)? There is also a dark brown brick fireplace next to the kitchen.

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Make Ice Cubes from Leftover Coffee

I have been wondering what to do about my leftover coffee. Then it hit me. Coffee ice cubes. Once they freeze, I transfer them to a plastic bag to be used later. I hate waste.

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Sharing Living Expenses With an Abusive Partner

I have been with my son's father for almost 12 years now (yes still not married). We have been thru the worst times ever to the best times ever. Three years ago I found out he was having a relationship with someone else for 2 years behind my back.

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Value of Older Reel Mower

I have a Westline Hi-Cut 2 X 1215 R reel mower and wonder what's it worth? It was made or sold by Western Auto Supply Co.

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Parts for a George Foreman Rotisserie

Where do I find parts for a George Foreman rotisserie?

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Housebroken Dog Peeing in the House

My 3 year old Shepherd/hound mix is housebroken. I also have a 14 year old Pug. During rain, both dogs have been peeing and pooping in the house. Now when it does not rain, they still do.

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Whitening Dyed Shirts

I dyed white cotton shirts a pale green. How do I get them back to pure white?

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Identifying a Foul Odour in House

I have lived here for 7 months with no smell. Now there is a cloying 'scent' in my house, mostly in the entry hall and upper bathroom. It is not a foul drain smell, sometimes I think it is a urine smell, but it has a sickly sweetness to it.

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Getting Rid of Roaches

I was told ammonia mixed with water (half and half) keeps roaches away, that they hate it. Is this true?

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Birthday Party Ideas

I am having an at home party. First of all, I want it to be fun and something that I'll remember. I only have a few activities planned and don't want to do anything too arty, sporty, or spa-like.

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Pattern for Crochet Puff Quilt

I am looking for a pattern for a crochet puff quilt.

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Donating Fabric

In the Seattle, Washington area, where can I donate fabric?

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Replacement Handles for George Foreman Grill

The table top grill handles melted. I need to replace them.

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Heater Blower Intermittent

I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado; it will blow heat and a/c and then it quits after awhile. If I shut the blower off for a little bit it will work again. I don't know what's causing it.

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Plastic Canvas Doll Kitchen Pattern

I am looking for a 1996 rare OTP fashion doll dream home kitchen plastic canvas pattern. Does anyone have this pattern/ It's by the Needlecraft shop and the only 1 I found was on eBay and it was already sold.

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Cleaning Urine Odor Off Older Dog's Fur

My girl is almost 16 and she "leaks" urine on herself. I cannot bathe her several times a week, and was hoping there is a natural mix of something that I can spray on her backside to neutralize her odor.

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Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls
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Value of Selena Porcelain Doll
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Party Favors for 11th Birthday Party

My daughter is turning 11 and we are having a DJ come to the house. I need suggestions for party favors for about 30 girls.

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Puppy Potty-training Advice

My son got his daughter an adorable Poodle pup who is now about 8 months old. They've not been able to potty train her! Now Mama wants to get rid of the puppy because she just "goes" where ever she wants to.

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Learning to Sew Clothing
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Value of Supplement to 1940 Britannica

How much is the "Supplement to 1940 Britannica book of the year" worth? It's a hardback in good condition published in 1940.

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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

I want to ask if my mom can still claim my dad's benefits even if he died in 2006. We don't know what to do because my mom is in the Philippines and my dad was here in the US.

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Where to Buy Dawn Dish Soap

Sometime the best deals can be found online. Here is a 90oz bottle of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. If you use Dawn often, this is definitely a great deal.

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Calendar for Leftovers
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Don't Preheat Canning Lids
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Help With Kitchen Repairs
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Can Cottonwood Trees be Useful?

I have a dozen mostly cotonwood trees - 100 feet plus each. I want someone to come get them and take them away. Can anyone use them for soft pallets or anything useful?

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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I am a natural redhead. I dyed my hair chocolate brown but it came out dark brown, almost black. I managed to get it to fade a little bit, but not much. My red hair and old highlights are slowly coming through.

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Value of Murphy's Cedar Chest 7083

I am wanting to sell this. I live in KCMO and not sure how much I should ask for it?

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Asking a Girl to Homecoming

Ok so I really like this girl and wanna ask her to homecoming. How do I make it cute?

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Removing Deck Stain From Vinyl Siding

The former owner of our cottage splashed deck stain all over the lower row of off white vinyl siding on two sides of the cottage.

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Removing Human Urine Smell from Couch

There is a urine smell on my couch which I am unable to get rid of. I would really appreciate any tips. Thanks.

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Keeping Squirrels Out of the Dumpster

We got new dumpsters and they chewed through the lid of dumpster. Do we have to get metal tops? Ideas would be great. Thanks.

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Daycare Name Ideas

Could I get help with a name for my upcoming daycare?

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Real Estate Business Name Ideas

I am starting a new company in Orlando Florida and looking for a good name. Any suggestions?

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Truck Heater Blowing Hot Air All the Time

My 1972 Chevy pick up has hot air coming in the cab all the time. How do I fix it?

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Awful Smell in One Room

There is an awful smell in one of the bedrooms. This year it started to stink right after we turned off the swamp cooler for the year. (One of the swamp cooler's "dumps" is between the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom.)

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19th Birthday Ideas

I am turning 19 on the 19th of October so I have less than a month to plan something special. Please help me with some fun ideas!

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