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Mower Rusting on Underside

I was just wondering if it is advisible to oil spray the underside of an older mower with rust and metal rot happening?

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Party Ideas for Daughter's 12th Birthday

I have had some ideas from friends, but I still do not know what to do. We live in Perth, WA, Australia and we're on a tight budget. Please help.

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Top Thread Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread

I have a Husqvarna Viking Opal 670. First it made a huge thread nest in the bobbin area; I cleared that, re-threaded, re-seated bobbin and now won't pick up the thread at all. What can I do?

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Using Yeast for Fleas

Can I use bakers yeast instead of brewers yeast? I can't find brewers.

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Fixing a Kenmore Bobbin Casing

My 7 year old Kenmore 385 stopped working yesterday. It won't let me turn the hand wheel or foot pedal, even though it's not jammed.

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Hair Dye Too Dark

I have natural red/auburn hair it's beautiful and I thought I would dye my underlayer a dark brown for fun and it turned out basically black. It is permanent Garnier Olvia hair dye.

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Kenmore Sewing Machine Needle Won't Move

The wheel turns on my Kenmore 1251 sewing machine, but the needle does not go up and down. What needs fixing and how can I do it?

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Remedy for Underarm Odor

It's a bit long winded so please bare with me on this. I shower every morning before work around 6am. I always use deodorant and aftershave. For a good few hours or so I smell great and feel fresh.

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Microwave Won't Heat

I have an estimate that says I need a diode and magnitron. I have the machine apart. I need to know how to test the diode.

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Yardmachine Mower Keeps Stalling

My Yardmachine starts, but cuts off.

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Daycare Names

I'm looking to open a daycare business, but I would like to use my 3 girls names Zoi, Taylor, and Rashiya. I know it's a lot, but something catchy and fun! Thanks.

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Stretching Boots

I wrapped my calf with two long ace bandages. Then I warmed my boots with a hair dryer. Get the leather of the boot very warm but not hot. Put the boot on and force it to zip. Wear for about an hour and heat again with hair dryer.

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Morning Fog Over The Pond
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Egg Shell Uses
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Value of Porcelain Dolls

I am trying to see if there is any worth in any of these porcelain dolls I have. Cat'hay collection. 1------ 5000. Melinda collection Bailey #972193. Others not sure.

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Repairing a Leather Couch Cushion

I have a lovely overstuffed leather couch. Both the seat and back cushions are attached. The center seat cushion is much flatter and more squished than the others, so I'd like to re-stuff it....

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Weight Watchers Quick Start Guides

I had great success with the Quick Start program. Would anyone have copies of the program? I think it was somewhere between 1991-93. I think it was a 2 week quick start and I really liked the food diary check off sheets they provided.

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Curtain and Rug Color Advice

I just painted my living room/dining room blue with a yellow accent wall directly across from the line of floor length windows. What color curtains and rug would you recommend? And what type of curtain?

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Leewards Ornament Kits

Does anyone know the manufacturer or distributor Leewards used to get their ornament kits?

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Slogan Ideas for a Nursery/Daycare

I opened a new nursery; its name is Kids Club and I searched for a slogan that could express my aim about more focus and more care for kids. Any suggestions?

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Value of International Wildlife Encyclopedia

I have my great grandpa's International Wildlife Encyclopedias. Are they worth anything?

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Changing Color of Sun Blocking Blinds

Can I paint or dye my sun block blinds?

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Joint Birthday Party Ideas

My father and I are having a birthday party together he will be turning 75 and I will be turning 50. We need a theme and ideals.

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Laundry Brush Clogging Toilet

I'm washing clothes the day before yesterday. I didn't know that I had thrown the laundry brush together with the used water into the toilet. Then it goes.. we tried to use a plunger and heavy water. I did use a hanger, but it didn't work. I need your help. Should I call the plumber?

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Repairing a Typewriter Key

I have a Canon ES 33-ll/ES 43 typewriter. The electric typewriter works great except that the "T" key just stop working.

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Discontinued Target Furniture

Where do I find a discontinued Threshold Carson 5-shelf bookcase with doors in red? I was shopping at Target about a month ago and saw the bookcase in the same shade of red as my Threshold desk, but I didn't purchase it that day.

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Growing a Rainier Cherry Tree

What is the optimal height above sea level for planting a Rainier cherry tree? Also what is the optimal temperature for day and night for it to grow optimally for Rainier tree ?

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Growing Sweet William Dwarf

When is the best time to control sweet William dwarf during its life-cycle?

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Cleaning Burnt Dishes

We found some antique dishes in a trash pile. They have been in a fire and have thick black residue on them. I have soaked them in everything and scrubbed with the Magic Eraser, but I cannot get all of the black off, What else can I try?

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Introducing a Kitten to Resident Cat
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Military Themed Christmas Tree
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Repairing Faded Spots on Clothing
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Banquet Table Decoration Ideas
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Homemade Makeup Setting Spray
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Making a Joker (Batman) Costume
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Activity Ideas for Single Women
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Western Themed Christmas Tree
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Applesauce Bar Recipes
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Making a Michael Jackson Costume
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First Aid for Cut from Broken Glass
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Crocheted Flower Projects
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Topping Recipes for Fresh Fruit
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Making Fall Birthday and Greeting Cards
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Cleaing Shower Doors

I live in an apartment and the previous tenants didn't ever clean the shower doors. They are extremely stained. I have tried lemon juice, vinegar, and Lime Away, but nothing seems to work. Please help!

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Asking a Guy to a School Dance

I like this guy at my school and I want to ask him to the dance. The thing is I'm scared and really nervous to ask him. What's the best way to ask someone without getting nervous?

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Growing Hydrangea

What is the life cycle of the hydrangea? Do they have spores? If so, where? Also, what organisms usually help with pollination?

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Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

My hair seems to be permanently infested with fleas. We have no pets, but have family who have and I know they have fleas. How do I get rid of them? I have called in the professionals to clear my home. How do I clear my self and my husband?

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Cleaning Carpet With Ammonia

I have a dark carpet and want to use ammonia to clean it. Wll this discolor my carpet?

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Stitchmaster Stem Press Not Heating

My mega stem press iron has stopped heating half way through my ironing. I've turned it off and on again but it didn't heat up. Can the thermostat break? The lights are all coming on, but it does not heat.

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Fabric Donation Advice

I have lots of good fabrics for donations. I live in the north Houston, Texas area. Does anyone know who could use these items?

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ASPCA Vaccination Truck Schedule in California

My three Shih tzus need shots. We are in Helendale California. Where is the closest truck and phone #?

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Removing Musty Odor on Wood

How do I get rid of a musty ordor in wood hatch?

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