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Buy Large Cut Instead of Lunch Meat
Custom Nail Polish Color

Mix loose eye shadow pigment with clear nail polish to make a custom nail shade. Mix all together with a cotton swab, grab a brush and try out your new color.

Extend Solid Air Freshener
Furniture Polish to Keep Shower Walls Clean

After I clean my shower, I take furniture polish and shine my shower walls all nice and pretty. I I then shine the walls with the furniture wax. This will keep your shower clean with no soap scum residue at all.

Mock Sandblasted Valentine's Day Lantern
Prize Winning Pumpkin Chip Muffins
Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Stains

A Capri Sun got put on my brand new recliner. My daughter told me to put equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spray it on the stain, scrub it, and let it dry. The stain is almost gone now!

Storage Box Keeps Produce Fresher Longer
Stretching Lumbar Spine While on Computer

I have persistent and chronic Lumbar Spine pain. I put an extra chair lumbar support on my bed, then position my lower back on it. Putting a pillow on my abdomen/stomach, I position my computer and then do my work.

Garden Veggie Egg Bake
Homemade Carpet Shampoo That Works
My Screen Saver (Domestic Long Hair)
Removing Glitter Nail Polish

If you have ever used glitter nail polish, you know how difficult it is to remove even after soaking nails in polish remover. One way to remove the glitter polish is to first paint nails with Elmers Glue on your nails as a base coat.

Sauerkraut on Rye Bread

This is the best sandwich I ever had and I hadn't had a good one since my husband passed away. He did all the cooking and so the taste of this was a real treat for me.

Sir Domino (Shih Tzu )
Crochet Mustache Applique
Double Use of Push Pins
Add Vegetables to Macaroni and Cheese

All kids love their mac n' cheese. Whether it is your homemade recipe or out of the package and into the microwave, add vegetables to make macaroni and cheese healthier.

Cinnamon and Spices French Toast

Each bite has such good scents and flavors! :)

Jalapeno Popper Dip
Keep Spice Mixes in Empty Prescription Bottles

I often make up batches of homemade seasoning mixes. I find the cost of those cute little spice bottles too expensive, so I wash and thoroughly dry my old prescription bottles and use them to hold these mixes.

Removing Hard Water Spots From Glass

To remove hard water spots from glass, you need glass cooktop cleaner, a non-scratch scrubbing sponge, a wet rag, and a microfiber towel.

Removing Odors from a Couch

My wife and I recently bought a nice sectional, but I think it was sitting in the furniture warehouse for too long. It had this weird odor that wasn't too bad, but you could tell there was some kind of lingering smell that wasn't to our liking.

Turbo Treble Dishcloth
Dealing with Dust Mites

To prevent dust mites, I've had great success with putting 1 cup white vinegar with several drops of tea tree essential oil in the rinse cycle. Wash on hot and dry on hot....

Extended Apple Juice By Making Peach Apple Juice
King Of The Road Dinner
Spot (Holstein)
Stopping An Itch

To stop an itch, crush many aspirin, put in apple cider vinegar and shake. Apply and itch subsides quickly.

1-2-3-4 Cake with Caramel Icing

This is an old time recipe done in 4 steps.

Cola as Homemade Drain Cleaner

I use Coca-Cola to clear clogged drains. Just pour a 2 liter bottle slowly down the drain. Follow with boiling water 1/2 hour later. You can also use generic cola.

Delicious Black Beans
Dexter (Cocker Spaniel Mix)
Full O' Veggies Homemade Pizza
Hershey's Kiss Roses
Rejuvenating Polly Pocket Dresses

My granddaughters have several Polly Pocket dolls with extra dresses and skirts. The skirts got flattened, so I used the medicine cups that come on bottles of over the counter meds (like cough syrup) to fix them.

Water Absorbing Crystals from Diapers for Garden

When thinking about using the water absorbing crystals from disposable diapers to amend your garden, think of a water absorbing crystal as a little water filled packet or reservoir.

"I Love You Because..." Jar
Bamboo (Tabby)
Bird Seed to Prevent Slipping on Ice

We are having a really bad winter and have a lot of snow. I had been using Kitty Litter on my stairs and walkway but it was messy. I now use wild bird seed and it provides "grip", plus I enjoy watching the birds!

Cabinet for Storing Toilet Tissue
Creamy Cook and Serve Pudding

When I make chocolate pudding, I always get the kind you must cook on the stove. The small box calls for two cups milk, but I use 1 1/2 whole milk and 1/2 cup of half and half. This makes it extremely creamy and delicious.

Crochet Heart Bookmark
Crockpot Rustic Ham and Potatoes
Fruit Punch

This is the very best punch ever, made from natural fruit.

Gold Painted Branch As Home Decor
Homemade Hair and Skin Conditioner

Both my hair and skin tend to be dry, especially in the winter, and I rely on extra conditioning treatments. Hydrating products are expensive but through trial and error I've come up with the best treatment yet that satisfies both hair and skin and costs next to nothing.

Maple Syrup Snow
Pillowcase as Chair Cover
Stop Bleeding of Knicked Vein

It's amazing how many people nick the vein in their ankle while scratching themselves and then can't stop the bleeding. That happened to me too. I had visions of having to rush to the ER for help I remembered what I do for my dogs.

Tie Dye Shirts
Use Scissor Tip as Improvised Screwdriver
15 Minute Crochet Bangles
Chloe (Malti Tzu)
Have Outerwear Ready To Go
So Easy Refrigerator Pickles
Use Ebay to Buy Gifts

Ebay is a great place to purchase gifts inexpensively. For quite some time, I have shopped Ebay for "new with tag" items that are priced $0.25 to a $5 with free shipping for gifts. Many times, I have paid $1.75 (with free shipping) for new scarves for family members and friends. I have yet to be disappointed with the quality! I make sure to only purchase items from sellers with a reputable reputation that accept returns. It can be a bit time consuming to search for these items but once you find that great deal, it's all worth it in the end!

Whoopie Pies
Baby (American Longhair)
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Easy Leftover Soup

Living frugal? Try making two meals for the price of one. I make the commonly known American Chop Suey. We have that for two nights, it's always best the second night. Then we still have leftovers.

Trip (Pomeranian)
Use Hair Clip for Curtain Decorations
Use Pillowcases for Storage

I use pillow shams and pillowcases as dust covers for my nice leather purses stored in my closets. Also, I have stored Christmas sweaters and socks in them. Everything is clean, gathered, ready, and dust free.

"I Woof You" Valentine's Day Card
Apple Almond Custard Pie
Ella (Mixed)
Herbed Ranch Baked Chicken
Rutabaga and Turkey Casserole
Tink (Rotweiler Cross)
Almond Joy Cake
Citrus Peels for Garbage Disposal Odors

To avoid odor or make odor go away, put lemon, lime, or orange peels and grind in the disposal with hot water. You will notice the odors will go away.

Cube Potatoes to Speed Cooking Time

If you are boiling potatoes to mash, it doesn't take long to dice the raw, peeled potatoes instead of halving or quartering them - and it really speeds up boiling time.

Dreamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Free Recycled Firestarters

I stuff return envelopes from junk mail with dryer lint and seal it. When we use the fireplace, we put the wood on top of the envelope and light it. The paper catches right away and the dryer lint burns long enough to catch the wood.

Freeze Cakes Before Frosting

After baking a cake, put your cake pans in the freezer for an hour before frosting them. They will not crack and crumble when you put on the frosting.

Heavenly Hot Chocolate Mix
Jona and Paulette (Cats)
K-Cup Drain Stopper
Mama Bear Porridge
My Tooth Pillow
Protective Scissor Case
Heartfelt Love Trinket Box
Black Bean and Turkey Soup
Mark Calendar with Holiday Purchases

How many of us have purchased Christmas decorations or a gift for someone's birthday or anniversary only for the time to come and forgetting about the item or where we put it? I use my faithful calendar.

Thrift Shops Before Retail
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Cleaning Mildew off Deck Railings
Colloidal Silver for Treating Burns

I now keep an old fashioned product on hand - Colloidal Silver. It's essentially the liquid produced by generating electricity through silver. It is antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal. It also has a miracle property of numbing the area of the burn while cleansing and treating it.

Easy Stuffing
Gorilla Glue for Repairing an Air Mattress

Get Gorilla Glue, you can find it anywhere. Get a piece of fabric like a T-shirt. Cut it into small squares. Deflate the air mattress in this process and know where your pinhole is!

Hercules (Beagle Mix)
Luggage Tote as Grocery Bag

I saw this in the Aldi's Food Store. A customer used an large luggage tote with wheels to transport his groceries. Since he lived alone, he only bought enough to fit inside.

The Best Way To Separate Eggs

I am going to tell you the absolute best way to separate yolks from whites. You will become a pro at it. You will remember this technique for the rest of your life. You will want to share it with your friends.

Theo (Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix)
Birdo (Double Yellow Headed Amazon)
Individual Chocolate Cakes
Scrabble Wall Art
Cheeko (Masked Lovebird)
Cheeseburger Soup
Christmas Clearance for Easter
Flower Earring Display Cards
Jim's Cowboy Cat Head Biscuits

Simple biscuits made the way they have been as long as there has been American Cowboys, using the least effort necessary. Made using nothing but self-rising flour, lard and milk or other liquid. They come out the shape of a cat's head, thus the name.

Pierced Earring Cards for Yarn Floss
Preparing Soft Taco Shells in the Toaster
Rex and Patch (Mixed Breed)
Wedding Christmas Gift

Buy big red or green bin and fill with Christmas decorations. Stencil the couple name on the bin. Buy half price decorations after Christmas to fill it. Paint the couple name on a clear glass ornament with the first year of Christmas on it.

Time to Celebrate Birthday Card
Cornelius (Ginger Tabby)
Crocheted Itsy Bitsy Bow