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Current Entries

All of the entries from current contests are below. Use the navigation to see specific contests. Click the "Thumbs Up" on any entry to help us judge the best entries. Or, "Enter Contest" to share your own entry.

Citrus Peel Earrings
Cleaning Fingernails After Gardening
Make Your Own Nail Decals
Melting Snowman Gift Box
Organic Gardening at Home
Super Duper De-Greaser
Stuffed Shells
Crispy Peanut Butter Bars
Yummiest Microwave Omelet
Covering Resistant Gray Hair
Dalmation Halloween Costume
Dry Green Onions Inside Car

I use a box flat that I get for free from the local store. Place the green onions in the flat. Place in your car in the summer months and they dry in no time and perfectly.

Halloween Mummy Gift Bags
Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders

To get rid of sweat bees, wasps, yellow jackets and other bees at your hummingbird feeders, cut off a 2 liter bottle off about 3 to 5 inches below the neck of the bottle and fill the bottom half with a super strong solution of sugar water or some kind of canned soda or flavored drink.

Light During an Electrical Outage

I don't use candles or little flashlights. I get those big flashlights from Dollar General that take one of those great big batteries. I keep one in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Monty (Maltese Mix)
Shabby Chic T-Shirt Scarf
Vintage Rose Gift Bag
Vinyl Record Earrings Display
Jar Lid Magnet
Chocolate Monkey Breakfast Smoothie
Healthy Chocolate Mousse
Hula Quesadillas
Monster Card
Pumpkin Pancakes
Victorian Braided Up-do
Baby Garfield (Tabby)
Bunny Baby (Bob Tail Tabby)
Chicken Vegetable Fried Rice
Decorative Decoupaged Letters
Hardy (Staffordshire/Basset...
Keep Your Pumpkin from Spoiling

It is Jack-o-Lantern time! I always wait until the last minute to carve my pumpkin because it seems like it starts to rot the next day. I saw a special on TV where they immerse the cut pumpkin in a solution of water and bleach.

Little Orphan Annie (Domestic Short Hair)
No Sew T-shirt Tote
Notan (Japanese Paper Cutting)
Our Garden's Bounty 2015
Princess Sophie (Miniature Dachshund)
Privacy Screen from Clothes Rail

If you need to section off part of a room but can't find a suitable screen, buy a clothes rail and add curtains. You can even use tab top ones to minimise labour.

Recycled Tire Desert Garden
Remembering Granny Rollins
Sasha (German Shepherd)
Seed Friendship Card
Shu Shu and Lucy (Pomeranians)
Flipflop (Bunny)
Making Salt Clay
Sammy the Crochet Snake
Flaky Phyllo Pizza
Savory Garden Eggs
30 Second Manicure
Blessing Bags
Cardboard Tube for Storing Gift Wrap Rolls
Easiest Dishwasher Magnet
Hot Red Mexican Bird of Paradise Tree
Leo and Lola (Pit Bull)
Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning Hard Water Spots

I was having trouble getting water spots off my windows until my neighbor suggested using alcohol. I used 91% rubbing alcohol from the drugstore that I already had in the house and paper towels. I didn't even have to scrub. The spots came off like magic.

Save Ramen Noodle Flavor Packets

I empty the packets into clean salt shakers, using each flavour separately. That way, you can use a little to add a bit of spice to many dishes.

Sherbert Swirl Friendship Bracelet
Toilet Paper Roll Fall Lantern
Toxicity of the Moonflower Vine (Ipomoea Alba)
Use Measuring Cup to Grease Baking Pans

If you are using liquid oil in your recipe such as brownies, take the measuring cup that you used to measure the oil and turn it upside down in the baking pan while you are mixing the brownies.

Uses for Surplus Surplices

A number of eBay sellers stock second hand surplices cheaply. All that gathered white cotton can very easily be upcycled into a nightdress (add broderie anglaise), tunic for re-enactment, dirndl blouse, or Victorian style pinafore. And they usually take dye well.

Wait to Buy Online

When you buy online, leave the item in your cart for a few days without actually buying it. Many times, the company will email you with a discount to entice you to purchase the product they think you forgot about.

Yogurt as a Substitute for Butter

I've had great success baking with no-fat, plain yogurt instead of butter. Baking powder biscuits, spice cake, bread, muffins; everything's turned out great thus far.

Apple-Nana Bread
Dagwood (Poodle)
Donate to Other Thrift Stores

Just a warning out there to all you good people that donate to Goodwill, thinking that you are helping the needy out. I know from firsthand experience that my local Goodwill Stores receive way more items than they can sell in their stores.

Henry (Catalina Macaw)
Lucky Lunch Treats
Removing Bacon in One Piece
Take Baskets when Running Errands

Along with my cloth bags that I take when running errands, I always keep a few baskets in the trunk of my car. They are perfect for buying produce since I can take the same basket to the checkout and they just reload it, and the produce doesn't get squashed on the way home. It's also easier to unpack the groceries since I can see exactly what is in the basket.

Use Shower Curtain Rings as Hangers
Chicken Enchilada Soup
Meatball Clouds
Removing a Skunk from a Live Trap
Thrifty Crochet Yarn
Herb and Garlic Steak
Homemade Calzones
Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce
Amazing Unpoppable Bubbles
Handmade Pom-Poms
I Be-Leaf It's Your Birthday Card
Light Bulb Vase
Luna (Orange Tabby)
My Poppies
Real Good Red Potatoes
Stanley (Siamese)
Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-Neck
Alfredo Sauce
Chocolate Banana Bread
Luna (Mixed Breed)
Peppered Ranch Meat Topping
Remedy for Pain from New Dentures

I'm in my mid 30s and had a full extraction done 11 months ago. I just got my permanent dentures. The tops are awesome. The bottoms fit fantastically, but I am so freaking sore by the end of the day and it hurts. I actually cry when I put them in. I've been swishing with salt water and taking Advil.

Chicken Roll Ups
Fizzy Cherry Popsicles
3D Hand Art
Checkerboard Art
Howl You're Doing Greeting Card
Mosaic Bug Bowling Balls
Repurposed Garden Seating
Angel (Miniature Poodle)
Fresh Mushroom Soup
Lining a Handmade Purse
Sissy (Blue Heeler/Sheltie)
Dicey (Jack Russell Terrier)
How To Answer "What Breed Is Your Dog?"
Nana's Hot Wings
Reroot Tomato Suckers as New Plant
Small Cross-body Crochet Purse
Tips for Cleaning a Coach Purse

I buy awful looking Coach purses off eBay clean them up and resell them. This is what I have found that works best. If it's a fabric purse whether it's satin, canvas, or even cotton this product that is sold at the DollarTree is all you need. It's called "Awesome" it's yellow and comes in a spray bottle.

Winter Snowman
Aby (Abyssinian Guinea Pig)
Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes
Eat Small Strawberries Whole

There's no need to remove the green tops from small, sweet strawberries, provided that you have washed your berries. If you eat the fruit whole, any flavour from the green top will be eclipsed by the sweetness of the berry. Saves time, and you presumably get some chlorophyll from the leaf.

Ginger (Beagle Coonhound Mix)
Jellyfish Finger Puppet
Juno (Husky)
Mould and Mildew Spray to Clean Toilet
Save a Worn-Out Handbag
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Galumpkis)
Turn Cheap Steak Into Amazing Steak
Under Cabinet Mug Display
Water Bottle Barricade
Easy Ice Cream Shell Coating
Recycled Book Picture Frame
Sneaky Scrambled Eggs
Garden Saute'
DIY Workout Foam Roller
Felt Butterfly
Skittles (Moggie - Mixed)
Decorate Clear Pens As Guest Gifts

If you have a large group to give to, I suggest the capped ink pens with the clear barrels. What you do is find a pretty and very busy picture in a magazine. Cut the picture out, open the pen by pulling the ink out, roll the picture around the ink container and reinsert to pen. Put the cap back on and voila! You have a gift that costs less than 10 cents each!

Fear of Dying
Orange Spiked Panna Cotta
Rhubarb Bread
Homemade Cat Litter Box

After seeing a nifty cat box with a high price tag, I decided to make my own. It is a tote with a hole cut in the top of the lid. I had empty totes already so that didn't cost me anything.

Making a Felt Store Bow
Tomato Paste
Window Blind Slats for Privacy Fence

When I used to have a chain link fence, I liked to run the slats from the blinds into the chain link in different color sequences. If you get creative enough, designs and even words can be seen or displayed.

Anise Extract for Acid Reflux

My son-in-law and I both had acid reflux. I went to the store and tried to find licorice oil with no luck. I finally went to the grocery store in the seasonings aisle. I found anise extract.

Bagel in a CD Case
Bar Soap as Emergency Deodorant

I have used this tip several times over the years and it really does work to help curb the odor - when in a pinch!

Binder Clip To Safely Store Razor
Christmas Topiary Tree
Easy Recycled Owl
Felt Heart Bookmark
Luna (Blue Staffordshire Terrier)
Nico Rodriguez (Chihuahua and...
Shine (Orange Tabby Shorthair)
Spending The Evening With Deer
Cinnamon Apple Pork Chops
Get More From Your Brassicas
Cat Litter to Deodorize Stinky Sneakers
Sesame Garden Fish Bake
Cleaning Paint Off Leather Furniture
Cocoa Butter Cream
Hair Detangler
Hang Over the Door Hooks Upside Down
Ploutos (Shih Tzu)
Coconut Milk Shampoo
Coconut Oil Conditioner
Hestia (Lab/Terrier/German Shepherd Mix)
Knockout Roses
Luke (Sokoke)
Rhubarb Pie
Sam (Boxer Pug Mix)
Smokie (Cat)
Bring Food On Outings

You know those days when you're hitting four different grocery stores for the best deals, dropping off dry-cleaning and making another donation to the local thrift shop. You're out for hours! You will inevitably get hungry, and why waste a bunch of money when you are trying so hard to save money and get the best deals everywhere you go?

Crispy Carrot Tops
Homemade Wool Dryer Balls
Upcycled Scarecrow
Using Herbs And Seasonings
Sheets as Shade Cloth