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Benefits of Coasting When Driving

Most people hate to see people 'coast' through life and put a negative tag to such a thing. But when driving, I've found it to be an essential tool every driver needs to utilize.

Plastic Bottle Animal Planter
Remedy for Persistent Bleeping Smoke Alarm

My smoke alarm was set off when there was a lot of dust during a DIY job. It wouldn't stop bleeping when I decided to replace the battery on completing the DIY.

Silverware Wind Chime
Streatz (Mixed Breed Cat)
Take Breakfast With You
Welsh Poppies
Cleaning a Desktop Computer
Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol and Hairspray

If you are like me and have a favorite pair of Converse that always get dirty on the white areas, you will like this part of the instruction. Take a paper towel (also try kitchen towels and rags) and wet it with some rubbing alcohol and rub it all over the white parts.

Getting Rid of Pilling on Laundry

We all have that favorite sweatshirt or blanket that accidentally got put in the dryer. Well there is a way to get rid of almost all of the balled up lint that has been stuck there. Just take a razor preferably new and run it over the fuzzies stuck to your sweatshirt.

Keep Your Garden Properly Watered
Linguine with Fresh Clam Sauce
Sautéed Summer Veggies

I just love summer vegetables. They are beautiful in color and delicious to taste. There is so much you can do with summer vegetables, cooked or raw. Be creative! Enjoy your veggies before summer is over.

Starting A Pecan Tree From Seed
Washing Bib Overalls Without Straps Tangling
Cooling Down the Stove Eye (Burner)
Persian Lamb Kabobs
Personal Apple Pies
Blooming Cactus with New Babies
Insurance Tip for Better Coverage

We recently changed health/vision/dental insurance companies. Our new insurance carrier denied several vision and dental claims that according to their handbook should be covered. I called to ask them why. They told me that they did not pay on those particular services until after we had coverage for 12 months. Further explanation brought forth the fact that if I could prove we had prior coverage and that our old insurance company covered those services, then they could waive the 12 month rule. This is to prevent people from changing insurance companies just to get things covered.

Lotus Flower
MeMagee (Shih Tzu)
Straw Pendant Necklace Holder
The Perfect Gift Evokes Warm Memories
Catbirds Like Tomatoes
Journey (Jack Russell/Deerhead...
Keep Your Computer Safe From Viruses,...
Making Galaxy Jars
Morning Garden Tour
Peanut Potato Chip Chocolate Stout Cake

I call this the ultimate snack cake because it's packed with some snack time favourites: chocolate, potato chips, chunky peanut butter and beer! Thrown together as a cake, it is the ultimate sweet and savoury dessert. Good luck not going in for seconds or thirds!

Red Dahlia
Save on Cooling and Heating

Why cool or heat unused spaces? Keep your closet, pantry and cabinet doors closed. As an experiment, I measured all our cabinets and closets in the house and added them up. It added up to over 500 square feet. That is the equivalent of a good sized room.

Seared Salmon Fillet
Chameleon Adult Coloring Page
Banana Crepes
Cleaning and Restoring a Macocotte Dutch Oven
Use Zucchini as Apple or Pineapple Slices
Word Search Puzzle Tips
Chinese Cucumbers
Deer Family in Winter at Grand Canyon
Fishing Line for Making Jewelry
Healthy Egg Cream Soda
Milo (Groodle)
Projects Board from an Old Framed Photo
Remove Tomato Suckers
Mittens (Cat)
Morgen (Plott Hound)
Repairing Elastic Bracelets
Start Tomato Plants from Stems
Swinging Squirrel
Feathered Welcome Wagon - Nesting Bird
Keep Cool By Cooking Outside
Mantis Watches Jumping Spider Eat...
Banana Bread
Repairing a Pearl Station Necklace
Sammy (Chihuahua)
Silky (Mini Pomeranian)
Thyme Squash Saute
Turn Pine Wood Furniture into Objects...
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake from Cake Mix
Keep Bagged Salad Fresh Longer
Keep Cottage Cheese Fresh Longer
Keep Guacamole from Turning Brown
Pay Attention to Applicances While...
Save Silica Packets to Beat the Humidity
Eggplant Flower
Granny's "Vacuum Sealer"

Freezing things in plastic freezer bags is great, but vacuum sealing those bags is even better. Here's how this Granny does it without a pricey vacuum sealer: Use a straw!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
Strips of Linoleum as Plant Borders
Summer Squash
Use Zip Ties to Support Plants
Yellow Squash in Progress
Bathing Suit Shopping
Cottage Cheese-Yogurt Salad
Dealing With Gnats
Ezra and Adelaide (Ducks)
Healthy Pear Vinaigrette
Quick and Easy Potato Salad
Successful Vacation Tips
Three Tiered Crochet Pin Cushion
Attach Sink Skirt with Clear Tape
Bird in Tree
Carry Scissors with You
Credit Card for Loose Tape End
Deter Scent Marking Dogs

I have a lovely, long row of arborvitae. All are strong and healthy, but still young and tender. Things a mature tree would tolerate, could surely kill these saplings, urine included. Neighborhood dogs have started marking there, so with a few prickly blackberry limbs tucked under them, problem solved.

Easy Reusable Dryer Softener Sheets
Finding Single Socks in the Laundry
Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruit
License Plate Letter Holder
Make Rice with Chicken Broth
Nautical Miles Summer Beach Wreath
One Pot Chicken and Pasta
Quick Iced Tea
Roasted Red Potatoes
Rox (Pit Bull)
Save Leftover Cookies and Chips for Toppings
Start Instant Coffee with Cold Water
Tension Rods for Drying Laundry
Use Dryer to Prevent Bedbug Infestation
Chancey (Lab Mix)
Easy Ways to Live a Frugal Life
Hello There (Wild Bird)
Jack (Chihuahua)
Little Hummingbird
Make Drawer Handles into Mini Frames
Mother's Day Rose
Savoury Cheese and Vegetable Tart
Apricot Daylily
Domino Clock
Flip Flop Wreath
Florida Cardinal Caladium Magic
Homemade Stevia Sweetener
Spring Peeper Frog Rendezvous
Tasty Crock Pot Ribs
Wednesday (Pug/Wheaten Terrier)
Homemade Cat Litter Box
Roy (Mixed Breed)
Use Coffee Filters to Keep Weeds Away
How to Grow Chillies
Spiffing Up a Balcony for Under $45
Accessible Bed Controls
Body Scent or Cologne for Flying Bug Relief
Dressing Up an Old Chair
Refreshing Blended Watermelon
Star and Flag Wall Hanging
Swiffer Pads for a Sparkling Toilet Bowl
Blueberry or Grape?
Clown Party Invitation
Food Timer Too Quiet
Grendel (Border Collie/German...
Choosing A Cucumber Variety
Flowering Plants May be Weeds
Crocheted Flag Wall Hanging
Happy Toilets Won't Overflow
Red Tulip Welcomes Spring
Flower Box Tulips
Banana Oat Chia Muffins
Early Morning Dew
Clippings from My Garden
Variegated Tulip
Canna Lily
Lavandula Flower
Regal Visitor (Hawk)
Orange Pentas
Pileated Woodpeckers
Tiny Heart in a Bottle
Remedy for Pain from New Dentures

I'm in my mid 30s and had a full extraction done 11 months ago. I just got my permanent dentures. The tops are awesome. The bottoms fit fantastically, but I am so freaking sore by the end of the day and it hurts. I actually cry when I put them in. I've been swishing with salt water and taking Advil.

Using Herbs And Seasonings
Sheets as Shade Cloth
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