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Current Entries

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Egg Shell Uses
Morning Fog Over The Pond
Saucer and Cup Place Mat
3-Leaf Fall Birthday Card
"Fantasia" Winter Headband
"Girl with a Pearl Earring" Costume
Coffee Wedding Gift
Gluten Free Spicy Acorn Squash Soup
Homemade Fly Trap

Take any jar and squirt some jelly inside. Put a funnel in the jar. Some flies will go into the jar through the funnel and some will hang around the outside lid of the jar. Vacuum the outside flies, then lift the funnel a bit and vacuum the inside flies that are still flying around.

Natural Remedy for Armpit Odor

I come from a tropical country when I was a kid. I remember at school the teacher would make us rub lime with baking soda, that used to work very well!

Pumpkin Picking Time (Waverly, PA)
Store Empty Containers in Freezer

I like to freeze many of the vegetables from our garden, however I don't have cabinet space to store the empty containers. My solution to this dilemma is wash and dry the empty containers then return them to the freezer until I need them again.

Fall Maple Leaf
Recycled Candles From Wax Melter
Use Canned Vegetables for Easy Meal Prep

A lot of recipes call for onions, peppers, and tomatoes. I've switched to using canned stewed tomatoes instead. When the recipe calls for tomatoes and hot peppers, a can of Rotel, or one of Rotel, and one of stewed does the job.

Use Pecan Shells For Potted Plant Drainage
Avoiding Confusion with Common Flower Names
Dryer Lint for Firestarters

We always have to buy those expensive fire starter logs for camping. I had the idea to save our dryer lint and stuff it inside our empty toilet paper rolls. It's free and you never run out of it. It is very easy to catch on fire. We've tried it before and it lights up like a torch.

Hairspray for Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

I knocked over a container of nail polishes onto my light blue bedroom carpet. Needless to say some of them broke; hot pinks, lime greens, etc. After I blotted up what I could with a napkin, I used a bottle of liquid hairspray, a brush, and after scrubbing a bit it came out in no time.

Joker Costume
My Favorite Crocheted Flower
Reduce Time Spent Sitting

Many studies now show that sitting is as bad a health risk as smoking! Sometimes you have to sit so I keep a kitchen timer on my desk to stand up every 20 minutes and move around.

Use Fleece as Bedding for Guinea Pigs

With buying guinea pig food, hay, bedding, etc., my family and I are always looking for ways to save money. I discovered the use of fleece for bedding while browsing on YouTube. It saves you money, plus you can get really cute fleece that will look great in your cage.

Lucy (Party Poodle)
Lavender Infused Sugar Jar
Cleaning a Hummingbird Feeder
In Memory of Rubin (Cat)
Learning Frugality
Making Raspberry Tea

Strip all the leaves off your raspberry plants with a leather glove, slipping them into a brown paper bag. Hang away from light until dry, approximately one week.

Meal Tips for Single Workers
Resealing Frozen Vegetables

When I open a bag of corn, I use my scissors and cut across the top of the bag, leaving enough that I can use it to tie my bag up with it. The other thing I use is leftover twisty ties.

Stop Snakes From Stealing Eggs

If a harmless snake is visiting the hens' nests and helping itself to an occasional egg, I say let the critter be. An egg or two ain't no big deal. Many snakes are beneficial, and they like to eat, same as you.

Use Vaseline to Remove Paint from Leather

Iv just removed eggshell white paint from my leather sofa by rubbing in petroleum jelly (Vaseline). I left it for a few minutes, then gently rubbed with a wet nail brush and it started coming off! Happy me!

Wipe Down Library Books

When I get books from the library, I use a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the book and wipe it down with a paper towel. The vinegar kills germs and you can see a lot of dirt removed on the paper towel.

Sleeping Beauty (Angel Wing Begonia)
Apple-Peanut Sandwich
Avoiding Bacteria Transfer

I recently read a medical research report stating that hand sanitizers are only about 60% as effective as washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. However, a hand sanitizer is better than nothing!

Cake Mix Cookies
Finding Frugal Accessories
Moxa Kills Athlete's Foot

I had a bad case of athlete's foot that no medication would resolve. Out of desperation, I used moxa smoke for 5 minutes and resolved it completely and permanently until now, 5 years later.

Add Hydrogen Peroxide to Mouthwash

I use to buy Colgate mouthwash, but it became to expensive. To save money, I purchased Walmart Equate Equate Original Flavor Antiseptic Mouth rinse and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at 88 cents. I mix the liquids half and half.

Mark Top of Cans in Drawers
Using Margarine Tubs for Leftovers
Turbo (Chiwienie)
Free Cell Service with Q Link Wireless

In filling out one of those endless surveys online the other day, one interesting thing came out of it. A window popped up advertising a federal program offering completely FREE cell phones and service.

Snack Plastic Bag as Sandwich Pocket
Stuffing Your Thanksgiving Turkey

I still like to put my stuffing directly into the turkey cavity. My mother did it for years and so have I and it's perfectly safe. No one has ever gotten ill from this. However, scooping the stuffing out can be quite messy.

Make Ice Cubes from Leftover Coffee

I have been wondering what to do about my leftover coffee. Then it hit me. Coffee ice cubes! Once they freeze, I transfer them to a plastic bag to be used later. I hate waste.

Zion (Puggle)
Sophie Francis King (Yorkie)
Taking Care of Body, Mind and Soul
Louise (Red Star)
Heisenberg (Orange Tabby)
Fuzzy's First Fall (Domestic Longhair)
Baby Dinkuhn
Malaki (Great Pyrenees Mix)