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All of the entries from current contests are below. Use the navigation to see specific contests. Click the "Thumbs Up" on any entry to help us judge the best entries. Or, "Enter Contest" to share your own entry.

Tiny Leprechaun
Checking your Credit Report
Crocheted Flowering Dishcloth
Free Plants by Dividing Bulbs
Oven Roasted Herbed Potatoes
Veggie Seedlings
Cherry Chocolate Delight
Last Drop of Lotion
Old Mattress Upcycle

Remove the mattress covers by carefully cutting away along the sides. You may have to use pliers to remove staples holding the top and bottom onto the springs. Using scissors, cut away all of the side panels; leaving a cleanly cut top and bottom.

Adding Moisture to your Home During Winter
Charley (Brussels Griffon)
Damp Cloth Keeps Cutting Board from...
Display Jewelry Pins in Frames
Josie (Pitbull Terrier Mix)
Reviving a Burned Out Lightbulb
Rubber Band To Tighten Paper Towel Holder
Wedding Ideas on a Budget
Neeka (Domestic Shorthair )
Crochet Keychain ChapStick Holder
Crochet Butterfly Bookmark
Easy Apple Dumplings
Roasted Chicken with Aji Sauce
Big Family on The Farm
Desperation Winter Soup
Natural Mementos from Vacations
South Of The Border Rice
Do Simple Repairs Yourself
Glam up Gray Hair
Keep Restaurant Menus for Meal Ideas
Kira (English Bulldog)
Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits (Copycat)
Biolage Conditioning Balm for Dry Hair

Go to your local salon and purchase Biolage conditioning balm. Once a week, apply generously to the end of your hair. I usually start half way down from the top of my head, all the way to the ends.

Carry Jewelry in Pill Case
Cool Bathroom Shelving
Dreamy Molasses Cookies
Eva's Potato Soup
Freeze Food Waste for Recycling

Waste food, used teabags, coffee grounds and so on can be placed in a sealed biodegradable bag and frozen. The food won't decompose, so won't taint other freezer contents, nor will your kitchen or bins smell.

Homemade Coffee Frappè
In/Out Sign for Cat
Pumpkin Parmesan Lasagne
Removing Ink Stains from your Coach Purse
S'mores Dip
Save Containers for Leftovers

Save containers from: Chinese Won-Ton Soup, frozen dinners, cold cut meats, to go meals, whipped topping tubs, dollar store plastic ware, etc. Perfect for packing leftover dinner for lunches the next day.

Spicy Honey Chicken
Sweet Cornbread
TV Dinner Trays As Drawer Organizers
Two Ingredient Chicken
Upcycled Soda Bottle as Hanging Planter
Use Tape for Minor Cut

If you don't have a plaster (bandage), sellotape, wound round the affected finger several times so that it sticks to itself, will work just as well at containing and then stopping the bleeding. You do need to be a bit careful not to wind it round too tightly, though.

Butterscotch Squares
Reversible Baby Bib
Carlos (Longhaired Chihuahua)
Romantic Crocheted Flower
Shop First at Dollar Stores

Before you set out to do your shopping, stop at your local Dollar Store. I have had to become very frugal, due to sudden changes in my life.

Beer Battered Onion Rings
Filling an Ice Cream Cone with Soft Serve

I'm 16 and I work at Paul's Drive-In. The first time I made a cone, It was slanted and had to be re-made. My co-workers showed me how to make a good cone.

Pita Pockets for Packed Lunches

I make my lunch the night before I have classes each day. Usually I bring for lunch whatever I have leftover from my dinner. If it doesn't sound appealing, I use Pita bread pockets cut in four quarters and get inventive.

Pumpkin Breakfast Bars
Superbowl Chili
Artsy Crochet Flower
Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes
Jigsaw Puzzle Caddy
Thickening Soups Without Gluten or Dairy

I have discovered that fat free coffee creamer is gluten and lactose free. I use coffee creamer as a substitute for cream or milk in my chowders and any soups calling for dairy. Cook a little extra potato, puree them in the blender and add the puree with the creamer to thicken your soup. No flour needed.

Use Baskets for Storing Hair Appliances
Using Liquid Flavored Dairy Creamers in Cooking

This comes in many flavors, sizes, and sweetened, sugar- free and fat-free. I use this in all cake recipes to replace milk or water.

A Different Kind of Haystack Cookie
Colorful Garden Pebble Paperweight
LED Bulbs Interfere with Garage Door Remote Signal

All of my family members began noticing that their remotes could open the door from down the block, but wouldn't close it unless they were nearly in the garage. I replaced the flickering LED bulbs in my garage door opener.

Murphy (Golden Chow )
Removing Tissue From Laundry

Sometimes we leave a tissue in a pocket of our pants and wash them. Then, the clothes will be covered in lint. There's no need to rewash the load, just put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer and tumble for a while.

Store Bed Linens in Pillow Case

I wash all the bedding for a bed on a particular day. When I take them off the clothes line, I fold the sheets and all but one pillowcase. I then take the folded items and put them in the pillowcase.

Apple Cinnamon Loaf

A layered apple cinnamon loaf for a delicious treat.

Moving Canned Goods to New Home

When I move, I buy two large trash cans with wheels. I store all my food stuff in the new trash cans. The trash cans hold a great deal of weight and are easy to move with the wheels. If anything breaks, the cans are water proof.

Print Albums Instead of Pictures

I have thousands of pictures that I will never have time to sort through and dozens of old photo albums. Now, I make quarterly a picture book. It cost between $25-30 dollars. And they are simple, light weight, customized, great conversation piece on my coffee table. And they can travel well with me

Soft Fabric Sleep Mask
Sweet Valentine Cupcake Wrappers
Khaleesi (Labrador Retriever)
Fruit Pizza
Petey (American Pit Bull Terrier)
Save Electricity with LED Bulbs

Did you know that by using LED light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs, you can lower your lighting bill by 75%? Also lighting is about 12% of your electric bill (the rest is AC, heat, and appliances).

Add Sugar or Salt to Enhance Food Flavors

When you are cooking any and all food dishes, always add a teaspoon of sugar. It enhances the spices and flavors of what you are making; as does salt to any sweet recipes you are about to make.

Decoupaged Light Switch Plate
Hang Dry Laundry in Bedroom to Prevent Nosebleeds

I line dry most of our laundry. My husband gets nosebleeds in the winter. To solve both, I started putting a load on the rack in our bedroom before he goes to bed.

My Sweet Lollipop Miniature Tree
Save Money with Digital Books

We love books but our book collection required bookshelves which required wall space and that means more square footage, which meant a larger house. That larger house required larger payments for mortgage and taxes.

Coffee Bean Candles
Gus (Great Dane)
Keep Chore List for Helpers

Eighteen months ago I lost my husband of 42 years. Ever since, my children have me use one of those magnetic chore pads that stick to my refrigerator and as I see a light bulb out, a leaky faucet, etc. I write it down.

Marshmallow Cream Frosting
Chicken and Butternut Squash Stew
Cup of Love Heart Coasters
Essie (Domestic Shorthair)
Recycled Photophore
Garden Dragonfly
Set Goals Not Resolutions for New...
Growing Wax/Fibrous Begonias In Winter
Busyness of Nature (Pollination)