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I am a ceretified mechanic with 34 years hands on experiance. I am a Lemon Law expert witness for lemon law complaints. I write books and have published them on as lemon protection identifying a lemon, as well as written a book named Invention from idea to market in order to help other inventors, also on and kindle books.I have invented a product named Ab Radical by My goal is to help as many people as I can with their car problems and questions. I write articles on Yahoo Community Network and have a video on 1lemonpro at YouTube. Thank you for your time and God bless you, Jackie Winters

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The Lemon Law applies to all new and used vehicles and the advice is free, you don't put out any cash to get a good lemon law attorney.

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Things to watch for when buying a new or used vehicle, Engine problems, adding oil every 700 to 800 miles?

As a mechanic I will explain why an engine will burn oil and why it should not burn oil as well as what to do if it is burning oil. Do you have to add oil; before it time to change it, if the answer is yes then your engine is burning oil and it is not normal. The reason an engine is burning oil is it has an internal leak at the Piston Rings, the Valve Guides or the Valve Seals.

I have had a lot of customers tell me the engine is using oil and they are told by their dealership it is normal for an engine to burn a quart of oil every 700 to 800 miles and not to worry about it, just add oil or come in and we will add the oil for you.

Please know if an engine is using oil even a quart every 700 to 800 miles then you are creating smog and our laws do not take kindly to that. We have strict smog laws because of oil burning vehicle on the road and it is hurting our environment.

If your engine has to have oil added between oil changes then you will need one of three things done and it will require a complete engine tear down. If the Valves Guides or Valve Seals are leaking oil past then into the Piston Cylinder then the cylinder heads will have to be removed and that is at least a 14 hour job on most engines today. This repair requires the cylinder head to be removed and reworked and new guides and seals installed.

If the Piston Rings are leaking oil then you will have to have the engine torn down all way and the Pistons will have to be removed so new Piston and Rings can be replaced and that cost almost as much as a re-manufactured engine (used but rebuilt).

I guarantee you if your vehicle is under warranty and the warranty expire you will be told the engine oil burning will have to be fixed. You may say to the service writer I told you I was burning oil every 700 to 800 miles and you told me not to worry about it. Now I am burning two quarts of oil every 1,000 mile and now you are telling me I need a ring job or possible a new engine, so what's up with that?

What should you do if your engine is burning oil and you can't seem to get the help you want, call a lemon law attorney and get a professional lemon law expert? I work with the best in the business and I have seen results for my customers. Some have gotten all their money back or a complete replacement vehicle because of this oil burning and other things that can't seem to be fixed. Don't let a service writer tell you well the first quart of oil to get burned is normal, do you remember when you first purchased the vehicle if anyone told you the engine will need oil added every 700 to 800 miles. I don't think anyone can say they were ever told that until after they paid for the vehicle and then had to go to the shop for an oil light or oil pressure warning coming on.

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On line dating is not good; they are for people who think they can't find anyone. Church is the best place to find a true heart. I have been married for 17 years and my wife and I both go to church. God will lead you to find a good person if you get close to Him. God has made someone for you and on line dating is not the way. There are too many men and women who want what you have and then dump you after they get it. Disease is the number one thing you will find in on line dating and no true love is there. Get close to God and he will find that someone who will love you for who you are and happiness will follow.

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I found if I drink a lot of water it clears up. The things that will cause odor is under arm deodorant and medication as well as tight clothing. You need to sweat and drink a lot of water to flush out the things that cause the odor. Good luck and God bless you.

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The Ab Radical sold by Edison nation on-line works well for the tummy. It has a back and neck support and folds to a 4in box. I use it and it does work, I can carry it on the plane when I fly and if I need to stretch or do crunches I can pull it out, lie on the floor and do up to 100 without any problem. I would recommend it to anyone. Great product.

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The Ab Radical sold by Edison Nation found on-line. It isolates the abdominals and helps you do crunches. it fold to a 4in box and it works great. It cost 19.95. I am 56 yo and use it to crunch with and it works great, made from fabric with a neck and back support.

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If you have tree sap the best thing to do is not touch it and use a water hose to rince it off. I have tried everything also and found if you touch it, it sticks but if you rinse it with water it comes off very easy.

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It sounds like the starter needs to be removed and over hauled, The front bushing is worn and causing it to bind and is getting stuck

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WD-40 works wonders.

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If you have a Carburetor on the engine then it is likely caused by the Choke sticking closed or is out of adjustment, if you have fuel injection it may be cause by a bad sensor or a cold start valve. A scan will give you the code to decipher the problem and will help you fix it. If it is fuel injection the engine light will likely be on as well.

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Wood Block Home Decor

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How about inventors.

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If the brake pedal is hard to press it is likely cause by the brake booster or the brake booster check valve located on the front side of the brake booster behind the brake master. I would have the brakes rechecked as well by a certified brake mechanic.

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The most likely cause is the starter is draging. A starter that drages will start to turn slow and then pick up speed. Have the starter load tested.

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If the warranty don't cover seals and gaskets it is not worth the paper it is written on, a zero deduction and a free loan car should be part of the warranty. Be very careful. I write articles on Yahoo Community Network and have written one about that as well.

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Most like the fluid has dried at the hood sprayers and you will need to use a thin wire or needel to clean them with, after they are clean run some clear water through them and the don't use windex use washer fluid it don't normally clogg them up.

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No matter how you get the car or truck be aware of the fact the Lemon Law applies to all new and used purchased vehicles. Also ask for a Zero deduction, ask for a free loaner if it needs repairs and do not purchase the extended warranty unless it cover seal and gaskets they are what counts most, be sure to see it in writing as well. Good Luck and God bless you.

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Go to Auto Zone and they will pull up a print out for you and you will find it. The most likely cause is a vacuum door is not opening cause by a broken or loose vacuum hose, listen for a hissing sound and you will find it, it will be under the dash near the big black box (heater box).

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WD-40 will remove tire and tar marks from paint, just spray it on and wipe it off. I have been a mechanic for 34 years and have used that on near everything. God bless you.

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Drain the water, use a garden how and remove the top radiator hose and thermostat, remove the bottom hose. Put the garden hose in the thermostat hole and let it run, the rust will start to come out the bottom, when it runs clean, re fill it with 50/50 coolant and water mix, replace the thermostat, be sure to flush the radiator and wash out the coolant jar as well. Don't forget to remove the heater hoses and do the same thing. Water causes rust and overheating. Coolant stops overheating and rust. You will be OK after that.

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