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Looking to live a life that is simple and healthy and free of emotional, chemical, and commercial clutter. Enjoy exercise, gardening, cooking, sewing and organic living. Live in coastal Georgia in a small town. My dream is to have a small farm.

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In Ayurveda, bags under the eyes are a sign of kidney trouble. This goes with the doctor's idea of fluid retention. Try a new sleep routine (one night will not do it) and up your water (yes - water) intake.

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You can't make a leopard change it's spots. You have a retro kitchen so go with it. Shop second hand stores for retro stuff. Enamelware in pale yellow or robins egg blue would be cute. Or I'm sure you could find Fiesta ware dishes and containers that would coordinate. Get an old Coke sign for the wall. I love the cabinets and think you could make it look really good with a little time in the thrift stores.

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Go to the craft section at Walmart. They have tons of different crafty kits for $10 -20. Anything from jewelry making to tie-dye. I'm sure you could find something fun.

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Have you contacted the American Cancer Society?

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I am not familiar with your area, but I like to go to VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) to look for unique vaca ideas.

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Have you thought about an email file? You could type up the cookbook, make it searchable, and just send it. Or better yet, send monthly recipes using seasonal food. Either way, you would also end up with an email roster for next year's campaign.

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Give them a hope chest or hope chest item. They will sigh now, but when they try to move out they will be grateful.

Otherwise, Generic electronics accessories are always useful: chargers, non-skid pads, screen cleaning kit, etc.

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Try ETSY. They have everything and you can get custom made fairly reasonably priced.

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I went to Walmart and bought bridal tulle at 97 cents/yard. I taped it over the screens and even made a curtain with a cheap curtain rod for my doorway. The holes are small enough that the gnats can't get through. I used a bronze color and it is really nice.

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Who knew shades of white could be so complicated! When I buy paint I tend to defer to the little picture books in the paint isle. They do it for a living and know which ones look best together. Besides repainting, maybe you could get some accessories the cream color to hang on the blue wall. Maybe something with cream/beige shells?

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IMO spending extra on fresh food is being frugal. The $$ you save on medical bills and missed work are far greater than those you spend on quality food. I find that I like home-made detergent and soap better and that it is drastically cheaper. I also feel better knowing that none of the ingredients will be listed on the news as causing some disease.

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Tour the crafts section at WalMart or your local crafts store. They have great kits for anything from making jewelry to spinning pottery To decorating tote bags and t-shirts. And they run around $10 each!

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Here in the South we call it Sunday Dinner.

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At Lowes they sell butcher block sealer that we used on real wood countertops. It won't make it heat resistant, but it will keep water out and make it food safe. Good luck.

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The company that "treated the air" used an ozone generator. They remove everything from the air. Then you have to worry about what is inside the walls. The best option is shellac paint, not oil paint. This will literally seal the smoke residues into the wall. This is our method for professional smoke cleaning.

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The hope is your daughter will wear it one day. If a daughter is not on the horizon, find someone to give or sell it to. A wedding dress should be cherished. Rather than storing it in the attic, allow someone else to cherish it and maybe their daughter will wear it.

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Breakers are cheaply made in China. It is not unusual for one to be bad. Luckily they are cheap enough to try a new one.

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What about an elaborate salad bar? Everything, meat included, could be kept over ice for safety. You could include regular salads and other salads (potato, macaroni, etc) and some sweets too.

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My go to tween birthday place is the craft aisle at Walmart. They have t-shirts, bags, and hats to decorate and bracelet making kits. I'm sure you could work 1D in somehow. Also, you could order cheap clear phone cases or key chains and let them decorate them with pics, decorative paper, and stones/glitter (craft store). Saw that on HeyKayli on YouTube.

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Have you considered painting the cabinet also. The wood narrows your options somewhat. I agree with pale paint colors: yellow (sunny), gray (sophisticated) , or a mossy or dusty green (cottage) might be nice.

Another way to go is a dark beige/light brown. this is very in style right now.

Also, try wall stickers or wall decals on I like the dandelion decals for a bathroom. They are beautiful and at around $30 are an affordable way to make your bathroom say wow.

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