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I'm a "starving" artist by trade... I do Detailed Handpainted Botanical Pottery... Specializing in "Washington Wildflowers"... I also paint Custom Wall Murals & Handpainted (Fired) Tiles for Installation in people's kitchen & baths. I taught painting classes for beginners for many years, but had to stop several years ago when I moved to far away from my customer base. I sell & advertise my wares mostly at Saturday Art-Markets so my time working ends up being somewhat seasonal, which means I need to be extra thrifty during the winter months... That's the "off season" & it gives me time to sew, make jewelry & do other crafts. I also enjoy reading about other cultures throughout history. When I work (painting), that's ALL I DO... Day & Night from April thru Dec! Even though I'm in my early 50's, I'm kind of the "old-hippy" type of gal with my hair worn in long braids.... (Yes, way back when, I DID live in a school bus!) I enjoy all kinds of people, & am especially fond of people with open minds. "Free thinkers" I like to call them...

I'm a follower of the of Jesus & His teaching. I do my best to help people whenever I can & I believe it's important to try to understand others & to try not to judge others on the first glance... You never know, someone dressed in rags, standing on the corner asking for spare change, may be the sweetest person on earth! The motto I TRY to live by: "Treat others as you'd like to be treated". I also believe that life is short, so don't let the little things get to you...My motto: LIVE HAPPILY, LEARN as much as you can, LOVE OTHERS (& try not to judge) & ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of LIFE!
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