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What's so bad about garter snakes? They're not dangerous.

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Personally, I don't like the idea of using pet food that doesn't come with some sort of nutritional information and general quantity recommendations. Some dry dog foods are very rich in nutrients and require smaller amounts, and some have a lot of fillers, which means you would need to give a lot more of it to provide the same amount of nutrition (and it's probably not as tasty for your dog). I've always had large athletic dogs myself, and I'd walk them 1-2 miles a day, and I'd buy whatever dog food they particularly liked, and stuck to a 2 meal a day schedule. They never had a problem with being overweight (nor have I). I like to use dry dog food as the main ingredient, and mix a big spoonful of canned dog food in to give it more flavor. I do not recommend canned pet food as a mainstay, however, because canned food diets are more likely to cause tooth decay.


1) Make sure the dog likes it.

2) Give it lots of exercise in case it gets too many calories.

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My guess is that the tobacco residue on the dolls is too thick for the baking soda to be able to neutralize all the odor. The residue must be removed. White vinegar is good at removing tobacco residue and odors (I've used it when renovating a downstairs apartment, my last tenants were chain smokers who left the place a stinking mess). Vinegar is harmless to plastics and paint. The Idea Jilson mentioned above about leaving the dolls out in the sun is also valid - UV light *does* effectively kill tobacco smells, however you must also consider that too much sunlight might damage the dolls, so be careful if they have any collector's value.

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The only difference between Frontline for dogs and cats is the dosage. However, I would recommend placing the liquid higher up on a cat, since they're more flexible than dogs and you don't want her to accidentally ingest the stuff while cleaning herself.

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Cheap method (never tried it, but might work):

1) Drill a small hole in the glass in an inconspicuous location, preferably a corner. You'll need a glass/tile drill bit due to the hardness of glass.

2) Allow the condensation to evaporate.

3) Use silicone sealant to plug the hole, as well as fix the leak in the seal.

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All cooking oil deteriorates and gets rancid over time, especially once it's been used and left out in room temperature. Even when stored unused in an unopened bottle, oil will eventually go bad. But you can make deep fryer oil last longer and reuse it more often by filtering out the food particles immediately after use, and then freezing it. Also, do not let the temperature of the fryer exceed 360 degrees F, to minimize oxidation of the oil. Moisture and acids from the food, however, will still remain in the oil and cause it to break down, and there's really no way to remove that. It's best to use safflower oil, as it's more resistant than other oils to being broken down over time by high temperatures.

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Nice idea, and I might use it for storing my stack of business cards, but I would recommend making some kind of a safety cap to put on the tip of that spike. Looks a little dangerous to me.

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