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I am a professional musician and enjoy gardening as my relaxation. I inherited my green thumb from my parents, who were both Depression Era farmers. This means I despise weeds and dig them out by hand. My neighbors endearingly think I'm nuts, but you won't find a weed in my garden or in my lawn!
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On there are instructions for how to make a necktie wreath or even a necktie quilt. Sounds fun! Hope this helps.

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It sounds like a fun idea, but a word of caution: Computer boards contain silicon, lead soldering and copper. You might want to check with an electronics or computer store first to see what they think about what you want to do. Don't mean to rain on your parade, but an ounce of prevention. Rick

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Rickie, I have had dogs my whole life and a couple of them did this exact thing. My vet's remedy is humane and works: start confining pooch to smaller quarters. The dog doesn't want to be around it (urine or poo) any more than you do. If you have to leave, make sure pooch is safe, but in a smaller area (that's not the bedroom).

Dog will get the message after a day or two, but you might have to repeat it for a few times. Something else to watch for is if pooch is bored.Their life is quite short compared to ours, so minutes are like hours and hours like days to them. Dogs can pee just to get your attention. Good luck!

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Abi, if your net access is limited, the national hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE.

Follow your natural instincts to protect you and your child. You are persons of great worth and dignity. God has a better plan for you. I am praying for you and to your guardian angels to get to a safe place. It would be nice if you could post again to let us know you are OK but only if it is safe to do so.


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I used dish soap and water on my garden all last summer with great success. The inexpensive store brand worked the best. Start with a few drops per 32 oz spray bottle, every other day for a few days. Then keep increasing the soap ratio as the plants get used to it. The bugs and slugs hate it but the bees seem to still work around it. Make sure you get the soil too because that's where they lay their eggs. Dish soap acts like a fertilizer for the soil too. I sprayed before dark and it worked great. Good luck!

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Try hairspray on the ink. I got red ink out of white carpet with it. Hairspray contains Acetone which will break down the ink so that you can blot it up with a rag. You have to work quick before the hairspray dries. I use Finalnet or something in a plastic spray bottle that you can remove the pump and pour it on. Once the ink is out, use some warm soapy water to pull the stickey stuff out. Good Luck!

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I swear by a spray called Poison Free by Victor - It contains mint oil and hornets hate it. You can use oil of mint from the grocery store, but make sure it is the pure extract. Use a cotton ball to apply it around the areas where they're getting in. Your house will smell like a big candy cane, but it should deter them.

They will actually survive a fire. Torching them only burns their wings off and makes them mad, but they can still reproduce. They can only survive down to about 45deg F so the gas by itself will usually do it. Also remember to blast their nest after dark or you won't get all of them. Don't use a flashlignt either, that wakes them up. Try to find a red LED light because they can't see colors. Just a footnote: I'm not a tree-hugger, but the EPA doesn't like us pouring gas into the environment because "if everybody did it....yada yada..."

Go get 'em but "bee" careful! :)


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Deya, Try hairspray. Most hairsprays contain acetone, a chemical that will dissolve the ink. Spray it on then blot it up with a rag. It took an entire bottle of Final Net, but I once got red ink out of white carpeting. If it leaves behind any sticky or crust from the hairspray, try some warm water or see if it is safe to use Woolite on your couch. Good luck!

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I'm sorry about your pooch. Mine got skunked a couple of years ago. My vet said to never use detergent based soaps on dogs. It dries out their skin and makes it worse for the dog. The skunk oil can't be washed out anyway. The only thing you can do is cover up the smell until it evaporates on its own which can take weeks.

I used a product called Skunk Off shampoo by Thornell ( and it worked great. It's non-irritating so you can use it every day (as directed).I highly recommend trying it.It was worth every (s)cent! :) Good luck.

Rick in East Grand Rapids, MI

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Mary, I have been using a spray bottle with water and liquid dish soap. Start with just a few drops of soap and apply once a day until your plants get used to it. Then gradually increase the soap if you need to get more aggressive. The bees will work around it but the beetles and other bugs hate it. The soap is also good for the soil. Make sure to wash your fruits and veggies before eating them! :)

Rick in East GR

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