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Hello - in order to afford the better things in life I try to save where I can. I cook in bulk so I have leftovers for lunch or nights I won't be home so my hubby won't starve or live on junk foods! I will send coupons I have without an exchange because I hate to waste them. So let's try to be frugal - it's FUN !
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I use Bar Keepers Friend for that same purpose. It probably works the same way and doesn't hurt the surface at all.

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Starting Over popped in to my mind...just a thought. Good luck - it sounds like a good idea...even to those of us that don't have kids.

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If it sounds like a chirp it means batteries need replaced. If it sounds like the regular alarm you may need to replace it assuming it's the kind that takes batteries. You don't want to get in the habit of ignoring the fire alarm sounding in case of a real fire!

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What kind of finish is your bathtub? I have an acrylic tub that is grungy and nothing seems to work. I'm afraid to use any kind of abrasive cleaner on it for fear of scratching it. Thank you.

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Have a collection of change. People are willing to give up their small change usually and don't really miss it. You'd be surprised how much you can collect that way! It's really good if you can do it when you're having a sporting event that way you get the local public involved. Good luck!

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I was hoping someone had answered as I'm seeing them in my house too. I'm told there are harmless and to kill them and sweep them up but there must be something else I can

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I was in a relationship like this and it was also an emotionally abusive which is also what yours sounds like too! I got out at age 42 as I could see things would not improve. We had been together 27 years so I understand the long time you've been together. I decided I'd rather be alone than stay in this relationship any longer. I started over and you can too! It's never too late!

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You have been "dealing" with it long enough to be a saint. I know you are Catholic but I think God would understand a divorce in your case. He is abusive and unless you get to a counselor to help you get out of the relationship it will continue to beat you down. He's never had to learn any other way to behave with you so he will continue to do so. As far as travel etc. go without him - maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder...

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Some people might not recognize your email address and not have opened the email. In the subject line I would put surprise party for "Mom's name"...also Sat. is not too soon to send out another email. They may have been waiting to make sure nothing clashes with your event. Good luck.

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Since I'm not sure what part of the country you are in or even what country. Search for a group - it's called online and then you put in your area and they will direct to your local group. I found one through Yahoo groups and I live in a small town in PA.

On there you can post what you need - they also want you to give away something you no longer need. If you have nothing to offer just post you're sorry that you don't have anything yet but that you will pay the favor forward when you can. I've given away coffee maker, hangers, empty tins, microwave and a smaller table and chairs. I've gotten a few things but I have much to give away. Good luck as most are very giving groups. Linda

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If you have a local Habitat for Humanity office give them a call. Some of them have stores that sell things like that very reasonable. If you are involved with a church you could ask them as sometimes they do local projects or can direct you to a local group that will help out. Good luck, I'm in PA. and can't help you out with materials....just pass on ideas that may help you! Linda

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I would agree about asking your daughter for info on them - the kids especially. You could make them cookies - but I like the idea of a board game as that is something they could all do together. The idea of a movie box was a neat idea too. Good luck with the additions to the extended family! Making them feel welcome is a good idea!

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Depending on your age I know some help can be available through senior care (if you're a senior citizen) agencies. See if your county has an agency like that and call to see what they can offer you. You might also ask your clergy because they might know someone that will work for a lesser amount or free...just tell your family you don't want any "gifts" for Christmas - just their help and time! Tell them that is needed more by you and hopefully they will listen. Good luck and God bless you! Linda

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If you're talking about the inseam or pant length - try petites. I'm 5'7 and find they fit me much better than regular length pants do. Keep trying different pants...I've tried different colors in the same style and maker and find a difference in the stride! Pain - I know but worth the effort. Good luck! Linda

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Be very careful with them. I sliced my finger very bad (11 stitches) with their blades. I prefer my immersion stick blender to anything else I use. I make lots of smoothies and even with ice I have no problem using it. I have a Braun and it has several attachments that I haven't used...yet. Good luck - Linda in PA.

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There is a newer product out there that I have tried with great success. It's Lanacane - anti-chafing gel. After I shower I use my hair dryer to dry under the belly first - then I put it on. A little bit goes a long way so you don't use much. Good luck - I found it at my local grocery store but I'm sure Wal-mart would carry it also.

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I measured the wheels I needed - the length of the shaft and the height of the wheel and if they have an actual shaft measure that width. Also ... I'm hoping you have one at least. I went to Lowe's and Home Depot for mine. Also if you have a place like a surplus tool store they carry some sizes also. Good luck!

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Not sure what part of PA. you are in but another source would be to check Freecycle ( google Freecycle) as they have areas all over PA. I live near Williamsport and they have a local group that covers my area. Good luck as I know you can post what you need and if anyone can help they will reply or direct you to local sources.

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Freezing works - steaming kills the photos.

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We wash windows

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