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It doesn't matter.

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Use hair dryer. Try to lift up a corner of the label. Direct the heat under the corner. Be patient. Lift slowly. THis also works on price labels etc. Good luck.

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Get a licensed electrician before you burn your house down! You have a serious problem!

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After the flowers have turned brown and leaves have fallen. Trim before new growth appears.

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Measure the liquid soap in the lid. About half of what the manufacturer recommends. Toss lid in the washer. No dispencer necessary!

January 9, 20120 found this helpful

Get counseling! Then divorce the SOB.

January 5, 20120 found this helpful

Put one or two slices of fresh bread in with the sugar and seal. Works every time!

December 22, 20110 found this helpful

Try a little WD40!

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The battery is not completely dead. The clicking is the starter solenoid. You need a new battery.

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The time depends on how you like the meat (rare, well done etc). Use a meat thermometer and roast at 325 degrees. The meat thermometer is graduated and will tell you when the roast is done to your liking. Some will tell you to cook at 350 or 400. Forget it! Cooking at 325 will give you a juicy and tender roast.

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Try Super Glue. Fill the hole with glue and let it dry thoroughly. When dry apply a drop or so on both sides of the hole. If the hole is not plugged continue to add glue. This method will only work on very small holes.

February 3, 20111 found this helpful

The first step is to eliminate the mice.

The droppings and urine can contain a pathogen called Hantavirus. This is a dangerous pathogen. The symptoms of Hantavirus are flu-like (fever, chills. muscle aches. A person may feel better for a short time but then develop shortness of breath which can result in respiratory failure.

Other symptoms may include dry cough, general ill feeling (malaise), headache, nausea and rapid shallow breathing.

When cleaning a surgical mask or canister respirator should be worn.

Thoroughly clean the infected area and the utensils washed in hot water.

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In all probability you have low humidity in your house. A humidifier will rectify this problem. Just take care not to overhumidify. If you do condensation will appear on windows.

December 2, 20100 found this helpful

Hold under a very hot water tap. This will also work if the ink has congealed. Pour the hot water over the entire cartridge.

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Turn off the water supply to both bathrooms and all appliances. Turn one back on and check to see if any leak is apparent. Do this with each bathroom and appliance until the leak is detected. It will take time but you should be able to isolate the source of the leak. You can also do this in reverse order, turning off each bathroom or appliance. When the drip stops, the source was the last appliance.

The other alternative is to call a plumber. Costly!

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No, no, no!

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Do you have a rotisserie and spit on your barbeque?

I have found that using a rotisserie does avery good job of roasting beef, pork or chicken.

Heat your grill on high heat. Insert spit through the center of the roast. Put a meat thermometer in the roast. Turn the heat down to MEDIUM. Keep an eye on it and adjust heat accordingly. You can tell if it is cooking the outside too quickly.

The meat thermometer will tell you when the roast is ready

April 13, 20100 found this helpful

Is there a casino near you? Sometimes casinos will GIVE cards away. If not their gift shops sell them for $1.00 a deck.

The drawback is that these cards will have been marked in some way so they can't be used in the casino again. Otherwise, the cards are in new condition.

There are many senior clubs who use these of cards.

Give it a try. Can't hurt.

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