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I would be very leery of marrying someone from another state who has NO ID. How do you know who he is? Just from what he tells you? Be careful!

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A word to the wise:

You may want to test this solution before getting it all over your glasses frames. I ruined plastic frames a few years ago by using alcohol on them!

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Call the beekeeper. Look in the yellow pages for a number. He will trap the queen and the drones will follow. Ask for a price up front. It shouldn't be very much.

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Blue Sky, your registered name is Salesgift.

This is just blatant advertising on your part!


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My vote is scam! Things too good to be true, usually are!

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You never need to give an excuse to say "no". Just reply in a pleasant voice that you're "busy" today. In my world "busy" sometimes includes taking a nap or doing my nails, things that are important to me. Give your friend a little distance and she will have to rely on someone else sometimes.

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Put petroleum jelly on the opening & push a little up inside. This will soften the stool after a few hours & make it much easier to "go". Also, be sure that you're not dehydrated. Sometimes a big glass of water is enough to help considerably.

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The best way to recycle these bags is to return them to your paper carrier, and they will use them again to keep your paper dry! Just leave them where your paper is left!

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You've received some excellent information here. Be sure to advertise. Around here most people check the weekly paper (Pennysaver) for sales. Also, take advantage of free advertising sites. Check on-line for TV and radio stations, and "things to do" sites in and around your neighborhood. There's no substitute for good advertising.

Make sure all your stuff is clean and neatly displayed. I agree with putting stuff up on a table or box or even on sawhorses with boards across them and draped with a cloth.

You can make an excellent clothing display by threading a clothes line through a piece of pipe and tying it off between trees or a tree and your vehicle (It's moveable so you can make it any length you need). The pipe can be any size or type as long as the hangers will fit over it; it keeps the line from sagging. Clothes are heavy and most people won't go through them unless they are easily accessible.

Plan to be ready early. Even if you say "no earlybirds", there will always be some. It's just easier to let them shop. If you send them away they probably will not return.

If you advertise "new stuff everyday" people will come back again the next day, but be sure to have new items for them. Rearranging items also helps returning customers to see things they may not have noticed the day before.

Be upbeat and happy. Sometimes you sell things just because the buyer likes you!

Have fun and good luck!

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PVC pipe comes in many diameters.

After sanding the rough (cut) edges of the pipe could you perhaps cover the whole ring with fabric or paper, gluing it on inside and out and then decorate?

Elaine in New York State, USA

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I could not fine any valid account for; however, I did find Perhaps this is what you're looking for? They're located in Staten Island NY and sell jewelry and other items.

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Those little bounces don't last long, especially if the children are bigger or rough or there are too many in it at a time.

Is there enough left in the seam area to sew it with an awl and waxed twine? We did this on a commercial grade bounce, it eventually ripped out again, but it worked for quite a while. It was sewn several times over the years!

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What is a lady chair? Do you have a picture?

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I agree with NotWrong - Freezing will kill the bacteria & the smell. I just let mine come back to room temperature indoors & they're good to go!

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You can still buy working shutters anywhere they sell building supplies for your outside windows, but due to the cost and upkeep most people use decorative ones. Many of the decorative shutters are made of plastic and are affixed to the house with screws. Not only are they less expensive, but they also never need to be painted!

The hardware used with working shutters is expensive; not only do you need the hinges, but you also need the turnbuckles that keep them from flapping in the breeze when open. Depending on how many windows you have, this can add up fast.

I'm not sure how efficient working shutters would be against the elements since they are not air tight. and with the shutters closed there would be no light to the interior rooms.

When I was a kid we had storm windows that fastened to the outside window frame with turnbuckles for the winter and then they were exchanged for screens in the summertime!

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