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You don't.

The IG (insulated glass) units need to be replaced. The seal has been lost.

Your best bet is to call local glass companies and ask for free estimates. It can be a DIY project for some people, but unless you have the correct tools and such, it is something that most glass companies can do within a reasonable amount of time. Labor should be inline with the cost of the IG unit depending on your area.

(I used to be a window and door sales rep and grew up in the window and door industry. Despite some of the claims from previous posts that have been archived, an entire new window is not in order 85% of the time, just the IG unit, new stops/glazing material and patience.)

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I used to pull them (live in an apartment so no lawn care for me right now) out using a screwdriver to get at the roots. Another option is to pour boiling water to kill them and the roots, but that also will kill the grass around it so I'd go for the screwdriver.

It's tedious, but it's the best option I've found that doesn't involve chemicals.

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Apartment Therapy has posted oodles of articles on this subject:

http://www.apar  ?q=small+kitchen

They've done a lot of articles on organizing for any room in virtually any size and most recently they had a contest for "Small Cool" apartments that range from under 400 sq ft to 1000 sq ft (link is at the top right now). Those entries may help you as well. Lots of great ideas to pull from their site even if the decor (seems to be mostly mid-century modern) isn't your style.

Hope that helps.

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I use this as a base all the time: http://crockpot  kpot-recipe.html

I vary it as I want with onions, garlic, etc. but a 5 lb chicken fits perfectly in my 4 quart Crock Pot and there's no need to put aluminum foil on the bottom.

It's a solid chicken for other recipes like enchiladas, bean & salsa soup with chicken, alone with a side of veggies...comes out moist and tender every time. I don't take the skin off like the author does though, too much work for something you can get rid of when you are cleaning it off the bones.

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Without pictures it's very difficult to visualize what might be the issue with it.

Looks like Cabot House is pretty specific to the east coast so I would recommend checking with them, posting pictures and/or just getting forceful if the chair doesn't have any value (ie: if you were to sell it on CraigsList would you sell it for $20-$50 or would it be worth $200 or more.)

If it's a chair that has value - both sentimental and for replacement purposes (insurance wise) then I would suggest having it professionally recovered. I have a gorgeous antique dresser that is desperate need of refinishing but it's something that has both sentimental and insurance value. Not something I would trust to a DIYer (like me) with not much experience.

February 24, 20100 found this helpful

If it's the episode I am thinking of, it would be Ravelry:

I'm a member over there and it's fabulous and boy, you can find so many interesting patterns and inspirations it's insane. You can spend hours upon hours looking at other people's work and you don't even realize the time has flown by.

It used to be you had to wait so they would approve you for an account. I don't know if that's still the case but all my fellow yarn lovers are members too and it's growing by the day. Hope that's the one you are looking for.

February 22, 20100 found this helpful

You'd have to call the local zoning office. Laws vary greatly from city to county to state.

Some places require a commercial kitchen for catering, some don't. Some don't require a business license if clients don't come on site and...I could go on.

A lot of places don't really even have laws if the business doesn't interupt regular neighborhood (reasonable) activities...some police departments deal with zoning issues, some don't.

Call or email one of your local government offices like city council or your county commissioners.

Personally, if they aren't disrupting the neighborhood, I wouldn't even bother. Neighborhood feuds can get very ugly. Loud parties, obvious drug activity - that's a cause for concern. A basic home-based business in this, I'd just leave it be.

February 17, 20100 found this helpful

Don't be in a hurry to get it "just so". Navy throw pillows are a great start but take your time adding items. You don't want to add things to just "add". You want to make sure you really like the item first.

A couple of thoughts though.

Scour CraigsList for a solid piece of furniture to paint in navy. I am thinking more along the lines of a small dresser or buffet or the bottom part of a china cabinet.

If you find some curtains that have a similar beige - which depending on your overall decor can be found cheap via Target, Big Lots, etc in a canvas - you can outline them a small distance on either side with a nice grosgrain ribbon in all three colors (navy, red and yellow). This way you aren't overwhelming the room with the navy but carrying over the red and yellow because having diversity in color for a room helps you find accessories.

Also, keep your eye open for more yellow and red. Vases, candles, etc. Keep some paints around (acrylic craft and spray) so you can revamp things you might see at a thrift shop or on sale that you like the looks of but maybe the color isn't happening.

A grounding color is great and having key pieces of that color like in a piece of furniture, throws, and pillows is needed but having those other colors (the red and yellow) really give a room a much needed kick.

Hope that helps.

February 15, 20100 found this helpful

I'm not familiar with the local areas in Canada but Habitat For Humanity has local stores called ReStore. Some of the products are used, some are from local home improvement companies that need to clear out inventory, some are from contractors who have extra items, etc...

http://www.habi  e.aspx?place=can

Also, I am not sure about CraigsList in Canada but there are a lot of listings for building materials, lighting, cabinets, flooring, etc... in the "for sale" section listed as "materials".

Also, keep an eye out in the "seconds" or "bone yard" sections of local companies (think tile or other flooring companies, window companies, cabinet companies, etc) and with the large home improvement stores. These items are usually scratch and dent, items that were ordered (custom orders) wrong for a job and such that they can't resell as new. With a little creativity and an open mind, those items can be used in most people's homes.

February 9, 20100 found this helpful

I've found that the wrong pan will burn cookies every time. I have two pans I've used for cookies (it's about the only thing I will bake) and have relegated one to only being a pan to catch drips from casseroles now. The other one is fine.

January 30, 20100 found this helpful

You could do all kinds of wall colors. Pick what you like in terms of your own wardrobe, see if you can find some coordinating accessories like a throw, couple of throw pillows and curtains. Don't be matching everything in regards to a print but be thoughtful of coordinating fabrics.

Stripes go well with florals. Solid colors can have a fabulous texture, etc. You've got a basic palette with black, gray and white so the possibilities are endless.

One thing that might help is to do a google image search with a simple term like "red and black bedroom" or "yellow and black bedroom", etc. You can find some very well done rooms that way that help inspire you.

Since the winter sales for home decor are on, you might be able to find some great clearance items. You don't have to decorate for the spring or summer season, just for your taste. :-) Good luck.

January 28, 20100 found this helpful

Don't even attempt to delete Internet Explorer. Most MS integrated software work together and the last thing you want to do is completely hose your system.

You have several options but here are two:

Firefox - http://www.mozi  fox/firefox.html - most people who don't like Internet Explorer use Firefox. It is customizable, a bit easier on the resource use and very highly recommended.

Opera - - which is my browser of choice because I do web design and it's good at picking out the code flaws. Unfortunately, it does pick up code flaws in other sites so I use it in combo with Firefox because Firefox is more forgiving on things like Facebook, Target, etc. I think Opera has better resource management than Firefox and I've stuck with it for a long time but I use them in tandem.

BTW, some sites absolutely require Internet Explorer so just leave it be. You don't have to launch it if you don't need it. But take a whirl with Firefox and see if it better suits your needs.

January 11, 20100 found this helpful

Link from today's Apartment Therapy that should help inspire you:

http://www.apar  wel-tones-105734

January 10, 20100 found this helpful

In an office I used to work in, the carpeting in the winter would give us enough shocks we could practically run the copier with the build-up...he he. Anyhow, my boss came in one day with a spray bottle of water and a bit of fabric softener. We sprayed that every morning when we came in and it eliminated the static for the majority of the day.

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"How can I renew the non-stick in my pots?" You can't. Once non-stick starts coming off it's time to throw it out.

I highly recommend only using non-stick for items like eggs, pancakes and such and to only use a rubber or silicone spatula. For all the rest of your cooking get stainless steel or cast iron.

BTW, if you season and use cast iron correctly, over time you have the "original" non-stick pots and pans. The key is to use them mostly for fatty foods and not acidic foods until the seasoning has built up well.

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I did what my vet recommended, less of his normal food. He's a lab and I was feeding him 3 cups a day, he recommended 2 1/2 cups and he's back to normal weight.

Don't forget exercise too.

Oh and for cat lovers with chubby felines, never do as drastic a cutback on food. Always check with your vet but my vet said to cut back 10% at first, have him weighed after about three weeks and then reduce another 10% if needed. Cat's bodies don't accept higher reductions in calorie intake very well unless it's prescribed by your vet.

November 1, 20090 found this helpful

Google "picture frame to tray"  amp;oq=&aqi=

A lot of the DIY blogs I follow have shown them but I don't have any bookmarked so Google is your next best bet.

October 30, 20090 found this helpful

It's hard to tell from the photo but it looks like you have a soft green shower curtain and I would play off that. You have a good basis to start with since you can introduce just about any color that isn't a primary or other bright, bright colors.

Creams, antique whites and beiges offer a lot to play with. Look in your wardrobe and see what colors you are drawn to. It's an old system that works because if you are likely to wear it, you will likely live with it without feeling uncomfortable or that it's forced.

The previous commenter had mentioned lavender and in thinking about my personal wardrobe, that would not work for me as I don't wear that color. I am drawn to sage, browns, oranges, etc. While I don't wear yellows, I do like mustardy (more like a Dijon mustard) colors, though I don't wear it (my personal skin tone doesn't work with yellows) it does coordinate well with the colors I wear.

Here's a great site to get an idea of a color palette if you find a different shower curtain you like, load it to a Photobucket or Flickr account then paste the address to find colors to go with it:

http://www.degr  m/color-palette/

October 30, 20090 found this helpful

One thing to keep in mind is that cabinets are more permanent (and expensive to replace) so choose a color carefully that will carry over with wall colors in the future.

That chartreuse-like green on the walls you like now may not be something you want in a year. Cabinets don't respond to multiple paint jobs like walls.

I can't get a larger picture of your space but it looks like your counter tops are brown? Yeah, I wouldn't go with a brown. It also depends on the connecting rooms as well. Furniture, wall colors, etc will make a difference.

Other than black or white, without other pics of the space and connected rooms, white would probably be the my first guess but that might be too bright for the space. Brown cabinets and a brown counter top equals not good.

I would go to some places like Sherwin Williams online where you can put paint on walls in spaces and see what works with it. Good luck.

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A quick Google search and I found them at and Amazon.

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