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Yes I have a snake phobia too, I move into a house that had quit a few snake dens. If I would of known I would not have bought it. It took six months to get ride of some 300 of the little buggers. Here is what you need to know.

It's a waste of time to catch and release. They know where you live and will come back.

You have a great environment they that's why they like/love your place. So make it un friendly. Cut the grass, get ride of wood piles and compost on the ground piles, or rock piles. Make sure you stack every thing off the ground. No rock walls or wood decks. No cracks or wholes around the house, garage. Go to hardware store and get a bucket of premix cement filler or calk. Fill in everything. Mine were coming in where the cable guy didn't seal the hole for the wire. If you have vents around your house replace bent or damage, I took mine off, added screen door mesh to the inside with a calk gun the put it back on and sealed the edges. This was to stop crickets and small things getting under besides a cool and warm place that is desirable. Get rid of their food source and there habitat, that's a good start.

Pheromones, they leave an invisible trail to your house and entryways. So if you don't get rid of this more will come it's a road sign for them. You must wash patios, garages, sidewalk with bleach. Be carful it will kill flowers and grass. I just clean out a small greenhouse I have it took two gallons, just pour and use a stiff brush. Also I bought a large pump sprayer filled it with bleach and went around the house and garage and spray the ground and three ft up the walls, I have a stucco house so it worked well. I also raked the dirt and sprayed that to. Yes I killed 300, if you are up for it, use tree lopers and have a garbage bag ready, I have three kinds of loppers the best was the extended ones, go fast and aim at the back of the head, I can't touch them or catch them. They move slow in the morning or when its cool.

I have a detach garage, I use a metal pie pan and fill it with car gas and place one by the corne of the inside door, used car oil in a low container works good too. They smell with their toungs so any thing chemical nasty works. I did the old rope strick but soaked it with gas and laid it along the inside garage door. Mothballs and products like that don't really work well, mice eat the mothballs. I did try crushing moth balls adding some water and mixing it with kitty litter and made my own repellent, the smell isn't all that strong so so worked. You don't want to put gas in your house or near furnaces or hot water heaters. I was very determine to get rid of these pest, one in the back yard is not a problem, 300 wanting to share my house and give birth is. They have lots of babies and have known predictor, ( except for me) I think they taste bad. Oh I did start putting some cat food out at night for feral cats, befriended one and he would go after them plus be my watch dog and protector while gardening. Cat food is cheap. I think snakes don't like the cat piss smell either.

So the rule, don't freak out get mad and go to war, you will win, if you make your place unliked they will go some where else. I still have dreams about them, but I know that they just represent fear in my life, so I work on that. You will win, it will take some time, and just make sure you clean up and be mindful of creating habitats for them. Btw, I had lots of snake, and I had lots of mice too, so heck with that theory.

Please repost this as much as possible, I really feel for these folks with no real solutions. Mine are well tested, I only get pone poking around a year to see if the coast is clear. So not 100% proof but I'm around 99% proof and sleep well at night and can walk around my house with out fear.

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