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You could get in touch with cord wood sellers in your area to see if they would help you.

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You can get free furniture if you live in a college town. The students who live off campus have to clear out their apartments when they leave. If there is a condo complex or apartment complex check their trash rooms at the end of each semester. And you can check Craigslist. Also, get in touch with landlords in your area. They often have furniture that has been left by tenants.

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My dog had a kidney problem which made him drink a lot of water. In addition he was unable to concentrate his urine so it did not have any odor. The vet said it was an autoimmune disease. It did eventually clear up and may have been caused by an infection.

I wonder if your cat is urinating in other places but because it has no odor you may not be aware of it. He may be urinating wherever he goes. Is he drinking a lot? That's a sign of illness. A number of situations can cause him to pee outside of the litter box, some quite serious like kidney disease and some rather easy to cure like an infection. Watch for blood in his urine and try to assess if his pee is of a normal quantity. If you can slip a plastic cup under him to catch some urine while he is urinating you could provide your vet with a sample. It doesn't have to be in a sterile container. Whatever you observe will help your vet make a proper diagnosis. Best of luck.

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I rescued a stray cat who could hardly stand up. He too was covered with fleas. The vet said he was extremely anemic from the amount of fleas sucking his blood.

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Gorilla Tape may work. It comes in a wide clear tape now. I've used it on holes in the bottom of a latex pool and it has held up. You could cover the holes with plastic from food containers, which would be bendable for the corners, and then tape over it on both sides. A square food container would provide you with four corners.

Perhaps you could fill in the cracks with an outdoor silicone. The same company puts out clear Gorilla Sealant, which is for outdoors and is waterproof. Best of luck

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Bar Keepers Friend may work. It is mildly acidic. Best of luck.

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What kind of kitty litter was it? Was it clay? Clay sticks to everything and can be very slippery when it is wet. And can be solid like cement when dry. You could try wetting your shoes and boots liberally to see if the clay comes back to a softer state and then wash it off outside with a hose. Do not let it get into any of your house drains. If it stays hard or if you can harden it further by letting it dry in front of a fireplace, you may be able to just break off chunks of it. If you can get your shoes or boots to soak up some vegetable oil to get under the clay, you may find that the clay releases. Then you could wash out the oil.

I've read that fossil hunters use hydrogen peroxide to loosen fossils embedded in clay.

You could soak the clay on the floor until it gets wetter, so it can be wiped away. Keep wet cloths on top of the area and check it until you find it soft enough to wipe away. Do not rinse the rags in your sink or tub or the clay may settle in your pipes.

If this does not work on your floor you can gently sand the area and do a spot refinishing.

Have you called the manufacturer? They may have a solution. Best of luck.

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First try wetting a dish cloth with bleach and applying to a small area. If it works, cover the rest of the sink and do the same. You don't need full strength bleach. You can mix it with water. Or you could fill the sink with bleach and water.

If it does not come off with the bleach it is probably a mineral stain like rust. In this case you need to use a product that has acid as its active ingredient. You could try testing a spot with a lemon wedge or vinegar. If it seems to be lessening the stain you know you need an acidic cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend which has oxalic acid, CLR or any product labelled to remove minerals. Do not use Ajax or Comet, even though they look like Bar Keepers Friend. They have different active ingredients. If you find that it is a mineral build up you can dry your sink after use so the water does not stay in contact with the sink, or you could spray the sink after use, with a vinegar and water solution which will dissolve any minerals in the water sticking to the sides and bottom of the sink.

Best of luck.

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This worked for me. Spray oven cleaner on the spots. Cover the spots with pot tops to avoid any fumes. I use glass tops so I can see when the burner turns red. Light each burner until it turns red, leave burner on for only five seconds. Let it cool down, remove the pot covers and wipe the residue away. This works the same as if you used it inside the over. I've used it with the heat but it may also work without heating the burners. Best of luck.

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Best Answer

You can wet the area of the spraying and treat it with a bacterial remedial product like Rid-X or Natures Miracle. You can find the part that was sprayed by shining a black light on the blanket in a dark room. The organic matter will light up.

These products contain the bacteria that eat the organic matter, just like breaking down leaves in the forest. They remain in an inactive spore form until they come into contact with wet organic matter. I would recommend generously soaking the affected areas with the product, and covering the areas on top and beneath with plastic bags for a few days to allow the area to stay wet and the bacteria to work. Once the bacteria have eaten all of the organic matter, the cat spray, let the area dry and the smell should be gone.

You can soak trough the blanket. The electrical wiring will not be damaged. You can probably wash the blanket but that will not completely remove the organic matter. It can only be removed by the chemical reaction of the bacteria which turns it into carbon dioxide and water.

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You are correct that your dog's behavior is connected to your son being away from home a lot. But your dog is not intentionally protesting that your son is away and trying to punish your son. He is trying to show your son how to find him. He doesn't know if your son has lost his way. He doesn't know that he is at work or with his girlfriend. He only knows that he is missing.

He must be very attached to your son to overcome his instinct to try to cover his pee and poop to avoid being found by predators. He is probably experiencing severe anxiety when he comes home and your son is not there.

Here are some suggestions to lessen his anxiety.

1. Place, around his room, some of your son's unwashed towels, stinky socks, sneakers, and other things like pillowcases, whatever has your son's scent. Even if you cannot smell it your dog can.

Place one of these right next to the door your dog comes through when you come home with him.

2. Get a continuous run tape and any tape player. Have your son talk to your dog or sing to him on the tape. Put the tape on a timer that lets it play for around 5 minutes, every half hour or so, or whatever you think works best.

3. Have your son make a video of himself where he can talk to your dog, or where he is doing anything where he can be recognized by your dog. Do not have him and your dog in the video because your dog will think it is another dog and may get jealous. If you wonder whether your dog will respond to the video have you son tell him the 'sit' command and see if he does it.

Here are two examples from animals I have cared for.

1. When my neighbor's son went to college her cat took up pooping on her son's pillow. He was trying to tell her son how to get back home and find him.

2. I was away in Florida, from Massachusetts, when my sister checked on my three cats. She could only find two of them. She put me on the speaker phone and as I gently called him he came quietly up the stairs from the basement and we knew he was OK.

The reason your dog does not poop in your boyfriend's place is because that is not his territory. He has no need to mark it.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

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Here is a non toxic way to get rid of fleas in the house. Set up a night light or similar low light like a lamp with a 5 wall bulb. Put one on the floor in each room. Put a shallow dish like a pie plate or shallow bowl underneath or next to each light. Fill them with water and a squirt of dish detergent. The soap cuts the surface tension so that the fleas cannot move to the edges of the bowl and escape. Turn out all other lights at night leaving only the low lights you have set up. The fleas will jump to the light and into the bowls and drown. Each morning you will find fewer and fewer fleas as new ones hatch. You can catch the fleas even faster if you stomp around the room or use a vacuum to make vibrations which trigger the fleas to come out from wood floors for example. They come out when they sense motion.

You can comb the fleas from your cat or you can use one of the non toxic medications that you place on the cat's neck. If you let your cat go outside I would recommend the neck medication, otherwise you will always have fleas. Some fleas may still get on your cat but they will not be able to reproduce and will quickly die depending on which neck liquid you administer. Even after bombing twice with no success, I used this method and within a week I had no more fleas. Best of luck.

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You can make your own or find appropriate ones on glassware in thrift stores. To make your own use polymer clay. I would recommend the clay that remains a bit flexible so that it would make a tighter fit. The regular polymer clay would work as well. Just fashion a stopper to fit, follow the instructions on the clay package for baking time, and enjoy. I made some in the form of red peppers for olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles. If you are crafty you can make beautiful multi-colored stoppers with the clay.

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You have a healthy looking jade plant. I looks good nestled in with other plants. Standing alone in an unusual pot it gives a minimalist look. It is also one of the plants that can be trained as a bonsai. Have fun with it.

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He may be marking his territory, especially if he does it when the baby comes over. First you can clean all the couch corners and other places he has sprayed with a remedial bacterial product like Rid-X or Natures Miracle, or any product containing bacteria recommended for cleaning clogged kitchen sinks or septic tanks. These products contain the bacteria that eat the organic matter, just like breaking down leaves in the forest. They remain in an inactive spore form until they come into contact with wet organic matter. I would recommend spraying the upholstery generously and covering the areas with plastic bags for a few days to allow the bacteria to eat and reproduce. Once the bacteria have eaten all of the organic matter, the dogs urine, they stop reproducing and the smell should be gone. This would take care of any cat spray, cat urine or other organic matter that your dog can smell, even though we cannot. If a cat has visited and brushed up against corners, as they do, your dog may be trying to cover the areas up with his own scent to mark his territory.

To find all the places that may have cat or dog urine you would use a black light in a completely dark room to see that the urine lights up.

I agree that dogs don't feel spite. However, if the dog is always put outside when the baby visits, he may feel anxious, causing him to urinate when he comes in to mark his territory. If he is put outside you could try letting him stay inside instead and see if he still feels he needs to mark. Best of luck.

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Like the glass and sand you could also fill the bottom with tiny stones or shells enough to make a level setting. You could also make a level surface with polymer clay by pressing it into the bottle until level and then baking it as directed on the package. It would be removable after the candle is burned so you could dump it out to clean off any remaining dripped wax or blackened wick carbon, and use it again. With the stones and shells you would probably find that they gunk up with candle residue needing to be replaced each time.

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You could use decoupage or ModPodge glue. It comes in a variety of finishes like antique and matte. Or you could make your own glue using three parts of Elmer's white glue to one part of water. Some of the decoupage glues are sealers as well, but after gluing the paper you could also seal the project with a clear or matte acrylic spray.

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You can always prop the shredder on top of any receptacle, like a tall plastic pail. If you already use a receptacle for recycling of other paper you could prop the shredder on half of the top and have room to still toss in other paper. You may need to fashion something to hold the shredder on top or it may just fit already.

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Since WD 40 repels water, first wipe away as much as you can with a cloth or paper towel. Then you can wash the rest away with a very soapy liquid like straight dish washing detergent or shampoo. Use it at first without diluting it with water. Let the soap do its job of dissolving the residue, perhaps use an old toothbrush to work it in. Once that is done you can just rinse it away because it is no longer chemically WD 40. You can also try one of the powdered hand soaps, the kind that dispense like a gritty putty. Best of luck.


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The stain is not really from the water. It is from the minerals in the water. Lemon juice or vinegar, both mild acids should react with the minerals to loosen them from the stainless steel so you can rinse them away. You could also use any of the products for mineral build up in the bathroom like CLR and I agree that Barkeepers Friend will also work. Make sure it is Barkeepers Friend and not Comet or Ajax. Barkeepers Friend has oxalic acid as it's active ingredient. You need a product with acid to remove the minerals. Best of luck.

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