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March 26, 20171 found this helpful

Scabies are NOT visible to the naked eye. U need a microscope to see them.

You probably have unknowingly come into contact with bird or rat mites.

This is becoming a HUGE problem. Almost epeidemic.

Check ur house for bird nest under the eves or in the attic. Or even a tree branch touching your house makes the perfect freeway travel route for bird mites that are left behind in a bird nest after the birds mature and fly away.

Often there is a fungus problem in your house too. Look for damp areas.

This fungus can grow on your skin ( u may not see it) and it attracts mites, springtails and a whole host of tiny critters.

Phorid flies can also cause problems for humans.

All of these bugs and fungus have the potential to completely infest you your house and everything in it. Ivermectin and permetrthin don't see to kill them. It may knock down the population for a few days. But they come back biting mad in less than a week.

Did u stay in a hotel somewhere or at a friends house or buy second hand clothes or furniture? All of these things can have these mites and fungus.

Good luck. Keep your house as clean as you can. Quit using towels to dry yourself with. They r infested. Washing most Lilly will not kill them all.

Use paper towels to dry off with. Do not take bathes take showers. Get several lint rollers. Roll your bed and your body. Get a plastic mattress cover.

Bird mites can and do consume human blood and can and do reproduce on humans.

Most doctors know nothing and will tell you you r crazy.

You are not crazy.

This is real.

Google these words

Unknown biting skin parasites

Invisible biting bugs


I personally believe morgellons and bird mites and fungus are the same thing.

Good luck.

Read as much as you can. Be clean as u can.

Keep reading don't stop.

U will have try what works for u.

Pesticides will make u very sick if u keep using them.

March 25, 20170 found this helpful

Doctors are not educated in skin parasites or mites.

Bird and rat mites are almost invisible.

When u go to a doctor they won't take the time to do a skin scraping and look under a scope. Also even if they do these mites are so tiny they r often damaged so they are not recognizable.

Bird mites can get in your house from birds nesting under the eves of your home or in the attic. Or even a tree who branches r touching your home. When the baby birds leave the nest there are 10s of THOUSANDS OF TINY MITES left behind. Those mites will travel great lengths looking for a blood meal. YOU!! It was thot until 2009 that bird mites did not consume human blood nor could live they on or reproduce on humans while consuming human blood. This has been proven false.

These people that say they have bugs on them r not crazy.

These mites also carry a fungus called sporo schenkii. This fungus also causes skin problems and can make a person deathly ill. In some case history actually kill.

Pesticides do not kill these mites.

Don't waste yr money on cedarcides. They don't work either. This is becoming a serious epidemic with no where for people to turn.

Keep reading.

If u find a dr that is willing to work with u and not put u on antipsychotic medication ur lucky. Also read about morgellons.

Check YouTube

The unknown cat morgellons.

Make sure you use the word THE. There is another AHOLE trouble maker that goes by

Unknown cat.

Instead of THE unknown cat.

Good luck.

October 20, 20160 found this helpful

That is only a cover up. It doesn't ELIMINATE the mothball smell. Same with Frabreze.

Plus everyone should read up about Fabreze health issues.

It makes me sick and dizzy.

Turns out I'm not the only one.

Everyone educate yourself about these chemical cover ups.

Even fabric softnesrs and scented laundry soap.

Now with the new front load washers that use WAY LESS water, the soap and softners don't come out.

Then u put this on your children. Their own body heat make the Fragrense emit from the clothing.

This clothing is right UNDERNEATH THEIR LITTLE NOSES!!


Petroleum chemicals. These chemicals actually are able to pass the brain barrier when breathed thru their noses.

Then at nite after a nice bath using chemically scented bath gels and body lotions, they climb into a nice freshly laundered bed and breath in more man made chemicals all nite long!

We wonder why they can't focus or sit still in school. Or just don't feel good, but can't explain why or what is wrong.

You think when they show a pretty flower or herb on the package, that's what in it, right?

Wrong. Even " natural essential oils" are usually produces by extracting the oils using petrochemicals.

Unless ur making these oils yourself ...... don't believe what you read.

Plus some people and children especially are sensitive to the aroma of lavender or thyme and many others.

It can make their little eyes feel tired or burn same with their skin.

I finally had to switch my family over to coconut oil.

Not butter, oil. Comes in a big jar and looks like mayonnaise lol. It has absolutely no scent and nothing else in it or used in it to process it.

Please people, please rethink all the yummy perfumes lotions and other scented things you use.

If not for you then for your children.

Or for the people like me, that are sitting next to you, or walk pass you in the grocery store.

I die.

September 18, 20160 found this helpful
Best Answer

Bird of rat mites. Look for bird nest in eves of house or attic.

Or just roosting birds. Do u or neighbors have chickens?

Do u cats that bring dead birds or mice onto ur property ?

Even if the dead animals r left outise u can get them on ur clothing when walking by. Mice or rats under ur house?

Go to

These r very difficult to get rid of.

Also read about springtails. They eat mold. The mold or fungus in ur home gets on ur body. The springtails will crawl on u to get to. It. Check for damp spots in ur home.

Read the book. THE YEAR OF THE MITE.

This woman and daughter and house got infested with bird mites. It's very well written. I was glad I read it.

Good luck. Be diligent. What works for one person to get rid of these may not work for you.

There is no one time treatment for this. U have to work at it everyday. Also treat car and work space.

September 18, 20161 found this helpful

You all have bird bites. This is real. U r not crazy. Google it.

Good luck with the doctors. All a holes. Will tell u that ur crazy. Ur not.

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