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Recycled Eggshell Vase - finished vase with faux flowers glued to the front

Recycled Eggshell VaseThis is a very elegant vase that can be used in your home, as a table decoration for your wedding, a gift for a friend, or used as an art project in school. Small children can easily make this vase and it is a great gift for Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day. Applying different mediums to glass vases can give you astonishing results.


Hot Air Balloon Happy Valentine's Day Hanging Art - hanging on brick fireplace

Hot Air Balloon Happy Valentine's Day Hanging ArtI love incorporating my kids' art works into hanging art pieces to display, here's a Valentine's theme one!


How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood is lovely, but at times it does not age well, or exposure makes the veneer or varnish suffer needlessly.


A gift box for Valentine's treats.

Valentine's Day Patchwork Treat BoxTo carry all of my toddler's Valentine's Day gifts for his classmates (rocketship gift and Valentine's Day tattoo box) we used a tissue box and salvaged part of the Valentine's Day tattoo box.


young girl wearing crochet hooded scarf

Crochet Hooded ScarfThis will make it a little harder to misplace your winter gear. Hat and scarf all in one! If you can double crochet, than you can make this, no special skills required. This is one size fits most, child through adult. Stay warm!


Crocheted Bead Necklace - done

Crocheted Bead NecklaceThis is a quick, simple, and a fun way to make a new necklace. The supplies are very inexpensive to get. And once you get them, you will have enough to make a lot of necklaces and many more crafts!


Recycled CD Mirrored Hearts - a scattering of CD hearts

Recycled CD Mirrored HeartsEveryone loves to decorate with hearts and especially now that Valentine's Day is approaching. This is an excellent craft anyone can make. You can use the small mirrored hearts to decorate your Valentine's card(s), vases, picture frames, windows in your home, or even make magnets to display on your refrigerator.


finished snowman

Snowman Made of Plastic CupsI still have two more half spheres of plastic cups which I previously turned into a chandelier. One is small and the other one is big so I got the idea of making another decoration which is a snowman.


two finished hand warmers

Pocket Hand WarmersI saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was such a nice way to have a little warmth on those days you have to go out in the cold. You can make a pair very quickly. I just made basic squares. But, I've seen hearts, owls, ladybugs, you name it. These would make a nice gift for those in cold climates.


Clothes Hangers Wall Decoration - bright pink plastic hanger wall decoration

Clothes Hangers Wall DecorationHere is a way to make a cute and inexpensive decoration for your wall from plastic clothes hangers.


Succulent Plant Starter - bottle with leaves in place

Succulent Plant StarterThis is a great way to always have succulent plants available for your craft projects and decorations around your home. We all love to decorate and grow succulent plants these days. When we cut our plants there are always leaves that need to be removed. Don't throw them away. Make this easy succulent plant starter and within a few days you can plant those leaves to start growing new plants.


heart design

Notan (Japanese Paper Cutting)Notan is a Japanese design concept involving positive and negative space. I kept coming across this type of project while looking for projects to do at my daughter's school. I can see why it's so popular. It's suitable for most ages. Plus, it's simple. The possibilities are endless with this project.


closeup of one finished neckline

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckI recently found some t-shirts on sale at the craft store for $2. I was excited, but I despise crew neck shirts. I found a youtube video explaining exactly how to turn your shirts into v-necks and they looked like you bought them that way. It's easy and takes less than half an hour.


removing Pineapple segments

Pull-Apart PineappleThis is a fun way to tackle a pineapple that keeps you from having to peel, core and slice. This is best done with a super ripe pineapple because the flesh is easy to twist and pull at. You will need one pineapple and one sharp pairing knife.


Monopoly game board purse

Game Board PurseMake a purse out of a board game! Detailed pictures and instructions. I am going to start out by saying that I am an amateur at sewing so if any experts have any sewing tips feel free to submit feedback, it would be greatly appreciated by many.



several roses in a clay pot

Hershey's Kiss RosesThese are a pretty and delicious present for someone. They are easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can put a bunch of them in a ceramic pot as a gift. Or tie a few together and put on top of a gift. Or just hand someone a single rose and brighten their day.


Valentine's Day Eggs

Valentine's Day EggsThis is a fun and adorable edible craft I learned from my mother. She's been doing this since she was a little kid. All you need are a few household items.


Baby cradle purse made with a detergent bottle.

Baby Cradle PurseThis is also sometimes called a Church Purse. It is crocheted using a dishwashing detergent bottle for a base. Any oval bottle will work. When it is closed it is a purse, and opened it is a baby cradle.


Finished tile trivet project (square format).

Greeting Card TrivetCreate a Christmas trivet from an inexpensive tile and a recycled Christmas card or wrapping paper. It can be displayed on an easel when not in use. Makes a great Christmas gift along with an inexpensive easel!


Venetian Leaf Crocheted Towel Topper

Crochet Venetian Leaf Towel TopperI like the towel toppers that have a concealed crochet chain so you can hang a towel over the chain without having to cut the towel in half and deal with the cut edge.


Homemade Bath Bombs - bath bomb still in cupcake paper

Homemade Bath BombsMy daughter made these homemade bath bombs as a Valentine's day gift for her friend. They were really easy to make and smelled amazing!


TV Dinner Trays As Drawer Organizers

TV Dinner Trays As Drawer OrganizersI always thought that the trays your TV dinner comes in could be useful for something. Then it came to me, drawer organizers! We all have messy drawers, in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.


DIY Eyelash Adhesive

DIY Eyelash AdhesiveI started making my own eyelash glue when I realized the store brand ones I was using was making my lids a bit itchy. This adhesive is made of a few simple household products and keeps your lashes on all day.


Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

Pipe Cleaner BraceletsYou can make colorful bracelets out of pipe cleaners by braiding them. Make for team colors, holidays, or friendship bracelets.


Candy Cane Hearts - four finished heart candies

Candy Cane HeartsIf you look around when you're out shopping, you'll notice how quickly Christmas turned into Valentine's Day. Here's a fun and edible craft turning your old holiday candy canes and Christmas sprinkles into new hearts for your Valentine.


"I Knead You" Card - finished card

"I Knead You" Valentine's CardMake a card for your sweetie using a play on words. The rolling pin is made from a piece of cardboard, and stands out nicely due to its thickness. I used plain craft paper for the dough and card base.


Finished Lace Fan

Lace FansDelicate fans to decorate with. They would make adorable favors for a wedding shower too.


sugar bowl pin cushion

Vintage China Pin CushionsI have an annoying habit of picking up orphaned sugar bowls, creamers, and little teapots that have no lids, as well as old planters too small for plants and vintage fabric scraps too small for anything, in hopes of finding creative uses for them.


Faux bundt cake

Making a Faux CakeI recently discovered that newspaper can make a great pulp to make faux foods. I've been wanting a faux cake to display on a cake platter.


Loved Up Drinks Coasters - glass on the finished coaster

Loved Up Drinks CoastersHere is a great way to remind the man in your life that he is the love of your life. Make some heart-themed drinks coasters that he can use in his man cave. An easy way to bring a message of love!



DIY Off-Shoulder Top - off the shoulder sweatshirt modeled by the maker

DIY Off-Shoulder TopI was looking to buy an off-shoulder sweatshirt when I noticed that most of them cost $10 to $15 more than their pre-cut counterparts. There is a super simple way to cut them to make them hang off your shoulder just right. Here's how to do it.


completed bag

Vintage Rose Gift BagCelebrate the joy of gift giving with this project. Turn an ordinary brown paper bag into an extraordinary gift bag that is sure to make the recipient feel special. The roses are made from an egg carton tray, so this is also a budget-friendly winner!


Bead and sequin ornament.

Bead and Sequin Ornaments (Grandma...My grandma made the most beautiful bead and sequin ornaments and they have always been my favorites on our tree. This year I attempted to recreate these stunning ornaments. These are great decorations and also make a wonderful gift.


Ruler Picture Frame - finished frame ready to hang

Ruler Picture FrameThis picture frame was made with virtually no cost using supplies I had on hand!


DIY Hot Hair Tools Holder - finished holder

DIY Hot Hair Tools HolderI love this do-it-yourself craft because it's so easy to make and keeps my bathroom looking organized. Not only does it tidy things up, the oven mitt inside the tubing doubles as a place to hold your hot hair tool while it's still warm. No more melting stuff laying nearby your curling iron!


Keepsake Fabric Boxes - the bottom side showing the patchwork

Keepsake Fabric BoxesThese fabric boxes were made from fabric scraps I found among my mother's sewing supplies after she passed away. I thought it would be nice to make them up into something usable, but also memorable, so I made each of my children a fabric box to use for storing trinkets or for serving bread or rolls. It is also a way to remember their grandmother, an avid quilter.


Succulent Gift Tag - closeup of finished tag

Succulent Gift TagMake this cute and trendy succulent gift tag to go with your gift bag or present. This tag could be for any occasion such as: Christmas, birthday, bridal, wedding, Valentine's Day, and so forth. And afterwards, your recipient could even peel off the tag and plant the succulent too if he/she wishes.


A fused plastic heart for Valentine's Day

Fused Plastic Valentine's HeartHere is a quick fused plastic bag craft idea for Valentine's Day. This project involves no sewing or crocheting. It's makes a perfect kid's craft project that focuses on using recycled materials.


A collection of roses made from Styrofoam egg cartons.

Styrofoam Egg Carton RosesPlace these recycled roses in a handmade vase, or any flower holder. They can be paired with toilet paper roll daisies for a nice effect.


3D Pop-Up Heart Card - open card with 3-D heart

3D Pop-Up Heart CardYou only need a few pieces of coloured paper, scissors, and glue to make this beautiful pop-up card. You could even make just the card base and the heart using two colours. I used three to make it high contrast. :)


Seed Pack Gifts - ready to gift

Seed Pack GiftsYou can save back seeds from organic produce. I get a subscription box and with it, sometimes heirloom varieties that I want to experiment with or share with friends who garden. To save seeds, you basically soak them for a minute to rinse off the goop and leave them out to dry on a paper towel for a day or so before storage. This project teaches you how to make cute, simple seed packs for gifting.


A homemade patchwork quilt topper

Patchwork Quilt TopperThe first quilt I ever made was a simple hand sewn patchwork quilt worked in strips at my grandmother's knee. A pattern now done on a machine and committed to memory that has been repeated many times over as Christmas, anniversary, wedding, and shower gifts.


Pearl Water Falls Centerpiece - finished centerpiece on table

Pearl Waterfall CenterpieceI brought my love for nature into my living room since our summer season will be going really busy. I just imagined myself going to this pearly wonderful waterfall while making this craft.


Kitchen towel with crochet top.

Crochet Kitchen TowelCrochet several of these and put them in handy places throughout your kitchen; on the oven door and the refrigerator handle are the best places for these. My version is different from most since I don't cut the towel in half, but fold it and use the whole towel.


Washcloth Travel Toothbrush  Holder - with toothpaste tube showing

Washcloth Travel Toothbrush HolderThis simple toothbrush holder is perfect for taking on your next vacation. Simply fill it with toothpaste and toothbrushes, roll it up, and pack it in your luggage.



Felt Shamrock Pin

Felt Shamrock PinThis easy to make felt shamrock pin would be cute to wear on St. Patrick's Day and will help you avoid getting pinched!


Wall Masks

Plastic Jug Wall MasksWall masks made from plastic jugs. Cut tops off jugs as shown in photo. Make a hole at top center and make a string loop for hanging.


Valentine's Bird Card Holder - closeup of card holder

Valentine's Bird Card HolderMy daughter's class will be having a Valentine's card exchange soon. She requested a bird theme. Here is a Valentine's bird card holder tutorial. All of the supplies I used, I already had at home.


Cute Mini XOXO Wood Sign - sign hanging on door knob

Cute Mini XOXO Wood SignDo you have any thin/small wood scraps? You can create cute little wood signs as Valentine's decorations.


Woven Ribbon Heart - finished ribbon heart with sequins in the center of the sections

Woven Ribbon HeartYou can make a beautiful little heart out of 4 strips of ribbon. It just takes a few weaves and a bit of hot glue. I like to use these on my homemade greeting cards, or glue a pin on the back to use as a brooch. You can use 2 colours of ribbon if you like. This works with all ribbon widths.


An empty can of corn with both the top and bottom removed.

Using a Can to Fill Zipper BagsDoing my 'cook for a day and eat for a month', I knew I was going to have some goopy messes. So today, I did something about it.


Miniature Soap Bible

Miniature Soap BibleThis is a great project for Vacation Bible School. Fun for the little ones. It is a Bible made from a bar of Ivory soap. Wrap ribbon around edges of soap, beginning midway on a long side. Tuck in corners and pin in place.


Group of four yo yo trees.

Spool Yo Yo TreeHere is another cute yo yo Christmas tree project, for the yo yo enthusiast. You can make one or a whole grove.



Handmade Photo AlbumThis is a beautiful personable gift that is inexpensive but looks expensive. Makes a wonderful gift for any member of the family or a dear friend. Who doesn't need a photo album? It is just one of the things we deny ourselves when it comes down to it.


"Fantasia" Winter Headband

"Fantasia" Winter HeadbandHeadbands are so popular in winter lately! They are a cute addition to keep your ears warm when you don't want to completely ruin your hair with a hat. I created this pattern with a pretty fan stitch design. It gives it a unique look, yet remains quick and super easy.


Hogs and Kisses Candy Holder - finished hog holder surrounded by red and silver wrapped Kisses

Hogs and Kisses Candy HolderThis adorable hog is made from the cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper. With a bit of paint and a sweet play-on-words message, it makes the cutest little chocolate holder for your Valentine.


Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic Tablecloths - pink flower

Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic TableclothsI needed some big beautiful flower displays for a party. I asked for and received the plastic tablecloths that my local Tricky Tray was throwing out after their event. I created these beautiful flowers with them!


Finished angel.

Fabric Kitchen AngelHang this sweet angel on your fridge. Make her using your favorite fabrics.


Sea Shell Wind Chime

Sea Shell Wind ChimeA set of seashell wind chimes is a great reminder of a summer vacation at the shore. This is an sea shell wind chime I made when I got bored.


Non-Pleated Face Mask - women's over the ear mask made with pink fabric with cherry motif

Non-Pleated Face Mask With Filter PocketThe most recent orders from our governor include wearing masks when in public so I decided to make a set of masks for my family. I found a free pattern online for a non-pleated mask with filter pocket.


damaged fabric on couch

Repairing Cat Scratched CouchOne of our cats, Mario, has taken to scratching our fabric furniture and over the last four years our couch and love seat have taken a serious beating, along with several other pieces.


Heart Banner as Wall Decor - multiple hanging heart banners

Heart Banner as Wall DecorGive your home a simple spirit of love this season by using colored papers and yarn. What I like about this craft is that it's not time consuming. It can be done in less than an hour. So start spreading the love on your walls!


Aluminum Leaf Earrings - finished set on neutral background

Aluminum Leaf EarringsThese 2 sets of aluminum leaf earrings are made from scrap aluminum from disposable pie pans and also an aluminum seal from a coffee can.


Recycled Raggedy Angel

Recycled Raggedy AngelMade from bits and pieces of old clothing, cloth, and a few craft supplies this angel could adorn your door or Christmas tree. She may have been made from recycled items, but she still has a sweet smile upon her face and an air of elegance about her.


Denim Door Mat

Denim Door MatThis is a mat to put near the door. It will catch lots of outdoor dirt before it makes its way all over the house. This mat is made from recycled blue jeans, and makes use of very small scraps. You can make the base whatever size you want your mat to be.


Homemade Paper Mask - man modeling the mask

Homemade Paper MaskRight now mask-wearing is in effect if you are to go outside, in some areas. Are you limited on resources at home? You can make a mask with a paper towel. It is not the same as N95 or surgical mask designed for healthcare employees, but we're trying to save those resources for those who need it most, plus it's literally impossible to find any available masks in general to buy right now.


Heart Garden Stakes - stakes in a potted tree

Heart Garden StakesHere is a project for making cute and thrifty heart/Valentine conversation candy inspired garden stakes. They are perfect to place as outdoor decorations for a pathway, in your planters, or even use as party decorations (place inside a vase with rocks or other decorations so the stake could stand).


Colorful Retro Inspired Foam Earrings - all three styles

Colorful Retro Inspired Foam EarringsWe needed some accessories for a Christmas presentation. Our theme is 60s and 70s so I was tasked to make large colorful earrings which was one of the most popular fashion accessories in past years.


A refurbished chest of drawers.

Salvaging a Basset Chest of DrawersOn a trip to the laundromat, I saw what appeared to be a chest of drawers. I pulled over and stopped so that I could get a closer look. Indeed it was a chest of drawers. Looked ugly enough. Some sort of mustard yellow puke color. All 5 drawers were there. The bottom of the chest looked as though it had been sitting in 5 inches of water. Long enough so that the lower decorative part of its foundation and bottom slat of wood had disintegrated. I opened the top drawer and it appeared brand new, albeit dusty, dirty and webby.


A safety pin with beads in a flag pattern.

Flag Lapel Pin (Safety Pin Jewelry)Here's a fun lapel pin to make with safety pins and beads.


Simple Heart Garland - garland hanging on a mantel

Simple Heart GarlandHere is a budget friendly and simple heart garland you can make. This is not just geared for Valentine's Day, but can be used for any occasion like an engagement party, wedding, birthday, or even a gender reveal party. Just switch out the tissue paper colors and ribbon to appropriate theme!


Wings completed and bow added.

A Trio of Crochet AngelsWith some yarn or thread, you can make some or all of these pretty angels.


Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas Tree - finished tree

Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas TreeThe other day, I had two funnels in my pantry. When I moved the biggest one, it knocked the next smaller one off the shelf. When I picked it up, I realized it sat on the larger one like it was stacked, like a Christmas tree. More on that later in the post. This was a labor of love and I hope you like it.


Laundry Drying Line in the Garage - view of lines against garage wall

Laundry Drying Line in the GarageWe have a clothesline outdoors (much more sturdy with cement involved), but this is our line drying set up for our garage. It holds up well and was very inexpensive and easy to make! We line dry to save on electricity from the dryer.


candy bouquet

Candy Bouquet With Candy VaseCandy bouquets are a fun gift to give or receive, but they can be expensive to buy! Luckily they are easy to make yourself and much cheaper.


Making Hershey's Kiss Valentine Mice - six Hershey's Kiss mice

Making Hershey's Kiss Valentine MiceThese little mice are fun and easy to put together. With hearts for ears and a chocolate body, these are perfect for your Valentine.


Finished Stepping Stones

Decorative Hypertufa Stepping StonesReuse "To-Go" container clam shells as molds to make lovely decorative stepping stones for your garden.


Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin Puppets on a StickRound-headed peg clothespins have been a quick crafts staple for decades - so much so that many crafting supply companies package them as 'crafting pins' or some similar name.


Arrow Toss Valentine's Day
Toddler Game -  heart with the arrows arrayed around it

Valentine's Day Arrow Toss GameIf you are having a Valentine's Day party or just want a game to play at home with your toddlers, you can make this arrow toss game. The object of the game is to see who can toss their arrow the closest to the center of the heart.


Young girl sitting on her bed with birthday quilt.

Daughter's Birthday QuiltI made a special quilt for my daughter birthday. I made this quilt design myself.


Plastic canvas cross project.

Cross in a Pocket ProjectThis is a cute little reminder that anyone can carry. It is simple enough for children, but also interesting enough for grown-ups. It should take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.


Kitty Valentine Card

Kitty Valentine CardWith some fabric scraps, cardstock, and a few other supplies, kids can create these cute kitty Valentine cards in no time at all.


FInished card.

Heart-shaped Valentine CardMake this sweet card to give this Valentine's Day.


Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Light - with lights lit

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap LightI save caps from my water bottles because they're always the same brand, making them completely uniform, therefore nice for crafts. This is a light I made from trash, basically. It's just a bunch of bottle caps and a plastic container from a miniature baking set.


Finished blue yo yo.

Making Fabric Yo YosThis is a short tutorial for making fabric yo yos. These cute little fabric circles can be used in lots of craft projects, from quilts to Christmas garlands.


The completed accordion Christmas tree.

Accordion Christmas Tree from Plastic BottleDon't spend a lot of money on Christmas décor, rather use what you have at hand to create it. I figured out how to make this wonderful Christmas tree from a plastic bottle. I used a green plastic bottle, but you can use it in a different color, as Christmas trees don't have to always be green. You can also use any other decoration for such a Christmas tree, for example crystals, beaded garlands or even buttons that you can sew with threads if you don't have a suitable wire.


view of finished candle out of the mold

Coffee Bean CandlesI saw these coffee bean candles and really wanted one. They were so neat looking and I imagined they smelled wonderful. But, then I realized that I could probably figure out how to make it myself. You don't need candle-making supplies for this one. It's pretty simple to make.


Bleach Bottle Leprachaun

Sean The Lucky LeprachaunThis is a fun and challenging project. But I think you will agree that the results are well worth it. Sean the Leprechaun is made to sit on a table or to hang on your door or wall. He is my adaptation of the Santa Heads that were so popular a couple of years back.


Plantable Seed Paper

Plantable Seed PaperHere is a way to recycle paper and make plantable paper with seeds. Makes nice gifts!


young girl wearing headband

Shell Summer Crochet HeadbandThis is a nice instant gratification project. Made with cotton yarn, it is a nice shell patterned headband for children or adults. And not a single pesky end to weave in...yay! Have fun. :)


Paint Window to Hide Parking Lot - painted window

Paint Window to Hide Parking LotI sleep on a day bed in the living room and while I love the trees and sky, I hate the parking lot with the cars. So, with just 3 things and about 30 minutes, I made it so not only do I not have to see them, the people down below don't get to see me.


Heart Succulent Wreath - a variety of colors and shapes fill the heart planter

Heart Succulent WreathI purchased this iron heart chicken wire wall decor at my local Michael's Arts & Crafts for 70% off. I will show you all how to create this heart shaped succulent wreath to use as outdoor decor.


"Flower" Twig Vase

Flower Twig VaseI make flowers from acorns and twigs found in my yard. Collect about 14 small branches. Cut to same length or longer than jar. Collect about 3 pine cones, and some ivy. Strip ivy of all leaves, this will be wrapped around jar of branches.


Decorated Heart Box Crafts - photo heart lid

Decorated Heart Box CraftsI have seen people fill heart shaped boxes with roses or dried flowers. I thought they were pretty and I knew I could do something like they had. Well the best laid plans of mice and woman...I went another way.


Rose made from dollar bill attached to stem and in vase.

Dollar Bill RoseA single rose is an elegant gift, no matter what the occasion. I have been making these since the early '70s.


suncatchers outside 2

Melted Bead SuncatchersYou can make these suncatchers in numerous sizes and the color options are endless.


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