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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Hand SanitizerHand sanitizer is an effective way to wash your hands when you don't have access to soap and water. The following recipe lets you make your own hand sanitizer at home.


Making a Pill Container for Pocket or Purse - pills in container

Making a Pill Container for Pocket or PurseUse plastic gallon milk jug and water bottle caps to make a pill container.


Glass Jar Party Favors = finished favor filled with candies

Glass Jar Party FavorsI found these very neat size jars after a holiday sale for .50 cents for a 3 pack. They come in handy for many things, storage, cooking, and even party favors! This project can also be made out of baby food jars. Here is how!


Edible Olympic Medals - candy gold medal on ribbon

Edible Olympic MedalsWhen my brother and I were little, we loved watching the Olympics together. We were such fans, we'd also play Olympic Summer and Winter Games on our first computer, the Commodore 64. We made Olympic medals, too. Here's a tutorial on how to make gold and silver medals that you can unwrap for a sweet treat!


Making a Hydrangea Door Wreath - wreath hanging on the door

Making a Hydrangea Door WreathI purchased these hydrangea flowers for 90% off awhile ago at Michael's Arts & Crafts and finally got around to making this door wreath for spring time!


Marshmallow Peepsters - bunnies in a glass dish

Marshmallow PeepstersToday was the day before Easter and the store was out of Peeps, of course. I got a big bag of marshmallows instead and used some ingredients on hand to make these to cheer up my dad. (He really, really, likes his Peeps.)


Felt Fortune Cookies - felt fortune cookies

Felt Fortune CookiesThe best part of opening a fortune cookie is receiving your paper fortune, so these felt versions can save you from ingesting too many cookies! They can be reused, too, so this is a great craft for Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and many other celebrations.


Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder Surgery  - view of Velcro strips in place

Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder SurgeryRecently, I searched online for medical clothing needed after a rotator cuff surgery and noticed the cost of such alterations was in my opinion over priced. After gleaning a few items, I decided to give it my best DIY version that was less costly and worked just as well.


Succulent Plant Starter - bottle with leaves in place

Succulent Plant StarterThis is a great way to always have succulent plants available for your craft projects and decorations around your home. We all love to decorate and grow succulent plants these days. When we cut our plants there are always leaves that need to be removed. Don't throw them away. Make this easy succulent plant starter and within a few days you can plant those leaves to start growing new plants.


Making a Plastic Egg Garland - garland hung with the banner made earlier

Making a Plastic Egg GarlandHere is a thrifty way you can decorate your home with this Easter themed garland. This garland is made with plastic eggs, twine, and ribbon. All of the supplies you can find at your local Dollar Tree/99 cents store, or items you may have at home already.


Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Painted Terra Cotta PotsI have SO many terra cotta pots that have just accumulated over the years. So like all my other craft projects, I decided through trial and error to explore the possibilities.


How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood is lovely, but at times it does not age well, or exposure makes the veneer or varnish suffer needlessly.


A clear shield for a roof rain gutter.

Crystal Clear Roof Rain GuttersMy traditional metal gutters worked more like car washes; clogging, overflowing and rotting the fascia boards. I took them off but then had too much water hitting the porch over front door.


Painted Wire Flowers and Clover

Painted Wire Flowers and CloverThis is a super fun and pretty craft using wires, wood glue, and nail polish. Bend the wires in whatever flower shapes you admire, dip in glue, then paint. They reflect such beautiful colours in the sun. I hope you give this a try!


DIY Eyelash Adhesive

DIY Eyelash AdhesiveI started making my own eyelash glue when I realized the store brand ones I was using was making my lids a bit itchy. This adhesive is made of a few simple household products and keeps your lashes on all day.



100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball Machines  - alternative method is to make 100 dots using a bingo marker

100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball MachinesThe 100th day of school is often celebrated with games, activities, art projects, costumes, and parties. I think it started because the 100th day is when Kindergarten students get around to counting to that number. One enjoyable craft for the occasion is making these paper plate gumball machines.


The Smallest Fairy Garden finished garden on shelf

The Smallest Fairy GardenI wanted to create a miniature fairy garden. I want to start out on a small scale and graduate to larger sizes. This one can be an indoor or outdoor display. I created this piece with a 3 inch pot.


Plastic canvas cross project.

Cross in a Pocket ProjectThis is a cute little reminder that anyone can carry. It is simple enough for children, but also interesting enough for grown-ups. It should take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.


Venetian Leaf Crocheted Towel Topper

Crochet Venetian Leaf Towel TopperI like the towel toppers that have a concealed crochet chain so you can hang a towel over the chain without having to cut the towel in half and deal with the cut edge.


Freezing Food Without a Vacuum Sealer

Freezing Food Without a Vacuum SealerVacuum sealers and their bags are really expensive. Here is how to seal food without one. Not only do you save money by not buying a sealer, but this method pushes out all the air, which eliminates freezer burn, and lets you store frozen goods longer.


closeup of one finished neckline

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckI recently found some t-shirts on sale at the craft store for $2. I was excited, but I despise crew neck shirts. I found a youtube video explaining exactly how to turn your shirts into v-necks and they looked like you bought them that way. It's easy and takes less than half an hour.


Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

Pipe Cleaner BraceletsYou can make colorful bracelets out of pipe cleaners by braiding them. Make for team colors, holidays, or friendship bracelets.


Happy Valen-Slime Cards - card taped to gift of slime

Happy Valen-Slime CardsMy son and I made these "Will You Be My Valen-Slime Valentine Cards" for some of his friends in the neighborhood using left over fabric scraps and construction paper.


view of finished candle out of the mold

Coffee Bean CandlesI saw these coffee bean candles and really wanted one. They were so neat looking and I imagined they smelled wonderful. But, then I realized that I could probably figure out how to make it myself. You don't need candle-making supplies for this one. It's pretty simple to make.


Pallet Door Spice Rack

Pallet Door Spice RackA whole new spice rack from wooden pallets. Take apart and remove nails from pallets. Let them dry for a few days, if needed. Wet wood will not sand or cut well!


Plastic Bottle Top Container

Plastic Bottle Top ContainerI love making these containers. I store everything in them, big and small, depending on the size of the bottles and caps I use. You can just stick them in your pocket or drop them in your purse and feel safe knowing the contents of the container won't fall out.


Patchwork Greetings Card - finished card and envelope

Patchwork Greetings CardThis is a simple and pretty card to make for any occasion using mostly decorative sticky tape put together to look like patchwork. If you don't have any pre-printed banner greetings you can print one off yourself.


Fabric Covered Display Boxes - display packages wrapped in fabric and tied with lace bows

Fabric Covered Display BoxesI needed three different size boxes, dressed up as if they were gifts for selling on eBay. This is what I came up with.


Bamboo Garden Gate - bamboo covered metal garden gate

Bamboo Garden GateI live on a small island in the South Pacific, where everything is imported. We do not have a large variety of items to choose from. Years ago when we wanted to put a gate up all we had to choose from was a metal gate. The gate has been up for over 20 years now and is looking shabby and worn.


Delicate Memory Wire Beaded Bracelet - finished bracelet

Delicate Memory Wire Beaded BraceletMaking a bracelet from memory wire is simple! This project uses seed beads to make the illusion of a patterned cord, but feel free to use any kind of small bead.



Number 1 Fan Valentine Project

Number 1 Fan Valentine ProjectHere is a kid-friendly project for Valentine's Day! Turn a paper plate into a cute hand held fan. Adorned with the words "Your nr 1 fan," this fan is sure to steal someone's heart! The project is suitable for both boys and girls.


eyebrow closeup

Homemade Coffee Eyebrow TintI have patchy eyebrows from years of over plucking back in the day. Loving a very full looking pair of brows, I have gone through quite a bit of eyebrow pencils and tints. I now make my own with my used coffee grounds in the morning.


removing Pineapple segments

Pull-Apart PineappleThis is a fun way to tackle a pineapple that keeps you from having to peel, core and slice. This is best done with a super ripe pineapple because the flesh is easy to twist and pull at. You will need one pineapple and one sharp pairing knife.


DIY Hot Hair Tools Holder - finished holder

DIY Hot Hair Tools HolderI love this do-it-yourself craft because it's so easy to make and keeps my bathroom looking organized. Not only does it tidy things up, the oven mitt inside the tubing doubles as a place to hold your hot hair tool while it's still warm. No more melting stuff laying nearby your curling iron!


Dr. Seuss Matching Game - game board with matches made

Dr. Seuss Matching GameDr. Seuss books can be incorporated all school year long into numerous teaching themes. I came up with a simple matching game that uses several characters from different books. It doesn't take long to make and will last for years.


Vinyl Tablecloth Wreath - finished pastel wreath on door

Vinyl Tablecloth WreathHere is a wreath that is so simple and weather friendly that you do not have to have a covered porch! You can make it for only a little money by just using vinyl table cloths and a wreath purchased at your dollar store. Here's how!


Mixed Media Journal - finished journal

Mixed Media JournalThis was a fun craft using odds and ends of junk and then letting my imagination flow!


clay pot lighthouse in garden

Clay Pot LighthouseI found the perfect lantern at Ikea to use for this clay pot lighthouse. These cute yard decorations are easy to make!


Bamboo & Coconut Shell Planters - planters hanging outside of a house

Bamboo and Coconut Shell PlantersI love using bamboo and coconut shells to decorate my home or my yard. I grow a lot of succulent plants and these hangers make a great way to display them around my garden. They are easy to make and last for years. There is no need to change them out and the plants love growing in them.


A decorative tray made from a wooden picture frame.

Turning A Picture Frame Into a Display or Serving TrayI have many picture frames I have collected through the years. Since I am using less on the walls, I came up with a decorative and useful project idea, so that they can be used with an interchangeable insert.


Crazy Wiggle Eye Greetings Card

Crazy Wiggle Eye Greetings CardWe all have at least one family member or friend who is a little bit crazy and loves a good laugh. This is the perfect greetings card to make for them and doesn't require a lot of skill. Children will love to make this card for a fun loving Dad.


Repurposing Dry Cleaner's Plastic to Crochet

Repurposing Dry Cleaner's Plastic to CrochetMake plarn (about 2 inches thick) with the plastic and crochet baskets, purses, and bags, among other things.


Straw Space Rocket - ready to launch

Drinking Straw Space RocketTry this fun indoor craft activity for your toddler to play with especially on a rainy day. This could also be a great party favor. It is easy to make, affordable, and will be lots of fun for your toddler, especially if playing with friends/sibling(s).


Washcloth Soap Pouch

Washcloth Soap PouchThese neat little pouches help limit the mess of bar soap in the shower. Plus they are machine washable, making them more sanitary than a traditional loofa.


Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Dog Poop Bag DispenserWe recently bought a package of dog poop bags with a dispenser. The dispenser broke almost immediately, leaving us with a bunch of bag rolls without a way to carry them with us. I designed this easy to make fabric pouch that clips to our leash.



A bowl made with an old vinyl record.

Vinyl Record Bowl InstructionsThis is an easy recycled craft that you can make in 20 minutes or less. It makes a hip container for that small potted plant that you are planning to give someone as a gift this Christmas.


Candy Cane Hearts - four finished heart candies

Candy Cane HeartsIf you look around when you're out shopping, you'll notice how quickly Christmas turned into Valentine's Day. Here's a fun and edible craft turning your old holiday candy canes and Christmas sprinkles into new hearts for your Valentine.


finished 3D hand

3D Hand ArtI saw this project years ago and loved it. I recently taught it to my daughter and she had so much fun with it. Her friends came over and the first thing they did was try this project. This project is easy and very inexpensive. The results are stunning. Loved it!


Plastic Spoon Plant Markers for Your Herb Garden - lemon grass marker

Plastic Spoon Plant Markers for Your Herb GardenDon't toss out your plastic spoons! After using your spoons, you can wash to clean and reuse as plant markets for your herb garden. It's easy to make plant markers with everyday household items you already have at home!


A pen that has been converted into a stylus.

Homemade Stylus PenStylus pens are a coveted item for people who have touchscreen devices. They help preserve the screen and help people who have large fingers be able to have more accuracy when texting and selecting things on the small screen.


Make a Junk Journal Out of Envelopes - finished journal

Make a Junk Journal Out of EnvelopesJunk journals are great to make and to give as gifts. There are videos on the internet that show how to put together a junk journal. I fell in love with them on first sight. This craft is the beginning of a junk journal which is made out of envelopes.


Baby cradle purse made with a detergent bottle.

Baby Cradle PurseThis is also sometimes called a Church Purse. It is crocheted using a dishwashing detergent bottle for a base. Any oval bottle will work. When it is closed it is a purse, and opened it is a baby cradle.


Recycled Barnyard Animals - toilet paper tube pig, cow, and dog

Recycled Barnyard AnimalsKids are fascinated with barnyard animals. Now they can make their own set of cute little critters with just a few simple materials.


Finished license front.

Kid "Driver License"A fun project to make for, with, or by your child that will make him or her feel special! Use the directions to customize a driver's license with your child's photo, state of residence, and Power Wheels, tricycle, bicycle, or Fisher Price Coupe Car!


Clothespin and Wood Picture Frame

Clothespin and Wood Picture FrameI have been loving the clothespin picture frames trend, so I thought this project would be perfect and a simple way to up-cycle some sample wood flooring that my sister used to select her flooring. It is the perfect picture frame to place on my mantel.


How to Make Heart and Flower Gift Cards - finished cards in different patterns on various papers

How to Make Heart and Flower Gift CardsYou don't need to be good at arts or crafting to make these pretty and whimsical gift tags. You don't need a steady hand and you don't need to be able to cut out neatly and still they look amazing.


Mirror Ball for Cats - closeup of finished hanging mirrored ball

Mirror Ball for CatsI made this mirror ball for my daughter's two cats. I have never done this before so I will tell you right now I made a lot of mistakes. You will be advised on how to do it properly.


Middle School Locker Kit

Middle School Locker KitThis locker kit was assembled with a girl in mind, however it could easily be customized for a boy. Send your child off to school this fall with all of the essentials that they might need.


DIY Long-Lasting Eyelash Lift - closeup of eyes after process

DIY Long-Lasting Eyelash LiftRecently, my girlfriends and I were part of our dear friend's wedding. Everyone decided to get lash lifts and lash extensions. I was interested in a long-lasting lash lift so I wouldn't have to curl my lashes anymore, however, the $80 base price was appalling. I decided to get an at-home kit.


easter peeps candy bouquet

Easter Peeps Candy BouquetThis Easter candy bouquet is the perfect alternative to an Easter basket for an older child or an adult!


Easter Egg Curtain

Easter Egg CurtainPeter Rabbit will be delighted when he sees your windows on Easter morning and the youngsters will have a ball helping make this fun craft.


Blue denim crocheted purse.

Crocheted Denim PurseThis is a denim purse with jute handles and a button closure. I crocheted a rectangle for a sample, since I wasn't sure the heavy weight denim would work for this project. Instead of starting over, I chose to make a purse with it.


Several finished dolls.

Doll Plastic Bag HolderTake an old doll and recycle into a cute plastic bag holder. To the doll dress hem, add enough material to make the length from the shoulder of the doll to the new hem twenty-seven inches long.


Finished gift tube.

St. Patty's Day Paper Tube Gift PouchCreate a festive pouch from a cardboard tube to hold a small gift or treats for St. Patty's Day.


Brown and white crochet lapghan.

Crocheted LapghanThis was crocheted using Super Saver yarn and a size H hook. It uses 2 colors: one solid, one matching variegated. Works up very quickly and is warm without being heavy. This was made for a friend with cerebral palsy.


Angel pin in gold, silver, and pearl.

Angel Lapel PinThis pin is a recycle pattern with a Christmas theme. It is a tiny angel lapel pin using gold safety pins, pearls, and beads. It is appropriate for casual wear or for dressy occasions to Christmas parties.


CD Butterfly Decorations - 7 finished butterflies on a tabletop

CD Butterfly DecorationsSummer is upon us here in Tahiti and everywhere I look I see the most beautiful butterflies. Keep summer with you even during the winter months. These butterflies are so easy to make and they look good in your windows, on your refrigerator, or even hanging on a mirror. Smaller children can easily do the creative work to make their butterflies, but the parents will need to help them cut them out.


DIY Old Window Decoration - finished window

DIY Old Window DecorationChoose an accent color. Buy clear glass pieces at thriftstores, garage sales, and flea markets. Examples include: small bowls, candy dishes, candle holders, or glass tops to containers. Use an accent color in a few dishes.


Valentine's Day Spider Card - finished card

Valentine's Day Spider CardHere is one way you could up-cycle your kid's painting creations. Turn them into sentimental cards. Perfect for grandparents, family, friends, classmates, neighbors, etc.


lapghan with foot pockets

Wheelchair Lapghan with Foot Pocket4 rows cafe, 2 rows Aran, 2 rows shaded browns, 2 Rows Aran. Finish with 4 rows cafe.


Make Reusable Absorbent Towels

Make Reusable Absorbent TowelsDo you use a lot of paper towels? Here's a way to help cut down and save money in the process. Get some flannel and some terry cloth from the fabric store; about 3 yards of each.


Small fabric bags made from fabric scraps.

Making Little Fabric BagsAre you a sewer or quilter? Do you have lots of small pieces of material left over?


Blue crocheted clothes hanger.

Crochet Coat HangersCrochet a couple of extra and take them to your local nursing home, these are perfect for hanging nightgowns on because they help to keep the gown on the hanger. These could be made for men also, just use more earth tones.


Decorative Fabric Covered Glass Canisters - finished canister with border on the end of the fabric

Decorative Fabric Covered Glass CanistersHere is a great way to spruce up your kitchen with decorative canisters that are so easy to make. You can always change the color of your kitchen. The canisters are great for storing tea, coffee, rice, sugar, flour, beans, or any other items you need in your kitchen.


Painted trees standing in corner.

Triple Tree Wood Decor Using a Scroll SawThese are scroll sawed trees with real bark.


DIY Bubble Art Invitation - message inside of card

DIY Bubble Art InvitationI never knew dish soap could be useful in arts and crafts. I have tried making a DIY invitation out of it and watercolors. The craft can also be used as decorations. This is a fun way to make simple bubble designs on your plain art paper.


Making a Bamboo Rain Stick - braid some string and decorate the instrument. Be sure to glue the string in place.

Making a Bamboo RainstickHere on the island music is an important part of our lives. There are many ways that we use bamboo to make musical instruments. One of the instruments I love to make is a rainstick.


Making a Welcome Stepping Stone - finished stepping stone, painted and sealed

Making a Welcome Stepping StoneI have been carving and casting stepping stones for almost 20 years and this is how I do it. Hope that this will help someone with their project. The mold used is a purchased ABS plastic stepping stone mold.


Finished paper.

Tie Dye CardstockUsing shaving cream and any kind of liquid inks you can make your own card stock to use in card making or scrapbooking.


red ombre hair color

Dyeing Hair With Kool-AidMy daughter wanted to color the ends of her hair for the last week of school. The Kool-aid created a very pretty ombre look!


Sock Sleeve for a Gift - sleeve around a pair of pink socks with hearts

Sock Sleeve for a GiftSocks make great gifts that are inexpensive and fit everyone's budget. Plus it's practical and thoughtful because you want the person to have warm feet. Make a sock sleeve with construction paper, write a cute phrase (it could be for any occasion not just Valentine's Day) and this would be a great gift.


tall tote

Juice Pouch TotesUsing washed juice pouches, sew them all together and make a tote bag. The large ones are great for grocery shopping. Small ones are great for carrying as a purse.


Felt Shamrock Pin

Felt Shamrock PinThis easy to make felt shamrock pin would be cute to wear on St. Patrick's Day and will help you avoid getting pinched!


Finished card.

Picket Fence Butterfly CardUsing country elements, such as a picket fence, flowers and a butterfly, make this delightful birthday card to celebrate the birthday of a country girl.


Little Pom Pom Chick - pom pom chick

Little Pom Pom ChickI made a little chick out of two pom poms. The kids love doing these too.


Squirrel Scare Tool - supplies

Squirrel Scare ToolFrom my kitchen window, I enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders. However I can't keep a lot of food in the feeders because of squirrels. In the cold months, early in the morning, I'll put out just enough seed to last through the day.


Kitchen towel with crochet top.

Crochet Kitchen TowelCrochet several of these and put them in handy places throughout your kitchen; on the oven door and the refrigerator handle are the best places for these. My version is different from most since I don't cut the towel in half, but fold it and use the whole towel.


Whole Cloth Tied Quilt with Ric Rac Trim - child under quilt

Whole Cloth Tied Quilt with Ric Rac TrimMy son asked his nana to make him a quilt for his firetruck "Big Spiffy". He absolutely loves it!


Using a recycled bottle and cap to seal powdered sugar.

Storing Powdered SugarWhen you open your bag of icing sugar bag or any bag, it makes a mess. This tip will help you.


Leprechaun craft made from wine corks.

Tiny LeprechaunThis simple leprechaun can be a cute addition to your table, place setting or in a centerpiece, or hide a few around the house and have the kids try to find him to claim a 'pot o gold'.


Making An Easy Garden Path

Making An Easy Garden PathWe wanted something that would break up our yard and garden space. We decided on a path to break up the landscape and also help with drainage because of the slope of the back yard.


Making a Hanging Air Plant Frame - hanging on a brick fireplace

Making a Hanging Air Plant FrameThis is a cute air-plant hanging frame your toddler/child can make. This would make a cute gift from toddler/child to give to someone special too (like grandparents, dad, mom, aunt, uncle, etc.).


Elasticated Ribbon Bookmark

Elasticated Ribbon BookmarkA delightfully simple and elegantly pretty method for marking pages. Each marker you make will be tailored to fit a particular book which makes this an ideal addition to a gift. It works best with hard backs. Paperbacks may bend or buckle under the strain of the elastic.


Make Curtains With Grommet

Making Grommet CurtainsIf you need new long drapes for your living room and want the trendy curtains with the grommets at the top, this is a very thrifty way of doing it. This photo only shows one of the panels. I bought two drop cloths for $10 each, using one for each panel.


Floral "Feel Better Soon" Card - finished blank card waiting for personalized message

Floral "Feel Better Soon" CardThis floral card can be for any occasion like Mother's Day, a birthday, congratulations, an anniversary, Hello, or Just Because, but I made it as a "Feel Better Soon" for a friend who isn't feeling well right now.


Non-Pleated Face Mask - women's over the ear mask made with pink fabric with cherry motif

Non-Pleated Face Mask With Filter PocketThe most recent orders from our governor include wearing masks when in public so I decided to make a set of masks for my family. I found a free pattern online for a non-pleated mask with filter pocket.


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