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Origami Heart

Making Dollar Origami HeartsOrigami has endless possibilities for designs you can fold. Making dollar origami hearts is a great way to give some extra money to someone along with a gift or just as a gift themselves.


Baby Videos

Funny Baby VideosThis page contains funny baby videos from around the web. Feel free to rate the video that you like the best.


Button Candy Corn Ornament

Button Candy Corn OrnamentMake these cute Button Candy Corn ornaments to put on a mini Halloween tree.


A detection of Frankenstein's monster.

Making a Homemade Frankenstein CostumeFrankenstein's monster is a classic Halloween costume idea, originally created as a character in the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Most people paint their exposed skin grey or green with short black hair or a wig. Stitching around the neck, top of the head and other joints make it appear that the body parts have been sewn together.


A plate of pickled fruit.

Pickled Fruit RecipesPreserve fruit for a long time by pickling it. All sorts of types of fruit can be used: pears, peaches, mango and even watermelon rind.


A roll of copper foil.

Crafts Using Copper FoilCopper foil can be found in gardening and craft stores. It can be used as a decoration on crafts or to make beautiful jewelry.


A woman sewing an edge on a blanket.

Blanket Craft IdeasBlankets can be made from all sorts of fabric, yarn or thread and can be created using basic sewing, crochet, knitting or loom work. Simple fleece blankets can be just tied together, making it a great gift project for any age.


Adding sprinkles to chocolate candy.

Homemade Candy RecipesMaking candy at home can be a fun and delicious activity to do with your family. Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas are popular holidays for making special candy but it is always appreciated.


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How Do I Soften Hard Table Salt?I have some regular table salt that became hard. Is there a way I can get it back to its normal state?


A bowl of soup topped with shrimp.

Shrimp Soup RecipesShrimp is a favorite ingredient all across the globe for soups. You can use the shells to make a rich stock or add the succulent peeled shrimp as a topper to nearly any recipe.


A roll of aluminum foil

Crafts Using Aluminum FoilAluminum foil is not just for food preparation and storage, it can also be used to make beautiful shiny crafts. These can range from simple sculptures made by kids up to beautiful jewelry that would be treasured by anyone.


A set of wireless earbuds.

Storing EarbudsEarbud style headphones are common for using with smartphones or computers. They can be wired or wireless, requiring different types of storage to keep them safe and accessible when you want them.


A woman reupholstering a chair.

Reupholstering FurnitureOld furniture can be given new life by replacing the upholstery. All sort of fabric, vinyl or even leather can be used to update vintage or even antique wooden furniture.


A cranberry muffin next to fresh cranberries.

Cranberry Muffin RecipesCranberries make a great addition to any muffin recipe. You can use fresh ones for a bright sour punch or presweetened dried craisins for a more mellow flavor.



An origami unicorn.

Unicorn Craft IdeasUnicorns are among the most popular imaginary animals as a craft theme. These magical horse shaped creatures have a single horn and are often white or rainbow colored.


A crocheted pumpkin in a bowl.

Pumpkin Craft IdeasThere are many ways to use the festive pumpkin shape and bright orange color for Halloween and fall themed crafts. Pumpkins can be crafted from fabric, paper or even recycled materials.


A glass of chocolate milo in milk.

Recipes Using MiloMilo is a drink powder containing chocolate and malt, similar to Ovaltine. It was original created in Australia and is popular in SE Asia, South America and parts of Africa.


A litter of kittens outside.

Caring for KittensKittens need special care until they are weaned, especially before their eyes are open. Abandoned or stray kittens may have to be bottle fed and may have a number of health concerns to be addressed by a veterinarian.


Hand adjusting the thermostat.

Heating Your Home With a Corn FurnaceBurning shelled corn in a proper furnace can save you money. This is field corn with a low moisture content and usually used to feed livestock. This is a page about heating your home with a corn furnace.


Freshly baked loaves in different shapes and sizes.

Herb Bread RecipeAdding your choice of herb(s) to your homemade bread recipe allows you to make specialized breads for certain meals. This page contains herb bread recipes.


Heart Shaped Gift Being Given

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 19th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 19th birthday. Maybe your boyfriend is hard to shop for or you are just out of ideas. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful.


White t-shirts hang drying on clotheslines.

Removing Sunscreen from WhitesThis is a page about removing sunscreen from whites. It is not uncommon for sunscreen to leave yellow/orange stains on clothing. Here are some tips for removing these stains from white clothing.


The famous Las Vegas welcome sign.

Frank Sinatra TriviaNearly 20 years after his death Frank Sinatra is still known as one of the most popular and influential singers of the 20th century. This is a page about Frank Sinatra trivia.


Remake Old Jewelry into New

Remaking Old Jewelry Into NewThis is a page about remaking old jewelry into new. Take broken or outdated jewelry pieces and convert them into something new.


Plastic Egg Bunny Treasure

Making Plastic Egg BunniesThese cute bunnies are perfect for an Easter party or basket. This is a page about making plastic egg bunnies.


Potato, Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

Potato, Cauliflower, and Carrot SoupThis is a page about potato, cauliflower and carrot soup. Homemade soups are the best and this one is a delicious blend of three complementary veggies and ham.


Stack of Vietnamese Rice Crackers

Vietnamese Sesame Rice Cracker RecipeThis page contains a Vietnamese sesame rice cracker recipe. American visitors to Vietnam love these common crackers that are easily made with uncooked spring roll wraps.


Stairway remodeled

Finishing an Unfinished StairwayThis is a page about finishing an unfinished stairway. Finishing an unfinished stairway can greatly improve the appearance of your home.


How to Recycle or Repurpose Jewelry, Closeup of Shiny Jewelry

How to Recycle or Repurpose JewelryThis is a page about how to recycle or repurpose jewelry. Jewelry that you no longer wear can find new life with a different fashion use or even an update.



Sending Thanksgiving E-cards

Sending Thanksgiving E-cardsThis is a page about sending Thanksgiving e-cards. An inexpensive, fun way to show friends and family you are thinking of them at Thanksgiving, is with an online card.


Saving Money on Fashion Accessories

Saving Money on Fashion AccessoriesThis is a page about saving money on fashion accessories. Buying fashion accessories for full retail can be expensive. However, with a bit of creativity and bargain hunting you can own a nice array of accessories for much less.


Shredded Paper

Making Shredded Paper for CraftsThis is a page about making shredded paper for crafts. If you ever need shredded paper for crafts, there are some quick easy ways to make the amount you need.


Garden Party Sign

Garden Party IdeasThis is a page about garden party ideas. Summer is a great time to plan a garden party and enjoy the outdoors.


Crab cakes made with imitation crab meat.

Shelf Life of Imitation Crab MeatThis is a page about the shelf life of imitation crab meat. Imitation crab meat is a processed food that keeps well in the freezer. Once thawed the shelf life is dependent on the packaging, similarly once opened the shelf life is shortened again.


Bleach Bottle Snowman

Making a Bleach Bottle SnowmanThis is a page about making a bleach bottle snowman. Plastic bleach bottles are a popular item for use in craft projects.


Giving a Dog a Massage

Giving Your Dog a MassageThis page is about giving your dog a massage. Humans are not the only animals who benefit and enjoy having their muscles manipulated.


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Starting a Comic Book CollectionThis is a page about starting a comic book collection. Comic book collecting is a fun hobby for young and old.


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Collecting Sports CardsThis page is about collecting sports cards. A fun collection can be accumulated of your favorite players and teams from the past and today.


Duct Tape Hair Clip

Making a Duct Tape Hair ClipThis page is about making a duct tape hair clip. This versatile tape can be used for a variety of crafts.


Using a Chainsaw

Using a ChainsawThis is a page about using a chainsaw. Chainsaws can be very efficient tools, when used properly.


Painting With Oil Paints

Still Life Painting With Oil PaintsThis page is about basic still life oil painting. Learning basic oil painting techniques can get you started enjoying this artistic expression.


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Preventing Bleach Stains On ClothingThis is a page about preventing bleach stains on clothing. Finding mysterious bleach spots on your laundry, even when no bleach was used, is frustrating.


Man putting in Corner Shelves

Building Corner ShelvesThis is a page about building corner shelves. Sometimes the best or only location for some shelves is in a corner.


Simple Ab Workouts

Simple Ab WorkoutsThis is a page about simple ab workouts. Not only do you look better, but having strong well toned abs is good for your body's overall health, including balance and a healthy spine.



How to Make Green Beer

Making Green Beer for St. Patrick's DayThis is a page about making green beer for St. Patrick's Day. For the beer drinkers, St. Patrick's Day calls for the celebratory green beer.


Pouring red wine into a glass.

Pairing Wine with FoodThis is a page about pairing wine and food. Certain wines can complement your meal more than others; don't be overwhelmed when choosing.


How to Belly Dance, Beautiful Bealldancer

How to Belly DanceThis is a page about how to belly dance. Learning to belly dance is fun and a great way to exercise at the same time.


Hosting a March Madness Party, Basketball Going Through Hoop

Hosting a March Madness PartyThis is a page about hosting a March Madness party. With lots of exciting basketball games underway, there is a great party opportunity.


agility training for your dog

Agility Training for Your DogThis is a page about agility training for your dog. Many breeds are very active and would benefit from the exercise of agility training.


duct tape flip flops

Making Duct Tape Flip Flops This is a page about making duct tape flip flops. Duct tape is a very popular crafting material; use it to make a personalized pair of custom flip flops.


Plastic Bottle Tripod

Making a Soda Bottle TripodThis is a page about making a soda bottle tripod. If you forgot your tripod or just need a quick substitute, a soda or water bottle filled with liquid works great after a quick fix on the cap.


IRS Audit

Dealing With an IRS AuditThis is a page about dealing with an IRS audit. The IRS routinely audits a percentage of taxpayers.


Pruning a Hedge

Pruning a HedgeThis is a page about pruning a hedge. Properly pruning your hedge will ensure a pleasing shape and allow for blooming on flowering shrubs.


Recycling Car Batteries, old battery

Recycling Car BatteriesThis is a page about recycling car batteries. Car batteries are full of toxins that you don't want around your home or in a landfill. So it is very important to recycle them properly.


Stained Glass Suncatcher

Stained Glass Sun CatcherThis is a page about making a stained glass sun catcher. A sun catcher can add lovely burst of color to a room and it's a really fun craft project to make also.


Pressure Washing a House

Pressure Washing Your HouseThis is a page about pressure washing your house. Pressure washing your house must be done properly to prevent damage.


New halogen automobile bulb.

Replacing Your Car's HeadlightsThis is a page about replacing your car's headlights. Headlights eventually burn out, but they are usually easy to replace yourself.


Caribbean hotel

Caribbean Vacation TipsThis is a page about Caribbean vacation tips. There are many wonderful places to visit in the Caribbean. Use these helpful hints when planning your Caribbean vacation or share your own.


Applying for a Passport, US Passport on White Background

Renewing Your PassportThis is a page about renewing your passport. If your passport is getting out of date, it's good thing to plan to get it renewed before you travel internationally.


A child not listening by covering his ears.

Getting Your Kids to ListenGetting kids to listen can be difficult at times and really test your patience. Try these tips and see which works best for you. This is a page about getting your kids to listen.


Planning a Potluck Wedding Reception, Potluck wedding reception.

Planning a Potluck Wedding ReceptionThis is a page about planning a potluck wedding reception. One way to save money on food for your wedding is to have a potluck wedding reception. Ask guests to bring their favorite dish to share with everyone.


Installing Crown Molding, Crown Molding Ready to be Installed

Installing Crown MoldingThis is a page about installing crown molding. Crown molding can add a very nice look to just about any room. It can be installed quickly and easily and will update the room to look much better.


Chopping Wood, Axe in Wood Log

Chopping WoodThis is a page about chopping wood. If you have a fireplace or a wood stove then you know how important it is to have a wood chopped and ready for use when you need it.


Saving Money a Ski Vacation, Sisters on Ski Vacation

Saving Money a Ski Vacation This is a page about saving money on a ski vacation. Ski vacations are a great way to bring the family together and have a wonderful time doing it. Skiing isn't cheap though and finding ways to save money on your ski vacation will give you more time to enjoy the slopes.


Learning How to Bowl, Mother and Daughter at Bowling Alley

Learning How to BowlThis is a page about learning how to bowl. Bowling is a favorite sport and hobby of many people. Learning the basics correctly will greatly improve your scores, make the game much more fun, and competitive.


Saving Money on Winter Vacations, Snowman and Snowwoman Enjoying the Pool and Warm Sun Together

Saving Money on Winter VacationsThis is a page about saving money on winter vacations. Winter is a great time to get away to someplace sunny and enjoy some vacation time. however, it can be an expensive time to vacation as many other people are trying to do the same thing.


Learning Pilates, Woman Doing Pilates

Learning PilatesThis is a page about learning pilates. Pilates is a very popular way of getting in shape and is easy to do at home. Use these simple pilates workouts to help you get in shape fast!


Working Out In the Winter, Man Jogging on Snowy Road

Working Out In the WinterThis is a page about working out in the Winter. When the sun is shining and the outdoors are inviting, it's easy to get out and exercise. Winter can be a different story though, it can be tough to stay motivated when it is cold and wet outside.


Doing Yoga During Pregnancy, A woman doing yoga during pregnancy.

Doing Yoga During PregnancyThis is a page about doing yoga during pregnancy. Yoga is a great form of exercise for expectant moms. It keeps muscles toned and can be modified as the woman's due date approaches.


Best Christmas Light Shows. House decorated in white Christmas lights

Best Christmas Light ShowsIn recent years it has become popular for people to do a Christmas light show synchronized to music. Here is a compilation of some of the best light shows online. This page contains videos of the best christmas light shows.


Someone making a cranberry and popcorn garland.

Making a Cranberry GarlandThis is a page about making a cranberry garland. Cranberries are not just for eating during the holidays. Those bright red berries are perfect for stringing together to use as garland.


Finding a Good Retirement Community, Houses in a retirement community.

Finding a Good Retirement CommunityThis is a page about finding a good retirement community. Finding a good retirement community can require some research. If you decide to move into a retirement community, it is important that it has the amenities that you want and need.


Replacing a Shower Head, Modern shower head.

Replacing a Shower HeadThis is a page about replacing a shower head. Replacing a shower head is easy to do yourself. All it requires are a few simple tools.


An iPhone in a person's hand.

Buying an iPhoneThis is a page about buying an iPhone. If you are considering purchasing a smartphone, iPhones are a great choice. The iPhone and its contract are a big investment, so it is important to find a good deal.


Woman Learning self Defense Against Male Attacker

Learning Self DefenseThis is a page about learning self defense. You never know when you might need to rely on yourself to get out of a dangerous situation. Learning self defense can teach you the skills you need to protect yourself.


Man Tuning His Guitar

Tuning a GuitarThis is a page about tuning a guitar. Learning to play the guitar is a great hobby for anyone at any age to pick up. It's is important to learn to tune the strings correctly so the guitar sounds right when you play.


Storing Comic Books, Spread of DC Comics

Storing Comic BooksThis is a page to storing comic books. Comic books are a fun collectors item for young and old. Storing them properly is an important part of maintaining their value and keeping them nice.


Fixing a flat tire is a relatively easy repair. It is never fun when you go out to ride your bicycle and it has a flat, if you pump it up with air and it continues to lose air, you will need to fix the flat. This is a guide for fixing a flat tire on a bic

Fixing a Flat Tire on a BicycleThis is a page about fixing a flat tire on a bicycle. Fixing a flat tire is a relatively easy repair. It is never fun when you go out to ride your bike and it has a flat, but it is a repair you can do yourself.


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