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Pretty Weeds - pink five petal flowers and white and yellow daisy like ones

Pretty WeedsI don't even know what these weeds are called, but they are so pretty that I don't pull them out. They add lovely colour to my garden. If fact I have heard it said that a weed is any plant which grows where you don't want it to.


Boot Memory Keepsake

Boot Memory KeepsakeThis is something that I did nearly 10 years ago. My father passed away in 2001. After the funeral, I went to his closet and picked one of his work boots, or his "brogans" as he called them. My father was in timber all my life until retiring.


Molly the Dog with a Bow on Her Head

Molly (Miniature Schnauzer)Molly is an 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer. I got Molly in April of 2003. My son-in-law had her father and his groomer had the mother. I got pick of the liter. I picked the female runt and I am so glad I did.


Shaka cream colored tabby cat

Shaka I rescued Shaka from a drainage ditch on the side of the road. I heard a car pull up in front of my friend's home. The passenger threw a carton into the deep drainage ditches we have on our road. In the carton were 5 baby kittens. Four of the kittens were very sick. The kittens were three weeks old.


Red leaves with snow.

Vibrant RedsA splash of red on a snowy day.


Yellow finches on backyard fountain

Backyard Bird Fountain FunWe had picked up an inexpensive fountain for our backyard feathered friends a few years ago, and I piled rocks on the top tier as it seems by watching them, they appear to like the naturalness of the rocks, maybe it makes it more realistic to them, and we just love seeing them enjoy it.


Otis (Sheepadoodle) - with destroyed ball

Otis (Sheepadoodle)We purchased Otis thru an ad online and drove about 200 miles to pick him up. He can toss a soccer ball/basketball around like a pro. He goes thru about a ball a week.



Saying Goodbye to a Paradise: The...We found Steinhatchee quite by accident. We owned land right on the Suwanee River just outside Old Town and someone told us about a seafood restaurant in Steinhatchee.


Angel air freshener cover.

Craft: Angel Doll Air FreshenerAngel doll is an air freshener. You can use it in any room of your house. I crochet the dolls in all colors. This doll has silver trim with silver wings. She could also be made with gold wings and gold trim.


Peanut, an orange cat with plastic Easter eggs.

Peanut With His First Easter EggsPeanut in his Easter Picture. I put some brightly colored eggs by him so he could have a seaonal photo.


plaster covered Styrofoam and shell wreath

Make Your Own Plaster of ParisNeed a small amount of plaster of Paris, but don't want to make a trip to the store to get it? That was the situation I found myself in this weekend. I searched the Internet and found this simple recipe.


Earnie (Ginger Tabby)

Earnie (Ginger Tabby)Earnie was found as a kitten in the middle of a busy road, meowing at the top of his little lungs.


Lily Marie Seeley (Pekingese and Chihuahua) - cream colored dog on couch

Lily Marie Seeley (Pekingese and Chihuahua)She is a rescue pup - 12 years ago our Jack Russell, Dicey, was lonely and the vet said I can give her anti-anxiety medication or you can get Dicey a sister. Within a week we found someone giving puppies away for free.


ravens on birdbath

Use Removable Inserts In BirdbathI have a lot of bird baths and most of them are made from cement and stone. They are very heavy and my biggest pet peeve about them is that they sit in the sun and they turn green with algae.


Zoe Chihuahua Terrier Mix

Zoe (Chihuahua/Terrier Mix)Zoe is a 7 month old Chihuahua/Terrier mix. We adopted little Miss Zoe from a rescue organization at the end of July. The rescue we went through rescues small dogs in the San Diego/Mexico area.



Bottle For Inverting Bundt PanI just insert the neck of the bottle into the hole in the center of the pan, and invert it onto the stove or counter and leave it for about an hour to cool. Then carefully loosen the cake at the top edges and remove it to a serving plate.


A plastic storage container covered with a white cloth and used as an outdoor table.

Patio Storage TableI store lots of things on the patio and throughout the house. We have a hundred year old house with no closets, so we have to get creative.


Long haired calico cat portrait

Kelly (Long Haired Calico)Kelly is a 6 year old long haired, calico cat. We got Kelly from a friend who is moving from Washington to Michigan. She has been living with us for three months now. Kelly is very loving, playful, and flirty cat.


A garden sculpture of two birds covered in snow.

Snow Birds (Raleigh, NC)Too late to fly south! We have snow and freezing weather along the east coast. This looked so real on my patio, like two birds frozen in time.


Mouthwash stored in a decorative bottle in the bathroom.

Store Mouthwash in Decorative ContainerMy husband and I went to the flea market, and I bought a decorative glass bottle for $3.50 for our mouthwash. I was getting tired of looking at the plastic bottle sitting next to the sink and wanted to make a change.


White corner fence in flower bed.

Corner FenceMy boyfriend "Bubba" built this also for his Mother's yard.


colorful lapghan

Granny Square Wheelchair LapghanI've made it a habit of taking digital photos of all my completed projects during the year. Starting in Jan. - Dec. 2009, I crocheted 3 afghans and 5 wheelchair lapghans for veterans at our local V.A. Hospital.


Jethro (Bichon/Shih Tzu/Cavalier Mix)

Jethro (Bichon/Shih Tzu/Cavalier Mix)Jethro is 5 1/2 months old. He is a mix of Bichon, Shih Tzu and Cavalier. My kids have grown and moved out and I wanted a dog for so long but waited for just the right one. I saw him up for adoption and fell in love. My kids gave him to me for Mothers Day!


Shore Bird (Anna Maria Island, Florida)He was quite a character, following me up from the beach to the lawn area in front of our residence and waiting for a tidbit or two.


white wild flowers

Queen Anne's LaceThis is a picture of some Queen Anne's Lace taken in our nearby National Park of Waterton/Glacier. This park straddles the border between Montana and Alberta, Canada.


Toilet paper holder built to resemble an outhouse.

Craft: "Outhouse" Tissue HolderI built this toilet paper holder for my daughter's birthday. I think it is just great.


A hummingbird at a feeder in the snow.

Mr. Red in the Snow (Hummingbird)Snow in Las Vegas is so rare. It's fun watching the hummingbirds have so much fun in it. They've never seen or been in it before, so it's quite a treat for them.


Growing Widow's Tears - purple flowers

Growing Widow's Tears (Spiderwort)I got a few cuttings from a coworker. They spread beautifully on the side of my house and come back every year.


Dog lying down in yard.

Orion (German Shepard/Husky)Orion is currently 7 months old and is a German Shepard/Husky mix. He was adopted in May 2008


A rusted old shipwreck in Honduras.

Travel: Old Shipwreck (Mahogany Bay, Honduras)This shipwreck is sunken on the opposite side of the pier when big ocean liners dock in Mahogany Bay, (Roatan Isle) Honduras. It is such a beautiful place, but this old rusty ship just seemed to belong there.



Jo Jo The CatJo Jo is 4 months old, she is a mixed breed. We got her about 1 month ago. She likes to jump on your legs when you walk through the house. I recently put down a cat I had for 11 years, and did not want another. My daughter's cat had kittens.


Daisy with a toy

Daisy (Rat Terrier and Schipperke Mix)We got Daisy after our family dog passed away. She was part of a litter that the owner were going to keep, but decided at 3 months they didn't want her. Always having dogs in our family, we couldn't pass her up.


The dirty soles of four girls feet, all in a row.

Photo: Dirty FeetWe'd been remodeling the house, trying to add on another bedroom. The original house is well over 120 years old, so there's lots of old, fine creosote like dust and dirt. Apparently Hubby didn't clean the floor very well, because the girls' feet were no longer clean.


Sasha (Mini Dachshund)

Sasha (Mini Dachshund)This is my baby Sasha. Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen? I had to share her pictures. She's an 8 week old mini-dachshund! Cute huh!?


Photo of a homemade cat tree.

Homemade Cat CondoAll in all the huge cat condo/gym cost me about $350 in materials and took me most of 3 solid days to make it. It is completely self standing and the cats love it.


Isaac (St. Bernard) - St Bernard outside near leaf pile

Isaac (St. Bernard)I rescued Isaac a year and a half ago. We have bonded in a way that I have never experienced with an animal before. He is gentle, loving, and very devoted. Isaac loves to give a paw and nudge you when he wants to be petted. He also loves to roll around and sleep in piles of leaves!


closeup of Pom

Scarlet (Pomeranian)I got her on Austin Street Teacup Puppies NY. Scarlet loves to play ball, chase me, and play tug a war.


Tan dog with large ears.

Raider (Shiba Inu Mix)Raider is 5 months old. He is a Shiba Inu mix, possibly Chihuahua. I adopted him.


Petie (Senegal Parrot) - green, yellow, and gray parrot on toy plane

Petie (Senegal Parrot)I got Petite from a co-worker who's girlfriend did not want him, in 2005. I trim little Peties flight feathers to keep them safe and as you can see by the picture he decided to fly anyway. He likes to chew on things and tear them up sometimes. I think he's part beaver. And he likes to be loved on.


A shelf for extra bathroom and cleaning storage, next to the water heater.

Add Extra Storage Next To Water HeaterWith a small apartment and a bathroom you literally have to close the door before you sit down, I needed more space. I decided to revamp the whole "hot water heater room".


White cat.

Wee Ian (Manx)One night just before lights out in January, I took this photo of 6 month old Wee Ian with my cell phone. Wee Ian is one of my 6 rescued Manx cats. I also live with his half brother Owen and litter-mate Roslyn.


Vinegar for Cleaning Bird CagesEqual parts white vinegar and water works great on cleaning bird cages and leaves a fresh scent. Most importantly it is safe for parrots.


Plastic shoebox in file cabinet drawer.

Shoe Boxes Double Storage in File Cabinet DrawersI was setting this shoe box on my open craft file cabinet drawer, and I accidentally put something heavy inside the box, and it fit right in! Imagine my surprise when it not only fit but closed!


Ivy (German Shorthair Pointer)

Ivy (German Shorthair Pointer)Ivy is 4 years old. She was born on my sister's birthday. She is a German Shorthair Pointer. Ivy likes to chase birds and squirrels. Even though Ivy is a water-sports dog, she doesn't like to get her feet wet. She likes snow, but not rain.


Flowering spring trees

Spring Trees (Clayton, South Carolina)I'm finally convinced that Spring is here to stay.



Georgie (Shih Tzu) - dog sitting on the couch

Georgie (Shih Tzu)My son got her for me when she was about 3 months old. She takes all the toys and hides them on the couch under her blanket so her sister (an 8 year old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler) can't play with them.


Maggie (Australian Shepherd/Chow)

Maggie (Australian Shepherd/Chow)Maggie (short for Magnum PI) is about 3 or 4 years old. The shelter said she was Australian Shepard/Chow Chow mix We adopted her from Table Mesa Animal Shelter about 6 months ago.


Back and white Boston Terrier

Oreo (Boston Terrier)Oreo is our 1 year old Boston Terrier. We got him the end of May 2007, I had just signed up to our local Freecycle group site and within 3 days he was posted. We had been talking about getting a Boston Terrier after we got married in June. BUT there he was and we brought him home and he is a big part of our family. We drove 125 miles round trip to get him.


Make Bible Cover from Old PurseI had a crocheted cord purse that had a hole in it. I tried to repair it, but it just didn't look the same. I decided it was a pretty pattern, so I made two things from the purse and had some leftover cording which I wound up in a ball for other miscellaneous uses later.


Sam (Boxer Pug Mix)

Sam (Boxer Pug Mix)I rescued Sam in 2014. Sam loves to ride in the golf cart when I'm hosting at the state park. He clears the sites of squirrels so I can clean. He loves to kayak and hike and will run next to me when I mountain bike. I couldn't ask for a better dog.


light brown Pit with white on neck and chest

Max (Bull Boxer)My family and some friends got these pups when they were about 6 weeks old (in Oct 2014) from a family hit hard by poverty. The momma passed shortly after giving birth to a full litter. We promised ourselves and Max that from that day on he would always have a loving and nurturing family.


Indian Lookout

Scenery: Indian Lookout (Wyalusing, PA)These photos were taken at Indian Lookout in Wyalusing, PA near where I live. The river is the beautiful Susquhanna River. In this part of PA all the towns have Indian names. We respect the Native American background here, with Pow Wows all summer and into the fall.


White dog lying in bed.

Toby (Maltese/Cockapoo)His name is Toby. He is a senior! He is 10 years old but still acts like a puppy! He is a Malta Cocka Poo! Yes that is correct! His Mother was a Maltese, his father was half Cocker and half Poodle! We got Toby 10 years ago and he was in the paper and the last in the litter.


Amanda & the Hulk

Amanda And The HulkAmanda and the Hulk in London


New Ravenel Bridge (Charlston, SC)

New And Old Ravenel Bridge (Charlston, SC)This is our New Bridge which opened last week in Charleston, SC. It replaces the Cooper River Bridges which were built in 1928. We had a week long celebration and walked the bridge the first day it opened to walkers.


Winston (Cairn Terrier)

Winston (Cairn Terrier)Winston is a 2 year old Cairn Terrier. I got my pet at a local flea market,when he was 4 months old. He likes to chase bumblebees, play with his ball,and play with our other 3 dogs a Yorkie and 2 German Shepherds.


Thor the Dog Sitting my Laptop Computer

Thor (Mixed Chihuahua)Thor is a 10 month old mixed Chihuahua. I work in construction and he was left on the job site, so I adopted him without my husband's knowledge. When I got home that evening, my husband got a huge surprise.


White rat with black face on the back of a couch

Bandit (Rat)Bandit is a 1 year old rat, who we bought at the pet store. She loves to run around on the couch and in the bathroom. She likes climbing all over me. She is very friendly.


Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner

Product Review: Awesome CleanerI read someone product review on ThriftyFun and decided to try it. I am so impressed! I tried it on a spot on the carpet. Just sprayed it on and used a brush to just wipe away the stain.


A boat on a lake at twilight.

Twilight on Lake ZvornikThe best way to spend a great summer day is to go to the lake. but the most beautiful moments come at the end, when the sun sets and everything calms down.


A yellow chrysanthemum blooming.

Yellow ChrysanthemumsAlthough it was late autumn, this flower survived. All around him were dry, fallen leaves, and this flower, with its pale yellow color, attracted attention.


Pelargonium (Geranium) - closeup of beautiful red geranium bloom

Pelargonium (Geranium)Red has always attracted a lot of attention, and red flowers are always the most beautiful. Whether you are giving away or receiving flowers, red is a great choice.


Icy asparagus branches and fruits.

Icy Asparagus Branches and FruitsUsing only frost and water, nature has turned asparagus branches with fruits into fabulous decorations.


Beautiful Amaryllis - red and red and white blooms in garden

Beautiful AmaryllisI love amaryllis because of its beautiful flowers, which last quite a long time and as by arrangement, they often flourish together.


A dog in a living room.

PrincessAbout 3 years ago I rescued her from an abusive owner. The original owner kept her in a very small cage with only minimal light and refused to let her out. It took almost 3 weeks for her to stop shaking and start eating and being a loved puppy. Now she's a happy and healthy dog.


A grey cat with blue eyes.

Sapphire (Balinese Mix)We had seen her lingering around our house before, but this time was different. She was skin and bones, lying in a ditch near the end of our driveway, pitifully wailing. My sister cried and begged to feed her, so we put some food in a bowl, which she proceeded to devour. Over the course of a few months, she began to fatten up.


Ducks swimming in the water.

Delightful DucksIt was a beautiful cloudy day. A pair of ducks were swimming together. One of them kept diving into the stream. Its feathered bottom looked so cute sticking out !


A fountain with orange flowers.

Orange You Glorious (Tucson, AZ)This picture was taken at St.Joseph Church in Tucson, AZ. The running fountain with the flowers surrounding it was so peaceful and beautiful. If we look for nature's art we will find it!


A blue bird being held.

Beautiful BirdsOne of my favorite hobbies is to feed birds. I love seeing ANY bird, but to actually get to hold a wild bird is amazing to me. Unfortunately, the Indigo Bunting and the Cardinal flew into my glass patio door. I gently held them and petted them until they flew away.


An orange butterfly on a blooming bush with purple flowers.

Butterfly MagnetWhile shopping in the lawn and garden section at a home improvement store, I was trying to decide on plants. This beautiful butterfly landed on the butterfly bush next to me. Pretty good sales technique, I bought two bushes!


A dog asleep on a book.

LilyI bought Lily and her sister Mia two years ago, two girls NOTHING alike; Lily is little and sweet, Mia is big rambunctious. Lily is patient while I'm reading, Mia leaps through the air and crashes into my head. Reading time is over NOW.


Two knees over a grassy field.

Legs in the Middle of ParadiseI haven't felt free and refreshed for a very long time because of this pandemic. Yet, on this day, I felt like a rebooted phone right after.


Two dogs sitting in a house.

BB and Uno (Dogs)These sweeties were on a kill list at a Memphis TN shelter. Both had health issues and had little chance of adoption. They were transported to Ohio for us by a Lab Rescue. BB has been cured of the mange she was suffering from, and Uno is currently midway through treatment for heart worm.


A red-tailed hawk on a branch.

Eyes On The Prize (Red-tailed Hawk)I almost walked right past this handsome fella at the park last fall. He was perched above my head watching the nearby bird feeder looking for lunch. Luckily I looked up and saw him. He was very close to me and I was surprised to see him right above the very busy walking trail.


A dog looking up at the camera.

BaxterWe got Baxter from the Humane Society. He came in with two siblings and his mother, who was a full breed boxer. Baxter and his siblings were found on the side of the road and rescued. When we saw him, we knew we had to have him.


Wildflowers at sunset.

Wildflowers and Sunsets of SerenityThis absolutely beautiful picture of yellow daisies, dandelions to make a wish upon, bunches of petite white flowers, peace. Long grass and pretty green weeds, this is my garden of sunshine, my garden of peace. This is heaven.


A sky full of clouds that resemble cotton balls.

Weird Looking CloudsThe temperature was about 40 degrees and we had a snow shower that lasted about 30 minutes. No rain or snow was in the forecast. Afterwards, these weird looking clouds appeared in the East as the snow showers moved in that direction. I had never before seen clouds that looked like this.


A small dog in a harness.

Jasper (Chihuahua)I found him and he found me were made for each other. He's my sun.


A terrier in a car seat.

Mugsy (Terrier)I adopted him in July. He likes to squeak his rubber chicken and take YOU for a walk on his leash. He will put leash in his mouth and pull you because you're too slow. That and he loves for you to chase him, and stalk.


Two caterpillars with teal and yellow markings.

Colorful CaterpillarsThese caterpillars are an unusual color, teal blue, and so are the bright pink and green leaves in the background. Very vibrant and colorful!


A large Christmas cactus in bloom.

Christmas BeautyThis beauty was actually two small Christmas cactuses my daughter and I purchased two years ago at Christmas time. After Christmas was over that year, we put them both together in a larger pot on my porch and watched how it flourished. It has grown quite a bit since then and it's flowers are always abundant. Love always grows just like the love I have for my daughter.


In Memory of Simba

In Memory of SimbaSomeone threw him in a dumpster with his umbilical cord attached. My Sister at Save-A-Pet brought him to me where I worked at Petsmart. And it was love at first sight!


A lone tree in a field in Serbia.

A Lone Tree (Serbia)This lonely tree was photographed in Tara National Park. It attracts attention because there are only meadows and pastures all around it.


A doe with her two spotted fawns.

A Mother's Love (Deer)Driving down a county road on an early July morning in North Dakota, twin fawns popped up out of the grass in the field to my left as the sound of the gravel beneath my wheels spooked them. The spotted babies looked my way for a moment or two before all the sudden they were bounding away with a destination in mind.


Two dogs on a hardwood floor.

Bear and Mr. PiddlesI owned Bear's daddy (my king shepherd, Charlie) for 10 years, He fell in love with my brother's dog. I delivered all 12 puppies at 3am. The pups were 2 months old and my shep died in my arms. Bear was the one who stole my heart.


A orange and white kitten.

Emem (Cat)She is a female kitten 2 or 3 months old given to me by my aunt today. I named her Emem. She is Siamese x puspin.


Several bright sunflowers growing in corn field.

Sunflowers in a Corn FieldThis beautiful sunflower sprouted on its own, surrounded by corn. All summer the birds came and fed on sunflower seeds.


Red cherries on a tree.

Sweet CherryCherries are the first sign that spring has arrived. They look and smell wonderful. I photographed this in my brother's backyard last spring.


A double rainbow in the sky.

RainbowsThe rainbow has always attracted people's attention. I had the opportunity to photograph as many as two rainbows that appeared next to each other. A beautiful sight, indeed.


A pink flower in a pot.

Beautiful ZephyranthesA beautiful Zephyranthes, my favorite flowers. I've had them for years.


A cat lying on a cat themed Christmas pillow.

Annie with Christmas PillowAnnie seems to have chosen her favorite Christmas decoration!


Fungi Photos - irregularly shaped fungi

Fungi PhotosWhile hanging out some laundry on a sunny November day, rare in this area, I spotted these interesting fungi. I am not sure what type these are. I love taking photos of mushrooms and other fungi. I hope you enjoy them.


A chestnut-sided warbler in a bush.

Chestnut-sided WarblerI captured this picture in September while I was birding at a local pond. This little bird was elusive, hopping from branch to branch, keeping an eye on me at all times. His beautiful green plumage confused as to what species he was but I soon discovered it was a juvenile Chestnut-sided warbler!


A large toad in his tank.

Big Boy (Toad)I rescued Big Boy three years ago from a sandbar on the Missouri River. He was a newly metamorphosed toadlet on an extremely overcrowded sandbar. There was at least a thousand other baby toads there and he would likely not have made it to adulthood.


A black bird with a yellow head.

Yellow-headed BlackbirdThis is a male yellow-headed blackbird that I photographed last summer at a small pond on the prairie of ND. He was with a presumed nesting female and was in beautiful plumage.


A bunny with an added digital crown.

Oliver or "Oz"Bought him off an ad on Craigslist about a year ago as a baby bun from a non-breeder but extreme lover of buns.


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