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Aloe-Based Hand Sanitizer - aloe leaf, essential oil bottle, and a pump bottle

Aloe-Based Hand SanitizerIf you're having trouble finding all the necessary ingredients to make hand sanitizer, here is a type that uses aloe gel. I have a huge aloe plant and just scrape out the middles. You can use bottled aloe gel if you have it. Also, if you don't have essential oils, use lemon juice.


An illustration of many different people wearing face masks.

Best COVID-19 Mask PatternsIt has been reported that as many as 25% of people with COVID-19 might be asymptomatic. This is why it is important to wear a mask. Wearing a masks helps stop the spread of the disease by containing respiratory droplets of people who might be sick. Wearing a mask also helps people remember to not touch their face.


Dawn and Murphy's Oil Soap bottles

Kill Fleas FastOur pets are like members of the family and we want to protect them. But, it is inevitable that our dog and cats will attract those pesky fleas. Flea collars, sprays, ointments, and pills aren't 100% effective all the time either, so what can we do?


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Use Hand Sanitizer to Clean GlassesOne of the best products I've found to completely clean the lenses on eyeglasses is hand sanitizer. I've tried many glass cleaning products and have always dealt with residue from hair spray or other smears.


Several used tea bags next to a package of sunflower seeds.

Used Tea Bag to Sprout SeedsRemove the staple and string and snip a tiny hole in your used tea bags and place your seeds inside. Keep moist and in a few days your seed will sprout. From there, you can place in a small pot or directly into your garden. No need to remove the bag. It will protect the young root from any disturbance and pests and break down naturally.


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Where to Buy Octagon SoapOctagon was a popular brand of bar laundry soap. However, it no longer being manufactured. Fels-Naptha is still available and much cheaper so that could be an alternative.


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Instant Potatoes As Non-Toxic Rat BaitMost rat baits are toxic to other animals if they happen to chew or chomp on a dead rat. This is a deadly but non-toxic method to kill rats by using Instant Potato flakes or powder.



Prevent Wasps from Making a NestTo keep wasps from setting up a home near your front door or around your home - mix 2-3 tablespoons of Dawn dishsoap and about 2-3 cups of water. Put into a spray bottle, shake and that's it. Spray where they keep coming back to, to make a new nest. This will also kill them and drop them like a hat.


Mint leaves closeup.

Simple Mint Insect RepellantI stopped using chemical sprays to get rid of bugs when I found that mint works just the same. It's very effective and super cheap. Here are a couple ways to use mint as an insect repellant.


spray nozzle on dish soap container

Spray Nozzle for Dish Soap ContainerHere is a way to control how much soap comes out of your dish soap container. Get a sturdy spray nozzle from an old bottle and just screw it on. Make the adjustment as to how stong or soft you want the spray to be. You will save soap, plus it will spray out more evenly over dishes.


Bottle of hand sanitizer with Listerine.

Listerine as SanitizerI love the amber colored mouthwash, whether name brand or not. It is useful for so many things. When my hand sanitizer small bottles are almost empty, I shake them up with the antiseptic mouthwash in them.


Make Steps From Cinder Blocks

Make Steps from Cinder BlocksI was visiting a friend who had just moved into a new home, and I saw these steps they made with cinder blocks. I thought this was great. They look so nice and orderly!


dog with a carrot in its mouth

Healthy Treats For Your DogI would expect my vet to be pretty strict when it comes to treats and scraps for the dogs. But to my surprise, he said that you "should" share from the table once in a while!


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Avoid Oil Change Scams: Verify The Work Was Done Consumers would bring their vehicles in for an oil change. The vehicle would be taken out back and "parked" for 2-3 hours. The customer would be charged for an oil change, new oil filter, labor, plus whatever else they thought they could get away with, never doing the work the consumer was wanting done.


Uses for Large Plastic Coffee Jugs

Uses for Large Plastic Coffee JugsI buy the large coffee jugs, the 33 oz. size. They are made so well, they have a handle on the side, with a good tight seal lid. I just can't see throwing them away. I give them to neighbors that I know, one being an older gentleman that uses them for his screws, nails and other little tools.



Ready Bacon Anytime - cooked bacon on a piece of parchment paper

Ready Bacon AnytimeI see pretty expensive pre-cooked bacon in the stores now and decided to make it myself since I don't always have the time to make bacon for a quick, hearty breakfast.


Mold and Concrete Stepping Stone

Easy Concrete Stepping StonesUse half flat plant containers to make fast and easy paving stones for your garden.


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Enhance Clothing with TrimAdd trim, bric-a-brac, or embroidered ribbon to clothing. A plain blouse can be made to look like a designer classic with a little imagination. Many articles of clothing can be saved by sewing decorative bric-a-brac over small holes or stains.


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Use a Spray Or Mister Bottle for Cooking OilsSave lots of money by simply putting your own oil into a mister bottle, and using it to spray on pans and waffle irons, instead of paying for the canned stuff! Far cheaper and healthier for you!


Rolls of wrapping paper stored on dowels suspended by metal chains.

Wrapping Paper and Ribbon StorageI do a lot of crafts in a small space. My collection of wrapping paper seems to grow this time of the year. I make my small area more efficient and a space saver with cup hooks, wood dowels, and plastic or metal chains.


Caring for an Aging ParentI do not regret one moment of moving my mom in with me and having her last few years with me. I agree some times were very hard dealing with her Alzheimer's disease, however, family and friends can give you the breaks you need.


Someone checking their insulin levels next to healthy produce.

Beating DiabetesWe are beating diabetes the frugal way! Last year my husband was diagnosed with diabetes after numerous health problems. I, too, am diabetic. We decided to change our life.


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Egg White To Draw Out BoilsA way to treat and draw out boils is to crack an egg, take the egg white and put it on the boil. Put a bandage on it and leave overnight. When you wake up, you will see a big change. Do this as often as you like until the boil has gotten the core out.


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A&D Ointment As Night CreamA wonderful night moisturizing cream, possibly in your medicine cabinet! I stumbled across a wonderful, cheap nightcream. A & D Ointment.


Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes

Reduce Laundry by Reducing ClothesMy family of four just recently picked up and moved across the globe with most of our possessions in only seven suitcases. As we are settling into our new home, I am trying to be conscientious of what new things we bring into our house. Having less stuff can make for much easier organizing.


tick on cotton ball

Dawn Dish Detergent for Removing a TickI saw this on Facebook and tried it this morning. It works!


Skinks in a plastic box.

Redheaded Lizards (Broad-Headed Skinks)These pictures are of 2 red-headed (with greyish bodies) lizards that our Grand-Doggie found in north Florida when we were visiting our oldest daughter recently.


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Use Cereal Boxes For Shipping Ebay ItemsMy goal for this month is to declutter and sell my extras on ebay. In the past I have used the free flat rate shipping boxes from the post office. However, with prices on shipping so high, it seems I get less bids.


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Free Stained Glass PatternsWebsites with free stained glass patterns.


Foam tubes holding up the canvas cover of a metal gazebo.

Prevent Sagging on Canvas Gazebo CoversMany people have gotten pretty metal gazebos for their back patios or yards, usually with a canvas cover. If left out during the rainy season, the water can pool and stretch the top in unexpected ways. This can result in an ugly, ill-fitting cover that leaks. Here is a great way to keep the cover in place, without damage or a lot of expense.



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Homemade DranoClean out clogged pipes with three kitchen ingredients.


Vertical garden pots made from polypropylene.

Plant Pots for Vertical GardenEvery year I plant many different vegetables in our garden, but I always lack land. Growing vegetables in pots and even vertically on the wall, is an excellent solution to the problem of lack of land for a vegetable garden. In order not to waste money on buying pots, I decided to make them from a polypropylene woven bag. These pots are suitable for horizontal and vertical garden.


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Pinesol To Keep Pests AwayKeep a spray bottle of half Pinesol/half water under your sink spray outside garbage cans or anywhere you have a pest problem. Animals like rodents, opossums, raccoons, etc. don't like the smell.


A bottle of roach and ant killer and a mousetrap to keep rodents away.

Keeping Mice And Rats AwayFor many years now, I've had an annual visitor. Never the same one, but always arriving at the same time and always choosing to set up housekeeping in the same area of my home.


How To Reuse Ziploc Bags - bag drying

How To Reuse Ziploc BagsI don't know about you but we go through Ziplocs like crazy! So what with how much we use them and how expensive they are, we've been rewashing ours. Now granted, after about 3 washes I would say it's about time to throw them away depending on what brand you use. But a few more uses for just one Ziploc gets you a long way!


A stained glass window using cut wine bottle bottoms.

Use Wine Bottles In Stained GlassI work with stained glass a lot and often use the bottoms of wine bottles in my windows. The bottles with the pushed in bottoms look really cool with the sun shining through.


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Interchange Beeswax and Paraffin in Beauty RecipesI myself am searching for recipes to use paraffin. It can be found easily at any Walmart, drugstore, Bi mart, etc. But searching under "recipes with paraffin gives a lot of information to use for paraffin in bath.


The view outside a car's windshield.

My Experience Driving UberIn that eternal quest for remunerative work, I have had the experience of driving Uber for the past 4 months. I just wanted to share my experiences, in case anyone else is wondering, or thinks it is a good fit.


Preventing Pests Around House
 Foundation - bark along the foundation

Preventing Pests Around House FoundationOn a recent visit from our pest company, they mentioned that we really need a plant free border around our house. Plants that touch the side of your house allow bugs to get past the pest spray. We removed almost all of our plants and cut away the grass, creating a 2ft wide border around the house.


Styrofoam as Perlite Substitute

Styrofoam as Perlite SubstitutePerlite is exellent for amending soil used for container grown plants and for starting seedlings in a soil or soiless medium. It insures better drainage and aeration which results in a larger, healthier root system.


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Brewer's Yeast for Septic TanksBrewer's yeast can be used in the toilet once a month, to keep your septic tank leach lines flowing. It keeps the bacteria active in your septic system. No need for harsh chemicals.


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Use Neosporin To Treat a StyI had a really bad sty on the under portion of my eye. I did an internet search that said you needed to go to a doctor. for antibiotics. I found that by using my Neosporin (it has antibiotics in it) it healed up the sty in 3-5 days.


A tire with a nail in the tread.

Free Flat Tire Repair at Discount TireFlat tire repairs due to a nail can charge anywhere from $10 to $20. Discount Tires offers free flat tire repairs, no matter where you bought your tires from. There are over 900 Discount Tire locations in the United States. If you ever have a flat tire with a nail, try Discount Tires. If you do not have a Discount Tire around, you can call the bigger tire retailers and ask if they provide complimentary services.


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Grocery Bags As Garbage BagsOur family has recycled grocery plastic bags as trash bags for years. We use small plastic trash container about 12 inch diameter and 14 inches high. We have one in each bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.


A loaded baked potato with asparagus

Crockpot Baked PotatoesIn the past, I seldom baked potatoes because it takes so long to bake them in the oven, however, I do love them. Today, I tried baking some in the crockpot and they were scrumptious.



Now Is the Time for a Victory Garden - raised beds with leaf lettuce and other crops

Now Is the Time for a Victory GardenWith all the extra time spent at home and uncertainty with COVID-19, now is the perfect time to be planting a victory garden.


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Warning: Swag Bucks ScamSwag Bucks is a Scam! I love being able to sign up at a site and be rewarded for participating in all of the offers available. It is fun, you meet cool people, and you win prizes. Sounds good so far, huh? Here it comes.


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Fresh Frozen SeasoningWhen a little girl I used to love watching my mother cook. Especially when she let me help make her homemade seasoning instead of store bought seasoning powder, other than salt and pepper. She brought out a big onion, cilantro, garlic buds, and pepper. She cut up the bell, onion and chopped up the cilantro. and let me throw them into the blender.


Woman using dental floss to apply eyeliner

Dental Floss Pick As an Eyeliner GuideThe majority of my girlfriends have trouble applying wing-tipped eyeliner. I always give them this tip. Paint some liquid eyeliner onto the string of a dental floss pick then hold it against your eyelid to get the perfect line. Let it dry then fill in the triangular portion under it. Perfection!


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Product Review: Sunbeam Battery TesterI found a battery tester at the local Dollar Tree store. Manufacturer is Sunbeam, and it tests all 1.5V (AAA, AA, C and D) and 9V batteries. It shows you the charge level, from 20% to 100%.


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Make Your Own 2% Milk At HomeI do not pay for the store to water down my milk, as in 2% and such. We found that we can do this at home. Buy whole milk and add cold water to it. Since this is a matter of taste, you will have to find what suits your family best.


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Warning About Flea Medicine from the Dollar StorePLEASE BE AWARE. While dropping my dog off at the vet yesterday, a hysterical girl rushed in with a cat that was violently shaking, mouth hanging open, eyes actually bugged out. She was crying and screaming.


A table filled with antique nicknacks.

Reselling Antiques and CollectiblesSeveral of my friends are now making good, extra money re-selling used items and/or antiques and collectibles. Two of them are working an eBay store called Hollywood Junque.


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Rubbing Alcohol as Eyeglass CleanerI keep rubbing alcohol in a small 2 oz. spray bottle. I use it to clean my glasses. You could also use your own homemade glass cleaner, but I find it easier to just fill it with the rubbing alcohol.


Growing Pansies From Seed - seedling

Growing Pansies From SeedSome varieties of pansies do best in late spring and early summer, while others do best in fall and winter. I have been buying plants in early fall, as soon as they are available in garden centers. I have a nice display in fall, all but the coldest parts of winter, and then, spring and the early part of summer.


A box of fresh produce; carrots, zucchini, strawberries, cabbage, etc.

Online Grocery Delivery ServicesIn our household, we have not gone grocery shopping physically in stores in over 5 weeks. I have tried 4 new food services since then and I would like to share with you my first impressions, thoughts and reviews.


Opal Pool

Hiking Opal Creek (Oregon)Last weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to hike in the Opal Creek Scenic Area and Wilderness. It is located east of Salem, in the Willamette National Forest. Opal Creek runs through thousands of acres of protected old growth forest, crisscrossed with over 30 miles of hiking trails.


Low Cost Flower Bed

Low Cost Flower BedIt was getting dark when I took this picture. The strange arrangement of colors is due to the fact that the flowers weren't labeled and not in bloom when I bought them.


A bag with diatomaceous earth spilling out.

Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of ParasitesFood Grade Diatomaceous earth will kill fleas, ticks, bed bugs and almost any other insect. If taken internally, it will also rid your dog of worms and parasites. It must be FOOD GRADE not the kind sold at pool supply companies.


How to Get Rid of Carpenter BeesIt's very easy to do yourself, and it 100% works! I have used this to get rid of Carpenter bees my whole life. You will need a can of WD40 spray, the one with the long sprayer tip at the end works best.


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Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Pet Urine OdorMany years ago a vet tech suggested using hydrogen peroxide to remove pet odors from carpet, rather than buying the all too expensive store bought cleaners. I gave it a try and have been hooked ever since. If it's a stubborn/very strong odor, you may need to repeat the process, but when you're done, the odor will be completely gone and you will have saved a lot of $$.


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Using Cooking Bags In Your CrockpotCan I use "oven cooking bags" in my crockpot?


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Use Dawn for Very Oily HairI have always had oily hair, but in the last several months the oiliness has just gotten worse and worse--to the point that I could wash it as usual and it would be extremely oily only a few hours later.


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Characteristics of AluminumAluminum is a light-weight metal with a bright silvery luster. Small amounts of other metals are added to aluminum to make harder alloys for most uses. Its affinity for oxygen makes it resistant to corrosion and attack by most chemicals.


A picture of little black bugs.

Little Black Bugs Could Be ScabiesI had little bugs crawling on me, in my hair and in my clothes. I kept finding black specks that didn't move. I would notice glitter on my face in the sun light. I didn't realize this was scabies. I washed, sprayed and bombed; nothing seemed to work. Unfortunately, I gave scabies to my friend. She told me the only way to get rid of these bugs was to get ivermectin.


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Use Kraft Paper to Prevent Weeds in Flower BedI've tried the newspaper, mulch, digging by hand; all in vain. After building our house, I had a roll of leftover brown paper like they use to protect your floors while building. I used this on one of my flower beds as an experiment.


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Apple Cider Vinegar for Restless Leg SyndromeI was talking to a friend of mine who takes 1 Tbsp. of apple vinegar cider nightly for years and has not had to take any other medication since for it. Since I cannot stand the bitter taste, I bought some apple cider vinegar tablets.


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Clean Your Area Rugs at The Car WashTake your area rugs to the car wash to get them super clean! I have done this numerous times with a helper and a truck, and know others who do the same. It's amazing to see the dirt run out off the rug!


Restoring Old Photos At No Cost

Restoring Old Photos At No CostI have seen several articles on ThriftyFun pertaining to the restoration of old photos. They were well written and often showed before and after pictures depicting very impressive results. In most cases those results were obtained by using a 'paid for' computer software.


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Animal Feed at Day Old Bread StoreHere is such a money saver you need people to share with! If you go to a day old bread store and ask if they have any "Animal Feed" racks of bread for sale.


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Trap Dust At Air VentsOne day I noticed that you can follow the dust in my bedroom back to the air vent. I took two fresh dryer sheets, stapled them together, and covered the air vent with them using four refrigerator magnets.


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Dawn Detergent To Unclog DrainIf your kitchen sink is clogged with grease, the best thing I've ever found is Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. I plug the drain and put a huge squirt, maybe 1/2 cup, in the sink. Then I fill the sink with boiling water. Once it's full I pull the plug.


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Use Dishwasher For StorageI have a dish washer and find that I rarely use a dish drainer. I decided to put that old drainer to a better use. It works great to hold all of my lids for pots and pans upright in the small space under the sink.


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Orajel for Ingrown Toenail PainI have found that Orajel works for ingrown toenail pain. Just squeeze a line of Orajel along the cuticle and let soak for 2 or 3 minutes and the pain is gone. Its worked for me and doesn't get painful again for days.


A pile of silica packs

Please Don't Throw Away Silica Gel PacksThere are over a dozen reasons you should not throw away silica gel packs. Have you ever wondered when you purchase or get mail order, at least one of these roll out with your items? The biggest reason is that they absorb moisture and help retain freshness. With that package or purchase you receive a free gift of savings, here is how!


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Vicks Vapor Rub for Minor BurnsFor minor burns, such as steam burns in the kitchen, after running cold water on the burn, you can put Vicks Vapor Rub or a similar product on it and it will take the sting/soreness out of the burn!


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Discounted Paint at LowesWhenever I visit my local Lowes home improvement store, I check out the discounted paint rack. These are 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails of tinted paint that someone did not purchase.


Net Frame Around a Tree

Fruit Tree Bird Net FrameHubby and I made this frame out of 2 inch plastic irrigation piping attached to metal 'star' pickets. This size pipe fits snuggly on to the ends of the pickets, sliding easily over.


Fishing in a mountain lake.

Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids (and...If I do not make plans to keep my son busy this summer, he will be perfectly content to waste his days watching TV and playing with his DS. So I plan to set up a daily schedule for him.


A bottle of Nestle Pure Life water.

What's in Your Bottled Water?I use a Brita pitcher and washable bottles. My husband buys his water. You need to read the label carefully, or you may be paying for just tap water.


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If You Are Overcharged at WalMartIf You Are Overcharged at WalMart. For Wal-Mart shoppers, here is a tip if you were not aware of it. When you go shopping make sure you look at the price tag, compare the name, ounces, anything else that is pertinent to the item.


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Boil Eggs With Potatoes for SaladWhen I am cooking potatoes for potato salad, I put my eggs in with the potatoes. This way they all cook together, and I don't have to use another pot.


Using a paint roller to clean ceiling.

Cleaning Popcorn Ceilings the Easy WayMy popcorn ceilings may be old, but I still want them to be clean. They tend to collect dust and spiderwebs over time, and I've finally found a way to get them clean without much effort! Just use a new, thick-knapped paint roller, on an extension pole if possible.


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Best Way To Sell Aluminum TabsThe proper way to store pull tabs is in zip locks, or boxes if your into larger amounts. I have sold over 40 million of them to support my 3 charities.


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Drywall Sandpaper for Cleaning Pool TilesGot heavy calcium build up on your pool tiles? Don't use dangerous chemicals to clean them with, instead, use a sheet of drywall sandpaper.


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Dollar General ClogsI wanted to recommend these shoes I got today at Dollar General for only $4. They are super comfy and lightweight plastic slipons. i will love to scoot them on to go outside for mail or firewood or to take out the trash.


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Mr Clean Eraser for Mold RemovalThe easiest way to remove mold from boat seats is to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The mold comes right off. Just rinse and you are done.


Coins soaking in a cleaning bath, next to a toothbrush.

How to Clean Dirty CoinsMy best friend always looks down at the ground when we go for walks because he is really quite lucky finding huge amounts of change in sidewalk crevices and dirt patches. He finds several dollars per week! Unfortunately, these coins are often very corroded and almost unrecognizable.


Grow a Rose Cutting in a Potato cutting in a small potato

Grow a Rose Cutting in a PotatoIf you have a rosebush that's doing well and want to grow more from it, or give some as a gift, it's a good idea to propagate a cutting from that bush inside of a potato. Potatoes have a good amount of moisture and nutrients for a new cutting to develop from.


Pink flip flop with a Magic Eraser

Cleaning Flip FlopsFlip flops tend to get dirty, especially my white and pink ones. I have tried many cleaners and the best is the Magic Eraser.


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Using Expired Cottage CheeseA few times, after finding the cottage cheese container buried in the back of the fridge, well past its expiration date, I've tossed it out. Recently, I got ready to toss out another container, but had a 2nd thought.


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Use a Hotdog Bun for PB&JA peanut butter and jelly sandwich is much less messy on a hotdog bun. Try it and see if I'm right!


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Use Half A Benedryl to Avoid Side EffectsMy son and I both have pollen and various topical allergies. It seems that Benadryl is the only thing that works for either of us. Since he does a lot of driving in connection with his work, he bought the little pink Benadryl tablets and broke them in half.


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Rain-X For The ShowerOne of the best things to use in the shower to help keep away the soap scum build up and mold, is Rain X. Yes, you would normally use it on your windshield, but if you use it in your shower, it has the same effect.


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Use Microwave to Help Remove RX LabelsAfter many times of trying to remove labels from empty pill bottles to remove my identity from them before discarding them, I hit on a new way tonight. I was standing at my kitchen sink, next to the microwave. I filled my empty pill bottle with water, sat it in the microwave, heated the water in the micro for a few seconds or minutes.


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Soap BallsDon't throw away small pieces of soap. Gather together like colors of soap (or you'll end up with an ugly colored ball.) Place scraps in a bowl, and if they are very small - great, no further work needed.


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