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Clothes Hangers Wall Decoration - bright pink plastic hanger wall decoration

Clothes Hangers Wall DecorationHere is a way to make a cute and inexpensive decoration for your wall from plastic clothes hangers.


DIY Crayon Lipgloss - lipgloss on the back of her hand

DIY Crayon LipglossYup you read it right. I'm going to show you how to make lipgloss out of crayons! It's really fun and easy, and it's interesting to try different crazy colors and see which is your favorite.


tea towel angel

Quick Tea Towel AngelsI needed some inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts for a number of people who have been helping me with my small business this year. I was able to pick up packs of Christmas towels and matching hot pads for $5. Each pack makes two angels and you have an oven mitt left over.


Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder Surgery  - view of Velcro strips in place

Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder SurgeryRecently, I searched online for medical clothing needed after a rotator cuff surgery and noticed the cost of such alterations was in my opinion over priced. After gleaning a few items, I decided to give it my best DIY version that was less costly and worked just as well.


Folding Fitted Sheets - folded sheet sets on the closet shelf

Folding Fitted SheetsI remember the days when we did not have fitted sheets and if the sheet was not tucked in good, you would wake up and find yourself laying on the mattress.


removing Pineapple segments

Pull-Apart PineappleThis is a fun way to tackle a pineapple that keeps you from having to peel, core and slice. This is best done with a super ripe pineapple because the flesh is easy to twist and pull at. You will need one pineapple and one sharp pairing knife.


Plastic Milk Jug Flower - finished votive candle flower holder

Plastic Milk Jug FlowerI love plastic milk jugs because they are a lot like thick vellum paper, except they are free after you drink all your milk. After cleaning, drying, and cutting, these milk jugs can make beautiful flowers. Placing a candle in the middle and using it as a votive holder is optional.


Kitchen towel with crochet top.

Crochet Kitchen TowelCrochet several of these and put them in handy places throughout your kitchen; on the oven door and the refrigerator handle are the best places for these. My version is different from most since I don't cut the towel in half, but fold it and use the whole towel.


Big Soap Bubbles - bubble floating over the counter

Big Soap BubblesSo I know winter is approaching and these aren't really typical to see at this time of year, but you can use them inside too! You just have to be prepared to clean up a little bit of a mess:)


Painted trees standing in corner.

Triple Tree Wood Decor Using a Scroll SawThese are scroll sawed trees with real bark.


Buttoned Headband for Masks - woman wearing the headband with a mask attached around the buttons

Buttoned Headband for MasksThis headband is helpful when you have to wear a mask for extended periods of time and don't want the pressure on your ears. Your mask's straps loop around the buttons near your ears. I originally made this for my sister who is a makeup artist and has to be extra protective for herself and her clients at work. I used an old t-shirt's sleeve for this headband.


Finished blue yo yo.

Making Fabric Yo YosThis is a short tutorial for making fabric yo yos. These cute little fabric circles can be used in lots of craft projects, from quilts to Christmas garlands.


Venetian Leaf Crocheted Towel Topper

Crochet Venetian Leaf Towel TopperI like the towel toppers that have a concealed crochet chain so you can hang a towel over the chain without having to cut the towel in half and deal with the cut edge.


How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood is lovely, but at times it does not age well, or exposure makes the veneer or varnish suffer needlessly.


Finished license front.

Kid "Driver License"A fun project to make for, with, or by your child that will make him or her feel special! Use the directions to customize a driver's license with your child's photo, state of residence, and Power Wheels, tricycle, bicycle, or Fisher Price Coupe Car!



Non-Pleated Face Mask - women's over the ear mask made with pink fabric with cherry motif

Non-Pleated Face Mask With Filter PocketThe most recent orders from our governor include wearing masks when in public so I decided to make a set of masks for my family. I found a free pattern online for a non-pleated mask with filter pocket.


Soap Jellies - plate of jellies

Soap JelliesOkay yes this sounds unusual, but these are in fact really cool and playful. They make traditional soap fun and more interesting for sure!! I found many recipes and ideas online, but when I tried them, the jellies would just fall apart and these so far have not done that! So I'd like to share how I make them and hopefully these will be a fun project for you to enjoy:)


Bag Holder for Picking Up Litter - adding a McDonald's cup to the bag

Bag Holder for Picking Up LitterThere is a great need for volunteers to help clean up our roads these days. I have found that the winter months are the best time for me as the grass is short and the litter is so accessible and there are no biting insects to bother me.


DIY Off-Shoulder Top - off the shoulder sweatshirt modeled by the maker

DIY Off-Shoulder TopI was looking to buy an off-shoulder sweatshirt when I noticed that most of them cost $10 to $15 more than their pre-cut counterparts. There is a super simple way to cut them to make them hang off your shoulder just right. Here's how to do it.


Pearl Water Falls Centerpiece - finished centerpiece on table

Pearl Waterfall CenterpieceI brought my love for nature into my living room since our summer season will be going really busy. I just imagined myself going to this pearly wonderful waterfall while making this craft.


Miniature Soap Bible

Miniature Soap BibleThis is a great project for Vacation Bible School. Fun for the little ones. It is a Bible made from a bar of Ivory soap. Wrap ribbon around edges of soap, beginning midway on a long side. Tuck in corners and pin in place.


Converting a Drawer Unit Into a Footstool - in service

Converting a Drawer Unit Into a FootstoolI recently gave a very large desk to a gal just across the road from me. I had used it less and less over the last year, so it was time.


A turban towel on a green mannequin head

One-Seam Bath Towel Turban CraftWe all love to wrap a towel around our freshly washed hair before we dash to the kitchen to start breakfast or whatever, but halfway there the towel is already coming loose. Use one of your extra towels to make this simple and fast turban that will stay in place.


Paper Kids' Crown - finished crown

Paper Kids' CrownThis is an inexpensive and easy way to make a custom kid's crown with a paper plate. It is ideal for playing dress up at home, as a party hat, or to complete a Halloween costume! This concept would be fun for a kids' party for them to decorate their own hats, too!


Easy Bird Feeder - hanging feeder

Easy Bird FeederThere are lots of ways to make a bird feeder, but I think this is one of the easiest and most fun to make. It is an excellent craft for children to do because the end product looks good with only a minimal amount of skill needed.


A paper towel holder made from a clothes hangar.

Hanger Paper Towel HolderHave you ever had paper towels and no paper towel holder? Yes it happened to me as well. During the move I forgot to take down the paper towel holder I had and now I am without one. I was thinking what I could do for the time being until I go get a new one and that is when I got the idea.


Crocheted Donut Pincushion - icing in place with pins randomly stuck in place

Crocheted Donut PincushionI made this last night, so I apologize for the lighting. There are better shots to share. This is a cute project and you don't need much yarn. I used a light brown with a white frosting. You could also use dark brown frosting, or pink, etc. I hope you like this. For the seamstress on your list, this is perfect!


How to Make Orange Clove
Pomanders - three variations resting on a bed of evergreen branches

How to Make Orange Clove PomandersPomanders have been around for centuries, providing people great scents and aromatherapy. During the Great Plague, they were hung around in hopes of purifying the bad air. Today, there are many varieties available. These here are made from citrus fruits and cloves.


Homemade Air Dry Clay - hand holding a large ball of clay

Homemade Air Dry ClayI have been trying all types of air-dry clay recipes and none of them seem to be working and when you use them, the clay cracks and breaks easily. I happened to run across a recipe a few months back that I just love. I gave it a try because you didn't need to cook this one. It was the best clay recipe I have found so far and it is so easy to make.


Tiny Hanging Glass Jars

Tiny Hanging Glass JarsI won second place for these tiny embellished jars. I love these, and on line they are super cheap, plus there are also old style salt shakers. With a little time and imagination, I came up with these. I hope you like them.



Cleaning Silver with Aluminum Foil - silver jewelry in pan

Cleaning Silver with Aluminum FoilIt's easy to clean silver using aluminum foil and cleaning agents you have in the house.


Polka dot fleece socks.

Simple Fleece SocksThese socks are great as an extra layer while moseying around the house and also make a great gift.


Three of the finished magnets.

Glittery Glass MagnetsThis tutorial teaches you how to make beautiful glittery glass magnets using a few materials and nail polish you probably have lying around your house.


Finished ornament card.

Ornament CardA Christmas ornament is the inspiration for this card. Get the children help cut out the circles and make a batch of these cards to send out seasonal greetings.


candy bouquet

Candy Bouquet With Candy VaseCandy bouquets are a fun gift to give or receive, but they can be expensive to buy! Luckily they are easy to make yourself and much cheaper.


Pleated Paper Butterfly - four completed butterflies

Pleated Paper ButterflyIt won't take you more than a few minutes to make a paper butterfly and you can make it any size you like. The result is spectacularly pretty considering how simple they are to make and would make a great addition for a craft fair stall or charity sale.


Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic Tablecloths - pink flower

Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic TableclothsI needed some big beautiful flower displays for a party. I asked for and received the plastic tablecloths that my local Tricky Tray was throwing out after their event. I created these beautiful flowers with them!


Pink Salt Lamp

Drying Out a Sweating Salt LampMy son bought a salt lamp recently and we were surprised that it was soaking wet. After doing some research online I discovered that salt lamps will sweat if they have been in a humid environment. It is not uncommon to open the bag and find a sweaty lamp.


Plastic Cup Contemporary Light - Solo cup light

Plastic Cup Contemporary LightMy friends went away on holiday and came back to find hundreds of Solo cups, and the remnants of what looked like a huge party, scattered about their house. There was no permission given for this blowout, of course. I thought I could help lighten things up (in two ways) by making them this decorative light with some of the cups.


Fingerprint Snow Globe - completed snowman snow globe project

Fingerprint Snow GlobeIf you are looking for an easy, fun, and adorable craft for kids to make during winter, try this fingerprint snow globe. You won't need many supplies to create something that will be cherished forever. Besides the winter theme, you could incorporate this snow globe into learning about snow and the letter S.


Faux bundt cake

Making a Faux CakeI recently discovered that newspaper can make a great pulp to make faux foods. I've been wanting a faux cake to display on a cake platter.


Angel pin in gold, silver, and pearl.

Angel Lapel PinThis pin is a recycle pattern with a Christmas theme. It is a tiny angel lapel pin using gold safety pins, pearls, and beads. It is appropriate for casual wear or for dressy occasions to Christmas parties.


Book Pocket Pillow - finished pillow with book in pocket

Book Pocket PillowWe made this pillow for my 3 year old. It has a large pocket to carry a book and is perfect for cuddling up for story or nap time.


Wall Masks

Plastic Jug Wall MasksWall masks made from plastic jugs. Cut tops off jugs as shown in photo. Make a hole at top center and make a string loop for hanging.


Christmas Draft Stopper - draft stopper at base of door

Christmas Draft StopperThis is cute and cozy way to stop those cold drafts from coming in under your door. A pool noodle is covered with cute Christmas socks, then filled with gravel and corked at the ends.



DIY Eyelash Adhesive

DIY Eyelash AdhesiveI started making my own eyelash glue when I realized the store brand ones I was using was making my lids a bit itchy. This adhesive is made of a few simple household products and keeps your lashes on all day.


Cauliflower Sheep Centerpiece - cauliflower sheep centerpiece before the feast

Cauliflower Sheep CenterpieceThis is a fun edible craft that makes a fantastic centerpiece for many occasions: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthday parties, and more. You can make these with kids; just cut the segments apart for them. They will have so much fun putting it together, then having a healthy snack!


Baby cradle purse made with a detergent bottle.

Baby Cradle PurseThis is also sometimes called a Church Purse. It is crocheted using a dishwashing detergent bottle for a base. Any oval bottle will work. When it is closed it is a purse, and opened it is a baby cradle.


Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Dog Poop Bag DispenserWe recently bought a package of dog poop bags with a dispenser. The dispenser broke almost immediately, leaving us with a bunch of bag rolls without a way to carry them with us. I designed this easy to make fabric pouch that clips to our leash.


finished bow

Wire-Edged Ribbon BowYou don't need a bow maker to create these big, loopy bows. They can be made in many sizes and are great for gifts or wreaths.


Photo of a finished dog made out of yarn.

Recycled Wire Hanger Yarn DogThis is something I made for my children when they were little and am now making for my great grandchildren.


Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Hand SanitizerHand sanitizer is an effective way to wash your hands when you don't have access to soap and water. The following recipe lets you make your own hand sanitizer at home.


Crochet Men's Fingerless Gloves - person wearing gloves using a remote

Crochet Men's Fingerless GlovesThis is a quick, fun, and easy pattern for men's gloves. If you can single and double crochet, you can make these in under 1 hour!


Easy Light Purple Christmas Stationery - card and wrapped gift of stationary

Easy Light Purple Christmas StationeryHaving some unexpected guests over for Christmas Eve? Here is an easy way to make a set of matching stationery, so that you will be able to make them feel just a special as all your other guests.


Crocheted hair bow with ribbon trim.

Crocheted Holiday Hair BowCrocheted and decorated holiday hair bow, or a wall hanging!


Greeting Card Bookmark

Magnetic Greeting Card BookmarksThis is one of the bookmarks I made to go with the less than a dollar new books I picked up on to give as gifts this year.


filled candy dish

Clay Pot Candy/Gumball MachineMake this cute, inexpensive candy machine for Valentine's Day or decorate for any occasion. It makes a nice gift for a friend or co-worker.


Upcycled Water Bottle Indoor Planter - two completed planters

Upcycled Water Bottle Indoor PlanterMake these cute indoor holiday themed planters with items you have around your home. They make a cute decor touch and are great for your plants to propagate in (instead of a plain plastic cup).


lapghan with foot pockets

Wheelchair Lapghan with Foot Pocket4 rows cafe, 2 rows Aran, 2 rows shaded browns, 2 Rows Aran. Finish with 4 rows cafe.


Painted Wire Flowers and Clover

Painted Wire Flowers and CloverThis is a super fun and pretty craft using wires, wood glue, and nail polish. Bend the wires in whatever flower shapes you admire, dip in glue, then paint. They reflect such beautiful colours in the sun. I hope you give this a try!


View of three angels.

Book AngelsFirst of all I would like to just say I love making these for any occasion. They are cheap and easy to make and best of all its a great way to recycle all those hard cover books you don't read anymore or the ones you can get at a yard sale for dirt cheap.


finished booties

Easy Newborn Crocheted BootiesQuick, easy, and oh so fun to make. These would be a great shower gift for that sweet little bundle. Baby princes would be just as proud to wear them if you left the flower off and crocheted in blue.


Make Reusable Absorbent Towels

Make Reusable Absorbent TowelsDo you use a lot of paper towels? Here's a way to help cut down and save money in the process. Get some flannel and some terry cloth from the fabric store; about 3 yards of each.


DIY Old Window Decoration - finished window

DIY Old Window DecorationChoose an accent color. Buy clear glass pieces at thriftstores, garage sales, and flea markets. Examples include: small bowls, candy dishes, candle holders, or glass tops to containers. Use an accent color in a few dishes.


Distressing Paper with an Ink Pad - image and ink pad

Distressing Paper with an Ink PadI am distressing a paper image in order to make it look vintage. I love making paper crafts and journals of all kinds. I went a bit far with the ink and foam brush, but the image looks awesome anyway ;)


damaged fabric on couch

Repairing Cat Scratched CouchOne of our cats, Mario, has taken to scratching our fabric furniture and over the last four years our couch and love seat have taken a serious beating, along with several other pieces.


Red and white dish towel folded to resemble an angel.

Dish Towel AngelTake dish cloth and fold back and forth lengthwise. Take spoon and wrap around spoon. Take ribbon and cut extra long. Tie dishcloth with ribbon at bottom of spoon part to form the dress.


Cemetery Christmas Garland

Cemetery Christmas GarlandI created a nice cemetery garland for my in-laws' grave, using holly branches, various evergreen branches, some bare branches sprayed white, berries, and a pretty bow.


view of finished candle out of the mold

Coffee Bean CandlesI saw these coffee bean candles and really wanted one. They were so neat looking and I imagined they smelled wonderful. But, then I realized that I could probably figure out how to make it myself. You don't need candle-making supplies for this one. It's pretty simple to make.


Hand holding a home name disinfectant wipe

Make Your Own Disinfectant WipesIt's easy to make your own disinfectant wipes at home. These are great when the stores are selling out because of the Coronavirus. It's also a convenient way to refill wipe containers so you can get more uses out of them.


Succulent Wreath - wreath hanging on a tree

Succulent WreathThis is a beautiful outdoor succulent wreath that can be hung on your front door or in your backyard. Just a few supplies and you can have yourself a lovely succulent wreath!


Stone Ladybug Garden Ornaments - ladybug rocks in a planter

Stone Ladybug Garden OrnamentsThis is a fun craft for the garden, made from the garden! I collected the roundest stones I could find in my backyard, painted them to look like ladybugs, then placed them all around the garden. Such a fun pop of colour! This is a great all-ages craft.


Egg Carton Alligator - finished egg carton gator

Egg Carton AlligatorThis is an adorable little alligator made from painted egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, and paper scraps. It is a cheap craft for all ages!


Dog Toy from Old Dish Towels  - dog pulling on towel toy

Dog Toy from Old Dish TowelsAny dog who likes to chew will love this toy. It's tough and durable and easy to make from old cotton dish towels. No sewing involved, just cutting, plaiting, and tying.


Succulent Driftwood Centerpiece - finished centerpiece planter lying on flagstone

Succulent Driftwood CenterpieceMake this beautiful succulent driftwood centerpiece for little to free (if you have the supplies on hand).


Soap Swan

Soap SwanThis is a vintage craft from the 60's made from nylon net and a bar of soap. The kids could help with this one. I think the shape of the Dove soap has changed so you may have to modify the pattern or the bar of soap to complete this project.


Animal Cracker Magnets

Animal Cracker CraftsWhy should the squirrels in your yard get all the stale animal crackers when you can wear them as jewelry instead?


closeup of one finished neckline

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckI recently found some t-shirts on sale at the craft store for $2. I was excited, but I despise crew neck shirts. I found a youtube video explaining exactly how to turn your shirts into v-necks and they looked like you bought them that way. It's easy and takes less than half an hour.


Bobby Pin Thumb Piano - finished piano

Bobby Pin Thumb PianoMy daughter needed to make a musical instrument for her 7th grade science class that had at least 4 notes. I remembered that she had made a neat little thumb piano years ago at a craft fair. She made a new one and it is perfect!


A handmade pink card that resembles a purse.

Daisy Purse CardWith left-over papers, flower, and ribbon you can create a pretty purse card. It makes perfect gift for birthdays.


Scissor sacks made from potholders.

Scissor SacksThese are potholder scissor holders. Fold a pot holder into a cone shape. Hot glue the sides together. Careful not to burn yourself. You can use the loop at the top for hanging or poke holes to run a ribbon for hanging.


Aluminum Can Pinwheel - pinwheel in the garden

Aluminum Can PinwheelIf I'm not taking my aluminum cans to the recyclers, I'm making things with them. These pinwheels are easy to make and a delight to watch spin in the wind. There are certain spots in our garden where squirrels wreak havoc, so we place them there to keep them at bay with the bright reflections.


fingerless gloves

Knitted Fingerless Gloves PatternHomemade Clothing - Detailed Instructions for Fingerless Knit Gloves.


Finished Stepping Stones

Decorative Hypertufa Stepping StonesReuse "To-Go" container clam shells as molds to make lovely decorative stepping stones for your garden.


Simple Wine Cork Trivet - under a bowl

Simple Wine Cork TrivetThis is fun, quick, and with supervision, a great kids' craft.


How to Patch Tears in Rubber Gloves - repaired glove

How to Patch Tears in Rubber GlovesThere's nothing more irritating than feeling your gloves suddenly fill up with water while you're doing the dishes. In the past, I've either spent loads on cheap gloves, or tried to pay more for better gloves, only to find they lasted maybe a few weeks longer. Now I immediately patch them up.


Peroxide for Removing Blood  Stains - pour directly on stain

Peroxide for Removing Blood StainsYou can easily remove most blood stains from clothing using 3% hydrogen peroxide and a toothbrush. This particular blood stain was on a pair of gray cotton pants.


Make your own planner Final 1

Design Your Own Day PlannerI was looking for a planner for my girlfriend for her birthday. I could not find the right one for her personality, I looked everywhere! Finally I decided to buy one, then make it my own, for her.


6 Inch Friendship Star Quilt Block

6 Inch Friendship Star Quilt BlockMy new quilt is going to be a combination of 6 inch snowball blocks interspersed with friendship star blocks.


Potholders on bulletinboard.

Potholders From Fabric ScrapsI have a lot of fabric and a lot of scraps leftover from my projects so I decided to make some potholders from the scraps. I have not been able to master the binding that goes around the edge so I tried something different.


Rug made from white bedspread.

Recycled Bedspread RugThis is a rug made from a queen size bedspread that I found for $2 at the thrift store. The bedspread had bleach stain spots on it, but as you can see, they aren't visible in the rug.


Popcorn Kernel Jar Secret Safe - cash inside the inner water bottle

Popcorn Kernel Jar Secret SafeNeed a place to hide your valuables? Try making my secret diversion safe that looks like a full jar of popcorn kernels! It costs about $1.00 to make, which is so much cheaper than diversion safes carried at spy and detective shops. Don't have popcorn? You can use: lentils, beans, bran flakes, etc.


Photo Transfer Using White Glue - photo print transfer to cup

Photo Transfer Using White GlueKeep motivated during the day with simple memories of your loved ones by putting their faces on your coffee mug. A daily glance to your family's photo will get you inspired throughout the day.


red ombre hair color

Dyeing Hair With Kool-AidMy daughter wanted to color the ends of her hair for the last week of school. The Kool-aid created a very pretty ombre look!


Kid Toy Rattle Drum - both rattle drums finished

Kid Toy Rattle DrumThe kids are enjoying music right now. Here is a rattle toy drum (twist straw to play) - we made this in two versions - one with a metal jar cap and one with a ribbon cardboard roll.


Recycled Coffee Lid Animals - five lid animals

Recycled Coffee Lid AnimalsThis is a fun way to recycle coffee lids by making cute animals with paint and/or construction/paper. This is a great activity to do with your child. You can actually tie a ribbon/string knot from the top (of the hole) as an ornament, or make this as a banner for a party, glue to a craft stick or play as is!


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