A Home Depot rental van.

My Home Depot Van Rental ExperienceDo you need to move something quickly? Or purchase something nearby and need to get it home? Home Depot is really convenient and there is no purchase necessary so you can walk into Home Depot and rent.


A bowl of sautéed butternut squash.

Sauteed Butternut Squash With OnionsThis recipe is easy to prepare and tastes great.


An old swing with ripped canvas.

Swing Canvas Replacement?Help! We know there are replacements for canopies. We can't find anything for the seat part. Any help would be appreciated before we take the frame to the dump.


An old rectangular lamp.

Information About Lamp?Need help finding the value and authentic verification of this lamp. Any leads on where to find this lamp on the internet? Some criteria I can study and utilize for resale of lamp, as I cannot find anything on it. Thanks, I've googled everything you see in photo and have had no luck.


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Parenting A Four Year Old?My daughter is almost 4 and she is beyond attached to me. I can't explain it any other way other to say that it is extremely exhausting and unhealthy. I don't know what to do. Besides the extra clingy thing, she also has a really hard time listening. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep, it's an ongoing battle.


Seedling vegetables covered by a bedding plant tray.

Square Mesh Flat to Cover VegetablesDo your vegetables get eaten before they've grown? It's happened to me so many times! Now, I use these square mesh flats over my vegetables after seeding so the birds don't get to them. After my vegetables are bigger and stronger I will remove the flats. Chances are they'll make it and no longer vulnerable.


A decorative lamp.

Is This Lamp Authentic?Is this lamp authentic and worth anything , I have found only one like it on the internet but it is in a language I don't understand, I believe it to be a Bohemian, on Czech glass. Please clarify. Thank you.


An old wooden trunk.

Information About Wooden Trunk?I got this trunk from my grandmother years ago and I absolutely love it! I'm interested to know what the value is and who and when it was made as some day I want my grand kids to have it and would love to give them the deets. Also if this is not a steamer trunk, what is it?


A piece of apple cobbler on a plate.

Apple Cobbler (Gluten Free)I had enjoyed apple cobbler most of my life and used the simple recipe that called for a cup of self rising flour, a cup of sugar, a cup of milk and a stick of butter and sliced apples. Since I can no longer have wheat flour, I had to adjust the recipe to make it gluten free by using gluten free flour. It is good and my family loves it too. It also freezes well for later. I freeze it in serving sizes.


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Effusion Oil Recipe?Is there a recipe for making LaTeeDa monogrammed linens effusion oil?


A stuffed Winnie the Pooh.

What Year Is This Winnie the Pooh?Can anyone tell me what year this Winnie the Pooh is? He does not have any tags, he has Disney Exclusive on the bottom of his foot.


The completed Birch Bark Snowflake

Birch Bark SnowflakeI like to use bark for crafts. This time I decided to make snowflakes from birch bark. You can hang these snowflakes on Christmas tree or use them to decorate Christmas gifts.


A Thanksgiving dinner served on paper plates.

Setting The Thanksgiving TableSome might think we non believers are a shallow, misguided, ungrateful lot. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While we may not practice a ritualized, much commercialized form of giving thanks to a deity, we too can deeply appreciate, even be humbled by, what we have.


The completed snowmen button bracelet.

Snowmen Button BraceletCelebrate the season with a DIY Christmas bracelet. I really liked the idea of forming different figures from buttons. This is a great use for buttons left over from old clothes. I decided to make a bracelet with snowmen.


The finished Christmas ball ornament.

Christmas Ball from Plastic Roll-On ContainerDo not throw away empty roll-on antiperspirants or deodorants. You can make little Christmas balls from them. It won't take long and will cost you almost nothing.



A bowl of Coconut-Black Bean Soup

Coconut-Black Bean SoupDelicious, different and healthy.


A collection of handmade food gifts.

Handmade/Homemade GiftsChoosing the perfect gift for each person on our list means paying attention throughout the year and taking note of preferences. This is particularly true when making gifts.


Brussels Sprout Christmas Tree

Brussels Sprout Christmas TreeI thought this Brussels sprout stalk would make a fun table decoration. I was able to get the Brussels sprouts and cranberries on sale and the star and lights at the Dollar Tree.


Rehashing Frugal Living After a Death

Rehashing Frugal Living After a DeathI mainly lurk these days but I had to become super frugal since the death of my husband in May. I am trying to get my widow benefits (we were both on SSDI), so I am living on less than half of what we were bringing in. I paid $500 up front for the cremation, but because SS is taking so long on my widows' benefits, the funeral home wrote off the rest of the bill. I do have his ashes with me now.


A rubber snake to scare off birds.

How to Deter Birds From Pooping On Your CarWe love the Eastern bluebird and have several houses for them. Bluebirds are beneficial as they not only are pretty and pleasant to hear, they also eat bugs. We have them around all year long.


A pair of puppy clippers next to a pair of kitchen shears.

Dog Nail Cutters for Flower StemsI've tried all types of scissors including the ones that are for metal, cardboard, etc., those heavy duty kitchen scissors but I've never tried my stainless steel puppy nail cutters. They are absolutely hands-down the easiest. The blade doesn't slide off the stem. It gives a nice even cut, which is better for the flowers.


A plate of Candy Cane Rice Krispie Treats

Candy Cane Rice Krispie TreatsThese festive treats are super simple to make and really delicious. They make perfect gifts or a great addition to a holiday party.


A decorative carved wooden table.

Value of Vintage Wood Table?Any idea where this table is from or it's value? It was being discarded when I acquired it, so I don't know anything about it. It's a 12" L x 12" W x 22.75" H decorative wood table with the same ornately carved design replicated on all 4 sides and a shelf 6.75" from the bottom. No maker's mark can be readily seen.


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Manx Cat Feces?Our 2 Manx cats have never had a solid feces. Do they need to have special food? Have tried special dry food but does not make a difference.


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How to Repair Fresh Stepping Stone?Could I use weldbond mixed with glitter and go over the small pin holes on top of my freshly cement stepping stone? And then, seal it with grout sealer for outdoors?


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Alternatives for Lidless Pans?I seem to be very unlucky with my saucepan lids. I now have several lidless pans! I just thought I'd ask you clever people on here if you have any idea what I could use as a replacement? Thanks! xx


A thermometer inside a refrigerator.

Keep Refrigerator Coils CleanIn 2021, we used more electric (kWh) than we did the year before, causing our electric bill to be over $200.00 more for the year. I have been trying to figure out why. Recently, I noticed that our 1994 refrigerator was not cooling like it should and when the milk soured way before the expiration date, I knew something was wrong. I started searching the internet to see how much it was going to cost to get a new refrigerator.


The completed Porcelain Flowers

Porcelain FlowersI had some plaster of Paris and wanted to use it for a craft item. I found out that I could make my own porcelain looking flowers.


The completed Japanese Style Chocolate Roll Cake

Japanese Style Chocolate Roll CakeMy whole family loves this dessert because of its super soft, fluffy cake and very delicious chocolate ganache. For this dessert you need to spend money on 200 g (0.44 lb) of dark chocolate, but this is the only expensive ingredient and it is only used in the ganache. My family has a very humble life, but I think that it is very important to please our loved ones with something very tasty at least 1-2 times a year.


A cut banana next to a lid to fit.

Banana SaverYou just need a banana, a knife and a lid that fits the size of the banana from your bag of lids that everyone saves, a cutting board and that's it. First, you cut the banana in half. Eat 1/2 and save the other half for later or tomorrow.



Finished Ruffle Christmas Tree

Ruffle Christmas TreeThis small Christmas made of organza and hot glue will perfectly decorate your interior. It's lightweight and durable, so you don't have to worry about dropping it. You can insert a Christmas garland inside.


Teddy bears on a shelf.

Coordinating DecorThis is my frugal idea for decorating your home. I choose a picture that I like and then decorate the room based on the objects/colors of the picture. The decor that I purchase has been found at garage sales or thrift stores. The end result makes my home look well decorated but I am able to do it on a budget. These are some of the pictures and decor I have used.


The completed tortilla warmer.

Tortilla WarmerThis is a fun way to warm up tortillas and to keep them warm on the dinner table while assembling burritos or tacos.


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Origami BagThe design of this bag was inspired by origami. The bag has the shape of a regular hexagon. I decided not to overload the design of this bag with unnecessary décor, since the flower formed from the folds of fabric is a sufficient decoration for it. You can change the look of this bag and use it as a purse or a shoulder bag or wristlet or pouch or minaudière.


Closeup of completed star

Button Star OrnamentThis craft can be made using collected buttons left over from old clothes to make a star to decorate your Christmas tree. I used wire from an old transformer, so this project cost almost nothing. You can use any other color of buttons.


A collection of Origami Butterflies

Origami ButterflyWith just a few simple folds you can make this easy and impressive paper butterfly.


The completed Christmas bulb

Sticky Tape Christmas BulbThe simplest sticky tape is enough to decorate your Christmas tree. I figured out how to make a Christmas bulb out of transparent duct tape only using expired eyeshadow. Instead of eyeshadow, you can use any powder (of course, a powder that is safe for health), for example flour. So it will cost you almost nothing.


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Double Glass Framed PictureSomehow I had collected several pieces of glass from picture frames over the past few years and came up with this idea how to make an all-glass picture frame.


The completed Crochet Wire Bangle Bracelet with Hemispheres

Crochet Wire Bangle Bracelet with HemispheresUsing wire from old transformers, you can crochet a very beautiful jewelry, for example like this bracelet. The hemispheres look like unusual flowers.


The completed sweater

Ugly Christmas Tree SweaterMake your ugly Christmas sweater yourself! The advantage of this project is that the sweater will not be damaged. After the holidays are over, you can rip off the beaded organza ruffles and wear your sweater as usual.


An old wooden chair with a wicker seat.

Information on Wooden Chair?I have acquired this very old looking chair and I have spent some time researching trying to find out when it was made, if it's a desk, dining side, or school chair, and not looking for an appraisal but maybe some educated opinions on the value. Any information would be greatly appreciated or direction on how to find the information. Thank you and have a great day.


Using the gloves while dusting.

Cleaning Dusting GlovesNylon perfectly helps to clean the glass and make it shiny just like microfiber fabric or newspaper. It is quite difficult to clean small curved glass objects with a newspaper or a piece of fabric. In such cases, nylon gloves are simply irreplaceable.


Protecting the end of your faucet.

Protecting Your Sink FaucetThere are lots of ways to help keep your kitchen sink looking new. Here's one more.


A vintage painted table lamp.

Information on Vintage Lamps?I have two lamps I purchased at a thrift store. I thought they were very unique and different. I have searched and searched but I am coming up empty handed on finding out the makers, age, value, or anything. I have found very little information for the Bohemian one but not in my language. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Using tongs for your toaster.

Use Wooden Tongs on Your ToasterIf you have trouble getting toast out of your toaster because the toast doesn't pop up enough above the top or because you have sensitive fingers I highly recommend using wooden tongs.



Can Someone Identify This Stuffed Animal?I have had this toy since I was a baby and it was given to my by my mum. She said she bought it in Kmart in Australia during the 1990s. The toy is experiencing some wear and tear which makes me upset since it has a lot of sentimental value to me. The tags brand has worn off because of its age. Can someone please help me identify the brand so I could somehow find another one of these?


A wooden rocking chair.

Information About Rocking Chair?How old is this rocking chair? Anyone recognizes the maker on the Paper tag label?


A framed Thomas Kinkade print.
I am the light of the world.
John 8:12

Value of Thomas Kinkade "A Light in the Storm?"My mom passed away. I have inherited several Thomas Kinkade pictures. What is the value of this picture? A Light in the Storm. I am the light of the world. John 8:12. Please help!


A pump style dish detergent.

Extending Dish Detergent with PeroxideA lot of us find the better dish detergents so thick and concentrated, we choose to dilute them a bit (or a lot). We save money and the product is easier to use.


A Thomas Kinkade framed print.

Value of Thomas Kinkade "Stepping Stone Cottages?"My mom passed away. I have inherited several Thomas Kinkade pictures. What is the value of this picture? It is Stepping Stone Cottages. Love is the stepping stone to new beginnings.


A china plate with a decorative border.

Identifying Noritake China?The pattern shown is my grandmothers and very similar to the Marigold pattern. I am guessing my pattern doesnt have a name. Was Marigold made in the US? I think my grandmother's shown in the photos was made earlier? Thank you for any information you can provide especially about my grandmother's pattern.


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Identifying Pattern of Homer Laughlin?I have a Homer Laughlin Platter. Id on back Is I 34 N 8 What pattern is this? I can't seem to find it any where.


An old Lane sweetheart cedar chest.

Value of Lane Cedar Chest?How much is my 1964 Lane "sweetheart" cedar chest worth?


A collection of different soups at a party.

Midwinter Soup PartyEach midwinter I have a soup party for family and friends. I make several different kinds of soup. I might have potato soup, pea soup, bean soup, chicken or Turkey vegetable; whatever I happen to have on hand.


Allowing the caramel to cool on the cookies.

Chewy Caramel Apple CookiesI love these cookies because they're kind of like a cross between caramel apples and warm apple pie. The freshly cooked cubes of apple really stand out under the gooey ribbons of caramel. My family enjoys these warm with vanilla ice cream- it tastes just like fresh apple pie a la mode (without the hard work). Give them a try!


Activity Apron

Activity ApronThis activity apron could be used for a variety of purposes--for a teacher, for a children's church class, at home use with your own children, a grandma with grandchildren, etc. Items or activity cards are placed in each of the pockets and worn by the teacher, leader, parent, etc.


A bowl of salad with vegan caesar dressing.

Best Vegan Caesar DressingI have quite a few vegan people in my family and circle of close friends. One thing they're all quite picky about is a good vegan dressing. My own personal favourite salad is a Caesar salad, so I wanted to try to make a version I can serve to my vegan mates. This recipe is hands down the best so far. The capers really mimick anchovies, and the hummus makes for a great substitute for the egg base in the original version. Even if you're not vegan, I am sure you will love this version!


Cranberry Sauce Made From Dried Cranberries

Cranberry Sauce Made From Dried CranberriesThis was a very easy way to make cranberry sauce. I used 2 cups of dried cranberries and 1 cup of water. I did not add any extra sugar and it was fine without it.


The completed Peacock Feather Wreath

Peacock Feather WreathWhile vacationing in Nevada, we stayed at a bed and breakfast that had a lot of peacocks wandering the grounds. I had a lot of fun picking up their feathers. When I got home, I decided to make a wreath with them.


A hand with an oil slick manicure.

DIY Oil Slick NailsOil slick nails are super cute, but the price you pay to get them done at the salon is insane. You can do them yourself at home for a mere fraction of the price. Plus, you get enough chrome powder to do them many, many times over.


The open Covid Christmas Car Kit.

Covid Christmas Car KitBecause I was given a lot of fabric, and I generally make and distribute treats to friends and neighbors at Christmas time every year, I decided to change it up a little and made these "car kits" with hand sanitizer, kleenex, and masks to keep handy in the car.


The crunchy thin keto wafers.

One Ingredient Savory Keto WafersSo simple I couldn't believe it! Simply melt Parmesan cheese in the oven for thin wafer snacks when that cracker/savory craving hits you!


An old cabinet style record player.

How Old Is This Record Player?I found this old record player in an abandoned house a couple months ago. It's very large and built into a large cabinet. I took a good look at it but didn't see the name of a brand or anything on it. I'd like to get a general idea how old it could be based on the style of it.


Adding ribbon to the container.

Five-Minute Thrifty Goodie ContainersMade from berry containers from the produce department, I used Christmas fabric and plan to use to gift homemade fudge in them.


Ornament hangers stored on plastic bread tabs.

Store Ornament Hangers on Bread TabsLast year, I put my ornament hangers on bread tabs and it worked out great. They were not tangled up, which was a big help.


The finished angel ornament.

Keepsake Christmas OrnamentMade from my Grandmother's old perm rods. I wanted to do "something" with them and so I fashioned these two different ornaments; an angel and a Christmas tree.


The completed Organza Spiral Christmas Tree

Organza Spiral Christmas TreeOrganza and beads look great together. I used them to create this Christmas tree. You can use an LED garland instead of beads or make the Christmas tree without adding beads.


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Crispy Rice Peanut Butter CookiesThis is a good recipe for using up leftover rice cereal, such as Special K or Rice Krispies. I've been making it since the late 60s.


The finished Upcycled Chair Bench

Upcycled Chair BenchI saw this idea in a magazine.


A wreath made from pine cones.

Pine Cone WreathI saw this on Pinterest.


The orange colored hot glue.

Turn Transparent Hot Glue into Colored Hot GlueIf you need some colored hot glue to craft, then you can make it yourself very easily and quickly. You will need transparent hot glue and a colored wax crayon.


The finished Fish Scale Ring

Fish Scale RingFish scales, wire, and some instant glue are all you need to make this beautiful ring. Use wire from an old transformer and then this ring will cost you almost nothing.


The finished Knitted 3D Wire Heart

Knitted 3D Wire HeartYou don't need expensive materials and special tools to make beautiful jewelry. To make this original heart, you only need wire from an old transformer and knitting needles. Knitted wire jewelries look really amazing. This heart will look great as a pendant. You can add a brooch pin and you will have a beautiful brooch.


A matte black tea cup with gold decorations.

Matte Black Royal Stafford Tea Cup?Hello, I found this tea cup and saucer at a thrift store for $2. I have never seen tea cups like this and I'm curious to know more about the set. I tried to google it, but can't really find any information. I found two listings on Etsy; one cup was similar but different flowers and was shiny and instead of matte, the other listing including a dinner plate and salad plate, but the seller didn't know much about it.


A small black dog wearing a yellow diaper.

TrixieBelle (Chiweenie)I got my furbaby when she was 6 weeks old. I found her on Facebook. I saw her picture and fell in love. She was born on my birthday so we share a bond like no other.


A silver serving tray.

Information About Silver Serving Meat Tray?This piece was my grandmother's who is no longer alive. We pulled out and cleaned it up using a "speedy plate" with washing soda. There seems to be some discoloring and spots on it. There are no markings on the bottom at all. Magnets do not stick to it. I'm just curious if anyone knows its origins, what it might be made of, what it might be worth if anything. Thanks!


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Changing Stitching Pattern?How do I change the zigzag stitch to normal stitch?


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Meaning of Birthday Numbers?What does this mean? Age 44 first year 77 next year 22


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How Can You Know If a Raw Egg Is Safe to Use?How do you know when an egg is still fresh to use?


A cross country boot with wear.

How to Recondition Cross Country Ski Boot Collar?I have 2 pairs of old Alpina cross country ski boots. The collars are flaking off the color layer exposing the foam which is slightly sticky. Has anyone found a way to recondition the collars, stop the flaking and eliminate the sticky feeling?


A rocking chair upholstered in patterned fabric.

Identifying a Platform Rocker?Any help identifying this platform rocker? It has a number 14 stamped into the wood under the chair. Thank you all so much.


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Gift for Adult Stepchild Who Never Visits?Step child, age 31, always makes up excuses why she can't come to family events. She posted a comment on Facebook that she would not be celebrating Christmas this year to let her family know. However, she does go over to other places to have dinner, etc. with other people if her mother goes. They live together. We rarely see her.


A floral pattern on a china creamer.

Identifying Nippon Noritake Pattern?I am clearing out my parents' home and they have a set of this Noritake dishes. I can't find anyplace to find out what pattern it is.


An old Brother sewing machine.

What Model Is My Brother Sewing Machine?I bought this sewing machine from a thrift store recently. I need to order some parts for it but it doesn't have any labels or manuals so I don't know the model number. Does anyone recognize what model this might be?


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Treating Yorkie's Skin and Hair?My yorkie has oily hair with itchy dry skin, what can I use to prevent both?


An old token for Oxydol.

Value of Oxydol Token?I have a token for 1 package oxydol ( medium size) for free or 1 package of oxydol (large size) for .14c. Is this worth anything? Thanks.


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Cleaning a Flocked Wreath?Does anyone know how to freshen up a white flocked Christmas wreath. I would re-spray it but flocking cannot be purchased anymore.


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Value of Birthday Barbie?What is the value of Birthday Barbie 1993. Mint condition in the box.


A collection of stuffed reindeer.

Finding Dan-Dee's Santa's Reindeer?Hello again, Thrifty Fun users! I am in need of assistance once again! I know Christmas is over as of now but I was wondering where I could find this rare plush set of Santa's reindeer, made by the popular collectors brand, Dan-Dee. Here is some details about this rare set if anyone's wondering.


Three trays on a stand.

What Is The Age and Value of These Trays?These hand painted wooden trays were in my grandmother's 'stuff' and I have no idea the age or worth of these trays. Everything is wooden except the metal handles on each tray. There is glass on top of each tray. There are two sets of these, making six trays. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


An Ashley Belle porcelain doll in a box.

Value of Ashely Belle Doll?I realize dolls aren't very collectible right now but wanted to check and see if anyone knows anything specific about this doll. She's 30 inches tall, was a gift to my daughter in early 2000s (maybe 2003-2005). Thanks!


Wrist Brace Sleeve

Wrist Brace SleeveI have developed tendonitis in my wrist and the doctor gave me a wrist brace to wear. It was not as comfortable as I would like so I cut an old sock off, just below the heel, made a little hole in the heel for my thumb and I had a sleeve to go over my arm under the brace. To keep the holes from stretching, I hand stitched around them and pulled the stitches up to fit my hand. The extra padding has made the biggest difference in the comfort of this wrist brace. I don't mind wearing it at all now.


A collection of black threads.

Identifying Small Biting Bugs?I have been trying to figure this out for 5 years and yes I have heard just about everything from "fibers to molds and fungus and aliens to mites" At this point I have a good idea what my little friends are but there are some things that still make me wonder. like the little specks of fiber balls that hair like tentacles going out in different directions like a web growing on some shirts and stuff.


A small bug on a white wall.

Identifying a Bug?Any idea what bug this is? I found it in my house and I have no idea what it is. I'm sure that it doesnt fly and that it jumps. I couldnt even catch it


Hands holding soil.

Preheat Your Soil for a Faster Harvest (Solarizing Soil)Many vegetables, like tomatoes, beans, squash and peppers need soil temperatures to reach nearly 70ºF before their growth can really take off.


The finished Cranberry Apple Oat and Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Cranberry Apple Oat and Quinoa Breakfast BakeThis is a very filling dish. The cranberries and apples complement each other nicely. Quinoa is on sale at my supermarket, so this was economical as well. I did not use nuts and substituted powdered ginger for the crystallized ginger.


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