A fabric covered arm chair.

Value of Chair?Does anyone know about this chair and its value?


The completed lighted floating pearl centerpiece.

Lighted Floating Pearl CenterpieceI made up this "mock" centerpiece to try out the floating pearl centerpiece idea for wedding reception guest table.


The front cover of an old book.

Value of Longfellow Poems Pocket Edition?Looking for help on my pocket edition of Longfellow's poems, no date that I can find or other copies. Any help is greatly appreciated :-)


An old copy of a dictionary.

Value of Laird & Lee's Webster Dictionary?Is there any value in this book? It's a vintage antique Laird and Lee's Webster dictionary high school collegiate addition, 1911. It's not in great shape, but cannot find copies out there. Thanks for the help.


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Value of Heaven's Retired Angels?There is a 1998 Tom Rubel Ms. Wanderer from the Heaven's Retired Angel's Collection for sale on my Facebook Marketplace. Worthpoint has one for sale, but I am not a member. This one has no damage and comes with the box. Could someone please help me with her value? Thank you in advance for your help.


The completed note pads.

Upcycling Expired PlannersIt's 2023 now! Do you have any 2022 planners? While cleaning, I found a few 2022 planners that I used half way but never really utilized the planner to the fullest. While flipping through the planner there were lots of potential.


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Numerological Age Equals Calendar Year?2023 is a 7 year. This year I turn 52. Which equals 7 as well. I realized that this has always been true - for example, in 1972 I turned 1.


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Honey Substitute?I have an allergy to honey, what could I use instead? Thank you


A doll with yellow yarn hair.

Identifying A Doll?Can anyone ID this doll, please? There is no date of mark on the doll, only the tag.


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Value of Book of Knowledge Set (1912)?Long ago, I acquired a set of the Book of Knowledge published in 1912. They are not in good shape, but the contents and beautiful illustrations are very interesting and may be of interest to someone. Since I am retiring and leaving my classroom of 49 years, I cannot keep them (a small house). And I can't find it in myself to throw them away. Question: Have they any value to someone?


Chicken breasts being pounded flat in a recycled cake mix bag.

Cake Mix Inner Bags For Freezing ChickenWhen it comes to fried chicken breast tenders, I like mine thin. My intent here was to use the cake mix bag just for pounding the tenders. Then it occurred to me that the bag itself would be ideal for freezing as well, and I have accumulated several over time.


A console stereo system.

Capehart Console Stereo?Hi, I was just given the Capehart model c6025 All parts work, I just can't find anything about it. I'm interested in the year mostly. I'm not looking to sell it. I have several vintage machines in my collection and thought this would make a great furniture piece. I would also be interested in a vintage Capehart ad if anyone knows where to get one of those. Thanks in advance. Walter


Value Of Old Wardrobe Travel Trunk?

Value Of Old Wardrobe Travel Trunk?I would like to know the value of this wardrobe travel trunk? I don't have any other information on the trunk, just given to me from a dear friend.


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Golden and Platinum Birthday?If I turn 23 on the 23rd in the year '23, what is that birthday called? It's a combination of golden and platinum but does it have its own name?


A round wooden end table?

Information On Round End Table?Found in a thrift store today. Says made in Grand Rapids 1962 and has a Small green logo on it. How could I find out more info about it?



An old fashioned desk lamp.

Identifying This Lamp?Can anyone tell me what this type of lamp is? I'm trying to find new shades.


The completed book safe.

Vintage Book SafeThis is a storage book I created for my daughter's fairytale/garden wedding theme. The storage on the inside will be used to store her wedding advice cards.


An old bottle of laundry deterrent.

Using Laundry Detergent Bottle To Water Birds?I have washed this laundry detergent bottle so many times, I have lost count. Sadly, it continues to smell like laundry detergent. Is it safe to use as a jug to water the birds?


A vintage metal lamp with women figurines.

Information on Vintage Lamp?I bought this lamp from one of my local charity stores. It is electric, and it works. My questions are, would anyone have any kind of information about its origin, make etc- I cannot see any identification marks.


A collection of ceramic bells.

Value of M. J. Hummel 1978 Bell Series?I would like to know what my set is worth for just insurance purposes at this time.


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Removing Mice From Our Home?For the first time in my life, I have a mouse problem. I also have two lazy cats. The mice are in two of my kitchen cupboards. I've repeatedly cleaned them out using bleach and peppermint oil but my mice seem to like it! I then bought two humane traps. I've had them down nearly 2 weeks and not a nibble. I used peanut butter, then cheese. I don't want to kill them, I'd just like them to leave! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


A figurine of a woman carrying fruit on her head.

Identifying Figurine?I am trying to identify this item to see it's worth. I am selling some of my late aunt's belongings to pay for the costs of her passing.


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Warming an Area With Heated Stones?I am trying to find out if I can heat rocks or stones that I could be used to warm an area. I am sure I couldn't heat a room but I figure if I had enough rocks, bricks or stones, that I could increase the temperature. I have googled this subject and my question is not answered clearly.


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Making A Wedding Centerpiece From Ceramic Tiles?How can I use some plain white ceramic tiles (8 by 8) as part of a wedding reception guest table centerpiece? or any other ideas?


A dining room set.

MCM Ashley Furniture Dining Room Set?Sorry about the bad photos. I just came into possession of this table marked Ashley Furniture Maple Model D225-01 It has all chairs with it and a very big leaf, shown without the leaf. Is it MCM? anyone know when it was made and the retail cost at the time? what might it be worth now? it has a few signs of age but not bad. Thanks for any help


A stain on a wooden surface.

Removing a Chemical Stain On Wood?I had a little paint and some sticky stuff like glue residue on my new table. I went to hardware store and was told the product "Goof off" could be used. As soon as I applied to table it took away the color leaving a white spot. Talked with a local wood paint and design company that does refinishing. They said to sand area and see if it's still cloudy or light spot. My husband did with very fine sand pad 3m. And it is still light spot there. We may need to sand a little further to see if spot does go away. Any advice how to fix without having to do whole table? It's a beautiful wood. But only $500.


A wooden dining table.

Information About Dining Table?Can anyone tell me anything about this table, it has two leaves and 10 chairs. Any ideas on the make? Thank you!


A vintage Burroughs adding machine.

Value of Burroughs Adding Machine?Hello, how much could I sell this Burroughs adding machine for? Thank you!


A porcelain vase.

Value of Porcelain Vase?Any idea is this vase is worth much and who is the maker? I've had it for close to 30 years.


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Microfiber Is Coming Off?Microfiber coating is coming off back of couch where head rests. Called manufacturer and will do nothing about it although has only been used about 2 years although purchased 5 years ago. All repairs I see are for tears. Not the case here. When tried to gently clean with plain water, more came off. Unable to upload pictures. Suggestions?



A vintage wooden bed frame.

Vintage Avodire Wood Bed Frame Value?I believe this bed frame has been in my family for over 60 years. It is stamped Avodire 676. It has the metal pieces that hook into the head and foot boards. Can you provide any information on the frame and how much it might be worth? Thanks!


A set of brass fireplace tools.

Value of Antique Brass Fireplace Tool?How much might these antique solid (and they are heavy) brass (I think) fireplace tools worth? They were left to me by my grandparents.


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Bank Account With Leftover Class Reunion Money?What can be done with leftover class reunion money in a bank account when everyone is deceased?


Two heart shaped stockings for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day StockingsI started the tradition of Valentine Day stockings a few years ago. We enjoyed filling them with sweets and love notes.


My TO-GO Notes

My TO-GO NotesThis is very budget-friendly notes because you need not to spend to have this. As long as you have a piece of bond paper and a stapler, you can make one for you. This is also very easy to bring because of its customized sizes, which depends on what size you want, and on where you will put them. Just like mine, I usually make a size of this which is not bulky in my little wallet so that I can bring it with me wherever I go.


A decorative Russian vase.

Value of Russian Vase?My wife inherited this vase from her grandmother and we were just wondering if it was worth anything. Also, any history behind it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


A vintage sewing machine.

How Much Is My Vintage Sewing Machine Worth?How much can I sell my old vintage sewing machine for?


A figurine of a cat and a kitten.

Identifying a Figurine?Would anyone be able to identify the maker or artist of this figurine? Thanks a million!


A cat sitting on its hind legs.

Why Does My Cat Pee On Baked Goods?I've had my cat for 8 years now, male, neutered and there is only one thing he does that I can't figure out. I raised him from a week old so I've watch his behaviors and have learned what most of them mean, or what he wants, however, this is something I can't quite figure out. Leo jumps on counter tops like most cats. I don't keep many things out on a daily basis, but if any type of baked good; ie bread, cookies. Anything left out wrapped or covered he will pee on it! He doesn't pee on anything else or anywhere other than his litter box. Why?


A wooden desk.

Value of Desk?I have what I believe to be a 3 drawer drop leaf desk. As you can see, it needs some TLC because it's still being used. I have tried to find this desk and have not been able to find anything out about it. I would like to know what its worth.


A drawing of a panda bear toy.

Please Help Find Lost Childhood Plush?When I was around 6 years old, my late granddad gave me a stuffed panda. I cherished that panda and it was the only thing I had left of him. For personal reasons, this panda is no longer in my possession. For the past 5 years since I lost this plush, I have been restless. It is 4 in the morning and I haven't slept. I know this panda is irreplaceable, but nothing in the entire world could make me happier than seeing this plush just one more time, even if it's just a photo. I need closure. I remember the basic look of the panda, so I drew it digitally in the picture above. It is the most I remember of the panda and the best reference I can give. I remember it having plastic, oval shaped eyes. I also know that it is probably really old, and that it had an earth symbol in the middle. I don't know for sure if the earth was in color, but it's possible. The squiggly lines on the top and bottom of the symbol are the words that I remember being there. If only I could remember what they said, what the company was. Please, can you help find this panda? I have been searching for years but have had no luck. Maybe you will, because this is my last resort. I am hoping against hope that someone out there can help.


A black cat sitting up on it's hind legs.

Leo Elliott (Cat)Started as a foster for the vet, but I fell in love.


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Kleenex Left In Washable Item?When a kleenex has been left in a garment, I heard to rinse the item in vinegar water. Has anyone else heard this and does it work?


A pink teddy bear with a red nose.

What Brand Is My Childhood Teddy Bear?I got this teddy bear as a gift from a stranger at a restaurant around 2003-2005. He won it from a claw machine and gave it to me. The bear is purple and white and his nose used to be a velvety red (which wore down to hard red plastic). The stuffing inside appears to be cotton and is a golden color and there's beans in his butt. No tag, all help is appreciated!!


A larger hole punched into calendar pages.

Make Calendar Hanging EasierI take my calendar down a lot to write on and also to look back. The hole in the calendar for hanging is so small. This past year, using a hole punch, I punched a larger hole in it. With the larger hole, it makes taking it down and hanging it back up much easier. I have done the same with my 2023 calendar.



A yellow and red glass vase.

Identifying A Vase?We found a box of antique glassware that my grandmother had bought. Along with a butter, creamer and sugar set was this vase. There are no markings on it that we can find. It is super heavy. Glass. Stands about 10 inches tall by 6.5' inches wide. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or where I could find out?


Value of Fashion Doll?What is this doll worth? My aunt probably got it in the late 1950's. There is no maker name on the box. It also came with an additional dress.


A brown stuffed horse.

Identifying Old Stuffed Toy?Hi, I need help identifying this horse, if he is? I have had for 20 years, 400mm length and 130mm stomach width. He might be from Australia as we got him from a garage sale. His beans are hard not soft. Appreciate if someone had a look, thanks.


A multi colored crocheted blanket.

Crochet ArtI am a crochet artist. I learned to crochet on my own when I was in special ed classes by watching a video. I like to sit and design my own patterns now and I use scrap yarn to make my art.


A woman standing with a dog.

Losing Weight Without Being Able to ExerciseI was asked by a close family friend, how I lost weight. After a lot of thought about how to word everything, without hurting feelings I did my best to truthfully answer.


The completed origami flower.

Origami Paper FlowersThese paper flowers could be used for a party decoration.


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Kangaroo CookingAlways cook something for the next meal, with your current one: extra potatoes in broth, for cottage pie; extra stew, to chop up as pie fillings; extra rice, to make rice salad or tacos; extra fish, for patties; extra spaghetti, to cut up in soup; extra bolognese, to stuff baked aubergines or marrows, etc.


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Weight Watchers Food Companion Books?What is the most recent year that Weight Watchers published the Food Companion and Dining Out small soft-cover books?


A strand of white snowflake lights next to a strand of colored lights.

Changing The Color Of LED BulbsThe LED string lights I had were too cool for my taste and I also wanted to change to colored lights, so I colored each individual bulb with a permanent marker. It took some time to color each bulb, but I liked the end result. (I saved the snowflakes that were on the lights for another project.)


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Which Brand of Laptop Should I Buy?Give me suggestions: Which brand of laptop should I buy for myself and how will that be good for me?


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Cleaning Ash From Porcelain Dolls?I had a house fire in 2018 and my dolls got covered in ash. I sent them to someone to clean but she never did and returned them to me 3 weeks ago. My question is there any way of cleaning the ash off and how please?


The completed paper flower chandelier.

Paper Flower ChandelierIt's inspection season in schools. My sister asked for my help in making her classroom decorations. Her idea was to make a chandelier out of craft paper to hang in the reading corner. This can also be used as Christmas decor.


Little yarn ornaments shaped like gnomes.

Gnome OrnamentsThese were so fun to make. I had everything on hand. Ideas for making hats and gnomes on Pinterest.


The completed heart quilt.

Heart Quilt BlockI made this quilt block into a table runner for Valentine's Day.


A remote for a Christmas tree.

Replacement Remote Needed for Santa's Best Prelit Tree?We purchased (I believe) a Santa's Best prelit tree last year. We lost the remote while moving into our new house. Where can we get a replacement remote? Can we purchase a replacement receiver and remote?


A molded plastic tub.

Cleaning a Plastic Tub?Help me clean my plastic tub, it grosses me out. I like my bathtub sparkling but it's plastic which is new for me from porcelain. I've tried so many remedies these cover overs frustrate me, so I just keep it in my head I know it's at least clean. Please, please help me!


A menagerie figurine set.

Identifying Menagerie?Hello. I found this at my local Goodwill in Oklahoma. I knew what it was when I saw it and I was very excited. However, I am not having any luck finding anything on this particular style. There is no writing at the top. It is darker colors than the Womble Menageries. If someone can identify this for me, I would really appreciate it.


Reaching the upper branches of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ornament Hanger For Hard To Reach BranchesI've been using this yardstick and BBQ fork for years to assist with hanging Christmas tree lights, ornaments, garland etc. on the hard to reach top branches of my Christmas tree. I used to try to hang things on the high branches by standing in a chair and leaning to reach the tall areas. The yard stick with the BBQ fork taped to the end of it is easy to use and handle when trying to manipulate strings of lights or whatever, right where you need it.


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Check Your Neighborhood Facebook Group to Get Help During ChristmasFacebook has a bunch of groups that give away free things. If you do a search in the Facebook search bar look for; freecycle near me, or buy nothing near me. Depending on where you live there may even be a buy/swap group for parents to give/sell kids' clothes, toys, etc. In these types of groups, I have often found many generous people that are willing to help their neighbors in need or also give advice on where to get help locally.


Dog looking at the camera while laying on the floor.

Coffeshop DogThis sweetheart is a dog that likes to hang out with me when I visit the coffee shop near my new house here in Vietnam.


Dried Flower Candle Vase

Dried Flower Candle VaseMade from one of my grandma's jars from her canning days. It has a unique shape and I wanted to display it.


A close up of the completed bow tie.

Crochet Bow TieMade this for a Halloween costume.


The completed basket.

Crochet BasketMade with a CD base, this was a fun little basket to make. I filled it with a small tube of lotion and some treats for a friend's birthday gift.


The completed goodie bag.

Christmas Goodie BagsSanta or elf "long johns" are filled with small candies for Christmas. I made these for my daughter-in-law's special needs students.


Stockings hung on a branch as a Christmas decoration.

Christmas DecorationBought wood stockings, painted them, used lace, twine, buttons, beads. All materials I had on hand.


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Darken Your Bedroom and Keep Out DraftsAfter our neighbors were vandalized, they installed outdoor motion detect cameras and flood lights. While I sympathize with their plight, I don't appreciate the blinding light that pours into my bedroom around the edges of my window treatments, keeping me awake.


A drawing of a bird choosing a red cherry instead of a yellow one.

Sharing Cherries with BirdsBirds are useful to cherry trees. they eat caterpillars, aphids etc. But of course they want their share of cherries as a reward and they sometimes take a very big share. To save your share, you have to lure the birds and here's how:


A dog sitting on the floor.

Jack (Mixed Breed)We live in a very remote area, and I found him on our porch. November 20th, 2022


the finished egg carton cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Out of Egg CartonsFor my son's school project, he only needed the plastic bottle vase. As a "mom of extra", I insisted on making the flowers to put into his vase. What I like about making this project is that I don't have to go to the craft shop to find the materials. I used what I can only find around the house.


The completed spool tree.

Spool Christmas TreeMade from fabric and old wooden spools


The finished cookies.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal CookiesThese scrumptious cookies are gluten free, chewy and full of peanut butter, chocolate, oats and M&M's. I made them recently, for our church bake sale and they were a big hit.


Cookies made with leftover crumbs.

Cooking and Baking with Substitute IngredientsI save all the crumbs from cereal in a bag in my freezer. I use these crumbs to supplement my flour in baking recipes. I also add them to a meatloaf, if the cereal was not pre-sweetened.


The completed basket.

Woven T-shirt Yarn BasketWith my leftover t-shirt yarn from another project, I made this basket to hold mail. It is nice and sturdy made from the yarn.


The completed vase.

Decorative Flower Vase Made From Plastic BottleEvery day I'm learning a lot of ideas from my children, specially my eldest since he's now in grade school. I actually was planning to do this craft before but I forgot about it and since it's not that really important. This time, it's my child who needed it in school so we have to look for materials right away that wouldn't cost us much.


The completed paint brush covers.

Copycat Paint Brush CoverI found a good use for all those political ads and other ads I have received in the mail. I pulled one out of my recycling paper. The size and thickness was perfect for making the paint brush cover that I needed. I had one that I liked and I traced it.


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Buying EZ Bow Maker Parts?Can I buy the sticky sided measurement sheet that covers the top of the EZ bow maker?


A small decorative cottage.

Value of Leonardo Collection Cottage?I found this cute little cottage from Leonardo collection at home. But I don't really need it. May I ask for the price to sell it? I hope to get at least £2-3


A colorful train with a character riding it.

Identifying An Old Toy?Does anyone recognise this toy?


Putting a fitted sheet on a bed.

Buying Fitted SheetsMany people wear out their fitted sheet long before the pillowcases or top sheet. You can buy sheet pieces separately at many stores. If you can't find a match, you can use a contrasting or coordinating color instead.


A cutting board with a knife, rubber band and a bunch of celery.

Free Hands ChoppingTake a cutting board, a heavy rubber band (I save the rubber bands that come on broccoli bunches), and something you want to cutup (celery, squash, carrots, you get the idea). Take the rubber band and stretch it over the short side - slide it to one side to the left if you are cutting right handed and to the right if you are using your left hand. Take the celery, slide it under the rubber band and begin chopping. So easy! And you can use both hands to chop. Always use caution when using a knife.


A steel wool pad in a plastic bag.

Make Steel Wool Soap Pads Last LongerI cut mine in half. Then, after I use them, I store in a plastic sandwich bag with all the air squeezed out. Some people store the bag in the freezer.


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Shipping Donations?Does anyone know of any charities/Goodwill services that offers paid shipping labels to ship used goods for donations? Like clothes, shoes, socks, books, toys etc. Also looking to donate new underwear that has never been worn but did not come with tags?


The front of a Hello Kitty plush.

Identifying a Hello Kitty Plush?This is a Hello Kitty plush I got at a sketchy thrift store a few months ago. I've never been able to find what kind of plush she is, or if shes even official! I'm asking for any help I can get with recognizing her. She's one of my most favorites in my collection and I'd like to learn her worth, age, etc :)


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Pattern for Plastic Bag Pumpkin?I am looking for a pattern or suggestion on how to do a pumpkin using plastic bags. Thank you.


A political sign being used as a knee pad in a garage.

Political Signs Make Great Knee PadsPolitical signs make great knee pads!! Let's get them off the roadsides and keep them out of the landfills. Thirty days after election day, they become litter.


A wooden dressing table.

Information on Wooden Dressing Table?I recently got this and was wondering if anyone had more info about it?


An old cupboard with a front window and drawers.

Information on Old Cupboard or Dresser?This was my grandfathers. He passed away in the 60's and my dad had it A couple of years ago I got it and found 6 holes inside on the top and the bottom of it. Does anyone know what it was, when it was made and value?


A Fisher Price record player with 5 records.

Broken Fisher Price Record Player?I just found this 50 years old in my basement and it doesn't work. The turning knob turns freely. Is it worth anything? How hard is it to repair it?


Three versions of the wreaths.

$1 Store WreathI bought the wreath forms at Dollar Tree to make these three similar but different Christmas wreaths.


The rolled up sheets of potato and pastry.

Potato PieIf you are tired of preparing potatoes the same way all the time, try this excellent potato pie. It is easy to prepare, and can be an excellent choice for dinner. Everyone in my family loves it, and that's why I prepare it often.


The finished decorative bowl.

Decorative Bowl Made from Cardstock and Hot GlueThis one is pretty amazing. Imagine creating a bowl out of paper. Well, that's not really impossible but this is my first time to try. It's a very simple craft you can make out of just scrap cardstocks and hot glue. Let's see how it is made.


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