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Two knees over a grassy field.

Legs in the Middle of ParadiseI haven't felt free and refreshed for a very long time because of this pandemic. Yet, on this day, I felt like a rebooted phone right after.


Wildflowers at sunset.

Wildflowers and Sunsets of SerenityThis absolutely beautiful picture of yellow daisies, dandelions to make a wish upon, bunches of petite white flowers, peace. Long grass and pretty green weeds, this is my garden of sunshine, my garden of peace. This is heaven.


Woodpecker at feeder.

Pileated Woodpecker and Bird Feeder PoleWe built our own bird feeder pole from a piece of treated wood and iron planter hangers. As you can see from the picture, our feeders attract interesting birds. This Pileated Woodpecker has visited us twice. By dkhorse


Yellow finches on backyard fountain

Backyard Bird Fountain FunWe had picked up an inexpensive fountain for our backyard feathered friends a few years ago, and I piled rocks on the top tier as it seems by watching them, they appear to like the naturalness of the rocks, maybe it makes it more realistic to them, and we just love seeing them enjoy it.


Closeup of Jack.

Jack (Corgi/Feist/Lab Mix)We have had Jack since he was a puppy, and he is our daughter's dog and very good friend. The name "Jack" comes from the brindled bulldog in the "Little House" series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had been reading them aloud as a family when Jack came along, and the name seemed to fit.


Weimaraner puppy, with pink toenails.

Foxy Roxie (Weimaraner)Foxy Roxie is a 4 month old Weimaraner. We got our dog from craigslist, 4 days before we had our baby. She likes to play with her ball and chew on bones .


Cat stretched out on bed.

Isabella (Siamese Mix)Isabella is a 1 year old Siamese mix. Isabella and her sister Polly were given to me by a co-worker. Bella loves to chase bugs, run through the garden and cuddle.


Kona (Yorkie Chihuahua Mix)  - brown and tan puppy in a blanket

Kona (Yorkie Chihuahua Mix)My husband and I had been talking about having a puppy for a while, but we never had the courage to get one. So I've been dog sitting a few times because I was home full time. The week of our first year anniversary I asked my husband if we could go look at a puppy I found on Craigslist.


Valentines Through The YearsThis is a collection that my husband has made for me for Valentines Day for a number of years. We've been married 57 years so you can see the romance has not gone out of our marriage.


Morning Glories Growing Wild - pretty purple morning glories

Morning Glories Growing WildPurple morning glory vines growing wild all around some of my husband's work benches. I have never grown any, but have always loved and wanted to. On October 10, 2018 a category 5 hurricane came through and left behind devastating destruction on homes and property. With our home and property being such a sore eye, seeing these beautiful morning glories just reminds me it is a new beginning.


An orange butterfly on a blooming bush with purple flowers.

Butterfly MagnetWhile shopping in the lawn and garden section at a home improvement store, I was trying to decide on plants. This beautiful butterfly landed on the butterfly bush next to me. Pretty good sales technique, I bought two bushes!


ravens on birdbath

Use Removable Inserts In BirdbathI have a lot of bird baths and most of them are made from cement and stone. They are very heavy and my biggest pet peeve about them is that they sit in the sun and they turn green with algae.


Light brown and white dog lying with her head between her paws.

Gracie (Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle)Gracie is 10 months and a Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle. We found her on Petfinder and Craigslist. She and her siblings were in a shelter and they (plus other dogs) were due to be put down within the next few days.


A recycled market bag made from plastic grocery bags.

Making Market Bags from Plastic BagsI make market bags from plastic store bags and colored trash bags. Here is a photo of a pink one I made. With most stores going with reusable bags now, I think people will enjoy these.


Suzie (Long Haired Dachshund) - black and white dog in garden

Suzie (Long Haired Dachshund)5 years ago those big brown eyes looked at me through the bars of her cage at PAWS in Seattle. I really needed a friendly, easy going dog to keep me company. She loves to walk through tall grasses and sit under leafy plants. In the summer she spent happy times sitting just where you see her and squirrel spotting.



"Gotcha" (Chipmunk) - closeup

"Gotcha" (Chipmunk)While at the botanical gardens in Tempe, Arizona, I saw the chipmunk along the trail having a little snack and striking a pose! Gotcha little guy!


Merlin at the window.

Merlin (Maine Coon Mix)Merlin is 5 years old. We believe that he must be at least part Maine Coon because he is the largest cat that I have ever seen. I have also heard that they are very calm and sweet and laid back.


rooted cutting

Rooting Hibiscus Moscheutos Stem...Many years ago (more than I care to remember), I tried to root stem cuttings of Hibiscus Moscheutos. Every stem died. I blamed it on the stems being so young and tender. I gave up on the project, figuring it couldn't be done.


A dog looking up at the camera.

Baxter (Boxer Mix)We got Baxter from the Humane Society. He came in with two siblings and his mother, who was a full breed boxer. Baxter and his siblings were found on the side of the road and rescued. When we saw him, we knew we had to have him.


Plastic canvas ornaments.

Making Christmas OrnamentsChristmas ornaments I am making for Christmas to put on the tree. Made with plastic canvas.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Warning: Don't Use Bleach If Iron in WaterIf you have iron in your water supply, it is best not to use bleach in your laundry. It makes the iron worse and can leave yellow stains. I have known this for years, but I think it is not as well known now as it was in my generation.


Bucky (Shetland Sheepdog/Staffordshire Terrier)

Bucky (Shetland Sheepdog/Staffordshire Terrier)We found our sweet bundle of joy at a shelter in December of 2014. He loves to play, go for walks, and be held. He's about 34 pounds, but continues to be a lovable lap dog.


upturned petal hibiscus flower

Chandelier Like Hibiscus FlowerCommonly known to us as "gumamela", this kind of hibiscus is beautiful because of its chandelier like bloom. The petals are curved upward, but unlike the petals of other varieties of hibiscus, this one is forming like that beautiful chandelier design in your living room.


Ipomoea alba

Moonflower vs Moonflower VineThe Datura has several common names. It is often called 'Angel Trumpet' or Devil's Trumpet'. Other common names are 'Jimson Weed' and Loco Weed. It was only after researching that I discovered the Datura has yet another common name, that being 'Moonflower'.


blue and green macaw

Henry (Catalina Macaw)We bought him and then we picked him up on July 5 2014. He likes to hang upside down, play peek a boo, and talk.


Bear (Rottweiler/Great Pyrenees Cross) - large black dog with a young child

Bear (Rottweiler/Great Pyrenees Cross)I found him on PetFinder, he was in a shelter about 50 miles from us. As soon as I saw his picture I knew I wanted him. He was 2 months old at the time.


at river

Lela (Lab/American Staffordshire Terrier)I rescued her 1 month ago. Lela loves it when we go on long hikes, usually 4 miles or more and she also loves going to the river.


Change Shoe Color with Cream PolishI needed a pair of comfortable black shoes to work in. I already had a pair in my closet that were suitable, but they were the wrong color and had a couple of stains on them I just couldn't get out. I decided to try some black cream shoe polish.


White dog lying in bed.

Toby (Maltese/Cockapoo)His name is Toby. He is a senior! He is 10 years old but still acts like a puppy! He is a Malta Cocka Poo! Yes that is correct! His Mother was a Maltese, his father was half Cocker and half Poodle! We got Toby 10 years ago and he was in the paper and the last in the litter.


A shelf for extra bathroom and cleaning storage, next to the water heater.

Add Extra Storage Next To Water HeaterWith a small apartment and a bathroom you literally have to close the door before you sit down, I needed more space. I decided to revamp the whole "hot water heater room".



Bessy (Pot-bellied Pig) - on back of couch

Bessy (Pot-bellied Pig)We bought our pig when she was six weeks old as a companion for our daughter. Bessy is an outdoor pig who comes inside to visit, and she enjoys laying on the couch, including on the top of the couch where she lounges like a cat. I think her back-of-the-couch days will soon come to an end as she grows, however!


Maggie (Australian Shepherd/Chow)

Maggie (Australian Shepherd/Chow)Maggie (short for Magnum PI) is about 3 or 4 years old. The shelter said she was Australian Shepard/Chow Chow mix We adopted her from Table Mesa Animal Shelter about 6 months ago.


A man dressed as a measuring tape.

Halloween Costume: Measuring TapeHere is a photo of my son-in-law's Halloween costume. All hand made with cardboard, metal, plastics, etc. He always wins with his unique costumes.


woman in costume

Red Riding Hood the Wolf SlayerHere's a twist on the usual Little Red Riding Hood. Just add an axe and a piece of fur to your picnic basket and you go on to tell a whole continuation story of what happened in the woods.


A black cat sitting up on it's hind legs.

Leo Elliott (Cat)Started as a foster for the vet, but I fell in love.


A multi colored crocheted blanket.

Crochet ArtI am a crochet artist. I learned to crochet on my own when I was in special ed classes by watching a video. I like to sit and design my own patterns now and I use scrap yarn to make my art.


Dog looking at the camera while laying on the floor.

Coffeshop DogThis sweetheart is a dog that likes to hang out with me when I visit the coffee shop near my new house here in Vietnam.


Stockings hung on a branch as a Christmas decoration.

Christmas DecorationBought wood stockings, painted them, used lace, twine, buttons, beads. All materials I had on hand.


A dog sitting on the floor.

Jack (Mixed Breed)We live in a very remote area, and I found him on our porch. November 20th, 2022


A dog sitting on the grass.

Flair (Great Pyrenees/Australian Cattle Dog)I got Flair from a local rescue near my college back in February of 2020.


A tiny kitten wrapped in a towel.

Tiny KittenWe met this kitten at a fall event this weekend. It's just two weeks old and the eyes had opened only a couple of days earlier. It was so tiny and cute, such a precious bundle. We didn't catch the darling's name but the owner said it was a rescue. I think it is still being bottle fed regularly, which is why it was out at an event.


A small cat inside a potted plant.

Snow Angel (Cat)We got sister and brother when we moved in our new house for my awesome little girl's first pets


A dog sitting on the grass.

Willow (Mixed Breed)I got him at 5 weeks. My friend rescued him and 10 siblings. Their mother passed away when they were 2 weeks old. My friend handed him to me, I took him home for the night and fell in love.


A shower caddy being used as a spice rack.

Shower Caddy Spice RackA reg shower caddy from dollar tree. I bent it over to loop over the cabinet door. However you can use screws or nail to hang it on or use command strip hooks. It fits neatly away when not needed. Just open the door to reveal your spices.


A pink peony in bloom.

Sharing A Peony PictureI call the Peony 'The Mother's Day Flower'. That's because most people who grow them hope they are in bloom on Mother's Day and are thrilled when they are.



A small white dog outside.

In Memory of Daisy (Shih Tzu)I got her 10 years ago, unfortunately she passed.


A small brown dog sitting on the ground.

Kiko (Sheprador)Adopted him from a shelter


Mountain City Webcam

Mountain City WebcamI love looking at web cams. This one, located in Tennessee, has a beautiful live mountain scene that changes with time and weather. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the fall, when there should be lots of bright colors. Hope you will enjoy looking at it as much as I do.


Thyme flowering in a strawberry pot.

Flowering ThymeI've been growing thyme at the top of this strawberry pot for a few years now. I originally planted herbs in each of the pockets but they all got too dried out and didn't make it, except for the thyme at the top. I love the delicate purple blossoms. After they finish blooming, I will trim them all off to allow the thyme to put out new leaves for tasty cooking for the rest of the summer and fall.


A black cat.

WALL-E (Cat)He is a rescue from a local humane society. My oldest son and my bff/ caregiver of 20+ years got him for me about 3 weeks before Christmas 2021. I lost my older gray ESA cat, Chinook in January 2021! I had given up on life when due to my 5th back surgery that has left me paraplegic and no Chinook


A grey tabby in a box.

Chantel (Grey Tabby)We lost our dear cat Patton a few days before Christmas 2020 to renal failure, leaving us petless for the first time in over 20 years. The local Humane Society was by appointment only so my husband and I decided to check out Petsmart to see if they had any cats for adoption. We found this little charmer who was about 15 weeks old. She was all alone, as her brother had been adopted out the day before and there were no other cats at the time. She was allowed to climb on the tops of the cages and explore the back room so she didn't get bored. She was defintely in need of someone to play with her. So we adopted her on December 23rd.


Close up of the geum blossoms

Orange GeumHere are some photos of my geum in bloom. It's also known as Avens, part of the Rosaceae family. This easy to grow perennial has beautiful airy flowers in bright orange. Other varieties can be pink, red or yellow. The main part of the plant resembles a strawberry plant, and some varieties are know as "barren-strawberry." As the blooms fade, you are left with attractive seed pods. It's a great addition to your flower garden.


A dog sitting on the floor.

Daisy May (King Charles Spaniel)Bought it from a breeder


A garden themed wreath.

My Garden WreathIt's made out of black garden hose, has metal lady bug, flowers and a horse fly, with a sign that says "Welcome To My Garden."


A bobcat kitten being held.

Not Your Ordinary Kitten (Bobcat)My neighbor was clearing land in a remote area a mile off the road. When he pushed over some logs, two kittens came tumbling out. It was strange as there were no houses close by. It was the middle of July and hot so he put them in the shade and brought them home after he finished working.


An English bulldog on a chair.

Rocky (English Bulldog)My fiancé and I got him when he was a puppy in Colorado Springs a few months after I had my first miscarriage.


A small dog in a stroller.

In Memory of Vodka (Bichon Frise/Chihuahua)She was born in my house from her mother who I also had. <3


A German Shepard licking his lips.

Bear (German Shepard) and Clara (Burmese)Bear I adopted, Clara from a breeder


A small dog sitting on grass and leaves.

Nita (Terrier Mix)I got her right before Christmas. I placed an ad on Craigslist wanting a scruffy terrier. A wonderful lady replied and brought her to me. She's perfect!


A tabby cat sitting on a lap.

Pixel (Cat)We adopted Pixel, along with his brother from a no kill sanctuary after my previous kitty passed. My grief was so strong, I ended up going home with 2 kitty babies.


A dog sitting on the grass.

Delylah Rose (Cane Corso)My cousin breeds them, so we got Delylah from him 2 weeks ago.


A waterfall in the woods.

Bear Creek Falls (PA)I live in the Poconos, where nature provides so many wonderful displays of beauty. This waterfall is so accessible, it's only steps off the road. It is so refreshing in the summer to stand near it and feel the mist.


A pitbull puppy.

Gotti '(Pitbull)I bought him 5 months ago off of Offer Up.


Two young kids in the garden.

Creating Something and Watching It Grow'It all started with a seed, in a damp paper towel, inside of a ziplock bag. That was the start of my family's very first garden. The beauty in this is not about how big the garden is or how big and full the plants can get. It's about creating something of your own with things as simple as a handful of seeds, and watering them as they grow into an actual garden.


A painted butterfly artwork.

Butterfly ArtworkI painted board black, painted grass. Dollar Tree butterflies glued on doubled for 3D effect.


Purple and pink tulips in a bicycle basket decoration.

Tulip DecorationBicycle and tulips purchased separately last year after spring at great discounts.


A dog looking at the camera.

Tucker (Chinese Crested)Tucker is not a dog I ever thought I would own. But he is the best pet '


A small black dog wearing a yellow diaper.

TrixieBelle (Chiweenie)I got my furbaby when she was 6 weeks old. I found her on Facebook. I saw her picture and fell in love. She was born on my birthday so we share a bond like no other.


A deer eating a snowy tree.

Snowy Snack (Deer)This photo was taken in my yard. The wooded community I live in is also home to a large population of deer. They make their rounds thru the community looking for good things to snack on.


A small black dog.

Mike (Shorkie)My Mikee came from a rescue shelter. What a surprise, he is a Shorkie and the love of my life!


A dog looking up at the camera.

Rollin Eugene (Catahoula)He was five weeks old and he was in a box with his two sisters! He was the best even then!


A brown dog in the back seat of a car.

Lacy (Labradoodle)This is Lacy. She is our Labradoodle, about 7 years old here. She's going on 8 years old now. Loves car rides, just to go anywhere with our girls. This was taken by our youngest daughter.


A dog and a cat cuddling.

Gunner (Boxer) and Em (Cat)Gunner is 8, Em is 1. They are a boxer and a domestic tabby.


A dog chewing on a person's foot.

Sebastian (Chihuahua)"I prefer my bone, but this will do for now." This is Sebastian and my husband's foot. Sebastian was a Facebook rescue in 2018. He's a feisty chihuahua. Always wanting attention and doing whatever it takes to get it. Including chewing on dad's foot. LOL


A tree with yellow leaves in fall.

Webcam: Beautiful Fall ViewDo you want to see something beautiful? Look at this webcam.



Elmer (Cat)Found in wood pile.


A small brown dog curled up.

Charliebrown (Dog)My nephew gave her to me 6 years ago.


A picture of sunset in Maine.

Sunset (Ogunquit, Maine)This was a picture of the sunset behind my hotel in Ogunquit, Maine. Gorgeous place to vacation. This is on the Eastcoast of Maine. York Beach, Wells Beach, Kennebunkport, and many more wonderful places to visit. If you like lobster, THIS is the place to go. I have been going to this area for 40 years. It's my home away from home.


A beach in Maine.

Ogunquit Beach (Maine)My vacation just two weeks ago. The most beautiful beach.


Two turtles playing in the water.

Playing TurtlesA local park has a lot of turtles, and we love to watch them.


The sun setting over water.

The Sun and The WaterSummer night around 7 pm


A bouquet of Texas bluebells in a vase.

Texas BluebellsHere are photos of a few Texas Bluebells, a wildflower that grows every year in our front yard. Please know that I do NOT pick them, but this one had broken off, so I brought it inside. I want to let as many of them go to seed as possible.


A deer in the woods.

Beautiful View (Deer)We just moved to a community that is nestled in the woods. The deer live here with us, they are part of the community. We have a large bay window in the living room, and this was my view when I glanced out the other day.


A dog sitting on its hind legs, looking out the window.

Peppy (Mini Poodle)Peppy belonged to a relative who passed away 6 years ago. We didn't hesitate to adopt Peppy, because he is a pup with personality!


A dog on a leash in a grassy area.

Bruce (Staffordshire)He's a big baby and loves attention! He loves kids or anyone who shows him attention!! He's very smart to be so young. He's never pooped in the house! He caught on to being house broken in one week and learned basic commands around that same time. Any one who meets him absolutely falls in love with him! But just so you know, he is a ladies' man.


Rose bushes behind a small white picket fence.

Pretty RosesThis is my first time planting roses bushes and I've been pleasantly surprised at how well they are doing. What are some helpful tips to help keep them looking good?


A dog wearing a life vest on a dock.

Kimchee (Collie Mix)5 3/4 years ago. Adopted from City Dog rescue in Washington, DC


A Siamese cat in the garden.

BambooWe rescued Bamboo in May 2020. She was brought to the shelter when she was pregnant and we got her after she was done feeding her litter and they were old enough to be adopted out.


A beautiful scene from Jiuzhaigou, China.

Beautiful Scene in JiuzhaigouI have been in Jiuzhaigou in 2019. It's very beautiful, just like my dream scene.


A dog sitting on a carpeted floor.

Buddy (Boxer)We rescued him from an abusive home, the guy beat him, punched him, kicked him, starved him. Honestly I don't know how he made it as long as he did but I'm sure glad he did. He's our BIG BABY, acts like a kid constantly and just so loving and caring despite what he's been through, He truly is an amazing dog/son!


A small black and white dog on a brick floor.

Cady (Mixed Breed)We adopted her as a surprise for my mom after our dog, Jacky passed away. We got her when she was about 11 months old in late 2018.


A small dog in an Adidas jacket.

MedelianMedelian likes throwing his My Little Pony figures around, kicking and biting bouncy house balls and during warm months frolicking, frolicking on our 1.25 acres walking around with his friendly wildlife animals that do not fear him.


A grey and white cat by some flowers.

Kylo (Cat)I found Kylo walking down my block I took him home to surprise my Son Isaiah. He was only one month old. We (me and my three sons) love him so much.


A bunch of weeds with white flowers.

Wedding Weed BouquetI was walking home one day in a not so nice area, when suddenly I came across this beautiful weed. It reminded me of a wedding bouquet. It was definitely a surprise worth admiring and taking a picture of. Beauty can pop up in unexpected places ! :)


A bunch of orange flowers growing near lattice.

A Weed or Not a Weed?As I was going around our backyard pulling weeds, I found these beautiful orange flowers growing through the lattice that surrounds our air conditioner. We never planted them, so I wondered how they sprung up there. Then I noticed the leaves on this "flower" and they looked exactly like the leaves of the weeds I had been pulling up.


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