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Bubble and SqueakWe got this recipe from British friends who were camping with us one year. It is filling, healthy, and makes a great one-pot dinner for potlucks or camping. It is as easy as can be, fairly inexpensive, and uses only 4 ingredients.


baked Mile High Apple Pie

Making a Mile High Apple PieI have always been the pie maker in the family! My favorite one to make is the Mile High Apple Pie. It's my masterpiece! I will show you what I do with a few secret important things.


Easy Cookie Sheet Sliders - melted cheese

Easy Cookie Sheet SlidersThis is an easy way to make sliders for a large group. We made them for the Super Bowl and they were a huge hit!


Frozen Yogurt Bark

Frozen Yogurt BarkThis is an enjoyable and healthy dessert for all ages! You can customize your yogurt bark with any toppings you have at home, or a great way to use up any last ingredients you have.


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Homemade Accent Seasoning (MSG Free)Accent Seasoning can be made without the MSG, which many believe to be harmful. This is a Cajun version, but you could adjust the heat for your own liking.


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B Is For Banana BreadMix sugar, bananas, oil and eggs in a large mixing bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into pan.


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Indian Pudding Recipe and HistoryThis year my daughter's fifth grade class put on a Thanksgiving meal for their parents and teachers. Each student picked a recipe and brought it home to make or help make.


Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

Cream Cheese Thumbprint CookiesI had these at my friend Melanie's house, and they are definitely going to be one that we make every year!


Honey Mustard Roasted Chickpeas

Honey Mustard Roasted ChickpeasChick peas can be seasoned and served in several ways to make them very tasty. One of my favorites is marinated in a honey mustard and roasted.


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Basic Baked Moist StuffingPerfect if you're not roasting an entire stuffed turkey. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Saute the onion and celery in a skillet until just barely tender, meanwhile, heat the broth and pepper in a large pan.


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Garbanzo Bean SoupThis soup has a great flavor! I love the bacon and garbanzo beans together.


bowl of jambalaya dinner

Dollar Tree DinnerI think you might like this dollar tree dinner I made last night. All from the Dollar Tree! I didn't have any steps as I didn't think to share till it was all done. But I have images I can share.


Leftover Turkey Soup

Leftover Turkey SoupUse every bit of your turkey with this flexible recipe that uses the carcass and the neck. You can also add any leftover gravy and vegetables. This Thanksgiving I had no gravy or leftover vegetables since my gang ate it all up!


Very Easy Poached Egg

Very Easy Poached EggThis is a very easy way to poach an egg in one minute that turns out perfect every time.


cooked carnitas in slow cooker

Slow Cooker CarnitasBusy day ahead, a slow cooker is your best friend. With minimal ingredients and prep work, you will get juicy carnitas for taco night or any night. There will be lots of leftovers for other meals.



Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles

Leftover Mashed Potato WafflesThese are my favourite things to make after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time I have an abundance of leftover mashed potatoes. These waffles are creamy in the middle and crispy on the outside; perfect for breakfast with some eggs or just on their own. Definitely a fun twist on a leftover item.


fudgy cookie

Fudgy Flourless Chocolate Walnut...Let the cookies cool for a bit if you can stand waiting. Go on, try, I dare you! When hot, they are moist and very fudgy inside, with a touch of crispiness on the outside. When fully cooled, they settle into a rich chewy cookie center.


A completed pan of grated sweet potato pudding.

Grated Sweet Potato PuddingMy mother used to make this. I remember eating it as a child and it was so good. This is my cousin's recipe. When her health was good, she would make this and bring it to our covered dish family gatherings. It was enjoyed by all.


rice, salad and tuna steak on plate

Air Fryer Tuna SteaksThis is my first time using an air fryer. Here's an easy recipe for ahi tuna steaks. Easy to make, mess free and you have a meal ready in just minutes.


Flavored Greens Beans in bowl

Flavored Greens BeansAt our church, we have a monthly luncheon with 20-25 people attending. We have a committee that prepares the vegetables and desserts. I'm responsible for preparing green beans. I purchase a large can from Walmart and cook them in a large pot. Usually there are only a few left over.


Mexican Street Corn Tacos

Mexican Street Corn TacosThis is a delicious twist on tacos. I used Mexican street corn as my inspiration to fill these tortillas. It's creamy and zesty and really hits the spot when you don't have things like guacamole or sour cream on hand. It pairs very nicely with the meat, cheese, and salsa inside.


Pasta sauce made from frozen tomatoes.

Pasta Sauce from Frozen TomatoesThis is a multi use pasta sauce made from tomatoes frozen from my garden bounty. Economical, easy to make, and more flavorful than store bought. I remove seeds from my tomatoes before freezing for smoother sauce.


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Bob Evans Chicken Salad (Copycat)This reminds me of Bob Evans chicken salad. It's as close as I can get it at home, but just as good. My husband says he likes mine better! It's a great light summer supper.


Making Doo Doo Drops

Doo Doo DropsDoo Doo Drop cookies are a delicious treat and a family favorite. They are super easy to make and so yummy, despite their name!


Fruit Cocktail Jell-O

Fruit Cocktail Jell-OThis is one of our favorite dishes to keep on hand in the refrigerator. There's always room for Jell-O. It can be used as a salad served with mayonnaise or cottage cheese or as a dessert served with whipped cream. It's so good, it really does not need a topping.


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Turkey Broccoli BakeA good recipe for you to make use of your leftover turkey!


The broth after several hours of cooking.

Beef Bone BrothMy friend won the meat from an entire cow at a school raffle. She gave me about 6 pounds of beef bones to make broth and had another 4 pounds for herself. I made this recipe with her and then made it again at home. This nutritious broth can be used to make all sorts of soups: French onion, beef barley or even pho.


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Recipes From The "I Hate to Cook" CookbookThe I HATE TO COOK book! Imagine seeing a title like that! I found this little book, published in 1960, and was curious with what kind of recipes it would have from 50 years ago, a time I thought all women loved to cook! It's really a book about "quick" dishes or meals.


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Chipperoo BarsCombine first 2 ingredients in bowl; set aside. Sift dry ingredients together; set aside. Beat eggs into brown sugar mixture. Add flour mixture slowly, mixing well.


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Sweet and Sour Yams and PineappleCombine reserved juice, cornstarch, and salt in saucepan; blend well. Bring to a boil over medium heat; cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Stir in lemon juice.



piece of Lemon Everything Cake on plate

Lemon Everything CakeI call this the Lemon Everything cake because it encompasses all types of lemon desserts all in one dish. The bottom is like the center of a lemon meringue; custardy and dense. The middle is lighter but still dense, like a standard lemon cake. The top is airy and super light, like lemon angel food cake. The icing on top is thin and crisp. This is a lemon lover's dream dessert!



OrangettesIn Europe Christmas means citrus, the green grocer's shelves are filled with citrus of every size and shape. The smell of the peel brings back happy memories of Christmas past. For me this is also the signal to do what I love the most; making something out of nothing and making a delicious festive treat to help my friends and family celebrate Christmas. Don't be daunted by all the steps, the ingredients are few and the delicious results and compliments make it well worth spending your time!


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Greek Lentil SoupI love lentil soup! Here's the one I came up with from trying various recipes. I call it Greek Lentil Soup because some of the ingredients are those that my Papa would have used.


A bowl of handmade flower shaped chocolates.

Healthy ChocolatesUsing only healthy ingredients, this easy (and keto friendly) recipe is a perfect and easy snack for the whole family! Just melt, mix, cool and ENJOY!


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Kraft Roka Blue Spread SubstituteI've seen several requests regarding Roka Blue, so for those of you lovers looking for this discontinued product you're in luck, because I found it. Kraft Kitchen themselves swear this is the perfect substitute recipe for the original!


A pot pie made with leftover chicken soup.

Leftover Soup Chicken Pot PieI recently had a pretty bad flu. Along with that came a lot of homemade soup. It was comforting when I needed it, but I grew tired of it as I got better. I decided to turn the leftovers into a hearty chicken pot pie. It hit the spot in this cold weather!


Thanksgiving Leftovers Monte Cristo Sandwich

Thanksgiving Leftovers Monte Cristo SandwichI am always trying to think of new ways to use up leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The first round of heating up leftovers is always exciting but it seems like there is more moaning and groaning from round three and on. This Monte Cristo sandwich something I started this year. All the leftovers are packed between a couple slices of bread, battered, fried and dusted with powdered sugar. It is so good, we are all looking forward to my Monte Christmas sandwich around the corner!


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Goodbye Turkey CasseroleStir flour, half of salt, onion salt into melted margarine. Stir in milk. Cook over moderate heat until thickened. Pour Minute Rice into 2 qt. shallow baking dish.


Cherry Bars filled with cream cheese

Cherry Cream Cheese BarsThis is a rich and delicious recipe!


finished Bacon Apple Stuffing

Bacon Apple StuffingI came up with this recipe for homemade stuffing when I was recently having a turkey, apple, and bacon sandwich. I loved the combination so much, I thought a stuffing version of it would be a great addition for the holidays to have alongside turkey. I usually use packaged stuffing mix and throw in extras, but this will now be my go-to method from scratch. The textures will blow you away. I can't get enough of it!


5 Ingredient Apple Tart

5 Ingredient Apple TartThis apple tart is so easy to make. The great thing is you don't need any fancy equipment or fluted tart pans or techniques. Just throw everything in a pan and put it in the oven!


cut Herbed Chicken Rolls in Cherry Sauce

Herbed Chicken Rolls in Cherry SauceHere comes a winner-winner chicken dinner from my personal cookbook. This chicken breast is rolled up with herbed garlic butter, then cooked in a tart cherry sauce. It's a beautiful meal for these colder evenings... and I think quite pleasant visually! Enjoy!


A salted caramel butter bar on a plate.

Salted Caramel Butter BarsI love everything caramel. This one looked rich, just like a cookie bar should be.


Mexican Black Beans

Mexican Black BeansThis simple yet scrumptious side dish, and will be you're new pal for when you're in pinch and need something easy : )


Stovetop Cornbread for One

Stovetop Cornbread for OneFirst let's get out of the way what traditional cornbread ain't. Delicious cornbread is simple cornbread. It is meant to accompany vegetables, not compete with them. Therefore, it should not have added ingredients such as cream style corn, peppers or other ingredients to make it reminiscent of another country's cuisine.



Cream Cheese Sweetheart Cake - Finished Cake

Cream Cheese Sweetheart CakeSweetheart is a type of cake with a cookie-like texture; more like a brownie. It is just a simple cake, but what I like most about it is the white glaze on top.


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Fantastic Slow Cooked Roast BeefThanks to those that answered my request overnight for slow cooked roast beef. They were good but I found my recipe which is fantastic. Here goes.


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Honey Mint Dog BiscuitsThese home-made dog biscuits are easy to make and dogs love them. They are also breath fresheners.


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Coffee CakeVery moist. Instant Vanilla Pudding and Sour Cream added to Hines Yellow Cake Mix.


Creamy Chicken Pesto Lasagne

Creamy Chicken Pesto LasagneBuying rotisserie chicken is an inexpensive and fast way of having lunch or dinner. In our household we always have left overs and this is one option you can do with some left over chicken for a quick lunch or dinner! You do not have to use rotisserie chicken, but you can use chicken breast, thighs, to re-create this dish.


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Easy Bake Oven Mixes and RecipesIf you've ever had to buy those refills for Easy Bake Ovens you know they are expensive. My daughter and I have tried all of these and really like them (more fun too, doing it together!). We've even put them in bags with ribbons and directions and given them with gifts.


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Margarine Free CakeThis tastes better than a margarine cake and is healthier and easy to measure.



Tahini Salad DressingThis salad dressing is made with oil, vinegar, and tahini, and is a huge staple in our household. Easy to make and lasts a long time.


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Humphrey Company Candy KissesThere's a company in the Cleveland area (The Humphrey Co.) that makes Candy Kisses and this is part of their description of the candy: "Remember that famous vanilla flavored, old fashioned pulled taffy in the yellow wrap? It is just as good as you think, and it's low fat, too. It will melt in your mouth, but only if you can resist chewing it."


Parmesan Chicken Bake

Parmesan Chicken BakeI usually stick to the same ten recipes or so, but lately I've been trying to change it up. I eat a lot of chicken and there's only so much barbecue and fajitas I can take! I came across numerous recipes online for Parmesan chicken and this one looked to be the easiest to make.


A plate of Chinese boneless spareribs

Chinese Boneless SpareribsI love Chinese boneless spareribs, but always find them overcooked, dry or tough to chew. I started making my own and this recipe is frugal and so very easy. It can be used as an appetizer or served with rice and vegetables as a meal. I like it both ways.


finished Napa Cabbage Stir Fry

Napa Cabbage Stir FryOne of my favourite additions to a stir fry is Napa cabbage. It has many ripply folds in the ends of its leaves, which I find awesome for retaining the flavours that you add to your dish. This causes you to use less seasonings, which can be great for your health, and your wallet! I love this dish as it is or with a side of meat.


cooked Homemade Soft Flatbread

Homemade Soft FlatbreadThis is a recipe on how to make a naan-like flatbread that will stay soft for days. The secret to the softness is using a bit of mashed banana. Don't worry, you won't taste the banana! There are only a handful of ingredients and you can make it in a pan. No yeast, no fuss. Enjoy!


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Pineapple Salad with Cooked ToppingDissolve gelatins in hot water. Add rest of ingredients, mix well and chill in 2 qt. casserole. Spread topping over congealed salad. Sprinkle with chopped pecans on top if desired. Chill until serving.


Buttermilk Coconut Pie

Buttermilk Coconut PieMix all ingredients (except pie shells) in a large bowl. Beat really hard. Pour into pie shells and bake at 350 degrees F for 30-35 minutes or until the pie is firm and knife inserted in center comes out clean.


Cranberry Orange Relish in bowl

Cranberry Orange RelishI love cranberries at the table for all my holiday meals, and this is a vibrant version to serve alongside your meats and veggies. It only uses a handful of fresh ingredients with zero fuss of cooking anything down. This was a hit at my Thanksgiving party, and will be making an appearance for Christmas!


baked Lasagna

Jodi's Christmas Day LasagnaThis is a full-fat, high octane lasagna, so if you're looking for low-fat or diet, better skip this one. This was originally my mother-in-law's recipe, but I've tweaked it through the years and made it my own.


Avocado Quick Bread slices on plate

Avocado Quick BreadI had a couple avocados that had been in the fridge for a few extra days. I thought they might be a bit too old, they weren't, but I was committed to trying to make quick bread. I found this recipe on the site and then changed it up a tiny bit. If I make it again I will definitely add chopped walnuts. The batter had a delightful flowery aroma and the bread itself is delicious.


dipped Chocolate Covered Apple Slices

Chocolate Covered Apple SlicesHere is a fancy twist of making chocolate covered apple slices! These chocolate covered applies slices also make great party desserts/snacks or favors. Another fun idea is to have a chocolate covered apple slice station for kids or adults to make their own chocolate covered apple slices (especially if you have a chocolate fountain).


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Tender 'n' Tangy Ribs (Crockpot)I've never been in favor of doing ribs in a crockpot, but after trying this recipe several years ago, this is now the only way I'll cook the country boneless pork spareribs.


A plate of sourdough cinnamon muffins.

Sourdough Cinnamon MuffinsTwo years ago I made a sourdough starter and have kept it going. Every time I decide to "feed" it, I make sourdough bread. One can only make sourdough bread so often, so I wanted to find other recipes using sourdough starter and found this muffin one.


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Pumpkin Gingerbread MuffinsI like pumpkin muffins and gingerbread so I made up these muffins to suit my taste They are moist and flavorful!


piece of Lucky Charms No-Bake Cheesecake

Lucky Charms No-Bake CheesecakeThis is a fun and adorable rainbow layered no-bake cheesecake made from a box of the most colourful cereal, Lucky Charms! The cereal's marshmallows act as the cake's crunchy topping, while the cereal bits make up the crust. The middle is a mix of marshmallows and cream cheese that turn into a velvety ice cream like consistency when popped in the freezer. There is no need for an oven here. This is a great dessert to make for these warmer days!


whipped cream on piece of Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Purple Sweet Potato PieI'm sure many of you have had sweet potato pie. This pie is very similar but uses purple sweet potatoes. Baking the sweet potatoes in the oven (in lieu of boiling them) gives this a beautiful creamy consistency and not at all watered down. Baking them also retains their beautiful purple colour. Purple sweet potatoes can be found in grocery stores labeled as Okinawan, Hawaiian, or purple sweet potatoes. They are packed full of potassium, B6, vitamin C, and fiber.


Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon Slices

Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon SlicesThese Rice Krispy treats are perfect for a summer party!


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Creamy JelloIn a small bowl, combine 1 cup of the boiling water and 1 package of Jello. Stir until dissolved. Add 1 of the cut quarters of ice cream to the Jello and stir until it melts. Pour the Jello and ice cream into a 9x13 pan.


Egg and Cheese Muffin in a Mug ready to eat

Egg and Cheese Muffin in a MugI love the taste and convenience of Egg McMuffins but I don't visit fast food chains anymore. This is a way to get the same kind of breakfast quickly using a mug and a microwave. The dough turns into a soft and fluffy English muffin and there's a perfectly cooked egg in the middle. I've made this with gluten free flour and it's worked out perfectly.


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100% All-Natural Wheat BreadThis is our every day bread recipe. The heart of our meals.


loave pans of baked banana bread

Cake Mix Banana BreadA great way to use up overripe bananas. It is very quick to make.


bowl of Vietnamese Chicken and Cabbage Salad

Vietnamese Chicken and Cabbage SaladThis is my take on a Vietnamese inspired chicken and cabbage salad that I learned from my mom. My mom actually uses more ingredients that I'm not a fan of, but this is my version that I enjoy.


4-H Breadmaker Rolls

4-H Breadmaker RollsBelieve it or not, this recipe is at least 54 years old. When I was in 4-H, another member and I gave a demonstration on making rolls. I have since adapted it to my bread maker.


Roasted Pecans in quart jar

Roasted PecansIt's pecan season again and lots of people will be roasting pecans to munch on and use in recipes. It's easy to roast pecans but you have to be careful to not overcook or burn them which I have done in the past.


cheesy lasagna soup

Cheesy Lasagna SoupEnjoy all of the delicious flavors of lasagna in this easy to make soup. It is perfect for chilly winter days.


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Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for a CrowdTo make white sauce, melt margarine over low heat in heavy saucepan. Blend in flour and seasonings. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth and bubbly.


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Dishpan CookiesCream sugars, oil, eggs. Add vanilla. Mix in gradually the remaining ingredients. Drop by teaspoon on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 325 degrees F. for 8 - 10 minutes.


Pan of treats cut into large squares.

Marshmallow Crisped Rice Treats (Giant...We love marshmallows at our house, so when Walmart had two pound bags of these new giant sized marshmallows on clearance for only a dollar a bag, we went a little nuts.


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Norwegian RosettesBeat eggs slightly with sugar and salt. Add milk and flour and beat until smooth. Heat rosette iron with paper towels and dip into batter, but do not allow batter to come over the top of iron...


Beautiful Cornucopia Bread filled with fruit

Beautiful Cornucopia BreadThis seasonal centerpiece is a showstopper that everyone can actually eat! I love to make these for Thanksgiving. Fill them whatever you like; fruit, veggies, even little bread rolls. Everyone can pull at the rings and enjoy.


Dinner Roll with asparagus and turkey leg

Quick Dinner RollsAs a full-time employee who loves to bake, most of my baking is done on my days off. Today was cold and rainy, so I decided to try this recipe that I found on one of my Facebook cooking groups. It was just what I was looking for and I will make it again soon. You can use either white or whole wheat self-rising flour. I made my own self-rising flour. They were great with butter for dinner and jam the next morning. They make 6, and would easily double to make 12. I used the little silicone baking cups. I could fit 12 in my toaster oven, which means that they will not heat up the kitchen come summer. You cannot taste the mayonnaise at all.


Simple Carrot Cookies on plate

Simple Carrot CookiesMost kids don't like veggies. Here's a tricky recipe that will make kids eat vegetables. Deceive them with with healthy goodness of these carrot cookies.


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Easy 7-Up Peach CobblerThis is a Weight Watcher recipe I found on the internet. You can use any lemon lime diet soda, and you can use any frozen fruit.


Photo of making turkey jerky.

Turkey JerkyI have just dehydrated a batch of turkey jerky. Amounts are per 1 1/2 lbs. ground turkey. The recipe can be multiplied.


Bread Pudding Cups on plate

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding CupsI love the flavour of caramel apples but they can be a bit tough on the teeth. I thought it would be fun to bring their flavours to something soft and comforting like bread pudding. I baked them inside of muffin tins for presentation and portion control reasons. They're so delicious, they are making it to the tables of all my holiday feasts this year! I hope you try these.


muffin tin peach cobbler

Muffin Tin Peach CobblerThese tiny cobblers are easy to make and super yummy!


pigs in a blanket with ketchup

Crescent Roll Pigs in a BlanketPigs in a blanket are a childhood favorite of mine. These are a simple, yet delicious snack for a party or anytime.


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin SeedsDon't waste any of your pumpkin! These seeds can be flavored with whatever spices you like and make a great snack.


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Betty Crocker's Best Chocolate CakeThe cake recipe speaks for itself in it's name. It is out of the 7th printing of Betty Crocker's Cookbook, printed in 1971. The frosting recipe was given to me from my daughter, Kelly. I don't know where it originally came from.


finished Sour Cream fin bowl

Make Sour Cream from Cottage CheeseI don't often buy sour cream if it's just my family eating, mostly for health reasons. So many calories. Yet, using Greek yogurt doesn't always sit well with some as it's erring on the side of too healthy (even though I love it). Try this amazing sour cream made from cottage cheese! You can use milk instead of heavy cream. I just used heavy cream for a touch of decadence. Either way, you're saving yourself loads of calories, and packing in protein. It also tastes so very good!


Greek Style Lamb and Potatoes on plate
lamb and potatoes on plate

Greek Style Lamb and PotatoesI never liked lamb much until I learned how to choose the right cuts and prepare it myself. You always want to choose cuts that are pink and rosy in colour; never dark red. This is a complex-tasting, easy to prepare Greek version of lamb chops that my family adores. Skipping the restaurant versions is fine by me, and my wallet!


Butternut Squash and Apples

Butternut Squash and ApplesI love butternut squash! Just in time for Thanksgiving. What a great side dish to any meal. It is so remarkably good!


Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes in bowl

Garlic Parmesan Mashed PotatoesI get asked to make these mashed potatoes often. They take a bit of extra time due to the process for keeping the potatoes as fluffy as possible, but they are so worth it. I use both russet potatoes and petite gold potatoes. I take the skins off the russets, but keep the skin on the golds. This keeps the mash fluffy and light, yet gives them a lovely strong nutty flavour. I also sautee some of the minced garlic in butter to get a roasted flavour, and use the rest of the garlic in its fresh form. Delicious!


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