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Video: Happy Birthday SusanToday is Susan's birthday. She is the founder of ThriftyFun and works practically seven days a week keeping things running smoothly. We decided to give her the day off.


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Home Improvement VideosHere are some home improvement videos provided by Ask a Builder.


Origami Heart

Dollar Origami HeartsWhen were were at a Chinese buffet, I noticed several origami hearts clipped over a glass at the checkout counter. The little Chinese waitress handed one to me to see. It was so neat!


Neo (Persian)

Neo (Persian)Neo is 3 years old and a Persian. We got her at a cat show in 2005.


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Video: Plants Poisonous to PetsJust received this information from the ASPCA via email. I was surprised to know that some of these plants are poisonous to our pets, and thought I should share it with the Thrifty Fun Community!


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Easy Potato PeelingI just received this tip from a friend who sent me the youtube website. It is a real time-saver for peeling potatoes, especially for potato salad.


Video: Decorating "Octomonster" CupcakesThese are a great cupcake design for a Halloween.


Muffins decorated as alien faces with fruit and candy.

Decorating Alien MuffinsA fun way to decorate muffins with dried fruit!


Paper Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Paper Jack-O'-Lantern CraftPaper Jack-o'-lanterns are a fun and easy craft for Halloween. Watch this step by step video to see how they are made!


marshmallow skeleton

Marshmallow Skeleton CupcakeThis is a quick and easy cupcake to throw together at the last minute, yet still cute!


Candy Corn Vampire Teeth Cupcakes

Candy Corn Vampire Teeth CupcakesHere is a super simple decoration for Halloween cupcakes, using candy corn and marshmallows. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Crock Pot RoastAn easy crock pot recipe. Start it in the morning and have a delicious meal in the evening when you get home.



Bacon, Mushroom and Onion QuicheHere is a video recipe for Bacon Mushroom and Onion Quiche. This was a staple of our weeknight meals growing up, and I cook it often for my own family. This one was a "clean out the fridge" meal.


Peeping Chick Easter Craft

Peeping Chick Easter CraftThis is a quick and easy craft that can be done with children or made for a Easter decoration.


Depression Era Cooking With Clara

Video And Link: Depression Era Cooking With ClaraJust wanted to take a minute to recommend to everyone that they go to You Tube and look up Great Depression Cooking. There you will find Clara Cannucciari. She gives wonderful recipes and tips as well as recalling the difficult times during the Great Depression.


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Mama and Baby KittenHere's a super cute video of a mama cat sleeping with her baby kitten.


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Video: Crochet Hook Gel GripA video on how to make your own crochet needle grip out of a gel pencil holder. It allows you to hold the needle more securely and comfortably.


Halloween Video

Homemade Halloween Costume Showcase...We put together this video of many of the great costumes which ThriftyFun community members have created and shared with us over the years. It's amazing seeing all the creativity which goes into these costumes.


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Getting Rid of Tent CaterpillarsOne way to get rid of these caterpillars is to simply crush them. This method is outlined in this video. He's doing it with gloves on, which would be a little gross.


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Making a Cranberry GarlandHere's a short video about making a cranberry garland. It includes several helpful tips.


Plastic Bottle Solar Light

Plastic Bottle Solar LightsThis is a great way to reuse plastic bottles and save money on power. In the United States this idea could be used in sheds, chicken coops, or any structure with a tin roof.


Fixing a Flat Tire on a Bike

How to Repair a Flat Bicycle TireExcellent step by step instructions for repairing a flat bicycle tire. Clear video with excellent narration.


fixing a bike flat

Patching an Inner TubeIf you need to patch your bicycle tire, this video will be helpful. Short video but shows the whole process from start to finish.


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Amazing Grace Christmas Light ShowThis is one of the best light shows I have ever seen. It is amazing how well the lights go with the music. It starts out slow but really picks up mid way. This light show was designed by Holdman Lighting.


Christmas Lights on Trees outdoors

Music Box Dancer Light ShowAlthough many of us don't have the time or money to create light show like this, it is still nice to enjoy.


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Carol of the Bells Christmas Light ShowHere is a great light snow set to Carol of the Bells.


Cleaning Paint Rollers Video

Cleaning Paint RollersA nice instructional video about removing paint from brushes and rollers from a professional painter. Includes ideas for removing paint from both brushes and rollers.


Photo of a woman's waving.

Stop Motion PregnancyAmazing stop motion video of this woman's pregnancy. This is very cool indeed.


Photo of the supplies needed to make a fruit fly trap.

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap VideoThis homemade video shows you how to make a simple but effective fruit fly trap.


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Charlie Bit My FingerViral video of Charlie, the baby, and his older brother. This video has been viewed over 400,000,000 times, making it one of the most popular viral videos to date.


Putting cauliflower into a bag for freezing.

Freezing Cauliflower VideoThis is a great video with step by step instructions for freezing cauliflower (and broccoli).


jump starting a prius

Jump Starting a PriusThis video has instruction for how to jump start a Prius. The video is made by a Toyota service professional.


Preventing Colds and Flu, Woman Sneezing

Preventing Colds and FluRussell Greenfield, M.D. has some handy tips to keep yourself cold and fly free this winter. Be sure to watch the related videos for more information about colds and the flu.


Plumbing Basics: Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Plumbing Basics: Fixing a Leaky FaucetThis video explains how to fix a leaky faucet, in a simple step by step format.


Metal Rose Card

Metal Rose Valentine's Day Card Part 2Here is the second part of the Metal Rose instructions. This section shows you how to put together the final card.


Metal Rose Valentine's Day Card, Purple Metal Rose

Metal Rose Valentine's Day Card Part 1This video has detailed instructions for making some really fantastic Valentine's day cards. Anyone you give these to will love them!


Flashmob Style Bottle Recycling

Flashmob Style Bottle RecyclingThis video does a wonderful job of demonstrating how important it is to take a moment and recycle that plastic bottle you have in your hand or maybe just stepped over.


Recycling a 2 Liter Bottle

Recycling a 2 Liter BottleDon't throw that soda bottle away, find a way to use it around the house or yard. Here is a video with 8 great tips on other uses for a 2 liter bottle.


Vinyl record bowl video

Making a Vinyl Record BowlThis short video gives you quick lesson in making a bowl from a vinyl record. It's quick, easy and fun.


Lead Battery Recycling

Lead Battery RecyclingThis short clip from "HowStuffWorks" explains how lead acid batteries are recycled and prepared for reuse.


How To Recycle Paper

How To Recycle PaperThis video about making your own recycled paper is a wonderful DIY project that anyone can do at home.


Recycled Kaleidoscope

Recycled KaleidoscopeThis video gives a detailed overview on how to make a neat kaleidoscope from an old CD jewel case.


Making a Dog Leash from Plastic Grocery Bags

Making a Dog Leash from Plastic Grocery BagsThis short video teaches you how to make a creative dog leash out of old plastic grocery bags.


Laundry Detergent Cap Cupcake Pincushion

Laundry Detergent Cap Cupcake PincushionThis video teaches you how to make an adorable pincushion out of a laundry detergent cap.


Bottle Bank Arcade Ready to Play

Bottle Bank ArcadeSometimes the best way to get people into doing something is to make it fun. This video demonstrates the power of fun when it comes to encouraging recycling.


Reuse Your Old Glass Candle Jars

Reuse Your Old Glass Candle JarsThis video shows you how to clean out your old candle jars so they can be repurposed for storage of things around the home.


St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Wall Hanging

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Wall HangingThis video teaches you how to make a cute leprechaun wall hanging that you and your kids will a fun making for St. Patrick's Day.


Canning Boneless Chicken Breasts

Canning Boneless Chicken BreastsThis quick video will teach you how to save your excess chicken breasts by canning them.


Growing Sprouts Video

Growing Bean SproutsA nice video about growing bean sprouts using a sprouting jar.


duct tape wallet coin pocket

Adding a Coin Pouch to a Duct Tape WalletThis video demonstrates how to add a coin pouch to a wallet using a zip-loc bag.


chicken parm casserole

Chicken Parm Casserole RecipeNice video about how to make a wonderful chick parm casserole. This recipe turns out great.


How to Make a Recycled Lid Push-along Toy

How to Make a Recycled Lid Push-along ToyHere is an easy craft you can do with your kids, and they can play with it afterward!


How to Make St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

How to Make St. Patrick's Day CupcakesThis video has an easy to follow recipe for some delicious cupcakes that are sure to be a hit at your St. Patricks Day party.


Pickling Vegetables

Pickling VegetablesThis video by the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service gives a thorough explanation of the process and benefits of preserving your vegetables by pickling them.


Making the Most of Your Scented Candles

Making the Most of Your Scented CandlesThis video shows you some great ideas about what to do with leftover candle wax.


Canning Beef at Home

Canning Beef at HomeThis video shows you how to preserve extra beef you have leftover and can't use right away by canning it


fried ice cream video

Fried Ice Cream RecipesGreat video about making fried ice cream. It's easier to make than you think.


Rain Barrel System

Rain Barrel SystemHere is a video that shows you to make you own rain barrel system for harvesting rain water.


How to Make Green Beer

How to Make Green BeerThis video shows you two quick and easy ways to make green beer for your St. Patrick's day party guests.


DIY Recycled Magazine Organizer

DIY Recycled Magazine OrganizerThis video gives great detailed instructions on how to make stylish and functional magazine organizer.


Flash Freezing Food

Flash Freezing FoodThis short video shows you a simple and effective way of flash freezing your food to preserve it's freshness.


Recycled Kids Crafts: Bottle Butterfly

Bottle ButterflyThis video shows you how to make a simple butterfly container from a plastic drink bottle that your kids will have a lot fun putting together and they can store crayons or other items in it when they are done.


Ways to Reuse Your T-shirt

Making a Halter Top From a T-shirtThis video shows a simple innovative idea to re-purpose a t-shirts into a cute halter top.


Pouring BBQ Sauce into crockpot

Crockpot Pork RibsThis is an extremely easy recipe for making ribs in the crockpot. This recipe calls for boneless pork ribs but it would work with other ribs as well.


Stack of Vietnamese Rice Crackers

Vietnamese Sesame Rice CrackerThese rice crackers are a delicious crunchy snack that are great on their own, or in combination with dips or rice noodle dishes. Also known as banh trang or banh da.


caring for beta fish

Caring for Your BettaI found this video on and it was great. I wanted to share it with all of you who are interested in Bettas.


Finished Corner Shelf

Building Corner ShelvesDo you have a small corner space in your home that you have trouble making use of? Making some custom fit shelves for the area can be a great functional solution.


braiding garlic

Braiding GarlicHere's a great video with instructions for making a garden braid.


Making an Inexpensive Flea Pool

Video: Making an Inexpensive Flea PoolThis is a video I saw on youtube and I am sharing with you.


Homemade Screen Printed T-Shirt

Homemade Screen Printed T-ShirtThis video shows you the steps to making your own screen printed t-shirts.


Yo Yo Barrettes Video

Yo Yo BarrettesThis video shows you step by step instructions on how to make your own yo yo barrettes.


A picture of a chow chow.

A Video About Chow ChowsHere is a great informational video from Animal Planet about the Chow Chow breed. It includes general information, history about the breed, and tips for raising a Chow Chow.


Red, White & Blue Bundt Cake

Red, White & Blue Bundt CakeThis video is a step by step guide to making a Red, White & Blue Bundt Cake.


Homemade Cat Scratching Post Video

Homemade Cat Scratching PostThis is a video about building a cat scratching post. Cats love to scratch on things especially furniture. Prevent them from ruining your furniture by giving then an alternative place to sharpen their claws.


Cork Plant Marker

Making Cork Plant MarkersThis is a quick video showing you the easy steps to making a cork plant marker.


Stripped sock oil bottle cover

Making an Oil Bottle CoverThis video shows you the simple steps to making an oil bottle cover.


Doo Doo Drop Diapers

Doo Doo Drop DiapersThis video shows you how to make Doo Doo Drop Diapers, a great treat for a baby shower.


Girl wearing tutu

Making a No Sew TutuThis short video shows you how to make your own no sew tutu.


Cork Bulletin Board

Recycled Wine Cork Bulletin StripThis video shows you how to make your own bulletin strip out of wine corks.


Jello Beach Dessert

Making Jello Beach DessertThis video show you the steps to take to make a beach scene Jello parfait.


Cork Reindeer

Cork Reindeer VideoIn this video you will learn how to make this cork reindeer with step by step instructions.


Finding Center of Circle

How to Find the Center of a CircleThis video show you the steps to finding the center of a circle.


Red White and Blue Jello

Red, White and Blue JelloThis video shows you the step by step instructions for making a layered jello parfait.


Cadbury Egg Carton Gift

Cadbury Egg Carton GiftThis video shows you how to make a Cadbury Egg Carton Gift.


Flower Pot Bird Bath

Making a Flower Pot Bird BathThis short video show you the steps to making a bird bath with flower pots.


Mini Cheesecakes

Making Mini CheesecakesThis video shows you the step by step process for making mini cheesecakes.


Mason Jar Air Freshener

Making a Mason Jar Air FreshenerThis short video shows you how to make an air freshener with just a few simple ingredients.


Removing Sap from Microfiber

Removing Sap from MicrofiberThis short video shows you a before and after shot of treating a tree sap stain on microfiber with rubbing alcohol.


Ice Cream Cupcakes

Making Ice Cream CupcakesThis video show you the step by step process to making delicious ice cream cake cupcakes.


Candy Jar Made from Pickle Jar

Recycled Container Candy JarThis short video shows you the steps to turning a jar into a beautiful vintage looking candy jar.


Pretzel Kisses Candy

Making Pretzel KissesThis is a video on how to make a delicious treat with pretzels, Hershey's Kisses and M&M's.


Rice Krispy Egg

Rice Krispy Easter EggsThis is a video on how to make Rice Krispy Easter Eggs.


Cinder Block Planter

Making a Cinder Block PlanterThis video shows an easy way to make a layered planter with cinder blocks.


Crockpot Chicken Adobo

Crockpot Chicken AdoboThis video shows you how to make a chicken adobo with a slow cooker.


Broccoli and Ham Pockets

Making Broccoli and Ham PocketsThis video shows you the easy steps to making your own delicious hot pockets.


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