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Information About Thomas Singer Sterling Silver Pendant?

Information About Thomas Singer Sterling Silver Pendant?I do know that this is a Thomas Singer Native American Sterling silver Buffalo pendant but I would like to know what the gold overlaid character is on the buffalo. Thank you


What Is This Sterling Silver Charm Called or Used For?

What Is This Sterling Silver Charm Called or Used For?I would like to know what this sterling charm is called and used for. The 925 TC-188 should indicate for Taxco Mexican but I can't make out/recognize the inscribed/etched writing on the back of the head on top. Any help and information is greatly appreciated. Thank you


The clasp on a tennis bracelet.

Identifying A Jewelry Crown Mark?I have a Citrine tennis bracelet and am wondering if anyone can identify the crown mark? Below the crown mark is 925 denoting the silver. I have seen this question before, but the image was not clear and no one could answer the question of who's mark is this?


A round silver pendant.

Markings on Silver Pendant?What does the ISF 81 mean?


A ring with a yellow stone.

Identifying A Ring?Need help identifying this ring. Could it be a sapphire or Citrine? Do you know what the marking 23.19 means?


A silver women's watch with gemstones around the face.

Value of Omega Vintage Watch?My mother inherited this watch from my grandmother. Can anyone help us know how much it is worth?


A silver brooch with pearls.

Identifying Mikimoto Brooch?I purchased this pearl brooch today. The pearls are absolutely real (teeth tested) and they have an absolutely amazing luster to them. I noticed there's a hallmark on the back, kind a looks like an M with a clamshell? But I've noticed on several of MikiMoto''s other brooches that it's usually an M with an S for silver not stamped 935.


A silver pendant with red stones.

Sterling Silver Stamp QuestionI have a pendant with the stamps V8 925, and also an etched PL. The pendant appears to be silver and I was told it is sterling, to which I assume the 925 refers. I cannot find any information about the V8 stamp or the PL etch. Any information would be appreciated. There is Cyrillic writing on the pendant.


Identifying a
Jewelry Hallmark?

Identifying a Jewelry Hallmark?I have searched everywhere looking for this Hallmark on on my cuff sterling silver bracelet. I live in New Mexico so I am usually privy to many of the Native (Navajo, Zuni, Hopi), and Mexican hallmarks but this one has stumped me. I'm hoping someone can help identify the mark or even some of the correct lettering. My guess has been maybe ending in ...."lond"?


A gold ring with a large reddish stone.

Information About Ring?I am looking for someone that can help me identify this marks and possible information on this ring that I purchased at a local thrift store. I can't decipher the inside markings. Thank you for any and all help.


A strand of golden pearls.

Identifying Pearls?Are this Akoya pearls or Golden South Sea Pearls? I know it's difficult by means of a picture . There are 9 mm 180 pearls in total. Does anybody know its worth whether they are Akoya or Golden South Pearls? Any help is welcomed!


A jeweler's mark inside a ring.

Jewellers Identification?Anyone able to help me identify the "J^S" markings on this gold ring? It might be/stand for "JNS" or "JAS" or maybe the"^" in between the J and S is symbol for "&" , is this the jeweller? Or no, it means something else? And if so, kindly please explain and help me end the search to what feels like a yellow brick road to no man's land :) Many thanks!


A silver cuff bracelet.

Value of Bracelet?I was curious to know if this old looking bracelet is worth anything. It is marked 925 ND.


A pair of red cufflinks.

What Type of Stone Are These Cufflinks?Does anybody know what type of stone these cufflinks are made of? Thank you!


A metal locket with a marking inside.

Letters Stamped on Locket?What are the letters stamped after 925 on this locket?



The front of a Victorian cameo brooch.

Value of an Antique Victorian Cameo Brooch?My great grandfather purchased this in Japan in 1927. That is about all I know. I have many other things from there as well, like an ivory cigarette holder. But at the moment, I have been trying to get an idea how much this may be worth. It's facing left, which I know is more rare than the right facing brooches. Any ideas?


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Determining the Value of Silver Jewelry?Mom always said, give some away and sell the rest. My mom passed away and we gave most of her sentimental jewelry pieces to family and friends. We have a few pieces left that are .925 silver (primarily necklaces). What is the best next step?


Identifying the Markings on an Old Diamond Ring  - 10K

Identifying the Markings on an Old Diamond Ring?I found this ring and it has 10k stamped on it. It also has a stamp of a bird I know what 10k stands for, but does anyone know what the bird marking means?


Identifying a Pyramid Cluster Diamond Ring - gold band diamond ring on dark background

Identifying a Pyramid Cluster Diamond Ring?As far as I can tell it is a size 7. Description: 20 stone 1/2 carat white diamond, 10 karat yellow gold. Band stamps are as follows from left to right (1/2ct 10k 5DX1) maybe SDX1.


Identifying a Jewelry Maker's Mark - silver teardrop shaped earring with a dark blue stone at the bottom

Identifying a Jewelry Maker's Mark?I can't seem to make out the jewelry markings on these earrings other than the 4 K part. It seems to be like an arrow or some sort of triangle! Can anyone help me identify what this is and what it means?


Value of an Antique Bracelet - cuff style bracelet with a cameo disk in the center

Value of an Antique Bracelet?My aunt collected antiques. This bracelet was passed down to me. From what I understand this bracelet is worth a good bit of money. I'd like to get some information on it if anyone can provide any.


Identifying a Brooch - ornate brooch with stone removed from center

Identifying a Brooch?I need help identifying this brooch :)


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Determining the Value of a Silver and Gem Stone Ring?I am dealing with a silver ring stamped 925 with several small stones of two types. I believe three of the larger stones are blue sapphires with a few small diamond looking stones, probably zirconium. My question is how do I determine the weight and value of the silver by weighing the ring with stones in it?


Identifying a Bracelet - gold link bracelet with heart in center set with a pink stone

Identifying a Bracelet?I'd like to know if my bracelet is antique and what the maker's mark means.


Identifying the Mark on the Inside of a Ring - closeup of a mark inside a ring

Identifying the Mark on the Inside of a Ring?Can anyone help me identify this mark on the inside of the ring?


Identifying the Maker's Mark on a Ring

Identifying the Maker's Mark on a Ring?Can anyone help me identify the maker's mark on this ring?


Identifying a Jewelry Mark  - jewelry mark

Identifying a Jewelry Mark?I bought this necklace and bracelet set. I tried finding this mark. Can anyone help?


Identifying a Jewelry Mark - fuzzy mark

Identifying a Jewelry Mark?I would like to know if some one could tell me what this mark means?


Identifying a Hallmark on a Brooch - man and woman embracing

Identifying a Hallmark on a Brooch?I've been looking for this hallmark stamp everywhere and no luck. Can somebody please help? ''


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Finding the Value of a 92.5 Sterling Silver Ring?I have a 92.5 sterling silver ring. I think it is an Oriental or tribal design ring. Where can I take it to find out how much it is worth?



Identifying Jewelry Markings - markings on perhaps a silver ring

Identifying Jewelry Markings?Can any one tell what these say?


A heart shape costume jewelry necklace.

Identifying a Logo on a Thriftstore Necklace?I found this necklace at a thrift store. I am just wondering if anyone recognizes this logo/necklace.


Are These Cuffs Made from Bakelite?

Are These Cuffs Made from Bakelite?Does anyone know if these are Bakelite cuffs? I don't see any logos or brands on the cuffs.


Value of Men's Diamond Bracelet

Value of Men's Diamond Bracelet?I brought this bracelet from an American police auction. It says it's a men's 180 diamond bracelet. Does anyone know it's value?


A vintage pearl necklace.

Identifying the Brand on a Pearl Necklace?I found this pearl necklace at a thrift store. It looks vintage. but I am not 100 sure. It has an upper case C and a small lower case C. I thought it was Charming Charlie at first, but it's not.


Identifying Markings on a Gold Ring

Identifying Markings on a Gold Ring?We have a ring with these marks shown in the pictures. Can anyone identify them as we've hit a dead end.


Value of a Silver Bracelet

Value of a Silver Bracelet?I have a silver bangle that is quite heavy. I am just wondering how much I'd get if l sold it?


Identifying Markings on a Gold Ring - markings on the inside of a gold band

Identifying Markings on a Gold Ring?I can't seem to figure out what the marking on my great grandmother's gold ring is.


Value of a Sterling Silver Coach Ring - wide band ring

Value of a Sterling Silver Coach Ring?I have a sterling silver Coach ring that I would like to sell. How much is it worth?


A beaded necklace with a colorful pendant.

Identifying Thriftstore Jewelry Finds?It has weight, but no markings. Glass? It's gorgeous! I gave it to my daughter!


A beaded necklace with large orange beads.

Identifying a Beaded Necklace?Well I can only tell you that it's heavy. Some kind of stones? Excited! It was a thriftstore find four years ago. Any ideas?


A colorful beaded necklace.

Identifying a Beaded Necklace?I have another find! It's two necklaces, but I am not sure if it's supposed to be worn together. I hope it's vintage, but I like it. Is it costume jewelry and is it old?


Identifying the Mark on a Sterling Silver Bracelet  - back of the clasp

Identifying the Mark on a Sterling Silver Bracelet?I need help identifying the hallmark/stamp on this piece and of jewelry. The stamp is on the clasp of the bracelet. I've included a picture of clasp.


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Identifying the Markings on a Silver Ring?I have a silver ring with the numbers etc. on the inside of the ring band that read = 5925 A15 50. What does that mean? And how much is it worth?


Determining If a Brooch Is Silver - beautiful silver pin with an oval cast or carved purple center insert

Determining If a Brooch Is Silver?How can I tell? There are no marks.



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Value of a Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch?How much do you think a 1973 official Mickey Mouse watch in perfect condition (still in its original red case) is worth? It has been stored in my hope chest since it was given to my first baby at birth. It has never been taken out of the case. It has the original face.


An old silver bracelet with a floral pattern.

Identifying an Old Silver Bracelet?I have an old silver bracelet that was in my mom's jewelry box. I am pretty sure it is from Holland, but I don't know anything about it. Anyone have any ideas?


Identifying a Piece of Jewelry - dark silvertone pendant with colored stones and decorative filigree

Identifying a Piece of Jewelry?I found this in a bag of jewelry. It's the exact size of a quarter. I can find no markings for it. It appears to be filigree of some sort.


Information on Old Mexican Silver Bracelet

Information on Old Mexican Silver Bracelet?I have a lovely silver bracelet that I purchased in Mexico over 60 years ago. The workmanship is perfect. There are no markings on it. Did they make silver jewelry back then without using markings? The bracelet is tarnished.


The back of a vintage brooch.

Identifying Markings on a Brooch?What does this marking stand for? It is on I believe a costume brooch pin with enamel and rhinestones.



What is This Symbol?A friend of mine found this charm and would love to know what the symbol is. Do YOU know?


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Information on Gold Heart Shaped Locket?I have a gold heart locket that opens to put 2 pictures inside. It has a red stone in front with accent diamonds. The markings inside read: 1-20, 10KBE, Can anyone tell me what the markings mean?


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How Can I Tell If Something is Made of Silver?I have heard that a sure way of checking whether an item has silver in it is by seeing if it will stick to a magnet when you touch the item. Is this true?


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What is This Jewelry Marking?Does anyone recognize this symbol on jewelry? It has a crown on top, two initials "P" and "D" and some kind of plant leaves expanding up on both sides.


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Appraising Inherited Rings?My husband inherited some rings from his mother. She had small fingers so the size doesn't fit me, and there is no other family member left. I would like to sell them but the cost of appraising is $85 per ring at the jewelers in my neighborhood. The antique stores scare me because I don't know if I can trust them. I not even know if the diamonds are real or how old the rings are.


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