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A cat next to a can of cat food.

Making Sure Cats Get Enough WaterA couple of years ago, my older cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. He was very dehydrated and weak and would regularly vomit up his food. The vet gave him a subcutaneous water treatment and prescribed him special food for renal support but warned us that it was not a cure, just a way to keep him as stable as possible for the next few years.


Pirate (Leopard Gecko) - spotted gecko in a terrarium

Pirate (Leopard Gecko)I got Pirate from one of my volleyball coaches in May of this year because she was moving a few states away and wouldn't be able to take her. Her name is Pirate because she only has 3 legs. '


Dog Potty Clean Up Station - old wooden box used for poop bag dispenser outside

Dog Potty Clean Up StationI found this wood box at the thrift store and then it set in my garage for 2 years. I knew one day it would come to mind what to use it fo. I am not sure what it was, maybe a box to hold a candle, it has a door that swings open and a hole in one end.


Muscovy Duckling - baby in blanket

Muscovy DucklingThis baby came from mama duck, whose name is Wings. She is a very good mama ;) This is one of our 9 Muscovy babies. This baby is so pretty, and sweet. She (or he) needed a bath and some cuddles. I had to share ;)


Simon (Guinea Pig) - person holding Simon

Simon (Guinea Pig)He is a rescue and we got him about 8 months ago. He likes to snuggle and he is also an emotional support animal.


Gum Container for Cat Treats - hand holding the container of treats with a black and white cat in the background

Gum Container for Cat TreatsI started putting the cat treats in an empty Eclipse gum container. It's much easier to get out a few when I want to give the cat some running exercise. The container keeps the treats fresh and it holds a 2.1 oz. package of Temptations treats for cats.


Mi-T (Xoloitzcuintli) - dog on the beach

Mi-T (Xoloitzcuintli)He was given to me by a friend. "Mi-T" is a 4.5 lbs. Xolo who loves to go on 4-mile beach walks. He is a miniature "coated" Mexican hairless.


A filled tied off bag of used litter

Use Produce Bags for Soiled Cat LitterPlastic produce bags make great bags for cleaning out the cat litter box. Usually the bags are damp or wet when empty, so I hang them to dry which does not take long.


Bogart (Cairn Terrier) - silky haired Cairn lying down looking to his left

Bogart (Cairn Terrier)He was purchased as a pup. Bogart is a human trapped in a Cairn Terrier body, he is the most wonderful friend in the world, very thoughtful, he is fearless and protecting, considerate and understanding. He likes to show off that he is the boss and that he is in command. But most of all loves to be by your side and enjoys cuddles.


Blue and Brown Eggs, Oh My! - plate with 7 eggs, some blue, some dark brown and two light brown

Blue and Brown Eggs, Oh My!After losing all of our chickens last year, we hand raised 5 new girls last spring. They finally started laying eggs and by the time we realized it there was quite a collection hidden around the coop. After washing them up I had to take a moment to appreciate the wide range of colors and speckles on them. I saved many of these and plan to blow them out and save them.


Tilly (Pit Bull mix) - one flop eared Pit in a car

Tilly (Pit Bull Mix)We adopted Tilly in the summer of 2019 from a local rescue. She was actually at a different rescue in California, so she was transported up here for us to foster with the option to adopt.


Cat Porch Sling - lace curtain cat sling on the porch

Cat Porch SlingIf you build it, they will come to the cat porch sling and mini 'cat'stle.


Paco (Poodle-Bichon-Mix) - white dog with a Santa hat on

Paco (Poodle-Bichon-Mix)My 16 year old son went to El Salvador and very excitedly told me he was bringing back a dog from San Salvador. I told him no way! I'm not a dog person.' Then I saw his photo and I fell in love instantly. Of course Paco is now my dog, my little 25 pound angel, who has rescued me (not the other way!). I can't even imagine life without him. He has truly saved my life.


Jax (Pit Bull) - Pit sitting in the car with a seatbelt over his shoulder

Jax (Pit Bull)He is a rescue. I have to take time for a ride around the block or he will sit in the truck and won't get out. He put himself there in the picture.


Isaac (St. Bernard) - St Bernard outside near leaf pile

Isaac (St. Bernard)I rescued Isaac a year and a half ago. We have bonded in a way that I have never experienced with an animal before. He is gentle, loving, and very devoted. Isaac loves to give a paw and nudge you when he wants to be petted. He also loves to roll around and sleep in piles of leaves!



Mommy's Little Helper - Fuzzy in with the spices

Mommy's Little HelperMy cat Fuzzy follows me around whatever I'm doing. Today I was caught up with baking until I heard sounds in my spice cabinet and sure enough, check out who somehow got onto the spice shelf!


O'Malley (Orange Tabby) - medium haired cat with his tongue out

O'Malley (Orange Tabby)I rescued him at the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, Fl. 3 yrs ago.


Rhea (Mixed Breed) - tricolor puppy with mostly white fur wearing a black tutu

Rhea (Mixed Breed)I was totally alone here in PA. All my family lives out of state. I saw my girl's picture on a rescue group's site, and I felt like she was calling to me to be her mum. The rest is history.'


Louis (Ragdoll) - cat in the snow

Louis (Ragdoll)I found Louis wandering around my parents' neighborhood, scared and dirty. He hid in the bushes for hours while I tried to coax him out with food and water. When he finally came out he immediately let me pick him up and cuddle him, he's such a sweet and affectionate boy! Since my parents were planning to call animal control I took him home.


Bradley (Persian) - very fluffy white Persian cat

Bradley (Persian)I got him 2 years ago from a breeder. I usually only get rescue animals, but Bradley was a special case. His breeder was trying to breed a specific color of Persian, white fur with silver tips. Bradley was a dud and the breeder obviously didn't like him. He kept him locked in a room by himself and wouldn't let him around the other kitties.


Ollie (Domestic Short Hair) - cat lying a box of plastic bags

Ollie (Domestic Short Hair)I adopted him from someone who after having him 12 years decided he was "too shy", and had threatened to drop him off at the pound.


Brookelynn (Rottweiler) - closeup of a dog shaking off water after a swim

Brookelynn (Rottweiler)My husband always said, he picked her out of a box as a puppy! She's so regal, but can be such a goofball too! Here she is, shaking off after swimming!


Abby (Terra-Poo) - black curly haired dog

Abby (Terra-Poo)When she was 6 months old, we adopted her from a private rescue shelter. She picked us! She likes to go for long walks. We walk a mile a day, and she always finds something interesting to smell. She loves playing with the our cat too.


Baby Boy (Norwegian Forest Cat) - black and white photo of a medium haired Forest cat

Baby Boy (Norwegian Forest)In September of 2009 we had a litter of 7 kittens. Everyone wanted him, but he wouldn't let anyone take him he wanted to stay with us.


Gaia (Tabby) - kitten in a beer glass

Gaia (Tabby)I am kitten-sitting for my son. He got her and her brother from a friend who rescues strays. She likes to play, sleep, eat, play with her brother and sister dogs, and twin brother kitten, Atlas.


Kisses (Guinea Pig) - tri-color Guinea pig in the grass

Kisses (Guinea Pig)We adopted Kisses from a shelter in 2012 with her mate Ginger. Ginger sadly passed away a few years ago, so we got her a friend named Lady. She loves free ranging, playing with her best friend Lady, eating grass at the park, jumping on top her house, and eating lettuce.


Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod Squares - sod in a pool

Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod SquaresWe live in Florida and half of the year we are prepping for hurricanes and my dog may have to stay in for hours or even days during bad weather. I went to my local garden center purchased a couple of pieces of fresh sod(yes you can buy pcs! About $2.50 each) I put the sod in a cheap plastic kiddie pool on my back porch and voila! Outside potty inside!


Raising My New Cat's Dishes -supplies

Raising My New Cat's DishesI recently got a new kitten. I guess someone abandoned him in front of a Dollar Tree about 2 months ago. The people inside were feeding and watering the poor little guy. When I was done shopping one day, I walked out and he was just there. They say you don't choose a cat, a cat chooses you. Well that was day one for Connor and I.


Olivia (Siamese Mix) - closeup of a Siamese mix

Olivia (Siamese Mix)I adopted Olivia and her sister, Emmie, in 2008 from Volunteer Service for Animals (VSA) in Naples. Their website is a great way to find your new "best friend"! Bringing two into your home provides them comfort and companionship.


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Temporary Crate for My New Cat ConnerI ordered my new cat a stroller. But it's low cost which also means a long wait. So I made something to allow him to get outside while we wait. He took to it in about 20 seconds, as soon as he saw he could watch the squirrels!



Sapphire (Mixed Breed) - beautiful white cream and gray cat with blue eyes

Sapphire (Mixed Breed)We found her outside of our house last year (2018). She loves to play with her catnip mouse toy.


Sweetie Pie (Domestic Shorthair) - cat sitting with legs stretched out in front of his torso

Sweetie Pie (Domestic Shorthair)I adopted him from the SPCA a year ago. He always sits in what I would call a very unusual position.


Wallace (Kitten) - being fed with a syringe

Wallace (Kitten)Our daughter was on her way to our house, on I-40 near Wallace, when she saw this little kitten under the overpass. Every time a car would pass, he would run around in circles. Being the loving person that she is, she could not leave him there. She had to stop and pick him up. The kitten was howling it was so terrified. It took a while to get him settled down. She gave him some water and he went fast asleep and slept the rest of the way.


Koneko enjoying her catio.

DIY Window CatioWe recently adopted a stray feral kitten. Koneko. She cannot be allowed outdoors yet but we wanted her to have some access to fresh air and outdoor views. So we built this enclosure for my son's bedroom. I called this an outdoor pet run until I ran into the term "catio" or cat patio.


Bindi (Chihuahua) - dog wearing a mini sombrero with marigolds in the background

Bindi (Chihuahua)I got my Bindi when she was 4 months old. She was a rescue. Bindi loves going for walks, and she enjoys traveling with me wherever I go. She loves meeting people and especially loves ladies and babies.


Peekaboo Annie - kitty in backpack

Peekaboo Annie (Domestic Shorthair)When my daughter comes home to visit she gets lots of love and attention from our cat Annie. This time when she prepared to go home she found Annie stowed away and waiting for her inside her backpack. We all laughed! We all just thought she was so adorable I had to share this!


Feeding the Chickens - hen and chicks behind a wire pen

Feeding the ChickensI save my food scraps to give to my neighbor's chickens. Mama hen gets all excited when she sees me coming and from her actions, she's telling me to hurry up.


Our New Girls - flock of young backyard hens

Our New GirlsLast year was a devastating year for our family. We lost all 6 of our chickens to raccoons over the course of a few months. Two of them were almost 6 years old and another was more like a pet dog than a chicken to us. After a lot of contemplation we decided to try again, after extensive fortification of our coop. These are our 5 new girls, exploring outside for the first time!


Watcha doin? (Fuzzy)

Watcha doin? (Fuzzy)I have to laugh at my little cat Baby (aka Fuzzy). I can't do any project without her wanting to be involved. This was her latest....while I was cleaning out my cabinet. She always makes me laugh! Are your cats this nosy too?


Pepper (Timneh African Grey) - parrot next to a can of chicken

Pepper (Timneh African Grey)I got this bird on Craigslist from a lady who was opening up a daycare in her house and could not have little Pepper anymore. Although she does not say a word she does plenty of sound effects.


A hesitant dog concerned with the small gap between a boat and the dock.

DIY Doggie "Bridge"Our family got our first dog last summer. Sierra is a 2 year old mixed breed and has been a wonderful addition to our family. We live on Lake Norman and enjoy going out on our pontoon boat whenever possible. We were so excited to take Sierra on her first boat ride.


Skipper (Belgian Shepherd Groenendael) - large black dog

Skipper (Belgian Shepherd Groenendael)Skipper watches over my elderly mother and attracts my attention if he is concerned about her. She often drops her book or other objects, and he will pick them up from the floor and place the item gently back on her lap. He is a real asset to me and a constant companion, and as Mum lives with us he is without a doubt a very useful friend to have in her times of need.


Giving Cats Liquid Meds - cat licking top of front paw

Giving Cats Liquid MedsIt is really hard to give cats meds. If meds can be a cream in a tube or even a liquid, smear or drop the meds on the top of a front paw. Cats hate stuff on their paws and will lick it right off.


Petie (Senegal Parrot) - green, yellow, and gray parrot on toy plane

Petie (Senegal Parrot)I got Petite from a co-worker who's girlfriend did not want him, in 2005. I trim little Peties flight feathers to keep them safe and as you can see by the picture he decided to fly anyway. He likes to chew on things and tear them up sometimes. I think he's part beaver. And he likes to be loved on.


Henry (Siamese Mix) - pretty part Siamese kitten

Henry (Siamese Mix)His middle name is 'Skippyjon, based on a children's' book series (Skippyjon Jones). It is about a naughty but curious, sweet Siamese kitten who pretends to be a great sword fighting Chihuahua. He is mistaken for this dog breed because his ears are too big for his body!'



Sophia (Saint Bernard) - closeup

Sophia (Saint Bernard)I got her for Christmas in 2013. She loves to say hey to the mailman that is extremely scared of her lol. She's the nicest dog ever, just a little protective over her fam.


Small Duck Pond

Small Duck Pond with RampMy husband created this neat little pond for our duck, using a mortar mixing tub and scrap wood that we had laying around. It has a frame to hold the tub and a built-in ramp. With only one duck, is it easy to clean and refresh the water.


Echo (Husky) - closeup of Echo

Echo (Husky)I got Echo as a Valentine's Day gift for my husband in 2016. A friend of mine had a litter of puppies that needed homes so I surprised him with going and picking her out.


Cricket (Chihuahua) - wearing a pink neck cuff with pom pom ears

Cricket (Chihuahua)I kept her from a litter that my other dogs had. She was the little runt baby. She loves to be around my neck in her fleece bag that I made for her.


Tinkerbelle (Syrian Hamster) - in her exercise ball

Tinkerbelle (Syrian Hamster)While shopping at a local pet supply store for my dog and two cats, I decided to look around and discovered the small pet section. I had recently lost the second in a pair of male gerbils, and I missed caring for them. Although I was still grieving that loss I decided to adopt a hamster.


Pekin/Runner Duck Babies - ducklings in the sink for a swim

Pekin/Runner Duck BabiesWe got them when they were a week old. These new little ones will be joining our lone runner duck. He recently lost both of his pen mates and is very lonely!


Dog Getting Bath

Using Dawn for Fleas on DogsDawn dish detergent is a well known solution for controlling fleas on dogs. Bathe your pet in water and Dawn to kill fleas. Use a flea comb to remove stragglers and eggs. This is a page about using Dawn for fleas on dogs.


Ticks on Dog

Remedies for Ticks on DogsThere are several products on the market for repelling and killing ticks on your dogs. Some pet owners also attempt to remove them manually, care needs to be taken to remove the head. Clean and disinfect the area after removal. This is a page about remedies for ticks on dogs.


Cat with Roomba Vacuum

Keeping Your House Clean With Pet CatsThere are several ideas in this page that will help you have a cleaner home, even with pet cats. Start with the kitty box, by cleaning daily and adding a mat outside the box to help contain the litter.


Cat Scratching at Fleas

Fleas on My Cat and Her KittensYou will want to take care when treating a nursing cat and her kittens for fleas. This page contains many helpful ideas for doing this safely. This is a page about fleas on my cat and her kittens.


Cat Litter with Scoop

Which Cat Litter Is Best?This may sound like an easy question, but there are factors to be considered when choosing the best litter for your kitties. Each type has pros and cons. Do your research. This is a page about, "Which cat litter is best?".


Puppy Getting Scolded for Peeing on Floor

Puppy Peeing EverywhereHouse training a puppy requires a lot of time, consistency, and a firm gentle approach. Just as you would not expect a toddler to be potty trained in a day, puppies are babies, they need your guidance to learn the expectations of house training. This is a page about puppy peeing everywhere.


Poodle Fetching Frisbee

Training a PoodleThere are universal methods for training dogs and then certain breeds may require some more specialized attention due to the breed or individual temperament. This is a page about training a Poodle.


Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) Breed Information and Photos

Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) breed information and photos. These large dogs with a Greyhound like build have silky, wavy hair, and are known for speed and endurance.


Refinishing a Cat Tree - Jelly on lower shelf of refurbished cat tree

Refinishing an Old Cat Tree With Sisal RopeNew cat trees can be quite expensive. We had an old one in our garage, that had been heavily used and was pretty much useless for scratching. After deciding that I didn't want to purchase a new cat tree, I settled on updating the old one with sisal rope. Our new kitty loves it and it looks new again!


PB Jelly (ThriftyFun Office Kitty)

PB Jelly (ThriftyFun Office Kitty)PB Jelly turned up in our front yard in August. She was very shy and although she would hang out in the front yard, she would only watch us from a safe distance. She loved to sit on our fence, just out of reach. Sometimes she would venture to our backyard to lay on the block wall, to sun herself.


Teddy Bear (Chihuahua)

Chihuahua PhotosChihuahuas are a fun breed of dog to photograph. This page contains Chihuahua photos.


Baby Shampoo

Using Baby Shampoo for FleasSome pet owners report great success in getting rid of fleas using baby shampoo on their pets. This is a page about using baby shampoo for fleas.


A dog sitting on a rug.

Dog Pees on RugsWhen your house trained dog begins to pee inside, determining the cause and retraining are in order. It is a good idea to rule out any medical causes. This page information for when a dog pees on rugs.


A rotary tool with an attachment.

Using Dremel Tool for Dog Nail TrimmingA Dremel sanding tool can be a good alternative to clippers for trimming your dogs nails. This is a page about using Dremel tool for dog nail trimming.


Dog Playing in Mud

Keeping Dogs from Tracking Mud Inside?Dogs that have access to your yard can frequently track in mud. Other than wiping their feet every time they come in, this page offers some other solutions. This is a page about keeping dogs from tracking mud inside.


chick feeder

Getting Ready to Raise ChicksPrior to bringing home your new chicks you will want to get all of your supplies and set out their brooder box. Then the fun begins. This is a page about getting ready to raise chicks.


A dog sleeping, wearing a cone.

Preventing a Dog from Biting Their SkinAllergies or insect bites can start your dog down the path of constant biting and licking of their skin trying to get some relief. This is a page about preventing a dog from biting their skin.


Closeup of a cream Pomeranian

Pomeranian PhotosThis page contains Pomeranian photos. These small dogs are peppy, loyal friends, and good indoor pets.


Bunnies in a basket with a young boy touching them.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet RabbitCute little bunnies are often an impulse pet purchase, especially around Easter. While rabbits can make wonderful pets they do require care just as any pet does. Make sure this is the pet for you by doing some research. This is a page about things to consider before getting a pet rabbit.


Bird in cage with bird toys.

Homemade Bird ToysThese toys can be expensive, but with a little imagination you can make interesting pet bird toys at home. This page is about making homemade bird toys.


Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty Butt - hand holding a chick

Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty ButtIt is not uncommon for chicks to end up with a case of pasty butt. The buildup of poop around their vent can completely block their ability to poop, which can be fatal.


A dog eating food.

Recipes for a Dog With AllergiesUnfortunately many dogs develop allergies to commercial dog foods. Low ingredient foods sometimes help, but if not, pet owners often try to provide homemade food. This is a page about recipes for a dog with allergies.


A dog who is wary at the veterinarian's office.

Helping Your Pet's Vet PhobiaMany pets can become very agitated when they realize that they are heading to the vet's office. This is a page about helping your pet's vet phobia.


nipples on bottom of bucket

DIY Bucket Chicken WatererKeep your chickens hydrated and happy with this easy to make project. With a sturdy recycled bucket and a few supplies you can make this DIY Chicken Waterer for your chicken coop.


A Yorkshire terrier laying on a green chair.

Facts About Yorkshire TerriersThese cute little lap dogs were originally bred as vermin dogs to catch rats and mice in English textile mills. This is a page about facts about Yorkshire Terriers.


Rubbermaid bin to cover litter box

Making a Litter Box CoverThis is a page about making a litter box cover. Making a cover for your kitty box may help keep the litter scatter down.


Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as Gifts

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as GiftsI wanted to make some tasty and fun dog treats for my daughter's dog and to sell at our upcoming cookie sale at our library; so I created these! They are fun and easy to make and I really like the added colors for the Christmas holiday.


Cat checking out the door

Installing a Cat DoorInstalling a cat door to the garage allows the litter boxes to be kept out there cutting down on the litter scatter in your house. This is a page about installing a cat door.


Special Item of Clothing for Kitten Vet Trip

Special Item of Clothing for Kitten Vet TripOne of our older kittens caught a severe respiratory infection so I took him to the vet. The vet prescribed him Terramycin ointment for his eyes, and a liquid antibiotic called Clavamox. The winter hat he is sitting on helped to comfort him the whole time he was at the vet's office.


Baby Toys for Parrot Joy

Baby Toys for Parrot JoyParrot toys are very expensive, yet vitally important to the health and happiness of our beloved friends. Parrots are exceptionally intelligent and require a lot of mental stimulation to thrive. They need much more than a good diet, fresh water, clean surroundings, fresh air, and warm sunshine.


bottle cap with snowman picture inside

Milk Bottle-top Cat ToyI was at McDonald's the other day, and I purchased three of their little bottles of milk. I immediately knew that they would be used as some kind of craft or toy or decoration at our home. I decided to use them as a seasonal cat toy.


Colorful Environment for Betta Fish

Colorful Environment for Betta FishI have a pet betTa fish, named Nemo, who loves to look at colorful things. His food jar has a picture of a betta fish which he loves. He will get mad and swim frantically if the fish food jar is not put back just right. Just recently I put a frozen dinner cardboard empty container where he could see it.


Teaching Kittens to Sleep in Their Own Bed

Teaching Kittens to Sleep in Their Own BedKittens can be taught to go to their own bed if they are brought to it and praised several times a day. This applies mainly to the young ones; is nice to see them all snuggled together. Their bed needs to be somewhere where they can see where their humans are and have a litter box where they can see it.


kittens on hammock

3 Week Old Kitten Hammock ActivityJust today, the kittens crawled out of their box and started making their way towards the front door. I had a hammock with three sides tied and one side loose. They are old enough to exercise, but not old enough to climb into a regular hammock on their own. This gives them a chance to use their muscles and balance.


Salmonella Concerns with Backyard Chickens

Salmonella Concerns with Backyard ChickensMany people have started keeping chickens and other fowl at home. They are a great source of fresh eggs, don't take much special care, and can be quite funny and charming. However, you should be careful when you or your children are handling them. Most chickens naturally carry salmonella.


shaking into litter box

Diatomaceous Earth in Shaker for CatsI keep my food grade diatomaceous earth in a shaker bottle. I often shake it on the the litterbox. This does two things, it gets the cats to lick it off their paws, and also it kills any bugs that try to get in the litter box.


Close-up of Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat PhotosThis is a page contains tabby cat photos. The distinctive coloration of the tabby cat is made up of stripes, dots, lines, or swirls, generally accompanied by a mark resembling an M on their forehead. This coat pattern is found on many domestic cats.


Leave Pets at Home When Traveling

Leave Pets at Home When TravelingRecently, we had a family emergency and had to travel out of state on a moment's notice. We didn't know how long we would need to be gone so we brought our dog, Honey. This turned out to be a mistake.


cats sleeping together

How to Help Pets Cope with LossMy husband and I had a beautiful cat named Muffin for 16 years. We were devastated when we had to put her down. He refused to get another pet for years. Then he had a stroke. My daughter got two kittens while he was in the hospital and after he returned from rehab he had an instant companion.


chickens munching dandelions

Weeds for ChickensIf you have chickens, when you get done pulling weeds, toss them in their chicken coop. Chickens are especially fond of dandelions.


Homemade Cat Litter Box - deep storage container for litter box

Homemade Cat Litter BoxI love cats. But I hate the litter. They scatter it all around. Some dogs love to get into the litter. The smell can be terrible between changes. But I came up with a solution that is cheap and works well.


Medium sized dog sitting inside of a glass door staring at the snow piled on the other side

Dog Won't Go to the Bathroom Outside in...This is a page about dog won't go to the bathroom outside in bad weather. Many dogs can be very stubborn about going outside in inclement weather to do their business.


finished enclosure

Building a Turtle Home in Your GardenNot long ago, my sister-in-law called me. She was on the other side of the island when a turtle started to cross the road. Luckily she saw the turtle in time to stop her car. She called me to take the turtle. She understands that I love animals and would take care of the turtle.


Runner Ducks in the Snow

Runner Ducks in the SnowOur runner ducks don't shy away from any type of weather. I always worry about them when the weather gets yucky. We had a surprised snow storm this week and I wanted to see what they were up to. As I walked into the yard, they ran up to greet me and tell me all about the snow. :) They loved it!


homemade dog biscuits

Christmas Treats for Your PetsHere are some great recipes to give that special pet in your life. Be it the dog who snuggles next to you at night or the kitty who delights you with her antics every day, or the parakeet that sings so sweetly for you or even that hamster or gerbil that your child talked you into, I have a recipe for a special present for them.


bags of frozen cat kibbles

Freeze Extra Dry Cat FoodI have two kitties on prescription food. It is rather expensive, but there is a noticeable break if you buy the larger bag, 17 lbs. However, my discriminating cats don't eat stale food as reliably as when it is fresh. I bag up the excess and freeze it for future use.


dog howling

How To Answer "What Breed Is Your Dog?"With so many people asking "What breed is my dog?" on here I thought I'd share a cute, quick answer that anyone can use, any time someone asks what breeds are in your mutt, or "what kind of dog is that?"


kitty in outside litter box

Keeping Your Cat from Using Garden as Litter...Because cats like soft, dig-able soil, every year my flower gardens were at risk of my cat using them as a litter box and digging up my new seedlings, flowers or plants, but I found an answer!


Making a Duck Pond

Stock Tank Duck PondMy husband finally had a chance to make our ducks a permanent pond. It has an awesome gravel ramp and a faucet drain to make water changes super easy!


Mason and Mario in House

Re-training a Dog with Separation AnxietyMy dog had severe separation anxiety when we adopted him. His loving owner doted on him until the husband broke his hip, was taken away by medics in an ambulance and had to move into a nursing home that would not take large dogs.


Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 7 and 8)

Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 7 and 8)We officially have grown up ducks. There are little to no baby feathers on any of them, although the dark one has a funny little mohawk of baby feathers running down its neck still. They seem to have settled into their new home.


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