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My Dog Won't Let Me Put Medicine in His Ears?I need help my dog has yeast infection in his ears. I have the medication to put in them, but he will not let us put it in. We got him held down once and now he will not let my husband near him. We tried a muzzle and he will not let me touch him now to put that on.


A small dog lying on the floor.

Dog Peeing On Everything?My dog is 14. Five years ago, she tore both her hocks one at a time. She is now peeing on everything in the house, even herself when she is laying down. She does it inside and out. She also has a very hard time getting up. I brought her to the vet and all she did is give me Gabapentin. She said it's for her arthritis. She is also now having bowel movements in the house. All she does is sleep 90% of the time or just stares into space. She always faces away from me. (My husband passed in March and she always clung to him). I am wondering if she is in pain? Is it time for her to go? I asked the vet and no response. She used to play with the other dog even if it was just a couple of minutes but hasn't done that in a while. Any ideas would help.


A brown and white dog on a red blanket.

Should I Neuter My Pitbull?I have a 2 year old male pitbull. He has recently became aggressive towards people. I will not have him killed. He isn't neutered and I wonder if I have it done, will it help? I live in Ohio. He has already bit my arm but I still will not give up hope. Or is there any sanctuary places that can help me by taking him and will not kill him but help him to no longer attack.


A small dog looking back at the camera.

Is My Puppy a Pomeranian?I recently purchased a sable pomeranian puppy from a pet shop. She is about two months old. Her size and her tail does look like a pomeranian but her coat is very short. Is her appearance normal for a pomeranian puppy at two months? I have added some photos. Thanks


A dog looking up at the camera.

Is My Dog a Pitbull?Is my dog a pitbull/ bull terrier?


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Cats Pooping Under Deck?We have cats that have adopted us and live on our back deck. We feed them. There are many places to poop besides under the deck as this does create an odor for us to NOT enjoy when we are lounging. Any ideas on a repellent for this that I can lay under the deck? I was thinking cedar mulch or cedar pet litter, looking for something dry I can lay under the deck that will not hurt them.


A small brown dog curled up.

Charliebrown (Dog)My nephew gave her to me 6 years ago.


A cat with a wound under his ear.

My Cat Scratching Under His Ear?My cat has scratched the fur off under his ear and he will not stop scratching it. How do we stop him from scratching the area so it will heal? We have put vaseline on it. It worked for awhile but once it wore off, he would start to scratch it again and reopen the area.


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Getting Rid of Mange in the House?Will bleach work to kill mange mites in my carpets?


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My Dog's Spine is Sticking Up?My pit bull puppy who just turn 1 looks like his lower spine is curved. It sticks up and doesn't look healthy. He eats well and plays and is very energetic. He shows no pains in his lower back. Any idea what this could be?


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Do Fleas Jump Off of Pets After Treatment?When a pet is given the first dose of Advantage or Revolution, do the fleas jump off the pet and into the environment? Or do the fleas die from the chemicals?


A yoga mat piece lining the inside of a dog crate.

Prevent Blanket Slippage in Dog CratesIf you line your pet's crate with blankets, throws, or towels and find they constantly slide around on the slippery plastic tray that comes with the crate, I have an inexpensive solution. I found an old exercise/yoga mat that I was no longer using, which I cut with scissors to fit the crate's plastic tray. Since my dog is small, I still have enough of the mat left to cut two more pieces, which I can trade out when one needs to be cleaned.


A dog on a leash in a grassy area.

Bruce (Staffordshire)He's a big baby and loves attention! He loves kids or anyone who shows him attention!! He's very smart to be so young. He's never pooped in the house! He caught on to being house broken in one week and learned basic commands around that same time. Any one who meets him absolutely falls in love with him! But just so you know, he is a ladies' man.


A small dog standing on a blanket.

Chihuahua or Dachshund Trait?This is my Chiweenie. He is 3.9 lbs at 5 years old. He is very lovable. He tries to kiss me, sneakingly creeping slowly to my face. Is that a Chihuahua or Dachshund trait?


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Keeping Dry Cat Food NeaterMy cats love their dry food, which they get along with canned cat food. But, they tended to scatter the dry food. I cut down on that by putting their double bowl in a shoe box lid.



A cat eating food from a dish.

Feeding CatsMost cats will definitely let you know when they are hungry, whether you have a purebred princess or a houseful of rescues. This page has tips for feeding housecats and strays and ways to tempt a picky eater.


A dog sitting on top of the new ottoman.

Doggie OttomanOur dog needed her own little couch to sleep on, so we made this doggie ottoman so she could have her own spot.


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Low Cost Pet Euthanasia Services?I'm looking for a vet or a place were I can take loyal friend and companion, my baby girl, Gypsy. She has been with me 13 years and together we have been through many things. She is a miniature American Eskimo and has had issues with her hair falling out, with scabs and a smell. She has severe arthritis and her back legs just don't give anymore. It's so painful. I am having to pick her up carry her outside for her to relieve herself.


Two cat doors at the bottom of bedroom doors.

Allowing Cats to Access RoomsMy adult children each have a cat that is their responsibility, including the litter boxes which are kept in their bedrooms. I got these cute cutout cat doors for each of their bedroom doors for easy access.


A container of glass marbles on top of cat food in a self feeder.

Keep Your Self Feeder Cat Food 'Self Feeding'My cat is a lovely little gem. But he can't quiet grasp how to make the food come down like he needs it to. So today I helped.


A white Easter lily growing in a garden.

Easter Lilies are Poisonous to CatsLilies are a favorite flower for this time of year, especially as Easter gifts. But if you have cats, you should avoid these pretty flowers. The toxins in the flowers can cause liver damage and even death in small doses. This is true with other types of lilies so keep it in mind when selecting plants for your garden or yard as well.


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New Cat is Showing Dominance?My sister has three male cats. Figaro (neutered) is the oldest, I believe he is 10. Chan (not neutered) is about a year old and Angel is a little under a year old, not neutered and sprays all over the house. Angel is the newest cat in the clan though.


A cat next to a can of cat food.

Making Sure Cats Get Enough WaterA couple of years ago, my older cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. He was very dehydrated and weak and would regularly vomit up his food. The vet gave him a subcutaneous water treatment and prescribed him special food for renal support but warned us that it was not a cure, just a way to keep him as stable as possible for the next few years.


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Kitten Got Soap in Its Eye?My son got dish soap in our kitten's eye. It is now swollen and half closed. I can't afford a vet bill. Does any body have any suggestions?


A leopard gecko on a sandy surface.

Gecko PhotosGeckos can be found all across the world in tropical and subtropical climates. A few types make great pets, including the popular leopard gecko.


The finished structure being enjoyed by a toad.

Stucco Style Reptile Hide/Pool DeckThis craft is made to be used in a reptile/amphibian cage. It is made from a brick of Styrofoam melted/molded into shape with a combination of a hot wire and a lighter, and then grouted to make it durable. The top includes a spot for a container of water to be placed into it. A ramp/stairs provides access to the top and a cave is carved into the bottom to provide a place to hide.


A husky mix on a white background.

Husky Pit Bull Cross Photos and InformationSiberian Husky and Pit Bull crosses are also known as "Pitsky." These dogs are high energy and do well in colder climates.


A dog's protruding spine.

Helping A Dog In Pain?My dog has a protruding spine. She is 5 years old and is a mixed breed. She is eating well, but screams if you touch on the spine in the middle or her hips. She also screams when she is turning while laying down. What would be best to assist her?


A sad dog lying on a carpeted floor.

Helping a Grieving DogDogs have strong feelings and can experience grief when losing another pet or person in the family. This will pass over time but serious depression or anxiety should be cause for a vet visit.


A young boy looking at an orange fish in an aquarium.

Caring for Pet FishAn aquarium is a wonderful addition to your home. Although pet fish are not very cuddly, they are soothing to watch and most are very easy to care for. Just regular feeding and tank cleaning is generally required for a healthy biosystem.



A girl near a cow in a grassy field.

Pet Cows (Cattle)Some lucky cows are considered members of the family. These large intelligent animals have their own personalities and quirks.


A Husky/German Shepherd mix in the woods.

Ideal Conditions for a Husky Cross Outside?What do you guys think is the coldest temperature that my Gerberian Shepsky can survive? And what is the hottest temperature that they can survive? (A Gerberian Shespsky is a dog with a Husky and German Shepherd parent.)


A toy for a horse or a dog.

Durable Toys for Large and Medium Breed DogsIf you have ever wondered what a really durable toy for a dog is, look no further. The most durable toy I have ever seen, is actually a horse toy, but dogs play with them too.


A dog sleeping on a pet bed.

Dog's Behavior While SleepingDogs spend a lot of time sleeping, especially when they are older. Sometimes, their behavior can be a cause for concern, especially if it changes unexpectedly.


A sick dog at the vet.

Dog With Bloody Stool?Bloody stools can be the sign of a serious medical issue, such as parvo or a intestinal injury. Dogs exhibiting this symptom should be taken to a veterinarian immediately for professional care.


What Breed Is My Puppy? - tri colored puppy with blue eyes

What Breed Is My Puppy?My puppy is 4 months old. When we got him he was very skinny, but he's put on weight quickly over the past week and now is ~18 pounds. I'm not sure what kind of dog he is. (I'm guessing he's a mixed breed of some kind).


Massage Kittens Paws Before  Holiday Pictures - massaging a kitten's paws

Massage Kitten's Paws Before Holiday PicturesI love taking seasonal photos of our pets. I have noticed a nice foot massage is great to calm my kittens and cats before a photo session. Some of them don't enjoy it, right away, but most of our ten cats do.


A litter of kittens outside.

Caring for KittensKittens need special care until they are weaned, especially before their eyes are open. Abandoned or stray kittens may have to be bottle fed and may have a number of health concerns to be addressed by a veterinarian.


kittens on hammock

3 Week Old Kitten Hammock ActivityJust today, the kittens crawled out of their box and started making their way towards the front door. I had a hammock with three sides tied and one side loose. They are old enough to exercise, but not old enough to climb into a regular hammock on their own. This gives them a chance to use their muscles and balance.


A pet bird and its owner.

Pet Bird PhotosBirds are a favorite pet for many people who enjoy their songs, behavior, and beautiful colors. We have gathered some shared photos here.


A woman with two English Sheepdogs.

Old English Sheepdog Information and PhotosAlso called the Bobtail, Old English Sheepdogs are strong, compact, muscular dogs with an immensely shaggy coat that covers their entire body. Originally developed from drover's dogs, this breed has a loud, distinctive sounding bark, which he uses to announce any occurrences he deems peculiar.


Four bloodhound puppies.

Bloodhound Photos and InformationThese large beautiful dogs have a finely tuned sense of smell and are often used for hunting or tracking. Bloodhounds have wrinkled skin on their long faces and droopy ears.


A plastic bag in a bucket with cat litter.

Use Produce Bags for Soiled Cat LitterPlastic produce bags make great bags for cleaning out the cat litter box. Usually the bags are damp or wet when empty, so I hang them to dry which does not take long.


sketch of finished water bucket

Making Pet Drinking BucketsSome pets live outdoors so they need a water supply. The idea I came up with is a reasonable idea and takes less labour to keep water good. We bought a 5 gallon bucket made of plastic, with a lid to keep on at all times. We cut a house shaped hole in the side, this is access of the pet to drink. If you do this you will lessen objects falling in the water and less green forming in the bucket. The size is determined according to the pet you have. We have a large dog in a pen.


A cat sitting in a litter box.

Cat Urine Smells Like Ammonia?If you find that your cat's urine has a strong ammonia odor, there are a couple of possible things that may be the cause. First it may be that the odor is actually the result of the litter box not being cleaned often enough. Secondly, you may want to make sure your kitty is hydrated. And finally, a trip to the vet could rule out a UTI.



A small chihuahua lying on the ground.

What Breed Is My Pup?I know it's a Chihuahua but a different type. Can anyone help me?


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Potty Training a DogI have a now 5 month old blue nose/red nose mix. We've had her for about a month and no matter what we do, she still pees and poops inside the house. She has stopped going in her crate however.


A small dog near a water dish.

Is Our Dog a Pure Bred Belgian Malinois?This my dog when she was around 5 months old, but she is 1 year old now. I don't have her picture yet so I'll leave it here. Since I know that this will not be a purebred one, so is there a chance that she has a Belgian Mal trait or Belgian Mal dna? She look so like a Belgian Mal based on her coat and color, but her height is just a little different from a purebred one, based on my own research.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black dog with upright ears

What Breed Is My Dog?Please I need help with the name of my dog's breed.


Is My Chihuahua Full Bred? - black and tan fuzzy puppy

Is My Chihuahua Pure Bred?I've had Bert for a few months now. He is 4 1/2 months old. The lady I bought him from said he is a full pedigreed Chihuahua and even gave me his parentage back 4 generations. But anyone that sees him reckons he's mixed with a terrier. Can anyone help? Not that I'd love him any less, but I'd really like to know. (BTW his ears have finally gone up now after some serious teething.)


A bottle of coconut oil and a toothbrush.

Coconut Oil for Dog's Tooth BrushingHaving your dog's teeth cleaned is a good health measure, but having it done by a vet can be quite pricey. Read on to find out an alternative option, using a toothbrush and coconut oil.


A yorkie with a top knot.

Keeping a Yorkie's Hair Out of Face?If you are looking for suggestions for keeping the hair back off your Yorkie's face this page offers several. Two popular methods include using a child's clip or hair band.


A cat ignoring his food bowl.

Cat Won't Eat Cat Food?Cats can be fussy eaters and refuse to eat the pet food you are offering. There are a number of ways to handle this from cooking for your pet to adding meat to their kibbles or even improving on the canned food, if that is what you feed them. Several solutions can be seen below.


Two lovebirds sitting on a branch together.

Understanding Pet Bird BehaviorBird owners will often observe behaviors that they would like to better understand. One such example is of birds facing each other with beaks together, while vocalizing. Unless feathers are flying this is typically a display of affection or play. More behaviors are reviewed below.


A German Shepherd puppy.

Does my German Shepherd Look Purebred?My little fur baby is 9 weeks old. I bought her from a breeder without any papers besides the vet examine paper. The mom and dad look purebred and the breeder claims she is. What do y'all think? I'll include mom and dad pic. Mom is black and tan and Dad is all black.


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Puppy Recovering from Parvo Can't Walk?I have a pup with parvo. I took her to vet and got her IVs and injectable meds. 6 days passed and she recovered, slowly drinking by her own, eating little by little and now she's on oral supportive medication. She is also on meds for deworming, but I notice she has trouble walking. She can stand, but not walk. Is she still on her recovery phase?


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Dog Recovering from Parvo Not Eating?My dog has been at the vet for 10 days after he caught the parvovirus and we were so happy he made it through. We thought he was gonna recover fully after he started eating and drinking and feeling better. Yet today (the 12th day) he was really lethargic and he would not eat AT ALL so we took him to the vet and she gave him antibiotics and IV fluids are in his system.


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My Finch Laid an Egg?I have two pairs of finches in my cage and they are doing good. One day I met with a surprise and there's an egg in one of my finches' nest. The next day there was only one egg and the next day an egg was there. But today there's no egg. I need to know whether this is the last egg or there's still a chance of getting more eggs.


A meowing cat.

Caring for a Cat in HeatCats in heat can be quite uncomfortable and exhibit behaviors that are not typical for them normally. Warm cloths or beds may help, checking with your vet for solutions is another possible route to take. Ultimately, having a kitty spayed is safe and will end the concerns. More suggestions can be reviewed below.


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?If a puppy has parvo and has been treated do they sleep a lot?


A white puppy on a couch with a toy.

Is My Puppy a Pure Bred Staffordshire Terrier?I adopted this puppy and they told me she's an American Staffordshire Terrier, but I think she's maybe a mix. She's 4 months old and she has a lot of mini black spots.


A small brown puppy on a bed.

What Breed Is My Puppy?We just got a new puppy! He was abandoned on the side of the road, so we have no idea what he is. The vet says he is almost 5 weeks old and possibly a Boxer mix.


A Belgian Malinois lying on a wood floor.

Is My Dog a Purebred Belgian Malinois?The Belgian Malinois originated in the Flemish city of Mechelen. They resemble the Belgian Shepherd. There are physical characteristics that might help make a rough guess, but determining if your pet is a purebred Malinois is best done via a DNA test.


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Dog Stopped Eating After Vaccinations?My Shih Tzu is 1-2 years old. He got his yearly vaccination (rabies and distemper shots) 4 days back. He was fine, ate a little and was active for the following three days after the vaccination. But on the fourth day, he didn't eat at all. He ate grass and puked foamy vomit. What's wrong with my dog? Is this because of the vaccination?


A fearful dog on a white background.

Dog Is Afraid of Men?Rescued dogs come with their own history. Sometimes you may find that your new pet is fearful around men. One possible reason for this fear could be due to past abuse by a man. Read on for some additional thoughts on this topic.


A dog lying in a bed with white sheets.

Keeping a Dog Off the Bed?Some dog owners do not want to allow their pet to sleep on the bed. One option is to close the bedroom door. If you want your pup to sleep in the same room you will need to train her to sleep on the floor. Some suggestions follow that address keeping a dog off the bed.


A gouldian finch on a branch.

Caring for Gouldian Finches?Gouldian finches are beautiful song birds. They are a good choice for keeping in a home or apartment. As with all pet birds you will need to provide a safe environment that is not subject to temperature fluctuations and drafts. Cage covering encourages them to sleep at night.


A kitten getting a vaccination shot.

Pet Vaccinations for Fort Worth, TexasSome communities such as New York City have ASPCA mobile vaccination services. In other areas you may have to search to find similar services for your pets. This page offers some suggestions for finding this type of service in Fort Worth, Texas.


A mixed breed Belgian Malinois outside near trees.

Belgian Malinois Mix PhotosThe Belgian Malinois is a popular herding dog breed. It can resemble a German Shepherd, but is less stocky. Malinois mix dogs can be assumed based on appearance, but would need a genetic test to confirm.


A cute puppy being groomed.

When Should I Get a Puppy Groomed?Deciding when to have your puppy get her first grooming is important. It will need to have had all necessary puppy shots. A bath or two and home will help ready your pup for professional grooming. General recommendations for the age of a puppy's first grooming range from 10-16 weeks. See more advice on this topic below.


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My Shih Tzu Is Teething and Not Eating?I have a 3.5 month old Shih Tzu puppy. She is very active and going through teething. All of her front teeth have been fallen out and she is losing her appetite as days go by. I took her to the vet, but they said it's normal for this age, but I'm worried that she is not eating anything, only drinking water. Her stools are also fine.


A sleepy dog.

Caring for a Dog with a Heart Murmur?Having a dog with a heart murmur is not necessarily an issue. Many of these pets live a normal life not even requiring medication. A murmur may have to be considered if your dog were to need surgery. A vet can provide the best advice in that instance.


Two dogs interested in each other.

Keeping Dogs From Mating?If there are health or breeding reasons for not having your dogs spayed or neutered then you will need to use other methods to keep them from mating. Several suggestions are offered on this page.


A mother cat with several kittens nursing.

Caring for a Mother Cat and Her KittensDomesticate cats are honored guests in our homes. Because of the close relationship that has developed with our feline pets we may become caregivers to the mommy cat and her kittens should the need arise. This page addresses some of the situations that you may find yourself in with mom and kittens.


A man looking at an air vent.

Getting Cats Out of Air Vents?An open home air vent can be very tempting to an inquisitive cat. If your kitty goes on a journey and can't get out, there are some things you can do to locate her and provide an exit. Be sure to check the length of the vents to determine if the cat has found its own way out, first.


A chicken sitting near her eggs.

Backyard Chicken EggsBackyard chickens can lay a variety of colored eggs depending on their breed. The colors are fun to see, but can also alert you to a health issue such as exposure to too much heat. Even before your hen has heat stroke she may begin to lay eggs of a different color.


A grey cat sitting on a china cabinet.

Koneko (Grey Tabby)Meet Koneko! She is a delicate grey tabby that was rescued as a kitten. Koneko loves watching birds out the window, from her catio or on television.


A grey cat sitting on someone's lap.

Graycie (Russian Blue Mix)Meet Gracie! She is an adorable gray cat with some Russian Blue ancestry and a penchant for high places.


A cardboard kitty condo.

Making a Cardboard Kitty CottageUpcycle cardboard boxes to make this adorable kitty cottage. It's a great project for kids with a new and adventuresome kitten.


Two finches sitting on a rod in their cage.

Finches Sitting on Infertile Eggs?Finches will lay eggs even if there is no male in the cage. If you are sure they are both females, discard the eggs. Otherwise, give them time as finch eggs can take 12 - 14 days to hatch. If they don't again discard.


A dog sitting in a car.

Remedies for Dogs with Car SicknessJust like their pet parents, dogs can suffer from car sickness. You can check with your vet for suggestions and/or give one of the tips below a try.


Two finches in a cage.

Breeding FinchesFinches prefer to live with a companion and that will often lead to babies. If your pair has not started nesting yet, it could be that you don't have a mixed sex pair. This page contains tips and advice for breeding finches.


A dog under a blanket.

Feeding a Parvo Survivor?Once your dog recovers from the parvo virus you can begin introducing some solid food. Your vet will probably have good advice. Bland foods, such as chicken broth, boiled chicken, and rice are good options. Their regular food is also good for pups who don't eat people food. Additionally, you will want to introduce food in small quantities. Add more as your pet continues to improve.


A puppy smelling a flower in a field.

What Breed Is My Puppy?Puppies take a bit of growing before it they look like their parents' breeds. Here are questions and answers about all sorts of different puppies and what they might be combined with.


A cat being given liquid medication.

Giving Cats Liquid MedicationGiving your cat liquid medication, while definitely not fun for the kitty, can be done reasonably well using a dropper or syringe from the vet.


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Making a Temporary Cat CrateThis temporary cat crate is made from two milk crates. Until you can order or build a more substantial one, this quick fix allows you to take your kitty outside with you in the yard to enjoy the sun and do some bird watching.


A cat on top of a cat tower.

Keeping a Cat Tree from Tipping Over?The base on some cat trees is insufficient in size and weight to prevent tipping. Below we have some permanent and temporary fixes for this issue.


Raising My New Cat's Dishes - waterproof mat under the feeding station

Raising Cat DishesRaise the level of your cat's food and water dishes using things you have at home rather than spending a lot at the pet store. Learn how here.


An angry dog barking with teeth bared.

Training a Guard or Protection Dog?The first thing to keep in mind when considering training your dog to be a guard or protection dog is to recognize the difference between a guard dog and an attack dog. Guard dogs are trained to alert and adopt a defensive stance when there is an intruder or danger, not to attack. The actual training takes research into techniques, the right dog, and patience.


A canary in a bird cage.

Breeding Canaries and Finches in the Same Aviary?Birds such as finches and canaries can be successfully kept in the same aviary, given that it is of an appropriate size. Watch for aggressive individuals.


Galls growing on an oak tree.

Oak Tree Galls Poisonous to Dogs?The galls on oak trees are generally caused by the tree's reaction to wasps laying their eggs on the twigs, branches, and leaves. They inject a hormone that causes the abnormal growth. Sometimes galls can be the result of bacteria or fungi. While generally not considered harmful, there are definitely concerns expressed by pet owners regarding pets eating them.


A puppy in a bed at night.

Soothing a Whining Puppy at NightPuppies may be lonely and whine at night, unable to sleep. To help soothe your pup you can try an old ticking clock, a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, or even a blanket that smells like you. More suggestions can be found on this page.


A cat being trained with a treat.

Training CatsAlthough known for their independent nature, it is possible to train your cats to do or not do certain things. This page contains some cat training tips.


Cat Porch Sling - lace curtain cat sling on the porch

Cat Porch SlingIf you build it, they will come to the cat porch sling and mini 'cat'stle.


A dog walking out a door onto a porch.

Dog Poops and Pees on the Porch?It is very frustrating if your dog suddenly stops going in the grass and begins to poop and pee on your porch. There are some very helpful suggestions for changing this behavior below.


Two tropical fish swimming in a tank.

Caring for Platy Fish?Learning the best way to care for your Platy fish will require some research. The tank temperature and fish population needs to be monitored for healthy fish.


black and white Spaniel

Blue Rhone Spaniel PhotosBlue Rhone refers to a Cocker Spaniel with a coat color that is the result of interspersed black and white hairs. Since they are Cockers they possess the same charming breed personalities.


A Belgian Shepherd or Groenendael in a grassy field.

Groenendael Breed Information and PhotosAlso know as a Belgian Sheepdog, the Groenendael belongs to the herding group. These beautiful, intelligent, hard working dogs also love human companionship. They are highly trainable dogs and have a life expectancy of 12-14 years.


Little Orphan Annie (Cat)

Little Orphan Annie (Domestic Shorthair)Little Orphan Annie has been, and continues to a frequent photo guest on our site. We have gathered together some of her photos on this page.


A group of young puppies.

Selling Puppies?Puppies need to be with their mothers until about 8 weeks old, but homes can be found while they are still weaning. It's important to screen owners carefully to ensure your puppies are going to a good home.


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Getting a Puppy After Moving From Parvo Infected House?I moved away from my old house that was parvo infected. I have been at my new house for a few months now. Will I be OK to get a puppy?


Two finches sitting on a branch.

Raising FinchesFinches are popular as pets in part because they breed well in captivity. These pretty little birds will provide you with many joyful hours. There are lots of questions that arise from bird keepers. This page offers answers and solutions to differing situations from food choices to care of baby birds.


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