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Low Income Vet Care?I'm very low income and I was given a calico kitten for my last birthday. It has been 5 months and I also noticed that she did have a cleft palate and I'm not sure if it needs to be checked out. I really want to get her into the vet to get her checked out. Where can I get free vet care for my kitten if I'm low income?


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Ivermectin for Heartworm Prevention?I have seen the answers to ivermectin in cats for mites and I am going to try it on my goldendoodle I have in the house. I have a bottle of 1% ivermectin and I want to mix it right for heartworm prevention for my dogs. I don't want to overdose with this because I know this is powerful stuff, so how would I mix the ivermectin and what do I mix with for consumption (propylene glycol)? I have several German shepherds and they are all about 60-80 lbs. each, they hate taking the safeguard and I thought if I can get them on this every month maybe that would take care of the intestinal worms also.


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Identifying A Dog's Breed?Buddy was shot in the face with a .22 approximately. I had found him clinging to life 7 weeks ago underneath my front tree on an 90 degree day. He had all sorts of worms, ticks, a bad wound infection, 103 fever, and very malnourished. Some say I saved him however, I think we saved each other!


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How to Help Sick Dog that is Vomiting?My dog is sick and I'm out of work and homeless. My dog has been with me since my girlfriend past away because of cancer. All I have to keep me in somewhat remembrance of her. She is sick just started vomiting and drinks continuance and she is uncomfortable panting . Walking with head down not reacting to much but looking at me for help


Lil Buddy (Cat)

Lil Buddy (Siamese)Last March from the SPCA adoptions.


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Why Does My Cat Pee On Baked Goods?I've had my cat for 8 years now, male, neutered and there is only one thing he does that I can't figure out. I raised him from a week old so I've watch his behaviors and have learned what most of them mean, or what he wants, however, this is something I can't quite figure out. Leo jumps on counter tops like most cats. I don't keep many things out on a daily basis, but if any type of baked good; ie bread, cookies. Anything left out wrapped or covered he will pee on it! He doesn't pee on anything else or anywhere other than his litter box. Why?


A cooling rack of homemade dog biscuits.

Honey Mint Dog BiscuitsThese home-made dog biscuits are easy to make and dogs love them. They are also breath fresheners.


A pack of huskies next to a mother and child on a couch.

The Pack Order in Your HouseEspecially when you have multiple dogs in the family, knowing the pack order is important. To your dogs, you are part of the pack. To have a happy home, you need to be at the TOP of the pack order.


A black cat sitting up on it's hind legs.

Leo Elliott (Cat)Started as a foster for the vet, but I fell in love.


Dog looking at the camera while laying on the floor.

Coffeshop DogThis sweetheart is a dog that likes to hang out with me when I visit the coffee shop near my new house here in Vietnam.


A dog sitting on the floor.

Jack (Mixed Breed)We live in a very remote area, and I found him on our porch. November 20th, 2022


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Health Concerns About 9 Week Old Puppy?So my family gets dogs from the same breeder. Currently we have 6 dogs and love them to death, but before we had 6 dogs, we had just 2. We had gotten a puppy from them but the breeder said the momma tried to kill that litter. We just thought the mother was mean. We named him Ozzie. Well not even a day later, he has passed away while everyone was sleeping.


A dog sitting on the grass.

Flair (Great Pyrenees/Australian Cattle Dog)I got Flair from a local rescue near my college back in February of 2020.


A tiny kitten wrapped in a towel.

Tiny KittenWe met this kitten at a fall event this weekend. It's just two weeks old and the eyes had opened only a couple of days earlier. It was so tiny and cute, such a precious bundle. We didn't catch the darling's name but the owner said it was a rescue. I think it is still being bottle fed regularly, which is why it was out at an event.


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Is Pumpkin Pie Okay For Dogs?Is Pumpkin pie okay for dogs?



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Puppy With Neurological Disorder?How likely will my 6 week old puppy recover from a neurological disorder? He is very sensitive to the touch, he yelps like crazy when he is picked up, he lost function of his front and hind legs. I went to the vet and she referred me to a neurologist.


A small cat inside a potted plant.

Snow Angel (Cat)We got sister and brother when we moved in our new house for my awesome little girl's first pets


A dog sitting on the grass.

Willow (Mixed Breed)I got him at 5 weeks. My friend rescued him and 10 siblings. Their mother passed away when they were 2 weeks old. My friend handed him to me, I took him home for the night and fell in love.


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Finches Fighting During Incubation?My finch has laid 5 eggs till now for second time. The first time, they abandoned eggs after 10 days. Mostly they remain calm and sometimes the male fights with the female badly and runs after her everywhere in the cage. What should I do?


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How Do I Help My Puppy Walk Again?My 6 week old puppy ate wet puppy food that was unsealed in the can in the refrigerator. Not only was he lethargic and had diarrhea, but he lost use of his limbs as well. My puppy can not take a step without falling over. I took him to the vet and left with pre filled syringes to give him every 24 hours but the vet did not explain clearly on why his limbs are failing. What can I do to help my puppy walk again?


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Deodorizing Outdoor Cat Waste?Cats are using my front garden as a litter box with the result that, if I open my two windows in the family room, my house smells like a litter box.


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Fluid in Cats Ears?My cat seams happy and content, she sleeps above my pillow everynight. My husband always rubbs her head when he gets into bed. Lately he noticed she shakes her head when he does it and there is a lot of fluid in her ears, some actually comes out. Does anyone have any feedback on this?


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Cat Keeps Bringing Me Her Kittens?My 9 month old cat recently had a litter of 9 kittens. One was stillborn, one she fell asleep on, and one died this morning so I'm down to 6. They are two weeks old. I'm unsure the cause of death of the one this morning but she had brought it to me first thing this morning and I could tell it was weak but it was dead by the time I got home from church.


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Cleaning Cat's Ears?Can I use tee tree oil to clean my cats ears? He has this black stuff inside it, but I'm not sure what to do about it. All I have is Tea Tree oil.


A small white dog outside.

In Memory of Daisy (Shih Tzu)I got her 10 years ago, unfortunately she passed.


A small brown dog sitting on the ground.

Kiko (Sheprador)Adopted him from a shelter


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Using Benadryl Spray on Dog's Paws?My little dog has been licking his two front paws to where now they are swollen bigger than the average size. He licks underneath them. I got some Benadryl antihistamine spray and sprayed them; was that OK?


A black cat.

WALL-E (Cat)He is a rescue from a local humane society. My oldest son and my bff/ caregiver of 20+ years got him for me about 3 weeks before Christmas 2021. I lost my older gray ESA cat, Chinook in January 2021! I had given up on life when due to my 5th back surgery that has left me paraplegic and no Chinook


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Dog with Skunk Breath?My dog got skunked last night and I used the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and liquid soap method that worked very well on his coat. The problem now is that when the dog got sprayed by the skunk, he was barking and apparently got a mouthful of the spray also. He still has that awful smell coming from his mouth and nose. Any other helpful hints would be appreciated.


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Can I Give My Dog Canned Soup?Can I give my dog canned soup? For example Habitant beef, chicken, or vegetable soup. Maybe giving 5 or 6 tablespoons and mix with the 2 cups of dry food I give her.



A black and white dog sitting on the floor.

Preventing Hairballs?What can you give dogs for hair balls? Also, if I have not got grass for my dog to chew on, what is the best alternative that I can let my furry friend have.


A dog sitting on the floor.

Daisy May (King Charles Spaniel)Bought it from a breeder


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Finding Free Cat Food?Where can I find free cat food or pay at low price. I am on a pension, very low income. Thank you.


A bobcat kitten being held.

Not Your Ordinary Kitten (Bobcat)My neighbor was clearing land in a remote area a mile off the road. When he pushed over some logs, two kittens came tumbling out. It was strange as there were no houses close by. It was the middle of July and hot so he put them in the shade and brought them home after he finished working.


An English bulldog on a chair.

Rocky (English Bulldog)My fiancé and I got him when he was a puppy in Colorado Springs a few months after I had my first miscarriage.


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What is The Fastest Way to Housebreak a Yorkie?I got my Yorkie yesterday, (9 week old Ali) - What is the fastest way to housebreak Yorkies?


A sun conure eating a cracker.

Conure PhotosHere is a picture of Molly and Sammy. Molly is a 12 year old Dusky Conure. Sammy is a 13 year old Sun Conure. They love to play out of their cage. They want to eat whatever we are eating. They love spagehtti, ice cream, waffles, pancakes etc. There isn't much that they won't eat. They also talk and can be quite vocal at times!


Two black terriers sitting on the ground.

Terrier PhotosTerriers are arguably the most popular breed of dogs, with over 31 different breeds recognized by the AKA. The original dog breed is generally from England and were used for hunting and dog fighting in the past. The size of these dogs range from the small Yorkshire terrier all the way up to the large Airedale Terrier, which can be around 50 pounds.


A small dog in a stroller.

In Memory of Vodka (Bichon Frise/Chihuahua)She was born in my house from her mother who I also had. <3


A black dog in a field of daisies.

Cane Corso PhotosThe Cane Corso breed is a type of Italian mastiff. These dogs were bred to work livestock or as guard dogs but can make good pets as long as they are given lots of exercise and space.


A German Shepard licking his lips.

Bear (German Shepard) and Clara (Burmese)Bear I adopted, Clara from a breeder


A small dog sitting on grass and leaves.

Nita (Terrier Mix)I got her right before Christmas. I placed an ad on Craigslist wanting a scruffy terrier. A wonderful lady replied and brought her to me. She's perfect!


A bottle of peppermint oil next to peppermint leaves.

Is Peppermint Oil Harmful to Birds?I am thinking of using peppermint oil to rid an aviary of mice. Will it harm my birds?


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Warnings About Flea MedicationPLEASE BE AWARE. While dropping my dog off at the vet yesterday, a hysterical girl rushed in with a cat that was violently shaking, mouth hanging open, eyes actually bugged out. She was crying and screaming.


A dog that is not feeling well.

Dog is Lethargic After Using Frontline?I have a healthy 9 year old terrier mix female dog. My vet discovered she has fleas for the 1st time ever. The vet prescribed Frontline, the kind that is in 3 vials that you apply once a month.



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Dealing With Dog Phobias?Saw a post from several years ago from this site on Google about dogs being suddenly afraid of the TV and thought the advice was good but had more questions. Our dog is 10 years old. Our home flooded about 4 1/2 years ago during a hurricane which was traumatic for him and all of us. During the rebuild process, he became afraid of power tools which was understandable. We've always tried to minimize any exposure to this since then and he will just come inside when my husband uses them.


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Finding a Collie in Southeastern Iowa?Our Collie passed away recently and we are very much wanting to find another one. She was a wonderful dog and we desperately want to find another Collie. It seems that Collies are in short supply around southeastern Iowa and I was just hoping that possibly someone out there might know where we could find one.


A cat using a litter box.

Make Your Own Cat Box Odor NeutralizerBaking soda is recommended for reducing litter box odors. Caution should be used with any other substances as they could cause health concerns. Do NOT use borax as it is toxic to cats.


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Schedule a Heartworm Test for Your DogI always love to look at the pet pictures posted on ThriftyFun. We had to put our Westie to sleep in November and that was one of the hardest things to do. We miss her dearly.


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Heartworm Medication Recommendations?I am looking for recommendations for heartworm medication for my dogs. I would also like one that prevents ticks.


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Stop Dog from Eating PoopMy dog has always found feces to be a delicacy and I have been unable to stop her from doing this. You can buy supplements in pet stores that supposedly address this issue, but I've never tried them. I started giving my dog turmeric powder as an anti-inflammatory for her joint issues, and discovered after a week or two on this, she wasn't interested in the poop. I don't know if this is just a coincidence or not, but it's worth a try. Turmeric powder can be purchased at grocery stores, health food stores, but the cheapest place to buy it is in an ethnic grocery store (Indian, Asian, etc). Check with your vet or for dosage amounts based on body weight.


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Treating Yorkie's Skin and Hair?My yorkie has oily hair with itchy dry skin, what can I use to prevent both?


A dog licking it's lips.

Saving Broth for Dog FoodI have 2 nice, healthy, middle-aged best friends who usually are fed dry dog food, with a little something extra. Whenever I cook, I save bones from meat, extra broth, etc. and simmer it on the stove for a nice flavorful broth to pour over the dogs' dry dog food.


A pile of shredded newspaper.

Shredded Paper as Cat LitterI have a tip for recycling paper. I shred all my flyers and newspapers and use them as litter for my cat. It saves so much money and is not as heavy to take out to the garbage. It works great.


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My Dog Won't Let Me Put Medicine in His Ears?I need help my dog has yeast infection in his ears. I have the medication to put in them, but he will not let us put it in. We got him held down once and now he will not let my husband near him. We tried a muzzle and he will not let me touch him now to put that on.


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Cats Pooping Under Deck?We have cats that have adopted us and live on our back deck. We feed them. There are many places to poop besides under the deck as this does create an odor for us to NOT enjoy when we are lounging. Any ideas on a repellent for this that I can lay under the deck? I was thinking cedar mulch or cedar pet litter, looking for something dry I can lay under the deck that will not hurt them.


A small dog looking back at the camera.

Is My Puppy a Pomeranian?I recently purchased a sable pomeranian puppy from a pet shop. She is about two months old. Her size and her tail does look like a pomeranian but her coat is very short. Is her appearance normal for a pomeranian puppy at two months? I have added some photos. Thanks


A dog looking up at the camera.

Is My Dog a Pitbull?Is my dog a pitbull/ bull terrier?


A small brown dog curled up.

Charliebrown (Dog)My nephew gave her to me 6 years ago.


A cat with a wound under his ear.

My Cat Scratching Under His Ear?My cat has scratched the fur off under his ear and he will not stop scratching it. How do we stop him from scratching the area so it will heal? We have put vaseline on it. It worked for awhile but once it wore off, he would start to scratch it again and reopen the area.


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Getting Rid of Mange in the House?Will bleach work to kill mange mites in my carpets?


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My Dog's Spine is Sticking Up?My pit bull puppy who just turn 1 looks like his lower spine is curved. It sticks up and doesn't look healthy. He eats well and plays and is very energetic. He shows no pains in his lower back. Any idea what this could be?


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Do Fleas Jump Off of Pets After Treatment?When a pet is given the first dose of Advantage or Revolution, do the fleas jump off the pet and into the environment? Or do the fleas die from the chemicals?


A yoga mat piece lining the inside of a dog crate.

Prevent Blanket Slippage in Dog CratesIf you line your pet's crate with blankets, throws, or towels and find they constantly slide around on the slippery plastic tray that comes with the crate, I have an inexpensive solution. I found an old exercise/yoga mat that I was no longer using, which I cut with scissors to fit the crate's plastic tray. Since my dog is small, I still have enough of the mat left to cut two more pieces, which I can trade out when one needs to be cleaned.


A small dog standing on a blanket.

Chihuahua or Dachshund Trait?This is my Chiweenie. He is 3.9 lbs at 5 years old. He is very lovable. He tries to kiss me, sneakingly creeping slowly to my face. Is that a Chihuahua or Dachshund trait?


A cat eating food from a dish.

Feeding CatsMost cats will definitely let you know when they are hungry, whether you have a purebred princess or a houseful of rescues. This page has tips for feeding housecats and strays and ways to tempt a picky eater.


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Keeping Dry Cat Food NeaterMy cats love their dry food, which they get along with canned cat food. But, they tended to scatter the dry food. I cut down on that by putting their double bowl in a shoe box lid.


A dog sitting on top of the new ottoman.

Doggie OttomanOur dog needed her own little couch to sleep on, so we made this doggie ottoman so she could have her own spot.


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Low Cost Pet Euthanasia Services?I'm looking for a vet or a place were I can take loyal friend and companion, my baby girl, Gypsy. She has been with me 13 years and together we have been through many things. She is a miniature American Eskimo and has had issues with her hair falling out, with scabs and a smell. She has severe arthritis and her back legs just don't give anymore. It's so painful. I am having to pick her up carry her outside for her to relieve herself.


Two cat doors at the bottom of bedroom doors.

Allowing Cats to Access RoomsMy adult children each have a cat that is their responsibility, including the litter boxes which are kept in their bedrooms. I got these cute cutout cat doors for each of their bedroom doors for easy access.


A white Easter lily growing in a garden.

Easter Lilies are Poisonous to CatsLilies are a favorite flower for this time of year, especially as Easter gifts. But if you have cats, you should avoid these pretty flowers. The toxins in the flowers can cause liver damage and even death in small doses. This is true with other types of lilies so keep it in mind when selecting plants for your garden or yard as well.


A container of glass marbles on top of cat food in a self feeder.

Keep Your Self Feeder Cat Food 'Self Feeding'My cat is a lovely little gem. But he can't quiet grasp how to make the food come down like he needs it to. So today I helped.


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New Cat is Showing Dominance?My sister has three male cats. Figaro (neutered) is the oldest, I believe he is 10. Chan (not neutered) is about a year old and Angel is a little under a year old, not neutered and sprays all over the house. Angel is the newest cat in the clan though.


A cat next to a can of cat food.

Making Sure Cats Get Enough WaterA couple of years ago, my older cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. He was very dehydrated and weak and would regularly vomit up his food. The vet gave him a subcutaneous water treatment and prescribed him special food for renal support but warned us that it was not a cure, just a way to keep him as stable as possible for the next few years.


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Kitten Got Soap in Its Eye?My son got dish soap in our kitten's eye. It is now swollen and half closed. I can't afford a vet bill. Does any body have any suggestions?


A leopard gecko on a sandy surface.

Gecko PhotosGeckos can be found all across the world in tropical and subtropical climates. A few types make great pets, including the popular leopard gecko.


The finished structure being enjoyed by a toad.

Stucco Style Reptile Hide/Pool DeckThis craft is made to be used in a reptile/amphibian cage. It is made from a brick of Styrofoam melted/molded into shape with a combination of a hot wire and a lighter, and then grouted to make it durable. The top includes a spot for a container of water to be placed into it. A ramp/stairs provides access to the top and a cave is carved into the bottom to provide a place to hide.


A husky mix on a white background.

Husky Pit Bull Cross Photos and InformationSiberian Husky and Pit Bull crosses are also known as "Pitsky." These dogs are high energy and do well in colder climates.


A dog's protruding spine.

Helping A Dog In Pain?My dog has a protruding spine. She is 5 years old and is a mixed breed. She is eating well, but screams if you touch on the spine in the middle or her hips. She also screams when she is turning while laying down. What would be best to assist her?


A sad dog lying on a carpeted floor.

Helping a Grieving DogDogs have strong feelings and can experience grief when losing another pet or person in the family. This will pass over time but serious depression or anxiety should be cause for a vet visit.


A young boy looking at an orange fish in an aquarium.

Caring for Pet FishAn aquarium is a wonderful addition to your home. Although pet fish are not very cuddly, they are soothing to watch and most are very easy to care for. Just regular feeding and tank cleaning is generally required for a healthy biosystem.


A girl near a cow in a grassy field.

Pet Cows (Cattle)Some lucky cows are considered members of the family. These large intelligent animals have their own personalities and quirks.


A Husky/German Shepherd mix in the woods.

Ideal Conditions for a Husky Cross Outside?What do you guys think is the coldest temperature that my Gerberian Shepsky can survive? And what is the hottest temperature that they can survive? (A Gerberian Shespsky is a dog with a Husky and German Shepherd parent.)


A toy for a horse or a dog.

Durable Toys for Large and Medium Breed DogsIf you have ever wondered what a really durable toy for a dog is, look no further. The most durable toy I have ever seen, is actually a horse toy, but dogs play with them too.


A dog sleeping on a pet bed.

Dog's Behavior While SleepingDogs spend a lot of time sleeping, especially when they are older. Sometimes, their behavior can be a cause for concern, especially if it changes unexpectedly.


A sick dog at the vet.

Dog With Bloody Stool?Bloody stools can be the sign of a serious medical issue, such as parvo or a intestinal injury. Dogs exhibiting this symptom should be taken to a veterinarian immediately for professional care.


Massage Kittens Paws Before  Holiday Pictures - massaging a kitten's paws

Massage Kitten's Paws Before Holiday PicturesI love taking seasonal photos of our pets. I have noticed a nice foot massage is great to calm my kittens and cats before a photo session. Some of them don't enjoy it, right away, but most of our ten cats do.


What Breed Is My Puppy? - tri colored puppy with blue eyes

What Breed Is My Puppy?My puppy is 4 months old. When we got him he was very skinny, but he's put on weight quickly over the past week and now is ~18 pounds. I'm not sure what kind of dog he is. (I'm guessing he's a mixed breed of some kind).


A litter of kittens outside.

Caring for KittensKittens need special care until they are weaned, especially before their eyes are open. Abandoned or stray kittens may have to be bottle fed and may have a number of health concerns to be addressed by a veterinarian.


kittens on hammock

3 Week Old Kitten Hammock ActivityJust today, the kittens crawled out of their box and started making their way towards the front door. I had a hammock with three sides tied and one side loose. They are old enough to exercise, but not old enough to climb into a regular hammock on their own. This gives them a chance to use their muscles and balance.


A woman with two English Sheepdogs.

Old English Sheepdog Information and PhotosAlso called the Bobtail, Old English Sheepdogs are strong, compact, muscular dogs with an immensely shaggy coat that covers their entire body. Originally developed from drover's dogs, this breed has a loud, distinctive sounding bark, which he uses to announce any occurrences he deems peculiar.


A pet bird and its owner.

Pet Bird PhotosBirds are a favorite pet for many people who enjoy their songs, behavior, and beautiful colors. We have gathered some shared photos here.


Four bloodhound puppies.

Bloodhound Photos and InformationThese large beautiful dogs have a finely tuned sense of smell and are often used for hunting or tracking. Bloodhounds have wrinkled skin on their long faces and droopy ears.


A plastic bag in a bucket with cat litter.

Use Produce Bags for Soiled Cat LitterPlastic produce bags make great bags for cleaning out the cat litter box. Usually the bags are damp or wet when empty, so I hang them to dry which does not take long.


sketch of finished water bucket

Making Pet Drinking BucketsSome pets live outdoors so they need a water supply. The idea I came up with is a reasonable idea and takes less labour to keep water good. We bought a 5 gallon bucket made of plastic, with a lid to keep on at all times. We cut a house shaped hole in the side, this is access of the pet to drink. If you do this you will lessen objects falling in the water and less green forming in the bucket. The size is determined according to the pet you have. We have a large dog in a pen.


A cat sitting in a litter box.

Cat Urine Smells Like Ammonia?If you find that your cat's urine has a strong ammonia odor, there are a couple of possible things that may be the cause. First it may be that the odor is actually the result of the litter box not being cleaned often enough. Secondly, you may want to make sure your kitty is hydrated. And finally, a trip to the vet could rule out a UTI.


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Potty Training a DogI have a now 5 month old blue nose/red nose mix. We've had her for about a month and no matter what we do, she still pees and poops inside the house. She has stopped going in her crate however.


A small dog near a water dish.

Is Our Dog a Pure Bred Belgian Malinois?This my dog when she was around 5 months old, but she is 1 year old now. I don't have her picture yet so I'll leave it here. Since I know that this will not be a purebred one, so is there a chance that she has a Belgian Mal trait or Belgian Mal dna? She look so like a Belgian Mal based on her coat and color, but her height is just a little different from a purebred one, based on my own research.


A small chihuahua lying on the ground.

What Breed Is My Pup?I know it's a Chihuahua but a different type. Can anyone help me?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black dog with upright ears

What Breed Is My Dog?Please I need help with the name of my dog's breed.


Is My Chihuahua Full Bred? - black and tan fuzzy puppy

Is My Chihuahua Pure Bred?I've had Bert for a few months now. He is 4 1/2 months old. The lady I bought him from said he is a full pedigreed Chihuahua and even gave me his parentage back 4 generations. But anyone that sees him reckons he's mixed with a terrier. Can anyone help? Not that I'd love him any less, but I'd really like to know. (BTW his ears have finally gone up now after some serious teething.)


A bottle of coconut oil and a toothbrush.

Coconut Oil for Dog's Tooth BrushingHaving your dog's teeth cleaned is a good health measure, but having it done by a vet can be quite pricey. Read on to find out an alternative option, using a toothbrush and coconut oil.


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