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Recycled Cardboard Box Valentine's Day Mailbox - finished mailbox with the flag up

Recycled Cardboard Box Valentine's Day MailboxDo you have any cardboard boxes laying around? They'll be perfect for a Valentine's Day mailbox project.


The finished card.

Valentine Pullout Greeting CardSimple but creative. It's much appreciated when our gifts are made with much effort. Something that is made with love fill the hearts of our loved ones. Let me share to you how to make this card in few easy steps.


The finished packaged Valentine's box.

Packaging Valentine's Day GiftsDon't toss out any sturdy boxes because chances are they could be up-cycled like this into packaging for Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Bird Card Holder - closeup of card holder

Valentine's Bird Card HolderMy daughter's class will be having a Valentine's card exchange soon. She requested a bird theme. Here is a Valentine's bird card holder tutorial. All of the supplies I used, I already had at home.


Wall Shell Decoration for Valentine's Day - hanging on a brick fireplace

Wall Shell Decoration for Valentine's DayMake this little wall shell decoration for Valentine's Day. My son made this all by himself and I thought it was really cute and had to post it up, plus it's perfect to hang on the wall for Valentine's Day! This would also be a nice gift to make for grandma or as a Mother's Day gift.


Heart Picture Frame Magnet - finished magnet on a stainless steel refrigerator door

Heart Picture Frame MagnetHere is a sentimental gift that you may be able to make with items around your home. This would be a nice little handmade gift to give for Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day.


A gift box for Valentine's treats.

Valentine's Day Patchwork Treat BoxTo carry all of my toddler's Valentine's Day gifts for his classmates (rocketship gift and Valentine's Day tattoo box) we used a tissue box and salvaged part of the Valentine's Day tattoo box.


Cutout Heart Valentines - finished caterpillar card

Cutout Heart ValentinesHere are two examples of simple and practical Valentine's Day cards you can make.


Valentine's Day Plant Stake - two gift plants

Valentine's Day Plant StakeDo you need a last minute Valentine's gift for a friend, loved one, co-worker, teacher, etc.? Plants would be perfect! And to add a cute touch to the gift, add a plant stake with a cute personalized message on a paper heart.


"Eyes On You" Valentines - finished cards

'Eyes On You' ValentinesIf you shop in the dollar section at Target, the packaging can potentially be reusable. Here is how I made these Valentine's Day cards from the $1 paper tape packaging!


Valentine's Day Pencil Arrow Card - cards with child's signature

Valentine's Day Pencil Arrow CardThis is a cute Valentine's Day arrow card you can make with your child. It is perfect to give to your child's teacher and teacher's aide (our pink pencil says #1 best teacher and the standard yellow is for a teacher's aide). This card concept can be for classmates too!


Valentine Wreath Card - banner added to bottom and bow to the top

Valentine Wreath CardThis is a cute and simple Valentine's card you can make. It will be easier if you have a paper heart puncher. I was able to use some scrap sheets of paper to create this card.


Kissmark Decorative Banner - banner hanging on wall

Kissmark Decorative BannerWe had this kind of decoration during the high school times when everyone's very fond of kissing booths. Here's a very simple decoration you can add to your walls to spread more love and kisses this Valentine's Day.


Heart Shaped Fox Card - finished card front

Heart Shaped Fox CardThis is a cute and easy card to make out of paper cutouts of hearts and triangles. Make one for the one you love. :)


Arrow Toss Valentine's Day
Toddler Game -  heart with the arrows arrayed around it

Valentine's Day Arrow Toss GameIf you are having a Valentine's Day party or just want a game to play at home with your toddlers, you can make this arrow toss game. The object of the game is to see who can toss their arrow the closest to the center of the heart.



Rocketship Valentine's Day Gifts - two finished rocket gifts

Rocketship Valentine's Day GiftsMy toddler and I made Valentine's Day rocket-ship gifts for his classmates. The school doesn't allow candies or sweets, so we thought this would be fun to make and give.


"I Knead You" Card - finished card

"I Knead You" Valentine's CardMake a card for your sweetie using a play on words. The rolling pin is made from a piece of cardboard, and stands out nicely due to its thickness. I used plain craft paper for the dough and card base.


Hand Painted Popsicle Stick Puzzle - puzzle

Hand Painted Popsicle Stick PuzzleThis is a fun way to turn Popsicle sticks into a puzzle. I've made a love themed one, but you can paint whatever you'd like on it. Taking a photo of it creates a key for the puzzle player to follow. You can have this on a mobile device, or you can print it out.


Making a Paper Valentine Tree - Valentine tree

Making a Paper Valentine TreeIf we can have a Christmas tree we can also create a Valentine's Day tree for the new season. Love month is full of hearts so I guess it's time to replace the pine tree with hearts.


Valentine's Checkers Game - game in process

Valentine's Checkers GameThis is a fun way to make a Valentine's Day checker board. I got these little heart pieces from the dollar shop. This would be sweet to create as a team on a date. You paint the squares in from one side, and they paint them in from the other. Meet in the middle, let dry, and play!


Valentine's Day Decorated Gift Bag

Valentine's Day Decorated Gift BagYou can easily redesign a shopping bag into a Valentine's Day themed gift bag. You will need simple supplies that you probably already have at home!


Eye Love You Valentine's Day Art Work - finished project

'Eye Love You' Valentine's Day ArtworkThroughout the "dating" period - my fiancé and I would send cheesy text messages and we'd always do the emoji eye heart finger pointing to emphasize I love you, sort of in "code".


"I Love You To Pieces" Valentine's Day Card - finished card standing on a tabletop

"I Love You To Pieces" Valentine's Day CardThis is a cute and inexpensive Valentines' Day card you can make for your spouse, significant other, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.


Candy Basket - closeup of candy basket

Candy BasketThis is a cute candy basket - perfect as a Valentine's Day gift, or little decoration piece for your office desk.


Floral "LOVE" Valentine Decoration

Floral "LOVE" Valentine DecorationValentine season is coming so I'm starting to put away my Christmas decorations. Now here's a simple wall decoration to replace your Christmas wall decor.


Recycled Paper Rolls as Heart Stamps - packages wrapped in the stamped paper sitting on a table covered with pink and white striped fabric stamped with red hearts

Recycled Paper Rolls as Heart StampsI want to show you how you can take those household paper rolls, and turn them into stamps. This is fun for the whole family to get involved in. It is perfect for those rainy days and is very crafty! Create wrapping paper or a fabric table cover.


Repurpose Victoria's Secret Shopping Bag for Valentine's Day - cute pink and white striped shopping bag repurposed into a Valentine's Day gift bag

Repurpose Victoria's Secret Shopping Bag for Valentine's DayIf you have any shopping bags laying around, you can repurpose those bags into thoughtful handmade Valentine's Day gift bags.


"Giving You All My Love" Octopus - finished octopus

"Giving You All My Love" OctopusThis is a fun, all-ages octopus craft made from a toilet paper tube. It's got so many arms, it wants to give you all the love it can carry! This would be great to give to a Valentine. You can fill it up with a bag of sweets, if you like.


Valentine's Day Paper Craft Card - finished front of the card

Valentine's Day Paper CardValentine's Day is around the corner. This is a handmade card you could make and have your child decorate to give to their teacher(s).


"Bee Mine" Clothespin Craft - three finished bee clothespins

"Bee Mine" ClothespinsThis a cute way to turn a clothespin into a clingy bee for your Valentine. Just clip it onto their shirt and claim your love!



No-Sew Gradient Felt Heart Purse - finished purse

No-Sew Gradient Felt Heart PurseThis is a cute little purse to make out of leftover scraps of felt. There is no sewing involved, so this is a great beginner's craft. The purse handle is also a heart, just for some extra love!


Personalized Valentine's Day Card - finished card and bubble wand

Personalized Valentine's Day CardA cute and thoughtful way of giving a Valentine's Day card is making it personalized. You can get inspiration from other Valentine's Day cards or Pinterest. The cost for each card and bubbles wand was only .13 cents per card! This is cheaper than buying in stores and who doesn't love bubbles?


Woven Felt Heart - closeup of finished heart on dark pink background

Woven Felt HeartThis handmade woven felt heart makes for a heartfelt gift! I love how the two pieces come together to make a gorgeous high-contrast heart. This is a great craft for all ages.


Tiny Hearts Wall Decor - finished hearts

Tiny Hearts Wall DecorThis craft so far is the simplest craft I have made. It's so simple that you can even invite your kids to participate in this project as part of your Valentine's Day bonding.


Turtle Dove of Love Valentine Card - finished card with rhinestones randomly glued to the card face around the doves, inside the heart

Turtle Dove of Love Valentine CardThis Valentine's Day, make a sweet DIY card to show the love of your life just how much you love him.


Loved Up Drinks Coasters - glass on the finished coaster

Loved Up Drinks CoastersHere is a great way to remind the man in your life that he is the love of your life. Make some heart-themed drinks coasters that he can use in his man cave. An easy way to bring a message of love!


Pop Heart Decoration - finished heart

Pop Heart DecorationDecorate your home this Valentine's Day with a touch of thriftiness. Find a tissue or Japanese paper or even a plain colored paper that you like and you can enjoy the season full of hearts around you.


Valentine's Day Hearts Card - hearts added and rhinestone strip

Valentine's Day Hearts CardThis Valentine's Day card that I will be give to my mom is made from tissue paper I received from my shopping trip at Victoria's Secret and other items I already had at home.


Heart-Shaped Cupcake Topper - three cupcakes with heart decoration in the center one

Heart-Shaped Cupcake TopperThis is a fun and budget-friendly craft for all ages. The heart is made of a simple pipe cleaner and a handful of ring-shaped cereal. You can also eat the fruity cereal as a bonus treat! ;)


Two Hearts As One Valentine Day Card -  finished card with heart coloring page glued on the front

Two Hearts As One Valentine Day CardHere is an easy mini adult-coloring-project-turned-card for Valentine's Day. Symbolizing two lives that started separately, and eventually interlinked when falling in love, this card is sure to melt your Cupid's heart.


Valentine's Heart Chocolate Candy/Coupon Gift - coupon/candy gift on white background

Valentine's Heart Chocolate Candy/Coupon GiftYou can still have a nice Valentine's Day without having to spend much money. I will show you two methods. One method is making perfect candy favors for your little ones to bring to school, or you can make a candy gift with thoughtful coupons underneath for your significant other, spouse, or child to redeem.


Foam Heart Wreath - finished wreath

Foam Heart WreathFor just about $3.00 you too can make this simple, kid friendly wreath!


Mini Pop-up Valentine Card - finished pop up heart card opened

Mini Pop-up Valentine CardShow some love this Valentine's Day season by making your own simple mini pop-up card. Kids can participate and you can also teach them to make their own and be creative.


Peppermint Syrup as a Valentine's Gift - glass jar of peppermint syrup

Peppermint Syrup as a Valentine's GiftAre you still wondering what to do with all the leftover candy canes from Christmas? Do you keep passing by 90% clearance sales from Christmas? I say yes to both! Here is a beautiful peppermint syrup made from those canes to give to your Valentine this year.


Love Grows Valentine Card - finished card

Love Grows Valentine CardThis Valentine's Day, celebrate your love for your significant other with this easy card. Using a printout of a tree and hearts punched from an old calendar page, this card is also easy on the pocket.



Valentine's Day Tissue Wreath - finished wreath with three hearts in middle

Valentine's Day Tissue WreathMake this cute and inexpensive tissue paper wreath. It is perfect to hang in your office space and be festive for Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day Wreath - finished wreath

Valentine's Day WreathI bought 3 wooden hearts that were attached at the dollar store. I decided to separate them and make 3 decorations out of them. One I decided would make a cute wreath.


Bejeweled Jewelry Box - finished boxes

Bejeweled Jewelry BoxThis is a cute bejeweled jewelry box perfect for little girls to gift. My niece liked the idea, so we made a couple for her to give to her best friends.


Hearts Garland - garland on fuzzy white background

Hearts GarlandHere is a cute and festive hearts garland that is easy to make. It is perfect to make for your fireplace, room decor, for your bedroom door, or make multiple strands for a photo backdrop for a Valentine's Day party.


Hubby's Valentine Day Tot or Shooter Box - closed gift box

Hubby's Valentine Day Tot or Shooter BoxHere is a cute little alcoholic shooter or tot box for your hubby on Valentine's Day. Made from a recycled lasagna box, this box is sure to steal his heart.


"Wide-Eyed Over You" Valentine Card

"Wide-Eyed Over You" Valentine CardGive your Valentine a DIY card with a cute little heart girl. This heart girl is wide-eyed with love. Make her a pair of glasses to accentuate her eyes even more, so that no one can miss the stars in her eyes. A card for the young and the young-at-heart!


Heart Shaped Leis - finished lei

Heart Shaped LeisI am helping my niece prep for her Valentine's Day class party next month. She wanted to make heart shaped leis for the girls in her class. We made these inexpensive heart shaped leis with items we already had at home and they turned out really nice and cute!


Candy Cane Hearts - four finished heart candies

Candy Cane HeartsIf you look around when you're out shopping, you'll notice how quickly Christmas turned into Valentine's Day. Here's a fun and edible craft turning your old holiday candy canes and Christmas sprinkles into new hearts for your Valentine.


Romantic Wreath - wreath hanging on closet knob

Romantic WreathI won't get this on in time for crafters to make it for Valentine's Day, but it's pretty for a romantic room/wall hanging any time of the year!


A black and white heard with flowers inside, ready for coloring.

True Love Adult Coloring PageBlue violets symbolize love and faithfulness, and red hearts symbolize true love. This adult coloring page combines the two for a romantic coloring experience, just in time for Valentine's Day. Print a copy of this page and color it, while sitting down and thinking about how much you love your significant other.


Owl Valentine - googly eye owl

Owl ValentineHere is a cute and easy Valentine to make in 2 versions.


Hibiscus Love Mural Decoration - finished heart hanging

Hibiscus Love Mural DecorationThe hibiscus flower symbolizes beauty, and pink is a color associated with romance. Combine these two together to make a great decoration for Valentine's Day. The beauty of this decoration is that it can still be used after Valentine's Day.


Upcycled Calendar Valentine's Heart Wreath - folded paper wreath

Upcycled Calendar Valentine's Heart WreathI can't stand throwing away my big calendars in January when the new year has arrived. Instead I like to use them to make big wreaths. Here is a cute heart-shaped wreath made from a calendar just in time for Valentine's Day!


You Make My Heart Pop Valentine Card - finished card

You Make My Heart Pop Valentine CardUse a lollipop as the focus point of a Valentine's card. Dress up the lollipop and add a heart that "pops" to make sure that your Cupid knows that he is the centre of your universe.


Marble-Painted Heart - finished heart

Marble-Painted HeartThere are numerous items that kids can paint with to make the experience even more fun. A favorite object for my pre-students was marbles! I think it was because the whole process tended to get quite messy! The result is beautifully unique each time and reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting.


Valentine's Day Banner - two banners hanging against wall

Valentine's Day BannerI volunteer at a daycare for mentally challenged individuals and plan simple art projects with inexpensive supplies to make together. I thought I'd share them since they can be used in classrooms or even at home!


Easy Kids' Valentine Cards - both finished cards

Easy Kids' Valentine CardsUsing simple materials your kids (or class) can use their creativity and make their own cards!


Valentine Bookmark - front of book with bookmark sticking up

Valentine BookmarkThis project is about making a heart shaped Valentine bookmark for your favorite books. It's easy and affordable!


Love and Arrow Finger Paintings - both finished paintings

Love and Arrow Finger PaintingsPainting is a popular activity with many children. They can create something unique and enjoy getting a little messy in the process. These love and arrow paintings would be a fun project for kids and adults.


Name Heart Caterpillar - finished caterpillar hanging on the wall

Name Heart CaterpillarWhen I was teaching, I found that the excitement for Valentine's Day was second only to Christmas. This particular craft is very simple, requiring only five items to create. Kids love choosing their own colors and writing their names on their caterpillar.


Pure Love Valentine's Day Magnetic Frame - finished magnet with pet photo

Pure Love Valentine's Day Magnetic FrameHere is a cute frame that will be a good match with the Pure Love Valentine's Day Card. This darling little frame is made from simple craft materials, and again, it is a craft that older kids will be able to make. Add a photo to the middle.


Pure Love Valentine's Day Card - finished heart card

Pure Love Valentine's Day CardHere is an easy card to make for Valentine's Day, a card that is simple enough for older kids to try. The heart in the centre creates a striking focus point, making sure that the message of love is not lost on your loved one.


Floating Hearts Valentine's Jar Light

Floating Hearts Valentine's Jar LightTurn an ordinary glass jar into a beautiful light. Add hearts and battery operated fairy lights, and you have beautiful table décor to help set a romantic mood.


Abundant Hearts Valentine's Day Card - finished card

Abundant Hearts Valentine's Day CardThis Valentine's Day, make a card to tell your Cupid just how much you love him. Covered with an abundance of hearts, your loved one will definitely not be able to miss your declaration of love.


finished heart hanging decor

Rustic Valentine's Day Hanging HeartsThis rustic hanging wreath will be a great addition for a house in the country. It can also be used to adorn a seaside home. Use it around Valentine's Day, or use it as a more permanent feature to add a special touch to your home décor.


finished Cupid card

Message of Love Valentine CardThis Valentine's Day, make your sweetheart a card with Cupid as the focus point of the card. As the symbol widely associated with love and affection, this Cupid will make sure that your message of love won't be lost!


Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day CardHere is a cute, simple, and easy card that you can simply make with things in the house. Simple materials and steps make it easy to create this in a limited time.


felt Teddy bear holding Dum Dum

"I Heart You" Felt Teddy BearMake your sweetheart a little teddy bear for Valentine's Day. Give the bear as is, or let the bear sit in a votive candle holder with a lollipop in his arms. The little bear sports a red heart, so your sweetheart won't miss the message of love. Prepare to get a huge bear hug in return!


Valentine Pudding Treat - jar with cookie and pudding treat inside

Valentine Pudding TreatSweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey... If the amount of sugar is used to measure your love, then this sweet treat will send oodles and oodles of love. This is a kid-friendly craft ~ your kids can make these to show their love for their best friends.


Love You Madly Vinyl Record Underplate - finished project

Love You Madly Vinyl Record UnderplateParis is often called the "City of Love." Use some French inspiration to show your Cupid just how much you love him. Turn old long play vinyl records into underplates/chargers. Use these when you set the table for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner. A good way to turn trash into meaningful treasure!


Cupid's Love Gift Bag - finished gift bag

Cupid's Love Gift BagThis Valentine's Day, use three of the symbols that are widely associated with love and romance. Make a gift bag for your Cupid to show him how much you love him. Fill the bag with a selection of delectable chocolates, and celebrate your love on this special day.


Valentine's Day Eggs

Valentine's Day EggsThis is a fun and adorable edible craft I learned from my mother. She's been doing this since she was a little kid. All you need are a few household items.


Sweet Lollipop Valentine's Day Arrangement

Sweet Lollipop Valentine's Day...This Valentine's Day, make a sweet arrangement for your Cupid to tell him just how much you love him. Add a special touch to the arrangement by using lollipops instead of real flowers, and make sure that he knows he is your sweetheart.


Felt Heart Valentine's Day Tree

Felt Heart Valentine's Day TreeWho says trees are just for Christmas? This adorable tree is the perfect decoration for this Valentine's day!


finished paperweight

Colorful Garden Pebble PaperweightMaking inexpensive, yet handy gifts for Valentine's Day cannot be easier than with this craft. Turn an ordinary garden pebble into an extraordinary paperweight and be ready to wow your Valentine! The beauty of this craft is that there is no right or wrong.


up close of bouquet

Valentine's S'mores BouquetA fun twist on a candy bouquet, this bouquet is perfect to cozy up with your loved one and toast a yummy treat!


one of each decorated cupcake wrapper

Sweet Valentine Cupcake WrappersThe saying goes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. What better way to win his affection this Valentine's Day than with a few delicious cupcakes. Cover the cupcakes in some pretty handmade cupcake wrappers, and you are sure to bowl him over.


items in box 2

S'mores for Two Gift BoxNo need to make reservations and venture out for Valentine's day like everyone else. With this gift, you can cozy up with your loved one and make some s'mores while watching your favorite movie.


Tiny Heart in a Bottle

Tiny Heart in a BottleThis tiny little heart would make a perfect gift for that special someone for Valentine's Day.


finished miniature tree

My Sweet Lollipop Miniature TreeMake a lollipop tree and surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day. The tree is pretty to look at and hides a sweet little surprise. Your Valentine will definitely not miss this message of love.


finished lantern with tea light on

Mock Sandblasted Valentine's Day LanternValentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love existing between a couple. Turn old cheese spread glass jars into romantic lanterns and use them to set the mood for a special Valentine's dinner.


several roses in a clay pot

Hershey's Kiss RosesThese are a pretty and delicious present for someone. They are easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can put a bunch of them in a ceramic pot as a gift. Or tie a few together and put on top of a gift. Or just hand someone a single rose and brighten their day.


"I Love You Because..." Jar

"I Love You Because..." JarI can't think of a more special gift that shows someone how much you love them. Plus, it's easy to make and very inexpensive. Score! This jar would make a nice present for your significant other, a special friend, your kids, your mom or dad. You can personalize them for whoever is on your "special" list.


frame on bookshelf

"You Are Beautiful!" FrameGive someone special this frame for Valentine's Day. That way you can tell them how beautiful, smart, or funny they are! Use a dry erase marker to change the message on the glass as often as you want.


add ring to jar

Ombre M & Ms Candy JarThe best part about Valentine's Day M & Ms is that they are perfect for making an ombre candy jar to give that special someone.


finished card

"I Woof You" Valentine's Day CardValentine's Day is a fun day for young and old. Children love making cards for those they secretly admire. What can be more fun than a card with a cute little dog and a "I Woof You" message? Your child will love making this card and spreading some fun and cheer at school.


valentines day candy bouquet

Valentine's Day Candy BouquetA candy bouquet is a fun alternative to flowers on Valentine's day. You don't need to spend a lot of money on one at a store either. They are super easy to make and making your own allows you to customize it for your loved one!


Yarn Wrapped Heart Wreath

Yarn Wrapped Heart WreathThis heart wreath is a colorful and fun decoration for Valentine's day.


add ribbon

Glittery Heart BookmarksThese bookmarks are so simple yet so cute!


bookmark in book 1

Thumbprint Heart BookmarksThese bookmarks are the perfect alternative to a sweet treat on Valentine's day!


cork love bugs 1

Cork Love BugsThese adorable bugs are easy to make and a great way to use up any corks you have laying around!


tic tac toe valentines

Candy Tic-Tac-Toe ValentineWhat kid doesn't like tic-tac-toe or candy? These Valentine's are so easy to make and are perfect for a school Valentine's day party!


tootsie pop butterfly

Tootsie Pop Butterfly ValentineThese butterfly cards are so cute and fun to make! You can customize their wings however you want.


Love Through the Years Wreath - Finished wreath.

Valentine Love Through the Years WreathI have collected various little mementos from Valentine's Days past and decided to add them together for a pretty house decoration of memories!


Finished card.

Heart's Delight Valentine CardUse a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a heart-shaped paper punch to create two stickmen hugging each other for this fun Valentine's card.


FInished card.

Heart-shaped Valentine CardMake this sweet card to give this Valentine's Day.


Red and white silk flowers in red box.

Valentine Silk Floral ArrangementI bought all the supplies at my local Dollar Tree store. I used a small gift box with lid included. I used small square floral Styrofoam inside the box. I cut the stems of the silk flowers and arranged them to make this beautiful silk floral Valentine arrangement.


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