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A painful white bump on a thumb.

Painful White Bump On My Thumb?What is going on here? My whole thumb is swollen with this freaky white alien  serious same face on top?


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Mixing Disappointing Hair ProductsHave you ever used a hair product like mousse, gel, cream, spray, etc. that for whatever reason was a disappointment? Maybe you didn't like the scent or its performance on your hair. Instead of tossing it in the garbage, I have a frugal solution that has worked well for me.


Red and swollen fingers.

Treating Dyshidrotic Eczema?Since moving to a warmer climate country a number of years ago, every summer, I developed small blisters on the sides of fingers along with itching of the affected area. Unsure of what this was I visited a doctor and dermatologist and I was diagnosed with dyshidrotic eczema, and prescribed a cortisone cream to apply to affected areas. I was also advised to keep the hands moisturized, and also take an antihistamine for the itching.


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Check for Drug InteractionsI take 32 pills per DAY, not week, and 2 eyedrops, and 5 topical ointments. I put them all on and found that I can only take 8 of them! Half interferes with one drug, and the other half totally wrecks glaucoma! One of the eyedrops interferes with the main drug, too.


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Can I Get a Perm On Colour Treated Hair?I have very straight, limp, lifeless hair, which I keep short in a bob. I would like to grow it longer and would like to get a 'demi wave' (if they're still called that) but I also want to keep colouring my hair (I do that every 2-3 months). Is this possible? I used to do it when I was younger. I'm just fed up with spending hours with rollers in my hair only for the curl to last about an hour.


A disapproving woman with a glass of soda

Avoid Aspartame for Bladder Control IssuesDo you drink sugar-free drinks or otherwise use aspartame? Do you have an issue with frequent urges to urinate, or incontinence? Did you know that aspartame many times is the cause of these issues?


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Plucking Facial Hair Results in Black Spots?I have hairs growing on my cheeks and chin. I usually pluck them. Eventually I have black spots where I have removed the hair. How do I get rid of these marks?


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Bar Soap with Less Residue?My husband will not give up bar soap in the shower. Does anybody know what kind of bar soap leaves less residue in the tub?


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American Dagger Moths Can Be ToxicBeware of hairy yellow caterpillars with black spikes. They are American dagger moths that have have toxic properties when hairs are touched. One slight brush sent me to the ER with significant hives, elevated blood pressure, facial flushing, and chills.


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Waxy Buildup on Your Skin From Deodorant?How do you remove the waxy buildup on your skin from stick antiperspirants / deodorants? Need a solvent for the wax and soap doesn't work.


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Use Garlic Capsule as Emergency DisinfectantStaying with my aunt recently, I had a rash on my foot which was sore and weeping, but could find no antiseptic in her cupboard. I nipped off the top of a garlic oil capsule with my fingernails, and squirted it on the affected area, then went to bed. Next day, the sore place was clean, dry and starting to scab over.


Using a thick book for step exercises

Thick Book for Step ExercisesAfter sitting on the shelf for many years, this 1969 dictionary has come in handy. I don't want to get rid of it and I've found another use for it.


A small round blemish near a person's lip.

Is This Herpes?I think I might have herpes. Could somebody please let me know?


A woman fanning herself inside a house.

Frugal Ways To Keep CoolThe Pacific NW is experiencing a heat wave right now, with record breaking temperatures. What are some frugal alternatives to staying cool during a heat wave?


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Foot Pain After Back Surgery?Two years ago, I had surgery on my back. A discectomy for 3 herniated discs, L4 L5, and S1. My back has been fine since so it seems it was a success.



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Hairdresser Turned Hair Rose-gold Instead of Blonde?I went in to have my roots touched up blonde. Roots are blonde. Much of the rest of my hair is not! It turned rose-gold. She said it is impossible to remove. I have to wait until it grows out. So she added highlights! I'm very unhappy!


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Bantu Perm Query?Hi, I Bantu my hair all the time. I'm wanting to know if I can add perming lotion/process to my Bantu knots to get a permanent Bantu knot look?


A bottle of melatonin pills next to a sleeping mask.

Using MelatoninMelatonin is a hormone that helps regulate a person's sleep cycle. It is often used as a supplement to help people sleep but the effectiveness is questionable by medical professionals. There are some side effects possible so be sure to contact your own doctor before using.


A pair of nail clippers with tape on the side.

Nail Clipper HackThis nail clipper used to have a plastic shield to prevent nail clippings from flying. Unfortunately the plastic shield broke and I tried to find a replacement nail clipper (no luck).


A small white line on a thumb.

Weird White Line On My Thumb?I need help identifying this white lump on my thumb. What should I do about it and should I be concerned? I don't know how long it's been there since I just randomly found it. I cant say much about it asides from it is a small white line


A bowl of brown sugar.

Brown Sugar as First AidBrown sugar can actually cures wounds and bruises. If you have been lately in an accident, like falling from a bicycles or falling from trees, and you get bruises and wounds, you can immediately apply brown sugar.


A woman doing a perm at home.

Using Old Home Perm ProductsDoes the thioglycolic acid curl activator in home perms expire or go bad? I have had it for quite a while and it's turned brown. Can I still use it?


makeup brushes on top of a toothpaste holder.

Travel Toothbrush Holder for Makeup BrushesI never used this toothbrush holder for toothbrushes but really needed a case for my new makeup brushes. The toothbrush holder works very well for storing and protecting them.


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Preventing Slippery Shampoo BottlesI have a hard time holding onto the wide shampoo bottles with wet hands. I saw an empty syrup bottle. It has rings around the top and is not as wide at the top. I emptied my shampoo into it. Now I can securely hold on to it in the shower.


A woman receiving a laser treatment for removing her tattoo.

Removing Permanent TattoosA tattoo is usually a lifetime commitment but it is possible to have them removed or covered up if you no longer wish to have them showing. Multiple laser treatments are the most effective way to have them removed but it can be expensive and painful. There are some topical treatments that profess to removing tattoos but these are generally only work on the surface ink, leaving deeper inkwork untouched.


A man washing his body in the shower.

Recommendations for Body WashIt can be hard to choose from the many different scents and styles of body wash available for purchase. Prices can range from frugal to expensive but often the ingredients are very similar.


A woman holding her hands in front of her bottom.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids?Does anyone have instructions for making homemade hemorrhoid wipes?


A post-it note strip as a pill reminder.

Pill Time ReminderI don't know about you but when I have to take a medication more than one time a day, I can't remember if I've taken it and when the next time is I'm supposed to take it. I remedied this by making a pill reminder band for the pill bottle by using a couple post-it notes.


A dollop of sugar wax in a hand, ready for use.

How to Make Sugar Wax at HomeThis sugar wax recipe has been tried, tested, and true. After many failed attempts, this recipe has been proven to work, and so we're super pumped to share it with you! You only need three ingredients :)


Sugar pills being stored in a prescription pill bottle.

Storing Sugar Pills For DiabetesI am diabetic (Type 2) and sometimes when running errands, my blood sugar levels will drop. Doctor recommended that I keep some sugar pills on hand but that big bottle of 50 does not really fit my purse. I took one of my prescription bottles and put 5 tablets in it. Now it fits my purse and I don't have to worry about having a sugar crash while out.



Making Pastel Hair Dyes - mermaid ombré hair color

Making Pastel Hair DyesYou can save lots of money mixing up your own shades of colour instead of buying multiple colours when you want to do your own ombre hair. Due to the pandemic, I've been finding ways to save money, but still have things like fun hair colours and styles. Follow along to find out how to get this thrifty yet beautiful mermaid-inspired ombre hair by making pastels.


Wax used for orthodontic work.

Uses for Orthodontic WaxIf you have leftover orthodontic wax after having your braces removed, it can be used for a variety of purposes. It is made from natural wax sources such as beeswax or paraffin.


Hands holding a bloated stomach.

Remedies for Stomach Bloating?A bloated stomach may be caused by food allergies, medication side effects or overeating. If the bloating persists, a doctor should be consulted to make sure it is not a serious medical condition.


Moisturizing Lavender Body Scrub - adding more sugar to create a stiffer texture as shown in maker's hand

Moisturizing Lavender Body ScrubThis is a great moisturizing scrub! Plus it smells great;). It can be used anytime and it is excellent for pampering yourself at home. I usually use it right after I shave to soothe my skin (I have very sensitive skin and this is wonderful for it!)


Is This a Wart? - bump on child's finger

Identifying Warts?My son came up to me today showing me these bumps on his finger and thumb complaining that they hurt. They have a point to them and they're hard to the touch. I am thinking they are warts?


A trash bag being used as a cape for cutting hair.

Trash Bag as Cape for Cutting HairBeing homebound with the Covid-19 virus for over 2 months and needing haircuts before the virus, I think our hair grew faster than ever. My husband was getting desperate for a haircut and it will be another two weeks before his hair appointment. He decided he would let me cut his hair.


A woman dyeing her hair at home.

Do All Boxed Hair Dyes Have Metallic Salts in Them?I want to dye my hair with Splat in the color crimson. It says not to if I've dyed my hair with a product with metallic salts in it. What do I do?


A woman relaxing with head and legs raised.

Coping Skills with Depression and AnxietyA few years ago, I needed help with coping with depression and anxiety. I went to classes to learn. I don't usually tell people this, but it helped me learn so much. It helped me then and it is helping me greatly now! A lot!


A device for getting a mammogram.

Getting a MammogramMammograms are very important in early detection of breast cancer. Regular mammograms should be scheduled for any woman over 40 so that treatment can be started as soon as possible.


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Should I take Advil for Period Cramps?My mom says I should take Advil for my period cramps, but Advil makes them worse by a lot. But my mom says it was a one time thing. Should I take Advil for my period cramps?


A woman with dyed blonde hair.

Fixing a Bad Dye Job?I've have always had really pretty blonde hair. Well 8 years ago a salon messed up my hair. I told them that I just wanted some low lights and a little lighter blonde highlights. Well they turned it red. It looked so bad I changed it to solid brown. Now I wanted go back to blonde so I got a hair stripper a salon lady told me to use and then picked out a pretty blonde color. It turned it yellow.


Sunscreen being applied to an arm.

Using Expired Sunscreen as LotionWhen you have sunscreen that is past it's 'use by' date, you should not use it to protect your skin from the sun. It could possibly be useful as a lotion, if you are certain there is no bacteria present.


A mother putting sunscreen on a young girl.

Safe Sunscreens for KidsThe Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts out a list each year of the safest sunscreens. They rate the sunscreens on five factors: health hazards, UVB protection, UVA protection, balance of UVA/UVB protection and sunscreen stability. From these analyses they give each sunscreen a score, the lower the score the better.


Onion Smoothie Cold Remedy in glass

Onion Smoothie Cold RemedyOnion smoothies can help you heal from bronchitis and is an expectorant. Though the raw onions make this a very strong drink, if you can build up a tolerance you can benefit from this drink and feel better faster.


A man looking at a rack of different types of oil at a supermarket.

Choosing a Healthy Cooking OilThere are many types of cooking oils or fats that are used around the world. Experts disagree about the health risks and rewards of using certain oils but most recommend reducing intake of saturated fats and to avoid trans fats altogether.



A dab of coconut oil to use for dry hands.

Coconut Oil for Dry HandsCoconut oil is a wonderful product to use for dry skin. Rub some onto your hands and then wear a pair of latex or nitrile gloves until it is absorbed.


A woman with foundation on her hand.

Thinning Foundation Make-up?Over time liquid foundation make-up can thicken. It may be possible to thin it down a bit and make it more easy to apply. This page contains some suggestions for thinning your foundation.


Tea with limes and ginger.

Making Lime Ginger TeaTake fresh limes and ginger root to make this soothing tea. It's perfect to help with cold and flu symptoms. It can be served hot or cold.


A bowl of borax powder.

Is Borax Edible?Borax is not considered edible and can cause health concerns if ingested, inhaled or with skin contact. Some health recipes recommend using a small amount of borax but the FDA considers this substance toxic.


Two pairs of orange ear plugs.

Using Earplugs to Block NoiseEarplugs are often used at loud events, like music show or car races. They can also be used around the home to block out unwanted noise, day or night.


A woman washing her hair.

Homemade Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Recipes for Color Treated HairIf you have color treated hair and want to make your own shampoo and conditioner from natural ingredients, here are some ideas. It's best to avoid harsh ingredients to prevent the colored dye from fading prematurely.


Create Bouncy Curls with Cardboard Tubes - secure hair with bobby pins onto roll

Create Bouncy Curls with Cardboard TubesIf you are looking for a thrifty, no heat, alternative to rollers or a curling iron this tip may just be for you. It is certainly a great temporary fix. You just need bobby pins and some recycled TP or paper towel tubes from your crafting stash. You will be pleased and surprised by the resulting bouncy curls.


How to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)This week, the CDC has told Americans that we need to be prepared for an outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus has been spreading across the globe with outbreaks in China, Korea, Japan, Italy, and Iran. As of today, the US has only seen 56 cases of the disease. Currently, 8,400 people in California are being monitored for the coronavirus.


A person washing their blonde hair.

Removing Pen Ink from Your Hair?You can try to remove pen ink from your hair with hairspray, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, or perhaps a clarifying shampoo. Additional suggestions can be found on this page.


Baking soda being measured into a funnel.

Homemade Tooth PowderMost homemade tooth powder has baking soda as the main ingredient. It is a mild abrasive, so you may want to check with your dentist about how frequently to use it. This page contains several recipes for homemade tooth powder.


Makeup scattered on a countertop.

Storing MakeupMakeup typically has a shelf life. It may also become contaminated from bacteria and viruses. This page has some suggestions for storing makeup, when to discard it, and some possible methods of sanitizing certain products.


A man who has fainted on a living room floor.

Tips for Preventing FaintingHere are some tips such as using lemons, ammonia, and smelling salts to prevent fainting episodes.


DIY Pore Minimizing Face Primer - holding a small container of primer

DIY Pore Minimizing Face PrimerMix up your own, significantly less expensive, pore minimizing face primer using cosmetics you probably already have. Combine translucent powder, moisturizing cream, and foundation that matches your skin tone. You will love the results.


An eye infection.

Home Remedies for an Eye Infection?Some eye infections such as pink eye, also know as conjunctivitis, will typically go away on their own. A stye is a clogged pore and there are OTC medications that will help with that condition. Home remedies can help relieve the symptoms and provide comfort. Checking with your doctor is always recommended if you are unsure of the cause of the infection or it worsens.


A doctor holding the hand of a patient.

Advice for Dealing With CancerMaintaining a positive attitude through an illness can be a challenge. When dealing with the interruptions in your life and finances, it is important to have the support of your friends and family.


A manicured hand next to a gloved and duct-taped hand, protected from hair dye.

Keeping Hair Dye Off Polished NailsTo keep hair dye from ruining your polished nails, wear tight fitting latex or nitrile gloves sealed around your wrists with tape. There are also suggestions, on this page, for removing any dye transfer that might still be bleeding from your hair days later.


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Perming Hair After Dyeing?I dyed my hair with a white dye today and I'm thinking of perming it soon. How long do I have to wait to perm it?


DIY Long-Lasting Eyelash Lift - closeup of eyes after process

DIY Long-Lasting Eyelash LiftSave a lot of money by doing an eyelash lift at home. This DIY tutorial show you how to use the home kit and offers step by step photos and tips.


A woman's made up eyelid and brow.

Making Homemade Eyebrow GelMix aloe vera gel and dark eyeshadow to create an inexpensive alternative to retail eyebrow gel.


A woman with a rash on her arms and back.

Treating Heat RashIn hot, humid environments, heat rashes can be a problem. There are a number of possible remedies to treat this skin irritation.


Nails with a beautiful French manicure.

DIY French Tips ManicureHere are some tips for a do it yourself French manicure. The fingernail tips are painted a different color in this method.


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Remedy for Itchy Armpits?I have problem of itchy underarms all of the time now. I am not sure if it's the roll on that I am using or what. How can I get rid of this itching in my armpits? It's been over 2 years now.


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Hair Too Dark After Dyeing?I recently got my hair dyed. It was blond and I wanted to go a little darker however it was too dark. The hairdresser put a few highlights in it however the ends of my hair are darker than the top. What's my best bet to get my ends dyed blonder.


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Re-perming Hair?So I got my perm a day ago, and it's not curly enough at all. So I washed the chemicals out of my hair. How long should I wait to get it re-permed?


A man trying out new eyeglasses.

Getting an Exam and New Eyeglasses Without Insurance?When you need to have an eye exam and get new glasses, it can be expensive when you don't have insurance. There are a few programs and retailers who may give you some savings.


A homemade bamboo cuticle stick next to a store bought one.

Homemade Cuticle SticksIt's easy to make your own cuticle sticks from a bamboo skewer you may already have in a drawer in your kitchen. Just cut and sand down the cut edge and it's ready to use.


An elderly couple walking in the park.

Exercise For People With Limited Mobility?It is important to continue to get exercise even when it is a challenge to walk. Water aerobics and chair exercises can help build muscle strength.


A woman using a walker on a street.

Using a WalkerMake your walker help you with more than walking. Here are some great tips for how to add padding, attach a bag to carry items, and even how to add a meal tray to your walker.


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Mixing Permanent Hair Color with Demi Activator?Can you mix permanent hair color (say, Ion Brilliance 3N or Clairol Soy4Plex 4A) with demi-permanent activator (such as Wella Color Charm activator) if you want Demi results?


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Top Dentures too Loose?I've had my dentures for 5 years and the top does not fit any more. They just rock back and forth. They cause injury when I wear them, but nobody will give me a loan to replace them and insurance will not cover them for another 5 years. What to do?


A woman drying her hair with a towel.

Drying Hair Tips and TricksWhether you use a hair dryer, a towel or let it air dry, your method of drying can make a difference in the health and manageability of your hair.


Is My Tongue Piercing Infected?

Problems with a Tongue Piercing?If you are having problems with a new tongue piercing, the best advice is to talk directly to your piercer. They can tell you if it is normal or if you need further medical attention.


A before and after weight loss photo of Atossa.

How I Lost 125 Pounds on a BudgetI'd always been a bit overweight growing up. I just thought that was the norm since most of my family members always carried extra weight. "We're a big-boned family," we'd joke. But our appetites were huge, especially coming from cultural backgrounds where food was the primary offering in times of celebration... or any occasion.


Small brown glass bottles.

Scented Bath Vinegar RecipeMix fresh herbs and flowers or essential oil with apple cider vinegar to make a scented vinegar bath recipe. It not only helps soften your skin it is relaxing after a long day.


A date written on a post-it note attached to a bottle of Listerine.

Labeling Purchase Dates on Personal/Beauty Care ItemsCosmetics and other beauty items can expire if not used in time. Mark the date of purchase on the container to help remind yourself how old the item is.


A dental bridge being held in gloved hands.

Repairing a Dental Bridge?If your bridge is in need of repair, it can be uncomfortable or even painful. Contact a dentist immediately if you are in pain. Cosmetic fixes may still require the help of a dentist but can be done at your convience.


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Differing Views on Snacking Before Meals?I had just gotten back from grocery shopping and helped myself to a thin slice of Virginia ham before putting things away and then making a sandwich and salad.


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Caring for an Eye Injury?I was poked in the eye by a thorn on a queen palm tree. I have the seen doctor at urgent care and he prescribed drops to keep the infection down. I'm already blind in my eye that is injured and have glaucoma in both eyes. I'm unable to sleep when I close my eyes it is too painful and very uncomfortable.


Placing nail decals on acrylic nails.

Applying Acrylic Nails at HomeAcrylic nails are often done in a salon. However, there are kits you can get to do your own acrylic nails at home.


person at doctor exam

Undressing for a Medical Exam?Medical practices are always evolving. It is nice for patients to know what to expect before arriving for a medical exam. Hospital gowns are sometimes replaced with options that provide modesty while allowing medical professionals to diagnose and treat conditions efficiently.


Removing a Hair From Your Eye?If you have a hair in your eye and you haven't been able to remove it, there is help. Check this page for home remedies for removing this pesky hair.


bugs in hair

Getting Rid of Bugs in HairIf you have bugs infesting the hair of your family, proper identification will help you with treatment. There are several products and home remedies that will work on many types of insects. Medical advice should be sought if the bugs are very resistant to treatment.


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Treating Pain from Fluid Behind Eardrum?So I know what my problem is which is I have liquid behind my eardrum. It took a bit to get the doctors to realise. Since 2014 I have had constant ear aches and infections and I was finally seen by a doctor who told me I had to get a gormmet. I have to wait until December this year.


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Re-dyeing Hair After the Color Has Faded?About a month ago I dyed my hair red from a box. I actually really like the color, but of course it has faded - some areas are faded more than others. Is it OK to re-dye my whole head with the same color I used before? Will it make it all one shade or will I have dark/lighter areas based on how it has faded?


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Using Hair Dye with Powder Instead of Liquid Color?When you use a bleach kit that has color powder instead of the color liquid how do you mix just some of it and save the rest for the next touch up?


DIY Translucent Makeup  -Finishing Powder - applying with a puff

DIY Translucent Makeup Finishing PowderIt's nice to have a light finishing powder to help your face makeup set in place, but storebought brands can be expensive. Make this DIY version with baby powder and corn starch and save a bundle.


A tanning bed with a towel and other supplies.

Can You Use a Tanning Bed If You Have a Boil?To take proper care of your skin, you may want to avoid using artificial light and excess tanning. This is about "can you use a tanning bed if you have a boil?"


Cause of Tiny Red Itchy Spots - closeup of spot in skin

Cause of Tiny Red Itchy Spots on Skin?It can be a challenge to determine the cause of skin irritation when you can't see any pests. This is a page about cause of tiny red itchy spots on skin.


A man looking through a medicine cabinet for his prescription.

Keeping Track of MedicationWhen you need to take more than one medicine during the day, there are a number of ways you can help yourself stay organized and remember. This is a page about keeping track of medication.


Woman using dental floss to apply eyeliner

Dental Floss Pick as an Eyeliner GuideIf you have trouble creating the perfect eyeliner look, try using an inexpensive guide to assist you. This is a page about using a dental floss pick as an eyeliner guide.


Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder Surgery  - view of Velcro strips in place

DIY Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder SurgeryIt can be difficult to get dressed when healing from shoulder surgery but shirts can be altered to to make this process easier. This page has DIY instructions for an altered T-shirt for shoulder surgery.


Orange Oily Stool from Eating Cashews

Orange Oily Stool from Eating CashewsIf you or your child eats a lot of cashews, there may be evidence in the toilet later, in the form of orange colored and oily stools. This page is about an orange oily stool from eating cashews.


A woman with a strong headache.

Goody's Headache Powder ReviewsMany people count on this fast-acting headache powder to cure aches and pains. It is a combination of asprin, acetamenephen and caffiene that quickly absorbs into your bloodstream. This page contains reviews for Goody's headache powder.


A man holding his nose from a bad smell.

Body Odor Smells Like Skunk?Your diet has a big effect on your body's ability to eliminate toxins. This can make your perspiration have a strong smell. This is a page about body odor smells like skunk.


A man looking into a cup of coffee with concern.

Coffee is Making Me Sick?It could be the brand, but if coffee is making you ill, it's time to drink less, something different or another kind of coffee. Some people switch to decaf or cold brew coffee while other people are happier drinking tea.


3-Step DIY Hair Treatment - three supply bottles

3-Step Moisture Locking Hair TreatmentUsing water, oil, and cream, you can moisturize your hair even using some of the least expensive products in your house. This is a page about 3-step moisture locking hair treatment.


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