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A chicken dish

Product Review: Dinnerly Meal DeliveryRecently, I tried a meal delivery service, Dinnerly. My teen daughter has been more interested in cooking lately and I thought it would be a good way to teach her some techniques and recipes that are different than my usual meals. Here's how it went:


A woman shopping at a grocery store.

Using Digital Coupons and Rewards When ShoppingIn addition to coupons sent by mail or in newspapers, many stores have their own system for digital savings too. This is a great way to save money at the checkout. It encourages customers to be "loyal" to that store and allows the store to send you specific promotions based on your shopping history.


Person using a television with a remote.

Review Your Subscription Services

Many of us have cancelled cable but quickly found we're spending the same money on streaming services. Even worse, it's sometimes hard to remember what streaming services we're actually paying for. With subscriptions not just for TV but also music, ebooks, newspapers, video games, and fitness it can be hard to keep track.


Keeping Track of Screws When Assembling a Treadmill - closeup of button head machine screws on blue painter's tape

Keeping Track of Screws When Assembling a TreadmillOrdering a treadmill in the middle of a pandemic has its own challenges. Just having to wait a month for delivery was the first. Add to that the delivery restrictions that were in place. There was no option to have it delivered to the house or to pay to have someone assemble it.


A file cabinet with manila folders and papers filed neatly.

Getting the Most of WarrantiesNearly everything that is manufactured has some sort of warranty, although the length can vary greatly. Sellers can also offer extended warranties and credit card purchases may have additional protection as well. But these do you no good if you cannot utilize them before they expire. Here are some tips for making sure you get your money's worth from new purchases.


Save on Halloween Costumes - new trim in place

Save on Halloween CostumesI got a brand new Minnie Mouse costume on Freecycle. I saw from the pictures that the trim in the front was damaged, and it was pretty obvious. I decided to take it anyway, as I have lots of trim I have bought at garage sales.


Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar Store - spray bottle of cleaner on porch

Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar StoreMy neighbor told me about Awesome for cleaning vinyl siding. She really liked it, so last year, when I was in Dollar General, I picked up a 32 ounce bottle of it for $1.00. I had not used it until this week when cleaning the porch, getting the wood ready for painting and new screen wire.


Glass Top Stove with a pot and a lid.

Cookware for a Glass Top StoveAny cookware with a smooth, flat bottom is OK to use on your glass top stove. This is a page about cookware for a glass top stove.


A small seedless watermelon, cut in half.

Use Your Own Mind When Making PurchasesWhat is a 'benhad'? It's not the lowest soldier rank in Xerxes Persian army, nor is it the latest hair style craze by Lauri Pedaja. A benhad is simply a person who has been had by the system.


Shoemaker fixing shoes.

Solutions for Slippery ShoesThis page contains solutions for shoes that slip. Whether the soles of your shoes are wearing out or they never had good traction, here are some ways to keep them from being slippery.


A bottle of styling gel that states "alcohol free!"

Living With Hype ~ Then And NowWe live in the age of 'Hype'. And we have for so long, the plain unadulterated truth would probably sound strange to us. Even the adjectives we use cannot be taken literally. Have you noticed things that have no weight now come in tons? 'I spent the weekend at the beach and had tons of fun'.


Woman Looking at Expiration Date of Deli Meat

When Expiration Dates MatterMany times the expiration date on certain products is more of an indication of diminishing potency levels than an actual discard date. This is often true of over the counter medications and products. The date is more true for products that can be contaminated once opened. This is a page about when expiration dates matter.


Woman Holding Pump Bottle

Use Pump Bottles in the BathThis is a page about using pump bottles in the bath. Using pump bottles in the bath helps prevent using too much product. Its a great way to save money!


Several coupons and a pair of scissors.

Using Coupons at Dollar Stores?To save some money at the dollar store, keep an eye out for coupons you can use when you shop there. This is a page about using coupons at dollar stores.


Colorful clothing in a washing machine.

Setting Colors in Clothing So They Don't BleedSome types and colors of clothing dye are more likely to bleed in the wash. There are some products you can use to prevent bleeding. This is a page about setting colors in clothing so they don't bleed.



A white car parked in a parking lot.

How to Safely Sell Your Used CarThere are several ways you can sell or get rid of your used car.


Reading Glasses

Should I Buy Prescription Reading Glasses or Drugstore Reading Glasses?Depending on your vision needs, you may be able to save some money, at least for a while, by purchasing reading glasses from a drugstore. This is a page about, "Should I buy prescription reading glasses or drugstore reading glasses?".


Fabric on rolls in a fabric store.

Finding Fabric That is Under $2.00 Per Yard?Finding very inexpensive fabric may take some searching both locally and on the internet, but it is possible to find. This is a page about finding fabric that is under $2.00 per yard.


Older man reading his mail.

Is AARP Membership Worth the Investment?Although an inexpensive investment, this senior insurance company may not be exactly the membership you need. This is a page about is AARP membership worth the investment?


A man pushing a car that is stuck in the snow.

Solutions for a Car or Truck Stuck in the Snow?Being stuck in the snow is similar to having your car stuck in sand or mud. You need to use something under your tires to improve traction. This is a page about solutions for a car or truck stuck in the snow.


A teen in a prom dress.

Finding an Inexpensive Plus Size Prom DressShopping early and trying a variety of options such as thrift stores and on-line sites can help to find the best price on prom dresses. This is a page about finding an inexpensive plus size prom dress.


A high school girl wearing a nice prom dress.

Finding a Cheap Prom DressA inexpensive formal dress can be found by secondhand shopping, if you have time to look. This page is about finding a cheap prom dress.


A hoody with a drawstring

Rethreading DrawstringsWhether a bathing suit, hoodie or sweat pants a large safety pin can help guide that string back where it belongs. This is a page about rethreading drawstrings.



Use Shampoo as Hand Soap RefillI have an alternative to replace pricey hand wash pumps. I use value supermarket brands of shampoo instead! I buy the cheap shampoos from the supermarket. Store branded hand wash start at about £1 a bottle.


dark blue cleaning rag

Product Review: Rags in a makes them. They are $11.95 for 3, and they come in their own laundry bag to wash. They recently had a sale, and I got another bag free, so the cost was halved. They are wonderful for mirrors, windows, and to wipe down counters. They are large and lint-free.


Expandable Garden Hose Review

Expandable Garden Hose ReviewWhen I heard about the expandable garden hose, I was not impressed. I didn't think there would be much to it. However, three years ago, I saw one in Bed Bath and Beyond and decided to purchase it. It is one of the best buys I have ever made. I really enjoy using it.


Breezecatcher Rotary Clothesline

Product Review: Breezecatcher Rotary ClotheslineAccording to the Consumer Energy Center, your home clothing dryer can be one of the most expensive home appliances to operate at 6% of your total electrical usage. If you have the space and no pesky homeowner association restrictions, a much less expensive alternative is a clothesline.


Fujifilm Instax Instant Mini 8 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Instant Mini 8 CameraDid you enjoy using a Polaroid camera when you were younger? You can still buy Polaroid film, but it is very expensive. For instant camera fun, using a Polaroid is just too expensive now. There is a fun little camera on the market that is a great alternative if you want to have some fun with instant film!


Box of Mule Team Brand Borax

Uses for BoraxBorax is often used for cleaning jobs, but it has a number of other uses around your home. This is a page about uses for borax.


Silver tea set on tray

How Can I Tell If Something is Made of...When shopping thrift stores and garage sales, it is nice to be able to recognize if an item is made of silver. This is a page about, "How can I tell if something is made of silver?".



Woman with too large a Pair of Jeans

Shrinking ClothingThis is a page about shrinking clothing. Sometimes you may actually want to intentionally shrink a piece of clothing.


Glueing Droopy Car Headliner

Glueing Droopy Car HeadlinerThis is not the first car that I've owned that's thin ceiling material started to droop down, but I finally created a way to fix it!


Three rotisserie chickens from the supermarket.

Grocery Store StrategiesI live by three different grocery stores so I check the front and back of each flyer every week. That is where they list their hook sales, sometimes incredibly good deals to attract you in to their store. I make a list of the three stores and their best deals for items I would be interested in.


A pair of yellow boots on the ground.

Product Review: Sloggers BootsI recently purchased these awesome boots. They are super flexible, unlike many other rubber boots that are stiff and hard to work in. They have a fabric-covered edge at the top, which makes them comfortable to wear with shorts and they are wide enough to easily stuff your pant legs into when necessary.


food in clear plastic bins

Keep Groceries Organized to Save...To keep my groceries organized so I know what I have and don't have, I have been doing the following:


Woman Looking at Free Fabric Samples

Finding Free Fabric SamplesI am looking for a place that will give free fabric samples. This page has advice about finding free fabric samples for craft projects.


Thrift Shops Before Retail

Thrift Shops Before RetailWhy the coat? I recently purchased this coat for 69 cents at a thrift shop. No, I'm not kidding you! For years now, I have ALWAYS looked in the local thrift shops BEFORE simply paying retail at a chain store.


Selling Record Albums

Selling Record AlbumsSome of your old records could be worth quite a chunk of change. Sadly, it can be a little time consuming, but it's fun and worth it if you have a little time. Often, if it's a rare record in great shape, you will get the best return by putting it up for auction on eBay


Online Purchase from Penny Auction

Avoid the Penny Auction ScamPenny auctions, you have probably seen banner ads in your browser and even commercials on TV. The auction prices sound too good to be true. That is because they are! It is a scam that could cost you more than buying the item directly.


finished cookies

Baking from the Discount Grocery ShelfI recently started checking the discount shelves at my local supermarkets. I have found some really good savings from time to time. Earlier this year I picked up a couple of bags of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.


Check Your Car for Recalls

Check Your Car for RecallsAutomobile manufacturers offer free repairs called "recalls" for many problems which affect their cars. These repairs are generally available from the nearest dealer whether a car has had one or many owners.


Home Appliances

Saving Money on Home AppliancesThis is a page about saving money on home appliances. The retail price of new appliances can be more than you can afford. Often times there are slightly damaged or used appliances that will be just what you need.


put keychain over the button

Ball Chain Keychain to Keep Zipper UpDo you have a pair of pants where the zipper seems to always fall down? Here is a quick solution that works really well. Use one of those small ball chain keychains to tether the zipper to your pants button. Simply string the chain through the hole in the zipper tab and attach the ends.


Product Review: BabiesRUs Toilet Cover Lock

Product Review: BabiesRUs Toilet Cover LockI recently bought a Toys R Us brand toilet seat lock. I had to return it immediately. Spend the two extra dollars and buy the more expensive lock. This one is useless and not worth a penny.


Should You Join a Company's Reward Program?

Should You Join a Rewards Program?Many companies are now collecting reward points on their websites. You many have wondered if it's worth the time and effort to join these programs.



Porcelain Doll

Selling a Porcelain Doll Collection?Perhaps you inherited a doll collection or are simply downsizing and decluttering, but now you are thinking of selling your dolls. This is a page about selling a porcelain doll collection.


Finding Freebies

Finding FreebiesThis is a page about finding freebies. There are many ways to collect freebies, whether from a website, hotel, manufacturer, or event.


A man holding a dollar.

Shopping at Dollar StoresLove them or hate them, dollar stores attract a lot of consumers with their low prices. This is a page about shopping at dollar stores.


reusable starbucks cups

Reusable Starbucks CupsDo you want an inexpensive travel mug that helps reduce waste? The new reusable Starbucks cups are only $1! They are dishwasher and microwave-safe. You also get a $.10 discount for using it when you come into the store for a coffee.


A bag of ground coffee beans and a refillable pod next to a box of Keurig coffee pods.

Kuerig K-Cups Vs. Ground CoffeeMy husband got a Kuerig for his birthday. While the K-Cups are very convenient, we wondered how they compared to using ground coffee in the My K-Cup basket. A box of K-Cups contains 18 cups. Our bag of Tully's coffee weighed 12 ounces and we were able to get 25 cups of coffee.


Bottles of shampoo or lotion.

My Recent CVS SavingsI will start out by saying, use caution when CVSing its easy to get caught up and spend more than you planned! There prices are a bit high so use caution when comparing prices and make sure the extra bucks make up for it!


Stretching Shoes and Boots

Stretching Shoes and BootsSometimes to make footware more comfortable, you need to make them bigger. This page is about stretching shoes and boots.


Resizing Hat

Resizing a Large HatHere is a great way to make a large hat smaller.


Saving Money on Toiletries

Saving Money on ToiletriesThis is a page about saving money on toiletries. Toiletries can be expensive to buy and may be overused by family members.


Photo of two boxes of Pop Tarts.

Larger Packages Aren't Always CheaperBe careful not to always grab for the biggest package assuming you are getting the best deal. Sometimes the smaller version may be on sale, making it cheaper. Believe it or not, sometimes they actually charge more for the "bulk" version of products.


Mother and Daughter Shopping at Supermarket

Shopping Tips and TricksThis page contains shopping tips and tricks. Whatever shopping you have to accomplish, there are many ways to save time and money.


Woman Grocery Shopping

Saving Money on FoodThis page is about saving money on food. There are many creative ways to trim your grocery bill.


Ten Dollar Clothing Sale Bin

Saving on Clothing for Adults and ChildrenI wanted to share some things I have done in the past and still do today for saving money on clothing for both children and adults. Clothing, along with everything else, is so expensive.


Improving Gas Mileage When Driving, Pumping Gas

Saving Money On GasolineWe own two Dodge Grand Caravans, and while they are not the most expensive vehicle to fill, they are far from the cheapest. Here are a few of the things we do to try to keep our gas costs down.


Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast

Saving Money On ChickenThis is a page about saving money on chicken. Many families use chicken in their cooking on a regular basis.


Saving Money on Celery

Saving Money on CeleryThis is a page about saving money on celery. In addition to being a great snack with peanut butter celery is used in many recipes.


A bunch of coupons cut out of ads in the newspaper.

Using CouponsThis is a page about using coupons. Coupons come at us from a variety of sources; the mailbox, newspapers and magazines, store circulars and receipts, on products and even in our email inbox. Here are ways to use them effectively to save money.


Finding Free Furniture

Finding Free FurnitureIf you need to furnish your home or apartment inexpensively, it doesn't get any better than finding free furniture. This is a page about finding free furniture.


Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice, Man Cleaning Snow and Ice off of Windshield

Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and IceDuring the winter it can be a real chore to get all the snow and ice off your windshield before heading out in the morning. This is a page about keeping your windshield free of snow and ice.


A table filled with antique nicknacks.

Reselling Antiques and CollectiblesSeveral of my friends are now making good, extra money re-selling used items and/or antiques and collectibles. Two of them are working an eBay store called Hollywood Junque.


Sample size toiletry containers

Free Information About FreebiesSeveral websites gather all the free samples, coupons, and great offers. A few have a hidden agenda that makes their operation look a bit shady, but others are legitimate sites that are harmless free fun.


dripping faucet

Saving Money on Your Water BillThis is a page about saving money on your water bill. It's easy to let the water bill get out of hand, especially during the summer. There are many steps you can take year round though to curb your water consumption.


Three kids in snorkel gear.

Saving Money to Go on VacationIt's important to find time and money to go on a vacation, even if it's an inexpensive one. In today's economy finding the room in our budgets for vacations is getting more and more difficult. This is a page about saving money to go on a vacation.


Can with expiration date printed on it

When Expiration Dates MatterBefore we hit the beach, I spent ten minutes covering a wriggling and impatient boy with SPF 50 sunscreen. To my dismay, I didn't put a pale skinned youngster to bed that night.


A woman shopping at a warehouse store.

Getting the Most Out of Your Costco (or Sam's...This is a page to getting the most out of your warehouse membership, such as Costco or Sam's Club. Warehouse stores can save you a lot of money, but the cost can really add up at checkout. Be sure you are buying the products and services that will actually save you money.


Photo of someone pumping gas.

Saving Money on GasThis is a page about saving money on gas. Rising gas prices are becoming a bigger burden on household budgets. There are a lot strategies to save money on gasoline.


A woman looking at her shopping list.

Organizing Your Grocery ListHave you ever gone grocery shopping and walked down the same aisle several times? An organized grocery list can save you time at the grocery store. This is a page about organizing your grocery list.


Canned goods on a shelp

Organizing Your Food StashLike Mr. McDuck, I have a horde of food stored in my basement. It's the rewards gained from "stocking up," but those rewards must be kept tidy because, unlike Scrooge McDuck, our food carries expiration dates.


Pile of coupons

Obsessed with CouponsTo say that I'm obsessed with extreme couponing is almost an understatement. What started as a special television program in January has become a weekly program, teaching viewers how to become extreme couponers who take home four carts of groceries for under $50.


Retrieving Jewelry Dropped in a Sink Drain, Water dripping in bathroom sink

Can Saving Water Save Electricity?After unplugging every gadget that wasn't being used, turning off every light that didn't need to burn, and replacing every appliance with an energy saving model, there still had to be an unseen way to save electricity. Saving water can save electricity as well.


stack of newspapers

Good Reasons to Still Get a NewspaperWith the availability of online news, why pay for it to be delivered? I was surprised at how quickly I had an answer to this question. I would pay to have it delivered because I could turn the cost around, and ultimately get the hard copies of the newspaper for free.


Washer on dolly.

Looking for Hidden RebatesWhen purchasing a large appliance, there is often a store or manufacturer's rebate attached. What many don't realize, however, is that there are more rebates waiting to be taken.


Stack of coupons.

Extreme CouponingAfter watching a program on television about extreme couponing, it got me thinking. One woman's bill was over $800, but by the time she doled out her coupons she owed less than $3.


Mattress Know-HowIt's a pricey investment and you want to get the most out of it, but a mattress only lives so long. The average life expectancy is ten years for a mattress, but those with pillow tops die sooner. One chiropractor suggests a maximum life of seven years for pillow topped luxury.


Electronic Equipment for Less: Too Good to Be True?

Electronic Equipment for Less: Too Good to Be True?Electronics are a blessing and a curse to us. They can help us to waste our time, but they can save time too. We're capable of sharing photos, recording television programs, and earning college credits in our living rooms, but the price for it is expressed in dollar signs.


Four unmounted tires.

Tire SavingsIt's not the best news that you've heard when your auto mechanic tells you to replace your car's tires. It's essential, and it's a several hundred dollars investment. Is there a way to save on the new tires?


Baskets of fruit and vegetables.

Buying Produce In SeasonWhen you buy out of season, it costs you more money. When you buy in season and from your local food supplier, you are saving that money, you can buy more to freeze or can and you are helping your local economy.


shopping receipt

Reducing the Cost of Feeding a FamilyI was in the grocery store yesterday and was talking with a lady in the dairy section about the rising cost of food. She was very upset that her kids were eating her out of house and home.


Saving Money on Shoes

Frugal FeetShoes are a weakness for many women. It's easy to spend a fortune on a closet full of shoes, but it's very impractical. Instead, try to make wise decisions when purchasing shoes and avoid buying "cute" shoes for that reason only.


chicken wings

Saving Money on ChickenTips for saving money on chicken as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Post your ideas here.


Saving Money on Pants

Saving Money on PantsHere are tips for Saving Money on Pants as suggested by the ThriftyFun community: First of all - take care of the pants you already have, washing them inside out if not heavily soiled. Also, if you must iron, iron them inside out as well. Take off work pants when you get home, don't cook or clean in them.


stir fried vegetables

Ways to Save Money on DinnerHere are tips and strategies for Saving Money on Dinner as suggested by the ThriftyFun community? What is your advice for Saving Money on Dinner.


pistachio nuts

Saving Money on NutsTips and advice for saving money on nuts as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Do you have any advice to share?


Product Review: Nintendo DSiHere is a review of Nintendo's newest portable video game player. The Nintendo DSi is the latest version of the popular line of DS handheld video game consoles from Nintendo. The DS replaces the GameBoy as Nintendo's flagship handheld console.


Medicine Cabinet

Health and Beauty for LessIn the days when soap was boring and bland, brands like Bath and Body Works were a refreshing break from the normal. Now, almost every brand has followed through with similar products from foaming pump soaps to body washes.


Saving Money on Board GamesTips and ideas for saving money on board games as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Do you have any tips to share?


grating cheese

Saving Money on CheeseTips for Saving Money on Cheese. Post you ideas below. I buy shredded cheese at Costco. It costs $10 for 5 pounds, cheaper than buying a block of the same brand, and all the work is done.


Prius on Freeway

Will A Hybrid Save You Money?"Will a hybrid save me money?" Wouldn't it be great if there was a definitive answer to that question? Unfortunately, and despite what a showroom salesman will tell you, there is no clear answer.


Saving Money on Bathing SuitsTips and advice for saving money on bathing suits. Look for suits in discount outlets slightly out of season. I got a suit at the Saks outlet one winter. There are also deals at places like Ross.


A T-bone steak on a grill.

Saving Money on SteakTips and advice for saving money on steak. Do you have any tips for saving money on steak? Feel free to post them.


pile of beans

Saving Money on Beans?Tips and ideas for saving money on beans as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Post your own ideas here.


Photo of suits in a closet.

Save on SuitsWhether it's for an upcoming wedding, a job interview, or a fine dinner, everyone needs to have one good suit in the closet. While women can get away without the business style suit until it's time for a job interview, for men it carries more importance.


Hat and Mittens

Saving Money On Winter ClothingChristmas is over and we have several weeks more of cold wintry weather. Here are ideas for saving money on warm winter clothes as suggested by the ThriftyFun community Post your own tips here.


Classic Combo Pizza

Saving Money on PizzaFrozen, carry out or homemade: here are your tips for saving money on pizza as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Have we missed anything? Post your own ideas here.


Photo of a suitcase packed for the holidays with a Santa hat on it.

Saving Money on Holiday TravelTips for saving money on holiday travel as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Make only one trip - one for Thanksgiving or one for Christmas; not both. Take turns traveling to see family: you travel one holiday. they travel to see you the other.


Saving Money on Pasta?Tips for saving money on pasta as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. I always buy pasta in the bulk section. It is all pretty much the same quality and it is so much cheaper. I store it in canisters or leftover canning jars from spaghetti, it keeps for a long time.


Garbage Bags

Saving Money on Garbage BagsIdeas for saving money on trash bags as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Most people have several trash containers throughout their house: kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, office, etc.


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