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Identifying a Mustache Tea Cup and Saucer  - white cup and saucer with pink rose pattern, it has a mustache guard

Identifying a Mustache Tea Cup and SaucerI came across this beautiful set. It has an unusual shape and was made for people with a mustache. I looked on the web, but cannot find a similar one. Any ideas?


Identifying Saxon China Dinnerware - dinner plate

Identifying Saxon China DinnerwareI've tried finding information on this set but no luck. I haven't seen any other china that has this design. What do I have?


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Painting a New Aluminum MailboxWhat kind of paint would I use to paint a new aluminum mailbox?


Identifying an Ashton Drake Doll - sleeping baby doll

Identifying an Ashton Drake DollI bought this Ashton Drake doll used for $200 about 17 years ago. The lady who originally bought it paid $400 for her. I have no info on her. I was hoping someone could tell me which doll I have.


Information and Value of ELPICO RP770 Record Player  - portable record player

Information and Value of ELPICO RP770 Record PlayerI have a ELPICO RP770 battery operated record player. I can't find anything on the internet about this record player. I am wondering if you know anything about it.


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Finding a Someone Who Makes T-shirt QuiltsI live in BC and am looking for someone that makes t shirt quilts?


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Buying Wide TablecoversWhere can I find larger tablecovers that will fit the width of our table? It is 70 inches wide which seems to be standard and only goes over the edge an inch or two. Where can I buy an 80 or 90 inch wide table cover so it looks nice on all sides. Even if I were to make them there would be a seem on the top of the table. Any ideas?


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Buying Replacements Plates for a George Foreman GrillWhere can I buy replacement plates for a George Foreman grill model GRP99?


Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console

Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo ConsoleI am wondering if anyone could tell me the value of this Grundig Majestic radio/record player/recorder? Model #5012. The radio works. I am not sure about anything else. It's in beautiful condition.


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Septic Safe Shampoos and ConditionersWhat hair conditioner/shampoo should I use when on a septic tank?


Value of an Antique Bracelet - cuff style bracelet with a cameo disk in the center

Value of an Antique BraceletMy aunt collected antiques. This bracelet was passed down to me. From what I understand this bracelet is worth a good bit of money. I'd like to get some information on it if anyone can provide any.


Finding Information on Giuseppe Armani Figurines - very old man playing a cello figurine

Finding Information on Giuseppe Armani FigurinesI have 3 Giuseppe Armani figurines. They are all older men. This one with the cello, one standing with an accordion, and one of a drunk older man slumped on a table. I found the name for the last one, it is "One too many". I would like to know how to find the names for the other two and what series this belongs to. Are there any collectors groups for this series?


Repairing a Disney Stuffed Toy - plush Lady of Lady and the Tramp fame

Repairing a Disney Stuffed ToySo this is a long winded question. Basically I've had this Disney plush since 2000 as it was sold at my local Toys R Us. It came with a VHS package for Lady and the Tramp 2, Scamps Great Adventure. Unfortunately, over the years she was a little too loved and has developed some holes and her under coating on under her fur is starting to pop up which was once covered.


Value of a Larkin Furniture Company Cedar Hope Chest - open with a lift out tray in place

Value of a Larkin Furniture Company Cedar Hope ChestI inherited this cedar chest from my parents and am tracking down the history. Do you know what the value would be for this? There is very minimal moisture damage inside the chest, but apart from that looks like it's in great shape. It has a very strong cedar aroma.


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Faster Economical Grocery ShoppingArmed with your list, pick up frozen food first. Yes, it sounds crazy, but knowing that your frozen items might melt, you will now be propelled through the market and out the door. You won't dawdle looking at items you do not need but might be tempted to buy.



Value of a Porcelain Doll  - doll wearing a period dress, long skirt, striped puffy sleeves, and a lacy bodice

Value of a Porcelain DollHow old is it? I got it at helping hands in Knoxville, IA today. There are no markings on the neck. All I could find was tags on the dress.


Information on a Fur Coat - full length reddish brown fur coat

Information on a Fur CoatIf you inherit or receive a vintage fur coat as a gift and are looking to identify the type of fur, age, and value you will likely need to contact a retail shop that can help identify it. Resale shops that trade in vintage clothing are also a possible resource for your inquiries.


A collection of different types of light bulbs.

Saving Money On Light BulbsAs the preferred type of light bulb has been changing over the last several years the types of bulbs available has shifted. The newer LED bulbs are not only longer lasting their cost has dropped. Finding the right bulb for your fixture and how it is used is one way to save money on light bulbs.


Value of a 1858 Webster's  -Dictionary - cover page

Value of a 1858 Webster's DictionaryWhat do you think it's worth?


Identifying an Old Pin or Fastener from a Hardware Store - long diamond shaped fastener

Identifying an Old Pin or Fastener from a Hardware StoreI acquired this pin in a box at an auction at an old rural hardware store. The pin is 7 1/2" long and is diamond shaped. The part # 13242 is stenciled on the side. Value?


Identifying Antique Logging Equipment

Identifying Antique Logging EquipmentI found this with my metal detector on my property in NW Washington state. The area has been logged over the years. There were quite a few cedar stumps with notches in them.


Value of a Vintage Silvertone Recorder - open vintage recorder to vinyl

Value of a Vintage Silvertone RecorderI recently have come to own a vintage Silvertone recorder in very good shape. I want to know what it is worth and where to sell it.


Value of a Hand Carved Indonesian Buffet

Value of a Hand Carved Indonesian BuffetI have an Indonesian buffet table with claw feet and some carvings on it of scallop shells. It has 6 drawers and is about 6 feet wide. Was in the home when I bought it.


A pressure canner releasing steam.

Shopping for an Electric Pressure CannerPressure cooker canning is necessary for all meats and some vegetables. A free standing electric pressure canner is available that doesn't take up stove space.


A pair of red doll shoes.

Finding Replacement Doll ShoesDoll shoes can wear out or get lost. Finding new ones may be possible on the internet. Another option is to try to make replacement shoes yourself.


A bunch of full shopping bags from the grocery store.

Bring Food Home Safely from Grocery Shopping TripsGrocery shopping in warm weather can result in the cold items getting warm on the trip home. Taking a cooler with ice packs helps keep everything at a safe temperature.


A collection of encyclopedias.

Value of Standard American EncyclopediasTypically old reference books such as encyclopedias do not retain their value. However, very old ones may have antique book value that can be determined by a book appraiser or seller. As for newer ones, crafters may have some interest.


A wall of antique clocks.

Determining the Value of an Antique ClockResearching the value of an antique clock is aided by any identifying marker marks and dates. The internet is a decent search tool for this research, but if that is unsuccessful you may need to seek advice from a specialist in old clocks.


The back of a metal brooch.

Identifying a BroochIdentifying jewelry such as a brooch can be difficult, particularly if there are no markings to suggest silver or gold content for the setting. Research on line might help, but a trip to a specialist in jewelry identification may be in order especially if you believe the piece to have value.


A vintage dining table and chairs.

Identifying a Vintage TableIdentifying vintage tables is aided if your table has a maker's mark or label on the underside. That will help you begin. Otherwise internet research or the advice of a vintage furniture appraiser may be required.



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Removing the Address from Express Scripts Mailer BagsPrescriptions from Express Scripts come in mailer bags with the address stamped on them. How do I destroy that address information before I throw away the bag? Shredding by machine doesn't work, alcohol and nail polish remover don't either. Melting them on a burner on top of the stove makes a mess (and toxic fumes).


Value of an Ashley Belle Figurine - ballet dancer

Value of an Ashley Belle FigurineI have a very beautiful and detailed doll. It's porcelain. The number is NE3411. I can't find this model anywhere online. I am wondering if it's rare and how much the resale price might be. Does anyone have any information on this piece?


Age and Value of a Vintage GE Console TV - light wood cabinet console TV

Age and Value of a Vintage GE Console TVI am just trying to find any info on this piece. GE Model # M782YMP


Identifying a Clock Frame - molded plastic clock frame

Identifying a Plastic Lion Wall Hanging with ClockI have a 16x32 lion and roses cast clock frame. Does anyone know what this is? It's made of heavy plastic, gold. The paint has flaked in some areas. The top circle had a battery operated clock in it with, JH TAIWAN, which I think is just for the clock itself. The bottom oval was empty and the whole backing was missing. I found this in a thrift store.


Identifying a Corner ChairI am trying to find information about this chair. I know a little about furniture and how it's made because I work in office furniture. The craftmanship appears to be rather old, but I can't find any kind of marks or names on it. I was thinking about refinishing it, but I've heard you don't want to do that if it's antique.


Value of a Vintage Kling Table - rectangular table with pedestal and base with four squashed ball legs

Value of a Vintage Kling TableI bought this table at an estate sale. It measures 20x20x16tall.


Value of a Vintage Stuffed Bunny Toy - yellow and white stuffed bunny toy with fabric carrots on its belly

Value of a Vintage Stuffed Bunny ToyI have a Vintage 12" 1980s Bunny Windsor Love Land, in yellow. This was my first stuffed animal as a baby; it was brought home with me from the hospital when I was born. I was just wondering what it might be worth. I have not been able to find another like it online; the closest I have come is a different version that was green.


Identifying Asian Ceramic Vases - three legged vase with dog handles

Identifying Asian Ceramic VasesHi all, I am loving this site as I am going through a load of stuff that has been in storage, mostly antique and getting some great responses on here.


A person dispensing lotion from a bottle.

Alternative Uses for LotionHand and body lotion can be used for a number of other things, such as removing a too tight ring, styling your hair, or as shaving cream. Read on for more uses for lotion.


Identifying a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll - girl doll wearing a dark purple dress with fur trimmed lace overskirt, and a fur muff

Identifying a Cabbage Patch Kid DollI'm hoping someone can help identify the CPK pictured.


Determining the Age of a Wooden Cobbler's Bench - old wooden bench

Determining the Age of a Wooden Cobbler's BenchPlease let me know if this is an old or "antique" bench. There appears to be no markings or labels. It has been around over 40 years that I am aware of, but I don't know if it was new or old 40 years ago.


A vintage chair in a plain setting.

Determining the Age of Vintage FurnitureDetermining the age of vintage furniture will either require getting a formal appraisal or investing time into researching the piece yourself. Working on-line is a good choice. Identifying the maker, place of manufacture, etc. will also help. Read on for some helpful tips for determining the age of your vintage furniture.


Manufacture's information on RCA Victor Radio.

Value of a Vintage RCA Victor RadioThe value of vintage RCA Victor radios depends quite a bit on the condition of the cabinet and whether the radio is in good working order. This page contains some ideas on determining the value of these radios.


A collectible doll in a box.

Value of a Classic Treasures Porcelain DollTo determine the current value of a Classic Treasures porcelain doll, Ebay is often a good place. Many of these dolls were mass produced and unless they are older and in demand, are not worth much.



An expiration date stamped on the top of a food can.

Checking Expiration DatesBe sure to check expiration dates before purchasing all food or even gift cards as some do expire.


A pile of packages delivered to a home.

Protecting Delivered Packages At HomeOnline shopping is very popular. The convenience of this method also comes with a potential for lost/undelivered or stolen packages. This page contains a few ideas for tracking delivery dates and providing a less visible drop spot for the item.


A portable record player in a case.

Value of a Vintage Westinghouse Record PlayerWhat is it worth? It is a model 57.


A mom and son doing laundry.

Finding a Free Washer and DryerAppliances can be a major investment for a family. Finding a free washer and dryer may be possible through a local churches, freecycle, or family and friends.


A shopping bag upended on a basket to dry.

Drying Out Wet Shopping BagsHere in Oregon, single use plastic bags have gone the way of the beta. I am glad. I had a particularly soggy shopping today today, and I came upon a trick that you might want to modify. I happened to have a wicker basket that I got and it was perfect for up-ending the wet bag and letting it drain.


An old tractor covered in red flowers.

Value of Old Farm Equipment as Yard ArtOld farm equipment, including parts, often has value as yard art. Determining the value and finding a buyer may take time. This page offers some ideas on setting a potential value.


A figuring of two old fashioned children kissing.

Value of Kim Anderson's Enesco FigurinesThe Enesco figurines designed by Kim Anderson were sold in gift departments and stores. They were mass produced and do not command a high resale value.


A collection of alkaline batteries.

Saving Money on BatteriesBatteries are used in a wide range of household items. They can be somewhat expensive depending on the number of remotes, toys, etc. you own and the frequency of use. This page offers a range of suggestions for saving money on batteries.


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Stick to Solid Color PursesOne way to economize in the closet is to purchase solid color purses. I know there are several designers who produce vividly patterned quilted purses, and they look great in the store, but really, how often are you dressed in solid colors top to bottom? Those patterned purses will clash with any outfit that boasts a print top, skirt, jacket or dress.


An old lawn mower, painted yellow and orange.

Value of Vintage Lawn MowersThe value of vintage lawn mowers is dependent on a variety of factors, including the condition, rarity, and age. There are forums focused on vintage mowers that might provide some help. This page also offers some estimates for some of the mowers included.


A vintage riding lawnmower

Value of a Vintage Gravely Tractors LawnmowerThe value of a vintage Gravely garden tractor mower is subject to its condition, supply and demand. There are some collectors and online forums to check with.


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Buying a Chef's KnifeI'm about to buy my first chef knife, just one chef knife not a whole set. I'm just a beginner cook (just about 1 year experience) and my budget is around 110$. So I really need some advice to help me pick the one that suits me the most. (I want a light one, that can cut multiple things.)


Items for sale at a secondhand store.

Reselling Thrift Store FindsYou might be pleasantly surprised at the great finds you can make at your local thrift store. A trained eye and some patience can sometimes yield great deals on designer clothes and accessories, art work, and more. Make a bit of ready cash by reselling your discoveries.


A vintage Eaton Viking Ride-on Lawn Mower.

Value of a Vintage Eaton Viking Ride-on Lawn MowerThe value of vintage lawn mowers, such as this Eaton Viking riding mower, is difficult to determine. There are a number of factors to consider, including the condition, rarity, local interest, and more. Do some internet research and check for forums on the topic.


Value of Ashley Belle Native American Figurine

Value of Ashley Belle Native American FigurinesAshley Belle designs figurines in addition to porcelain dolls. One line of figurines centers on Native Americans. Internet research can help determine a possible value. This page contains suggestions for establishing value as well as tips for selling this type of figurine.


A black and white movie behind a movie clapboard.

Finding a Vintage Movie on DVDAlthough many movies are available via streaming services, older movies may not have been converted to a digital format. Occasionally, you can find them on DVD or even old VHS tapes but other movies have been lost over the years.


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Finding a Hallmark Heritage Christmas Angel 2017Can someone please advise what the Heritage Angel doll 2017 looked like and if there is a source to get one. My wife missed that year and would like to complete her collection.


Value of a Jack Brandt Chair - wooden cane back chair with upholstered headrest, part of the arms, and a cushion

Value of a Vintage Brandt ChairDetermining the manufacturer can help you determine an approximate value of a vintage furniture piece. There are a number of furniture makers with the name Brandt.


Value of Sylvania Console Stereo System - stereo sitting on a porch

Value of Sylvania Console Stereo SystemDetermining the value of an old Sylvania stereo cabinet console with a radio and record player can be a challenge. Looking for the model's value online can be helpful.


A dog's paw with long nails.

PediPaws Reviews and InformationPedipaws is a pet nail or claw grinder that is marketed as an alternative to clippers. Reviews are quite mixed on this product. Read some first hand accounts on this page.


Value of Treasury Collection Premier Edition Doll - doll in a box

Value of Treasury Collection Premier Edition DollFinding the value of a Treasury Collection Premier Edition doll from Paradise Galleries may require either a bit of on-line research or contacting a porcelain doll specialist. As with any mass produced doll the value will depend on the number issued and the demand for the specific doll.


Value of a Medical Textbook - cover of the book

Determining the Value of a Medical TextbookMany reference books have not retained value over the years, due to outdated information and the ease of internet access. Some older or unusual books do have value, especially first editions.


Value of Abernathy Furniture Company Table and Chairs

Value of Abernathy Furniture Company Table and ChairsThe Abernathy Furniture Company (Kansas City, MO) was founded in 1856 and continued manufacturing furniture into the mid 50s. Many pieces have been passed down to family members and may have resale value.


Value of a Webster Rocking Chair - cane seated rocking chair painted a light blue

Value of a Webster Rocking ChairOriginally called the Webster Chair Company, this Wisconsin furniture manufacturer started in 1891 but was closed due to the Great Depression. These antique chairs can have value to collectors.


Value of Dixie Furniture Company Dressers

Value of Vintage Dixie FurnitureDixie Furniture (Lexington, NC) started manufacturing near the turn of the century but started mass production in the 40s. They were very popular in the 50s and 60s. Depending on the condition, many vintage pieces have resale value.


Using Epoxy on Stone - stone with white mesh backing

Using Epoxy on StoneEpoxy is used to adhere mesh on stone tiles, to give a surface for the mortar to attach to. Sometimes, there can be issues which are addressed here.


Identifying a Thriftstore Purchase - rectangular metal container with a wooden handle, closed

What is This? It's a Silent ButlerA common household item of the past is a silent butler. It is a covered metal pan with a handle that was used to empty ash trays and pickup crumbs in the parlor or living room.


Selling Danbury Mint Shirley Temple Dolls

Selling Danbury Mint Shirley Temple DollsDanbury Mint Shirley Temple dolls can vary in value depending on the specific doll you have. An on-line search on sites such as Etsy can help identify your doll and offer a possible range of value. The value of mass produced dolls can be disappointing. The ease in selling one will be based on demand.


Identifying a Vintage Cane Back Chair - chair with tall cane back

Identifying a Vintage Cane Back ChairI have this chair. It is possibly vintage. I'm having trouble identifying this chair and it has no serial numbers or company names or who is it made by.


A midcentury modern wooden coffee table.

Value of a Coffee TableHere is some helpful information if you are looking to find the value of a coffee table. The more information you can gather such as manufacturer and style will be useful in your search.


Finding a Replacement Elke Hutchens MBI Doll  - doll with crack on left side of face

Finding a Replacement Elke Hutchens DollFinding a replacement of a Elke Hutchens doll made 25 years ago can definitely be a challenge. You can post a specific request online and contact doll forums. You may want to have the broken doll repaired.


A Romantic Flower Maiden doll in the box.

Value of Merri Roderick Romantic Flower Maiden DollsThese dolls were designed by Merri Roderick and produced by Ashton Drake. They are mass produced porcelain dolls typically of lower value.


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Reviews of Kirkland Dishwasher Soap PodsWhat is the quality of Kirkland brand dishwasher soap pods?


A woman repairing a vintage dining chair.

Identifying a Vintage ChairThe best way to identify a chair is to find the manufacturer's markings on the bottom or legs. Short of that you can research on-line or contact a vintage furniture specialist for an appraisal.


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Buying Sheets a Dog Can't RipI have two dogs who are girls. They have this thing where they like to dig on my bed and rips the sheets. I need to find out where you can get sheets that they can't destroy.


Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table - view showing the legs

Identifying an Old Oak Trestle TableWhen trying to identify old furniture there are some initial steps you can take. First check for markings on the underside of the piece. Follow that path if there are any, otherwise more time will be needed to establish age, etc. This page offers some insights into identifying an old oak trestle table.


A room filled with midcentury modern furniture.

Identifying Vintage FurnitureVintage furniture is technically furniture that is less than 100 years old. Determining the age of the piece if possible is a good first step. Check the underside for markings identifying a manufacturer, if none are found, more research on-line or via a vintage and antique dealer might be next. This page contains tips for identifying vintage furniture.


Value of an RCA Victor Model vjt31w Console Stereo

Value of a Vintage RCA Console StereoThere is a market for vintage console stereos. The manufacturer and condition of the piece, plus demand in your area all play a part in defining the potential value. This page addresses the question of finding the value of a vintage RCA console stereo.


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Finding an App to Recreate the Floor Plan of Childhood HomeI grew up in a farmhouse in western Kansas. My dad helped build the house with his parents and siblings when he was in his teens. I spent my entire childhood living in this unique house. Sadly several years ago it burned to the ground after a wildfire. I am looking for an app or site that will help me recreate the floor plan for the house as gifts for my father and siblings.


Age of a Great States Reel Mower - wooden handled reel mower

Age of a Great States Reel MowerI am interested in finding out the age of this reel mower found in the crawl space of our home that was built in 1910. It has wooden handle with Great States Corp. Shelbyville, Indiana and self adjusting ball bearing on the handle.


A person reviewing a shopping receipt.

Product Recall AdviceWhen you learn that a product you have purchased has been recalled, it is important to follow the manufacturer's advice. Take care when buying new or used items as they may have been recalled.


Finding User Manual for Vactric Sewing Machine - sewing machine in carrying case base

Finding User Manual for a Vactric Sewing MachineFinding a user manual for a Vactric sewing machine may require a bit of research online. This page offers some help in finding one for this uncommon machine.


A bathtub's overflow drain.

Finding a Stopper for Bathtub Overflow DrainThe overflow drain in the bathtub is meant to prevent the tub from overflowing. Here are some suggestions about after market options to bypass the overflow drain.


Identifying Pieces of Broken Plastic - piece of black plastic

Identifying Pieces of Broken PlasticIt can be maddening trying to identify mystery bits of broken plastic found in your home. Here are some suggestions for trying to locate the source.


Finding Discontinued Lion Brand Chenille Quick & Thick Yarn

Discontinued Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille YarnThere are a few websites including Etsy and eBay that can be your go to sites for locating discontinued craft supplies, such as Lion Brand Thick and Quick chenille yarn. List your product on Craigslist. Failing in that, other companies may have a suitable alternative.


Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest

Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar ChestGathering information on vintage furniture, such as this vinyl covered cedar chest can be fun. It also requires careful examination of the piece and sometimes time consuming research. If you can identify the manufacturer that helps to move your task along.


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Selling Vintage Garrard Turntable PartsI have a Garrard Synchro Lab turntable in disrepair. Does anyone know of a location(s) that might be interested in parts?


Value of an Antique Piercy's Patent Tortoise Shell Thimble - antique thimble

Value of an Antique Piercy's Patent Tortoise Shell ThimbleI have an 1800s gold and silver tortoise shell Piercy's Patent thimble. I was wanting to know about what the value of one was?


A happy woman with her phone.

Taking Advantage of Shopping RewardsRetailers have created lots of ways for you to save. Shopping rewards are made available when using their credit card, or if you sign up for a rewards program based on a point system, and more. Check out your favorite stores to see if they have a shopping rewards option.


A family shopping in a supermarket.

Shopping Clearance SectionsIf you have the time and are willing to shop the clearance sections in stores or online, you can find some great bargains. Shopping at the end of a season can lead to great buys for next year's clothing or holiday decorating, and more.


Identifying an Old Mower - old gas mower

Identifying an Old MowerI have this lawnmower and would like to make it look good; it is still running (Wisconsin BKND). Can anyone can tell me which model it is? I also have the selky that attaches to it so I can sit while doing the lawn. I believe it is 31 inch wide. Is it perhaps a Toro?


Two U.S. Dollar bills on a white background.

Dollar Bill for MeasuringKeep in mind that all US paper currency is approximately 6.25 inches long. This bit of information can come in quite handy if you need to take a quick measurement when out shopping or simply are not near a tape measure or ruler.


Identifying a Ginger Jar - pretty floral ginger jar

Identifying a Ginger JarI have a ginger jar that is 9 1/2 high by 8 1/2 wide. Can anyone help me identify the maker's mark?


Value of a Reproduction Kammer & Reinhardt Porcelain Doll - dark haired doll wearing a pink dress with eyelet lace trim

Value of a Reproduction Kammer & Reinhardt Porcelain DollHere is a 16'' porcelain doll, with the Kammer & Reinhardt mark on the back of her head, model 114. It has a socket bisque head with bisque shoulders and hands. The rest of the body, including the feet, is soft. The face is painted, the hair is synthetic. I know that Kammer & Reinhardt made ball jointed body dolls, so I think that this one is a reproduction.


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Buying Pocket Lace for CraftsDoes anyone know where I can buy pocket lace. It is used to make wreaths by making a cut on a Styrofoam wreath and pushing the pocket opening on the wreath. My mom used to buy it in craft stores about 30 years ago.


Value of a Vintage Zenith TV - bug eye TV

Value of a Vintage Zenith TVI have a Zenith bug eye with the owners manual. It is from 1955. The serial number is 5400204 and the model number is Z1814R. It came with a lot of extra parts. I recently inherited it from my grandfather. I was wondering what it's worth.


Identifying a Figurine

Identifying a FigurineCan you tell me about this figurine? I am hoping to find the date, origin, value etc.


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