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Requesting Holiday Gift Wrapping Donations?

Requesting Holiday Gift Wrapping Donations?I work for a non-profit, Youth Villages in North Carolina. For the past 12 years, we have supplied many children with Holiday gifts with our program, Holiday Heroes. With the help of donors, and program staff. We have fulfilled hundreds of children with holiday gifts. This year we are hoping to have a Holiday wrapping party with volunteers! Where should I look to have wrapping paper, boxes, tape, gift bags donated for the families?


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Help with Complete Replumbing of House?I need my whole house replumbed. I was given a $3000.00 estimate. I can not afford that. Is there any free help out there? Or maybe a class that needs the experience?


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Recycling Ideas for Linens and BeddingHow can we reuse discarded linen in the hotel industry?


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How Can I Get Help With Rebuilding Our House?How can I get help with rebuilding our house and a place to stay until I finish rebuilding it? And now that I am homeless, I have also lost my job. Are there grants that can help with rebuilding and a place to stay? We have nothing and living in West Virginia in the start of winter is not the ideal position to be in. Please help if you will.


A man giving a pot to a woman at the door.

Giving Household Items Within Your CommunityI am active in my local Buy Nothing group, where members gift furniture, clothing and other useful items to people in their local area. It is run on a Facebook page for my neighborhood, an area is a mile or so wide, bounded by the major streets. There are several different Buy Nothing neighborhoods in my city. This allows the members to be sure they are giving and receiving to their own neighbors, making pickups easy and bringing local communities together.


A jar of homemade potpourri.

Become a Frugal CrafterFor those of us who have fallen on tough times more recently, this essay is intended to help you find a creative outlet for free and perhaps the chance to make some gifts that will be all the more treasured simply because you made them.


A flat screen television.

Check Warranty If TV Is Not WorkingWe were gifted this TV and so when the TV started experiencing some issues (ex: not turning on properly, the display would go be blank/black) we just unplugged and set it aside. While cleaning out the garage and planning to recycle this, I decided to check the manufactures date. (You can locate the manufactures date on the back of your tv by the serial number). The date was October 2020 and most TV manufactures last 1 year so I decided to reach out to the company, which was Philips.


A box of Kleenex on a bed.

Take Toilet Paper From Hotel RoomMy frugal tip is always take the toilet paper and kleenex with you from your room when you check out of your hotel when traveling. You paid for those. They are figured into your price you paid for the room. You never know when you may need it,for example the next rest area or a little ones runny nose.


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Giving Away Gift Ribbons?I was recently at a baby shower and the mom-to-be received close to 60 gifts. Saw so many beautiful ribbons and bows in pristine condition discarded. What charity might be able to use NON-Christmas ribbon if someone knows.


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Looking for My Biological Dad?I am looking for my biological father. I've tried Family Tree now, searched Facebook/social media and I'm waiting on 23 and Me results. Does anyone have any other ideas? After 39 years, I was told 3 weeks ago my dad was not biologically my dad and that I have an older half brother.


Suzzycue's Frugal Lifestyle

Suzzycue's Frugal LifestyleLiving a frugal lifestyle is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication to make it work. The best thing I did to promote my frugal lifestyle was learn to cook. If you learn to cook you can have delicious meals with leftovers for the next day for the same cost or lower than buying one hamburger.


A collection of costume jewelry.

Selling Costume Jewelry?I have been buying Paparazzi jewelry for over a year. I am not a consultant and need to sell some of it because I have entirely too much. Where can I resell it?


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Restoring a Cool Gel Pad?Two years ago, I purchased rectangular cooling gel pads to insert into my pillow cases to keep pillows cool for summer sleeping. When I wasn't using the gel pads, I stored them lying flat on a shelf. They were never damaged or punctured but this summer, when I tried using them, the gel flattened or may have evaporated, if that is possible.


A woman looking at a computer with distress.

Surviving a ScamI just read the article about viruses in your computer. I would like to address it formally. Yes, there are viruses but in the last 10 to 15 years, there are also little green men also known as scammers who troll the internet looking for a victim. I have been receiving what I thought were a lot of calls from unknown callers out of USA, up to 4 per day. I have since found out people are getting more than 10 calls per day from this type of person. This type person is a scammer.


A person looking at a circuit breaker with a flashlight.

Turning Off Circuit Breakers While AwayI am leaving my condo for 9 months, what breakers do I shut down?



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Advice for Lonely Widow?I am a widow for 3 years to the man who had been my best friend since I was 17. 43 years go by, 4 great kids, and now 5 grandchildren, 3 who he never met.


A fruit basket with apples and grapes.

Alternatives to Sympathy FlowersFlowers are the traditional gift for a funeral or to give in sympathy for the death of a loved one. Many people prefer to give a more practical and helpful gift whereas others opt for something more sentimental and long lasting.


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Help with Grieving?I was a caregiver to my mother who passed back in May. She was in a nursing home and I used to visit twice a day. I am having trouble still trying to deal with the fact I could not see her without glass between us for 3 months before she passed because of the virus and also just the general missing her. I could really take from hearing from some people on how to go about feeling better.


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Donating Gift WrappingI would like to donate new all occasion gift bags, tissue, and ribbon to an organization. I live in Massachusetts.


A motion sensor light outside.

Using Motion Sensor LightsMotion sensor light are great for a feeling of security in your driveway and backyard. They work well to save power by turning off when no one is around.


Take Time To Enjoy Your World

Take Time To Enjoy Your WorldIt has been said that only boring people ever get bored. I think there's a lot of truth in that saying. People who are easily bored lack a healthy curiosity about the world around them. Some people go all their lives without awareness of things that make other people's lives more enjoyable.


A woman reading in a hammock.

Relaxing PhotosSome photos elicit feelings of peace and contentment. Relaxing images of nature can allow the viewer to escape their everyday stresses.


A recycled vinegar bottle used as a vase with sweet peas

Recycled Vinegar Bottle as VaseMore and more foods seem to come in plastic containers or wrapping, but I noticed that our recently empty vinegar bottle was a lovely shape and made out of glass.


A woman receiving an unwelcome text.

Telling Someone to Stop Texting?If someone continues to send text messages after you have asked them to stop, blocking their number is a quick and easy remedy to this unpleasant situation.


A headband being used as a rubber band around an open bag of potting mix.

Using Sturdy Head Bands Instead of Rubber BandsI can't afford good rubber bands. And if I had a nickel for every time the ones I had broke just when I needed them . . .


A pair of glasses attached to a neck chain with rubber cement.

Keep Glasses from Slipping Off Neck ChainMy new glasses frames are thinner so they kept slipping out of the glasses necklace when I hung them on from my neck. I tried painting the sides of the frames with a little streak of rubber cement along the length. It's clear, so it's unseen and it won't distort nor damage the new frames but it gives the thin smooth frames some "grip" to restrict the chain necklace from slipping off and dropping my new glasses!


A grandmother hugging her grandchild.

Being Denied Visits with Grandchildren?It's always unfortunate when adult children and parents don't get along, especially when there are grandchildren involved. Many states have grandparent's rights to allow visitation in these situations.


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Is My Daughter in a Gay or a Straight Relationship?My 20 year old daughter recently informed me that she no longer wants to be referred to as a she or her. Now I'm to refer to her as they or them, non binary. I'm 100 percent OK with this. She is currently in a relationship with a transgender female to male, pre-OP. So does that mean they are a gay couple or a straight couple? I asked both of them and was told no to both options.


A freshly made bed.

Thrifty Living Could Mean EverythingThrifty living does not mean you have to avoid the good and healthy things that cost a lot. Sometimes, it also means self discipline. For me, policies are indeed useful for disciplining myself.


Reuse Coffee Cups

Reuse Paper Coffee CupsI like going out to coffeeshops as much as the next person, and I am not always able to bring my great reusable coffee tumbler, but I don't worry, because I often reuse the paper cup, too.



A basket full of frozen juice containers filled with water.

Juice Containers to Fill Empty Freezer SpaceWe drink cranberry juice. To fill in the empty spaces and build up the bottom of our chest freezer, I freeze water in the 64 ounce cranberry juice containers. They lay flat and fit perfectly between the dividers. This helps to keep the freezer full.


An Amazon Fire Stick and remote.

Using an Amazon Fire StickThe Amazon Fire Stick is a great way to stream content to your television. It consists of a USB connection and a remote control that can accept Alexa voice commands.


A box of markers with saved marker caps.

Save Marker Caps as ReplacementsIf you have kids in your house, you are probably all too familiar with the dilemma of markers with no caps and marker caps with no markers. I used to put plastic wrap on the markers, tied with a rubber band, to keep them from drying out. But, that was no real solution. One day, I got a little baggie and put the caps in it. Now, any time I find a marker with no cap, I go looking in my baggie and find a marker cap to put on the end. That way the marker doesn't dry out and I save some money!


A security camera attached to a shower curtain rod.

Hanging a Security Camera Without DamageThis is a tip I came up with when my kids gave me a security camera to put outside. I live in a townhome governed by HOA rules. One of the rules is "no piercing of any exterior siding". While the camera worked OK in a window, the glass prevented my getting any notifications that there was someone outside.


Monk holding a monkey on his lap

My Frugal Life: Buddha's ExampleThe Gautama Buddha, over 25 centuries ago, commended frugality. As an example, he taught the first monks and nuns to make their robes from "pure cloth" that is cloth that no one wanted.


A rake with fall leaves

Tribute to Mary JoThis is for my dear friend, Mary Jo Alley. We metafter evening services at church one Sunday when she heard some of my friends giggling when I announced that I was pregnant at age 40.


tap shoes

The Last Day at Grandma's HouseOutliving both her daughters had meant that, despite being cherished, respected and loved by her expanding legacy of grandchildren and great grandchildren right up to the end of her days, Grandma wasn't really known by any soul left living.


A blue summer sky with white clouds and a tree.

My Frugal Life: Compromise and CompensateAs children, we grow up not ever paying attention to advice or knowledge provided by our elders, usually on a frequent and routine basis. Going along with our childish and playful days, knowing it all, and living the racey lifestyle, along with making unattentional choices, with little regard to our bodies limitations of the aging process.


A small Christmas tree being decorated.

My Frugal Holiday: Our First Family Christmas StoryOnce upon a Christmas time in a little college town there lived college couple with a baby son. In between classes and jobs and studying late, they had bought gifts for parents, sisters, brothers and baby too, of course.


A homeless person holding up a sign

My Frugal Life: Street Theatre"Here I am, over here!" signaled the young man in a holey, paint spattered T-shirt and cutoffs. His arms waved a mile a minute, as he attempted to catch the attention of someone just pulling into Publix's parking lot.



Shape-Shifters"I want to fly like the birds and be the greatest in all the world," wishes Wily Coyote. To indulge his desires, a playful flock of crows lend him their feathers, but when they realize how rude and boastful he is, they take them back.


Tomatoes growing in a garden.

My Frugal Life: Saving Money is FunI still live in the same house I did when my first child was born. That was 37 years ago. What does that have to do with anything? Well, at first it wasn't intentional; staying here I mean.


Sage advice for 2013

Sage Advice for 2013So, here is my sage advice for 2013. Let everyone you love know it, even if it isn't returned. It means a lot. And for those who know it already, it means everything. Work when you can and save like you won't have a job tomorrow. For some of us, that might be the case.


An abandoned grocery cart on the road.

My Frugal Life: Price Hike"Hey, Bob, look!" I said as we neared a bus stop in my neighborhood. "Now why would anyone want to do that?" he grumbled, outraged at the eyesore we'd just driven past, a gang of abandoned shopping carts.


A pile of shredded paper

My Frugal Life: Of Misers and MotherhoodMy father shared the title of his self published book "The Miser's Muniment." In the mid eighties, with freewheeling credit within the reach of practically everyone, hardly anyone was interested in reading about misers.



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My Frugal Life: If In Doubt, Don't!I have been working since I was 15 years old and I am now 51. Knowing how to stretch a dollar is a lesson I learned early. My older sister was a seamstress and she taught me how to sew.


A woman looking at her shopping receipt.

My Frugal Life: Grocery ShoppingI make it a habit of being open to food-shopping deals whenever I go anywhere. Today I stopped in at an independent dollar store, where I found a quart of lemon juice at 2/$1.00. That'll last a good long time.


Ground coffee next to coffee beans.

My Frugal Life: The Coffee TestI have found it helpful, thriftily-speaking, to take a look at all the necessary things in my life and make a list of those that I just can't scrimp on.


A plastic grocery bag.

Reusing Plastic Grocery Bags for GarbagePlastic shopping bags can be reused for lining garbage cans. This will save you money and allow you to easily recycle those bags.


Taking a check out of an envelope.

Frugality And A Question Of MoralsI recently voiced my opinion, maybe too loudly, on a post about asking for extra condiments when dining out. I felt keeping extra condiments automatically given to you was OK, while asking for extras to increase your at home stockpile was not.


Woman opening the refrigerator.

Do These Little Things Really Add Up?We're governed by our habits, and while some of them are simply irksome, others serve a purpose. After coaxing the last spurt of shampoo from the bottle, do you add water and swish out whatever is left?


A soft blue fleece fabric.

Using Fleece for CurtainsYou can use polar fleece for curtains. Fleece throw are often inexpensive and they can cover and insulate a window or doorway.


A slip proof lap desk.

Slip-proof Your Lap DeskIf things tend to slide around and off of your lap desk learn how to make it slip-proof. All you will need are some glue sticks and a hot glue gun.


Two deer heads mounted on a wall.

Taxidermy AdviceIf someone wants to have a small carcass stuffed you can sometimes keep it well wrapped in your freezer. Make a place separate from your food.


A woman delivering a shopping basket full of groceries to a neighbor.

Helping People During the PandemicBe aware of your neighbors and their possible needs during this time when all people can not safely move about freely. There are many ways we can help others.


DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box

DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue BoxRegular size paper towel sheets can be cut in half and dispensed from an empty tissue box. The box can even be made to fit on your existing paper towel holder. Many clean up jobs can easily be done with the smaller sheet.


A couple irritated with each other.

Relationship AdviceYou need to be honest with yourself and take a good look at what you really want in your relationships with others. Good communication and respect go a long way for developing a healthy relationship.


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Duck Eggs Scattered Away from Active Mallard Nest?We have a mallard duck who has made her nest under a lilac bush in our back yard. She has been sitting on it for about 4 days. The weird thing is every one of these four days we have found random eggs in our yard. Are these bad eggs that's she getting rid of? We have not touched them hoping she'll move them to her nest. These four eggs are all within two or three feet of each other.


An old fashioned typewriter's buttons.

Using a Typewriter?Although typewriters are not used by many people anymore, some people enjoy using them for art projects and correspondence. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your typewriter.


A bag of cereal removed from its box.

Reusing Inner Lining from Cereal or CrackersThe inner lining found in many cereal and cracker boxes can be put to a wide variety of second uses, from crafts to food prep and storage. This page contains a selection of excellent ideas for reusing these liners.


A tissue holder upside down to hold flowers.

Reusing a Tissue HolderTurn a plastic canvas tissue box holder into a pretty floral display. Yet another example of repurposing as an inexpensive decorating technique.


Two older friends looking at a tablet.

Finding An Old Friend?The internet can provide many tools for searching for a lost friend. Before paying money, try searching through free social media sites.


Repurpose Spent Water Filter Cartridges - charcoal from a water filter in an aluminum baking pan

Repurpose Charcoal from Spent Water Filter CartridgesThis page offers some good suggestions of repurposing the charcoal from your water filter cartridges. One way to use it is to add to your cat's litterbox.


A toddler in an open refrigerator.

Propping a Refrigerator Door OpenIf your refrigerator door keeps closing on your head while you are trying to put groceries away or remove food for lunch, this page contains a tip for an inexpensive temporary fix.


A flower growing through the fence.

From Freezer's Floor to Garden's DoorTransform wooden freezer floor grates into an integral part of your garden. They make excellent fencing and trellises. Learn how with this step by step tutorial.


Two women who have had an argument.

Dealing with Friends Fighting?Fighting with friends or close friends who don't get along can be very stressful. We can have disagreements, but it is not always easy to make up and get along.


A woman getting started cleaning a mess.

Getting Your Life in OrderIf things in your life get overwhelming, take a step back to decide what is most important. The best way to get your life in order is to take small steps and establish a routine.


A duckling swimming in water alone.

Caring for Wild Ducklings?If you find abandoned duckings the best choice it to contact your local wildlife rescue organization. If that is not possible there is information on the web about emergency care procedures for a baby duck. Be sure to research duckling care before you attempt to feed or house them.


Two older people exchanging books.

Hosting a Book Exchange PartyHost a book exchange party for neighbors, friends, and family. It is a fun way to trade used books for ones you have not read. Some suggestions for planning a book exchange party are found on this page.


A couple waving at a tablet screen at Christmastime.

Celebrating Holidays Away From HomeThe holidays are a time that traditionally centers around family get togethers, but as family members move away new traditions can replace the old one. Perhaps a telecommunications video chat app can allow everyone to sit down to a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal together.


Eggs being hard boiled in water.

Reusing Water from Boiling EggsWhen hardboiled eggs are made, they usually have a large quantity of water to be drained out. This water can be added to recipes or houseplants for extra calcium. Check out the other ideas on this page.


An unhappy young woman sitting on the couch next to a Christmas tree.

Ways to Make Christmas Less Lonely and More Fun?If you live alone or far away from family Christmas can be a very lonely time. This page contains suggestions for ways to make it less lonely and more fun, such as volunteering, inviting neighbors over, movies, games, etc.


A wood burning stove in the kitchen.

Living in the BoondocksWe live in the country and it is 45 miles away from any grocery store. The first thing we do is to make a shopping list and only go shopping once a month. Our doctors are 180 miles from our home so, when we have a doctor's appointment, we check the shopping ads for the stores in that town and buy what we know we will use and stock up on those items at those stores. We go to a Sprouts at those times and stock up on sale meat items because they are organic or Kosher, due to my allergies.


A set of organized small shelves in a bathroom.

RepurposeAn artist at heart, my brother loved doing home renovations. He also loved teaching me the basics, like how to use a power drill. This skill has played an essential role in my frugal living. Many of my frugal habits center around repurposing. It is finding another meaning in something, whether it retains its current form or not, and whether it is carefully preserved or eventually discarded.


A woman using coupons when grocery shopping.

Living on a BudgetMy boyfriend and I live in Southeastern KY. We are both disabled and living on disability. We have to budget everything, from electricity to groceries, every month. We are members of several store loyalty programs that automatically apply coupons to your purchase, which helps a lot. You can also use clip coupons along with that to add extra savings. Just about every store has a loyalty program now and you should be able to easily sign up online or at the store itself, just ask a clerk.


Handing over the keys for a car.

Help Getting a Car for Low Income Families?Being without a car often exacerbates the problems already resulting from living on a low income. There are legitimate agencies that might be able to help, but be wary of dealers that cater to customers with bad credit. This page contains several suggestions for agencies to research.


A finger and thumb pinching a penny.

Pinch Those Pennies When You're YoungMy great aunt and uncle were very frugal. They made their own furniture out of pressed wood. They had a schematic of the property, where every wire was buried outside, location of all piping, cable etc. They ordered kitchen cabinets to put together themselves and bought parts for repairs in bulk; plumbing, sprinkler, electricity, basically anything that could break and need repaired. They bought the best quality gloss enamel paint so everything was easy to maintain with washing.


A sad and small Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree GrinchMy father bought our Christmas tree every year on Christmas Eve. My father, well, he was a bit of a Grinch when it came to purchasing a tree. He didn't want to spend money for a tree that was only going to be up for one week. It was his money; after all, we were spending.


A jar of change being saved.

Finally Starting Out Being ThriftyMy partner and I are on SSDI with SNAP and I am enforcing a budget for 4 people in this household. We consume a lot of tea so we get the gallon bags on our main shopping trip. My partner brews it up in a large Dutch oven like pot and makes 2 gallons out of that, one for him and one for the rest of us.


A man holding open an empty wallet.

A Fortnight's Lost IncomeThis is a story from my past, which taught me that when you have to you can do it! It was the day after payday and I had the cash on the table, working out where it would be going. There was a knock at the door so I hid the cash. It was an hour or so before I got back to my budgeting task. Unfortunately, I had forgotten where I'd put the money!


Clip holding the plaque attached to the wall.

Use Binder Clips for Hanging ArtworkBinder clips are an easy way to hang artwork, especially small items. Once you attach it to the artwork, simply hang the clip on a pushpin or a nail.


I Hope You Dance to HeavenMy sister was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2000. She was not expected to live over one year, but God gave us seven years to watch her journey through this cancer and her spiritual journey to Heaven. The last Thanksgiving that my sister was on this Earth, she was wheelchair-bound and I was asked by her to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her and her family.


A rainbow over some fields.

Country Meets CityWhen I was five, we would travel from Hamilton to Roebuck to see my dad's parents. We loved it there, even though there was no running water or any thing fancy. There was a built in toilet, like an outside outhouse. I remember my aunt carrying the pail to dump, she hated it. She would have to feed the pigs and other animals. We would follow her around.


A caddy made from recycled Maxwell House coffee containers.

Recycled Maxwell House Coffee CaddyWith a handful of binder clips and some empty Maxwell House coffee containers you can make yourself this handy caddy.


Refurbishing a Fire Pit

Refurbishing a Fire PitSome crafters really enjoy refurbishing other folks' trash or freebies and giving them new life. This page shows you how to refurbish a discarded fire pit and make it into a glass topped table.


A sun shade on a car's windshield.

Uses For Windshield Sun ShadesThe sunshades designed to be used inside your vehicle can also be drafted for use in other situations. This page contains some interesting alternative uses for windshield sun shades.


A family of black bears walking through the forest.

Black Bear Photos and InformationThe American black bear, Ursus americanus, is the most familiar and commonly seen bear in North America. While omnivorous they also eat fish, mammals, and carrion. They like human food as well. They will approach campers, hikers, and rural homes in search of food. While interesting to sight, caution needs to used if you encounter one. Do not approach wild bears, especially cute little cubs, whose mom is surely close by. Read more about black bears and view some photos on this page.


A collection of empty recycled plastic bottles.

Reusing Plastic BottlesSo many products are packaged in plastic bottles. Finding creative and practical ways to reuse them is a good practice and a way to reduce plastic pollution. This page contains some ideas for reusing plastic bottles.


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Getting a Black Snake to Leave the Basement?I love black snakes in the outdoors. However I recently found a 5 foot snakeskin in my unfinished basement. There is a Frenchdoor that we enter and exit in the basement. I know he's still there as we have had no mice upstairs and living in 27 acres of woods gives us lots of mice. Will he come upstairs and kill my 10 lb. Morkie? What should I do? How do I get him back outside?


A free couch left on the curb.

Curb Shopping Tips and TricksSometimes you run across discarded items on the side of the street that may be useful for you. This page contains curb shopping tips and tricks.


Finding an Agency to Help with Free School Desks in Uganda - children at a long crowded desk

Finding an Agency to Help with Free School Desks in Uganda?We have a charity school in Uganda where we are providing students with free educational services, but we are having a problem with a lack of desks. They have to squeeze themselves like five people on one desk. I would like someone to help us with free desks so that we can create a conducive learning environment for them. Any suggestions?


Finding Donated Fabric for Youth Training Program - teens using treadle sewing machines

Finding Donated Fabric for Youth Training Program?We are training youths who are school dropouts but we are limited with the fabric. Can someone help with suggestions on how to find some free fabric to equip the youths with tailoring skills.


A collection of items on a table at a garage sale.

Selling Household ItemsMost of us end up with numerous items both large and small, never used or gently used that we want to get rid of in our efforts to declutter. This page contains some very helpful tips for selling household items.


Fingers pressing buttons on an alarm system.

Saving Money on Alarm SystemsHome alarm systems can vary in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, including installation, monitoring, monthly fees, and other services. Shopping around may help find the provider that fits your budget or you can research homeowner installed systems, which cost less and can be monitored by you.


A vintage black and white photo of a woman and a child next to a field.

Recalling Childhood MemoriesThere may be no time travel as depicted in science fiction stories or movies, but our memories of earlier times in our lives can often be quite vivid. They can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells, or just a desire to travel back to our childhood through our memories of those days gone by. We spend a few moments there and return to the present better for the fond memories.


A pile of white PVC pipes, intended for plumbing.

DIY Projects Using PVC PipeSo many things can be made from PVC pipes. From a beach wheelchair to a garden tunnel for climbing plants, this page is full of ideas to try.


Aluminum foil to replace a lost bottlecap.

Replacing a Missing Cap or LidIt is frustrating when a container's lid goes missing. Often lids and caps from other containers will fit.


A roll of paper towels.

Reusing Paper Towels and NapkinsIf you are not ready to quit using paper towels, one way to reduce waste is to consider reusing ones that have been used perhaps to wipe up water or dry your hands. Relatively clean ones are perfect for a spill on the floor or other messier jobs. Remember reduce, reuse, and recycle.


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Recycling or Disposing of Plastic Water Bottle Caps?For the last 3 years I have been collecting water bottle caps, from work at a car dealership, thinking it was for St Jude's, for cancer research. Now I have 1000s and 1000s of them at home in black plastic bags. I don't know what to do with them. Does anyone have an idea where to discard them?


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