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Earrings That Cause Itchy EarsSome of the earrings I wear have caused my ear lobes to break out, get itchy and turn red. I find that by putting clear nail polish on the backs of those earrings, I am able to still wear the earrings I really like. After some use, I find I need to re-apply the polish. It works great. By Barbie


Use Shelf Liner to Keep Straps from Slipping

Use Shelf Liner to Keep Straps from SlippingTo keep your bra straps from slipping off of your shoulders cut a 2 inch rectangular piece of rubberized shelf and drawer liner and place it on your shoulder under your bra strap. It works!


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Donate VHS Movies to the LibraryRid yourself of extra, unwanted, and unused VHS movies by donating them to your local library! There are still a lot of people who have not made the change to DVD, who go to the library to check them out, saving rental fee money.


Using coins at the self check out line at the grocery store.

Paying with Coins at Self-Check OutMy purse was feeling a little heavier than usual today. Instead of swiping my card first, I decided to toss all my coins from my purse at self-check out. I was shocked I had about $3 in miscellaneous change! I don't know why I didn't do this any sooner.


A pair of glasses attached to a neck chain with rubber cement.

Keep Glasses from Slipping Off Neck ChainMy new glasses frames are thinner so they kept slipping out of the glasses necklace when I hung them on from my neck. I tried painting the sides of the frames with a little streak of rubber cement along the length. It's clear, so it's unseen and it won't distort nor damage the new frames but it gives the thin smooth frames some "grip" to restrict the chain necklace from slipping off and dropping my new glasses!


Get Outside and Exercise - picking up litter

Get Outside and ExerciseSince our daughter retired and moved in with us, until her house next door is finished, we have enjoyed getting outside and walking together. In our community, we have some nice farm paths to walk. This has been fun and has kept my mind off the troubles of the world.


A sweet potato to use as a hand warmer.

Potato Hand WarmersPierce either a white or sweet potato a few times and microwave until cooked. You can wrap in aluminum foil and give it to your kids (or even adults) to put in their pockets or their gloved hands to serve as handwarmers when outside in the winter for a while.


A roll of stamps tied with string.

Securing a Roll of StampsSometimes when I pick up my roll of stamps, it falls apart and I have to wind it back up. I came up with a solution on how to keep it from happening again.


A prescription lid that is the same size as a gallon jug lid.

Replacing a Lost Plastic CapWhen I find good gallon jugs in recycling, I often keep them to put water ahead, or mix weed killer or plant food. But sometimes, the caps are missing. Foil is a great stop gap but not a permanent solution.


A Kindle with some of the screen covered by the clasp.

Keep Kindle Magnetic Clasp from Covering TextI read almost all my books on my Kindle Fire. I love how I can save space in my tiny apartment and enlarge the print size, scroll back and forth, etc. What I hated was the little stand clasp would fold forward and cover up some of the first line.


Using a ruler to gather up spilled birdseed

Ruler to the RescueI recently got a newish' bird feeder. I was trying to be careful pouring the seed into a funnel, then that overflowed. I had a lot of birdseed on my cutting board. I keep packaging supplies nearby and today just happened to have a ruler close. It occurred to me how much a straight edge might help.


A recipe propped on the tines of a spaghetti spoon.

Uses for a Spaghetti SpoonI use these for the pasta I cook. Today I was planning a meal and I saw the hidden potential in it. When turned around, you can use it for a recipe holder. I didn't have anything but a whipped topping lid, but you get the picture.


A VHS tape next to a DVD disk.

TV Oldies But GoodiesI purchased an old-style TV set that had a built-in DVD player and a built-in player for those old VHS video cassette tapes. It's been one of the best purchases ever!


A landline telephone on a nightstand.

Anonymous Call Rejection on LandlineIf someone chooses not to reveal his Caller ID information, you can prevent that call from bothering you on your landline by dialing *77. The call will not come through. If you decide you dont want this feature anymore, dial *87.


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Rubber Band for Slippery Shampoo BottleShampoo, body wash and other bottles in the shower are really slippery. Today, I dropped one and it cracked and a favorite and expensive product went down the drain. I finally thought to put a wide rubber band from produce on the bottle which provides a secure grip. Easy effective and free



A sock being used as a DIY phone armband.

DIY Phone ArmbandYou can make your own mobile phone armband out of a sock. Just cut the sock at the heel, roll onto your upper arm, put your phone in, and roll the bottom of the sock up over it. I use this when I want my phone on me when I'm walking around the house, cleaning or exercising.


Using binder clips to hold up pages of a thin calendar.

Binder Clips for Calendar PagesI get my calendars at the dollar stores. The variety is great, and of course the price is key. But, the paper is thin. I find that when I hang it by the center hole, the edges flop over.


A remote in a plastic bag with bubble wrap on the bottom.

Protecting Remote ControlsThe tip is: Don't let it get dirty in the first place. I wrapped the bottom part (the battery compartment) in bubble wrap and slipped it inside a sandwich bag to protect from dirt and oil. No more actual touching the remote. And if we drop it, it's protected by the bubble wrap.


Paper clips on the edge of a homemade journal.

Using Paper Clips in JournalsI go through a large number of paper clips while making my 'Everything Journals' or Omni Journals. Because I like to keep a lot of different items in my journals, many times I will use large paper clips. Keeping them accessible helps me in my creative process and the paper clips stay in better condition.


Two magazine holders attached together and used as a printer shelf.

Magazine Holders As Printer ShelfI recently found two wooden magazine holders. They make great corner shelves for an RV or She Shed or Man Cave. So tonight, I simply taped mine together and sat it under the printer/scanner. This gives me ample room for printer paper. Now if I were doing something else with it, I would use wood glue and perhaps better tape, if I still needed it.


A business card holder being used as a iPhone stand.

Business Card Holder as a Phone StandPhone stands average $10 or more. Here's a phone stand hack that I recently discovered and love because I only paid less than a quarter. Use a business card holder like below as a phone stand or smaller tablets.


A mug holding pens on a countertop.

Protecting a Mug from Pen MarksLet's face it. Mugs and cups are sooooooooooooo universal. I have used mugs for pen holders a lot. But then, I wanted to sell them and oops, there are pen marks inside. You either have to bleach them or scrub them. Sometimes they are a lost cause.


A hot water bottle partly filled with water.

Freeze a Hot Water Bottle To Cool DownIt is a balmy 111 degrees in Los Angeles today and I've found my best ally is my hot water bottle. Before popping it in the freezer, I fill it up with water only halfway, because water expands as it freezes. In a couple hours, I have a large, soft, super cold pack to hold up against my body to cool down.


Hooking a bracelet closed by using a paper clip.

Hook a Bracelet Closed by YourselfSome bracelets are harder to hook to your own wrist then others. I find that so for my Pandora bracelet, which I love!


A VHS tape being used to prop a door open.

Another Use for an Old VHS TapeOver the last several days, I have been redoing my storage room. Taking things out and in is ridiculous when the chamber in my pneumatic closer no longer works.


A bedsheet that is slightly too large for the bed.

Test New Sheets Before WashingI learned my lesson awhile ago when buying bedsheets, it is important to check if they fit for your bed prior to doing laundry. If they don't fit, you can take it back and refund or exchange. Once washed, you wouldn't be able to return or exchange.


A bottle of soda in a gift bag holding a refrigerator door open.

Propping a Fridge Door OpenI have a lovely fridge in a nice newly remodeled apartment. However, the owners deemed we old folks are too forgetful to close the fridge door so it closes on my head. Literally, if I don't pull my head out fast enough, sometimes hitting it on the freezer handle, it closes on me.


The bedding tied back and clipped with a binder clip, so it is no longer a tripping hazard.

Binder Clips for Corralling a Tripping HazardI have a twin bed and the bedspread does the "corner" thing. I have to go around the bed to open/close the sliding glass doors at least 4 times a day.


Using a long pool noodle to fill a bucket from a kitchen sink.

Pool Noodle to Fill A BucketMost buckets I buy do not fit in the sink. Take a pool noodle and attach to the tap. Put the bucket on the floor and the other end of the noodle into the bucket and fill it up.


A blue fidget spinner being held between fingers.

Fidget Spinner for RelaxationI have seen everyone with their fidget spinners. These are toys which relax the mind, when a person is thinking of too much at one time. I bought my fidget spinner at Walmart, and it was about 4 dollars. It has been very relaxing.



Two rubber bands holding a bar of soap over a soap dish.

Use Rubber Bands on Soap DishHere is a simple tip when putting your soap in a soap dish. Every time we use our soap when bathing or washing our hands, the soap gets wet and messy and starts to melt.


A rubber band being used as a bookmark

Rubber Bands as BookmarksSince reading is one of my past times, I always have many kinds of bookmarks on hand. One of them is the simple rubber band. Every time I take a break from reading, I just insert my rubber band as my bookmark. Simple yet helpful.


A sticky note being pulled from left to right.

Proper Way of Pulling Sticky NotesI've always had sticky notes, not only in the office but also at home and in my bag. But one common problem of sticky notes is pulling it off in a wrong way. Most of us will pull it from the bottom to the top and this results the paper to curl when we stick it.


A wrinkled bill from the Philippines, being ironed.

Ironing MoneyWrinkled money problems? Let's make it easy to look clean, smooth and flat. I just grab my flat iron, put it in a low heat and iron my money. I do this every time I get home. My sister used to do this also. Try it!


Two pairs of shoes under a worktable.

Leave Sets of Footwear at WorkI have plenty of damaged shoes from getting soaked in the rain. I developed a habit of keeping a pair of shoes under my worktable.


A clasp bracelet and a roll of tape.

Putting On a Clasp BraceletWearing a bracelet with a clasp takes time to put on. It can make you angry sometimes or even fall off when it is already on your wrist! I just cut a small piece of Scotch tape, put my bracelet on my wrist and tape it on. That way, I can hook the clasp on the ring of my bracelet without it falling off my wrist.


A cellphone in a car, being held by a rubber band.

Rubber Band as Car Cellphone HolderI do not have a car clip to hold my cellphone. If I had one, my husband would just pull it off because he doesn't like accessories inside our car. It just irritates his eyes when he sees those clips.


A pair of sunglasses used as a cellphone holder.

Sunglasses as Cell Phone EaselThis is a hands free way you can watch cell phone videos using your sunglasses, and still do other things. Simply lay your sunglasses upside down and place your cell phone on it.


A ballpoint pen being heated in the flame of a pocket lighter.

Start Ballpoint Pen Ink Flowing with LighterDon't you noticed that sometimes when you write your pen and still have plenty of ink and it won't write?


A sock pulled over the top of a boots.

Preventing Slouching Socks in BootsI have a horrible time keeping my socks up inside my boots. The fur lining pulls them down in about six steps and I am constantly pulling them up. So I thought if I pulled them up tight and stretch them over my boots they would stay up better. It definitely worked, problem solved!


Jeans frozen after being hung outside while wet.

Putting Things Off Creates Extra WorkMy clothes dryer is a green machine; totally bio friendly, emits no pollution and leaves no footprints. It's a rather new model, just about about 4.6 billion years old; unlike some of its contemporaries that have been around longer than we can determine.


Dealing With Telemarketers

Dealing With TelemarketersI just now got a call from a telemarketer. It was my first in a long time. I handled the call in the manner I usually do. I thought someone else might find my method useful.


Carry Scissors with You

Carry Scissors with YouAs a grandmother of seven, I carry a small pair of scissors in my purse. I also did this when my kids were growing up. I have used them often for many things but especially to shorten the drinking straws for the small ones making the straws safer and more manageable.


Open Caps with Nut Cracker

Open Caps with Nut CrackerIf arthritis or just weak wrists prevent you or a loved one from opening some tough bottle caps, try a nut cracker. Works like a charm!


Bread Tag To Mark End of Tape Roll

Bread Tag To Mark End of Tape RollHave you ever spent too much time looking for the end of your tape roll, very frustrating! Just break a bread tag in half or use a paper clip and attach on to the end of the tape roll, no more hassles.



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Heating Pad Saves the Cold Work DayI know a lot of my friends work in a cold, drafty office and they are always "freezing" at work. I have a very simple and heartwarming idea. I keep a heating pad at work and it works wonders for any aches, pains, or simply cold/chilly feet.


Bag Top as Instant Twist Ties

Bag Top as Instant Twist TiesHow many times have you looked for a twist tie to keep a bag closed. Well look no more. Now all you do is cut the entire top of the product bag off and use that for the twist tie. An istant twist tie right at your fingertips.


A tube with too much cream pushed out.

Too Much Cream Pushed out of TubeIf you accidentally squeeze too much out of a tube, you can get it back in. Put the cap back on the tube. Squeeze the tube with the cap on. Remove the cap. The excess contents will be back in the tube!


A spray bottle for moistening toilet paper

Alternative to Wet WipesSince the thick cloth Wet Wipes are expensive and not good for a septic system, I always keep a small spray bottle with some water in it within a spare toilet roll next to my toilet. Just spritz the tissue you are going to use and wipe!


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Paperclip as Collar StayMy son has to wear dress shirts to work and I launder them myself. He loses those little plastic collar stays all the time. He discovered a paperclip works like a charm!


homemade can table risers

Homemade Table RisersMy roommate is in a battery powered scooter. While she tries to keep active, often her scooter has a mind of it's own.


A crisply ironed white shirt.

How Not To Iron A ShirtWay back in the last century, around the 50's and 60's, most clothing was pure cotton. Polyester, blends and permanent press were practically unheard of. As a young adult, I hand washed my shirts, paying particular attention to the collar. It was scrubbed, vigorously. I checked for loose buttons or specks of lint in the pocket.


Shelf liner behind bottle.

Shelf Liner Doubles as Jar OpenerI was trying to open a bottle the other day and could not get a decent grip on the lid to twist it off. Then I thought of the piece of "rubber" shelf liner that I use under the cats' bed to keep it from slipping when they jump up.


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Hook Keychain Ring to ZipperIf you have kids, you know their zippers are always coming down on certain pants. Hook a keychain ring on the part with the little hole on the zipper pull. Zip it up and hook it over the button and do up the button. No more flying low.


A box of markers with saved marker caps.

Save Marker Caps as ReplacementsIf you have kids in your house, you are probably all too familiar with the dilemma of markers with no caps and marker caps with no markers. One day, I got a little baggie and put the caps in it. Now, any time I find a marker with no cap, I go looking in my baggie and find a marker cap to put on the end.


Paper clip holding tape end.

Paper Clip as Masking Tape MarkerPut a paper clip at the start of the tape. When you need some, take your length and then put the paper clip in place before tearing it off! Now you'll always know where the end is!


Last Drop of Lotion

Last Drop of LotionWhen my lotion becomes difficult to pump, I turn the bottle upside down and let it drain for a day or two. I can then run the pump through my fingers and get enough to do my hands again.


Rubber Band To Tighten Paper Towel Holder

Rubber Band To Tighten Paper Towel HolderMy room mate is in a scooter. When she set up the paper towel roll on the door, she probably didn't expect to have the roll fall off the spindle arms when she pulled on it.


Perfume Insert as Bathroom Air Freshener

Perfume Insert as Bathroom Air FreshenerPut a perfume sample from a magazine inside your toilet paper roll before you put the toilet paper on the roller. Every time you roll off, you will have a nice smell.


Use Clear Nail Polish To Seal Costume Jewelry

Use Clear Nail Polish To Seal Costume JewelryDo you have a costume jewlery ring that makes your finger green? You can prevent the discoloration on your skin by painting the inside of the ring with clear nail polish.


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Take Frozen Water for Hospital PatientsIf you are visiting someone in hospital, freeze a bottle of water the night before, and take it in. The water will thaw very gradually, and will provide a refreshingly cold drink over quite a long period of time. Provided that the patient is not nil by mouth, this is so much better than the tepid water jugs provided by the ward!


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Bum Warmer CushionDump about a gallon of Styrofoam worms into an old pillow case. Lay flat and fold in half and pin with three or four pins or use a paper stapler. Smooth out the worms so the whole works lays flat. When sitting on this, even in an ice cold car, your bum will quickly warm up as it reflects the heat.


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Remember Truck Stops for Emergency PurchasesI know in larger cities, businesses are almost always open. But for those of us in rural areas, shopping in an emergency can be tough.


Save Over 15 Days of Time

Save Over 15 Days of TimeWhat would you do with an extra 15.2 days a year? That is longer than most vacations. You could drive across the USA and back and still have time to see the Grand Canyon. You could donate your time to a charity. You could take a cruise. You could build a tiny home and move in.


Waterproof Address LabelsTo waterproof address labels, just rub a candle over the text. You will also save on sellotape.


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Back Scratcher for Reaching Top ShelfI bought a 'back scratcher' at the Dollar Store and use it to access things that I can't reach, whether they are on a high shelf or under the sink. The back scratcher has a curved end and that really makes it easy to pull an item to the edge of the shelf.


Vacation Memories with Hotel Toiletries

Vacation Memories with Sample Sized ToiletriesRecently, I was able to get away for an overnight with my sisters. We all have children so spending quality time together is more challenging. Our "Sister Spa Weekends" have become a yearly tradition, even though we can usually only manage to pull ourselves away for one night.


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Easily Opening Plastic BagsI lick my clean thumb and finger and twist it at the top of the bag to start it. I open the top of the bag then I put it back together holding the whole top together then slide my hand down pushing that little air bubble which has formed, this way it will open the bag all the way to the bottom.


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Aluminum Foil for Sealing GlueUse a small piece of aluminum foil to cover the tip opening and screw back the cap of the glue.


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Use Plastic Wrap Roll HoldersOn almost all plastic wrap boxes (and aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc), there are tabs on both end that can be pushed in to hold the roll in the box.


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Store Glasses In Foam Can HoldersI have a hard time keeping up with my reading glasses around the house. Now, I buy Dollar store reading glasses and soft foam soda can holders.


Proper Way to Sharpen Scissors

Proper Way to Sharpen ScissorsFirst thing to do is clean your scissors properly. If you have used them to cut sticky items like tape, you get transfer which interferes with the blade edge.


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Uses for Single Pierced EarringsFor those beautiful earrings that you have lost one and think you should throw the remaining one away, don't. They are handy for several things especially the posts.


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Waistband AdjustmentA slightly stretchy shoelace at least 12 inches larger than your waist is a great way to cinch up a slightly sagging waistline.


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Freeze Sheets Before BedtimeThis is what we do on hot nights, after living in two houses with no central AC and no window units upstairs.


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Keeping Cool in the SummerSince I don't have air conditioning in either my home or car, I keep spray bottles of water around for a quick cool off. When it starts getting hot, I just give myself a quick fine spray. It isn't enough to get really wet.


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Check Out Large Print EditionsOften times when I read a book from the library, I have more reading than I have time to finish it. But, I have found a way to extend my time so that I can finish the book. All you have to do is look for the book of your choice in the big print section. and check it out.


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Recipe for Preserving ChildrenInto field, pour children and dogs -- allowing to mix well. Pour brook over pebbles til slightly frothy. Cool children and dogs slightly in brook.


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Non Stop ElevatorHere's how to use an elevator without stopping.


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Prove it's Your Child's BikeWe just bought some new bikes for the kids. We put a picture of each child inside the handle bar grips before putting them on. If a bike is stolen and later recovered, you have proof it is your child's bike.


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Rearrange Furniture To Relieve StressWhen under a lot of stress, I take to rearranging my furniture and decorative pieces. It is calming and a distraction from whatever is creating stress in my life at that particular moment.


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Count Your BlessingsTry counting your blessings. Just start with the first thing you see or that pops in your mind, you can continue from there.


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Seven Creative Uses For Chip ClipsUse a chip clip as a page holder in a cookbook when you're preparing something from the book.


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Donate Your Body To ScienceA lot of people would be adverse to this, but my husband and I have donated our bodies to science. I have always thought if just one medical cure could come from the use of my body, then the sacrifice is worth the effort.


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Warm Clothing Over Bathroom Heat VentI installed a quad hook on our bathroom wall above on of our heat vents. On it I hang my robe, PJ's, and towel. When I get out of the shower or tub, it is all toasty warm without the expense of plugging in the towel warmer.


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Hide Spare House Key Under Vinyl SidingMy uncle taught me a good way to hide a key, under the vinyl on the house. He had a spot on his vinyl siding that he put a extra key in case they were locked out, or if someone had to get in for emergency purposes.


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Rubber Gloves for Household TasksGo to Sally's Beauty Supply and buy yourself a box of beauticians' rubber gloves. Put them on before mixing meatloaf ingredients and other foods that are best mixed by hand.


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Finding Small Items on the FloorIf you have a visual impairment and drop anything small and colorless on the floor, place a stocking over the end of your vacuum hose and run it over the area you suspect it may have fallen. It will easily be picked up allowing you to retrieve it from the stocking.


Small open perfume bottle on sink counter.

Use New Perfume Bottle for Other LiquidsI often find these brand new perfume spray containers that fit in your purse. They are new, so safe to use. The bottle unscrews and you can fill it with liquid that is not perfume.


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Attach Pull Tab To Driver's LicenseWhen you go to the store and write a check. They want your drivers license, but it's hard to take out of the slot. Put a strip of scotch tape on the end to make a tab. Now you have a pull.


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Use Alcohol in a Spray Bottle To Clean EyeglassesWe were told when we purchased our eyeglasses to just use alcohol in a small spray bottle. We both have special non-glare finishes. The lenses had been damaged on past glasses by other cleaning methods, but this one works beautifully!


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Use Address Labels For GiveawaysI seem to get a lot of address labels in the mail and like to put some in my purse. That way if I am somewhere that I need to hand write my address several times, I save my hand from cramping up by just using my labels!


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Clearly Mark Bottles In ShowerI can't see very well without my glasses, so I put a large "S" on my shampoo bottle and a large "C" om my conditioner bottle with a waterproof marker, now I can tell one from the other while I am in the shower.


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Nylon on Vacuum to Recover Lost ItemsDropped a small earring or contact lens, etc? Just take a nylon stocking and cover nozzle of vacuum and attach with a rubber band. Turn on your vacuum, and run it over floor. If you're lucky, your lost item will be stuck to the nylon.


Clip holding the plaque attached to the wall.

Binder Clip For Small ArtworkI had this great little wooden plaque that kept falling over when I bumped the desk. It had no hole or hanger in the back, so I came up with this solution. I simply put a binder clip on it and hung it up.


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Use Permanent Marker to Dye Exposed ThreadsI just bought a black sweater and the label's white threads were showing through at the neck line. I have short hair, so it was truly bugging me. I grabbed my permanent black marker and brushed over the exposed threads.


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Reducing the Amount of Junk MailYou can cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive by registering at


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Sort Junk Mail At The MailboxThe quickest way to get rid of junk mail is to have a wastebin (waste basket) somewhere near where you pick up the mail. Don't let the junk mail get any further. Drop it in the wastebin right there and then and you will have no worries about junk mail clutter.


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Using a Back Scratcher to Retrieve Dropped ItemsI am not able to get down on my knees to retrieve something I dropped if it has ended up too far to just bend over and pick up. So one day I used my new back scratcher to bring the item closer to me.


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Use Facecloths to Keep CoolThe heat in Europe is fierce these days, and I had been suffering until I remembered a trick I learned in Africa, but is surely well known in the southern USA.


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Removing A Knot From A Tied Trash BagI have a group that gives things to people in financial difficulties and we get quite a few donations of things in plastic bags with the ties tied in a hard knot.


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Thrifty Water Bottle CozyIt's been well over 90 degrees F and way too much humidity for some time now. Staying hydrated is very important for all of us.


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Use A T-shirt As A Pillow CaseYou can use a large t-shirt to cover a pillow in a pinch. Works great as a pillowcase.


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Store Screws on Magnet When Assembling ToysTo keep screws from getting lost when putting toys together, it helps to have some kind of magnet. It could be a refrigerator magnet, turned upside down, with the magnetic part facing upward.


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Separating Trash BagsEver buy the inexpensive generic trash bags that come in a roll then struggle with getting them to initially open? Wet your finger tips and rub the edge of the bag between them. The bag will separate easily, so you can put it in your trash can.


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Wire Hanger Cookbook HolderTo hold your cookbook open and slightly upward to read it easier, you'll need a wire coat hanger. Bend the two arms of the hanger toward each other until they form at least at a 90 degree angle from each other.


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Relax During The HolidaysIn today's world it's rush, rush, rush! People are trying to jam in as much as they can, thinking they will miss out on something if they don't. My advice for the holidays is - relax. It's pretty way out there and very old fashioned, but just relax.


Homemade Scale To Determine PostageAt times I wasn't certain if outgoing mail needed more than a 1 oz. first class stamp, so I'd have to drive to a post office. I decided to build my own scale and it works. A simple balance-beam scale is easy to build.


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Scented KleenexI discovered that if you put your generic box of Kleenex on top of a favorite scented candle in a jar, after a few weeks your Kleenex will have the same scent as the candle. Very easy way to have nicely scented kleenex.


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Make Funnel From Envelope CornerA corner cut from an envelope and pierced at the point makes a good funnel for filling salt and pepper shakers.


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Lazy Susan for Board GamesUse your Lazy Susan for board games, so you can spin the game around for easier viewing for each player's turn.


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Clothespin for Rolling Up TubesAn old fashioned slip-on clothespin or a giant cotter pin makes an ideal "key" for rolling up a tube of glue, toothpaste, etc. Nothing fancy here, but it sure does help you neatly and precisely squeeze every last bit of material out of the container.


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Use Hot Water Bottle to Heat BedHot-water bottles are a British institution and an excellent way to keep your bed warm in winter. It's much healthier to sleep in an unheated bedroom, so do like we do and put a hot-water bottle between the sheets before you go to bed.


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Fixing the Time on Difficult AppliancesWe have a great deal of difficulty programming the correct time on our kitchen stove's display. The attempt to simply set the time is often interpreted by the stove's microprocessor as a request to set up timed cooking.


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Moisten String Used to Tie PackagesDampen string before using to tie packages. The string then will not slip during the work. As it dries, it will shrink itself tighter than you could possibly have pulled it.


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Keep Broom from SlidingFit a rubber crutch tip or cap from a chair leg over the end of your broom handle. Then, when you lean the broom against a wall or door, it will not slide, fall down, or leave marks on anything.


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Pick Up Small Items With VacuumIf you lose or drop small item or pill you don't want the children or dogs to find first, simply put a knee-high stocking over the end of the vacuum hose and vacuum around the area it may have fallen.


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Unsealing An EnvelopeIf you seal up a envelope then realize you forgot to put something in it, place it in the freezer for about one hour. It will then unseal easily. Just put tape over the envelope or close up with a pretty sticker or one of your address label.


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Old Fashioned Dish ScrubberI love the idea of having a dish scrubber patterned after the old ones the women made in frontier days; just laying it around for decoration would be great in and of itself.


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Protecting Skin From Metal DiscolorationIf your skin is turning greenish-black from the metal of a watch, you can protect your skin from it by painting the backside of the watch with clear nail polish or cut corn pads to fit the size of the back and stick them on.


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Alternate Uses for an Ironing BoardUse an ironing board as a side table for a sick person or a table to wrap gifts.


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Painter's Tape As Reusable AdhesiveKeep painter's tape in the kitchen. It works great for sealing bags and it re-sticks over and over. It is also good in the freezer.


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Write Down Blessings To Change Your MoodWhen you're feeling sad or overwhelmed take a breather and sit down with pen and paper, set a timer for four or five minutes, and write down all the things you can think of that make you feel happy and relaxed.


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Protect Costume Jewelry with Clear Nail PolishCostume jewelry will look better and last longer if you coat it 2-3 times with clear fingernail polish before you wear it for the first time. Hang it on sides of a can or object covered with wax paper to dry.


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Living Without Modern AmenitiesBuilding our cabin on some land in the country took several years to complete. Once we had a roof and some walls, we would visit and spend nights. We found ways to cope.


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Get Rid of Extra Stuff in HomeOne thing I noticed in a movie based in Iceland that I just saw, is that there was a noticeable lack of extra STUFF in their homes and other places. We as Americans have so much extra stuff, but I am trying to use that vision of a stripped-down environment to inspire me.


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