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Bead and sequin ornament.

Bead and Sequin Ornaments (Grandma...My grandma made the most beautiful bead and sequin ornaments and they have always been my favorites on our tree. This year I attempted to recreate these stunning ornaments. These are great decorations and also make a wonderful gift.


A clear ornament with a Christmas tree decal.

Clear Ornament IdeasHere are two fun and simple clear ornaments ideas. The first one, I bought these rub on transfer Christmas theme last year for 90% and finally got to using them. For the second, in your backyard or on a nature walk collect flowers to press and use double sided tape or mod podge to adhere on clear ornaments!


The finished wreath ornament.

Needlepoint Canvas Wreath OrnamentI was given a lot of circular needlepoint canvas shapes and found this quick and simple ornament to make.


Spool ornaments hanging on the tree.

Personalized Spool OrnamentsTo celebrate my grandson's first Thanksgiving and first Christmas and to commemorate family who can't be here this year due to COVID, I created some cute but simple tree ornaments using just photos and empty thread spools for an old fashioned look!


Mini Gumball Machine Christmas Ornament - two completed ornaments, one with pom poms and one with plastic beads

Mini Gumball Machine Christmas OrnamentI saw this idea at a craft boutique and since I had the supplies to make one, I made my own version.


Bent wire ornaments, in the shape of a star and Christmas tree, hanging on a Christmas tree.

Craft Wire Christmas Tree & Star OrnamentsThis year, I donated all of my glass ornaments so our Christmas tree is looking a little bare. I decided to make some wire ornaments. I made 2 so far and looking forward to make more.


Pinecone Reindeer Ornament  - ready to hang

Pinecone Reindeer OrnamentMake this cute reindeer ornament with just a few supplies - a pinecone, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, pom pom, googly eyes, and hot glue.


Clothespin Reindeer  - reindeer ornaments hanging on the wall

Clothespin ReindeerEvery Christmas I love to make new decorations and ornaments. And this year, I found two reindeer crafts that I had to try. They are easy to make and can be used as regular decor that you set out or ornaments for the tree. I like the traditional look, but you could also mix it up with different paint and accessory colors!


Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree Ornaments - three more ornaments

Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree OrnamentsI love Scrabble tiles and making things from them. I also love Dollar Tree ornaments. Today, I made some ornaments from both.


Paper Plate Ornament - ready to hang

Paper Plate OrnamentHere's an inexpensive kid's craft for making paper plate ornaments. It would be a perfect little station for the kids if you're hosting a Christmas party!


Rainbow Pinecone Ornaments - two versions of the ornament

Rainbow Pinecone OrnamentsBrighten your Christmas tree with these colorful and beautiful rainbow bell pinecone ornaments! These ornaments would also make great gifts too!


Wooden Ball Gift Tag Decoration Ornament - hanging on the tree

Wooden Ball Gift Tag OrnamentHere is a tutorial on how to make this cute, wooden ball tag ornament for your tree or to use as a gift tag for a present.


Light Bulb Grinch Ornament - Grinch light bulb ornament

DIY Light Bulb Grinch OrnamentI made this Grinch ornament from a burnt out light bulb. All you need is acrylic paint, some red and white fabric, and some hot glue. No sewing is necessary. Tie on some ribbon and hang it on the tree. I think he's pretty cute!


Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Balls - finished balls hanging on a lighted piece of garland

Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas BallsI'm pretty late with Christmas decorations this time. There is no time to buy new Christmas balls, travel time takes longer than shopping so I'd rather spend it making an alternative holiday tree ornament.


Rainbow Unicorn Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Rainbow Unicorn OrnamentHere's a trending animal this year, unicorns. Of course my daughter was a unicorn for Halloween (one of her outfits.) With the left over colorful tulle I had, I was able to make this really simple unicorn ornament.



Personalized Felt Ornaments  - large and small felt ornaments on the tree

Personalized Felt OrnamentsMaking personalized felt ornaments was really fun and most of all really thrifty versus buying Christmas ornaments. You can make a bunch for your tree and probably enough to make as gifts! Let me share with you all some of the ornaments I made.


Making Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments - ornament on the tree

Making Popsicle Stick Snowflake OrnamentsI recently discovered glittery hot glue sticks and knew I had to get a bag for my son who loves hot glue and especially glittery items like glitter glue for his arts and crafts.


3D Paper Star Ornament - star hanging on the tree

3D Paper Star OrnamentIt's the first day of the Christmas month and today I'll start with smaller Christmas decorations. The most common ornament is the star. This one is very basic, but a little complicated.


Ballerina Gingerbread Ornament - ornament on the tree

Ballerina Gingerbread OrnamentYou can make lots of cute and fun ornaments with just paper (feel free to adjust with supplies you already own). Here's one I made for my daughter to reflect her personality and I used her favorite color for the shirt.


Popsicle Stick Sled - red sled with wreath and tree decorations, hanging on the Christmas tree

Popsicle Stick SledHere is a family holiday fun project. It is easily made using Popsicle sticks, hot glue, and craft paints. You can use a variety of colors and embellishments. Here's how!


Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament - ready to hang on the tree or gift

Mason Jar Lid Christmas OrnamentMason jars in our household are used as cups so we have a lot of spare lids. My son asked if he could make an ornament and I thought it'd be perfect to use the lids!


Melted Snowman Ornament - melted snowman ornament on light wood surface

Melted Snowman OrnamentI'm just in love with this melted snowman ornament. It is made mostly of hot glue and paint, it's really easy to put together. Bring out the dimensions by layering on the hot glue, and making him an adorable top hat from soft felt.


Succulent Pinecone Ornament - hand holding up the decorated cone ornament

Succulent Pinecone OrnamentSucculents are very universal and easy to grow! You can incorporate succulents into so many arrangements and even make an ornament for your Christmas tree!


Vintage Looking Thread Spool Tree or Gift Ornaments - ornaments on display

Vintage Looking Thread Spool Tree or Gift OrnamentsI love old wooden thread spools and decided to make some Christmas tree decorations with them for a homespun Christmas tree this year. It's simple enough for a child to do and fun to personalize! Try them yourself!


Folded Christmas Tree Ornament - hand holding the ornaments with fireplace bricks in the background

Folded Christmas Tree OrnamentI love reusing/upcycling my children's artwork especially my daughter's! She loves her dotting markers so I figured I would incorporate them into homemade Christmas tree ornaments! These would also be nice as gifts (to grandparents, aunts, or uncles) or to pair with their gifts as a gift tag!


Yo Yo Christmas Angel Ornament - finished ornament

Yo Yo Christmas Angel OrnamentThis is a little Christmas angel made from leftover yo yos from a yo yo pillow project I made recently.


Coastal Beach Ornaments - two decorated ornaments hanging on stands

Coastal Beach OrnamentsHere is a small way to bring my love for the beach into my home displayed in a glass or plastic ornament. This project can be used as everyday decor or for the holidays. Here's how!


Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments - several ornaments lying on a table

Handcrafted Christmas OrnamentsI am now finding so much scrap from doing crafts! But, I don't throw away anything. A scrap is another craft in the making. Wait and see! This was my easiest fastest craft and it's cute and cheap. Kids will love making these!


Decorated Clear and White Ornaments - clear ornament with a Santa sticker

Decorated Clear and White OrnamentsI am making handcrafted ornaments for a fall craft fair. All the clear and white ornaments are from the Dollar Store, so are all the bags of beads, snow, glitter, thin Sharpie markers and everything to decorate each ornament! These are very inexpensive to make!


Hot Cocoa Ornaments - ornament on lighted Xmas tree

Hot Cocoa OrnamentsThese hot cocoa ornaments are an easy gift for kids to make for friends and family. Each ornament holds one serving of hot cocoa.



Cardboard Star Ornament  - ornament hanging on the tree

Cardboard Star OrnamentTry this fun wrapped cardboard star ornament for your toddler/child to do! You can make other shapes to wrap, but a star would be easier. This ornament will make a nice spot on your tree!


Mini Wreath Ornament - finished wreath hanging on the tree

Mini Wreath OrnamentThis was just an experiment that turned out well! You can use all kinds of ribbon or string for this project.


Candy Nose Reindeer Ornament

Candy Nose Reindeer OrnamentThis is a cute and inexpensive candy nose reindeer ornament or small gift you can make for your kids to gift to their friends at school.


French Macaron Cookie Ornaments - 6 different color cookies

French Macaron Cookie OrnamentsI think French macaron cookies are so incredibly cute. I love their soft curves, vivid colours, and matching filling. I have yet to make the actual cookies from scratch, but I've gone ahead and jumped the gun with these ornaments.


Plastic Bottle Cap Ornaments - ornaments hanging on the tree

Plastic Bottle Cap OrnamentsUpcycling makes me so happy. I had so much fun making these ornaments from plastic bottle tops. I love beautiful ornaments, especially vintage hand-me-downs. But there's something super special about making your own from scratch. I decorated the caps using scraps from my leftover craft supplies.


Sparkling Paper Ornaments - paper ornaments hanging from a mirror frame

Sparkling Paper OrnamentsBeautify your homes with glittery sparkling decorations. Use empty milk cartons and other simple materials to avoid spending too much this Christmas.


Fused Plastic Straw Ornament - Christmas tree shaped ornament made from fused drinking straw bits

Fused Plastic Straw OrnamentThis ornament is made from tiny pieces of plastic straws, fused together by the heat of an iron. When fusing plastics, wear a mask in a well ventilated area.


Toddler Safe Christmas Ornaments - ornament with pom poms and one with gem stickers

Toddler Safe Christmas OrnamentsHere are two effortless and easy ways to decorate some Christmas ornaments for toddlers/kids. Not only will these ornaments be easy to make, but they will look lovely against your Christmas tree! Especially with the gem stickers, they look as if they were bought!


Use Costume Jewelry as Mini Ornaments - closeup of an angel pin ornament

Use Costume Jewelry as Mini OrnamentsThe other day, I was going through a box of small keepsakes when I realized I've never worn a single pin I've ever been given. (Oops.) My favorite one is my grandmother's old butterfly pin that's too fragile to wear. Then I had a duh moment when I remembered I had no ornaments for my mini tree.


Shabby Chic Shell Ornaments - closeup of ornament with a tiny bow handing in a pink and white tree

Shabby Chic Shell OrnamentsI have a collection of shells that were from a box of pre-made stuffed shells entree. After the filling was eaten, I put the shells through the dishwasher to use at a later date. The shells cleaned up nicely and are in perfect shape! I decided to make them shabby chic for tree and decorative pieces in our home.


Making A Snow Globe Ornament

Making A Snow Globe OrnamentThis is the season for a lot of stores to carry glass and clear plastic ornaments. The clear ones can be used year around! This season I choose to make my friends and neighbors ornaments. Using just miniatures and fake snow you can create a comfy winter scene.


Paper Roll Ornament - finished ornament ready to hang

Toilet Paper Roll OrnamentI have collected plenty of paper rolls and I already started my decorations. Today I'm working an ornament made of paper rolls. It might be too early to prepare for Christmas, but I'll be making plenty of these so it's always better to create as early as possible.


Poured Paint Ornaments - multicolored ball hanging on flocked tree

Poured Paint OrnamentsThis is a fun and inexpensive DIY poured paint ornament that anyone can make. The possibilities are endless and every design will turn out different, unique, and one of a kind. My favorite is the galaxy ornament made with gold metallic paint and blue being more prominent.


Nature Stick Christmas Tree Ornament - finished ornament on tree

Nature Stick Christmas Tree OrnamentThis is a fun kid friendly project especially for toddlers who enjoy collecting rocks and stick on walks. You can make a cute nature stick Christmas tree ornament.


Christmas Triangle Candy Box Ornament  - ornament on tree next to bottle cap ornament

Christmas Triangle Candy Box OrnamentThis was my first trial run to make Christmas favors for my niece's classmates. I would recommend making the triangles at least 3 inches at the base or longer and taller to accommodate more candies.



Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments - two ornaments on flocked tree

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree OrnamentsThis is a fun Christmas Tree ornament project for kids. Plus, looks nice against the Christmas Tree!


Lace Frill Sock Christmas Angel - finished angel with wings added hanging from a tree branch

Lace Frill Sock Christmas AngelTurn a girl's cotton lace frill sock into a sweet little Christmas angel. A great way to use a mismatched sock for something useful.


Cute Reindeer Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Cute Reindeer OrnamentThis is an inexpensive and cute reindeer ornament project to do with your child. Most of the items you may already have at home.


Cupcake Liner Ornament - finished ornament

Cupcake Liner OrnamentThis a simple and cute ornament that looks like a carnation. All you need is a ball, some glue, and some cupcake liners. I like using metallic liners because they reflect light very nicely!


Clear Ornaments with Christmas Confetti  - ornament hanging on the tree

Clear Ornaments with Christmas ConfettiI am seeing clear ornaments as a popular trend this year. Many stores are selling these Christmas confetti ornaments for $5-10 each. You can totally make some yourself.


Christmas Memorial Ornament

Christmas Memorial OrnamentThis is a memorial Christmas ornament. The dates of the loved one's life is painted or marked on the ornament, and the inside of the ornament holds the memorial card and is filled with seasonal decorations.


Bottle Cap Ornaments - 4 completed ornaments

Bottle Cap OrnamentsInstead of tossing out the bottle caps, you could make ornaments. These ornaments are the perfect size for a mini Christmas tree. You could also use this as an accent when wrapping presents too.


Christmas Flower Ornaments - paper flowers in tree

Christmas Flower OrnamentsThese flowers are cute for hanging on the Christmas tree. They're made from toilet paper rolls.


Pasta Christmas Ornaments - ornaments against a wood background

Pasta Christmas OrnamentsI am in love with making these ornaments out of dry pasta. Some of my favourite pasta shapes to create with are penne and rotelle, but any variety can be used. Go ahead and experiment!


Gumball Machine Ornament

Gumball Machine OrnamentThis is a really cute ornament for the tree and also make nice stocking stuffers.


Upcycled Light Bulb Penguin - ornament hanging on tree

Upcycled Light Bulb PenguinLight bulbs that burn out make for fantastic crafts. Here, I've painted an old useless light bulb to look like a penguin, then wrapped it in some felt scraps and cotton balls so he's ready for the holidays. A simple piece of yarn glued to the top will make this a great ornament on your tree!


Cardboard Tube Santa Claus Ornament - finished Santa ornament

Cardboard Tube Santa Claus OrnamentThis is a fun craft for all ages using the cardboard tube from toilet paper and gift tissue paper. Use a marker to make Santas with different expressions! Happy holidays!


Miniature Wreaths - wreaths and silver snowflakes on silver tree

Mason Jar Ring Miniature WreathsI made three mini wreaths to hang on the tree using mason jar lids.


Spool Santa Ornament - finished and hanging by the string

Spool Santa OrnamentThis fun little homemade ornament was made by using items and scraps in my sewing box.


Clear plastic ornament filled with buttons and decorated with lace, netting, and ribbon hanging on the tree.

Filling Clear Plastic OrnamentsI used vintage buttons, glitter, salt, feathers, ribbons and even popped popcorn popped to fill plastic ornaments. The ornament top is sealed with hot glue. The ornament is decorated with scraps of fabric, bows, ribbons, and stickers of doves, small Christmas ornaments, etc.


Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Tea Light Snowman OrnamentsThis quick and easy craft makes the perfect Christmas tree ornament or decoration. You only need about 10 minutes to create these adorable snowmen, so make several! This craft will result in two snowmen wearing the most adorable ear muffs.


Fill and Chill Ornaments

Fill and Chill OrnamentsI recently brought tons of things to do a craft day and I was the only one to show up. So, being a person old enough to remember making foil chains for the tree, I am amazed at how many cool crafts there are now and how inexpensive it is to make really cute things out of new and used supplies.


felt tree shaped Christmas ornamentornament

Felt Bling Christmas OrnamentsUse felt and cookie cutters to make your own Christmas ornaments. Jazz them up with rhinestones and mirror shapes and voila! You have added a special touch to your Christmas tree!


finished Angel ornament

Darling Angel Christmas OrnamentThe countdown to Christmas has begun! What better way to start getting into the spirit of the season than by starting to make your decorations. Make this little angel to decorate your tree this year. She is quick and inexpensive to make, so make ten, make twenty, no! Make enough to decorate your whole tree.


bulbs with hangers

Easy Christmas Lightbulb OrnamentsHere is a Christmas Eve craft for my grandchildren to do while the adults are have appetizers and cocktails. Homemade Christmas ornaments for Nana's Christmas Tree.


An ornament of a Christmas Dog

Christmas Dog OrnamentsFun little dog ornaments, a cute gift for the dog lover and fun to do a "litter" for fund raising. I picked up different colors of garland at thrift stores and garage sales so there were a variety of colors. I even made a few girlie pooches with pink ornaments!


Felt Star Ornament

Felt Star OrnamentThis felt star can be used as a tree topper or just an ornament. If you have the time, you can even add extra embroidery details and beads to make it fancy!


Felt Candy Ornament

Felt Candy OrnamentCover your tree with these sweet felt candies.


Felt Pickle Ornament

Felt Pickle OrnamentEveryone in our family has a pickle ornament for our tree and now our youngest does too!


felt xmas tree

Felt Christmas Tree OrnamentEvery Christmas tree needs it's own Christmas tree ornament, right?


Felt Penguin Ornament

Felt Penguin OrnamentThis cute little penguin is a great ornament for any tree.


Felt Santa Hat Ornament

Felt Santa Hat OrnamentThese little felt Santa hats are quick and easy to make. Why not make a few for your tree.


Felt Mouse and Cheese Ornament

Felt Mouse and Cheese OrnamentThis adorable mouse and his cheesy snack would love to live on your tree!


Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament

Felt Christmas Stocking OrnamentThese mini stockings may not hold goodies, but they will look cute on your tree.


Felt Christmas Lights

Felt Christmas Light OrnamentsThese little felt Christmas lights don't need electricity to light up your tree.


Felt Snowman Ornament

Felt Snowman OrnamentYou don't have to spend time outside in the cold to make a snowman. Instead stay warm and make this adorable felt version for your tree!


Antique Christmas Baubles

Felt Antique Christmas BaublesWith these felt ornaments you can enjoy the look of antique ornaments without worrying about breaking them.


Felt Mitten Ornament

Felt Mitten OrnamentThis cute little mitten is easy to make and can be any color you want.


Felt Holly Ornament

Felt Holly OrnamentThese colorful holly leaves are sure to brighten up your tree this year.


Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Felt Candy Cane OrnamentThese sweet felt candy canes are perfect decorations for your tree.


felt gingerbread man

Felt Gingerbread Man OrnamentThis little gingerbread man would look adorable on anyone's tree for Christmas.


felt gingerbread house

Felt Gingerbread House OrnamentAlmost yummy enough to eat, this felt gingerbread house can easily be customized to your liking!


Candy Apple Ornament

Candy Apple OrnamentGet or use some red ball ornaments, a little ribbon, mini muffin paper and a popsicle stick to put together a cute little candy apple ornament.


Finished ornament.

Santa OrnamentEvery few years, I teach another young crafter how to make these ornaments. My niece still has the ones we made together more than 30 years ago!


Finished snowmen.

Little Snowmen Ornaments from Yogurt BottlesEverytime I drank one of the Dannon Drinkable yogurts this year I thought the bottles were shaped like little snowmen.


Snowman ornament with light-up nose.

Light-up Snowman OrnamentI had some leftover LED votive candles from a prior project. I saw this online and went to town using up what I had left in my stash. Easy peasy!


finished snowman

Tea Light SnowmanThe flame of the battery operated tea lights make a perfect carrot nose for a snowman. With a few supplies you can make an adorable ornament!


Ribbon hanger attached.

Quick and Easy Ornaments for Children to MakeThese darling ornaments are easy for children to make and can also be used for last minute gift ideas or for Christmas tags. They are inexpensive and quick and easy to make. I had most of the supplies on hand.


pom pom ornament on tree

Pom Pom Christmas OrnamentThis ornament was so easy to make and would be a perfect craft for children. There are so many color choice for pom poms so it can be made to match any theme on your tree.


finished gingerbread ornaments

Felt Gingerbread OrnamentsWhen I was little my mom made me a felt gingerbread ornament. I decide to make some new ones for my kids this year. They are easy to make and you can decorate them any way you want.


Closeup of finished ornament.

Silver Starburst OrnamentsThese ornaments can be used any time of the year if you use different colors of beads and sequins and they are lots of fun to make!


Outdoor Ice Ornaments

Outdoor Ice OrnamentsWe decorated out front yard for the winter solstice last year. We made different ice ornaments and hung them on our trees.


finished reindeer 1

Cork ReindeerWe have a huge bag of corks that we bought at a resale shop, so we have been trying to put them to good use. This adorable reindeer can be used as an ornament or even just set on a table top.


Gift Box Ornaments on Tree

Folded Paper Gift Box Christmas DecorationsMake shiny gift boxes to hang on Christmas trees, easily, using simple household items like blank papers and used gift-wraps.


Plastic Lid Photo Ornament

Recycled Plastic Lid Photo OrnamentPersonalized photo ornament for the perfect gift at Christmas time.


Completed stars, one iridescent silver and one red.

Folded Paper Christmas StarsMake stars to hang on Christmas trees, easily, recycling simple household items like blank papers and used gift-wraps.


Empty cone next to a completed Santa.

Santa Tree TopperThis is a cute little Santa tree topper made from an empty thread cone from a package of Peaches and Cream crochet cotton. Inexpensive and easy to make.


Completed tree topper star.

Skewer Star Tree TopperEvery time I opened my extra utensil drawer there was this bag of wooden skewers in the way so I decided to do something with them. I added some fuzzy yarn, a tongue depressor, a cardboard tube, and hot glue and ended up with a delicate, fuzzy, tree topper.


Completed train with hanger.

Candy Train Ornament (aka "The chocolate...Little Christmas train ornament any boy or girl would enjoy.


Ruddy Reindeer Ornament

Ruddy Reindeer OrnamentI saw one similar somewhere and took it a few steps further. The kids will really have fun making this quick ornament, a great teachers' gift or how about that neighbor you want to give a little something to.


Christmas ornaments made from jar rings. There are two Santas and snowman ornament.

Jar Ring OrnamentsAnother quick ornament that you can change between a snowman and a Santa.



Pinecone Christmas OrnamentsHere's a great holiday project using scrap felt pieces and a little bit of nature. The end result is a one of a kind ornament, wonderful as a small gift, or just to add to your own tree. You can also use them as tags on gifts.


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