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Felt Clorox Wipes Ornament - felt wipes cylinder ornament

Felt Clorox Wipes OrnamentClorox Wipes have definitely been part of our daily lives during the Covid pandemic. Commemorate your fabulously sanitized surfaces with this silly wipes container ornament!


Face Mask Felt Ornament

Face Mask Felt OrnamentMasks, masks, everywhere! If this isn't symbolic of 2020 I don't know what is. Celebrate the glorious mask with this fun ornament!


Felt Hand Sanitizer Ornament - bottle of hand sanitizer ornament

Felt Hand Sanitizer OrnamentIt seems like we have all been tackling germs this year with gallons of hand sanitizer! Another unforgettable staple this year that surely needs to be remembered for years to come.


Felt Toilet Paper Ornament - unrolling TP ornament with 2020 in pink felt

Felt Toilet Paper OrnamentWere you one of the lucky people that didn't have to visit a bunch of stores and stand in long lines just to get toilet paper? Most of us have the epic TP search seared into our brains. I know I will never under appreciate easy access to it again! Commemorate this wonderful necessity with a fun felt ornament. Add the year if you want too!


Felt Killer Hornet Ornament

Felt Killer Hornet OrnamentNothing says 2020 like an infestation of killer hornets! Do we even dare to ask "What's next?!"? You can make a single hornet or a whole swarm to adorn your tree.


Pendant Ornaments -  pendant, silver cord, ornament hanger

Pendant OrnamentsYou can turn any pendant into a Christmas tree ornament.


Quick and Sentimental Ornaments - clear plastic ornament with beads inside hanging on the tree

Quick and Sentimental OrnamentsHere is a quick tip on how to make sentimental ornaments. Have your child select any "special" to them items and place inside clear plastic ornament. Add the year to the back of the ornament for memories.


Felt Lipstick Ornament - felt pink lipstick ornament with hanger

Felt Lipstick OrnamentOne of my work friends loves all things pink, so I decided to make her this bright pink lipstick ornament. It was made using multiple layers of felt, all stitched together using a backstitch. The details were also created with a backstitch.


Felt Shallot Ornament - felt shallot ornament with floss hanger

Felt Shallot OrnamentI made this shallot ornament for a coworker for Christmas. The main part of the shallot is made with two identical pieces so that the green part could be sandwiched between the pieces. The details are all backstitched on and the pieces are sew together using a backstitch around the outer edges. The roots are created with embroidery floss.


Felt Mismatched Sock Ornaments

Felt Mismatched Sock OrnamentsI decided to make all of my friends at work a felt ornament for Christmas last year. One of my friends always wears mismatched socks, so I decided to make this adorable purple pair of socks for her. I used both a backstitch and a whip stitch to attach the pieces together.


Felt Elephant Ornament - ornament lying on a laminate countertop

Felt Elephant OrnamentI was part of a Secret Santa gift exchange at work last year. The person I was given loves elephants, so I made her this felt elephant ornament. I gave it to them as my final gift, so I attached a little pocket in the back, where I tucked in a note revealing my identity. I used backstitching to add all of the details to the elephant.


A baby spoon incorporated into an ornament.

Infant Spoon Christmas OrnamentI place my children's infant feeding spoon on my Christmas tree each year to remind us of the simplicity of the meaning of the baby Jesus in the manger; and to remember the fun times we had, watching our children growing up with the excitement in their eyes at Christmas.


two finished snowmen ornaments

Snowman Sock OrnamentI wanted to make a little snowman out of a child's sock. I plan to hang it on a gift later on, or on the tree. I stuffed the sock with scraps of fabric, then tied off three parts with embroidery thread. Finally, I added a bow. I also turned another plush ornament, which was not a snowman, into a snowman.


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Add Glitter To Clay Ornaments With Christmas CardsI was making ornaments out of air-dry clay, and putting the date on them with markers, when I had an idea I thought I would try.


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Cinnamon Ornament Cut-outsThese are so much fun to make and they make your house smell just heavenly!



Mardi Gras beads used as candycane Christmas tree ornaments.

Metallic Garland Beads As Candy CanesI was out and about, and I saw this beautiful Christmas tree. It had sections of metallic bead garland which had been cut into 8 inch or so pieces and hung on the tree. The way they hung them, the top was draped over to form the crook of a candy cane.


Three clear Christmas ornaments with decorative inclusions.

Burned Out Bulb DecorationsThe "wreath" is a captured quilled wreath. The two little bulbs are recycled burned out bulbs with glitter (tape/glitter) and the round recycled light bulb is quilled tight coils! Fun and easy peasy!


Completed angel.

Noodle AngelsThe "heads had the faces painted on already. I painted the rice "hair" after it was glued on. On some, I used hot glue. For others, when I had the time, I glued with tacky glue.


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Paint Inside of Clear Glass OrnamentsTo make beautiful homemade Christmas tree ornaments, pour or squeeze craft paint, your choice of colors, into clear glass bulbs. Twirl the bulbs around, holding your finger over the open top, and watch the paint swirl around.


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Christmas Dough OrnamentsOne of the best ways I get into the holiday spirit is to make something fun with my grand-kids. Get together to make homemade ornaments from baker's clay


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Christmas Candy OrnamentsYou will need a number of metal (or other heat-safe) cookie cutters for this recipe. It yields 12-16 small (around 2 inch) shapes, or 8-12 large ornaments. The exact yield will depend on the size of your cookie cutters.


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Applesauce Cinnamon Christmas OrnamentsIn medium bowl, combine cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg. Add applesauce; stir to combine. Work mixture with hands two to three minutes or until dough is smooth and ingredients are thoroughly mixed.


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Beaded Styrofoam Ball OrnamentDon't throw away those old satin covered Styrofoam Christmas balls. They can be recycled into beautiful ornaments. If you happen to find some old ones at a thrift store, make sure they are Styrofoam.


Christmas ornament made from painted wishbone and holly.

Holly And Wishbone OrnamentPut breast bone down and glue holly on top. Place a short piece of wire on back to hang.


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Make Your Own Christmas Ornament HooksHate those flimsy Christmas ornament hooks? A few years ago I decide to make my own. I went to a craft store and bought some the wire used for floral arrangements. It comes in several thicknesses, so you can choose the one(s) you want.


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Galaxy Ball Christmas OrnamentUsing a Styrofoam ball (I'd start with a med. size one), take medicine cups and put a small hole in the bottom of the cup burning the end of a needle.


finished ornament

Craft: Clipart Wreath OrnamentsCombine a computer printout of a wreath and the youngsters and you will make a family keepsake in no time.


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Christmas: Granny Square OrnamentsI once saw a tree decorated only with little white lights and granny squares. Believe it or not, it was great. The squares were later joined to form an afghan, but the family admired them one last time on the tree.


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Mitten Christmas OrnamentAs you know, young children tend to lose things. My son recently lost a mitten and I just didn't want to throw away the remaining one. So I decided to turn it into a Christmas tree ornament.


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Ice Cream Cone OrnamentsQuick, easy, and fun for children to make.



Wooden ornament covered with glitter.

Glitter Wooden OrnamentsAt just about any dollar tree, or craft shop, you can find these wonderful wooden shapes. I found these at a yard sale which made each ornament cost me about 15¢!


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Turn Wind Chimes Into OrnamentsThis is a tip for wind chimes that can't endure wind and don't have too much chime. Such as ones that are constructed of plastic, nylon string, and thin aluminum tubes.


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Snowflake Puzzle OrnamentWith Christmas coming up soon, I thought I'd pass on this snowflake craft idea. Take an old puzzle (with pieces missing, preferably!), that you no longer use, and craft sticks (popsicle sticks). I usually use a hot glue gun to glue the sticks together in kind of an asterisk design.


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Glittery Wooden Clothes Pins for Christmas OrnamentsSpray pin with cheap white paint and use what ever coloring items you want. Good for chip bag clips, refrigerator magnets (glue a strip of magnetic piece to pin). I like glitter for Christmas tree ornaments. When clipped on to pine tree the tree lights really reflect the glitter.


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Paper Clip Christmas Tree Garland1. Dip sticky cheap paper clips into glitter. 2. Let dry. 3. Clip clips together as to your length and color preference.


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Seashell Christmas Globe OrnamentsI live at the beach and constantly pick up interesting shells and rocks. I have been wanting to use them in an interesting craft and decided I would start looking for very tiny shells and very tiny rocks.


Green Santa.

Kids' Santa OrnamentYou will need red or green puff paper (I get it at the dollar store), cotton balls, glue, a small pic of the kid that is doing the ornament, black gel pen, silver gel pen, and scissors.


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Making Ornaments from Can LidsYou can make free Christmas ornaments and other year round decorations with lids you've taken off the tops and bottoms of soup, tuna, juice, and other cans with the can opener. Just use a permanent marker to draw out a flower (or whatever) and then cut it out with tin snips.


gift card ornaments

Reuse Gift Cards For Tree DecorationsHere's a fun and cute way to use those gift cards given from retail stores. We all receive them in so many themes and characters that are so pretty. Just use a hole punch in one corner and hang them from your tree as decoration.


Tatted SnowflakeTatting pattern booklets are available in the craft sections of stores. This snowflake is a simple one.



Homemade Texas OrnamentsHere are two easy homemade ornaments. The snowman was made from a shotgun shell. Empty of course. It has a little felt cowboy hat that was purchased.


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Handmade Christmas Ornaments for GiftsWhen I decorate for Christmas, I like to make gifts. This year I want to make diamond shaped fabric ornaments with a lovely lace border.


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Cinnamon Applesauce Christmas OrnamentsWhen making long lasting, nicely scented Christmas decorations with the kids, mix white school glue and lots of cinnamon (until you get a doughy consistency).


Christmas decorated curtain rings

Christmas Ornaments From Curtain RingsAn old curtain ring made into a Christmas decor. First I washed them then let them dry (alternatively painted them) then sketch a design on it with glue and sprinkled with glittering dusts.


Puzzle ornament closeup.

Jigsaw Puzzle OrnamentsThese two photos show ornaments that are much different than the green and red ones I made in 1992. After writing the directions for these, I decided to make some more. I assembled a 550 piece puzzle and sprayed it gold.



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Reusing Baby Mobiles As Christmas OrnamentsReusing Baby Mobiles As Christmas Ornaments. Each of my baby girls had their own infant/crib mobile. When the baby outgrew her infant/crib mobile, I took the mobile apart and made Christmas tree ornaments out of the pieces by attaching some silk holly and a pretty ribbon.


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Cinnamon Applesauce Christmas OrnamentsThis is a very simple recipe and one that you will really enjoy!


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Walnut OrnamentAn easy traditional Christmas ornament. Take a walnut shell, add a loop of ribbon or other cord (to hang it) and glue the 2 halves around the cord.


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Baby's First Christmas OrnamentsWhen my first granddaughter was born I wanted to make a special ornament for her that would last and not break. I bought a set of children's ABC blocks and screwed a small eye hook into the top of each one.


Pretzels decorated with glitter and tied with the paper tag.

Pretzel Christmas OrnamentThese ornaments are easy enough for pre-schoolers to do. Just smear some Elmer's glue on the front of your pretzel and dip it in some glitter. Cut a piece of yarn for your hanger.


Pieced heart shaped ornaments decorated with buttons.

Heart Ornaments from Scrap FabricTake old scraps of quilting if you have some or your favorite fabrics and cut out a few hearts and sew up leaving a small place to stuff them and then whip stitch them shut. Then hot glue green and red antique or old buttons on them for extra charm.


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Mirrored Tiles for the TreeGlue mirrored tiles to ornament hangers or pieces of ribbon, then hang from your Christmas tree for a beautiful and sparkly look. You could get by with using less lights due to the reflection these tiles will produce.


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Using Key Chains as Christmas OrnamentsIn order to save money on Christmas tree decorations I use key chains as ornaments. Some key chains look similar to ornaments and are made of sturdier material. Keep this idea in mind when buying souvenirs on vacation.


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Cinnamon Apple Sauce OrnamentsOk, it's Christmas in July, er August! Make these and store them for Christmas or use them hanging in your car.


Snowman Ornaments

Snowman OrnamentsInstructions for two snowman ornaments.


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Burned Out Light Bulb Christmas OrnamentsUse old burned out light bulbs as Christmas Bulbs: Paint and decorate with glitter, sequins, spray snow, and then add a decorative string or ribbon around top (base) of bulb for hanging.


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Packing Peanuts for DecorationsYou can use a large needle with fishing line to string together packing peanuts for draping over trees in the yard at Christmas. It won't hurt the tree, but if you live where there is significant wind, forget it. You can also use them indoors on the Christmas tree.


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Easy Christmas Tree DecorationsIf you are new to decorating your own tree and don't have a lot of decorations, here are some thrifty ways to decorate your tree.


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Glass Ornament BallsA quick and easy Christmas tree ornament can be made by using clear glass ornament balls. Drop paint through the hole and then turn it upside down and let sit overnight. The paint will spread out and coat the inside of the ball.


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Elf Sitting on SpoolTo make a Christmas elf sitting on the spool, wind some knitting wool on the spool. Glue it at start of winding, wrap around and glue a tab at the end to hold it. Leave a little piece dangling down.


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Making Paper and Felt OrnamentsIt isn't too late to still make quick paper or felt ornaments for gifts to stick into a card. One of my daughters is using brown felt and cutting out gingerbread men that she then puts faces and details on with a paint pen, a red gingham ribbon attaches it to the tree.


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Beautiful Beaded SnowflakesThese are quick and easy to make. You should be able to make quite a few while you watch TV. It is also easy enough for older kids to make them. Hang them on your Christmas tree, in your windows or tie on to packages.


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Photo OrnamentsI buy clear plastic balls available at craft shops. Then I look for photographs that have meaning to the person to whom you will be giving the gift.


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