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Venetian Leaf Crocheted Towel Topper

Crochet Venetian Leaf Towel TopperI like the towel toppers that have a concealed crochet chain so you can hang a towel over the chain without having to cut the towel in half and deal with the cut edge.


Brown and white crochet lapghan.

Crocheted LapghanThis was crocheted using Super Saver yarn and a size H hook. It uses 2 colors: one solid, one matching variegated. Works up very quickly and is warm without being heavy. This was made for a friend with cerebral palsy.


Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set -Complete bedroom suite.

Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set PatternLearn how to make custom made Barbie furniture by following these crochet patterns for a bed and dresser. This page has free crochet patterns for a Barbie bedroom set.


Blue crocheted clothes hanger.

Crochet Coat HangersCrochet a couple of extra and take them to your local nursing home, these are perfect for hanging nightgowns on because they help to keep the gown on the hanger. These could be made for men also, just use more earth tones.


purple and black boyband

Making a Crochet Bowband for an...Your child's doll will look cute with this easy to make headband. This is a page about making a crochet bowband for an American Girl doll.


Granny Square Crochet Dishcloth

Granny Square Crochet Dishcloth PatternYou can use any one of many granny square patterns and make a pretty and functional crochet dishcloth. This page has a pattern for making a granny square crochet dishcloth.


Crochet dress tea towel topper.

Crochet Dress Tea Towel Topper?I received tea towels with a little dress as the top, from my daughter. They are so cute I have called everywhere and have looked on line for the pattern with no luck. I have included a picture of the tea towel. I hope someone could help me.


Thick Crocheted Slippers - on child's feet

Thick Crocheted SlippersThese cozy slippers are crocheted with a Q hook and 3 strands of yarn. They will fit girls size 3-4 best. If you can half double crochet, you can make these!


Crocheted Americana Roses - finished arrangement

Crocheted Americana RosesThis is a labor intensive craft, but I am glad I stuck it out. With three yarn colors of burgundy, tan, and navy and some faux rose stems, I made two different styles. I hope you like them.


Crocheted Exfoliating Soap Sack - sack with a piece of soap inside lying on the bathroom counter

Crocheted Exfoliating Soap SackThis soap bag is crocheted using thin cotton butcher's twine, which is fantastic for durability in hot water, and is also great for exfoliation. This bag comes in handy for collecting all your small chips of soap. It has a crocheted chain handle so you can hang it anywhere in the shower, too.


Crocheted Carrot - carrot hanging below a seed packet garland in the window

Crocheted CarrotWith the foam Christmas tree forms, some yarn, a hook, and some pins, you can make this cute "temporary" carrot for your windows! I ended up not using hot glue.


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleI found this pattern on line and am just a bit jealous I didn't come up with it myself! It is super easy, fast, and a great way to use up scrap yarn. I loved her's but mine has a bit of a spin on it. I hope you like it!


How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond Shape - Sandi's diamond

How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond ShapeI love making triangles. It's mindless and so versatile. But as much as I love increasing my one per row, I detest decreasing. Let me know how you the difference in how I do it vs. the patterns.


Crocheted Sugar Skull

Crocheted Sugar SkullI made this for my grandson who loves skulls. It's pretty easy if you are at least an "intermediate skilled" crocheter. So let's get started!


Crocheted Heart Garland

Crocheted Heart GarlandThis cute crochet heart garland is the perfect Valentine's Day decoration or it can be used for other occasions. This is a page about making a crocheted heart garland.



Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat

Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat PatternMake a stack of colorful crocheted yo yos and then arrange and tie them together to make pretty and useful placemats. This page contains a crocheted yo yo place mat pattern.


Crochet Mug Rugs

Making Crochet Mug RugsEven a beginner to crochet can make up these cute rug shaped coasters for their home or to give as gifts. This is a page about making crochet mug rugs.


Lego Tissue Box Cover - finished box cover

Lego Tissue Box CoverLegos are so popular now, wouldn't this be a cool gift for someone?


turkey with face and tail sewn on

Making Amigurumi TurkeysAmigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting small animals or creatures. This has a pattern for making an amigurumi turkey.



Making a Crocheted Men's Winter HatThis is a page about making a crochet men's winter hat. Crochet is a good skill to put to use making seasonal apparel, such as hats.


wearing two bangles

Making Crochet BanglesThis is a page about making crochet bangles. This quick crochet jewelry project is perfect for the beginner.


finished project

Making a Crocheted Tiara HeadbandChildren love to play dress-up and wear a pretty tiara. If you crochet you can make this one. This is a page about making a crocheted tiara headband.


child wearing snuggie

Making a Crochet Child's SnuggieYour children will love this warm, cozy handcrafted snuggie. This is a page about making a crochet child's snuggie.


Crocheted Doily

Crocheted DoilyI recently posted a pumpkin made from plastic canvas, and folks have been asking about the doily I "deconstructed". So, with the original gone, I redid it and here is the pattern.


Purple Passion Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Crocheted Ruffled Fingerless GlovesThis is a page about crocheted ruffled fingerless gloves. Including a fancy ruffle on your crocheted fingerless gloves make them more unique and eye-catching.


three small nesting baskets

Crocheted Nesting Baskets in Two VersionsHere is a great way to make some pretty nesting baskets in two ways, each unique and functional.


rectangular finished crochet project made of up hearts and tulip blocks

Crocheting Using Graphs and ChartsThis might look intimidating, but is very easy, using up your stash of scrap yarn. You only need to know how to chain stitch and single crochet.


Crocheted Bunny Nugget

Making a Crocheted Bunny NuggetMake a whole herd of little crochet bunnies for your children to play with, to give as a gift, or as a cute decoration. This is a page about making a crocheted bunny nugget.


Crocheted V-Stitch Dishcloth - finished dishcloth

Crocheted V-Stitch DishclothA feminine and easy dishcloth to use this spring! So quick you'll want to make one in every color.


finished cat mat

Crocheted Cat MatsThis is a project for making crocheted scrap yarn mats for your furrever friend. I am now making these to donate to our local no-kill shelter. Their thrift store is selling them to buy food and such, so I thought I would share this and a challenge.



colorful crocheted coaster

Kitchen Crochet Trio (Magnet, Coasters, and Hotpads)I made three items today for you to enjoy.


Full length old fashioned lace gloves

Old Fashioned Lace GlovesThese are the epitome of feminine! They are deceptively easy and a nice finishing touch for your fancy outfit this summer.


Purple Passion Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Purple Passion Crochet Fingerless GlovesI wanted some feminine, warm, fingerless gloves to accompany the scarf I made my daughter. She loves them.:)


Wrist Length Lace Bridal Gloves

Wrist Length Lace Bridal GlovesDon't let the pictures fool you, these are actually quite easy to make. If you can single and double crochet, you can make these feminine and elegant gloves. What a special gift these would make for a beautiful bride! She can even keep them on when that handsome groom is placing the ring on her finger.


blue crocheted leg warmers

Crocheted Legwarmers for 18 Inch DollsNow your 18 inch dolly will have some stylish legwarmers to wear in dance class! They're so easy you'll want to make her a pair in every color of the rainbow.


Lacy Crocheted Dishcloth - hand holding finished multicolor cloth

Lacy Crocheted DishclothThis is a feminine dishcloth. Using an easy, lacy stitch, you may not want to get it dirty when you're done! These make nice hostess gifts.


Crochet Men's Fingerless Gloves - person wearing gloves using a remote

Crochet Men's Fingerless GlovesThis is a quick, fun, and easy pattern for men's gloves. If you can single and double crochet, you can make these in under 1 hour!


two finished crochet facial rounds

Reusable Crochet Cotton Facial RoundsThese little cuties are perfect for using like a cotton pad for makeup removal. They also work great as little face scrubbies. Just put them in the washer after using. Stop throwing the disposable ones away, go green!


Crocheted Clown Nose

Crocheted Clown NoseThis would make a great party favor! It is quick, easy and fun. Absolutely everyone looks cute in it.


closeup of necklace on mannequin

Easy Peasy Crocheted Chain NecklaceIf you know how to chain and single crochet, you can make this necklace! This is a perfect little project to showcase more expensive yarns. Who can't use another necklace?


Easy Crochet Treble Flower

Easy Crochet Treble FlowerEasy, quick and fun! Glue these onto barrettes, sew onto purses, and hats. They look extra cute with a sparkly button sewn to the center.


Crochet Shell Flower - finished flower

Crochet Shell FlowerThis flower works up quickly and incorporates the feminine shell pattern. It is great for headbands, purses, barrettes, etc.


Crochet Triangle Dishcloth

Making a Crochet Triangle DishclothTry this unusual dishcloth shape when making your next cloth. This is a page about making a crochet triangle dishcloth.


Crochet Triangle Dishcloth

Crochet Triangle DishclothWe can always use a new dishcloth, right? Well here is a quick pattern for one in a different shape than you're used to.


Wrister Fingerless Gloves

Wrister Fingerless GlovesThese would be great for work or school! You need full use of your fingers to write, etc., yet need a little extra warmth and style. If you go fast, you can make a pair in 30 minutes. What an inexpensive yet useful gift these would make.



Fan Patterned Fingerless Gloves

Fan Patterned Fingerless GlovesThese work up quickly, are very inexpensive to make and would be great gifts! The fan pattern is not difficult, and it looks very feminine. Plus your hands will be free to text, put on your lipstick or whatever you need to do!


Bow Style Winter Crochet Headband

Bow Style Winter Crochet HeadbandThis works up in under 2 hours! It has a nice textured stitch, is stylish, and useful. Have fun!


child wearing snuggie

Crochet Child's SnuggieI decided to try and make my daughter a snuggie. This is what I came up with. :) It is a very simple and easily repeatable stitch. She loves it and it keeps her cozy when she is sitting on the couch. Now my other kids want one, I better go get started! This should fit around ages 9-12.


finished scarf

Summer Breeze Infinity ScarfI love crocheting scarves! Just because it isn't winter, doesn't make me want to stop either. :) This is a light and airy cotton scarf that would be a great complement to your outfit even on summer days. You can make it in an hour or less. Have fun!


finished mouse

Crochet Stuffed MouseThis is a nice little addition to anyone who loves mice. And the nice thing is you could make it for just about any season or Holiday just by using different yarn.


young girl wearing the cowl

Fan Pattern Crocheted CowlWell, this is one of my attempts to use up my "winter" yarn stash before spring officially arrives. There's some white left, but it's rapidly melting away and the air is unusually warm. Hopefully there will be a few more cold days sprinkled in there for cowls.


blue and white crochet square

Spring Fling Crochet SquareThis is a fun and versatile pattern. What could you use it for? You could simply make a bunch of these babies and join them to make a blanket. Or, you could make this a centerpiece of your blanket and simply continue adding rounds of double crochet until it is your desired size.


A girl wearing a crocheted beret outside in winter.

Child's Crocheted BeretThis is a warm and stylish beret hat for that cute little girl in your life. The last time I was at Michael's craft store, they had this gorgeous yarn called "Loops and Threads Charisma". With such a pretty mixture of colors, I wanted to show them off with a hat.


finished cozy

Crochet Keychain ChapStick HolderWinter is the season for dry, chapped lips. Why is it though, you can never seem to find your ChapStick, especially when out and about. I decided to make a little "cozy" for mine. It has a loop that easily slides onto your key ring.


hand holding finished flower

Artsy Crochet FlowerThis simple flower would make a great addition to any of your projects, from afghans to hats. Easy and fun!


mustache with measuring tape

Crochet Mustache AppliqueMustaches are so popular right now. I usually don't go for the latest fad, but I have to admit they are charming. Here is a pattern that you can whip up in less than 5 minutes, seriously! Add this to any project, cup cozy, purse, scarf, the sky's the limit.


two completed dishcloths

Turbo Treble DishclothTalk about instant gratification. Yes, you can literally make these colorful dishcloths in 10 minutes. What kitchen wouldn't seem just a teensy bit cozier with a homemade one of these hanging over the faucet? And since they are so quick, you can fill your own kitchen drawer and give some away to your friends.


finished bookmark on white background

Crochet Heart BookmarkWho couldn't use another bookmark? I created this pattern because I needed more bookmarks. I think crocheted hearts are darling, I love being able to put tiny scraps to good use. I also love super quick projects, and I think these would make nice gifts.


wearing two bangles

15 Minute Crochet BanglesIf you love jewelry and you know how to single crochet, then this is the pattern for you. With regular worsted weight yarn and a mere 15 minutes start to finish, you can create a one of a kind bangle bracelet.


young girl wearing cowl

Women's Short and Sweet Crochet CowlThis cowl may be modeled by a "little woman", but it is made for adults. This is a simple and fun project. Big warm scarves are great, but sometimes you want something a bit less overwhelming when you are just out running errands.


side view of husband wearing cowl

Working Man's CowlI made this pattern for my husband. He has to work outside a lot and sometimes in blizzard conditions. He can't have scarf ends in the way of his power tools, so I thought a thick cowl would be better. He agreed!


Barbie's Snowbunny Hat

Barbie's Snowbunny HatYes, Barbie is all ready to hit the slopes with her new puffy hat! In no time flat, you can make a dozen of these cute hats for your little munchkin. My daughter squeals with delight whenever I hand her a new one. Have fun!


Barbie wearing cloak

Barbie's Crocheted Winter CloakIf Barbie looks happy, that's because she's enjoying the warmth and style of her new cloak. With easy double crochet stitches, Barbie can be ready to enjoy the snow in no time!


finished hat and scarf

Barbie Winter SetIt's getting colder folks, even Barbie deserves to be warm. My girls love new Barbie clothes, but they can be ridiculously expensive! If I spend $6 on a piece of clothing, it's going to be for my girls, not their dolls.


finished flower

Sweet Pea Crochet FlowerThis is quick and fun to make! In about 15 minutes, you will have a multi-layered, darling flower to beautify just about anything. I particularly like them on hats and purses. Have fun.


finished gloves

Super Easy Fingerless GlovesQuick, easy and fun to make! I made these in the car on our way to go camping. I wanted something to keep my hands warm. Unless I'm going sledding with the kids, I like the freedom these give you to dial a phone number, text, anything.


blue and white ombre crochet mat with cup and small plate

Saucer and Cup Place MatI often serve just a coffee and small meal so a big place mat isn't practical. I came up with this for one of my year long scrap crafts and thought this might be a good idea for the upcoming holidays.


"Fantasia" Winter Headband

"Fantasia" Winter HeadbandHeadbands are so popular in winter lately! They are a cute addition to keep your ears warm when you don't want to completely ruin your hair with a hat. I created this pattern with a pretty fan stitch design. It gives it a unique look, yet remains quick and super easy.


finished flower

My Favorite Crocheted FlowerThis is my favorite flower to crochet. They look great on hats, headbands, purses, or as barrettes. There are many versions of this pointy petaled bloom online, here is mine. Have fun!


Round Hillbilly Dishcloth

Round Hillbilly DishclothThis is another quick and easy pattern that you can whip up and be proud of. I love the fact that you do not have to weave in any ends, I HATE doing that anyways.


hand holding crochet pear

Crochet PearNo chemicals here, this is a genuine, all natural, organic pear! Please don't eat it though.:)


finished tower

Crochet Hook Storage TowerThis craft just won 3rd place for Crocheted/Other at the State Fair here in Salem. It's a fun craft you can make with any scrap yarn.


closeup of three finished stars with yarn and hooks

Five Point Crochet Picot StarIn looking for examples of 5 pointed stars I found this cute star designed by Leonie Morgan as a Christmas star. It and more lovely crochet items can be found on her website: wool and hook.


Amigurumi Easter Bunny

Making a Amigurumi Easter BunnyAmigurumi is the Japanese style of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals. This is a page about amigurumi crochet craft ideas.


Finished star.

Simple Crochet 5 Point StarHere is one example of how to make a five pointed, crocheted star. This one is based on the instructions posted on this site several years ago. I wanted to give it a try and add some photos of my finished stars.


Finished tissue hat.

Crochet Hat Tissue CoverTo save money on Kleenex when my children were little, for blowing little noses to wiping dribbles and messy fingers, I would substitute toilet tissue. To keep it handy, I came up with this hat to cover the roll.


Wings completed and bow added.

A Trio of Crochet AngelsWith some yarn or thread, you can make some or all of these pretty angels.


Finished bracelet.

Crocheted BraceletYou can create this unique crocheted bracelet to keep or give away.


Smiley Face Door Knob Cover - Finished smiley face.

Smiley Face Door Knob CoverHere is a cute little crochet Smiley to slip over your doorknob. Add a bit of sunshine to your day. It's fast and easy to make. You can also slip it on in a get well card to a friend.


Golden Crocheted Barrette 2

Crocheted Barrette or PinCrocheted with two strands of thread. I liked the sparkly gold with purple. You can use one color or two, but thinner thread will make a smaller project.


Mini Hat Ornament

Craft Project: Mini, Medi, and Maxi Hats...I designed this hat to fit on small dolls and teddies, or to use as ornaments, pins, barrettes, or for wall hangings. You get directions for one, but can make all, the size you want.


Several dish cloths in varying colors.

Cotton Dishcloth and Plarn Table CenterpieceI used one pattern to make a dish cloth and a table centerpiece


Polly Pocket in crochet outfit.

Crocheted Polly Pocket Skirt And TopSkirt and top for Polly Pocket dolls.


Round t-shirt rag rug.

T-Shirt Rag RugUsing old tee shirt scraps I used to make a t-shirt quilt, I made a crocheted rag rug. My rug is 40" in diameter.


Crocheted Plarn Rug

Crocheted Plarn RugThis is a rug we use for muddy shoes. It is easily rinsed clean and drip dried.


Crocheted flower.

Crocheted FlowerThis crocheted flower looks so intricate, but is so quick to crochet.


stuffed bunny in basket

Crocheted Easter BasketA handmade Easter basket. Instructions for two sizes. Read all instructions through before beginning. I got my plastic canvas round at Michaels. Always pull your slipstitches tight. Beginning chains DO NOT count as a stitch throughout.


Crocheted Ice Cream Cone Pin

Crocheted Ice Cream Cone PinA delightful pin or magnet made of single crochets that looks good enough to eat!


Red dress crocheted pin.

Crocheted Red Dress PinThis Red Dress pin is to wear to remind people February is Women's Heart Health month.


Crocheted Heart Garland

Crocheted Heart GarlandValentine's Day Garland for decorating your home or classroom.


pink crochet rose

Crocheted RosesThis craft is perfect for Valentine's Day (instead of real roses which are expensive) or could be used as accessories, or to decorate anything.


three photos of individual flowers and bouquet

Valentine's Day BouquetMake use of those old bud vases, and make somebody's Valentine's Day a happy one. This is especially nice for those loved ones that are housebound. Make 1 or more.


Cute yellow teddy face pin.

Crocheted Teddy Bear PinsCrocheted pin with a face and ears. From hook, chain 4 and make 9 double crochets in the first chain from hook, join with slip stitch.This makes you have 10 double crochets in the circle.


Crocheted hair bow with ribbon trim.

Crocheted Holiday Hair BowCrocheted and decorated holiday hair bow, or a wall hanging!


Crocheted Dress Towel Hanger

Crocheted Dress Towel HangerChain 27, join as a circle. Chain 3 and turn. Row 1: Make 2 double crochets in each of the stitches, for a total of 54 around.


Crochet rag seat cover.

Crocheted Seat CoverThis is a stool seat cover I made using leftovers from my rag rugs.


Crocheted placemats in Fall colors.

Cheerful Fall PlacematsThese placemats will be perfect from September to November. The bright clean fall colors will go great with any natural centerpieces or you can find beautiful silk mums and fall leaves this time of year.


Crayon and pencil holder.

Crochet School Clown HolderThis cute little vintage clown hangs on the wall and holds a ruler, crayons and pencils. Handy and decorative. The little ones will love him.


White lacy crochet gloves.

Crocheted Fingerless GlovesThese gloves would be great for any romantic dinner. They are a long glove that should hit right between the elbow and wrist. Ladylike gloves are making a big come back right now. These also could be made for a wedding or prom.


cute crochet gingerbread house

Crochet Gingerbread HouseThis project is a scrap yarn project. You need very little yarn to complete this project maybe an ounce of the main color and just scraps of the white yarn.


Tree ornament.

Crocheted Victorian TreeHere is another ornament I made and didn't sell. This one is a crocheted Victorian tree. As most of you know, Americana is tan, burgundy, and navy. Well, Victorian is tan, burgundy, and hunter green.


Shamrock Lapel Pin

Shamrock Lapel PinNeed a shamrock to show your Irish pride or to keep from getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day?


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