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Enchanting Flower Fairies - fairies sitting next to each other

Enchanting Flower FairiesWe decided to create flower fairy costumes. We decided to do two different flowers, a Purple Daisy Fairy and a Yellow Sunflower Fairy. We wanted to make beautiful enchanted costumes so we would look like we were part of the Enchanted Forest!


Claw Machine with Stuffed Animal Costumes - dogs in costume in the machine

Claw Machine with Stuffed Animal CostumesPhoenix and Gryphon are cuddly stuffed animals inside a giant claw machine, like the ones you see at arcades. Phoenix is a stuffed polar bear and Gryphon is a stuffed lion. We're sure anyone would want to win these adorable stuffed animals!


Labyrinth Movie Costumes - finished scene

Labyrinth Movie CostumesPhoenix and Gryphon are dressed as characters from the classic Jim Henson movieLabyrinth, in a tribute to the late great David Bowie. Gryphon is dressed as David Bowie's character Jareth, the Goblin King. Phoenix is wearing an illusion costume so that he is taking on the role of two of the characters, both the girl Sarah and the baby Toby.


Ice Phoenix Costumes - two women wearing the costumes

Ice Phoenix CostumesWe dressed up as Ice Phoenixes, which are a twist on the traditional phoenix. The mythical phoenix is typically known to have the power of fire, and be a fiery bird in shades of orange, red, and gold. There is, however, a more rare type of phoenix that has the power of ice, known as the Ice Phoenix.


Colorful Box of Crayons Costume

Colorful Box of Crayons CostumePhoenix and Gryphon are the green and blue crayons in a giant box of Canineyola Crayons, ready to fill your Halloween with color.


Witch Doctor and Shrunken Head Costumes - finished witch doctor and shrunken head

Witch Doctor and Shrunken Head CostumesGryphon, the witch doctor, donned his creepy cloak with bands of leather. Gryphon, the witch doctor, wore a headpiece of bones and feathers. Then, Gryphon, the witch doctor, put Phoenix in a cauldron on the table. He told him, Ooo, ee, oo ah ah. Ting tang, walla walla bing bang!. This is what he said. He put a bone with braids through Phoenix's nose. And then he shrunk his head!


A dog dressed as Medusa and another dressed as a soldier being turned to stone.

Medusa Turning a Soldier to Stone CostumesPhoenix and Gryphon are dressed up as a classic Greek myth. Phoenix is Medusa, a terrifying Gorgon monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair, known for her power to turn onlookers to stone. Gryphon is the soldier who attempted to defeat Medusa, but despite his best efforts, was turned to stone by Medusa's deathly gaze.


Outer Space Princess Riding Shooting Star Illusion Costumes - facing each other

Outer Space Princess Riding Shooting Star Illusion CostumesThese costumes are outer space princesses riding shooting stars into the sky. They are our imaginative take on a starry creature we invented. These are illusion costumes, in that they have fake legs which look like they are riding the shooting stars, which are actually our real legs.


Snow White and the Undead Dwarves - Snow White being attacked by zombie dwarves

Snow White and the Undead DwarvesI love taking regular Halloween costumes and giving their storyline a bit of a twist. This year, the narrative of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves met a terrifying zombie apocalypse. The dwarves turned first, then got ahold of Snow. Obviously, it's a bit of a cute joke costume as I used little plush dwarf dolls for the planned attack.


Fancy Costume Wand - child's hand holding the lavender wand

Fancy Costume WandNeed a comfortable Halloween costume for your daughter to wear to school? You can make a soft crown paired with this wand and any dress of your choice for a princess/fairy inspired costume.


DIY Stitches Choker Necklace - necklace on woman's neck

DIY Stitches Choker NecklaceThis is a very easy to make choker that looks like stitches. This is perfect for a costume like, The Bride of Frankenstein or Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. All you need is some hot glue and black paint.


Boy's Dragon Halloween Costume - young boy wearing the costume, viewed from the back to see head scale spikes, wings, and tail

Boy's Dragon Halloween CostumeInspired by my kids' favorite book, they both decided they wanted to be dragons for Halloween. Here is my take and twist on a boy version of a dragon costume.


Little Shop of Horrors Costumes - dog dressed up as plant and one as Seymour

Little Shop of Horrors CostumesEverybody better beware! The Little Shop of Horrors is open for business. Gryphon is playing the part of Seymour, the young florist shop clerk who stumbles upon a very unusual plant, which he names Audrey II. Phoenix plays Audrey II, the man eating plant from outer space who is out for blood. Seymour is feeding drops of blood from his finger into Audrey II's gaping toothy mouth.


Fortune Teller Costume - woman dressed as a fortune teller with drapes and other decorations

Fortune Teller CostumeI put this fortune teller costume together with things I already had. It's not a store bought costume. It got great reviews! To start, I gathered up all jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Mini Witch Hat Headband - young woman wearing the mini witch hat

Mini Witch Hat HeadbandI love dainty little costume hats. I think it's nice to just have a touch of a costume when you don't want to go all out. This little witch hat is made of craft paper, fruit netting, and ribbon, then taped onto a headband. I painted my craft paper black. Alternatively, you could use black craft paper.



Blowing Fire Costume Accessory - finished fire accessories

Fire Breathing Costume AccessoryAfter completing my kid's dragon costumes, they both mentioned they would like to be able to blow fire!


Toddler Girl's Dragon Halloween Costume - young girl dressed as a dragon

Toddler Girl's Dragon Halloween CostumeInspired by my kids' favorite book, they both decided they wanted to be dragons for Halloween. Here is my take and twist on a toddler girl version of a dragon.


Easy Burglar Costume  - burglar and her dog

Easy Burglar CostumeMy daughter wanted to be a burglar for Halloween and we were able to put together this costume for under $10.


Gilligan's Island Costume
with Wearable
SS Minnow Boat

Gilligan's Island Costume with Wearable SS Minnow BoatMy son wanted to be Gilligan from the TV show Gilligan's Island. I was able to find all of his costume pieces online, but he really wanted to have a Minnow too. I made him a Minnow that he could wear while he trick-or-treated. It was a huge hit and he still enjoys playing with it at home.


Halloween Taco Accessories for Adults - hat and hair clip taco accessories for adult Halloween "costumes"

Halloween Taco Accessories for AdultsNot quite a fan of wearing a Halloween costume as an adult, but want to somewhat be in the Halloween spirit?


Unicorn Halloween Costume - headband and tail

Unicorn Halloween CostumeMake this cute and inexpensive unicorn Halloween costume for less than $5. This costume could double as a birthday outfit, to wear to attend any unicorn themed parties, or as your kid's dress up/play pretend outfit.


Raven Masquerade Costume - raven woman

Raven Masquerade CostumeYou can make your own fabulous raven masquerade costume for fractions upon fractions of what you'd have to pay for one in a specialty costume shop. I added a boa and feathers onto long black gloves, onto some fabric, and spruced up a cheap 99 cent store mask. It's so rewarding to make your own costume.


Last Minute Spider Face Mask - spider mask

Last Minute Spider Face MaskDo you still need a last minute and easy costume? I made this spider mask since it was requested I wear something too while taking the kids trick or treating around the block.


Kid to Toddler Shark Halloween Costume

Converting a Shark Halloween CostumeLast year, I made a shark jacket costume. Fast forward to this new year, I was able to revamp the shark costume to suit my toddler. She wants to be a shark for Halloween inspired by her current favorite song Baby Shark.


Spiderweb Necklace - closeup of woman wearing the necklace

Spiderweb NecklaceI've always been intrigued by the beauty of spiderwebs. I don't find them creepy or gross, but if you do, Halloween is a good time to have them around! This necklace is super easy to make. I made mine cover my entire neck to wear with a long black dress. You can adjust the vertical measurements to make yours shorter.


Bloody Choker Necklace - necklace in woman's neck

Bloody Choker NecklaceApologies if this is creepy, but I just adore overly dramatic Halloween costume pieces! I've seen similar chokers for sale for $15, and this cost me no more than 50 cents in supplies. Here's how to make one yourself.


Plastic Bottle Tiara - closeup of the tiara

Plastic Bottle TiaraOne of my nieces wants to be a princess for Halloween, so a princess she shall be. Okay, a pennies-on-the-dollar Attosa princess. (Side note: I was named after a princess, so I think you should trust me with this craft!) I took an empty 2-liter bottle, dazzled it with glitter, and cut it to shape.


Tulle Masquerade Mask - woman wearing the mask

Tulle Masquerade MaskYou can make a beautiful sheer masquerade mask using tulle, puffy paint, and some glitter. Use the mask template I've provided and get creative with your design. This is a fun craft for all ages.


A red fairy costume with wings and a flower crown.

Red Fairy CostumeRecently, I had the opportunity to attend Fairieworlds, which takes place not too far from my home. It is an all-ages art and music festival where everyone is encouraged to dress up. I put together this outfit from a dress I already had and maybe $10 of dollar store craft items. I felt very cute and comfortable the entire afternoon.


Lego Brick Halloween Costumes = two young boys wearing Lego costumes

Lego Brick Halloween CostumesWe had to get creative this year for Halloween costumes. These were very simple to make. Using a hot glue gun, attach small butter bowls to a cardboard box. Cut out holes for your arms. Spray paint and you are done.



"Up" Old Man Halloween Costume - young boy in PVC pipe walker

"Up" Old Man Halloween CostumeMy son was the old man from the movie "Up" when he was 16 months old. It was a fairly simple costume to put together. I was really happy with the results.


Strawberry Halloween Costume - gir wearing finished costume

Strawberry Halloween CostumeI saw this on you tube. I thought it was really cute and easy.


A dalmation puppy costume for a baby, with a onesie, a tutu and a headband with ears.

Baby Girl Puppy Halloween CostumeThis is a cute and comfortable Halloween costume for a baby. It is a baby girl puppy and to make it extra girly, there is an optional tulle skirt and the ears are a headband.


Shark Costume - front view of costume showing teeth and white felt belly

Shark CostumeIt could be cold while trick or treating or going to the pumpkin patch. With this shark costume, you're essentially using any gray sweater your child owns and some felt - very inexpensive and perhaps even using items you may already own at home! Preferably use a sweater that your child is about to outgrow.


A black cape with the colored The Flash logo in the center.

Flash Superhero Cape for HalloweenThe Halloween costumes in stores are hard for toddlers to take off while at school, or not as comfortable to be worn all day at school. This is an easy, comfortable, and inexpensive Superhero Flash cape costume.


Bubble Gum Machine Costume - finished costume

Bubble Gum Machine CostumeMake a bubble gum machine outfit for Halloween.


Felt Kitty Ears

Felt Kitty EarsMy daughter wanted to be a kitty along with her baby brother for Halloween this year. So I decided to make felt kitty costumes for them. The ears turned out really cute and were easily customizable.


Felt Kitty Tail and Paws

Felt Kitty Tail and PawsTwo of my kids went at kitties for Halloween this year. To go with their ears, I made these easy tails and paws to complete their costumes.


No-Sew Felt Mouse Ears

No-Sew Felt Mouse EarsWe were in need of some last minute costumes this year. One of the ones I made were these no-sew mouse ears.


ice princess

Ice Princess CostumeA pretty, glittery costume for your favorite girl. It's easy to make and economical. I made it in white, but you could make it any color you want.


child wearing costume

Dalmation Halloween CostumeMy son won a prize for this costume. It is very easy to make and costs very little.


Pop Star Microphone

Making a Pop Star MicrophoneMy daughter wanted to be a Pop Star for Halloween. She had all of the clothes for it but wanted to have a microphone. So I decided to make one for her.


baby in costume

Shark Attack Baby CostumeThis is a cute costume idea for an infant. Not only does it work as a costume but as a blanket as well.


Boy Dressed as Doom Shroom

Halloween Costume: Doom Shroom (Plants...At the last minute, my son decided he wanted to change costume ideas and be a Doom Shroom from the game Plants vs Zombies. So with some quick thinking between my wife and I, we were able to put together a pretty decent costume.


Two Little Girls in Nerds Box Costume Next to Wonka

Halloween Costume: Nerds Candy and Mr...These are some nerdy Nerds. They asked to be nerds, I asked what kind, and turns out they wanted to be the candy kind, but also be nerdy about it. They are accompanied by Mr. Wonka and a rat terrier Ompa Loompa.



man with Devil horns and fangs

Making a Homemade Devil CostumeI wanted a devil costume that didn't require wearing makeup. So, I put this homemade costume together for a Halloween party a couple of years ago. It is very versatile and I was even able to wear it to work.


Little girl dressed as a chicken sitting on the front porch.

Halloween Costume: ChickenThis costume was got so much attention. I was so glad I went through the effort in making a handmade costume. Most of what I do is just trial and error so don't be afraid to try.


Front of costume.

Halloween Costume: Frog PrinceCut a large white circle from the felt and stick on the front of the onesie/jumper as the belly of the frog. Cut gold circles from the gold [border] paper and use double-sided sticky tape OR hot glue to scatter on the green part of the frog's body.


child's ladybug costume

Halloween Costume: Little Lady BugFirst, cut parallel to the 8.5 inch side of the black adhesive-backed felt in 4 or more strips. Then, horizontally stick the black felt strips to the front of the red leotard.


closeup of costume

Halloween Costume: Hungarian GirlMy granddaughter needed a Hungarian outfit for her heritage presentation at school. Thrift store here I come. I used a Hungarian doll my mother-in-law gave to my daughter when she was about 6 as a pattern for the design.


Halloween Costume: Robot

Halloween Costume: RobotThe body and head are made from cardboard boxes then wrapped with art paper to make the silver chrome paint more metallic. Head has a construction helmet, making the inside fitted to head.


young girl dressed as tooth fairy

Halloween Costume: Tooth FairyI made this costume for my daughter when she was in kindergarten. I always try to create costumes with great ideas and little money. The main dress was purchased as small pieces of shiny fabric from Walmart, depending on the size of your child.


A couple as a salt and pepper shaker

Halloween Couples Costume: Salt and Pepper...My husband and I went as salt and pepper shakers a few years back and won first prize. This costume is so easy to make and cost little. I know you can buy these but why would you when half the fun is creating it!


child in costume

Super Mario Brothers CostumeWhat gamer doesn't love the Mario Brothers? Turn your kid into one or the other of these lovable little plumbers for Halloween. The costume is warm, comfortable, and can be made reflective with the addition of some reflective tape.


Duct Tape Superhero CostumesMaking costumes can be a lot easier if you use duct tape. There are two ways I like: Make fabric out of duct tape and then make a costume like you normally would.


Starbucks Coffee Costume

Starbucks Coffee CostumeThis idea came to me because I admit, I love coffee. So much in fact, that I turned into one. I bought a very lightweight garbage can from the hardware store. It came with a lid.


toddler in cow costume

Halloween: "A Cow Says Moo" CostumeTake a man's size large crew neck white tee shirt. Take pants and shirt that fit your toddler and lay them out on the shirt. Cutout around the pants and shirt 1 inch larger. Cut out large "spots" from black fabric.


boy dressed as a truck

Halloween Log Truck CostumeWe cut the stake body out of a photocopier paper box and spray painted it black. For the logs, we cut foam swimming pool noodles down to size and 'strapped' them in with a length of duct tape. We used a pair of suspenders to hold the box onto our son's back.


Girl wearing a hermit crab costume.

Halloween: Hermit Crab CostumeCut 8 - 3 1/4 inch strips of red felt, the length of the child's arms. Taper at ends, sew two pieces together to make tubes and stuff. There should be 4 arms total, two for each side. Stitch in 3 joints in each arm.


little girl wearing the costume

Fall Fairy CostumeMeasure child's waist and cut a ribbon 3x that measurement. Make a mark in the middle, this will be the center of the waistband. From that point, measure half the waist measurement on each side. Tie knots to mark end of waist.


A Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume

Playing Card CostumeCreative, crafty and inexpensive Halloween costume! Could not have cost more than $10 per person for all. My son and his friends decided they wanted to be playing cards for Halloween. Here is how we made it happen.


Guilmon costume

Guilmon (Digimon) CostumeI purchased 4 yards of red felt, 1 yard of black felt, 1 yard of white felt, and 1 yard of grey felt as well as some foam. I also got some elastic (for the waist) and sat down to try to figure it out, without a pattern....


little mermaid in bathtub

Halloween: Mermaid CostumeArrange seashells to bust of dress and glue accordingly. Outline with sequined trim. Sketch tail outline on cardboard and cut. Cover with old pillowcase. Outline with sequined trim.


Eyeball Costume

The Eye Balls Have It CostumeTo make this costume, start with a white kitchen trash bag. Cut a hole at the top for the child's head and one on either side for their arms. For the pupil, we hot glued a paper plate painted black to the center of the front side of the trash bag.


Slice of Pizza Costume

Slice of Pizza Halloween CostumeUsing dark-yellow felt, measure length and width of child, you want the slice to come out a little bit beyond the shoulders and below the crotch. Cut 2 triangles.


Halloween: Captured by Frank CostumeThis costume was so much fun to make and pretty easy too. All I did was, I bought a Styrofoam head from the local costume shop as well as the Frankenstein mask and green hands. I went to our local thrift shop and bought a small man's suit in black.


Girl in Strawberry Costume

Halloween: Strawberry CostumeUsing red felt, measure the length and width of the child, cut out a strawberry (2 layers). Sew the shoulders together leaving a hole large enough for the child's head


Brown Eyed Susan Costume For A Dog

Halloween: Brown Eyed Susan Garden Dog CostumeI am a sewer, not professional but you should have some machine sewing experience to make this costume. Our dog is only 6 1/2 pounds so you will have to adjust the pattern for your size dog. Measure around the widest part of the body and also the length of the back area.


family dresses as sandwiches

Peanut Butter and Jelly Family CostumeWe took two pillowcases and cut head and arm holes in them for the peanut butter and jelly. We used plastic coffee can lids for the top of the jar and tied it on like a hat.


Diagram of costume.

Homemade Skeleton CostumeTo make a skeleton costume for pennies, use a plain black shirt or sweatshirt and black pants. You might have one or both, or be able to find them very inexpensively at a thrift store.


Charlie Brown Costume

Charlie Brown CostumeOur little boy doesn't have much hair, and we love the Charlie Brown holiday specials, so it was a natural fit for a cheap and easy Halloween costume.


Triceratops Costume

Triceratops CostumeThis Halloween I did not prepare a costume in advance, planning on not dressing up this year. So at the last minute , I decided to throw something together.


Cat Nose and Ears for Halloween

Easy Cat Nose and EarsNeed a quick and easy Halloween Costume? How about an easy cat nose and ears. Meow!


Easy Witch Costume

Easy Witch CostumeThis is a picture of my niece, Tehra (a few years back), in her homemade witch's costume. That particular year, she needed a Halloween costume, but money was tight, so my mom and I made her this costume at a cost of probably $2 or so!


Front view of costume.

Letter to Grandma CostumeMy daughter, Mackenzie didn't want to be "just like everyone else for Halloween". So, I let her pick...we went to my fabric cabinet and she said "Mom, I want to be a "letter".


Boy in deviled egg costume.

Homemade "Deviled Egg" CostumeI made this costume in about an hour. I already had the devil horns, tail, and pitchfork. The egg is made from an old sheet, yellow craft foam, 2 hangers, some hot glue, and very little sewing.


Little girl dressed as a flower garden.

Flower Garden CostumeI needed a fast and inexpensive Halloween costume and my daughter wanted to be a 'flower garden'. So off to the thrift store we went, where we bought a green adult size M sweatshirt, which I cut at the sleeves. And some green stretch pants.


Fairy WandHere is an easy wand to make for a Halloween costume.


Beaded Tiara

Terrific Beaded TiaraMake a beautiful beaded tiara for your little princess.


Magic wand.

Beaded Magic WandInstructions for making a beaded magic wand.



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