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A fruit basket with apples and grapes.

Alternatives to Sympathy FlowersFlowers are the traditional gift for a funeral or to give in sympathy for the death of a loved one. Many people prefer to give a more practical and helpful gift whereas others opt for something more sentimental and long lasting.


A woman delivering a shopping basket full of groceries to a neighbor.

Helping People During the PandemicBe aware of your neighbors and their possible needs during this time when all people can not safely move about freely. There are many ways we can help others.


A man holding out money from his wallet.

Reporting a Business That Doesn't Have a Permit?Business permits are required in most places for any sort of commerical transactions. Food businesses often have much stricter guidelines to ensure food safety.


Red book on a park bench.

BookCrossing ReviewsThis page contains BookCrossing reviews. The idea is to label books that you are finished reading with a BookCrossing label, then leave them out for someone else to pick up and enjoy. The new reader can enter the label information into the website and you can see where your book travels to as its lended over and over. Think of it as a worldwide lending library.


Adult handing a small flower to a child.

Sharing Your BlessingsTake a look around you. There may be people very close that you may be able help. This is about sharing your blessings.


Faded red sun hat with a red bow.

Starting a Red Hat Society Chapter?Originally begun as a social group for women 50 and over it is now open to women of all ages. To start a chapter go to their the official website. This is a page about starting a Red Hat Society chapter.


Dog tag saying Thank You Veterans

What is the difference between the American Legion and the VFW?This is a page about what is the difference between the American Legion and the VFW. The ability to join either the American Legion or VFW, is dependent on where and when you served in the military. Additionally, Merchant Marines can join the American Legion but not the VFW. Here is more detailed information about the criteria for joining both.


woman sitting outside small shop

Supporting Local Stores at ChristmasThis is a page about supporting local stores at Christmas. You can help your community be prosperous by doing your holiday purchasing in neighborhood stores.


parents and newborn

Helping a Family with a NewbornThis is a page about helping a family with a newborn. There are a number of ways you can assist and show new parents that you care.


young medical professional holding sign- Blood Donors Wanted

Donating BloodThis is a page about donating blood. Donating blood is one way you can help others. There is always a need for donations, especially during times of emergency.


A blind woman sitting on a bench.

Interacting With Blind PeopleThis is a page about interacting with blind people. Many of us are uncomfortable around the blind. Perhaps we are unsure of how to interact, what to do and not to do, how to keep from offending.


Global Understanding Day

Global Understanding DayThis is a page about global understanding day. The world is getting relatively smaller every day. It is no longer possible to ignore the many other people and cultures that share our home planet. Understanding, empathy, and respect can go a long way to creating a global view.


A math teach writing on a chalk board.

Teacher PoemsThis is a page about teacher poems. Finding or creating prose to show your appreciation to a favorite teacher can be fun.



Cigarette Smoke Odors From NeighborsThis page is about cigarette smoke odors from neighbors. A very bothersome and possibly health threatening situation can develop when cigarette smoke invades your home.


A search and rescue worker during a natural disaster.

Helping During a National EmergencyThis page is about finding ways to help during a national emergency. During a national emergency we want to be able to contribute in a meaningful way.



Two couples, who are neighbors, talking.

Getting to Know Your NeighborsThis is a page about getting to know your neighbors. With our busy schedules many of us do not get to know our neighbors very well. In the process we are probably missing a great opportunity for community, friendship, and support in times of need.


Voting Booths

Voting InformationThis page contains voting information. To be a participating voter you need to be registered, know the issues and candidates, as well as, know where your ballot is to be cast.


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Neighbors Cutting Firewood?I have two sets of neighbors who have taken 7 years worth of firewood and landscaping rocks off our property. They both heat their houses with wood 100%. We also suspect they have also sold or traded the lumber to others. One is a family and the other is their older parents.


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Writing the White House?I have tried writing the White House 3 times without a response. Maybe I have the wrong address? LOL. Any helpful hints? Thanks.


City With Elevated Lightrail

Good Places to Live Without a Car?This is a page about places to live without a car. Some small towns and urban areas are very pedestrian and mass transit friendly.


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Helping Out in Disasters When You Can't be ThereIt is so sad to see all these people in those areas that have been devastated by natural disasters. I wish I could actually be there picking up things and handing out needed supplies. I, of course, do not have the time or the means to help that way.


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Name Ideas for an Educational Trust?I am from Gulbarga Karnata. I would like to get suggestions of perhaps, 3 to 5 name ideas for an educational trust we are establishing to provide school funding.


Couple Choosing a Neighborhood

Choosing a NeighborhoodThis is a page about choosing a neighborhood. When choosing a neighborhood where you want live, there are some considerations to keep in mind that can help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.


Photo of young volunteers.

Volunteering in Your CommunityThis is a page about volunteering in your community. Volunteering in your community is a good way to help others and feel good about yourself as well.


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Setting Up a Community Watch Group?Our community has now started a community watch group and I am responsible for getting everyone's info onto the least amount of paperwork possible. We are including names of both household residents, address, home phone, cell phone, and email address.


Hungry children sitting with empty bowls.

Poverty as a Challenge?I want a roleplay based story which has a solution to the problem of poverty. Someone please help me.


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Creating an Office Fund?What is the best way to collect money in a large office (200 employees) for things like the deaths, illnesses, etc.? Sometimes we give them the money collected with a card or buy a floral arrangement.


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Parent's Level of Involvement in Cub Scouts?Is the Cub Scouts organization for boys always a father/son interaction? My little 7yr old grandson is joining with his dad and wants to have his dad there each time and have it not just be the group of boys only. His dad wants to be involved each time too.


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How Do I Start and Arts and Crafts Club?I would like to start a arts and craft club. I don't have a lot of money to buy a bunch of supplies. Even if it was to meet once a month I could afford buying supplies for a craft a month. I like to teach, so any ideas? Thanks.


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Activities for Celebrating the International Day of the Disabled Patient?I am from Prince Sultan Humanitarian City of KSA. I need your kind help regarding the International Day of the Disabled Patient. We are going to celebrate on December 3 2010. Do you have some new activities or ideas which can help us on this day?



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Ideas for Community Service Activities?Every 2nd Saturday our church youth gathers together for some kind of activity (usually games) and bible study. I have signed up to organize the December event and what I want to do is some kind of community service.


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Writing a Brief Community Service Congratulatory Speech?I need help with a short sentence congratulating a person receiving a community service award.


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Recycle Magazines at Nursing HomesGive back to the community, Instead of throwing away your old magazines, bundle them up and take them to a nursing, senior citizen or rest home. I have done this every so often and it is much appreciated by the residents.


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Get Tips From Locals Through FreecycleWith having my boyfriend in the military and recently moving to a new city, we were looking for frugal (but fun) activities. I joined the local Freecycle network and got tips and ideas from local residents.


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Please Leave ThriftyFun FeedbackI think it's wonderful how many people get on here and send in these wonderful crafts, recipes, photos and tips. Please let's encourage everyone to leave feedback to these entries.


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Share Your "Buy One Get One Free" PurchasesIf you take advantage of the buy one get one free option offered in some stores, why not think about sharing the second one with an elderly neighbor trying to live on a fixed income, or the family down the street who's trying to make it on unemployment through job loss?


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Information About 4H?I was sort of surprised to see -0- records returned in my search for 4H! My neighbor is a 4H Craft Lady and I went to their potluck last night as a guest! It was great! I would like to find 4H info, crafts, tips, and ideas. Thanks!


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Donating Books To SoldiersThe following address will get books to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in Afghanistan.


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Spirit Team Ideas For Singing Group?My singing group has started a "Spirit Team" and we need ideas to boost morale.


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When Does Daylight Saving Fall Back In 2007?Does any one know when we have the daylight saving switch again in 2007? I know it started at a different time earlier this year, but when does it end?


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Use Church Bulletins for Free AdsIf your church issues a monthly church bulletin to each of it's members, utilize it. A local pal put an free ad in it for 'Free Firewood' thinking she might have a couple of people show up for it.


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How Do I Contact A ThriftyFun Member?I'd like to write a message to one of the members, how can I find her? She lives in my town!


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Products Being Thrown in the GarbageI want everyone out there to know this... I am also going to try to contact the main company office. I was in Big Lots yesterday when a clerk was marking a whole cart of name brand tooth paste and throwing them into another cart.


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Getting Parents Involved With Our Cadet Corp?I am the Cadet Liaison for my daughter's Cadet Corp and parent involvement is sadly lacking. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the parents more involved?


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Starting a Food Co-op?How do I go about starting a Food Co-op?



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School Fundraising in a Rural Community?My name is Marnae, and I attend a tiny high-school. When I say tiny, I'm not exaggerating. We have a student body of 22 kids, from grades 7-12. In some ways, we don't have very many opportunities or options.


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Snowbound!It was the heart of winter. A raging blizzard left the white stuff piled 30 inches deep - and deeper where wind had blown it into drifts. We were stranded in our mountain cabin for days. But with schools and businesses all closed due to the storm, where would we go even if we could have left?


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"Soldier of mine"-PoemI found this poem in a local T.V guide at our grocery store and wanted to share it with all of you. The author is Kelle-Irene Marie Carter. She wrote it for Sgt. David Wheeler who is stationed in Iraq...


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Create a Helpful Neighbor GroupCheck around and see who in the area is interested. This is what it could include: if you are going grocery shopping, ask the neighbor if they need a few things.


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Helping Families on a BudgetI've done this for a number of years and due to our recent national disasters, it has seemed even more important (especially considering the cost of gas!) EVERY Sunday I subscribe to 2 copies of our local newspaper. Usually they are filled with little "booklets" of manufacturer's coupons. Now I have 2 sets.


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