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Identifying a Tan Bug - gray tan bug

Identifying a Tan BugDoes anyone know what kind of bug this is found if in my moms car.


A faucet with white streaks.

Painting Bathroom FixturesYou will need a paint that adheres to metal to paint metal fixtures. You may want to ask a auto body shop for some assistance.


A seam being sewed on a machine.

Sewing Machine Stitches Too LooseIt is very frustrating to have your machine making stitches that are too loose. Typically this can be corrected by resetting the tension. For other ideas to help correct this issue read on.


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Lime Stuck in the ToiletMy kid flushed a lime down the toilet. The toilet flushes, but does not go down in a hurry. I have not had to use the toilet yet since this happened, but I assume when I do it is just going to add to the drain issue. I have tried plunging, but nothing. I have put a snake down and it is not coming out that way. Is there something I can use to break this up so that it will go down?


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Poop and Urine Odor Coming from ToiletI am smelling poop and urine coming from the toilet stool. I have cleaned repeatedly and changed the bowl wax. The smell is still there! I have used Liquid Fire, baking soda, ammonia, and other cleaners and chemicals to remove the odor, but I can still smell the odor in the hallway and the next room.


Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown and Falling - tree in the yard

Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown and FallingThe tree was in great health. The flowers bloomed, then one day I noticed all the flowers looked like they were eaten. Shortly after that the leaves started to turn brown and fall. It looks like a fungus on the underside of the leaves. What can I treat it with? Will I still get some fruit? I was so proud of my tree because I started it from seed.


Identifying Weird Grey Balls Under the Boiler

Identifying Weird Grey Balls Under the BoilerI was doing some painting around the house when I got to the boiler room and noticed a lot of grey balls under the boiler and I was wondering if they were spider eggs or something. I tried going to sites to identify them, but nothing was shown. I really hope someone can tell me what they are as I'm having trouble reaching them to get rid of them.


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Installing a Needle in a Brother Sewing MachineI have a Brother sewing machine cs6000i. I cannot get a new needle installed. The clamp/screw does not hold it in place. I have spent hours trying everything I could think of. I have only had it 4 months!


Replacing a Jump Ring - suppies

Replacing a Jump Ring on JewelryDon't throw out your broken jewelry. It is easy to replace a broken jump ring. Let us show you how.


Protection from the Birds and the Sun - garden area with tarp sun protection and netting on sides to keep birds out

Protection from the Birds and the SunWe added a conduit metal frame with side "curtains" and a "roof" to our grow box to prevent birds from attacking our plants and to prevent the sun from attacking our plants. It works well here in sunny Arizona where temperatures get up to 115 to 120 degrees in the summer.


A mini greenhouse made from a plastic bottle.

Mini GreenhouseYou can cut a water bottle or if you need a larger greenhouse a gallon water jug. Cover your plant to get them stronger before planting.


Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden Planter - rock lined narrow planter with a tipped yellow wheelbarrow cascading soil and coleus into the coleus planted bed

Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden PlanterHere is a "spilling wheelbarrow" I made, using coleus. It was easy to make and can be used for years.


Shirt Collars and Plackets Fading - faded area around the neck band on a blue tee-shirt

Shirt Collars and Plackets FadingMy shirt plackets and collars are fading or bleaching. Why is this happening and what can I do to stop it in the future?


Turnip Blooms Attracting Honey Bees - yellow turnip flowers

Turnip Blooms Attracting Honey BeesI'm glad we left the turnip salad in the garden. It is in full bloom now and on the warm days, the honey bees are loving it.


Thread Knotting Up in Bobbin Case - tangle of thread

Thread Knotting Up in Bobbin CaseI've just picked up sewing and I've hit a snag. I don't know why all these threads are coming up from under the bobbin area! I think the top thread is getting stuck in the bobbin casing somehow and none of the stitches are sticking. It's all coming undone.



Living Succulent Pine Cone Decor - sitting version

DIY Living Succulent Pine Cone DecorIf you have access to pine cones and succulents, combine them to make these pretty decorations. A succulent needs little water so can survive a long time with occasional misting.


Grow New African Violets and Succulents from Cuttings - closeup of a violet let with new growth

Grow New African Violets and Succulents from CuttingsI have seen these tips on the internet, and had not had a chance to try it till now. A friend gave me one African violet leaf after my AV had sadly died because I didn't understand how to keep it happy. Another friend gave me a sage plant leaf.


Succulent Plant Starter - bottle with leaves in place

Making a Succulent Plant StarterThose of us who grow succulents know that it is generally easy to start new plants from cuttings. This recycled soda bottle succulent plant starter is designed to also focus on starting new plants from individual leaves. The easy to follow instructions appear below.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income HomeownersHow can I get get help on getting a roof on my house? I'm low income.


Custom Bathroom Door Design - painted bathroom door

Custom Bathroom Door DesignWith an outdoor bathing space you can add a bathroom door with a custom design. Acrylic paint and wooden slats turned this framed plastic panel into a work of art.


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Reasons for Excessive Fuel ConsumptionI have Mercedes Benz C180. I just discovered of recent that the car is excessively consuming fuel.


Two cat pictures in frames.

Hanging Un-level Wall ArtI recently bought two wooden cat pictures. They were the exact same size, but I wanted them to be glued together in a staggered manner. So I got out the wood glue and went to town.


Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby ShoesI'm expecting my first grandchild, a girl, in May. I saved most of my daughter's baby things and now want to give them to her as an heirloom gift for her daughter. I'm washing the clothes using a good strategy, but am stuck as to what to do with the leather baby zip and walking boots, as well as the little girl's Sunday shoes.


A table runner on top of a washer and dryer.

Table Runner on Washer and DryerI have lots of 72 inch table runners, but because my dog likes to take a corner "and run with it", I have found another use for them. They fit the top of my front loading washer and dryer set perfectly! I put a rug pad beneath, cut to size, to keep in place. What this does is prevent scratches to my very expensive machines, and it dresses things up in the laundry. A win-win!


Mail Wedged in the Letterbox - wads of mail

Mail Wedged in the LetterboxRecently we had a lot of rain and someone had posted a rolled up ton of mailers and junk in my letterbox. Of course, the papers swelled and got jammed in the opening. I've tried brute force, tried ripping little bits off it, but it's still packed tight. Has anyone got any bright spark of an idea how to solve this without putting a new fence in? :)


Foam To Fix a Leak in a Store Room - insulation up against the base of the wall

Foam To Fix a Store Room LeakSmall pipe insulating foam can help fix a floor moisture leak in a store room. When there is not much roof overhang, you can run into problems.


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Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Cleaner Leaves Floor StickyI love cleaning with the Wet Jet, but the multi purpose solution leaves a sticky residue on my ceramic tile floors. I am at a loss as to how to fix the problem short of re-mopping with plain water and a traditional mop, double work for someone with bad knees and balance issues.


Repairing a Broken Dish Drainer - repaired silverware holder

Repairing a Broken Dish DrainerHere is how to repair a broken dish drainer. The plastic silverware holder clips on the wire rack and tape can help keep it secure.


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Keeping Bugs Out of Sealed ContainersWhen storing goods, like flour or sugar, take a solution of peppermint oil and water and wipe around the top where the lid goes. It will keep the bugs away from trying to get in whatever you are storing. Do this whenever you open the container. I use a few drops of peppermint oil and water and vinager.


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Hoover Steam Vac LeakingMy Hoover steam vac, F7452-900, All Terrain Spinbrush, is leaking from the solution/water tank. I need to know how to fix it.



Making a Strawberry Planter from a Laundry Basket - add more soil as needed and plant your choice of plants on top

Making a Strawberry Planter from a Laundry BasketLine a plastic laundry basket with burlap, fill with soil, cut holes in the sides for some of the plants and you have an inexpensive strawberry planter for your garden. Plant the berries and stand by to enjoy delicious strawberries alone or in recipes.


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Removing Armour Etch Film on GlassesI used Armour Etch cream on my everyday eyeglasses to remove scratches and the cream left a horrible smudgy film on my lenses. I cannot see through them now. How do I remove this smudgy film?


A white laundry basket full of clothing.

Laundry Basket PlantersPlastic laundry baskets make fun holders for outdoor potted plants. Set the pots down inside and create a cluster planting effect.


An unwanted rodent in a trap.

Health Hazards of Rodent UrineRodents can invade your home coming in through very small openings. Once inside they urinate in many areas of your home. This urine can be the cause of diseases such as those in the hantavirus family. In order to avoid exposure to rodent urine, you will need to keep them out of your home and clean very well if they have been inside.


Bamboo sticks holding up a tomato plant.

Bamboo Sticks for Plant SupportSlender bamboo sticks can be used in your garden or containers to stake plants such as tomatoes and flowers. They also work for young trees.


All Natural Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - high heel boots

All Natural Leather Cleaner and ConditionerA one to one mixture of olive or coconut oil and white vinegar make a great all natural leather cleaner and conditioner. Read more below.


A pet's grave in a backyard.

Burying a Dead Animal Near a Vegetable GardenThere are mixed views and potential local ordinances that can affect where it is OK to bury a dead animal in your yard and more specifically near a vegetable garden. If allowed in your area be sure to dig a deep hole for the burial. Read on for more details.


A hand holding some ripe elderberries.

Harvesting ElderberriesElderberries should be ready for harvest between mid August and mid September. Remove the clusters from the bush and strip the berries from them. One way to quickly remove the berries is with a plastic fork. Refrigerate or freeze.


Repairing Woodpecker Damage to Cedar Siding - view of damage and failed repair

Repairing Woodpecker Damage to Cedar SidingWoodpeckers sometimes will damage the wood siding on a home, especially softer wood such as cedar. Make sure there are no pests invading the siding and attracting the birds. To repair the damage you will need a wood filler or two-part adhesive of epoxy resin and hardening putty. For more information check below.


The needle of a sewing machine.

Adjusting the Needle Position on a Kenmore Sewing MachineIf your needle is not in the center position, first check to see if it moves at all to any other position. If not then it may require cleaning or repair. You can do that yourself or take it in to a sewing machine service provider. Read on for some helpful links.


A person changing a light bulb in a socket.

Marking Light Bulb Wattage on SocketYou can add a bulb wattage notes on the sockets of enclosed light fixtures to make sure they are replaced with the proper bulb. The factory tags can shrivel overtime and be difficult to read.


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Removing Cigarette Odor from a FreezerI live in an apartment and when our refrigerator went out they replaced it with an old refrigerator. That's okay but the person that used the refrigerator before must of put his cigarettes in the freezer. How do I get the smell out of the freezer?


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Keeping Dirt From Washing onto a Screened PatioI have a screened patio, but when it rains, the water brings in dirt from around the bottom edge. So we put down rocks over the outside perimeter dirt to stop it, but it really isn't helping much. Suggestions?


Getting Pizza Sauce Off Your Upholstered Car Seat - spray bottle with cleaner

Getting Pizza Sauce Off Your Upholstered Car SeatIt just happened! Bringing home two pizzas and a container of extra sauce, that ended up opening and dumping onto my new, light gray upholstered car seat! AUGH!! I had even used an over the counter upholstery protection spray previously on the seats, but it didn't seem to help at all!


Nail glue being applied to the top of a nail.

Cleaning Nail Glue From CountertopNail glue is often a cyano-acrylic glue like Crazy Glue and similar products. Try a remover made especially made for this adhesive. Test to make sure it does not damage your countertop. Other options are mentioned below.



Repairing a Lopsided Luggage Wheel - sand to shape

Repairing a Lopsided Luggage WheelRepair a damaged luggage wheel with Plast-aid, it will help fill in broken areas on the rolling surface of your suitcase wheels. Learn how to make this repair below.


A roll of green wallpaper.

Identifying WallpaperWhether you no longer have the information on your wallpaper or have moved into a home with existing papered walls, you may need to identify the wallcovering to make repairs or to use it in other areas of your home. Here are some tips for identifying wallpaper.


Restaining a wooden playground set  with a paintbrush.

Refinishing a Wooden PlaygroundWooden playgrounds are quite expensive. But if you maintain them and even refinish the wood and repaint the plastic components, if needed, they can last for a long time. This tutorial shows how to refinish a wooden playground.


Duct tape repairing a vacuum hose.

Using Duct Tape for RepairsI was vacuuming today and I noticed there was no suction. I discovered a ripped hose. The Shark vacuum I own comes with a 5-year warranty. However, you can only have one claim, which I used a couple of years ago.


Succulent Wreath - filling in the spaces

Making a Succulent WreathA vine style wreath form can be "planted" with succulent cuttings to create a pretty living wreath for your front door or garden. Read on for the instructions, supplies, and some helpful photos so that you can successfully complete this project.


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Plastic Frosting Bag to Re-grout Floor TilesMy husband was dreading re-grouting some slate floor tiles where the old grout had broken into pieces. The area was in front of the wood stove so efficiency was needed. I came up with the idea to use a quality thick plastic frosting bag. He was hesitant to try it though afterwards agreed it was fast to apply and less mess to wipe off.


A person in gloves cleaning a kitchen counter.

Removing Krazy Glue from a Kitchen CountertopLeaking containers or spills when crafting or making repairs can result in Krazy glue on the kitchen counter. Try the tips on this page to remove the glue.


Terrazzo flooring in white with colored flecks.

Covering Terrazzo Flooring with CarpetInstalling carpet over terrazzo flooring has its challenges. This page contains some ideas for permanent solutions and area rug options.


A father and son making a bed together.

Cleaning a BedroomDoing a deep, thorough cleaning of your bedroom may seem too big. Learn how to gather the necessary supplies and the steps to take to make this a doable annual or semi-annual task.


An arm in a white cast.

Removing Plaster Cast Residue from ClothingSometimes in the process of applying a cast to a broken arm or leg, plaster residue can get on the patient's clothing. Learn how to possibly remove it here.


A huckleberry bush with berries.

Pruning Huckleberry PlantsEvergreen huckleberry plants may not require pruning, but if you want to encourage growth and increase berry production, the best time to prune is late winter or early spring. Learn more about pruning your huckleberry below.


Window Cleaning Tip For an RV - squeegee and a towel

Window Cleaning Tip For an RVIf you travel in a motorhome, camper, or travel trailers (or maybe even at your regular home as well), this might help. At night, condensation builds up on our windows. My easy clean fix is to use a squeegee to run the water down the window onto a reusable towel. Takes a few seconds to do each window.


A pair of ladies underwear.

Repairing Underwear That is Glued Not SewnWhen pricy underwear that is glued together comes apart, it may need to be returned to the store, sewn or glued again with a clothing adhesive.


A sink with a clogged drain.

Use Boiling Water With Liquid Plumbr GelAccording to the Liquid Plumbr web site the hot water is used to flush the drain after the clog has been cleared. Boiling water can be used with vinegar as an alternative method of unclogging a drain instead of chemical drain cleaners.


Vertical blinds hanging in a window.

Steam Cleaning Vertical BlindsSteam cleaning is possible for many types of vertical blinds. This page contains some very specific points to consider before you attempt this cleaning process yourself.


A close up of two wine glasses in a window filled with colored water

Decorating with Colored WaterColored water added to glasses, vases, and bottles makes for a beautiful bit of decor. Use it to accent your home or as a centerpiece for a wedding or party.


An upcycled table with a wooden top.

Upcycled Storage TableThe frame from a broken glass topped table can be fitted with a wooden lower shelf and top for its second run. This page offers instructions for salvaging an old table and adding some storage space.


A cultured marble sink with gold fixtures.

Repairing a Cultured Marble SinkDepending on the level of the damage to your cultured marble sink, such as cracks, there may be some methods you can try. Checking with a home improvement store is a good place to start. This page contains some suggestions for the do-it-yourselfer.


A green wall with a yellow striped chair in front of it.

Furniture to Coordinate with Green WallsChoosing a furniture color to coordinate with your bedroom walls really depends on the look you are going for. Many people would go with light or natural colors, but it is OK to use a stronger color if you want to make the room pop.


Use Old Storage Racks In Your Garden - plants in pots on metal shelves

Use Old Storage Racks In Your GardenHaving shelving to display potted garden plants is easily done. Repurpose some of the racks and shelves you may have been using in your garage, or look for some at a garage sale.


Two marked laundry hampers.

Sort Laundry As You GoSo as to run full loads only in my washing machine, which is most efficient, I keep 2 popup hampers in my bathroom closet. One has a little hanging tag marked "Lights", and the other "Darks". As I take off my clothes, they are put into the appropriate hamper. When one is full, I do a load of laundry.


Use a Candle as Floor Wax

Use a Candle as Floor WaxThis tip offers a less thought of use for a candle or old candle wax. If you have some concrete floor areas this method may work well for you.


Prevent Mold and Mildew on Shower Curtain Liners - liner clipped to the side wall of the shower

Prevent Mold and Mildew on Shower Curtain LinersIf you have a shower curtain or liner that comes in contact with the side of your shower stall or tub while it dries, you have probably noticed that where it makes contact is where you see mold and mildew. That's because it's not drying fast enough to keep those nasty critters at bay.


An oven that has smoke coming from the door.

Oven Heating To The Wrong TemperatureThermostats and electrical controls can go out over time, especially in an older oven. This can result in under or overcooked food if the oven is heating to a different temperature. Adding an oven thermometer can help you troubleshoot or adjust your oven for more years of use.


A cat has vomited a furball on a sofa.

Cleaning Cat Vomit StainsCats are wonderful pets, but they do have a penchant for throwing up, whether it is a hairball or food. The best method for cleaning up the resulting stains will be dependent on the surface affected.


Repairing a Brother Charger 651 Sewing Machine

Repairing a Brother Sewing MachineSome sewing machine repairs are easy enough for the owner to make themselves. Others may require taking it in for repairs. This page contains some information about repairing a Brother sewing machine.


A clear shield for a roof rain gutter.

Homemade Roof Rain GuttersHomemade gutters can be constructed with plastic roofing material. If you use clear plastic, it has the added benefit of being able to see when they need to be cleaned.


A closet full of clothes on hangers.

Deodorizing a ClosetClosets can develop musty and other odors. First determine if the odor is the result of mold. Special steps will be needed if mold is found. Baking soda is a good deodorizer to use once you have removing the contents and perhaps even wiped down the interior.


A Keurig coffee maker with some pods.

Fixing a Leaking Keurig Coffee MakerIf your Keurig coffee maker begins to leak from the reservoir there are two top options for resolving the issue. One is to buy a new reservoir and secondly you can follow the steps below for using vinegar to clean the coffee maker.


A dog being shown a stain on the carpet.

How to Remove Dog Poop Stains from CarpetPoop accidents can happen if you own a dog. There are a few ways to remove the stains and odor from your carpet, including enzyme cleaners, Dawn dish soap, vinegar, and carpet cleaners. Read on the find the solution that best meets your needs.


A person in yellow gloves, cleaning a stove top.

Removing Fabric Dye Stain on a StoveFabric dyes are not always stable. If you have a towel or other fabric item that transfers dye to your stovetop check out the suggestions on this page for removing it.


A toilet with a blue toilet seat cover.

Cleaning with a DisabilitySo, I've already mentioned I broke my spine. Well, I also broke my spinal hardware bilaterally which runs from T-10 to my ilium. My stubborn self refused to be put down no matter what life threw my way, so I continued to do my chores, not wishing to become too much of a burden on anyone.


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Uses for a Wet VacuumI received a wet vacuum for Christmas because I wanted one. I use it for cleaning everything especially the fridge and stove. It is great for cleaning up spills and eggs. It's very easy to wash out the vacuum when you pick up something really messy. It is great for cleaning the bottom of your purse. I have a small one so it is easy to carry.


A bunch of pot scrapers cut from recycled plastic.

Making Your Own Pot ScrapersDo you have empty shampoo or conditioner bottles? Make your own pot scrapers. This is an excellent reuse/recycle idea. They can be fun, free gifts for friends.


A closet full of clothes.

Cleaning Out a Deceased Person's HomeDealing with the loss of a friend or family member is hard. There is also the need sometimes to clean out their home. This page contains some tips for cleaning out a deceased person's home.


Making a Custom Bottle Washer

Making a Custom Bottle WasherGive a foam bottle washer a trim to make a custom washer for smaller bottles. This page contains a tip for making a custom bottle washer.


Use Faux Flower Stems to Support Live Plants - plant wrapped at two places

Use Faux Flower Stems to Support Live PlantsSave the stems of faux flowers used in crafts and use them to support live plants. Their green color will blend in with your live plants and you don't have to buy plant stakes.


Using Old Sinks As Planters - old sinks planted with succulents sitting up on a garden wall

Using Old Sinks As PlantersGardeners can be so creative when it comes to recycled planters. Old sinks are a good choice, especially for low water use plants such as succulents. Set the sink in soil with the short piece of drain pipe buried and enjoy your salvaged planter.


Clearance Plants

Saving Rescued or Clearance PlantsRescued or clearance plants are easy to come by at your local big box stores, nursery, and sometimes from neighbors. If you can identify it, read up on growing requirements, otherwise use your best judgement and some TLC. Several accounts of successful clearance plant revivals follow.


A hand grabbing a handheld showerhead.

Electric Shock When Touching Shower HeadIf you are experiencing a small electric shock when you touch your metal showerhead, that can be indicitave of a serious problem in your electrical system. Careful troubleshooting should be done. If the problem cannot be detected easily, it would be best to contact a professional electrician.


A vintage television with table legs.

Repairing a Vintage TelevisionVintage televisions are becoming increasingly popular for a mid century modern or retro decorating style. Many times, these older TVs require repairs to become operational.


A cat with a dead mouse on the ground.

Cats Catching MiceDepending on how a cat is raised, they can be helpful in controlling mice. Cats are natural predators. Many will help catch some mice, but it is important to do other prevention as well.


A woman fixing a light fixture.

Repairing a Light FixtureRepairing a light fixture is often a simple project but some issues will require an electrician. Always turn off the power first before working on any electrical fixtures or outlets.


An open dryer with a white towel.

Removing Old Fabric Softener Stick On Bars from DryerTo remove fabric softener stick on bars from your dryer you will likely need to use a two step process. The steps for removal and suggestions for solvents that will remove the remaining adhesive are found on this page.


DIY Cleaning Putty - homemade cleaning putty

DIY Cleaning PuttyA mixture of white glue, such as Elmer's, baking soda, water, and contact lens solution forms a putty like mass that is perfect for cleaning lots of small spaces. Try it on vents, keyboards, and more. The recipe is found on this page.


How to Fix a Tent Pole - cap back in place

How to Fix a Tent PoleLearn how to repair a tent pole in which the elastic has broken. The steps and photos needed are found on this page.


A filter for a water system.

Whole House Water Filter TipsWhen you have a water filtration system for your whole house, it can protect your health as well as your plumbing fixtures. Understanding how it works and where problems may develop will help it run smoother, and keep your water clean.


A bird with a piece of bread over it's head.

Do Not Feed Leftover Breads to BirdsAlthough many of us have fond memories of feeding bread to ducks and geese, or of Grandma saving bread for the backyard birds, it is now strongly discouraged. Not only are the nutrients unsuitable for a bird's nutrition, but moldy bread can cause a host of health concerns. It's best to feed backyard birds an approved mix birdseed and to let waterfowl find their own sources of food.


Colorful curtains behind a rattan couch with many pillows.

Furniture Color to Coordinate with CurtainsTo determine what the best color of furniture to go with the curtains or drapes you already have, is to take some of the fabric with you. You can put it against your furniture choices to see what looks best.


A mechanic with very greasy stained hands and clothing.

Removing Diesel Stains from ClothingA diesel stain is very oily. There are a number of clothing stain removing products on the market such as Oxyclean, Lestoil, Vanish, Awesome and more, that may work for you.


A pile of dirty dishes, waiting to be washed.

Keeping Up With Dirty DishesDevelop an easy method and clear understanding with your family, to keep the dirty dishes under control. Whether you clean as you go or share the work with others, it is always easier if the food is not allowed to get dried on.


A black widow spider in the garden.

Black Widow (Latrodectus) Spider PhotosThe female black widow spider is easily recognizable by the hourglass marking on her abdomen. The males are often lighter in color and exhibit a series of red spots on their abdomen rather than the hourglass shape. This page contains photos of black widow spiders.


Dirty and stained car carpet.

Cleaning Car Mats or CarpetThe mats and carpet in your car can take a beating, collecting stains from spills and materials tracked in on your shoes. This page offers some helpful advice for cleaning the mats and carpet in your vehicle.


air conditioner unit outside home with tool kit next to it

Air Conditioner Repair Assistance for Low Income HomeownersIt can be difficult for low income homeowners to find financial assistance to make needed repairs to their air conditioners. There may be government programs available as well as other resources. Research into options will be needed.


A pair of garden clippers next to dead perennials in winter.

Ways for Gardeners to Stay Busy During WinterWinter is not a time for gardener's to have the blues. There are a lot of activities you can engage in that will put the old garden to bed and prepare you for the coming season. Clean tools, read up on gardening, order seeds, try new spices to see if you need to grow your own. Concentrate on your houseplants and perhaps make up some garden decorations such as stepping stones or fun planters. More ideas can be found on this page.


A man spraying a plant for spider mites.

Getting Rid Of Spider MitesSpider mites can damage and even kill garden and houseplants. Remove the infected leaves and stems and discard. A mixture or rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts can be sprayed on plants to kill the mites. There are additional methods offered on this page.


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