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My Bed Won't Turn On To Inflate?Why won't my inflater turn on. Everything is plugged in correctly


A bug on a white and red surface.

What Is This Bug?I found this bug while I was eating and it kind of freaked me out. So now I'm here asking what bug it is because I'm curious and I think someone can help me.


A white fuzz on a fingertip.

Identifying A Biting Insect?What is this white lint ball or fuzz ball biting me and leaves dark splinter looking thing in my skin that gets bigger or longer causing pain and itching. They are ruining my life and my ability to function properly. Please help, thank you.


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Inconsistent Automatic Buttonhole Completion?My Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine is completing a seemingly random amount of each buttonhole I try to sew. Sometimes it does the full thing, sometimes only half, part of one side, all but the end, etc. When it stops making progress, it just keeps going back and fourth in place. The "push" lever is down and I push it back every time. Is there something I need to do for this specific problem, or is it something that more general solutions will fix? Thank you.


Using a bread tag to fix a flip flop.

Fix for a Broken Flip FlopFlip flops can break at any time. Carry a bread tab with you. If the toe portion comes out, put it back in the hole and attach the tab on the sole side of the flip flop. This will secure it.


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Scuff Marks On Laminate Floors?I have laminated floors, which have marks from furniture being moved. I've tried baking soda paste, vinegar and water, and Awesome. Does anyone know how to remove these?


A decorative lightbulb in a ceiling fixture.

Identifying Type of Lightbulb?Fixture too high to remove bulb to see what kind to replace with. Short of hiring a handyman twice; once to remove bulb and purchase new ones and again to replace bulb in fixture, is there any way to tell what kind, size of bulb to use? The bottom of bulb is flat and it's small so I'm stumped


A bug on a white background.

Does Anybody Know What Kind of Bug This Is?What type of bug is this? Does anybody know?


A trap for mice and rats.

Getting Rid of Mice and RatsEvery year around September, we have an issue with mice and rats. Behind us is a stable so as you know they breed rats and mice. We normally have just a few mice but this year, we had to battle rats. When you have too many rats they move on to munch whatever they can find to eat.


A bottle planted near a plant.

Plastic Bottles to Keep a Plant WateredTo help keep our garden plants watered, this year we tried burying soda bottles, with holes in them, beside the tomato, squash and cucumber plants leaving the opening exposed. To easily fill the bottles, we used a flex funnel and the garden hose. The bottles worked very well to help keep the plants watered and we will be doing it again next year. The garden has just about given out and we have removed all the bottles that are no longer used, rinsed them and put them in the recycling bin.


My Bratz and Barbies Keep Getting Darker?

My Bratz and Barbies Keep Getting Darker?Hi, I'm a Bratz collector and a Barbie collector but I'm more so a Bratz collector by heart. Anyways what's been going on is that my Bratz dolls keep getting this weird dark color on them. I will admit I play with them every day and sometimes I even wash them up from time to time. I thought that my natural oils from my fingertips ( from touching them every day) might be the problem...or the clothes that they are wearing. Because the dolls that don't get played with (which is on display ) aren't as dirty as these you see in the picture. The ones in the picture get played with VERY frequently.


An example of the sewing machine's malfunction.

Sewing Machine Sews Incorrectly, Then Stops?I've been using a Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine and it suddenly stopped sewing properly. It skips several stitches on the top of the fabric and the thread on the bottom is messy and bunched up, then it stops and the needle won't move until I take the fabric out. It does this on both thick and thin fabrics. I'm not sure what the issue is or how to fix it.


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Dishwasher Will Not Start?I have a Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher. 2 years old rarely used. When I run a load it will always flash "Close Door" then begins to fill with water. It does neither but all the lights light. I'm about to order a water inlet valve. However it is rather pricey and I'm not sure if it's going to resolve the problem. Why does it flash, close door?


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Cleaning Rubber From Fabric?I was pulling in the garage and as I was pulling in, I forget about a fabric couch. My front tire rubbed up against the arm of the couch leaving a black smudge. I have looked online for some help cleaning the rubber off from the couch. No luck! Please give me some advice on how to clean the couch?


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Removing Brown Stains in Toilet?What can I use to get rid of hard brown stains in my toilet?



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Cleaning a No Bleach PVC Bathmat?I purchased a white PVC bathmat with suction cups for inside my tub. In the past, I have cleaned these successfully either in the washing machine or by hand with bleach or a bathroom spray cleaner with bleach. However, the directions on this one say "DO NOT BLEACH" which results in the PVC getting permanently sticky. What can I use to clean this mat and remove mildew, mold, etc.?


Paint Color Paint swatches taped to a wall. Tips

Paint Color Selection TipsI read on a Facebook group I belong to that it is not necessary to purchase sample-sized cans of paint, or to order the peel-and-stick 12 inch x 12 inch sheets. What the poster did was to get several cards with the paint chip colors she wanted and to tape the same color chips together.


A wire frame to grow beans on.

Frame for Running BeansLast year we planted bush green beans and when they began to grow, they put out long shoots. That's when we realized that, by mistake, we had gotten some running beans instead of bush beans.


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Removing Cooking Oil Stains From a Wooden Floor?Some oil leaked from a bag I put on the floor, about a month ago. The oil has leaked into the wood, leaving a dark stain. I've looked up various remedies online but have not found a clear solution, and I don't want to go messing around with the floor until I know what I'm doing.


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Whitening Dirty Washcloths?Many of my white washcloths have a dirt stain in the center (mostly from cleaning my kids' dirty hands/feet at bedtime on those nights they don't get baths. I only use washcloths once before laundering and use lots of bleach, tried RIT whitener (definitely whitened but dirt stains remained).


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Red Gatorade Stains on Carpet?How can I get red Gatorade stains out of beige carpet? The stain is about 2 years old and I've tried everything.


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Sour Milk and Septic Systems?Could sour milk be beneficial to a septic system?


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Ideas for Refilling for Bean Bag Chairs?Looking for an alternative for refilling beanbag chairs. Tired of refilling with styrofoam which doesn't last and when old can't be taken to recycling.


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Purpose of the Flea?What is the purpose of the flea? How does it benefit the environment? Does anyone know? - Suzzette


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Underarm Odor On Dry Clean Only Clothes?Uderarm Odor On Dry Clean Only Clothes. I have a very expensive, dry clean only suit that has underarm odor. I took it to the cleaners but the odor is still there.


Grapes growing on a vine.

Keeping Animals Out of the GrapevineOur scuppernong grapes are ripening fast and they are so good. With us living close to the woods, animals can be a problem when trying to grow fruit and vegetables.


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Preventing Birds From Hitting Your WindowsI use those little glow in the dark star stickers, I put them on the outside of my windows. You can place as many as you like. It doesn't obscure our view and the birds can see them. Since I have done that, just the odd bird hits the window compared to the many that did before. It really is a life saver. By Sue Anson


Watermelons protected with chicken wire.

Chicken Wire To Protect Garden From AnimalsWe have a few watermelons in our garden this year. Three weeks ago, it was a disappointment to find that an animal, probably a deer, had bitten a huge gash out of one. To remedy this problem, we covered them with chicken wire and have not had any more problems.


Water Leak Detectors

Water Leak DetectorsInexpensive water leak detectors can save you a lot of money and trouble by alerting you to small household leaks before they become a major problem.


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Must-have Tools for Cleaning GuttersThe arrival of the fall season brings many wonderful things like the changing of the leaves, an opportunity to wear scarves and sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. It also means those leaves are falling off the trees and right into the gutters on your house.



Putting a nail into the wall to hang a picture frame.

Hanging a Picture FrameWant to learn a quick way to hang a picture frame or wall art? With some painters tape - line up where you want your nail to be. Then tape it down. Now you have your guide ready for you to make a dot to hang your nail!


Some dying bottlebrush bushes.

What Is Killing These Bottlebrush Bushes?We have had these bottlebrush bushes in our backyard for about ten years. This past year they look like they are slowly dying. They have been watered the same way for the past ten years through our water sprinkling system. A week ago my husband put fertilizer on them but it hasn't done too much. I was thinking maybe we need to prune the dead away but I don't know if that would help. Any suggestions what is wrong with this bush?


A shrub with reddish leaves.

What Is This Shrub?Can anyone identify this shrub? It has oval shaped maroon/burgundy colored leaves and is about 4 feet tall. It is currently planted in a partly shady spot in very wet, clay soil. This may be why it is sparse and not full. I would like to move it to a full sun location in soil with no clay. I need some advice. Thank you in advance for all replies.


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Putting Shower Curtain and Liner on One Rod?Do you use 2 shower curtain rods (1 for the liner and the other for the curtain) or just 1 and put both the shower curtain and liner on the same rod. I have always used two but I wonder will 1 rod suffice?


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Smears on Windows After Cleaning?When I wash my windows and later in the day the sun shines through, the window has smear marks. I have tried various cleaners and I still get smears which are hard to remove. Any suggestions?


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Removing Rusted Washer Hose?My children bought me a new washing machine for Christmas but it can't be hooked up because the old hose is rusted to the water faucet. How do I get this unscrewed without breaking the faucet?


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What Is Biological Washing Powder?I watch "How Clean is Your House" every day on BBC America. Their tips are fantastic and rarely require commercial cleaning products. They make baking soda, vinegar, dish washing liquid and borax do just about everything. My question is this: they frequently use "biological washing powder". I'm thinking that they might mean Biz, because they've mentioned enzymes, but I'm not sure. Can anyone translate this for me? Thanks!


A tomato with a nose like extrusion.

Tomatoes with CharacterWe have had some funny looking tomatoes in our garden this year. Number one would have made a good Pinocchio character and number 2 has some spots that look like eyes and a dent that makes it look like it is smiling.


A bouquet of Texas bluebells in a vase.

Texas BluebellsHere are photos of a few Texas Bluebells, a wildflower that grows every year in our front yard. Please know that I do NOT pick them, but this one had broken off, so I brought it inside. I want to let as many of them go to seed as possible.


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Heating Pad Error Code?My CVS heating pad has a code EE on it. How do I fix it?


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Fog Free Bathroom MirrorWhat I do to keep my bathroom mirror from being fogged up after my shower is this. When I shave, there's usually some shaving cream left in my hand or lather cup, so I smear it on the mirror. With a bit of moist tissue, clean the mirror, which I believe is a very nice clean. When I get out of the shower, the mirror is fog free. No grabbing a towel and stricking it up or waiting for it to clear. So I can finish up and start my day.


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Repairing A Stain From Wood Floor Cleaner?I spilled Awesome cleaner on my hardwood floor. It stripped the polish off of an area. How can I repair it?


An aerosol can spraying on a surface.

Fixing an Aerosol Spray Can?Hi! I just wondered if there's an easy fix for this problem. I've thrown away countless spray cans, usually because they don't spray. The product just dribbles or squirts out. Thanks in advance!


Using a spray bottle to sanitize hands.

Rubbing Alcohol for Hand SanitizerInstead of buying bottle after bottle of hand sanitizer which can go fast with a lot of kids, I save old spray bottles that give a mist like hair spray pump bottles. I refill them with rubbing alcohol.


A mouse in a barn.

Keeping Mice Out of Storage Bins?I am using plastic storage bins in my Dad's barn for things (my daughters memories, dishes etc.). How do I keep the animals (mice/squirrels) from destroying what's inside the storage bins? We switched to the plastic bins from boxes.



A woman unloading a dishwasher.

Why is My Dishwasher Leaving a Dirty Gritty Residue?My dishwasher is leaving residue that looks like dirt (gritty, etc.) all over the dishes and especially the top of the door. Any suggestions as to why it's doing this?


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How Can I Treat a Microfiber Sofa for Bedbugs?I have just found a bedbug on my microfiber sectional last night, and was wondering if I am able to spray my sofa with alcohol or any other chemical that can prevent from further more outbreak.


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Bedroom Feels Damp?My bedroom feels constantly damp, so does my bedding and clothes. I cannot find the source of the problem. There is no dampness on any of the walls or floor and I cannot find any cracks that might be letting in air. Does anyone have any ideas?


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House Is Humid and Musty?I live with my family in a rented house that is very damp, and it smells really strong and musty. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the smell? I live in England, so I wouldn't be able to get any American products if you recommended them. Thanks.


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Alternative Scents for Rainbow Vacuum?Does anyone know of any alternatives that can be used instead of the regular scents that you put into your rainbow vacuum cleaner? I don't have any stores near me that sell them and don't want to buy them online without being able to smell them first.


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How Do I Get Rid of Blue Jays?I have this blue jay that sits by a window of my house and pecks at it. Sometimes it starts pecking around five in the morning. It's always waking me up and it continues to peck throughout the day. I use to have mourning doves that had nests by my front door that have been scared off along with sparrows and other birds because of the Blue Jay.


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Vinegar and Dish Soap Not Working for Gnats?I have gnats or fruit flies. I got rid of most of them, but the apple cider vinegar and dish soap is not working any more. Now they are mostly staying on the ceiling in the kitchen . I keep putting down fly paper, then I slide a broom near them and they fly into the paper. What are your tips?


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Plants That Repel Snakes?Is there any plants I can plant that repels snakes?


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Cleaning Toilet Rim Flush Holes?How do I clean out lime build up in the flush holes under the lip in the toilet bowl? When you flush the toilet these holes clean off the sides of the bowl, but only the center hole is working fine. I figure these holes are plugged up with lime build-up.


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Oven Burns the Bottom of Baked Goods?I have a problem with my oven baking cookies, biscuits, etc. too quickly on the bottom and they often burn. I've tried different remedies to correct this, but they don't work. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.


Should I Be Concerned About the Rat Snake Living Under My Porch?I have a black rat snake living near my front porch and have found several snake holes around the porch. I understand that they are non-venomous, but I am concerned if they can still bite or hurt one of my kids.


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How Do I Keep the Shower Curtain From Blowing in and Sticking to Me?We just installed a new large shower after having a small stand up shower with shower doors. We didn't want shower doors anymore. So now we have shower curtains.


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Set in Gum on Clothing?I need some hints on how to get chewing gum out of a shirt after going through the dryer.


A clothes basket with strings attached for pulling.

Drag Your Clothes BasketWhen you are not suppose to bend over and have to walk with a walker or a cane or just have back problems, you may need some help to get the basket of clothes from the dryer to the bed or folding table. I needed a way to get the job done so I tied some old shoe strings to the clothes basket handle and pulled it to the bed. It works great for me.


The magnetic holder storing garden tools.

Easy Clean Up Garden Tool HolderI got this magnetic bar as a free gift with purchase. I had it for a while when I thought that I would make a outdoor/indoor garden tool holder. This so simple! I just screwed it to a leftover piece of plywood (that was pre decorated). You can also screw the piece into place without the wood piece. This magnetic strip came with screws, making the project less in money and the garden tool clean up is great and strong 3 years later and garden clutter FREE.


newspaper on floor in front of freezer

Keep a Check for Freezer LeaksLast year, I walked by my freezer and I stepped in a little water and was wondering where it came from. The freezer seemed to be OK so it took me a while to realize that the water was coming from the freezer. It was not working properly and my husband had to replace the thermostat.


A garden path with flowers next to it.

Creating Your Own Botanical Garden During Shut DownThe year of 2020 will never be forgotten, with virtually no travel, separation from family, and many tourist attractions closed. It was time to focus more on what I have. I decided to make my garden more of a relaxation, tranquil, and fragrant place to hang out, during a time where going away wasn't really possible. I went with some upgrades to my garden, all the while this work was giving me a purpose, therapy of plantings and the great outdoors, that is free to enjoy.


Using a cloth to avoid smudges on the microwaves.

Stop Smudges Before They StartA newlywed asked the question, "How do I keep my house clean with as little maintenance as possible?" on one of the Facebook groups I belong to.


The completed circle plant trellis.

Circle Plant TrellisDo you have plants that need a trellis? You can make 4 circle trellises for just ~ 25 cents each, versus paying over $10 for one. Here's a quick, easy & inexpensive tutorial on how to make a circle trellis (for my Hoya plant).


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Spray Starch Time SaverI bought a can of spray starch at Walmart. It works well, but a hassle. I spray an arm, then iron. I spray a yoke, then iron, I spray a cuff, then iron. I was picking up and putting down that can of starch as much as I was ironing. I came up with an idea I wanted to try.


An air plant blooming.

Tillandsia (Air Plant) PhotosThis is the first time this air plant (Tillandsia) has bloomed. I love the beautiful purple flower. Afterwards, I believe I should be expecting baby pups. Snapped some photos to share with you all!


A plant label in a tomato plant.

Laminated Plant LabelMake easy plant labels!


A tree with round reddish fruit.

What Is The Name Of This Fruit Tree? (Nectarine)We moved to KY and this fruit tree is in our backyard. We would like to know its name. The fruit size is approximately 2 to 2 1/2" circumference and remains this size. It has a pit like a peach. We were told it is a variety of apple; it's white inside and the outer peeling is tough. The fruit comes on early and this picture was taken a couple days ago.


Rose bushes behind a small white picket fence.

Pretty RosesThis is my first time planting roses bushes and I've been pleasantly surprised at how well they are doing. What are some helpful tips to help keep them looking good?


Barn Swallow eggs in a nest.

Barn SwallowsBarn swallows were building a nest on the ledge of our porch. It did not look like a good place for a nest as the ledge is just an inch wide. Maybe we didn't need to do this but my husband put a little piece of plywood across the ledge to make a shelf for the nest.


A washing machine being cleaned.

Using a Washing MachineWashing machines are a essential part of keeping your clothes and linens clean. With proper care, your washer can last a long time.


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Two Prong Plug to Three Prong Extension Cord?I recently purchased a new portable electric Kobalt "inflator", i.e., air compressor. Its power cord for 120-volt household current has a 2-prong plug with one prong thicker than the other, as is common/required nowadays.


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Repairing a Breville Breadmaker?I have a Breville breadmaker model BR7L.The heating element is defunct. I have been unable to find a site which allows me to purchase a replacement. Can you please advise me of an appropriate site?


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Removing Leather Stuck to Top of Wooden Desk?Leather album was stuck to furniture. When removed, some leather is still on the furniture. How can I remove this leather?


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Removing Diesel Smell from WoodIf diesel fuel has been spilled on a piece of wooden furniture or wooden flooring or construction, the odors and fumes may remain a long time. Odor absorbing materials like baking soda, charcoal and kitty litter can help to minimize the smell but it could be difficult to remove it entirely.


Tomatoes after being tamed.

Taming TomatoesWhen our tomato plants start growing like crazy, I invented this holder made from a clothes hanger to keep the tomato plants from escaping the garden. Cut the wire into 6" pieces. Using pliers, curve into a U shape and curve both ends. Place U shape around straying tomato vine and attach to tomato cage. Do this to all vines to clean up the garden area.


A torn up side to a couch.

How to Fix Cat Scratches on CouchWe adopted a cat last year and she went to town on our new sofa, scratching it until it looked like a shag carpet. We tried deterrent sprays, laying blankets over the spot, and finally the sticky paper the eventually got her to stop.


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Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the GardenAlthough moles don't eat plants, they can damage the roots of plants and lead to their decay by digging numerous canals in the ground. There are many natural ways you can drive moles out of your garden. These are some of them.


Vertical garden pots made from polypropylene.

Plant Pots for Vertical GardenEvery year I plant many different vegetables in our garden, but I always lack land. Growing vegetables in pots and even vertically on the wall, is an excellent solution to the problem of lack of land for a vegetable garden. In order not to waste money on buying pots, I decided to make them from a polypropylene woven bag. These pots are suitable for horizontal and vertical garden.


The painted kitchen backsplash.

Easy Kitchen BacksplashGreat way to spruce up your backsplash.


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Dealing with Assassin Bugs?Does anyone know about assassin bugs/kissing bugs. If so, how does a person get rid of them. These are affecting my life terribly. They are paralyzing my feet. Going for every part of my body and if I fight them they attack twice fold. OMG, please if there is someone who knows, please message. Thanks


A plastic Ken doll with a broken neck.

Repairing A Ken Doll?How do I fix my vintage Ken doll's broken neck?


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Scent Burner Stuck on Wood?I have an one of those little oil scent burner things that uses a tea light candle. I placed it on a Fiestaware plate when using it. I tried to move the plate and realized the plate is now stuck to the top of the furniture it is sitting on. Is there a way to remove it without damaging the surface of the wood? I've tried lighting it again and letting it get warm. Still stuck.


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Safety with Plumber's Chemicals?Is it safe to take a bath that night after the plumber has used chemicals that stay down the drain of the tub?


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Removing Zep Floor Refinishing?I applied Zep floor refinishing but now I want to remove it because the floor is very scratched and opaque. Can I remove this product and then put it back on?


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Back Panel of Gas Dryer?I have a new Maytag gas dryer, but it is deeper than my previous dryer. I have removed the back panel to allow extra space for the vent pipe, and so I can close an adjoining door. Is it safe to leave this back panel off? It is not structural.


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What Solar Panel Is Best?I want to convert my house to solar panels. I received a very huge amount of PESCO bills. Now, I decided to convert my house to solar energy systems.


A person who has fallen on a slippery surface.

Preventing Slippery SidewalksWinter weather can make walkways very slippery. Lots of inexpensive materials can be used to provide traction; like sand, ash or even birdseed.


A coffee carafe.

How to Thoroughly Clean a Coffee CarafeI make coffee and put it in a carafe. It keeps it hot then warm, but I nuke it when I want a fresh cup. But coffee has a tendency to stain plastic, so before I donated it, I wanted to clean it good. For a long time, I didn't know how to clean all the pieces parts. When I realized you take the bottom off, then you can take out the silver inner parts and clean it all.


A recovered chaise lounge.

Reupholstered Chaise LoungeOur first attempt with a more advanced reupholstery project. This chaise lounge was a neighborhood throw-away which we picked up and brought home to upcycle.


A woman reupholstering a chair.

Reupholstering FurnitureOld furniture can be given new life by replacing the upholstery. All sort of fabric, vinyl or even leather can be used to update vintage or even antique wooden furniture.


Sewing supplies on a table.

Homemade Pillow CraftsPillows are a great beginner sewing project. but can also be made with intricate quilting, embroidery or other ornamentation. They can be used for unique home decor or just for comfort and make wonderful gifts.


A carpet beetle with brown and white markings.

What Kind of Bug Is This? (Carpet Beetle)Please help me figure out what kind of bug this is and what kind of treatment is used?


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Repairing Corningware Coffee Maker?Has anyone found a food safe adhesive to reattach the steel collar that actually works? Thanks!


A line of ants near and in a microwave.

Exterminating Bugs From a MicrowaveMicrowaves can become a haven for unwelcome pests and it could be difficult to eradicate them. They can hide in the internal workings, which will require a pesticide or disassembly in order to evict them.


A battery operated headlamp.

Using Battery Operated LightsBattery operated lights are very convenient for closets and other dark areas that may not have an easily accessible power outlet. With the new LED bulbs, the batteries can last a long time, making it cost effective too.


Rose water in a small spray bottle.

Many Uses For Rose WaterRose water costs very little and I have found a few useful ways to use it. Mainly I was using it as a natural air freshener. I bought some empty spray bottles in the Pound Shop and filled a bottle with pure Rose Water. Because I dislike to spray chemicals around myself and my cat.


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Repairing the Corners on a Clear Plastic Purse?I must have a clear purse to carry my diabetic supplies at work. The problem? After a while, the corners develop holes which are small enough to not really matter, but they scratch my skin and hurt. Is there anyone out there that knows how I can fix that myself?


Getting Rid of Bugs in Garage - small brown bugs

Getting Rid of Bugs In Your GarageI swept them up last week and there are more now in my garage.


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Removing Garlic Smell from Clothes?How do I get minced garlic smell out of my clothes? I used Pine Sol, lemon juice, and baking soda and I cannot get it out. It's bad.


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Replacement Parts for George Foreman Roasting Machine?Where can I find a replacement drip tray P/N21678 for a George Foreman Lean-Mean Contact Roasting Machine (GV&)?


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Scunci Steamer Switch On All of the Time?I have had my steamer for years and love it, but lately it wouldn't steam so my husband took it apart and did what was suggested. Now if just steams all the time without having the button on the handle depressed. So it runs out of steam way too quickly and doesn't seem to have the force it used to have.


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