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An old bottle of laundry deterrent.

Using Laundry Detergent Bottle To Water Birds?I have washed this laundry detergent bottle so many times, I have lost count. Sadly, it continues to smell like laundry detergent. Is it safe to use as a jug to water the birds?


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Removing Mice From Our Home?For the first time in my life, I have a mouse problem. I also have two lazy cats. The mice are in two of my kitchen cupboards. I've repeatedly cleaned them out using bleach and peppermint oil but my mice seem to like it! I then bought two humane traps. I've had them down nearly 2 weeks and not a nibble. I used peanut butter, then cheese. I don't want to kill them, I'd just like them to leave! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


A stain on a wooden surface.

Removing a Chemical Stain On Wood?I had a little paint and some sticky stuff like glue residue on my new table. I went to hardware store and was told the product "Goof off" could be used. As soon as I applied to table it took away the color leaving a white spot. Talked with a local wood paint and design company that does refinishing. They said to sand area and see if it's still cloudy or light spot. My husband did with very fine sand pad 3m. And it is still light spot there. We may need to sand a little further to see if spot does go away. Any advice how to fix without having to do whole table? It's a beautiful wood. But only $500.


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Microfiber Is Coming Off?Microfiber coating is coming off back of couch where head rests. Called manufacturer and will do nothing about it although has only been used about 2 years although purchased 5 years ago. All repairs I see are for tears. Not the case here. When tried to gently clean with plain water, more came off. Unable to upload pictures. Suggestions?


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Kleenex Left In Washable Item?When a kleenex has been left in a garment, I heard to rinse the item in vinegar water. Has anyone else heard this and does it work?


A molded plastic tub.

Cleaning a Plastic Tub?Help me clean my plastic tub, it grosses me out. I like my bathtub sparkling but it's plastic which is new for me from porcelain. I've tried so many remedies these cover overs frustrate me, so I just keep it in my head I know it's at least clean. Please, please help me!


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Cleaning Ash From Porcelain Dolls?I had a house fire in 2018 and my dolls got covered in ash. I sent them to someone to clean but she never did and returned them to me 3 weeks ago. My question is there any way of cleaning the ash off and how please?


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Darken Your Bedroom and Keep Out DraftsAfter our neighbors were vandalized, they installed outdoor motion detect cameras and flood lights. While I sympathize with their plight, I don't appreciate the blinding light that pours into my bedroom around the edges of my window treatments, keeping me awake.


A drawing of a bird choosing a red cherry instead of a yellow one.

Sharing Cherries with BirdsBirds are useful to cherry trees. they eat caterpillars, aphids etc. But of course they want their share of cherries as a reward and they sometimes take a very big share. To save your share, you have to lure the birds and here's how:


A steel wool pad in a plastic bag.

Make Steel Wool Soap Pads Last LongerI cut mine in half. Then, after I use them, I store in a plastic sandwich bag with all the air squeezed out. Some people store the bag in the freezer.


Covering the paint can in paper.

Protect Paint Label While PaintingI purchased a quart of paint to do a job and used only 1/4 of the paint. I will be using it again soon.


A basil growing in a pot on a window.

Fresh Basil All Year LongYou can have fresh basil all year long. I grew basil from seed. It was in a pot and I brought it in. I froze and dried most of it and planted this.


A snail on a branch.

Natural Ways To Keep Snails Away From Your GardenIf you grow vegetables in your garden, you need to protect the plants from snails. Snails eat all vegetables, especially greens, such as cabbage, spinach, chard and lettuce. Since they multiply quickly, they can do serious damage.


Using a reacher for dusting under furniture.

Use a Reacher for DustingReachers are useful after surgery and for the elderly. However, they are fantastic for dusting behind and under heavy furniture.


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Removing Pumpkin Mildew?There is white powdery stuff on my pumpkins. I'm assuming it's powdery mildew. The leaves are already turning brown, and I'm worried that I will loose my pumpkins before Halloween. Does powdery mildew affect the pumpkins themselves, and if so how can I save them from going bad? Please help! Thanks.



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Pumpkins Turning Orange Early?My pumpkins have already turned orange. Will they last if I leave them on the vine until Halloween, or will they rot before then? I don't want to pick them yet, as the whole reason I planted them was for Halloween.


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Oven Cleaner for Soap ScumWe have used Easy Off Fume Free over cleaner (for cold ovens, no heat required) to clean years of soap scum and hard water build up off showers and tubs, both fiberglass and tile.


Cleaning a bathtub.

Cleaning Soap ScumSoap scum is a common cleaning problem in the bathroom. Leftover soap will combine with dirt and oils to leave a stubborn residue on tile, porcelain and fixtures. There are lots of products that can be used to clean it off, including some that you probably already have at home.


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Removing Pumpkin Stains from Clothing?I made pumpkin soup and it spattered on my cotton shirt. How do I remove it?


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Something is Eating the Inside of Tomatoes and Pumpkins?I have beautiful tomatoes on the vines in my garden, but something is eating all the inside of the tomato and leaves the rest. Some say it is deer, but I don't think so. Could it be more of a rodent? They even ate the inside of my pumpkin. Please, I need help soon.


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Plant Pumpkins In Indoor Pots Now for Next YearGet a head start on the growing season by starting now. Yes before Christmas and here in Canada, the middle of winter.


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Discontinued Wallpaper: Laura Ashley's Colourwash Pumpkin?Discontinued wallpaper request: I am trying to find a few rolls of Laura Ashley's Colourwash Pumpkin. Any help will be much appreciated.


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Broken Pumpkin Plant Stems?I have two pumpkin plants that are growing beautifully. I don't have any fruit yet and no blooms but the plant themselves are very big and beautiful. This afternoon I went out to check on my garden and apparently my cat thought that was a great place to sit in the shade and broke two of my stems.


man planting petunias in a planter box

Feeding Soil in Non-Growing SeasonsKnowing how to perfect your plant's soil is the best defense against diseases and unwanted insects. It''s not to say you won't have any bugs or diseases but the soil is like a plant's immune system. The better the soil the stronger the plants growing in it.


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Restoring Finish On Pyrex?I collect old Pyrex bowls and bakeware, the kind that are colored on the outside. Some are faded from being put in the dishwasher. Can anyone tell me how to restore the shine?


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Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?The last couple of nites we go to bed and find a few tiny black bugs on the bed that look like a crawling eyelash. Does anyone know what it is? Every time I search and use the word "eyelash" to describe it I get back results on eyelash mites. These aren't those. These just look like eyelashes crawling around.


A Chinese Evergreen stem in a glass of water.

Rooting A Chinese Evergreen StemI have a large Chinese Evergreen with one stem that insists on growing horizontally rather than vertically. I remedied that problem with a sharp knife, a heavy beer mug and water.


A bottle and container of olive oil.

Olive Oil to Keep Gnats Out Of Your FaceIn the late afternoon, when I mow grass or work outside, gnats love to get in my face. I can't stand it. I read that you can put olive oil on your face and it will keep gnats off your face.


The upgraded side table.

Upgrading Old FurnitureAfter 47 years of marriage and 22 years in this house, I'd love to be able to buy new furniture, but we just can't afford to right now. Our red floral couch had gotten really worn in spots, so I put a leather-look slipcover on it, but never really liked that look. However, my son and daughter-in-law just bought new furniture, so they gave us their leather couch.


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Removing Rubber Shoe Marks From Bouncy Castle?Any way to remove rubber shoe marks from a bouncy castle. Brand new 4 weeks old white rubber marks on red slide.



A patio with many containers of plants.

Creative Container GardeningWait until you take a look at the different creative containers used for container gardening on a patio. I used colored bowls and plates, a lamp stand with a plastic container, two wooden crates, a strainer, a scale, a large tea pot, and a pedestal sink.


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Will Mayonnaise Kill Fleas on Pets?Does mayonnaise kill fleas on dogs? I know it works on head lice. Is it safe for dogs or cats?


A pink peony in bloom.

Sharing A Peony PictureI call the Peony 'The Mother's Day Flower'. That's because most people who grow them hope they are in bloom on Mother's Day and are thrilled when they are.


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Sources of Free Pavers or Stone?Does anyone know where I can pick up free pavers or stone?


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How Many Amps Can a 20 Amp Circuit Handle?I was wondering actually how many amps can a 20 amp circuit breaker hold before it pops? I have an amp meter on it and it says 19.8. Somebody told me they can actually hold up to 21 amps?


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Removing Wrinkles from Area Rug?I just bought an area rug and there are some wrinkles in it where it was rolled up. How can I get them out?


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Fixing Wrinkles In Carpet?The carpet in my four year old modular home is full of wrinkles. How do I fix them?


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Avocado Seeds Not Sprouting?Any ideas why my avocado seeds that I have had in water now for 2 months still aren't sprouting, I have them suspended pointed side down. Also, what other plants can you grow using fresh vegtables or fruits?


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Mildew Smell Coming From Under Our Mobile Home After Flooding?We recently had a bad rain fall and had a little flood of about 6 inches. We live in a trailer park where many of the trailers got flooded about six inches or so. A couple days after the rain had dried up we began to smell mildew or a mold like scent.


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Something in My Home is Making Me Itch?What could be causing me to itch? Sometimes it feels like something is biting me too, but I have no rash. It seems to only happen inside my home. We went on vacation and it went away.


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Cleaning Human Urine Off Hardwood Floors?I have a little boy who is learning to use the potty. Can anyone give me a solution for cleaning the hardwood floor around the toilet? I find that I clean it everyday. He misses sometimes, so I just want to get the area clean and smell free.


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Blocking The Sun From Coming In My Windows?I have 3 large kitchen windows with closed mini blinds that don't stop the sun's heat. Any temporary fix suggestions?


Blocking the Heat from a Window

Blocking the Heat from a WindowI have two west facing windows. Needless to say, they get hot. I also have things in my window that shouldn't get hot but have no other place to put them. I spent $1.00 and 15 minutes on a fix that hopefully will help block out some of the sun.


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Removing Rodent Urine Stains?Does anyone know how to get mouse/rat urine stains from clothing? I had my off-season clothing hung in my spare bedroom closet but found evidence of droppings and yellow urine stains on the shoulders of the hanging items. I tried regular laundering but the urine stains remained. Didn't want to try anything else until I consulted my friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The inside of a Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

Hampton Bay Pull Chain Switch Replacement?How to replace the broken chain pull switch on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?



An old tiller.

Repairing an Old Merry Tiller By Scottsman?In process of full restoration of this non running Merry Tiller with chain drive and 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Was given to me looks like it needs a coil and points oil change. It's either 1908 or 1976? Not sure also was wondering what it is worth? Thanks in advance.


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Zucchini Buds Falling Off?I have two zucchini plants planted in a single 5 gallon pot. They seem healthy overall and I even harvested one fruit this season. But all remaining fruit buds that are forming on the plants are turning yellow, becoming limp and falling off even before they blossom (flowers don't open).


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Riding Lawnmower Fluid Leaking?What causes gas and oil to come out of the air line and pours out all on the air filter when it starts and runs then the fluid shoots out of the air line going to air filter?


A very burned sauce pan.

An Easy Way to Clean a Burnt SaucepanPlease note that I haven't tried this on a pan with a non stick coating. However, if your pan is so burnt that you'll have to throw it out, then you may decide it's worth a try.


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Biting Insects in Carpet?I have a 10 year old son with cerebral palsy who has his face to the floor while he plays cause he can't sit up on his own. He has got these bites on different parts of his body. It's too late in the season for fleas. So what could it be that is biting him? And how do I get rid of the problem in my carpet? THANKS!


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Cut Roses Not Opening?I received a dozen red roses and for one week they stayed closed. I thought they would finally open but 8 days later they are showing black edges and don't appear to be opening. Does anyone know why this would occur?


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Cleaning a Rice Filled Pillow?I have one of those pillows with rice in it that you can use for sore muscles, etc. I bought it second hand and it smells like cigarette smoke. I can't wash it because of the rice, and can't use Febreze or anything because it is heated in the microwave and I don't want skin rashes.


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Dealing With Flies at an Outdoor Party?I am interested in knowing how to keep flies away from an outdoor event.


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Painting with a Foam Roller?Do the small foam paint rollers work well, for painting smooth surfaces, like kitchen cabinets? Years ago, I used a foam paint roller and it created many, many small bubbles on the paint surface. I will be using latex paint.


A flashlight being shone on the underside of a plastic drain pipe.

Shine Flashlight on Pipe to Check for Drain FliesDo you have a problem with gnats in the house? They could be breeding in your drains. If you have plastic pipes, you can check your drains by shining a flashlight behind the pipe. It lights up the drain.


Picking butter beans off the vine.

Picking ButterbeansThis has been a hot, dry summer and the first year we have watered our garden. It has been a pretty one. My grandmother used to say, a dry June means a wet July. It seems that old saying is true because we have had a lot more rain this month.


Holes drilled in the bottom of a bucket.

Use a Drain Bucket When Washing Vegetables OutsideI use a drain pan in my kitchen quite often and I thought it would be good to have a drain bucket on hand when washing garden vegetables outside. It gets the excess water out.


Thyme flowering in a strawberry pot.

Flowering ThymeI've been growing thyme at the top of this strawberry pot for a few years now. I originally planted herbs in each of the pockets but they all got too dried out and didn't make it, except for the thyme at the top. I love the delicate purple blossoms. After they finish blooming, I will trim them all off to allow the thyme to put out new leaves for tasty cooking for the rest of the summer and fall.


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Keeping Wheelchair Ramp Ice-Free?I just recently got a wheelchair ramp put together for my son Ryan. The 3 guys who put it together put underlayment over top. They said not to put rock salt on top of it or to use a shovel. Any suggestions about what I can do about the up coming snowy weather? What can I do to keep the snow off and to keep my son from sliding?


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Tiny Thin, Brown Bugs?I have tiny bugs in my house. They are very tiny and thin. They are brown and when you smoosh them it leaves a brown streak. They don't look like bed bugs.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Red and Brown BugsI have a bookcase in my room and a few of the shelves have some old papers and magazines on them. I just was going through the papers and I noticed there were a lot of tiny tiny reddish brown bugs on them.


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Earthworms in My House?After a big rain I found 20 or so earthworms inside my house in different rooms, including my garage, is this strange or what?


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Getting Rid of Green Mold Under a Mobile Home?I live in a mobile home, and we just replaced the insulation under the trailer due to a tornado that we had earlier this year. My son says there is a dark, greenish mold all over the ground. What can I put under there to kill that mold?


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Geranium Not Flowering?I have a gigantic geranium, but it isn't flowering. The foliage is huge and healthy, but no flowers. What kind of fertilizer? or does it need it?


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Flarp Stains on Clothing?How do you remove noise putty from clothes?


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How Do I Remove Cat Urine Odor from Mesh Running Shoes?One of my cats had a urinary tract infection and peed in my son's expensive Reebok runners. They are a black mesh, and not the leather shoe. How do I get the smell out of them?


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Worms in the Rice and Moths in the Cupboard?I discovered many moth like flies in my cupboard. Later I went to cook rice and we had worms in all our rice packages. They were not even opened yet. I washed all the shelves, sprayed them with insecticide and threw away all the rice.


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Inexpensive Bathroom Wall Covering Ideas?I removed old bathroom tiles and plaster from my bathroom walls and now it's down to the drywall paper. I can't afford to have new drywall installed so I'm looking for ideas to cover it up. Some of the areas are uneven.


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Deodorize a Musty Couch?I found a semi-old couch that my university that was going to thrown out. I snagged it before they could throw it in the dumpster. It is a really nice couch that I could really use, but it has a slight mildew and dusty smell to it.


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Removing a Musty Smell from Faux Leather Furniture?I just bought a foam filled leatherette suite. It has a damp smell. There is no way I can open and clean the interior. I have only had it one night, but it smells horrible. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Getting Rid of Spiders with Moth Balls?I have a problem. I have had a new home built. I noticed spiders inside the home (bunches). I asked the contractor what to do? He told us to put moth balls inside the crawl space under the house and it will make the spiders and mice stay away.


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Temporary Surface For Under Picnic Table?I'm looking for advice for an inexpensive, temporary covering for underneath our picnic table. We do not have a deck or patio and our picnic table has been on grass over the past few years.


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Removing Dog Poop From Cement?How do I remove dog poop from a cement patio?


The completed plant trellis.

Upcycle Above Ground Pool Post into Plant TrellisDo you have an old above ground pool you're taking down? Or see someone tossing theirs out? Keep the posts! Here's another idea you could do with them for inexpensive - we made this plant trellis for our dragonfruit.


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Troubleshooting A Water Tank?Dirty water tank is not filling. Reservoir is empty. Cleaned all filters.


Forks around growing vegetables.

Forks to Keep Critters Away in the GardenThese past two years have been a challenge in the garden because of rabbits. I spent a lot of time and money with commercial sprays and powders. They did not work, even though I reapplied after watering and rain.


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Can Ozone Remove Odors?Nowadays, we all know that ozone is a kind of green disinfectant, which is widely used for many aspects of our life. In market, there are many kinds of ozone machines for rooms, toilet, pet room, office, etc. to disinfect.


A baby doll with blonde hair.

Dusty Tippee Toes Doll?I own a vintage Tippee Toes vinyl and plastic doll. It was stored in its box all of these years and never removed from the box. I removed her and she is very dusty. When I dust her, the dust immediately reappears as if the doll is shedding. Please advise and please let me know why my doll is always dusty. The dust appears reddish also. The dust is only on the vinyl parts. The plastic parts are fine.


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Repairing a 1985 Coleman Sun Valley?Hello! We just bought this trailer and was able to open and close before leaving the sellers property. I have NO idea what happened but it is now stuck in an UP position. The crank will not turn.


Sprouted dill seeds in a pot.

Find Seeds in Your Spice CabinetI used to purchase packages of dill seeds. I found out that the dill seed in my spice cabinet will sprout just as well as the commercial seeds. This will work with fennel, coriander, mustard and other spices.


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Using Coconut Planter Inserts?What to use to keep coconut inserts in flower pots from dripping out bottom.


A starter in a cardboard box.

Save Money on Parts at the DealershipMy car's starter needed to be replaced. An aftermarket car starter from Auto Zone, Advanced Auto Parts, NAPA and comparable range from $250 to $430 - not new but rebuilt.


A fanny pack full of clothespins.

Fanny Pack for Clothespin BagI have an old fanny pack and have discovered it has multiple uses. I have been wanting an apron clothespin bag but just haven't gotten around to making one. After using my fanny pack for dropping seed, when planting the garden, I thought about using it for a clothespin bag. Hooked around my waist, it's so easy to get the clothespins out when hanging clothes on the line. This little bag will hold well over 60 clothespins.


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Water Build Up in Dryer?I have water accumulating in my clothes dryer. Has anyone had this problem before? I cannot imagine where this water is coming from. I have to dry my dryer before each use.


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Still Seeing Fleas After Terminex Has Left?Someone please put my mind at ease. When I first noticed the fleas I treated the house with a few store bought chemicals that really didn't work. I have since had Terminex here (today) and had the dog dipped and applied frontline.


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Flies in the Garage?Is there any way to get rid of flies in a garage? There is nothing there to attract them. They just seem to fly in. I have tried fly paper and spray. This has just started.


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How Do I Keep Jays From Raiding Sparrow Nests?How do you get rid of blue jays that are eating all of the chicks in my birdhouses? I enjoy watching the baby sparrows grow in the birdhouses. Today blue jays arrived and ate all of the chicks.


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What Color Refrigerator Will Coordinate With Bisque Appliances?I have bisque appliances and my side by side is on the brink. I would like to know what color I can match with the bisque color. I'm looking at the French door model for more space. My other appliances are only three years old so there's no need to replace all.


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Fiberglass Tub Has Yellowed?How do you make a yellowed fiberglass shower look white again? Mine is 22 yrs. old. At one time I used Gel Gloss for boats. Nothing seems to work now.


A plain white washcloth.

Cheap White Washcloths for EverydayIf you have young children or teenagers who wear make-up, purchasing a bulk package of plain white washcloths can be very economical! I used to have nice, thick washcloths with pretty designs until I began to have kids.


A DIY clothes dryer in a shower.

DIY Apartment Clothes DryerMultipurpose your vacuum cleaner to help dry your clothes! Fit your garment bag onto the shower curtain rod, if it must be put on beforehand. You will want to set up your curtain rod over the bathtub, a little ways inside from the shower curtain that you may already have.


A guinea pig in a cage.

Gnats In Room With Guinea Pigs?I have guinea pigs and I gave them some pineapple about 2 wks. ago. I started getting gnats and was using a flying pest spray on them. I would spray the entire room after removing my piggies and let it sit closed for an hour or so. Well, no more pineapple since my piggies don't eat it but my gnat problem has increased about 10 times more than before. How do I get rid of these annoying things w/out harming my piggies and how can I prevent it.


Hanging Fitted Sheets On the Clothesline

Hanging Fitted Sheets On the ClotheslineI love being able to hang my sheets on the clothesline. To keep from stretching the elastic on my fitted sheets, I hang them with the elastic on the inside.


Using a Tarp for Yard Cleanup

Use a Tarp for Yard CleanupWe cut the pampas grass and used a small light weight tarp for cleaning up the clippings. After putting it on the tarp, I tied the bottom ends of the tarp together in a loose knot, then tied the other end to give me a good grip to drag it. It took 3 trips and the tarp worked great for dragging the heavy clippings to the brush pile. It was easy to roll them off after I untied the ends.


A glove turned inside out next to a right side glove.

Left Hand Glove Turned Into A Right Hand GloveI use rubber gloves when I wash dishes and I wear the right hand glove out before I do the left hand glove. I save the left hand glove and when the next right hand glove gets a hole in it and I have two left hand gloves, I turn one inside out and immediately have another right hand glove.


A bottle attached to a tree trunk.

Prevent Squirrels and Rats from Climbing Up Fruit TreesAre squirrels or rats bothering your garden especially your fruit trees? Try this free solution out. It has been working for us!


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Using Totally Awesome Cleaner for Washing Machines?Is LA's totally awesome all purpose concentrate cleaner degreaser spot remover able to clean the washer for odd smells too? I have to get a funky stinky smell out of the washer before I can't wash my clothes anymore! It's getting ''''nasty!


A stereo cabinet.

Restoring a Vintage RCA Stereo Cabinet?My grandfather recently passed and I'm looking to restore his RCA stereo cabinet. The left speaker is blown so I'm replacing the speakers. But the 8 track doesn't work (it sounds like its trying to play but it's struggling to wind and it makes loud noises/vibrates when you change tracks) and the record size switch is stuck. Would anyone be able to tell me if the 8 track is salvageable or if there's replacements out there? if there's any manuals/schematics available? Or the best way to go about fixing the other issues? The model number is VTT300W serial number 424310322.


Identifying Spiders? - spider with legs towards front and back of body

Identifying Spiders?I would like help identifying these spiders. The first picture is of one found on a bed. The second one was found in the bathroom. Is it a false widow?


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Best Time to Plant?When is the best time this year to plant in Toppenish, Washington?


A letterman's jacket's sleeve.

Sleeves on Old Letter Jacket Are Sticky?I still have my son's high school letter jacket from 20 years ago. Guess I am waiting for a grandson! Lol! Anyway, the sleeves are made of a type of vinyl, I am sure you know what I mean. Keeping it in the closet for so long, I think the heat or age has gotten to it. The sleeves are sticky or tacky.


A woman smelling a rotten odor in the kitchen.

Rotten Onion Smell in Home?Has anyone ever experienced a strong odor of rotten onions in just one place in the house? It is not the fridge, not the cat box, and not the trash bin. It has been going on for more than two weeks. If anyone has had this problem, do you know the cause and what has been effective in removing the noxious odor?


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