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The completed bowl of soup.

Cabbage SoupI took an old recipe for Weight Watchers Diet Basic Fat Burning Soup and tweaked it a little. My husband and I have been eating it once a day for the past two weeks and have not tired of it yet. It is a great soup for a side, even if you are not trying to lose weight.


A turkey being cooked on a barbecue.

Barbecuing a Whole Turkey?Has anyone barbecued a whole Turkey? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Turkey Loaf RecipesIn a large bowl, combine the first five ingredients. Crumble turkey over mixture and mix well. Press into a 9x5 inch loaf pan coated with cooking spray (or make into patties and grill).


An uncooked turkey on a white background.

Recipes Using TurkeyTurkey is, of course, the star of Thanksgiving dinner but it can be used for meals throughout the year. Ground turkey is often used as a substitute for hamburger in any recipe. Turkey makes wonderful sandwiches too.


Two roasted turkey drumsticks.

Recipes for Turkey Drumsticks?I just bought some turkey drumsticks. How can I prepare them? Any ideas for serving one?


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Peanut Butter and Jelly French ToastA fun breakfast for PB&J lovers.


Caprese Salad with Cucumbers

Caprese Salad with CucumbersCaprese salad is one of my favorite summertime dishes but it can be a refreshing side for fall or winter dinner. I marinated cucumbers to give it some more crunch and substance. It was well received when I brought it to a pasta dinner recently.


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Looking For Old Weight Watchers Recipe?I'm looking for an old WW dessert recipe from the 1980s that includes pumpkin, pineapple and dry milk. It was like a crustless pie. Does anyone remember this and do you have the recipe?


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Potato CandyThis candy is easy to make and turns out delicious.


A bowl of bite sized energy bars.

No Bake Energy BitesThis recipe was shared on Facebook by a friend. I left off 2 ingredients. It calls for 1/2 cup ground flax seed and 1 Tbsp. chia seed which I probably should not have because I am on blood thinner. I didn't add anything else to the recipe in place of these 2 items and they came out really good. They are even better when they have been in the refrigerator for several days but you need to put them out of sight as they will get gone fast.


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Crockpot Peanut DropsChocolate and peanuts in a cup. Great for gifts!


A slice of Almond Flour Chocolate Beet Cake

Almond Flour Chocolate Beet CakeThis recipe doesn't use white flour while adding delicious beets to your dessert, but you'll never know it! A tasty dessert for kids or those watching their carbs but still needing a good dessert. Try it!


A finished zucchini tomato quiche.

Zucchini Tomato QuicheI have an abundance of squash and cherry tomatoes in my garden, so I decided to make this. I added some fresh basil I grew, and that is not in the recipe.


A container of pudding with coconut on top.

Homemade Pudding RecipesThis is a great way to use up milk. I made it chocolate by adding 3 Tbsp. cocoa powder to the sugar/cornstarch/egg mixture. I like this recipe because it doesn't have a lot of sugar in it. I topped mine with shredded coconut.


A plate of maple lemon chicken.

Maple-Lemon ChickenA nice dish now that fall is coming. The sauce is great over rice, potatoes or pasta. This is easy and delicious.



Beans stuffed inside a pita.

Beans in PitaMeat is getting really expensive, so here is a great alternative. I did the coriander and cumin version this time. Next time, I'll try the basil and marjoram.


The completed cilantro lime slaw.

Cilantro Lime SlawThis cilantro lime slaw is crisp, crunchy, and tangy with a light, yet zesty vinaigrette salad dressing. Five minutes and minimal ingredients to make this simple addition to any meal. There is no mayo in this coleslaw. This slaw has the perfect balance of flavors from the sweetness of fruit to the tangy punch of rice vinegar and lime.


A bowl of Curried Apple Bisque

Curried Apple BisqueGreat recipe for the coming Fall season! Apples bring in a sweet taste to a warming soup.


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Butter CoffeeSince I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, my neighbor told me that butter coffee would be good for it. I decided to try it, after finding several recipes on YouTube. It was surprisingly quite good. I usually put almond milk and xylitol in my coffee, and the butter coffee didn't taste that much different from that.


A glass of chocolate shake.

Healthy Chocolate ShakeJust add all 5 simple ingredients to a blender and it's done! Great healthy treat and also makes a healthy and fast breakfast on the run!


The roasted chayote squash.

Roasted Chayote SquashI had never had a chayote squash before, so this was a welcome addition to our dinner tonight. Feel free to use any spices you wish.


Chocolate covered kumquats.

Chocolate Covered KumquatsDark chocolate is extremely healthy but not as appetizing as a sweeter or milk chocolate. So I've been melting mine and rolling kumquats, berries or even apple slices in it then freezing them for treats that satisfy my cravings while being healthy too. Easy and fast!


The finished Chicken Sofrito

Chicken SofritoA great meal for the cooler weather. You could add more vegetables to the dish for a one-pan meal. The peppers and garlic scapes came from the garden.


Chickpeas, Olives and Bokchoy in pan

Chickpeas, Olives, and BokchoyA flavorful Moroccan inspired dish featuring chickpea, olives and bokchoy. Pairs nicely over rice or quinoa.


The completed dish of Duck à l'Orange.

Duck à l'OrangeI want to share with you a recipe for one of my favorite dishes, which is a gastronomic culinary specialty of French cuisine - Duck à l'orange. This dish not only looks very appetizing, but also really delicious, it is with crisp skin, succulent meat, and a velvety citrus sauce. Duck à l'orange is perfect for weekend meals or during the holidays.


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Cranberry Ambrosia Recipe?Years ago, there was a recipe on the Ocean Spray cranberry can for an ambrosia with Ocean Spray Cranapple juice, Jello, Cool Whip and canned cranberry sauce (whole or jelled). Lost the directions and can't remember the quantities. Can you help?


A piece of apple cobbler on a plate.

Apple Cobbler (Gluten Free)I had enjoyed apple cobbler most of my life and used the simple recipe that called for a cup of self rising flour, a cup of sugar, a cup of milk and a stick of butter and sliced apples. Since I can no longer have wheat flour, I had to adjust the recipe to make it gluten free by using gluten free flour. It is good and my family loves it too. It also freezes well for later. I freeze it in serving sizes.


smoothie in glass

Fruity Tofu SmoothieI went to get a smoothie with some friends the other day and was appalled a large fruit smoothie was over $7. This fruity tofu smoothie is a healthy and budget-friendly take on the rich and creamy versions at the specialty shops.


Banana Kale Smoothie in glass

Banana Kale SmoothieThis is an excellent smoothie for those who need to get more greens in their diet. You won't even taste the kale. The bananas, vanilla, and honey take over in sweetness, and give it a luxuriously smooth texture. It actually tastes similar to a very naughty diner milkshake. Promise you'll love it!


A plate of spaghetti with meat sauce.

Spaghetti With Meat SauceMelt shortening; add meat and brown lightly. Add onions, garlic; cook until tender. Add tomato sauce, water and seasonings.



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Monkey CookiesGreat for babies and all ages!


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Product Review: Butterball Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey?Has anyone tried the Butterball fully cooked smoked turkey? Is it good enough to serve to guests for Thanksgiving?


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Shelf Life of Swanson Chicken Broth in Cartons?My brother drives a tractor-trailer and ended up with 3 cases of Swanson chicken broth in the carton like boxes. They expire this month; can freeze these and/or does the 2 year after the date rule apply to these like other canned food? Thanks.


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Converting Recipes to Weight Watcher Points Format?I'd like to see some recipes posted that are Weight Watcher friendly and show the point values. Or, does anyone know how to convert a recipe to show how many points are in a serving? Thanks.


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How Much Cabbage Do I Need to Make Cole Slaw for 150 - 200 People?How many heads of cabbage does it take to make cole slaw for 150 to 200 people?


The end of a pomegranate.

Cut Pomegranates So They Don't Lose Their JuicesCut a cap off the top of your pomegranates then cut along the ridges on the pom. Look closely, they aren't perfectly round. You may need to FEEL the pomegranate to determine the ridges. There's usually between 5 and 6.


Using Leftovers for Breakfast

Using Leftovers for BreakfastLast night, we enjoyed Thai takeout and we had some leftovers. Although we could have used it for lunch, there wasn't very much left. I decided to make a hearty breakfast instead. I heated the leftovers up in a pan and then scrambled eggs in the mixture. The resulting dish was the perfect start to the day and was enjoyed by the whole family.


Caramel Apple Crisps on plate

Caramel Apple CrispsEnjoy the flavour of caramel apples? These rose-shaped dessert cups are full of caramel and apple, and only have a handful ingredients in them. They're so easy to put together and they won't weigh you down. You don't need special tools or techniques to make these super pretty rose-like goodies; I even used my toaster oven!


Korean Beef Short Ribson plate

Korean Beef Short RibsMarinating these beef ribs in a mixture grated onion, apple, ginger and garlic really softens the meat. When cooked, it just falls right off the bones. You can make this on a pan, in the broiler, or on a grill. This is an excellent addition to your barbecues this season and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Banana Turon on plate

Banana TuronIn most schools this kind of snack is being sold because it's what most kids love. This one is kid friendly, healthy snack because its main ingredient is banana.


Pork Riblets on plate

Pork RibletsThis is a delicious and inexpensive meal to prepare. Serve with side of rice and vegetables. Pork riblets were only $1.09 lb. This would be a good alternative for finger food if you're hosting a party, inexpensive to serve and easy to make, in addition to drumsticks, wings, etc.


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Can I Freeze Corn in the Husk?Can corn be frozen in the husk?


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Keeping Brownies from Getting Hard on the EdgesWhy are my brownies always hard around the edges? The center is fine. I use a glass baking dish and have tried a metal pan but same results. Several people I know have this same problem. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.


A plate containing scrapple.

Scrapple RecipesYummy! Crispy on the outside, tender and savory on the inside, and just delicious. I like it with a touch of homemade maple-flavored syrup over the top, with eggs on the side.



A collection of drinks made with watermelon.

Watermelon Drink RecipesWatermelon is a refreshing ingredient to use for making summer drinks. They can be combined with citrus or other fruit, even alcohol.


Slices of watermelon.

Recipes Using WatermelonWatermelon is a favorite summer treat. It is often served alone but can be combined with other ingredients for delicious salads, sauces or desserts.


watermelon cookies

Watermelon CookiesYou really have to allow yourself some space and time to make these. They are time consuming, but I won First Prize in 1998 at the Oregon State Fair for them, so for me, they were worth it.


A hobo dinner casserole.

Hobo DinnerHobo dinners are a hodgepodge of leftover ingredients, often with a base of hamburger or ground beef. All the ingredients are combined and baked as a casserole.


The completed Poulet au Pastis

Poulet au Pastis (Chicken with Anise Liqueur)Once again, here is a recipe from the south east of France. I know this one is going to be complex to make for non French, but it has two important culinary elements from my region:


The canned beets and a bowl full of the pickled beets.

E-Z Refrigerator BeetsThis simple recipe makes great use of all the beets from the garden and provides lots of great vitamins (like IRON!) too!


A plate of chorizo muffins.

Chorizo MuffinsI want to share with you one of my all-time favorite recipes. Chorizo gives the muffins a special taste. The chorizo muffins can be cooked, according to your tastes, with spicy or not spicy chorizo. It is ideal as an aperitif or as a main course, accompanied by a green salad. It's very delicious, especially when the muffins are still a little warm.


A slice of cake made from beetroots.

Beet Cake RecipesPreheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour 9x13 inch pan. Put all ingredients except raisins, walnuts and powdered sugar or frosting in large bowl. Mix at low speed until well mixed, beat 3 minutes on high.


Peppermint punch in martini glasses.

Peppermint Punch RecipesThis refreshing punch is made with peppermint ice cream, fruit juices and soda. It's perfect to serve for a party during the holidays.


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Earth SandwichIt is a delicious harmonious blend of mouth watering tastes and texture! I like it so much because it's very easy to put together and the taste is such a pleasant surprise.


A dish of sweet potato pudding.

Sweet Potato PuddingAll ingredients do not have to be exact. Very easy, and can be made in different time slots when cooking.


A drawing showing an avocado pear assembled on a plate.

Avocado PearHere is a receipt with only (for 2 persons) an avocado, a pear, a little bit of peppercorns and vinegar. Pepper and vinegar have to be a bit sophisticated, like pink or green or black pepper, raspberry vinegar or balsamic vinegar for example.


Stirring the soup mixture.

Gluten Free Cream of Chicken SoupMany recipes call for cream of chicken soup, however, if you are allergic to gluten, you have to watch what you use. All I have seen contain wheat. I make my own. I prepare it first when making recipes that call for cream soup. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and cook.


The ratatouille served on a plate.

Ratatouille KabobsI recently saw a recipe using a combination of squashes, zucchini, summer squash and eggplant and gave it my own twist! It is vegetarian and came out yummy and it was so easy!


A slice of avocado toast.

Wonderful Avocado ToastIf you are like me and get overwhelmed with cooking, then this breakfast is perfect for you! It's simple, it's quick, it tastes great, and the best thing is that it's healthy for you too! The avocado has good nutritional benefits for the heart, and much more.


A piece of chicken pot pie on a plate next to cooked green beans.

Gluten Free Chicken Pot PieChicken pot pie is one of our favorites and even though it is gluten free, the family devours it with me and they enjoy it as well as I do. It is also good left over and heated for another meal.


The baked squash rounds on a cookie sheet.

Parmesan Yellow SquashWe have enjoyed the yellow squash from our garden this year. Although, there are many ways to prepare squash, this is one of my favorite. It's quick and easy and so good.


A bowl of zucchini soup with croutons.

Simple Zucchini SoupI recently purchased this Instant Ace Plus Multi-Use Cooking & Beverage Blender. This blender is truly a timesaver/lifesaver. All you need to do is chop and measure the ingredients and in less than 15 minutes you have hot soup to immediately serve!


A fruit and cream trifle in a clear bowl.

Fruit and Cream TrifleI love making trifles for any occasions. You can make them anyway you really want to. This one I made is all fruit and cream and vanilla wafers. It is delightful for the summertime!


A container with lids in the bottom for drainage.

Drip Drain for WatermelonThese two stackable containers come in handy for many things. I pulled out four plastic lids and they fit perfectly. They are deep enough to keep the watermelon out of the juice which keeps it crisp and fresh. If needed, I can punch holes in them for more drainage.


A plate of stuffed meatloaf covered in mushroom gravy.

Rolled Stuffed MeatloafI read a similar recipe on Facebook, of course, I tweaked it a lot with all the fixings I love to use. I made this easy for myself, by using quick easy shortcuts.


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Muffin Tin MeatloafTry baking meatloaf in a muffin tin instead of the usual loaf pan. It will bake in half the time and you will have individual portions that are all ready to serve.


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Separating Frozen Pasta Sheets?How to separate large (12x15") Frozen Pasta Sheets? The stack of sheets are kept frozen until ready to compose the lasagna: Though each sheet is separated by wax paper, a sheet will crack as I try to pry it apart from the frozen stack. Help, love lasagna!


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Marie Callender's Frozen Pie Crusts Instructions?Could someone give me the directions for baking a Marie Callender's frozen pie crust?


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Ideas for Bland Stir-Fry?I recently made stir-fry from a recipe. It was pretty simple: tofu, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and basil. I stir-fried it for about 15 minutes. The consistency was pretty good, a tiny bit on the dry side. But the taste was bland.


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Lavender PunchWhen ready to serve, add 1 (28 oz.) bottle ginger ale and 1 quart raspberry sherbet.


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Neiman Marcus CakeThis is a delicious recipe using a yellow butter cake mix and several other ingredients easy to keep on hand. I got it out of our church cookbook that was printed in 1987, and I have used it more times than I can count. It is always a hit and so easy to "make and take."


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Lettuce Cake with Lemon FrostingSift powdered sugar and combine with other frosting ingredients. Beat till smooth and put on cooled cake...


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Fannie Mae FudgeRecipe for Fannie Mae Fudge. Mix together milk, sugar, vanilla and butter. Boil mixture for 2 minutes. Turn off heat and add marshmallows. . .


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Fudge For OneRecipe for Fudge For One. Mix sugar, cocoa and milk in 1 quart glass measuring cup. Microwave on high 1 minute. . .


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Spam Spread Hors d'oeuvre BallsRecipe for Spam Spread Hors d'oeuvre Balls. Mix above ingredients, roll into tiny balls and chill. Then spear on toothpicks, frost with chopped nuts, parsley, paprika or Parmesan cheese. Chill to serve. . .


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Oyster Stuffing RecipesIn buttered casserole, crumble 1 strip crackers. Add 1/2 oysters and juice and 1/2 butter. Add second strip crackers and remaining oysters and juice. Pour 1/2 stick melted butter over top.


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California Blend Vegetable CasserolePut vegetables in oiled casserole, pour soup over them. Melt butter; stir in bread crumbs. Cover soup and vegetables with buttered crumbs.


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Blueberry Ice SquaresThis makes a large pan for company.


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Basic Golden OatsWhen I discovered this recipe some years ago, I just couldn't have imagined that oatmeal can do this! Use it with any rice, pasta or potatoes with your meal. It also isn't much longer to make it than instant rice.


Banana Oat Chia Muffins

Banana Oat Chia MuffinsI wanted to make a healthier banana bread recipe. So I reduced the fat and sugar then added oats and chia. It came out pretty darn delicious.


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Basic Baked Moist StuffingPerfect if you're not roasting an entire stuffed turkey. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Saute the onion and celery in a skillet until just barely tender, meanwhile, heat the broth and pepper in a large pan.


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Crock Pot Beanie WeeniesA good version of baked beans, that's easy to prepare. Brown the onion and pepper, put all ingredients in the crock pot and let simmer for about 4 hours. It's very good!


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Date Nut Tea SandwichesThis is my favorite "tea sandwich". You make your own date-nut bread, and your own cream cheese and olive spread. It's been a family favorite since I first ate one at Chuck's in 1950's Key West, FL


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Old-Fashioned Tomato SoupPour in large saucepan, bring to a boil - quickly stir in baking soda - It will bubble and foam. Stir in milk, salt and pepper, and the butter. Cook over low heat till butter melts.


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Easy on the Stomach BBQ SauceFor chicken or anything else you may want to use it on. You may want to double if cooking for a family of 5 or more.


A fork of spaghetti being raised.

Grandma's Comfort FoodsI am going to pass on some of my mother's and my aunt's "secret recipes" that they used to make for us. All can be made and frozen then reheated.


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Chipperoo BarsCombine first 2 ingredients in bowl; set aside. Sift dry ingredients together; set aside. Beat eggs into brown sugar mixture. Add flour mixture slowly, mixing well.


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Mocha ShakesMy family loves the Mocha shakes we get at Dairy Queen, etc., but at $3.50 a pop for a small, it's way too expensive! We've improvised at home, and now the Mocha Shakes are the favorite drinks of the house.


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Polynesian BBQ SauceThis is a recipe that I first made with an old gentleman who'd lived most of his life in Hawaii. Growing up during the Second World War left me with a very romantic idea of anything to do with the islands.


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Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz CrackersHere's a way to make some pretty groovy treats for gifts or just for you to eat and share. Easy and inexpensive. I am making these for holiday gifts and packaging them in biodegradable compost-able cello bags.


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Econo CookiesCream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add well beaten eggs and soda that has been dissolved in hot water. Add flour and rest of ingredients. Mix well and chill.


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Greek Salad WrapYummy blend of Greek flavors in a wrap sammie.


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Johnny Marzetti CasseroleThis recipe comes from a couple I met in Key West, FL back in the mid-1950's. I always thought it was something they'd cooked up themselves, and I'm sure this version was their own, however, the original recipe going under the name of


An Italian eggplant casserole.

Italian Casserole RecipesThere are many Italian inspired casseroles and pasta bakes. Lasagna is a traditional favorite but there are many other recipes that highlight classic Italian flavors and ingredients.


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French Canadian Sugar PieI was introduced to this most wonderful French Canadian dessert when I was in Massachusetts the Christmas of 1972. There was snow on the ground and very cold outside.


A slice of sugar pie.

Sugar Pie RecipesSugar pies or tarts are an old fashioned way to make a pie when fruit is not in season. These are made with milk or cream, butter, eggs and thickeners. The resulting pie is creamy, with a caramel flavor.


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Weight Watchers Five Can SoupIt's simple to make and it's a Weight Watchers PointsPlus+ Recipe (6 points)!


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Weight Watchers Raspberry SaladDoes anybody have the recipe for a Weight Watchers salad, using raspberries, cool whip, yogurt and instant white chocolate pudding mix? I know the ingredients, I just can't remember the amount of each one.


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Weight Watchers Popcorn BallsMicrowave popcorn (set aside). Melt butter add marshmallows and microwave until they look puffy (about 1 minute or so.) Stir to completly melt marshmallows then pour the melted mixture over the popcorn and carefully mix until it's coated. . .


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Weight Watchers Banana Cream PieYou don't have to give up yummy desserts just because you are dieting. This healthy treat is both delicious and diet friendly.


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Weight Watchers Italian Stuffed Peppers (6 PointsPlus)This will become one of your favorite recipes once you've tried it! It's so easy, delicious and very healthy. A Points Plus+ recipe as well.


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