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Using Eye DropsIf you have to use eye drops, lay down on the bed and lay the drop bottle on the bridge of your nose, turn your head sideways a little and the drop will fall into your open eye, without the chance of you touching your eye with the bottle tip.


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Orajel For Mosquito BitesThis is a sure fix for mosquito bites. Every time I get bitten by a mosquito, I use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine and it works! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. I have done this for years.


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Mild Sunburn ReliefHaving fair skin and loving to swim, I have had sunburns since I was a child. For mild sunburns (reddened skin, mild heat), I suggest a cool water bath that has vinegar added.


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Tackle Box for First AidUse a tackle box to organize and store all your first-aid supplies.


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Colloidal Silver for Treating BurnsI now keep an old fashioned product on hand - Colloidal Silver. It's essentially the liquid produced by generating electricity through silver. It is antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal. It also has a miracle property of numbing the area of the burn while cleansing and treating it.


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Stop Bleeding of Knicked VeinIt's amazing how many people nick the vein in their ankle while scratching themselves and then can't stop the bleeding. That happened to me too. I had visions of having to rush to the ER for help I remembered what I do for my dogs.


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Swallow Pills with FoodI have a lot of difficulty taking pills and vitamins I was thinking I have no trouble swallowing food, so what I do is when I'm eating I take my pills just before I swallow my well chewed food.


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Use Tape for Minor CutIf you don't have a plaster (bandage), sellotape, wound round the affected finger several times so that it sticks to itself, will work just as well at containing and then stopping the bleeding. You do need to be a bit careful not to wind it round too tightly, though.


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Mustard for Burn First AidIf you burn yourself, don't run for the ice. Instead, grab the mustard and slather it on the burn. You'll be shocked at how quickly it cools the burn and how much it helps the healing process.


inside of kit with supplies

VHS Travel First Aid KitI have always thought it would be a good idea to have a small first aid kit in my vehicle. Have you seen how expensive they can be? Since I am a cheapskate, I decided to make my own from an empty VHS case and dollar store supplies. Now I can be prepared and it only cost a few dollars.


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Tape for Mosquito BitesI fell upon a solution that is so simple, I almost hesitate posting it. I put a small piece of plastic tape over the bite and it started to lessen the itch right away.


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Use Garlic Capsule as Emergency DisinfectantStaying with my aunt recently, I had a rash on my foot which was sore and weeping, but could find no antiseptic in her cupboard. I nipped off the top of a garlic oil capsule with my fingernails, and squirted it on the affected area, then went to bed. Next day, the sore place was clean, dry and starting to scab over.


A lemon shaped container for lemon juice.

Lemon Juice Ice PackI re-purposed an empty Jif Lemon juice container for a handy ice-pack. I suffered for a long time with nose bleeds due to a perforation and I found the shape of the Jif bottle was ergonomically shaped to keep the bridge of my nose cold thus stopping the bleeding.


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Save a Life with CPRI just returned from one of the most eventful shopping trips ever! As I was grocery shopping the PA announcement said "If there is anyone who knows CPR could you come to the back room". As a past employee of The American Heart Association, I went running.


Frozen Aloe Vera Gel for Sunburn

Frozen Aloe Vera Gel for SunburnIf you have a sunburn, hopefully this tip should help. Put aloe vera gel into a tray. Once frozen, you can apply onto the burn to give the relief of cooling, from aloe and ice.



A hand applying cornstarch to a boy's back.

Cornstarch for Treating Heat RashHeat rash is very common in children, especially in summer when the weather is hot and humid. To treat this at home, go to your kitchen and grab your cornstarch. Use this as a powder to their bodies or where the rash is present, whether on their back, chest or neck. It's simple and safe.


A picture of a package of Dentemp dental repair medication.

Product Review: Dentemp for Temporary FillingsIf you have no dental coverage, can't afford dentist bills at the moment or can't get an appointment in and you have lost your fillings/cap or in pain this product is a great temporary relief. This product is very affordable and can be purchased at your local drug store or online.


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Use Pure Aloe for Dry Sunburned SkinIt's not going to be the prettiest look in the world but try putting on a thin layer of pure aloe. It'll take the sting out and give you some moisture back. That's always worked for me!


Vodka being poured onto a soft cloth to be used in an ice pack.

DIY Reusable Soft Ice PackCombine equal parts vodka and water, then soak it up with a piece of cloth. Throw the whole thing into a plastic bag, then place it in the freezer to set up. The mixture will freeze soft-set due to the alcohol content inside, changing the freezing point, making it more comfortable on your body.


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