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Photo of a large white wedding cake.

Saving Money on Your Wedding CakeWe saved money on the wedding cake because we ordered a very plain cake. It was only frosted with pearl frosting edging. Then we took left over live flowers that were not used in the wedding and decorated the cake.


Wedding Reception with borrowed decorations.

Borrow Wedding DecorationsMy biggest tip for wedding decorations is borrow, borrow, borrow! We borrowed as much greenery, lights, tulle, gossamer, etc. as we could. We also borrowed dishes, punch bowls, serving bowls, etc. for the reception.


Flower petals being thrown at a wedding.

Instead of Rice, Throw Flower PetalsThis tip is from my daughter's recent wedding. She wanted something for everyone to throw that would be different than the usual. We looked into several things and found that assorted flower petals from Flowerama were cheap and beautiful.


Moose Wreath

Outdoor Wedding DecorationsWe have an outdoor wedding coming up and are making decorations to use afterwards. We may be making these and selling them.


Photo of girls wearing homemade bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding and Bridesmaids Dresses on a BudgetThese bridesmaid dresses were made by my daughter's mother in-law for no charge. The total cost of each of them was about $50. That is buying material that was NOT on sale.


Inexpensive wedding tablecloths.

Wedding Table CoveringsHere is a picture of the very inexpensive table coverings we used at my daughter's wedding reception. The bottom coverings were only $1/each from Dollar Tree and the top were lace tablecloths from Dollar General Store purchased for $5 each.


Planning A Kitchen Shower - gift basket with lots of kitchen tools and recipes

Planning A Kitchen ShowerA very useful shower for a Bride-to-be is a Kitchen shower. This will help her stock her kitchen with small appliances, utensils, kitchen towels and recipes as well.


Wedding candles

Saving on Wedding CandlesI recommend the Dollar Store for your wedding candles. While they do not carry unity candles, they do carry other types very inexpensively. For my daughter's wedding we bought all the taper style candles from our local Dollar General Store for 3/$1.00.


A simple homemade wedding cake.

Nice, Simple Wedding CakeI made a cake for a good friend at work for her wedding. I wanted to make a nice cake, simple, cute and most important fast.


Wedding programs in a basket.

Saving Money on Wedding ProgramsMy mother in-law for my daughter's wedding. The wedding programs that you see sitting in the basket were designed by my son in-law on his computer. We then went to Staples and bought some good quality paper and ran them off ourselves at a family member's real estate college.


Church Decoration - LatticeThis is the decoration inside the front door of our church. We liked it so well that we decided not to change it for my daughter's wedding. Not the same colors but it still looked so nice!


Wedding Cake for Pigs

Wedding Cake for Adorable PigsMy friend made a farm wedding for two adorable pigs. I made the wedding cake.


Happy Nephew Greeting Bride

Happy to See the BrideAfter the wedding Dave, the brides nephew, got so excited to see her he ran up and jumped into her arms. Everyone laughed and thought how cute he was. His mom was one of the bridesmaids.


White Wedding Flowers

Making Wedding or Shower Decorations for the TablesMaking your own decorations is very easy nowadays with all the supplies available on the market. Here is a picture of mini bridesmaid bouquet centerpieces we made for a surprise shower for my friend's daughter.


Taking Wedding Photos

Taking Wedding Photos - Bring a HankieThis was taken at my son Joshua's wedding May 20th. I was the wedding photographer! My tip is, if you're going tp be the photographer at your own child's wedding, be sure to put hankies in your pocket...



Saving for the WeddingBefore our daughter got married, we charged her room and board once she had a job. However, instead of spending it we saved it without her knowing it. . .


Holloween wedding dress for granddaughter.

Little Girl's Wedding DressMy previous entry was about my daughter's wedding dress. This one is about my 5 year old granddaughter's wedding dress. LOL! She wanted a wedding dress too because her aunt was getting one.


Wedding Cake Topper

My Frugal WeddingWhen my boyfriend and I decided to get married on our one year anniversary of dating, we didn't give ourselves a lot of time for planning or saving, just a few months. However, we still managed to have a beautiful and very frugal wedding with help from all our friends and family.


Wedding inside a church decorated for Christmas.

Saving on a Christmas WeddingIf you are planning to have a Christmas church wedding then this tip may help save you some money and time on decorations. Most churches decorate for the holidays and it is quite beautiful. So plan your wedding during the time that they have their decorations up for the holidays.


Wedding scroll favor.

Making Wedding Scroll FavorsI found this idea for a wedding favor in my Dad's mementos, and think it is a nice touch.


Wedding Collage

Wedding Couple CollageFor my daughter's Engagement/Wedding Shower, I had her fiance's parents send me photos from infant to now of their son and I gathered pictures of the same of my daughter.


Wedding toiletry basket.

Ladies Toiletry Basket For GuestsThis is a ladies toiletry basket, I made for my daughter's wedding back in September. She was married at Castle in The Clouds in New Hampshire. So, with a castle setting, I chose a brown tin large oval planter in place of a basket. It gave it a more medieval look to it.



Nautical Wedding Rehearsal Dinner...These center pieces are made in a nautical look due to the wedding being held on Cape Cod, MA. Very beach and sand area. I bought white metal and glass lanterns (for the nautical look) and a candle in the center of each and with a dried flower ring around each one.


A bride with her bouquet.

Stress Reducing Tips For A Do-It-Yourself WeddingThe date's been set, reservations made, and mom begins to panic! Keep in mind, it's a one day event, and there's nothing worse than a stressed-out mom. You've heard the old expression, "if mom ain't happy--ain't nobody happy."


Saving Money on Weddings

Saving Money on WeddingsYou don't have to spend a fortune to have a wonderful wedding. Here are tips from the ThriftyFun community for saving money on wedding costs. What advice can you add?


Making a Silk Bridal BouquetThank goodness the days of HUGE Bridal bouquets has passed! Small, round bouquets with stems showing are being used more often in Weddings. Your local florist would be glad to bunch up a cluster of roses and tie with ribbon but believe me you'd pay dearly!


Decorated ironing board kitchen maid gift.

Bridal Shower Gift - Make a Kitchen Maid...If the bride is a good friend, you will know what household items to use in creating your custom-made Kitchen Maid. And today, some couples have joint wedding showers, so you can also build a Kitchen Mate for the husband-to-be. Here's how:


Wedding Kiss

Ready For The Wedding PhotoThe second the photographer says ''Ready'' make sure that you and your new husband/wife are looking at each other or sharing that special kiss so that in the future you both will always cherish the moment.


Country Wedding

Country Wedding BackgroundHere's an eyesore made into a photo op. This ugly storage shed was in the yard where I had my wedding. With some hay bales, country collectibles and fresh cut sunflowers I had a great background for pictures. It tied in just right with my country wedding theme too!


Wedding Accessories

Customizing Wedding AccessoriesFor the most part, weddings can be quite costly. I have a tip that can help you cut the cost on a few needed items. If you don't sew, a glue gun will work. And if time is a factor, discount fixer uppers are great to! The items that you 'll be checking off your list are:



Faux Wedding Cake

Frugal Faux Wedding CakeMy fiance Ken and I just pushed up our wedding date from November 1st to October 5th. So we don't have a lot of time and most definitely not a lot of money. We just found out that Ken's son has enlisted in the Marines and will be leaving on October 17th.


A beach towel wedding cake.

Towel Cake for Beach WeddingThis is a towel cake I made for my brother's wedding this summer. He and his wife were married on the beach and I used the towels they had on their wedding registry.


Calla Lily B/W

Calla Lilies Photo for Wedding InvitationsThese are my calla lilies. I used this photo to make my wedding invitations. They were lovely! I used the picture in black and white.


Tips for a $300 Wedding

Tips From a $300 WeddingWhen my husband and I got married, we only spent $300 out of our pockets for the entire wedding. That included the flowers, my dress, invitations and programs. You can have a great wedding for a lower price as well.


Unity Ceremony With Wine

Use Wine As a Sign of Wedding UnityInstead of a unity candle, my son had a wine ceremony. Carafes of red wine and white wine were poured into an empty carafe, then the mixture was poured into a goblet from which they both drank.


Front of wedding dress favor.

Wedding Dress FavorInexpensive, yet elegant, use the wedding colors to complete these simple little favors that take only minutes to make.


finished topper

Ribbon Wedding Cake TopperThis fun and thrifty decoration is perfect as a topper to a plain wedding cake or as a wedding decoration. It uses Styrofoam, ribbon, paint, and a clay pot to make a mini-faux wedding cake.


A wedding ring being placed on the ring finger.

Say "I Do" to Wedding SavingsMajor life changes require some major planning. Instead of digging out of the financial hole that a wedding leaves in your bank account, prepare to hurdle across it.


Wedding Pen Holder

Refurbished Wedding Pen HoldersWhile hunting for items for my wedding in November, I came across two pen holders at a garage sale. They were both dirty and one was ripped. I bought them both for $.75.


Embroidered Wedding Veil

Embroidering a Wedding VeilTo make a beautiful "embroidered" wedding veil that isn't expensive, do the following: Make a basic veil out of tulle. Draw a basic design on the veil using permanent marker. Use embroidery floss (all strands) and a narrow embroidery needle to sew the pattern onto the veil.


Derby Bridal Shower

Kentucky Derby Themed Wedding ShowerPlanning a bridal shower can also be fun and can be done on a limited budget if you are resourceful. While the trend seems to be hosting the shower at a venue such as a restaurant, why not consider a bridal shower at home.


wedding flowers

Weddings on a BudgetIn 2008, a series of events were brought to our family. Our oldest daughter decided she wanted to get married in October (the month and day they met). So, that was one wedding. Then, the next wedding was for my step-daughter in May.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

My Frugal Life: Big Wedding On A BudgetMy husband and I were single until we were thirty, so we agreed that a "full blown" wedding was not what we wanted. Instead we opted to save our money for a honeymoon trip to England, and to put together a more economical wedding.


Closeup of finished favor.

Valentine's Day Wedding FavorsGetting married on Valentine's Day? Make these cute wedding favors and continue to spread the love.


Planning a Potluck Wedding Reception, Potluck wedding reception.

Planning a Potluck Wedding ReceptionThis is a page about planning a potluck wedding reception. One way to save money on food for your wedding is to have a potluck wedding reception. Ask guests to bring their favorite dish to share with everyone.



Ideas for Planning a Green Wedding

Ideas for Planning a Green WeddingPlanning a green wedding is much like planning a traditional one: exciting, hectic, exhausting, and totally worth it. The real difference comes down to making decisions based on what will cause the least amount of impact on the environment.


Piggy banks on top of wedding cake

Wedding Ideas on a BudgetConsider a nice but not formal dress for your wedding party or yourself. Some bridal shops have new dresses from previous seasons at a huge discount.


Feet and legs of groom in cowboy boots and bluejeans and bride in wedding dress and boots

Wearing Jeans and Boots at WeddingThis is a page about wearing jeans and boots at wedding. A couple can define the attire of their wedding party, whether it be formal or very casual.


wild flower wedding bouquet

Planning a Wedding for $2500?Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. This is a page about planning a wedding for $2500. Your budget will certainly dictate the event, but with some ingenuity even a smaller budget can allow for a memorable day.


Rustic Country Wedding Invitation - finished card

Rustic Country Wedding InvitationIncluding an old family wedding photo on your homemade wedding invitation leads an air off rustic or vintage charm. This page gives instructions for making a rustic country wedding invitation.


Mother's Day Table Decoration - LED battery lights added to inside of the film cylinder

Lighted Stenciled Rose Table DecorationThis pretty lighted table decoration is perfect for many occasions such as Mother's Day, and anniversary, or even a quiet dinner for two. This is a page about lighted stenciled rose table decoration.


Wedding Reception Decorations

Inexpensive Wedding Reception IdeasWeddings can easily get expensive very quickly. Help keep the cost of your wedding down by planning an inexpensive wedding reception. This is a page about inexpensive wedding reception ideas.


Tulle and lights decorating a wedding.

Using Tulle and Lights for Wedding DecorThe combination of tulle and strings of lights can be used as elegant wedding decorations. This is a page about using tulle and lights for wedding decor.


dried pink rose buds

Drying Flowers for a WeddingBy drying you can save flowers that you have received over the years and use them to strew down the aisle for a wedding. This is a page about drying flowers for a wedding.


Floral Glass Jar Wedding Favor - finished jar filled with candy

Floral Glass Jar Wedding FavorIt is spring and the wedding season has started. Turn empty cheese spread glass jars into wedding favors. Hot glue flowers around the jars to make them fit with a spring themed wedding, fill the jars with chocolates, and voila! Your guests will certainly love these unique wedding favors.


Fingerprint Guest Book Picture - tree covered with prints

Fingerprint Guest Book PictureThis easy project is a wonderful wedding reception memory. Instead of signing a guest book, guests are invited to make their thumbprint on a picture of a tree.


Memorable Party Favors - closeup of 3 finished favors

Painted Rock Party FavorsWe will be creating over 100 of these for my daughter's wedding reception, but you could use them at showers, birthdays, or other important parties! Personalize them however you'd like with colors, words, graphics, even stickers, or pressed flowers. A fun project to make with bridesmaids too!


Bridal Dress Flower Vases - closeup of finished vase

Bridal Dress Flower VasesThis project is inexpensive and simple to make and would look adorable on tables at a bridal shower or even a wedding!


Bride and Groom Clothespin Decor - fun wedding decor piece

Bride and Groom Clothespin DecorThese are adorable little DIY wedding favors or guest name card holders that you can make for cents on the dollar. Paint a clothespin as the bride on one side, the groom on the other, then pinch to make them kiss. What a sweet couple!


Bird Seed Heart Wedding Favors - favors in bags

Bird Seed Heart Wedding FavorsMy daughter's wedding has a natural theme and so we wanted a favor that would be consistent and something anyone could enjoy once they got it home!


Natural Centerpiece for Wedding or Parties - decoration on a cloth covered table

Natural Centerpiece for Wedding or PartiesThis simple yet lovely centerpiece was made for my daughter's wedding by the both of us. I think it is so natural looking and sweet. Just like my daughter! It really wasn't costly either compared to some of the things I saw!


A variety of wedding favors, including a bride and groom rubber ducky.

Saving Money on Wedding FavorsWedding favors can be a rather large added expense. The more guests you have, the more the price goes up. There are many ways to cut costs on the gifts that you give out on your most memorable day. However, if you make cuts in the wrong places, like giving out really cheap favors, you're doing yourself a disservice. You can still have gorgeous favors at your wedding that represent you quite well as a couple and not break the bank.


A neon Graceland wedding chapel sign next to a chapel.

Eloping Can Save You MoneyBack in the day, eloping generally meant a couple running away together, without parental consent, with the intent of getting married. These days, eloping includes having a super small unannounced wedding, perhaps with the parents and a couple best friends present. Obviously, the smaller the party, the cheaper the wedding. This includes knocking out some really huge expenses. Read on to find out which cuts you can make by choosing to elope.


Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Ways to Save Money on Wedding FlowersFlowers can be a pretty costly item on the list of necessities for your wedding. There are many ways to cut the costs and still keep everything looking beautiful, from the bridal flower bouquets to the reception setting decorations.


A wedding cake decorated in yellow and blue flowers.

Our Frugal Sustainable WeddingMy husband and I had a very fun, silly, and laid back picnic wedding. We had a very short planning period and a small budget. I met my husband while living and working in Vietnam. After moving back to the States, I quickly realized I didn't like living without him. So, I packed my bags and moved back to Vietnam and married him in Vietnam. We started the K-1 Fiancé visa process so that he could immigrate to the United States.


A wedding list for planning a budget.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Budget"'To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part''." These words are often part of a traditional wedding vow. So, what do you do if the 'poorer' is now and you would love 'to have and to hold, from this day forward' but you don't have the cash to do so?


A wine glass filled with coffee beans with a tealight candle.

Creative Substitutions on Theme WeddingsTheme weddings are all the rage and notoriously expensive. With a few creative substitutions, you can have a theme wedding that wows without the pow of the post-wedding credit card blues.


A decorated cake celebrating a 1 year anniversary.

Celebrating Your Wedding AnniversaryCommemorating the day you and your other half tied the knot does not have to be a big ticket item. In fact, finding ways to celebrate each other on the day of the big event, and for years to come, can be even more sweet when you really get creative together. Coming up with ways to enjoy your anniversary is enjoyable and saves quite a bit of money, especially as it'is an annual event!


A beautiful cake at an beach wedding.

Saving on Destination WeddingsWe all know that the typical wedding can be one of the most expensive events in a lifetime, and even more so if you decide to have a destination wedding. But there are many ways to have a beautiful wedding on a budget. Yes, even those beautiful fairytale destination ones. Here are some tips to get you there while saving you big bucks.


Wedding venue with wooden chairs, flower petal path leading to a flower arch.

How to Save Money on a Wedding VenueIt is no surprise that the actual venue for your wedding is one of the biggest expenses, the average cost being upwards of $12,000 for a short block of time. There are many ways to help chip off a big chunk of that total. Here are some ideas.


Homemade Recycled Flower Girl Basket - white fabric covered bucket with purple-red flowers around the top and a large flower on the front

Homemade Recycled Flower Girl BasketIf you need a flower girl basket, why not use a clean bubble gum container? Take some white silk blend fabric and layer it until you get the look you are wanting. Add studs, lace, mini flowers, or fabric flowers from eBay. Use your own colors and theme.


Wedding Countdown Frame - 9 days flag on display

Wedding Countdown FrameAdd a cute touch of decor to your home with this countdown frame. This countdown frame is designed for a "wedding", but the concept could be applied to other special events like an engagement party, birthday, concert, etc.


DIY Jar Lamp Wedding Souvenir

DIY Jar Lamp Wedding SouvenirIt's a big save when you make DIYs. My cousin's wedding is almost due and my advance gift for them is my handmade wedding souvenirs. They would love to have lamps, but it's expensive in the souvenir shops so I made some for free as a gift so they wouldn't have to buy expensive ones.


DIY Last Minute Wedding Invitation Cards - finished sample invitation

DIY Last Minute Wedding Invitation CardsI mailed or handed out all of our wedding cards and realized we were short a few cards. Instead of purchasing another DIY wedding invitation kit, I decided to look at what I had on hand and was able to come up with this last minute wedding card. I had extra blank floral cards and envelopes. You could use this as a guide to even make your own wedding cards or any invitations!


A photographer taking pictures of a couple on their wedding day.

Hiring a Wedding PhotographerHaving photos of your wedding is considered essential by nearly all brides and grooms, and their mothers. Although some couples depend on friends and family to capture the wedding and reception, this can be risky and can cause stress or disappointment if photo opportunities are missed. A professional photographer will help ensure all the important moments are preserved and allow everyone to focus on the happy couple.


Wedding Reception Table Topper - finished project

Wedding Reception Table TopperI made these table toppers for a wedding reception. My thrifty idea was to make them as inexpensive as possible as well as to make the table toppers recyclable for the the bride and groom as they begin newlywed life.


DIY Folded Name Place Cards

DIY Folded Name Place CardsWith just a few simple and inexpensive supplies (which you may even already have at home), you can make this project! This method will save you a lot of money versus ordering custom place cards plus you will have paper/paint left over for other projects!


Succulent Wedding Centerpiece - centerpiece on venue table

Succulent Wedding CenterpieceWedding centerpieces are very expensive, especially if you want to have flowers or living plants.


Finished kraft paper card with bridal dress

Wedding Dress Greeting CardThis is a cute wedding dress greeting card made with simple supplies - paper doilies, kraft paper, glue, and ribbon roses. This concept could also be used as a bridal shower invitation card.


Succulent Jar Centerpiece - hand holding finished jar

Succulent Jar CenterpieceAt my wedding venue, there will be a couple of tall, small round bar tables outside. Since the tables are on the smaller side - I need the centerpiece to be smaller and sturdy. Here is what I came up with.


Adding Fresh Flowers to Cake Decoration - two small wedding cakes decorated with fresh flowers

Adding Fresh Flowers to Cake DecorationHere is a tutorial on how to add fresh flowers to a cake while also making the cake food safe.


Inexpensive Wedding Table Number/Menu Holder - finished holder

Inexpensive Wedding Table Number/Menu HolderIf you have an IKEA nearby, I highly recommend TOLSBY frame for 2 pictures - it is only $1.00 and is perfect to use for wedding table number and menus!


Let Love Grow Wedding Favor Gift - finished favor

Let Love Grow Wedding Favor GiftAre you on a budget for your wedding? You can make your own wedding favor gifts! For this project, I only needed to purchase spray paint and ribbon (actually ribbon would be optional to save even more money if you wanted), then the rest of the supplies I already had on hand.


Bride and Groom Wedding Chair Signs - ready to hang

Bride and Groom Wedding Chair SignsThese bride & groom signs are perfect to display on your wedding chairs or to display on your get ready for wedding room door knobs. This is an inexpensive project to make and you will have lots of supplies left over for future projects.


Wedding Emergency Kit

Wedding Emergency KitSometimes it's literally the little things that can make the day most stressful. By packing a small emergency kit with things you think you may need just in case, they can really come in handy when time is important!


A wedding budget list on a clipboard.

The Best Ways To Cut Your Wedding BudgetMany brides and grooms get a wedding quote with everything they desire, but it's over budget. 


Assembling the tea cups.

Edible Tea CupsThis was a fun dessert to serve at a tea party themed bridal shower I hosted for my daughter-in-law last spring.


The completed wedding anniversary card.

Wedding Anniversary Greetings CardYou don't need to be brilliant at drawing to make this cute anniversary card. Just follow the instructions and with the addition of some scraps of paper and glue you'll make a card to be proud of


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