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A wedding cake decorated with hydrangea blooms.

Making A Wedding Out Of Very LittleMy neighbor, who has been divorced for years, is finally getting married. She said she didn't want a big fuss about it, not to mention not having the funds. With her family in Canada, there would only be just us neighbors and a few friends. So, as a small gesture to let them know how happy I am for them, I went shopping in and outdoors of my house.


Inexpensive Chair Cover

Inexpensive Chair Covers For WeddingAnyone who has thrown a semi-formal party or planned a wedding knows that chair covers are a huge cost. I'll let you in on a secret. Pillowcases.


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Links: Frugal Wedding Reception SuppliesI just have to share my good luck at finding the right websites for a budget wedding reception! I am in charge of doing the reception for my budget minded friend, and I have only $200.00 and need to decorate 8 tables, plus 3 tables for cake, wed party, gifts, food, etc.


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Write Contract Before Getting MarriedWhen getting married, it is important to talk about every important thing in life; what happens if we split up, what happens if one dies, what are the great wishes of your partner, etc.


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Giving a Baby Bootie at a Wedding ShowerWhen going to a wedding shower, I purchase 2 sets of booties. I nicely wrap 1 blue bootie and 1 pink bootie. I wrap the 2 booties and put a note in the box. I do not sign the card.


A wedding budget list on a clipboard.

The Best Ways To Cut Your Wedding BudgetMany brides and grooms get a wedding quote with everything they desire, but it's over budget. 


A card that says "For Richer, For Poorer" on pink paper

Matri-moneyHere is a way to have inexpensive but fun wedding favors, by purchasing $1 scratch-off lottery tickets. Get pennies with the year you are getting married. Place them in personalized envelopes and have someone pass them out at your party entrance!


An elegant bowl of soup served at a wedding.

Plan a Lunchtime Wedding ReceptionIf you are on a budget or want more bang for your buck, I would highly look into having a lunch wedding reception versus a dinner reception. Chances are you will be paying less per person during lunch and I was even able to upgrade to a dual plate for less than one plate during dinner.


Wedding Emergency Kit

Wedding Emergency KitSometimes it's literally the little things that can make the day most stressful. By packing a small emergency kit with things you think you may need just in case, they can really come in handy when time is important!


A wedding bouquet with teal and pink roses.

Saving the Wedding Bouquet Instead of Giving it AwayI made two bouquets for my daughter's wedding. One of them is for the bride to toss and the other one is made from silk flowers. I designed the bouquet to fit in a large bowl shaped vase, with styrofoam in the bottom for the handle of the bouquet, so that she can display it as a centerpiece on her dining room table after she is married.


Weddings in the Time
of Cororavirus

Weddings in the Time of CororavirusA wedding is a happy time for friends and family but can be especially dangerous during a pandemic. Much of the country is shut down due to the coronavirus, with gatherings of over 50 people discouraged and many venues closed for the duration. This is quite a problem for couples planning a spring wedding. Here is some advice to consider when deciding what to do.


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Using Tea Candles on TablesTo make your use of tea candles on your tables sparkle, inside of the clear bowl you are using, pour table salt about a third of the way from the bottom. Place your tea light candle in and squish it around so that most of it is covered by the salt.


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Curtains for Inexpensive Table DressingTo save money on your table dressings, instead of tablecloths, use curtains. Lace curtains can be from 44-88 inches long and are a lot cheaper than table cloths. Place over white plastic table liners, which you purchase by the rolls at party stores. You can even use white plastic shower curtains, which can be cut to double the length of use. You can save a lot of money.


Serving containers for pretzels.

We Tied the Knot . . . and It Didn't Cost a Lot!Trying to stick with a $1,000 wedding reception budget is a challenge. So I knew I had to be "extra creative" with reception refreshments so we didn't come across as cheap. I decided to have a pretzel bar.


A flower girl in a white top and a handmade skirt.

Bringing in a Re-Vow for Under 300 (Part 2)Now that the dress and the veil were done, we set upon seeing how much we had to spend on fabric for the flower girls' outfits and their flower baskets. In Tucson, we had fabric discount places and we found the cutest pastel fabric for simple skirts.



A couple in formal clothes.

Bringing in a Re-Vow for Under 300 (Part 1)Nope, that isn't a typo. In 2001, I drove from Washington to Arizona to help with my sister's re-vow. For many reasons, I kind of got stuck there and my job gave me lots of time to "brainstorm".


A price adjustment from an online purchase.

Bookmark Online Wedding PurchasesI inputted all of my wedding purchases on an Excel Spreadsheet with links if applicable. By referencing my Excel Spreadsheet (or you can bookmark your wedding purchases), I was able to save an additional $73.65 on my wedding dress.


An outdoor wedding

Do Not Do It All YourselfMake your decorations, make your dress and bouquet, make whatever you want yourself, but, have other people set up, hang up, do the actual decorating on your big day! Have multiple, multiple people for every task that needs to be done and DO NOT let people use this time to make things up to you!'You could end up without a cake, like me.


A Tahitian wedding anniversary celebration.

Tahitian 50th Wedding AnniversaryYour 50th wedding anniversary is just as important to you as the day you got married. When my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, they wanted to do some unique. My parents are from two different cultures and my father is French and my mother is American. They are now living in the United States so I decided to bring a little bit of the French and American culture together on this special day.


Two wedding rings on a calendar.

Save Your Wedding ReceiptsEverything that you purchased for your wedding, do save your receipts. Just toss all of those receipts in a shoe box and label it "Wedding" or the event/celebration you are hosting. Add all the receipts in the box as you purchase and it makes budgeting easier (by documenting the receipts in a spreadsheet if you'd like).


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No DJ at Our WeddingThe average cost of hiring a DJ in my city for a wedding ranges from $900 to $1,500, if not more. My husband and I cut that cost out by not having a DJ at our wedding.


A photographer taking a picture of a wedding couple.

Maybe You Don't Need to Hire a Wedding PhotographerMy uncle was a passionate, phenomenal photographer. He was one of those rare people who could find worth and joy in almost every minute of life. He lived for the moment, and those moments he captured in his pictures were imbued with that special spark. He also did landscaping for a living and devoted much of his life to supporting his church.


A gift box wedding table display.

Gift Box Wedding Table DisplayThis is a creative way to stretch those wedding dollars! Right now is the best time to get gift boxes. You can get them in multi packs and at reasonable prices. And let's not forget after the holidays, you can get the boxes for near to nothing. By using beautiful wrap and ribbon, you can make smaller boxes as guest table placements and use the tiered boxes for the gift table, or simply as wedding decor throughout the venue. You can give a festive look for very little money. This display can also be made for every holiday beyond your wedding event!


An inexpensive candle that has been decorated with wrapping paper and gems.

Giving Dollar Store Candles A Wedding UpgradeThe Dollar store has these lovely 8 inch tall candles that are perfect as a centerpiece for guest tables, vignette display, etc. They come in clear glass bottles that I will customize. You can take this look from bridal look to all occasion look with $1 candles and wrapping paper of your choice, giving your guest table a more upscale look.


Two white frames being used at a wedding without glass.

Remove Glass from Picture FramesIf you are using picture frames for wedding decor, I would recommend removing the glass insert. During transporting, the glass could break. Also, when taking photos of picture frames, there will be a reflection


A DIY Wedding May Not Be The Best Option

A DIY Wedding May Not Be The Best OptionWhen you think of a DIY wedding, think twice and calculate the details first. Always determine and limit your budget. Do-it-yourself requires so much time and effort so you have to prepare ahead of time.


A bride wearing a floral crown.

Bridal Floral CrownBuying a floral crown for the bride and for the entourage can be so frustrating as prices differ as to the beauty and the quality. More or less, it's from $7-$20 but mine is just below $2.


Using Mirrors For Your Wedding Table

Using Mirrors For Your Wedding TableUse mirrors for a pretty and unique way to dress a table. 75% of my items come from the dollar store and I can make several different themes/looks for different types of weddings, from traditional, to beachy, fall, etc. Use mirrors at a fraction of the price. This is great for guest tables for a reception or dinner.


A photographer taking pictures of a couple on their wedding day.

Hiring a Wedding PhotographerHaving photos of your wedding is considered essential by nearly all brides and grooms, and their mothers. Although some couples depend on friends and family to capture the wedding and reception, this can be risky and can cause stress or disappointment if photo opportunities are missed. A professional photographer will help ensure all the important moments are preserved and allow everyone to focus on the happy couple.


A bride and groom on their wedding day.

Altering Your Mother's Wedding DressWearing a hand-me-down wedding dress has many benefits, whether it's your mother's, your grandmother's, or someone else close to you. It has great sentimental value, it's cost-effective, and it will be one-of-a-kind. Not to mention, vintage looks are now all the rage. Here are some tips for altering your dress.



Donut Wall Wedding Cake

Donut Wall Wedding CakeI recently went to a lovely wedding where they did a doughnut wall in lieu of a wedding cake. Each guest got to choose their doughnut of choice by pulling it off the wall. I thought it was really cute and fit in perfectly with their laid back reception.


A chalkboard celebrating a wedding.

Using Chalkboard Paint For Your WeddingChalkboard paint is very popular thing right now; it comes in black and all facets of colors. The most popular is black. It is available in cans, containers, and, my personal favorite, spray. Here are a few cost saving ways that will save you money and make that special day unique for your guests.


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Finding a Thrifty Wedding DateIf you're looking to save money for your wedding, try to book your ceremony and reception during off-season wedding months! Off-season wedding months may vary depending on your location/venue but you could always ask what are the off-season months as reference to the places you're interested in.


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Consolidate Wedding Invite ListGetting married is a big celebration, not only for the soon to be newlyweds but for everyone involved. However bottom line is each and every guest costs money. The more guests, the more expensive your wedding could get. Creating and compromising on the wedding invite list could be difficult depending on your situation.


A fan keeping a wedding dress fresh and unwrinkled.

Fan Fresh Wedding DressHere is a way to keep your wedding dress fresh or perfect for taking photos if you are selling your wedding dress. Simply put a flexible fan underneath with a low to high setting and let it flow !


Homemade Recycled Flower Girl Basket - white fabric covered bucket with purple-red flowers around the top and a large flower on the front

Homemade Recycled Flower Girl BasketIf you need a flower girl basket, why not use a clean bubble gum container? Take some white silk blend fabric and layer it until you get the look you are wanting. Add studs, lace, mini flowers, or fabric flowers from eBay. Use your own colors and theme.


Souvenirs and decorations for a wedding.

DIY Wedding Props and SouvenirsWay back in 2016, I was a sister who had nothing to offer to my "groom to be" brother. They had planned for a themed wedding, but due to budgetary constraints the couple was not able to provide and perform a hundred percent of what they actually wanted to happen. So, here comes the DIY sister offering a big hand of creativity.


A tube of white toothpaste.

Masking Stains on a Wedding GownWhen packing your bag with items you want to have on hand for after the wedding and for the reception, put a tube of white toothpaste in. If your dress gets a stain on it during the evening just brush off the stain as much as you can and then smear on a thin layer of toothpaste.


A wedding bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Trade Vendors for ServicesTrading services is a great way to reduce the costs. If you have a skill, ask local vendors if they need help in that particular area. Get creative! Ask caterers if they need some extra hands around the kitchen, or ask your local venue if they need help cleaning up around the venue.


A couple walking down the aisle at their wedding.

Keep Your Wedding SimpleI've been married going on 44 years, and personally, I don't see why you have to break the bank or go into debt to have a huge, fabulous wedding. Now, if somebody has the money, then what they do is their business.


A framed picture of a wedding couple.

Planning a Wedding on a BudgetI watched a show on Oprah. They said the two things people remember most about a wedding are the music and the food. Therefore, don't spend too much money on flowers and other categories.


An arbor and white chairs set up outdoors for a wedding.

Frugal Wedding Location SuggestionsI had the honors of attending my cousin's wedding ceremony at Calumet Park in La Jolla, California. Calumet Park is a small neighborhood park overlooking the beautiful beach view, quietly located in a residential area. The great thing about this park was that it wasn't crowded (in fact, sort-of hidden) so there was hardly any traffic. There is no beach access, no restrooms, no tables, just a couple of benches so less foot traffic, better for a wedding ceremony.


Wedding invitations using a printed kit.

Using a Printable Kit for Wedding InvitationsI am currently planning our thrifty wedding for 2018. Since we are having a small wedding with less than 60 people, I would need no more than 30 invitations. I browsed a couple of websites and estimated it would cost anywhere from $150 to $300 for custom made invitations!


Wedding rings on a wooden dresser.

Saving on Weddings and other Large CelebrationsI saw the following tips on Oprah and Dr. Phil long before I needed them, and filed them away in my head for the appropriate time.


A cross adorned with flowers for a wedding.

Flower Adorned Cross for Wedding AltarMy friend's daughter decided to use a plain wooden cross and adorned it with beautiful flowers for her wedding, it was a symbol of Christ being the head of this newlywed's marriage. Simple, elegant, and inspirational.



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Vintage and Costume Jewlery Bouquet for the BrideI saw the most gorgeous bouquet for the bride to carry instead of flowers. It was completely made from vintage brooches, costume jewelry, earrings that had no mates.


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Wedding Christmas GiftBuy big red or green bin and fill with Christmas decorations. Stencil the couple name on the bin. Buy half price decorations after Christmas to fill it. Paint the couple name on a clear glass ornament with the first year of Christmas on it.


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Have Groom's Family Help With Wedding CostsWhen planning your wedding, ask the groom's family to be in charge of, and pay for any alcohol beverages served. If you aren't serving alcohol, the groom's parents can pay for another part of the reception.


Ideas for Planning a Green Wedding

Ideas for Planning a Green WeddingPlanning a green wedding is much like planning a traditional one: exciting, hectic, exhausting, and totally worth it. The real difference comes down to making decisions based on what will cause the least amount of impact on the environment.


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DVD Slideshow for Wedding RehearsalI recently attended the wedding rehearsal dinner of my niece that was so wonderful. They had put up a big-screen TV and played a musical show made with pictures of the couple's dating days.


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Buy Liquor for the Wedding Over TimeMy niece had a wedding for 200 people last fall, with an open bar. My sister started buying the liquor a bottle or 2 per week until the big day came a year later. It hurt a lot less that way financially.


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Bride's Emergency KitIf I was going to make an emergency kit for a bride, I would probably put it in a pretty little purse or small gift box with a handle for easy portability, so that she could put it in the dressing area and it would be unobtrusive.


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Have Multiple People Grow Wedding FlowersI am getting married this July and am planning on growing my own flowers. I decided this in part to save money but also because I want a less formal feel to the floral arrangements. We have chosen to mainly use dahlias, along with paper flowers.


Unity Candle Ceremony (Belleza Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, NV)

Unity Candle Ceremony (Belleza Wedding Chapel,...My husband and I were married February 14th 2010 in Las Vegas. It was simply the best day of my life. Just the two of us went with out telling anyone what we had planned. It was perfect for us. :0)


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Wedding Favor Potted PlantsOne way of giving away plants as favors is to use small potted plants on the tables as all or part of the table decorations. Tiny potted plants can also be used as place card holders.


A wedding or outdoor party at a home.

Uses a Small Inn as a Wedding VenueA great, charming, and usually wildly inexpensive venue for a wedding (especially a small/medium size one) is to check for small, hole in the wall Bed and Breakfasts or inns in very small towns in the mountains or other rural areas.


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Bridesmaid Dress IdeasHere are a few ideas: Rent The Dresses: This is the most recommended solution, for it is cheap and convenient enough. You can ask friends for help if you can't find the proper ones at the local store.


A row of bridesmaids in pink dresses.

Choosing The Best Color For Your Bridesmaid DressesIf you're arranging a wedding, you will find plenty of details to arrange and choose upon, from picking your wedding dress to setting a date and booking a photographer.


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Staying Within Your Wedding BudgetI am engaged to be married next year. This is a second wedding for both of us, so we are really on a budget since we are paying for everything ourselves. Here is some advice I can offer from what I have done.


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Floating Candle Wedding CenterpiecesFor my daughter's wedding centerpieces, we bought Mason jars, plastic flowers, ribbon, and floating candles. She hot glued the purple ribbon on the jars (her colors) and put the plastic flower in the bottom.


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Hugs and Kisses From The New Mr. and Mrs.For a wedding favor, buy enough Hershey's Hugs and Kisses for each guest to take one home. Gently tie the "flags" of one hug and one kiss together in a knot. A matching bow can be glued on at the knot.


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Potted Plants For Wedding DecorationsWhen my husband and I got married seven years ago, we were determined to have a wonderful, yet debt free, day! One of the things that we did to save money was to use potted plants that were in season to decorate, like marigolds and other "autumn" colored plants.


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Make Your Own "Perfect" WeddingA lot of wedding professionals tell you that you 'have to' do certain things to make your wedding perfect. Instead, I say that it is all about your priorities. Couples can do anything they want these days.


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Frugal Wedding TipsWhen planning a wedding, there are ways you can be frugal. One of them is to make your invitations instead of getting them made. Buy pretty printer paper, type them up, and decorate them with your personality.


A tower of wedding cupcakes

Cupcake Display for WeddingTo save money and have a prettier stand for the wedding "cupcakes" my sister-in-law and I came up with a great way to display them like a wedding cake, without the plastic tubes that cost so much!


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Grocery Store Bakery Wedding CakesI made my daughter's wedding cake. It was a three-tier cake with sugar paste flowers that took three days of standing, baking, and decorating. When my son got married, I got smart.


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Plantable Wedding InvitationsI wanted it to be special without spending much. I looked over numerous types of invitations and they were very costly, even to buy software and make your own.


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Gift Ideas for NewlywedsFor a unique wedding gift, gather kitchen tools or spices, put them in a small wicker basket, bowl, baking dish etc. and wrap the whole thing is a couple of tea towels. Make the bow out of another tea towel of a different color by wrapping around the gathered up corners and tying a knot; flare out the "ribbon" towels and attach a set of measuring spoons.


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A Birthday Calendar as a Wedding GiftBuy a calendar when an upcoming family wedding is announced and note birthdays and special family dates on it. It's a very welcoming gesture to the new family member, including them in on the "good stuff".


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Wedding Ideas From The HeartI enjoy working on weddings. Letting my imagination go results in delightful lovely decorations:


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Ways To Plan a Frugal WeddingI got married in October so I used the flowers in season. This was very cost effective. I also did a small round two layer cake to cut, and did a sheet cake in the kitchen to serve to the guests.


Flower Vase Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece IdeasThis centerpiece is just a simple glass cylinder wrapped in scrap book paper glued with permanent adhesive. It is sitting (glued) on a candle holder. It holds a bouquet of artificial flowers.


Wedding Cupcake Tree

Wedding Cupcake TreeMy friend was on a tight budget for her wedding, so she decided to have cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. My gift to her was this cupcake tree. The roses were leftovers from her bouquet, which she made, and the hydrangeas are from my garden.


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"Guess the Candy" Shower GameGet a basket to hold your candy. Candy that fits, put in an envelope with the question written on the front. Have a master list of the candies so you can look up the answer if you don't know.


Child getting ready for wedding at beauty shop.

Take Photos of Wedding PreparationsDon't forget to take photos of the wedding preparation. They make great memories. My granddaughter's trip to the beauty shop made a great photo. The look on her face tells the story.


Craft: Wedding Trellis PlantersI collected different planters, wire frames, silk flowers, and ribbon when planning for my wedding this November. I created this out of a trellis that is planted in a fence. It had the greenery, but a lot was missing.


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Fortune Cookies for Wedding FavorsFortune cookies are fun, inexpensive to buy, and everyone has fun learning what their fortune has in store for them. You can add them with your little gift bag at the end of the reception or as a conversation piece when paying homage to the bride, groom, and others.


Wedding Pen Holder

Refurbished Wedding Pen HoldersWhile hunting for items for my wedding in November, I came across two pen holders at a garage sale. They were both dirty and one was ripped. I bought them both for $.75.


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Create a Wedding Bouquet from Your Love NotesIf you are not sure what type of bouquet to carry or trying to save some on cost, take all of the cards and love letters and notes that you saved from your groom and tie them together. Have some one make a fabric "envelope" to match your colors.


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Planning a Halloween WeddingWe have a wedding date set for the evening (dusk in our backyard) of 10/31/09, with a Haunted Costume Ball to follow and I'm so excited! We absolutely LOVE Halloween!


Groom with butterfly on his jacket

Wedding Butterfly ReleaseDuring my Son's wedding they had a butterfly release in honor of their little two year old daughter in Heaven. One of the butterflies flew up, came back and landed on my son's jacket.


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Save And Dry Flowers For Child's WeddingA great way to save the flowers from your beloved is to use a large clear designer jar of your choosing. Start off with every time you receive flowers. After the beauty has faded, dry them and add into the jar.


Floral Wedding Decoration

Floral Wedding DecorationI have been "planning" my wedding for years. I have gradually picked up unusual wire frames, planters, silk flowers, and greenery from resale shops when I can find them.


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Use a White Prom Dress as a Wedding DressI purchased a beautiful wedding dress and saved a lot of money by purchasing a white prom dress. Yes, these days prom dresses are available in so many colors and sizes that if you want something elegant yet simple, it fits the bill.


Watering Can Centerpiece

Watering Can CenterpiecesI had an outdoor wedding in June and made these pretty centerpieces. I bought the watering cans at Big Lots and bouquets of flowers at Costco.


"Hawaiian" Flower ArrangementWhen my daughter got married we held the outdoor bridal shower at our house. I found the planter (shown here) in the basement. I cut the flowers for this arrangement from my yard and placed the planter just to the side of our door.


Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

Hand Tied Bridal BouquetThis is a hand tied bridal bouquet I made. Being a certified wedding planner, I keep my business "all inclusive"! I sometimes am the florist too!


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Customer Complaint: WeddingDressOnlineStore.comPlease stay away from I tried buying a dress. Trust me, the dresses and their prices are amazing and you will be tempted.


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Save Extra Paper Petals for ConfettiWhen you're making flowers using paper sculpting or paper quilling and find that you have extra petals, hold onto them and use them as confetti. They're much easier to sweep up.


A patriotic wedding cake topper.

Patriotic Wedding TopperThis is another one of my latest projects for a soon to be Bride whose fiance is in the Army here in Georgia. She asked me to make her wedding colors of red, white, and blue for her cake topper.


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Planning a Wedding on a $500.00 BudgetWith the 9/9/09 wedding day drawing ever nearer, I have decided that I want to spend no more than $500 on the whole thing. I have tailored down some ideas to create a great party while saving some extra money in the bank.


Cards in a collage frame.

Display Wedding Cards in a Photo Collage FrameAfter getting married 08-08-08, I had all of our wedding cards in a box until I decided whether or not to scrapbook them. I had a great idea, because some of the cards had such cute fronts, I wanted to somehow display them.


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Grow Your Own Wedding Floral DecorationsNeed floral decorations for a wedding? I purchased several planter pots at the end of the summer at clearance prices last year. They look like terra cotta but not as heavy. I will fill them with purple and white (wedding colors) annuals and keep them on my patio and deck.


A casual wedding photo.

Have a Cash Bar at Your WeddingYou don't have to spend a lot to have a nice wedding, you can have a "pay-by-the-drink" bar. That will save a lot and people are less likely to drink too much. If the booze is free, people are more likely to drink more.


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Low Cost Wedding at the Chicago Cultural CenterMy fiance and I want a quiet, private ceremony. We were going to go the courthouse here in Chicago when I heard that for $10 (in addition to the $35 license fee), the judge will perform the ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center.


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Frugal Wedding FlowersHere is an alternative to florist prices for flowers. While I don't have a photo I am sure you will get the idea! My son is getting married in April and the wedding is on the cheap. What I did for bouquets is the following: took a toilet paper roll and inserted Styrofoam to fit snugly.


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Wedding Cake and Flower CenterpieceYou can slash your flower and cake budget with this cool tip. Have your baker make an 8 or 9 inch birthday type cake for each one of your tables. Display them on rented or borrowed cake stands. Wind the base with ivy or other greens, and scatter real or silk rose petals about the table.


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Use Christmas Tree Topper Bows for Winter WeddingI found tree topper bows at Michael's that were 70% off! These will serve as our pew bows for a "winter" wedding in 3 weeks.


An engagement photo.

Ask A Friend To Take Your Engagement PhotosSome friends are getting married and asked me, a definite non-professional, to take some pictures to celebrate their engagement in order to save a few pennies. We went to some really pretty outdoor sites, since I of course don't have a studio and had a really fun afternoon together.


Unity Ceremony With Wine

Use Wine As a Sign of Wedding UnityInstead of a unity candle, my son had a wine ceremony. Carafes of red wine and white wine were poured into an empty carafe, then the mixture was poured into a goblet from which they both drank.


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Weddings Are Too Expensive for Just One DayMy fiancee and I had been together for a year when I asked him why he had not proposed. His reply was that, "Weddings are too expensive for just one day". Ahh, true love. Because neither of us came from money, we did not have to worry about the whole thing getting out of hand.


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Making Wedding Invitations With Free FontsYou can make your own wedding invitations look stunning (just as stunning as some letterpress stationery) by using carefully selected fonts and dingbat illustrations.


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