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A topless woman with a basket of flowers on her head.

Information About Figurine?I found this beautiful statue at an estate sale. I would love to know what year it was made, the brand and value. Looks similar to Lladro. I included a picture of the face which shows the number 51 and a marking.


Three decorative liquor bottles resembling birds.

Value of Fowl Liquor Bottles?These were in my great aunts liquor shop for years marked 1970. ARNART Imports - Banfi Products Corp- info/value - 3 decorative fowl liquor bottles.


Value of Decorative Houses?

Value of Decorative Houses?Perfect condition, Looks like they are marked: Suffolk Corteges- made in England for Around the Corner, XX? Mollywood CA


An African sculpture of a warrior and a young boy.

Value of Figurine?Could you tell me what this is and what it is valued at please.


A tall carved wooden sculpture of a face.

Value of Wooden Sculpture?I Bought this hand carved sculpture and it has a signature on it and says St. Lucia W.I. It's 50 inches tall by 13 inches wide. I was wondering what the value might be and what exactly it is?


A decorative Chinese figurine.

Information About Seymour Mann Chinese Figurines?These two Vienna Woods Fine China by Mann Porcelain Figurines of Chinese Royalty are marked on the base as Limited Edition #42 and #57.


A sorcerer Mickey Mouse figurine.

Value of Mickey Mouse Figurines?I have 2 old Mickey Mouse Statue / figurines . Approximately 1990. What value of these 2 items?


A figurine of a woman and child.

Identifying Figurine?I'd like to know what company made this and what is it worth? It was my mother's who is gone now, so I do not know the history.


A pink stuffed hippo.

Identifying Brand of Hippo?Hi, so my mom has this hippo (the big one) since 40 years. She got the smaller one as a gift later. I don't now if the hippos share the same brand. Does anyone know what company made them? Having a similar one would make a funny gift for my mom! Thanks!


A small brown figurine with an open mouth.

Identifying a Figurine?Can someone tell me what this is? My mother has had this for years now. Originally came from my grandmother. He has no markings but has a hole for his mouth, for his eyes and on the top of his head. I thought he may be some sort of insence burner but the bottom and back have no openings. He is made out of clay. And 8-10 inches tall. Anyone know what he's used for or is he just decoration?


Three cat figurines.

Identifying Cat Figurines?Hi there, can anyone shed any light on these cat figurines? They have date marks of 2000 and 2001 but no other marks. Thank you.


Is This Bassett Furniture?

Is This Bassett Furniture?I recently purchased this, and honestly have no clue if it's a real Bassett furniture piece or not. Could anyone help with any information they may know or find out? Thank you so much!


Cherub sitting on the letter "L".

Looking For Letter Cherub Figurines?When I was a little girl, there was a Mother's Day gift shop at my elementary school. (Metrowest Elementary in Orlando, Florida. I attended from 2004 to 2007.)


Two duck figurines.

Value of Duck Figurines?I have these three figures. I don't know much about them. There is a signature on the bottom of one . Does anyone have information?


A figurine of a baby.

Baby Figurine with 939 Stamp?Looking for information on this figurine with marking of 939 on bottom.



A set of four Asian figurines.

Set of Four Chinese/Japanese Figurines?I found these four figurines and have no knowledge of whether they are old, or have any value. They have no markings, and they stand on wooden bases


A figurine of a woman making a yarn craft.

Information on Figurine?I have been searching for any information on this highly detailed piece. I found her at a Thrift Store in California. She is 7'X5 inches.' I believe she is ceramic but possibly porcelain. It is Signed Lavado 1959 on the bottom along with a name, 'Mery Eliza Myrtle.' She is extremely detailed. It is possibly folk art. I would like to know any information on her.


A small figurine of a boy with a shield and sword.

Identifying Figurines?What are these? Can't find any details. I have a number of what I *think* are Hummel figurines, but really have no clue how to properly identify these figurines.


Two figurines dressed in old fashioned clothing.

Identifying Figurines?Wondering if anyone knows anything about these figurines and if they are worth anything?


Figurines of young girls.

Identifying Figurines?Found these adorable angels at a very upscale estate sale with lots of French and English vintage and antique items. They average about 4-5 inches tall. All have variations of the same mark. I've searched eBay and used Google Lens -- nothing similar. I would so love to know more about them. Thank you!


A painted rooster figurine.

Identifying a Figurine?I'm just learning about identifying treasures. I have so many questions! I guess my first is about this little chicken miniature. Who would this be attributed to? Any idea how old? I don't see any markings.


A small decorative metallic helmet.

Identifying a Metallic Helmet Figurine?Not sure what this is' just a decorative piece maybe? Or maybe something with some value?


A pig family figurine.

Pig Family Figurine?I have this pig figurine signed by Roy. Who is Roy? Is he prolific? Is his work sought after? How much could I possibly sell Roy's creation for?


A collection of figurines of babies wearing animal costumes.

Value of Figurines?Can anyone help me identify these vintage figurines and their value?


A ceramic cat figurine.

Identifying Age of Cat Figurine?Any ideas? I saw him and loved it, but wonder if it's from the 50s...or 70s, or after? Has a marking on the bottom, looks like numbers, but hard to make out.


An angel figurine.

Information About Figurine?I found this figurine at a thrift store there are no markings on the bottom except 151. How do I find out more information on it and what the value of it might be?


A Mickey Mouse figurine.

Value of Mickey Mouse Figurine?Does anyone know what this is worth?


A figurine of a small child reading a book on a flowering branch.

Identifying Figurine?I found this little ceramic (?) figurine in Grandma's attic (yes, literally).


Value of Leonardo Figurines?

Value of Leonardo Figurines?Hi. I have just moved to the US from the UK. I inherited around 11 of these figurines from my Mother in Law prior to moving. Some are Leonardo and a few other makes. I want them to go to someone who would appreciate them, but I do not know anything about them and even if they are worth anything at all. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.


An angel figurine holding a garland of pink flowers.

Value of Seraphim Angel "Dawn?"What is my Seraphim Angel worth? "Dawn " item #78020, 25 years old, in pristine condition, with original packaging also in same condition.



A figurine of an angel with a dress that shades from pink to white.

Value of Seraphim Classics Angel, "Vanessa?"She is at least 25 years old. In pristine condition, with original packaging, also in same condition.


A figurine of a woman holding flowers.

Information About Figurine?I found this beauty at Goodwill. There is some damage, but really curious about it if anyone could share some information.


A collection of figurines featuring Santa and kids.

Identifying Figurines?My mother found these years ago at an estate sale. I'm trying to find out if there are more pieces in the collection. I haven't been able to find much or if they are rare.


A small porcelain figurine of a young girl.

Value of Porcelain Figurine?I have a dm 1957 porcelain doll 1-2 inches brown hair blue eyes


Two polar bear figurines.

Polar Bear Figurine?Anyone know about these figurines? Only marking on the bottom is an M or W.


A gnome figurine.

Information About Rien Pooortvliet Gnome?Hello - I found this gnome yesterday at a thrift store. I am having a difficult time finding any info on him. He is the gnome from the front of the Gnomes book. He is signed and in fantastic condition and signed. He is about 10 inches tall.


A porcelain Hummel bell.

How Much Are Hummel Bells Worth?A Hummel bell was given to me around 1980. I was wondering what it is worth.


A monkey figurine.

Identifying A Figurine?So I was wondering if anyone knew what this was and its value ? I'm pretty sure its ceramic. It's got a dull sound when you tap it and no shine to it like porcelain. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.''


A collection of Giuseppe Armani figurines.

Giuseppe Armani Valuation?I need to know what Giuseppe Armani figurines and lamps are worth to sell. They are genuine. Not copies. Best place to get genuine valuations


A figurine of a clown.

Information About Clown Figurine?Came across this in my roof space. Just wondering if anyone knows who made this and what age? Checked for markings but can't seem to see any on it. Curious to know, many thanks!


A figurine of a woman reading a book.

Identifying a Porcelain Figurine?Is it possible to identify the maker and the age of this porcelain figure. Unfortunately the marks on the bottom aren't very clear. I can only make out the Made in Italy and the number 140.


A collection Giuseppe Armani figurines.

Giuseppe Armani Collection?Appreciate if you can give me a price for this collections. Thank you.


A figurine of a man riding a golden pig.

Value of Man Riding "Golden" Pig?I just would like to know what the marking is and what it's possibly worth.


A ceramic bird music box.

Vintage Ceramic Bird Music Box?Could someone help me to identify this vintage ceramic bird figurine? It has a wind up bottom and a lever to play music. Where can I find a replacement?


A ceramic figurine.

Value of Giuseppe Armani Sabrina?What is the value of this piece? Where should I sell it?



A figurine of a boy on a chamberpot.

Value of Giuseppe Armani Figurine?I am looking for the name and value of this Giuseppe Armani figure. I have searched, but can't locate this figure online. Any help or info is very much appreciated.


A figurine of a street flower seller.

Value of Leonardo Figurine?The above photo is from the Leonardo collection, I have no idea how much to sell it for. Can you advise me please? Many thanks!


A figurine of a coach with fancy people emerging.

Information About Figurine?Just wondering if anyone knew what this was or had any information on it. Thanks.


A monkey in a old fashioned car.

Value of Vintage Napco Ceramic Figurine?Has anyone seen this Vintage Napco Ceramic Japan figurine of a monkey breaking through the roof of a model T ? Any idea what year it was manufactured; 40s ,50s, 60s? I can't find any Napco figurines for sale on the internet that are close to this. Any idea what it's worth? Any help appreciated!


Two animal figurines

Identifying Figurines?Can anyone provide info on these two guys? Picked up at estate sale in Texas. Small one is about 4 inches long with vents on top. Larger in about 6 inches long with hole under its tail. Thanks!


A small figurine of a koala.

Is This a Wade Figurine?This was included in my collection of Wade (Red Rose tea) figurines. I collected them as a child in the 70s in Canada. After some research I don't see this one included in any of the series they put out. If it is not Wade, can you please identify it? Thanks so much.


An owl sculpture.

Is This a Real Giuseppe Armani?Is this a real Giuseppe Armani? I have looked but I can't find this specific figure.


A wooden pie table.

Information About Imperial Pie Table?I asked about this pie table with lots of photos but can't find any response. I know this is a pie table by Imperial. I'm not able to find the year of the green shield with a crown. 3 legs does not tilt


A ceramic elf figurine dressed in green.

Info on Ceramic Elf?I found him at a vintage store, and thought he looked like Bing Crosby so of course I had to buy him. He's about 4 in tall. His face is a flat bisque and his outfit is a shiny green. He has no markings.


A figurine of a woman with a child standing next to her.

Is This Part Of The Leonardo Collection?Hi. It is not stamped at the bottom. But has the label around the ornament. Where else would it be marked? Thank you


A dark wood colored figurine of a mother and child.

Name of Leonardo Collection Figurine?Hi. Does anybody know what this is called and how much it is worth? I can't find it online. It's a very heavy piece. Thank you


A Giuseppe Armani figurine of Moses.

Value of a Giuseppe Armani Figurine?How much is a Giuseppe Armani Florence Moses 0666F figurine 17" sculpture worth?


A decorative figurine of a woman.

Value of Figurine?These pieces have been in the family for generations. I was told they were brought over from Germany. I am struggling to find any information on them or the mark on the back of each. Any help would be greatly appreciated as We are looking to sell them. Thank you.


Can Someone Identify This Figure?

Can Someone Identify This Figure?Can someone help me to figure out what this figurine is called and who produced it. There are no maker's marks or stickers and I've tried looking all over the internet with no luck at all


A ceramic baseball and glove figurine.

Identifying Marks on a Figurine?This small ceramic baseball glove and ball caught my eye at the thrift store yesterday although I'm not exactly sure what it is used for I bought it. I tried to look up the makers mark and info on it but had no luck the closet I came were similar ones that were planters but they were much bigger and I don't believe this one is hardly big enough for that.


Two old fashioned figurines of a young man and woman.

Help Identifying This Pair?There are no markings whatsoever and I cannot find an exact match anywhere online. Trying to figure out how old they are and any information regarding the manufacturing country/company, history, anything at all. Thank you in advance!


A figurine of two girls.

Figurine Identification?I'm hoping someone can help me identify this figurine, who made it, and maybe the age. It has no makers mark on it anywhere.


A figurine of a dog.

Ceramic Dog Figurine?I found this dog at the Goodwill and have scoured the internet to try to find its maker. I cannot find anything. I was wondering if anybody on here would know. Thanks!


A figurine of a couple with large eyes.

Value of Sculptures?Can you advise the value of these sculptures and any historical information related to the two sculptures, please?


A figurine in an old fashioned dress.

Vintage Figurine Maker?I am curious if anyone knows who this artist is? It resembles a Florence but has a personal name '"Margie 1949"' in gold inside.


The bottom of a figurine.

Value of Figurine?This figurine belonged to a family member and we were told it was of value so we are trying to determine if that is true and who the maker was. Would appreciate any help before putting in a garage sale.


A small figurine of a girl bathing a puppy.

Gulliver's World Puppy Love Figurine?I have what I believe is a Gulliver's World figurine. Puppy Love. But it has no markings, signature, or plaque


A figurine of two pigs cuddling.

Value of Pig Figurine?I just dug this up from my yard. There is no makers mark that I can tell, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it ? Maybe it's worth something?


A figurine with a hairy head.

Identifying a Figurine?I have this guy from my childhood. I have never seen another one, nor anything similar. He has an Enesco sticker on the bottom and the number 'E-5238'. I included a picture of the bottom, but I don't know if it is a legible size.


A figurine of a woman and a dog.

Figurine Identification?Cannot find anything in my research. Looks like an older movie star. Appreciate your help!


An Asian figurine on a pedestal.

Identifying Asian Figurine?I have this figurine but don't know nothing about what is it made of. Is it ivory? Other animal bone? Is it Chinese or Japanese and if so, what would you call the figure? A warrior, king, etc. Certainly as I have absolutely no idea of what it is made of, what do you think its value is? Hope someone can help me. Thanks!


Two black dog figurines.

Information About Ceramic/Porcelain Dogs?Does anybody know if this are made of ceramic or porcelain? I believe this are from China. I put a photo of the stamp which basically have no idea, researched on internet but found nothing. Does anybody know something about it? What is the stamp, origin, material, value, history, etc . Hope you can help me. Thanks!


Egyptian Pharaoh book ends.

What Type of Material is This Made of?Had this for many years but don't know what type of stone are they made of, value, etc. Can anybody help me? Thanks!


A figurine of two white doves.

Giuseppe Armani Porcelain Doves?I purchased this piece at a thrift store but have been unable to find any Armani pieces with the same mark as on mine. Other pieces that look like mine have the crown in their mark. Does anyone know anything about this mark?


A figurine of a woman in a green dress.

Information About this Figurine?My wife and I were recently cleaning out her recently deceased grandmother's home and came across this ceramic figurine. It has a woman in a green dress and cat on top, with a mouse underneath. The piece looks like it would hold small jewelry (earrings, etc...) It is a little risqué (in my opinion), but I guess cute as well.


What is the value of a Giuseppe Armani- Just Married statue.
A figurine of two children getting married.

Value of a Giuseppe Armani" Just Married" Statue?What is the "Just Married" Giuseppe Armani statue worth? I do not have the original box and the small name plate at the base is missing.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of Angel of Love?How much is the Angel of Love worth from the Leonardo collection?


An angel figurine.

What is My Seraphim Angel Worth?How much is my Seraphim angel worth? It's special limited edition.


Two little girl figurines.

Identifying Little Girl Figurines?Does anyone know the manufacturer of these figurines? The label is missing and no other markings that I can find.


An old fashioned figurine of man or boy.

Information About Figurine?Can anyone tell me anything about provenance date and value of this figurine? It has foreign stamped on the bottom so I'm guessing it's not English and it used to belong to my grandmother. Other than than I don't know anything about it.


A sculpture reminiscent of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Information About G. Armani Sculpture?I was wondering if anyone might have information about this piece? I believe it's called "Discovery of America." It's a heavy sculpture and has a signature, but I believe it may be fake because there's no color, no edition or other makings that I've seen on other pieces. I bought it with no box or authentication. Thank you!


Information About Figurine?

Information About Figurine?Hi, I am in need of help! I have been searching for any information about this cute item! I got it as a gift from a vintage fair stand about a year ago, but now due to the actual situation, I have to let it go. We're about to move and this new place doesn't have enough space to place a credenza to protect my items. Can anyone help me with material and the name?


A porcelain figurine of a couple embracing.

Value of Leonardo Collection Figurine?Can you tell me how much this is worth? I am based in Republic of Ireland. It is in perfect condition. There is no box or packaging.


A figurine of a girl holding a basket of flowers.

Identifying Figurine Signed G.A?Hi, I have a gorgeous figurine which I believe to be G Armani but have been unable to identify her searching through lots of pictures on internet. Could anyone kindly advise me of her age and name?


Value of a G. Armani Figurine? - woman in long dress holding a tall, narrow vase or jug

Value of a G. Armani Figurine?I would like to get some advice, please. Recently, I purchased this statue at our local auction. It has a name of G. Armani together with year 1982 and the city, Florence.


A small figurine of a girl.

Information About Figurine?I came across this little cutie in my mother's things. She has no idea where/when or why she had this so just trying to get a little info. I cannot find any info online with descriptors.


A figurine of a clock maker.

Information About Capodimonte Figurine?I have been left this Capodimonte in my father's will, I am trying to find out more information as to the sculptor. It is signed but I am having trouble finding information about the sculptor. It has the Capodimonte mark. I have been told it is from approximately 1939 and called the Clock Maker. It is very large and heavy. Weight is 6kg. Height is 14in/35cm. Width is 15in/38cm. Depth is 10.75in/27.4cm. It is in beautiful condition. Any information would be great.


Three figurines of fancy ladies.

Value of Leonardo Figurines?Hi everyone, I have just come across these three Leonardo figurines. I have tried looking them up, to see if they are rare or not. I can't seem to find anything. I just want to be able to put a value on them for insurance. Thank you in advance for your help.


A figurine of a Christmas elf in a red boot.

How Old Is This Christmas Decoration?On the bottom of the boot it says: Lefton's Exclusive Japan


Identifying a Figurine? - girl playing a lyre

Identifying a Figurine?Who is the creator of this figurine?


A figurine of three children playing music.

Identifying Figurines?Hi I found these cute figurines. They have a marking on them. Who made them? I would like to know more about them!


A figurine of a boy beside an orange tree.

Boy Beside Orange Tree?Can anyone identify this ceramic figure? It is 17 cm tall and 12 cm wide across the base. There are no markings on it. Also does anyone have an idea of the value? Thanks.


A small brass figurine of a cat.

Identifying a Brass Cat Figurine?I recently purchased this brass (?) cat figurine from a Houston Goodwill, but have been unsuccessful in identifying its maker or anything about it to say the least. This figurine is roughly 5+ lbs, 3x4 inches. I do not see any etchings or engravings that would give me an idea of who/where it's from.


A figurine of a character playing accordian.

Information About This Figurine?I would want to know more about this piece: name, age, and worth. Thank you!


A carved wooden chair with fabric cushions.

Information and Value of Antique Furniture?I am trying to determine what time period this furniture is from plus the type and value. The three piece set includes two chairs and a couch. I have a picture of one of the chairs as shown. The other two pictures show the detail on the arm, leg, top, and back of the couch. The chairs have the same detail. The fourth picture is of an upholstery tag found on the couch.


A Hummel figurine of a boy.

Hummel Figurine?I would like to know if this Hummel figurine holds some value.


A brass Mickey Mouse figurine.

Value of Brass Mickey Mouse?What is the value of this brass Mickey Mouse figurine?


A decorative figurine of a couple.

Identifying a Capodimonte FigurineThe sticker on my figurine says "Seagqrazi"? It's so difficult to read. Can you tell me if it's real or what it may be worth please. Many thanks!


A G Armani statue of a Victorian woman.

Value of G Armani StatueHow much is this G Armani statue, "Vanessa"' worth?


A figurine of a dancer playing a tambourine.

Value of Armani Figurines?I have inherited some G Armani figurines including this gypsy dancer, a horse and an eagle, all with makers mark. Are they valuable or just tat?


A figurine of two white doves.

Value of Guiseppe Armani FigurineI have this Guiseppe Armani figurine I believe to be Signs of Spring. It is fairly dusty but has a signature on it. Can you confirm this is authentic and what it's worth would be please


A figurine with blonde hair and a green pants.

What is This Cute Old Figurine?My wife bought this figure in a New York market decades ago, a girl? Anyone know what it is, make, origin etc, looks Swiss, German or Dutch. Anyone seen similar as a matching boy would keep her company. No markings at all, felt on soles of feet.


A ceramic figurine of a young girl with a basket.

Identifying a Ceramic Figurine?What is this ceramic figurine? Family collectible. Only marking on underside is the number. If there was an identifying mark it was obliterated. Thank you in advance!


Brightly colored Japanese figurines.

What are These Japanese Figurines?I can not find anything in these figurines. They are stamped Japan and only one sided. Seem vintage.


Value of a Ceramic Figurine? - what appears to be a Giuseppe Armani figurine of a mother and child, in pastel colors

Value of a Ceramic Figurine?I just inherited this signed figure. I am wondering if it is worth anything and whether I need to get it insured. Any help is greatly appreciated as I cannot find this figurine anywhere online.


Identifying a Figurine? - vintage figurine of a boy in white, cap, shirt, and shorts

Identifying a Figurine?I am looking for more information on this little guy, who is 4"'H and marked Germany on the back. It's hollow and there is a pinhole sized hole above his pocket. I thought this was a pie bird, but the bottom isn't arched. Smokers usually had an open mouth.


Two Japanese figurines.

Information on Japanese Figurines?My grandmother recently passed away and I am trying to identify who made these figurines. Any input is greatly appreciated! I think they are Japanese but not 100%.


An old fashioned porcelain figurine couple.

Identification and Value of FigurineThis figurine has been in the family for 35-60 years or longer. It is 4 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the base, and 2 1/2 inches deep. Since our parents have passed, we no longer have the 'history' of this piece. I don't know who created this or what the markings on the bottom mean.


A small figurine featuring animals.

Value of FigurinesI do not know anything about this. Do they have any value?


Information About Leonardo Collection Figurines? - Westies

Information About Leonardo Collection Figurines?I bought these dogs without asking about the material thinking they were bisque porcelain like so many other things I have from Leonardo's collection. I am selling them now and a client asked if they were resin. That question confused me, I fear I was wrong. Can anyone help me know the material that makes these dogs?


A Giuseppe Armani statue.

Where to Sell a Giuseppe Armani Statue?I have a Giuseppe Armani sculpture but I'm not really sure what it's called and where to sell it or how much it could go for. I've seen statues that look just like it but they don't have the writing on the back or the little seal. Can anyone answer my questions on this?


Identifying Antique Ceramic Figurines? - three girls in ball dresses

Identifying Antique Ceramic Figurines?I need help identifying the maker for these antique figurines they resemble Rose'and Marie by Royal Doulton, but are not fine china and are heavier. Sorry about their rough state, but I inherited them in this condition.


Identifying a Vintage Ceramic Figurine?

Identifying a Vintage Ceramic Figurine?I'm not sure where I even got this. Anyone know anything about it?


A figurine that shows two hitchhiking children.

Title/Number and Value in this Piece?I have this Giuseppe Armani figurine. Could anyone please tell me the identifying details such as title (I think it's children hitchhiking), the year made and item #?


Identifying a Porcelain Figurine? - sitting figurine of a boy with foot up and wearing gold trimmed red vest

Identifying a Porcelain Figurine?I bought this figurine at a craft show at the mall in Miami, FL about 25 years ago. He is about 5 1/2" with beautifully painted eyes and hair that is curled and glued. He came sitting in a chair. He had nail on his foot and small blood spots. Very unusual. I would like to now if anyone has seen something similar to this one and who could have made it.


Value of Leonardo Collection Bronze Figurines? - sitting nude

Value of Leonardo Collection Bronze Figurines?I purchased these two together some time ago. The nude woman is part of the Leonardo collection and I can't seem to see it anywhere online. It's not in the best condition from how I bought it but wondered if it may be worth anything? It is just under 10 inches in height.


A ceramic bear piggy bank.

Who Made This Little Bear BankDoes anyone know who made this little bear. He is a bank but there is no marks that I can find that will help identify him. I am assuming he is from the 50s.


Identifying a Ceramic Figurine - nearly monochromatic figurine of a woman carrying firewood on her back

Identifying a Ceramic Figurine?I cannot identify the stamp. I believe the letters are either m I o or w I o. Also I think it is a hammer or mallet. I am not sure if it's worth anything.


Value of Leonardo Collection Figurines - figurines in plastic wrap

Value of Leonardo Collection Figurines?I have two Leonardo Collection, never used figurines, 1477A and 1477B. They are still in the same package that they came in. I have been unable to locate them online. How much are they worth?


What Is the Value of an Armani Crucifix? - crucifix lying on carpet

What Is the Value of an Armani Crucifix?What is the value of this Armani crucifix? Where would be the best place for me to sell it?


ceramic dish

Finding a Lady Figurine Dish?I have been looking everywhere for years for a figurine like the lady dish with the green dress on your site. Any idea where one could be found to purchase? I appreciate your help.


Identifying a Cat Figurine - black cat figurine with tick markings

Identifying a Cat Figurine?Can anyone help me identify this cat? It has odd markings that remind me of an owl, weird I know. There is nothing identifiable as to who made it. It's about 4" high.


Value of a Giuseppe Armani Figurine - cute angel figurine

Value of a Giuseppe Armani Figurine?I can't seem to find this figurine online. Does anyone know how much it would be worth?


Identifying Ceramic Figurines - male figurine in 18th century dress

Identifying Ceramic Figurines?Can you identify these pieces?


Information About Alfretto Figurines - man and woman figurines wearing possible 18th century clothing

Information About Alfretto Figurines?I am trying to find some information on these two porcelain figurines. They are stamped Alfretto (Alfretto by Maruru?), but I can find no other information on the web. There are lots for sale on auction sites, but none give any dates of maker information. Not really concerned about the value, but would like to know more.


Value of a Leonardo Figurine - woman wearing a 19th century style long dress and hat and holding a fan

Value of a Leonardo Figurine?Does anyone know how much my Society Belle Leonardo ornament is worth?


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