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A vintage stuffed animal wearing red.

Has Anyone Seen this Plush Before?I bought this in an auction recently and was hoping to find out if anyone knows what its origin is? It looks very old but looks can be deceiving, and it's in fair condition. It almost looks like a Mickey Mouse but I can't find it anywhere online? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A stuffed bunny wearing a fancy headband and dress.

Information About Stuffed Rabbit?So pretty much I'm trying to figure out what brand she is and how much she's worth. I got her at an antique/collectable shop for $5. But there's a price tag on it that looks like it's from a pawn shop and was sold to the owner of the antique shop for 40$. I'm not sure if it was worth that price or if it was just sold by one of those people that overpriced stuff just because it's old.


Stuffed Raccoon with Red Scarf

Identifying a Stuffed Raccoon?He's clearly seen better days! I have zero clue what brand he is and would like to find an original one, if possible. I got him when I was a baby, in either 1998, 99 or 00.


A small stuffed dog.

Identify Stuffed Dog Brand?Probably bought in Europe on trip during late 1980s. The original label on her was yellow with red text. Unfortunately, only blurry images remain so text cannot be read.


A drawing of a stuffed unicorn.

Help Identifying Childhood Toy?So I used to have this little stuffed unicorn named Sparkles. I am unsure if she had a tag with her name on it or not, but i remember using her tag to spell her name a lot. Yet I can't find any stuffed animal fitting the description.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Fawn? - brown stuffy

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Fawn?Does anyone recognize this manufacturer from the tag? The fawn is old, has glass eyes and a stitched nose. It is about 12 tall. I can't make out the threadbare tag, however.


A small pink stuffed dog.

Information About Pink Lucy Dog Plush?Where did this pink Lucy dog plush come from and how do I buy a second one? Please if anyone knows anything about how to find another one, I would really appreciate it :)


A stuffed dog with a wind up music box in his belly.

Wind-up Stuffed Dog?I would like to know approximately how old this doggie is and what the value is. Wind up for music is on his chest and he plays music.


A stuffed mouse toy.

Identifying A Plush Mouse Toy?I would love to be able to identify this antique vintage mouse 14 inch plush doll? I cannot find anything on Google or eBay. It is a mystery and might be just some home made doll? Thank you everyone.


Two old stuffed bears.

Finding a Replacement Stuffed Animal?My dad bought these two stuffed animals at the hospital for me the day I was born in the year 2000. I've slept with them every night since then so the tags are completely worn off. I love them so much and need to figure out where to buy new ones. I can tell that they were made by the same company but can't find out which one. If anyone could help me find at least ONE of these stuffed animals, I would be so thankful, I've searched and searched but feel like I might give up. I am posting this here in hopes somebody is able to help me :) Thanks!


A stuffed tiger with hands and feet.

Identifying the Brand of This Tiger Plush?It's about 20 inches long. Has PVC or PE pellets in feet and core of body. The tush tag is wore out and not legible. I tried description search, google image search and came up with NADA. :( If anyone has ever seen one similar or know of a website that has better info, I will greatly appreciate it.


A green dragon with a long tongue.

Information About Dragon Plush Toy?Hey everyone! This is my first time here on Thriftyfun website, and I am very curious to know a little bit more about this plush dragon I've got here.


A stuffed rabbit with a carrot on its ear.

Identifying Rainbow Sorbet Stuffed Rabbit?I bought this toy at a Goodwill in Orlando Florida around 18 years ago around 2003. It was already used, and the tag was already worn at that point. It's a pastel rainbow sorbet tie dye type coloration of pink/green/yellow when clean. The feet have beads in them adding weight. The head and body have stuffing.


A koala made from real fur.

How Old is This Koala?I found this old stuffed koala with my mother's possessions and would like to know anything about it. It has no label or makers mark. It's real animal fur and stuffed with wood wool. It was my mother's when was a child. Mum was born in 1935 so it could be from this year or earlier. Just wondering if it might be made of anything that can't be taken to the USA. Thanks


Identifying a Plush Toy? - perhaps a Hello Kitty stuffy

Identifying a Plush Toy?My grandma got me this plush from a thrift store, and I'm trying to figure out if it's vintage or worth anything! It looks almost just like Hello Kitty, but it's missing a bow, and most Hello kitty plushes I've seen usually have a yellow nose. I'm not selling it or anything, I just wanna find out whether it's a Hello Kitty plush, when it's from, etc. I'm mainly just curious!!



A stuffed brown bear.

Identifying a Stuffed Bear?I need help identifying this adorable bear. All I know is I grew up with this bear and the only thing left on the tag is the name of the company (1996 UNEEDA DOLL CO LTD), but I can't seem to find any similar bears like him anywhere online!


An unusual stuffed toy.

Identifying A Stuffed Toy?We recently came into possession of this incredible 1998 vintage plush from Manhattan Toy Company! Fantastic we thought, we wish to know his name. Any thoughts? He's incredibly hard to find!


A small purple and white stuffed dog.

Information About Stuffed Dog?I have this toy from my childhood and I am just really curious about who made her. I got her from the restaurant Space Aliens as a prize. I remember her laying on top of similar stuffed animals but in green. She is a small stuffed dog that is purple with white markings. Her limbs are white and most of her face is white.


A stuffed elephant.

Identifying Stuffed Animals?Can anyone identify these stuffed animals? My parents got both these stuffed animals brand new back in late 2002 before I was born. It's been so long that my parents can't remember where they got them or what company they came from. Their tags don't do them justice.


A stuffed brown hippo.

Identifying A Stuffed Toy?Hi! I'm looking for the origins of this lovely toy.


Identifying a Raccoon or Ferret Stuffed Toy?

Identifying a Raccoon or Ferret Stuffed Toy?I've had this lil guy since I was a baby; he was a hand-me down from an older sister. I've always thought he was a raccoon, but he might be a ferret.


A piggy stuffed animal.

Stuffed Animal Brand Name?Both of these images contain stuffed animals from what I assume is the same brand. I own the pig teddy, and I found the elephants on social media a while back. I really want to know the brand that produced these teddies, as I have always wanted to know what other teddies they have made like this, and I wanted to look into buying more of them.


A girl holding a grey stuffed rabbit.

Anyone Recognize My Stuffed Rabbit?I was born in 1995 and I've had him since then. He doesn't have a tag anymore. My mom bought him in the late 80s in South Bend, IN.


A small brown and white stuffed dog.

Identifying Stuffed Dog?Hello, I could really use some help identifying my stuffed dog. A friend of my mom's got this for me when I was a baby in 1987. There are no tags that I can remember. The eyes and nose I believe are a hard plastic. The ribbon was something that was added to it after purchase. I've looked and looked and can't find anything.


A stuffed polar bear.

What Make Is This Polar Bear?Does anyone recognise this bear? Circa 1978 to early 80s. I lived in Germany during those years. I have never seen one like it. I call him Polo. I have done a lot of research and think he might be Dakin, but he also resembles the Klondike bear which I think is American? I would love to know if there is another one out there!


An old vintage stuffed dog.

Information on a Vintage Stuffed Dog?I'm trying to find information on this stuffed dog that "survived" a friend's house fire in 1988. I was wondering about finding a replacement on eBay but I don't know anything about it other than these few pictures my friend's Mom sent me. Does anyone know anything about this?


Identifying a Tiny Plush Kitty? - well worn stuffed kitty toy

Identifying a Tiny Plush Kitty?I've had this tiny kitty plush since I was a small child (early 80s). I have no idea where it came from, but I feel like it was an accessory to another toy. I was rather cat-obsessed as a kid.


A small pink plush pig.

Information About Plush Pig?Hello! I am trying to find a place to get an example of this. I got it from my cousin 22 years ago but I have no clue about the brand. I live in Spain and I have never seen any other plushie like this.


A old and worn stuffed dog named "Fudge".

Anyone Know Where This Toy is From?My son is extremely attached to this plush teddy. However it's well past its best and we are trying to identify where it was from, who made it and can we get an identical replacement. Any help is appreciated.


A brown stuffed animal.

Help Identifying This Animal's Movie/ShowHi, I'm here to ask for help in identifying this stuffed animal. Name? What movie/show is it from? I believe it's from the 80's as in this photo, it's 1988.



A small stuffed dog toy.

What Brand/Make is this Toy?I got this toy dog back in 1998 for my fourth Christmas. The tags where removed and I've been trying to find out more about him but can't find anything that even resembles him.


Identifying a Vintage Panda Teddy Bear?

Identifying a Vintage Panda Teddy Bear?I'm a newbie. I was searching for any info on my vintage stuffed panda bear. I've been told all my life that I've had the bear since I was 3 months old. I'm now 61. I would love to know more about her. I'm assuming she was made sometime around 1959 my birth year or 1958? I love her dearly and would never part with her, but it would fun to learn more.


Identifying a Stuffed Mouse Toy? - stuffed praying, kneeling mouse

Identifying a Stuffed Mouse Toy?I have this kneeling angel mouse. It looks like it's praying. For the life of me I can not find it anywhere and the tag is blank. How do I find this mouse? I've looked and looked. If you notice the stitching is not of high quality work like a TY Beenie, but it's still curious I can not find one anywhere.


Identifying a Vintage Silk Stuffed Elephant? - well loved stuffed elephant

Identifying a Vintage Silk Stuffed Elephant?I am looking to identify this 1988 stuffed elephant made of silk. It was given to me in 1988 and has been well-loved (obviously). When I first got it she was in a pink dress with bows and ribbons. I really hope someone might be able to help me, please! I've been looking for years.


Identifying a Small Leather and Fur Stuffed Toy? - little stuffy with fur and leather hands and feed

Identifying a Small Leather and Fur Stuffed Toy?This little guy, no taller that 4 inches, has been with me for about 40 years. I have no idea where he came from and wondered if one of your members could assist. He has just come to light during a loft clearance. The body, hands, and feet are made of leather with what I assume is real fur. His jacket used to be red and white stripes, now worn, and appears to be made of a rough cloth.


Identifying a 1970s Rabbit? - gray and white stuffed bunny

Identifying a 1970s Rabbit?Hello! I have a big challenge for everyone. This is my (very well loved) rabbit circa 1975 that my mom got from a hospital gift shop. I know he looks like he is 100 years old! He use to have a tongue and the tag fell out years ago. Would anyone be able to identify him?


Identifying a Stuffed Toy?

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?I've been looking for awhile now, and I still can't seem to find where this bunny came from. It is blue, with red eyes, and a brown dyed nose.


How Old Is This GUND Circus  Elephant?   - stuffed elephant with red inner ears and rick rack trimmed red head piece

How Old Is This GUND Circus Elephant?How old is this elephant? Any info would be appreciated.


Information on a Squirtle Plush Toy? - Pokemon plush

Information on a Squirtle Plush Toy?Does anybody know what brand or know what exactly it is? I know it's a Squirtle plush, but that's about it. I think it's 10-20 years old.


Identifying an Old Stuffed Toy? - white stuffed dog with large brown nose and foot pads

Identifying an Old Stuffed Toy?I have had this doll given to me by a family member when I was first born. He was probably bought in 2005 or early 2006 (I was born in May 2006) and I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of doll he is. I do think he was a brand of TY. I remember taking tags off of everything when I was younger. He had more stuffing and was fluffier.


An old plush toy wearing overalls.

Finding Out the Name of an Old PlushHi, i would like to know where this plush is from and what its name is. It would also be interesting to know if its still being sold and where i could buy one or potentially where i could request one to be made.


The face of a stuffed dog.

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this dog since sometime in 2001, and have been trying to find some like her on the internet on and off for some time now.


The front of a vintage toy monkey.

Identifying a Vintage Toy MonkeyThis felt monkey is 15 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 6 inches deep. He was found with a lot of vintage toys, some from the 1930s, some newer. He is possibly from the UK.


Identifying a Pikachu Plush? - yellow plush on a dark blue blanket

Identifying a Pikachu Plush?Dose anybody know what kind of Pikachu plush this is?


Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie? - stuffed kitty

Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie?I bought this old Japanese plush toy and wanted to know about how old it is or when it was made? I can't find any info on the brand "First", any help appreciated!



Identifying a Stuffed Dog? - brown and white stuffie

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this stuffed dog ever since I was really little. I've been trying to find replicas of her, but so far I've been out of luck. All the words on her tag have been worn off. She also had a tail, but it got chewed off by a dog a couple years ago. It was tan like her body color and had a white tip, her paws have beads in them, but the rest is stuffing.


Identifying a Stuffed Animal - closeup of what appears to be a black and white stuffed dog

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?I recently found one of my old toys and I'm having a bit trouble identifying the toy.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny - stuffed yellow bunny, missing its left ear and nose

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny?I need some advice. I have had this stuffed toy since I was born, 15 years ago. She is important to me, but her condition makes me sad. Where she is from?


Identifying Stuffed Animals - stuffed puppy

Identifying Stuffed Animals?I have these two stuffed animals and I'm curious as to their brand. I've had them for about 11 years I believe, and they're well worn. I think they are the same brand because they have the same characteristics of plastic nose, plastic eyes, floppy head, and very little stuffing in the neck. I do not know how I got them, or what they originally looked like.


Identifying a Stuffed Bear - stuffed bear with a dark brown head and lighter tan ears and body

Identifying a Stuffed Bear?I've had this stuffed animal since the late 80s or early 90s and am wondering where it came from and if I can buy a second one for my kids. It's about the size of a 6 month old human baby. I thought it might be Gund, but I can't find anything similar in their archives. It has no tag. Any tips appreciated. Google image search has not worked for me.


Identifying a Vintage Bunny from Hallmark - stuffed toys on a quilt

Identifying a Vintage Bunny from Hallmark?My husband accidentally trashed my childhood bunny when we were moving. I would love to find out more info to see if I can find another. My mom said she bought it from Hallmark in the 1980s time frame. I attached the best photos I have. It's the grey-lavender bunny with a dress and the ears were lined with silk. The dress was white with little flowers.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - overstuffed print fabric body with bear head, hands, and feet sewn in place

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Does anybody know anything about this bear? I am searching for a bear like this.


Identifying a Stuffed Animal - stuffy lying on a pillow

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?If anyone knows what he is or what brand he is it would be really helpful. I've had him since I can remember and I remember having a mini one just like him too. I can't remember if this came with it or if it was just something I found, but I also remember him wearing a red sheer polka dotted ribbon as was the baby one.


Does Anyone Recognize this Stuffed Bear? - white bear with red bow tie

Does Anyone Recognize this Stuffed Bear?I got this stuffed bear at a Salvation Army shop a little while back. I've been trying to find a look alike for him because he reminds me of the one I had when I was younger. But no matter how long I tried to search I couldn't find this specific bear anywhere. Can anyone identify this bear?


Identifying a Stuffed Lamb Toy - small yellow and white stuffed lamb toy

Identifying a Stuffed Lamb Toy?My great grandmother who is 92 years old gave me this when I was 2 years old. I am unable to find a tag on it, and it's stuffing has deflated and been flat for years. I am hoping to find out how old it could possibly be, if it's possible to find out.


Identifying a Horse Stuffed Animal  - brown and white pinto horse

Identifying a Horse Stuffed Animal?I've been wondering where this horse came from. I've had her since I was a baby and haven't seen another like her. She has no tag. Being 18 years old her tag is non existent. I do remember the first part of her tag saying Kid. Does someone recognize this stuffed animal?


Identifying My Tiny Plush Horse - horse next to a box of colored pencils

Identifying My Tiny Plush Horse?I have had this tiny horse plushie for a really long time now 2004-2020 and I have no idea where it came from. It is very small and I've never seen anything it. Unfortunately there is no tag. :(


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Pig - closeup of the head

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Pig?Can anyone please help me identify this stuffed pig toy? My daughter found it back around 2005-2006 when she was 4-5years old. She found it in a council clean up on the street in Mt. Druitt, Sydney, Australia. She named him Piglet (obviously) and fell in love. They were the bestest of friends and she never let him go. He went everywhere with her.


Identifying a Stuffed Horse - floppy brown stuffed horse

Identifying a Stuffed Horse?My mom bought this for me at a garage sale when I was little. She only remembers it was sometime in mid 80s. I have loved this thing since. His tag is gone, the stuffing in his neck is non-existent, and both of his eyelids are gone. I would love any information about this horse.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny - well loved stuffed toy bunny

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny?I have had this stuffed bunny rabbit for almost 20 years now. The tag is completed gone and unfortunately there are no identifying factors to help me find out where he's from.


Identifying a Fabric Doll

Identifying a Fabric Doll?I have had this doll from my birth (2000) until like 2010 and then I lost it. Now I would like to know what kind of doll it is (like name, brand, etc.) and if possible where I could find it.


Information on a Gund Stuffed Toy - stuffed dog

Information on a Gund Stuffed Toy?I wanted to know what this specific toy is. I know that she is a Gund branded toy and I've had her since childhood, but I have no idea where she specifically came from. I believe she may have been made late in the 90s early 2000s, but I'm not too sure. Last time I found the same dog was in person from a student.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - tan and white stuffed dog with a red, white, and blue bone on its chest

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Can you help find my toy? The only legible writing on the tag is P.O. MFG6227 and the year 1996. It plays music when you pull the legs/body out fully and the music slows down as the legs retract.


Identifying a Stuffed Monkey - cute stuffed monkey

Identifying a Stuffed Monkey?A few years ago, my cousin lost this monkey in Chicago IL. He had been his travel companion for many many years. I am just trying to replace it for him as a surprise. There were no tags on it the last time I saw it before he lost it. And understandably, without tag information it may be nearly impossible.


Identifying a Stuffed Tiger - tubby stuffed tiger

Identifying a Stuffed Tiger?I bought this stuffed animal years ago. I'm wondering what brand it is. I have been looking everywhere, but I can't seem to find it.


Identifying Stuffed Toys - stuffed toys leaning on a wall

Identifying Stuffed Toys?Does anyone know the brands of these animals?


Identifying a Stuffed Giraffe - cute stuffed giraffe

Identifying a Stuffed Giraffe?I've had this giraffe since probably about 1995/1996. I don't know if he was made around that time. I don't know where he was purchased. We think he might have been from Toys R Us, but are not sure.


Identifying a Stuffed Rabbit

Identifying a Stuffed Rabbit?I had a stuffed bunny rabbit from the time I was born till it went MIA a few years ago. After much research I think it is a Gund rabbit from the 80s. It looked exactly like the picture I uploaded, but instead of pink eyes and nose it had orange eyes and a black nose. Does anyone know where I can find a replica?


Identifying a Childhood Toy - green dog

Identifying a Childhood Toy?It is a green dog with big plastic eyes, little orange freckles, a little white tongue, and a plaid scarf. At one point he had a hat. He has no tags and I can't find him online anywhere. He was a gift from my grandfather.


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