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Savannah in Tomboy CostumeLast year I found it hard to make a costume for my daughter Savannah. So I gathered together some of my oldest son clothing. I dressed her like a Tom Boy. Take a look.


Magic wand.

Beaded Magic WandInstructions for making a beaded magic wand.


Beaded Tiara

Terrific Beaded TiaraMake a beautiful beaded tiara for your little princess.


Fairy WandHere is an easy wand to make for a Halloween costume.


English muffin pizzas with strips of cheese and olive eyes.

Yummy Mummies PizzasYou no longer have to fear what is behind those ancient bandages because the truth has been revealed, mummies are yummy!


A plate of mini pumpkin tarts.

Mini Pumpkin TartsThese no bake mini pumpkin tarts are a delicious treat to whip up for your next holiday party.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Pumpkin Carving TipsHalloween is right around the corner. This page contains some Jack O'Lantern carving tips and resources. Feel free to post your own tips.


Clay pots decorated with Jack-O-Lantern Faces

Pumpkin PotsPumpkin pots add personality and charm to Halloween and Thanksgiving décor. If you make them in September, you can add soil and seeds so they will be overflowing with fragrant herbs, just in time for holiday cooking.


Little girl dressed as a flower garden.

Flower Garden CostumeI needed a fast and inexpensive Halloween costume and my daughter wanted to be a 'flower garden'. So off to the thrift store we went, where we bought a green adult size M sweatshirt, which I cut at the sleeves. And some green stretch pants.


Couple dressed in costume.

Gold Digger and Sugar Daddy CostumeFor the woman, wearing black pants and black sweater, using a 3 inch wide yellow ribbon, I made a "Miss America" type banner, and put sticky letters on it saying "GOLD DIGGER" ...


View of the helmet painted like a shell.

Turtle Costume for a BabyTrying to find an inexpensive costume for a 7 month old can be hard. I had this idea to make our son Nathan a turtle costume.


Googly eye cake

Googly Eye CakeDecorate the cake using the round candies and the decorative icing with the thin tip. Place two round candies side by side and affix smaller candies to the front using icing.


Closeup of painted pumpkin.

Paint Pumpkins with Acrylic PaintPaint your pumpkins with Acrylic paint. Lightly trace face you want on pumpkin and then paint with acrylic paint. When dry spray lightly several times with acrylic spray to protect from damp weather.


A plate of skull cupcakes.

Skull CupcakesReally frighten your guests into hunger with these delicious skull cupcakes...


Boy in deviled egg costume.

Homemade "Deviled Egg" CostumeI made this costume in about an hour. I already had the devil horns, tail, and pitchfork. The egg is made from an old sheet, yellow craft foam, 2 hangers, some hot glue, and very little sewing.



A fall floral display inside a pumpkin vase.

Pumpkin Vase as CenterpieceThis is what we did for a center piece for Halloween. We carved out the inside and put flowers inside of it. It does last for about 2 weeks.


Cute spider cupcakes.

Mini Spider CupcakesMini spider cupcakes made with M&Ms. Make these cute mini cupcakes as a delicious Halloween treat!


Pumpkin Centerpiece - with mini scene inside

Halloween Centerpiece with Miniature ScenesPut miniature scenes inside a carveable foam pumpkin and make a nice centerpiece.


Dog in costume.

Ruby (Rottweiler)Ruby is a 6 year old Rottweiler. Ruby's owner died a few weeks ago. We are fostering her until her new owners come to get her, which will be this weekend! Here she is dressed as a Detroit Red Wings hockey fan.


Kids trick or treating on Halloween.

Halloween Safety TipsSome great before, during and after Halloween Safety Tips. Many you may know but here's a really complete list of what you need to know to have a safe and happy Halloween.


Cute Bird Halloween Costumes

Cute Bird Halloween CostumesFor Halloween costumes, I use sweatsuits/jackets/sweatpants that I already have on hand and decorate them.



Kylie as a LionKylie my adorable 2 year is just adorable in this lion outfit. And I am not lioning about that! She is surely going to be a roar at the church carnival.


toddler poodle costume

Abby as a PoodleAbby, 13 months is just a adorable poodle in this pink outfit. She has won many hearts over!


Woman in yellow towels.

Bath Lady CostumeI sewed two large bath towels together, made a knot over one shoulder and secured with rubber band (wore a strapless top under it), used quilt batting to make soap bubbles attached to double faced tape & pasted on arms & face, and shower cap with soap bubbles also and carried a bath brush and soap on rope and wore flip flops.


Fall Front Porch Decorations

Fall Front Porch DecorationsThis is the front of my house. All of the decorations except the garland around the door were made by myself at some point over the last several years.


Butterfly Kids Costume

Victoria the ButterflyThis is 8 month old Victoria, trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She is a pretty pink butterfly.


Bobble Head CostumeThis was my Halloween costume this year. One of my best friends and I create a children's TV show together and thought it would be great to make bobble heads of our TV personalities that we would later use on our show.



Jack-Orange-LanternThis is a cute and easy way to display your oranges for Halloween. Plus it makes the orange easy to peel.


Two clay pots decorated to make a smiling Frankenstein monster candy dish.

Frankenstein Candy DishHere's a cute Frankenstein candy dish that takes about an hour to make with clay pots, paint, wiggly eyes, ice cream sticks, and hot glue.


Bat cupcake

Bat Cup CakesThese Bat Cup Cakes are super easy and quick if you use Hostess Cupcakes like I did. You also could make similar bats with your own cupcakes.



Spider Crackers

Spider CrackersSpider crackers are a fun and easy appetizer for your party. This is one the kids can help with making and they are a healthy snack.


Vampire teeth halloween appetizer.

Vampire Teeth AppetizerGreat party treat for kids and adults. Just simple apple pieces and a jelly dip.


Cyclops Eye Cupcakes

Cyclops Eye CupcakesCreepy cupcakes for your Halloween Party!


Halloween Flask

Creepy Dry Ice FlaskThis bubbling Flask decoration is made with food coloring and a little dry ice for fog and the bubbles.


String cheese and bell pepper cheesy zombie fingers

Cheesy Zombie FingersHere's a fun and easy appetizer for your Halloween party. These are easy to make with string cheese and green peppers.


Halloween hot dog fingers.

Hot Dog FingersThe kids really loved this one. What can I say? Kids love hot dogs even if they look like dismembered fingers!


Beautifully carved pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving CollectionEach year my husband adds a couple of carvings to his collection. We light the pumpkins each evening during the month of October. I really wish all of you could bring your children and grandchildren by to see them.


olives on frozen hand forms

Chilling Olive HandHow many times have you put olives on your fingers? Here's a fun food display where the icy fingers display the olives.


Section of egg carton and pipe cleaner spider.

Egg Carton SpidersHere's an easy decoration to make from paper egg carton cups and black pipe cleaners. Add it to your centerpiece or hang them from the corners with webbing.


Sandwich Fingers

Sandwich FingersThis is a simple way to decorate your sandwiches for Halloween. Great as an appetizer or sent as a fun school lunch.


Cat Nose and Ears for Halloween

Easy Cat Nose and EarsNeed a quick and easy Halloween Costume? How about an easy cat nose and ears. Meow!


Finished fingers.

Ghost Finger PenThese pens are sure to spook your friends. Great to send with kids to school, use at a party for writing games or as the pen for your guest book.


A mini pumpkin on a flashlight.

Mini Pumpkin Flashlight LanternPerfect for Tricker or Treating in the dark with young ones and a fantastic craft for the family to make. A illuminated that glows with its grinning face.


Egg Carton Pumpkin

Egg Carton PumpkinEgg Carton Pumpkin - an easy, quick craft for the kids made from the cups of a paper egg carton.


Triceratops Costume

Triceratops CostumeThis Halloween I did not prepare a costume in advance, planning on not dressing up this year. So at the last minute , I decided to throw something together.



Charlie Brown Costume

Charlie Brown CostumeOur little boy doesn't have much hair, and we love the Charlie Brown holiday specials, so it was a natural fit for a cheap and easy Halloween costume.


Winner Sexiest DivisionThis picture is from senior exercise Halloween party today. I am the Halloween Trick and my friend, who likes to ham it up, is Halloween PIMP.


Two men in costume.

Raider Fans CostumesThis Halloween my husband and father-in-law were . . .


Orange print fabric pumpkin.

Fabric PumpkinsHere is a fun craft to make this fall. I made a ton of them last year, they are cheap and easy.


Halloween Bat Sock Puppet

Halloween Bat Sock PuppetTake black sparkle felt (or foam or reg felt) and cut out two bat wings and 2 little ears. I made a template out of regular paper before I cut into the felt. Glue wings so sparkle side is facing front.


Creepy Spiders

Creepy SpidersHere are some spiders made from different things, pom poms or mini pumpkins, pipe cleaners and paint.


Halloween Alternatives

Halloween AlternativesWhat if you don't celebrate Halloween, but your kids want to dress up? Or maybe you'd rather to do a bit more on the educational side rather than simply buy a costume. Here are some ideas from my school and friends.


Hickory dickory dock pumpkin decoration.

Creative Halloween PumpkinThink outside the box when crafting pumpkins. Note: this one is a fake pumpkin which lasts forever


Juice pouch purse.

Orange Jammer Purse For HalloweenTake 3 jammers and sew together side by side 4 times. Then take 2 jammers and sew on top of each other 2 times for the sides. Sew three more on top of each other for the bottom.


Carved Foam Pumpkins

Carved Foam PumpkinsThese are our current crop of pumpkins. Each year, my husband adds eight to the collection.


Spider Pencil

Spider PencilHere's a quick and easy project your kids will love. Use the pencils as party favors or to make homework less of a chore.


Diagram of costume.

Homemade Skeleton CostumeTo make a skeleton costume for pennies, use a plain black shirt or sweatshirt and black pants. You might have one or both, or be able to find them very inexpensively at a thrift store.


pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Recycling (To Roast or Not to Roast!)Peter Piper Picked a Profoundly Plump Pumpkin - Now what does he do with it?Try using this versatile squash in many ways.


Ice cream stick pumpkins.

Ice Cream Stick PumpkinsTake three ice cream sticks and glue them together side by side. Make three of these. Take another ice cream stick and cut the stems for the pumpkins.


A collection recycled cans decorated to resemble jack-'o-lanterns.

Pumpkin Can Tea LightsThis is a recycled craft made from empty food cans. The faces are made with an acetylene cutting torch. Finish the project by painting the can orange, adding a wire handle, and a tea light or votive candle inside. A good project for the kids once the cans are prepared.


Decorated Halloween themed boxes.

Halloween Goodie BoxesMade from paper, ribbon, and stickers. Purchase plain wood boxes at Michael's or other craft store for $1.00 and decorate in any theme. Great for teacher gifts.


Brown paper bag kit with fun glasses.

Halloween KitGreat for kids classmates or special kids that you see on Halloween. Also great for craft shows. Great halloween party loot bag.


Funnel Pumpkin Candy Holder

Funnel Pumpkin Candy HolderI saw this awhile back and I just loved it. Easy to make and great for Halloween parties. Take a long orange funnel (I purchased at Walmart for .97 each.)


Halloween Buckets

Cute Buckets for Trick or TreatingHere is a cute alternative to bags. Make these trick or treat buckets made from beach pails. Find good shapes for Halloween.


Reusing Embroidery From Old Shirts?Tips for reusing embroidery from worn out clothing. Post your own ideas here.


mask design on paper plate

Day of the Dead MasksMaking Day of the Dead masks helps kids have fun and learn about Mexico's traditional celebration!


Gourd Witch

Gourd WitchThings you will need are a small, medium, or large gourd, depending on how big you want her to be. Make sure you wash the gourd with warm soapy water and rinse clean.


Spiders made from plastic bags for your yard.

Yard SpidersWe had just cleaned out grapevines in the backyard, so I thought, I should make something. Spiders came to mind for Halloween. I cut the lengths I wanted, nailed them to a piece of 2x4 and stuffed a black trashbag and nailed it on top. Glitter for the eyes. Large spiders in the yard, spoooky.


Painted Plastic Pumpkins

Refurbish Old Plastic Pumpkins With PaintRecycle your old faded plastic pumpkins with a new coat of paint and a little glitter. Acrylic paint works best for indoor and outdoor use.


ghost on bottle

Boo BottlesThese are just old bottles I picked up on the side of the street. They can be used just for decoration or you can put a candle in them. They are especially cute if you let the candle drip down the sides.


Man in Housewife costume

Frugal Halloween Costumes for Children and AdultsHalloween is fast approaching! Here are some easy and inexpensive Halloween costumes for adults and children alike, using sweat suits and stuff you have laying around the house.


Child dressed as a taco.

Saving Money on Halloween CostumesAs fast as children grow, they outgrow their clothes fast, usually meaning less money in your wallet. Before this Halloween, either shop for gently used Halloween costumes either at yard sales, or your local thrift stores before buying a costume at a retail store. It is much cheaper than renting one or buying one.


Paper egg crate maraca that looks like a pumpkin.

Mini Pumpkin MaracasShake, shake, shake to the music with these cute little pumpkin themed maracas. A fun fall craft for kids.


Halloween Bucket

Halloween BucketThis is a recycled coffee can that you could use for your Halloween candy or just for a decoration.


A flower or sun pattern carved into a pumpkin.

Selecting and Carving Pumpkins for HalloweenBefore you select your pumpkins, decide on your carving design and your Halloween decorating goals. Do you need several pumpkins of a uniform size to line your walkway or a trio of pumpkins to create a display on your porch? Make a list of your needs before you go shopping so you can select pumpkins in the sizes and shapes that best fit with your decorating plan.


Decoupage pumpkin luminaries.

Spooky LuminariesConstruction paper and modge podge are all it takes to transform ordinary glass jars into a spooky Halloween setting.


A pair of jeans painted with a Halloween scene from Charlie Brown.

Halloween Painted JeansTransform those old jeans/overalls/skirts, etc into Holiday Wear. With this EASY Project for lasting results of enjoyment. All you need is a scene of your choice (here I did The Peanuts Gang with Charlie Brown receiving his bag of rocks).


Pumpkin mummies.

Mummy PumpkinsA cute craft for Halloween, this pumpkin craft requires no carving and is appropriate for all ages. Very quick and easy to make.


Mooning Scarecrow

Craft: Mooning ScarecrowScarecrow for Halloween. Build a frame out of wood. Dress and stuff with hay. Add a few pumpkins. Great for doubletakes from passers-by.


Halloween Taffy and Candy Corn

Frugal Trick or TreatingI don't get a whole lot of kids at my house for Halloween but rest assured I am fully prepared! :) There are a few things you can do to save money on candy:


Painted gourds on sticks in yard.

Halloween Yard DecorationsDrill large hole in bottom of coconut (or gourd) and drain out any liquid. Paint half the coconut/gourd with a base coat of any color paint. Let dry and then paint on the faces in black.


Paper plate tambourine.

Pumpkin TambourineA simple craft kids can make and play with. Younger crafters may need adult assistance to put on the final touches.


Clay Spider Candy Dish

Clay Spider Candy DishThis small clay dish, bead, and chenille stems transform into a cute, mini spider with a body you can fill with candy! Great for Halloween parties.


kids at pumpkin patch

Take a Trip to the Pumpkin PatchHere are some links to a few pumpkin patches. Pumpkin Patches are great not only for pumpkins but other fall crops as well. If you have one near you, please post it in the feedback and we'll add it to the list.


Craft Halloween

Pumpkin WreathRecycle old wire hangers and make a beautiful pumpkin wreath with your children. All that is needed are orange and green pipe cleaners and paper.


Black bat with wings spread.

Halloween BatThis is a simple hand-held bat that will flap it's wings when you fly it.


craft pumpkin with fall silk foliage

Pumpkin CenterpieceUpdated with photos! Start by carving the pumpkin designs. Glue it to the base. Glue the candle jar on top, first cut off the stem, so the jar will sit flat!


Grocery Bag Ghosts

Grocery Bag GhostThese spooky ghosts are fast and easy to make and are made from mostly recycled material or things you already have around the house.


Plastic pumpkin place settings.

Trick Or Treat Place SettingThese cute pumpkins make perfect decorations for any Halloween party. They can be used as favors or as place setting gifts. Just remember to fill them full of yummy candy!


scary monsters on porch

Halloween Scary Outside MonsterThis is made of scrap wood, a scary mask, recycled children's clothes and shoes. It looks like a small child with a big mask.


Skeleton Decoration

Halloween Skeleton DecorationThese skeletons are great fun to make and hang around for Halloween. They can be made of wood 1/4 inch plywood. Easy to make from scraps.


black bats

Pumpkin BatsMini pumpkins and a few other common materials are all you need to add a few bats to your Halloween decor for this cute craft.


Ghosts made from cheesecloth sitting on woodstove.

Cheesecloth Ghosts In My House!Simple and easy and cheap! Blow up a balloon and dip a square of cheesecloth into fabric stiffener. Drape over balloon. Let dry and then pop the balloon. Add felt eyes or use a dark marker.


Tomato Cage Ghosts

Bewitching Tomato Cage GhostLarge tomato cage covered with a sheet to make a Witch Ghost


Max's First Halloween

Max's First HalloweenMy adorable little Grandson Max, getting ready to celebrate his first Halloween! He is taking after his Daddy in his Army costume, he's already our little Hero.


A dog dressed as a witch for Halloween.

Howl-O-Ween Sweater DressThis is a sweater dress I made for my tiny Yorkie, it is a cute dress, a sweater and a costume all in one.


A carved pumpkin

Individualized Carved PumpkinsThis is the jack-o-lantern that I carved for my 8 month old son. It is a real pumpkin and was hand carved using only wood carving tools and a rotary tool. My family and I carved an additional 4 pumpkins the same way, each to reflect on the persons interests.


Photo of someone cutting up a pumpkin.

Recipes Using Pumpkins?You can get great deals on pumpkins this time of year. Do you have any tips or recipes for using pumpkins? Also, do you have any tips for selecting pumpkins to eat?


Carved and lighted pumpkins

Aiden and Avery's PumpkinsHere are two pumpkins carved by Aiden (7) and Avery (4). Aiden carved a killer robot and Avery carved a rabid mouse. We used stencils that we purchased for $3 at Fred Meyer and it made it super easy to carve something neat.


Carved pumpkin

"Oh No" PumpkinWhen we asked my 3 yr. old grandson how he wanted his jack-o-lantern's face to look, he told us he wanted an "Oh, no! pumpkin" and made the face. This is what it looks like.


Wand Using Hanger

Magic Wand from Recycled Coat HangerI made matching wands for the daughter's dance class. Their costumes were bright green with boas. I took the cardboard portion of a wire hanger and hot glued a little fur to the top. They loved it!


Spider made from child's handprints.

Handprint SpiderThis quick and easy craft uses minimal materials and is such a cute representation of your little one's hand prints. We made ours to hang up for decorations during a buggy birthday party, but this can work just as good a spring craft, as well as, a Halloween craft.


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