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A man dressed as a measuring tape.

Halloween Costume: Measuring TapeHere is a photo of my son-in-law's Halloween costume. All hand made with cardboard, metal, plastics, etc. He always wins with his unique costumes.


woman in costume

Red Riding Hood the Wolf SlayerHere's a twist on the usual Little Red Riding Hood. Just add an axe and a piece of fur to your picnic basket and you go on to tell a whole continuation story of what happened in the woods.


A cat silhouette carved into a pumpkin for Halloween.

Cat Silhouette Pumpkin CarvingHere is this year's Jack-'o-lantern, carved by my adult son. It reminds me of his rescue kitten, Koneko.


Skeleton Banquet

Skeleton BanquetOur neighbor creates unique Halloween decorations every year. This year's is really unique! We won't be going to their house for dinner anytime soon!


spider cowboy hat

Spooky Spider HatThis hat has web designed tulle around the rim and in a large bow and long tail trailing down in back. There is also a spider ribbon intertwined in it.


An adult geisha costume for Halloween.

Geisha Gracie at HalloweenThis was a fun adult costume to help create! Happy Halloween everyone!


Three kids posing with jack o'lanterns

My Three GoblinsThree shots of my little goblins hamming it up with their pumpkins. I post my family photos around my house during Halloween, just for fun and memories!


blak plastic bag spider

Spooky SpiderThis giant spooky spider ceiling decoration couldn't be easier to make. We took two balloons and put them in a black plastic bin bag (trash bag) and knotted the top. The legs are simply long lengths taken off the roll of bags but not separated or opened.


dog in Halloween costume

Lilly the Little Chihuahua Biker BabeAll the kids in the neighborhood love to come see Lily at Halloween! She has many outfits for the holidays, but seeing all the little ones ring the bell gives her great joy. Her sister Dicey doesn't do costumes, but loves the candy!


Head in a Jar Halloween Decoration

Head in a Jar Halloween DecorationFor a unique, fun and personalized decoration, use cut out pictures of faces in magazine or take your own head shot photos of each family member (making a face or looking scared or scary). Print them out full sized and place them in Mason jars along with grasses, rope, leaves, or any other filler around the face.


Golfing Jack-O-Lantern

Golfing Jack-O'-LanternMy favorite local diner has a customer that brings in an awesome Jack-o-lantern each year. The diner has a golf theme and so does the pumpkin. I love how detailed it is!


Pumpkin Picking Time

Pumpkin Picking Time (Waverly, PA)We visited a local farm to enjoy this wonderful place that serves up warm pumpkin donuts and fresh apple cider. I just had to snap this pic of the pumpkin field before they all find new homes throughout our community!


A pumpkin that sagged after being carved

Bad PumpkinFirst time carving a pumpkin, and I thought I'd done an awesome job! The next day, I brought my mom out to the front porch to brag about my masterpiece, and it was certainly nothing to brag about anymore.


Skeleton fishing from deck.

Been Fishing Too Long! (Lake Norman, NC)I just want to share our daughter's Halloween decoration. She is very creative. Happy Halloween!


Witch and ladybug holding a pumpkin.

Happy Fall! (Mason County, WV)My daughters all dressed up in their costumes.



Woman in Card Clown Party Costume

Pack Of Cards CostumeIn South Africa, we do not really celebrate Halloween, but that does not mean that we do not enjoy dress-up parties! A few weeks ago I was invited to a birthday, and the theme was a "P-Party."


A toddler with a cowboy hat and a toy hobby horse.

Halloween Costume: CowgirlMy grandaughter wanted to be a cowgirl for her first Halloween


A plate of hot dogs that look like severed fingers for a Halloween party.

Halloween: Severed FingersHere is a platter of hot dog "fingers" that my friend Lisa made for a Halloween party. I love how they are in a circle with the ketchup and eyeballs in the middle. Very creepy.


Little Girl Dressed in Flower Petal Costume

Halloween Costume: Flower PetalMy great neice Brooke turned 1 a few days before Halloween. She loved dressing up in her petal costume. She is so cute!


Halloween Skeleton in Back of Car with Red Upholstery

Halloween: Skeleton in Car"Are we there yet?"


Boy in Dalmatian Costume

Halloween: Dalmatian SleeperMy mom got my son this outfit, I think it's a sleeper, but my son wants to play dress-up and is excited for Halloween so I put it in him one night to try it on.


Cat Looking Down Stairs Towards Halloween Decorations

Halloween CatThe kitty seems a bit concerned with our new friend.


Little Girl Dressed as the Mad Hatter

Halloween: Mad Hatter CostumeThis Mad Hatter costume was perfect for her personality!


Oven and baker costumes.

Halloween Costume: Bun in the OvenMy daughter was pregnant at Halloween time so they made a "Bun in the Oven" costume. Her husband was outfitted with a white apron and chef's hat and carried a mixing bowl and wooden spoon.


woman dressed as a deviled egg

Halloween Costume: Deviled EggThe instructions are quite simple. First go to the fabric store and pick up a couple of yards of white felt and 1/2 a yard of bright yellow felt. You also need store bought materials for being a devil, such as the the red horns, the tail and the pitchfork.


Halloween: Back Yard Haunted HouseMy wife and I are both big fans of Halloween and each year we go all out to scare the neighborhood kids. This year we used sheets of plywood to build wall in our backyard to create a haunted graveyard setting. We scared a lot of kids and their parents.


A Halloween decoration of a person  caught under a garage door.

Halloween Decoration: Caught Under The Garage DoorOOPS! Help I got caught under the garage door. Get me out.


headless figure

Halloween Costume: Headless HorsemanThis costume has always won first place any time I have used it. We usually have someone lead the child around for safety.


A small girl dressed as a witch.

Halloween: Little WitchMy baby girl's first Halloween. She is just the cutiest thing in the world! She had lots of fun and lots of candy. I hope she doesn't lose any teeth, that wouldn't be so cute! LOL!


A girl dressed in a black spider costume.

Halloween Costume: SpiderThis is a spider costume I made. It is a long sleeve turtle neck shirt, skirt and black pants. For the shirt, I took 4 black pant legs stuffed them and sewed them to the shirt under her arms.



A boy dressed as a country mouse for Halloween.

Halloween Costume: Country MouseMy grandson had to dress as a country mouse for school. They were reading the book about a country mouse and a city mouse in his Kindergarten class. Beside him is a pumpkin he decorated with paint.


Spooky Candy Storage

Spooky Candy Storage SystemUsing assorted empty jars, create a spooky candy storage system. Spray paint jars layering paints to create a spooky effect (dripping blood, candy corn, pumpkin orange, cloudy night, etc). Use your computer and the "chiller" font to print labels on plain white paper.


A festive train.

Halloween at Cross Roads Village (Flint, MI)These pictures are of my great-grandchildren on a trip to Cross Roads Village, a 1865 village in Flint Michigan. Everyone goes trick or treating no matter how old. It is a lot of fun!


A dog dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Halloween Pet Costume: Minnie MouseThis costume was made by reusing several things we had on hand. The skirt was from a Poodle Skirt Girl Costume. We cut the top attached shirt and vest off and used just the skirt. The t-shirt was one we already had at the house.


A small girl dressed as Dora the Explorer.

Halloween Costume: Dora the ExplorerNothing to it, I just got a pink shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks, white shoes, backpack with purple straps, and I made a map by rolling up a piece of paper and drawing the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. I found "Boots" the monkey on Ebay.


Warm Halloween CostumesAs a child, I lived in rural Illinois. October there is cold. Sometimes it snows! The flimsy store-bought costumes leave everyone shivering. A warm costume is worth the effort.


Haunted House Frames

Craft Project: Haunted House FramesHalloween frames to display my grandchildren's Halloween costumes. To showcase my grandsons' Halloween costumes, I take pictures and use the thumbnail pics. Pick a picture of something you like from a magazine or flyer of Halloween houses.


A woman dressed up as a clown.

Halloween Costume: ClownI used a plastic trash bag and painted it with red and white. I doubled the trash bag and glued on. I got big tennis shoes and painted them red, got a yellow shirt. For the suspenders, I used plastic white tall kitchen bags and velcroed them to the pants.


A girl in a Minnie Mouse costume.

Halloween Costume: Minnie MouseDraw circles on t-shirt using round object of your choice. Paint in circles with white craft paint. Use eyebrow pencil to draw on nose and whiskers.


A girl dressed as an Indian maiden.

Halloween: Little Indian MaidenI took fleece material, cut it and made it into a simple jumper. I made it big so she could dress warm that night. Cut fringe and sew trim on bottom of skirt. Add a head band with a feather and feather trim in front of jumper.


A mom and child dressed as Cheerios and milk.

Halloween Costume: Cheerios and MilkThis was actually very easy to make. I got a couple of cardboard boxes (the right size for my kids). Then I found pictures on the internet and printed them out in several pieces and glued them onto the boxes.


A woman dressed as a gypsy.

Halloween Costume: GypsyPeasant Skirt, black long sleeve shirt, long scarf and old costume jewelry. None of this costume had to be made.


A girl with funny costume teeth.

Costume: Funny TeethMy daughter has supplied me with endless, funny pictures and I thought I would share one here! She fixed herself up and added the teeth to top the outfit off! :)


A child dressed as an astronaut.

Costume Idea: AstronautMy grandson came home one day after school and said he wanted to be dressed as a astronaut for "What You Want To Grow Up To Be Day." So we threw together a costume using what we had around the house.


Halloween Hay

Halloween Hay (Nova Scotia, Canada)Here in Nova Scotia, we have farms and lots of hay, so HEY!



A decorated Halloween cake.

Halloween: Decorated CakeMy 13 year old daughter is learning to cake decorate, this was the cake she made for our Halloween party. I think she did an awesome job, don't you?


Children on Halloween dressed as pirates.

Halloween: Little PiratesMy granddaughter on Halloween 2009


A dog dressed as a horse for Halloween

Halloween: Horse Costume (Dog)I never enjoyed playing with dolls when I was little, but I get a real kick out of dressing my dogs for Halloween. This year I made a special costume for Petey because he is as big as a horse!


A box of popcorn Halloween costume.

Halloween: Box O' Popcorn CostumeI took a box, painted it white. Then I painted red stripes, leaving a spot to make the circle (I used a pan lid to make the circle.) I cut holes out for his head and arms (cut the flaps off the open end of the box where the legs come out).


young man in costume

Clark Kent CostumeThis year my son DJ was invited to a Halloween party at the last minute and had to come up with something quick. We pulled this idea together with things we had around the house and it was a huge hit!


A Dog Dressed
as Dorothy from
the Wizard of Oz

Halloween: Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Dog...The white shirt is from the Salvation Army. The plaid fabric was also from the Salvation Army. The wig is a from a previous costume.


group in costumes

Halloween Costumes At WorkHere are the people at my work that came in costume! Fun stuff! I'm on the end in the bowling ball costume, made from hula hoops and 13 gallon yard bags. Cheap and easy! (Just carry around a couple of bowling pins from a children's bowling set.)


Carved pumpkin

"Oh No" PumpkinWhen we asked my 3 yr. old grandson how he wanted his jack-o-lantern's face to look, he told us he wanted an "Oh, no! pumpkin" and made the face. This is what it looks like.


A carved pumpkin

Individualized Carved PumpkinsThis is the jack-o-lantern that I carved for my 8 month old son. It is a real pumpkin and was hand carved using only wood carving tools and a rotary tool. My family and I carved an additional 4 pumpkins the same way, each to reflect on the persons interests.


Carved and lighted pumpkins

Aiden and Avery's PumpkinsHere are two pumpkins carved by Aiden (7) and Avery (4). Aiden carved a killer robot and Avery carved a rabid mouse. We used stencils that we purchased for $3 at Fred Meyer and it made it super easy to carve something neat.


Max's First Halloween

Max's First HalloweenMy adorable little Grandson Max, getting ready to celebrate his first Halloween! He is taking after his Daddy in his Army costume, he's already our little Hero.


Mooning Scarecrow

Craft: Mooning ScarecrowScarecrow for Halloween. Build a frame out of wood. Dress and stuff with hay. Add a few pumpkins. Great for doubletakes from passers-by.


Scary Pumpkin

Scary PumpkinThis scary pumpkin won a prize! He is pretty scary, huh.


A decorative pumpkin fountain for halloween.

Halloween FountainCreate an affordable autumn fountain by using any container filled with water a pump and decoration that water can pass through. Adorn with mums, pine cones and place apples inside fountain.


A pumpkin painted with an Oregon Ducks helmet.

Oregon Ducks PumpkinThis is the pumpkin I painted with acrylic paints for my son this year, he is a huge fan of the University of Oregon football team, so he took it to a tail gate party in November.


Two men in costume.

Raider Fans CostumesThis Halloween my husband and father-in-law were . . .


Winner Sexiest DivisionThis picture is from senior exercise Halloween party today. I am the Halloween Trick and my friend, who likes to ham it up, is Halloween PIMP.


A child dressed as a pumpkin with a man.

Our Little PumpkinHere is our little pumpkin! And my husband, Jon (PawPaw)


Butterfly Kids Costume

Victoria the ButterflyThis is 8 month old Victoria, trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She is a pretty pink butterfly.


A child in a lion costume

Kylie as a LionKylie my adorable 2 year is just adorable in this lion outfit. And I am not lioning about that! She is surely going to be a roar at the church carnival.


toddler poodle costume

Abby as a PoodleAbby, 13 months is just a adorable poodle in this pink outfit. She has won many hearts over!


Woman in yellow towels.

Bath Lady CostumeI sewed two large bath towels together, made a knot over one shoulder and secured with rubber band (wore a strapless top under it), used quilt batting to make soap bubbles attached to double faced tape & pasted on arms & face, and shower cap with soap bubbles also and carried a bath brush and soap on rope and wore flip flops.


Dog in costume.

Ruby (Rottweiler)Ruby is a 6 year old Rottweiler. Ruby's owner died a few weeks ago. We are fostering her until her new owners come to get her, which will be this weekend! Here she is dressed as a Detroit Red Wings hockey fan.


A fall floral display inside a pumpkin vase.

Pumpkin Vase as CenterpieceThis is what we did for a center piece for Halloween. We carved out the inside and put flowers inside of it. It does last for about 2 weeks.


A girl dressed as a tomboy.

Savannah in Tomboy CostumeLast year I found it hard to make a costume for my daughter Savannah. So I gathered together some of my oldest son clothing. I dressed her like a Tom Boy. Take a look.


A man in a colorful costume.

Making CostumesWhen making a costume, I have found the best place to get strange clothes is the Thrift Stores, and also have a husband willing to dress up in anything you buy. Enjoy the picture!


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