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Christmas Tree Hat - hat on child's head

Christmas Tree HatMake this cute, fun, and festive Christmas tree hat. I was able to make this hat for my daughter with leftover tree trimmings that fell from our Christmas tree. The rest of the supplies I already had on hand (i.e. cardboard, hot glue, and decorations).


Spool ornaments hanging on the tree.

Personalized Spool OrnamentsTo celebrate my grandson's first Thanksgiving and first Christmas and to commemorate family who can't be here this year due to COVID, I created some cute but simple tree ornaments using just photos and empty thread spools for an old fashioned look!


The completed Organza Spiral Christmas Tree

Organza Spiral Christmas TreeOrganza and beads look great together. I used them to create this Christmas tree. You can use an LED garland instead of beads or make the Christmas tree without adding beads.


A wreath made from pine cones.

Pine Cone WreathI saw this on Pinterest.


Mini Gumball Machine Christmas Ornament - two completed ornaments, one with pom poms and one with plastic beads

Mini Gumball Machine Christmas OrnamentI saw this idea at a craft boutique and since I had the supplies to make one, I made my own version.


Bead and sequin ornament.

Bead and Sequin Ornaments (Grandma...My grandma made the most beautiful bead and sequin ornaments and they have always been my favorites on our tree. This year I attempted to recreate these stunning ornaments. These are great decorations and also make a wonderful gift.


The completed advent calendar on the wall.

Wall Tree Activity AdventThis advent is simple to throw together using Ikea's wall tree, and cardstock. Our family likes to do activity-based advents like this one and when I saw IKEA was selling this decoration, I knew I had to make it into an advent calendar.


Three medicine bottle carolers.

Medicine Bottle CarolersRecycled medicine bottles for carolers. I took 3 medicine bottles and turned them upside down. I painted the wooden balls a flesh color, let dry then painted faces with black paint.


A collection of handmade food gifts.

Handmade/Homemade GiftsChoosing the perfect gift for each person on our list means paying attention throughout the year and taking note of preferences. This is particularly true when making gifts.


Popsicle Stick Sled - red sled with wreath and tree decorations, hanging on the Christmas tree

Popsicle Stick SledHere is a family holiday fun project. It is easily made using Popsicle sticks, hot glue, and craft paints. You can use a variety of colors and embellishments. Here's how!


Group of four yo yo trees.

Spool Yo Yo TreeHere is another cute yo yo Christmas tree project, for the yo yo enthusiast. You can make one or a whole grove.


VIntage jewelry tree made by aunt.

Costume Jewelry Christmas TreeI make costume jewelry Christmas trees as gifts for family. This one on black background was given to me 30 years ago and made by my 86 year old aunt. It is one of the most loved things in my home.


Propagating Plants Inside a Christmas Ornament Bulb - finished project

Propagating Plants Inside a Christmas Ornament BulbMake these cute and inexpensive ornament bulb propagation planters to give as gifts or simply to decorate your desk, bathroom, or home.


finished angel

Paper Plate AngelsAngels can be used as place settings for a festive meal or as a cover for a small plate of goodies to give away.


Cash Trees As Gifts - money folded as a tree in a gift box

Cash Trees As GiftsI decided to give cash gifts rather than gift cards.



Santa jars

Baby Food Jar Santa Candy JarThis is a vintage pattern that I used many years ago, but is still a popular recycle craft. It is a Santa candy jar made from a baby food jar.


Button Christmas Cards - light strand card completed

Button Christmas CardsOne of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating Christmas cards! This year, I found some button card ideas that were too adorable not to try. All of the ones I attempted were really easy to do and turned out great! I think even older kids would enjoy making these cards.


Using Old Christmas Cards

Hanging Ball Made With Old CardsTake 20 used Christmas card (or any other card) fronts and cut out 4 inch circles. Using a triangle template, fold the edges of the circles up to form flaps. Glue the flaps together, add a hanging ribbon and you have an 8" decorative ball.


Making a Disposable Cup Christmas Chandelier

Making a Disposable Cup Christmas ChandelierI just started decorating for Christmas and thought of making a crystal ball out of clear disposable cups, but then my mom suggested that I should make a big half sphere to create a chandelier. So, I thought of using white cups instead of the clear ones. And here are the results.


Wooden Spoon Deer

Wooden Spoon DeerHere's a fun craft made from 5 wooden spoons, pom poms, felt, ribbon, glue, bells and other trims.


3D Paper Star Ornament - star hanging on the tree

3D Paper Star OrnamentIt's the first day of the Christmas month and today I'll start with smaller Christmas decorations. The most common ornament is the star. This one is very basic, but a little complicated.


A plate of Candy Cane Rice Krispie Treats

Candy Cane Rice Krispie TreatsThese festive treats are super simple to make and really delicious. They make perfect gifts or a great addition to a holiday party.


Paper Snow Globe Ornament - hand holding the paper snow globe decoration

Paper Snow Globe OrnamentHere is a mess free snow globe ornament you can make, it is a paper version. This ornament is made with construction paper and acrylic paint.


Chopstick and Bead Christmas Tree - finished tree

Chopstick and Bead Christmas TreeThis is a fun and quick way to make a little decorative Christmas tree, using stuff you might have saved in your house. I am a wooden chopstick hoarder. I find them so useful for crafts and projects. Here, I decided to rubber band them together to make this tree so I could use them again in the future!


Christmas Wreath - bows and other items glued in place

Christmas WreathAfter cleaning and organizing my crafts, I found a few items I could use to make a Christmas wreath. I purchased a wreath and some bows at an after Christmas sale and then added my craft items to make a wreath.


Snowflake Bow for Oversize Gift - red tissue paper bow with a paper snowflake in the center mounted to a cupcake liner

Snowflake Bow for Oversize GiftDid you a get a gift for someone that is too big to be wrapped? Instead of just purchasing a bow, you can make one!


Popsicle Stick Wreath - finished wreath

Popsicle Stick WreathMy family and I love Popsicles. I have a drawer full of cleaned sticks that I've saved over the years. This is an awesome wreath you can make from those sticks. All you need is some glue, paint, and some foliage. This is a great craft for all ages.


Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Balls - finished balls hanging on a lighted piece of garland

Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas BallsI'm pretty late with Christmas decorations this time. There is no time to buy new Christmas balls, travel time takes longer than shopping so I'd rather spend it making an alternative holiday tree ornament.


Christmas Tree Table Decoration - decorated tree

Christmas Tree Table DecorationNeed a little something to cheer up your Christmas table?  Here is an easy affordable Christmas tree table decoration you and your guests will enjoy.


Wreath hanging on house.

Christmas Wreath from a Hula HoopHere is a photo of a large wreath I made for our back porch. I used a big hula hoop then attached branches from our old artificial Christmas tree. I went around one direction using the branches from the bottom 2 sections of the tree and alternated them.



Candy Cane Puzzle

Candy Cane PuzzleThe perfect White Elephant gift! Use those leftover candy canes for this cute holiday treat. This edible puzzle is sure to give the receiver a good laugh.


Stocking Cap Ornament

Stocking Cap OrnamentThis is a recycled kids craft. The little ones can really get into this craft, and make something pretty to hang on the tree. Supplies are few.


Finished snowmen.

Little Snowmen Ornaments from Yogurt BottlesEverytime I drank one of the Dannon Drinkable yogurts this year I thought the bottles were shaped like little snowmen.


Closeup of finished ornament.

Silver Starburst OrnamentsThese ornaments can be used any time of the year if you use different colors of beads and sequins and they are lots of fun to make!


Finished Santa.

Broomstick SantaThis Santa makes a cute tree ornament, or just make a few to sit in little niches.


Making a Duct Tape Poinsettia - finished flower

Making a Duct Tape PoinsettiaMy local dollar store had duct tape for 50 cents a roll so I had to get some in holiday colours to craft with, of course! They're great for decorations or sticking onto a wrapped gift. Here is how to make a simple, but cute, poinsettia plant with duct tape, paper, and a stick.


Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper - closeup of the topper

Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree TopperThis is an easy and inexpensive way to create a retro tree topper that's also fun to make. All you need is a package of silver pipe cleaners and that's all there is to it. If you want to change up your colors from year to year, this is also a great way to coordinate your topper to match your tree.


Tootsie Pop Santa

Tootsie Pop SantaEasy to make Tootsie Pop Santa. To go along with my Tootsie Pop Snowman, this Santa would make the perfect treat a child on Christmas. These make great party favors or place cards.


Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas Tree - finished tree

Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas TreeThe other day, I had two funnels in my pantry. When I moved the biggest one, it knocked the next smaller one off the shelf. When I picked it up, I realized it sat on the larger one like it was stacked, like a Christmas tree. More on that later in the post. This was a labor of love and I hope you like it.


Photo of a pink sparkle ball Christmas Decoration.

Sparkleball DecorationI had so much trouble locating directions on the internet for making a "solo" cup light ball that I just created my own free website that gives easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I call them sparkleballs.


Christmas Tree Pop-up Card -  inside of finished card with greeting added

Christmas Tree Pop-up CardMy kids' school project theme just switched to Christmas. They were required to make a DIY greeting card. This will be entered in a class contest and here's our entry.


Adding ribbon to the container.

Five-Minute Thrifty Goodie ContainersMade from berry containers from the produce department, I used Christmas fabric and plan to use to gift homemade fudge in them.


Rainbow Unicorn Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Rainbow Unicorn OrnamentHere's a trending animal this year, unicorns. Of course my daughter was a unicorn for Halloween (one of her outfits.) With the left over colorful tulle I had, I was able to make this really simple unicorn ornament.


Cinnamon Applesauce Gingerbread Men for Tree or Gifts

Cinnamon Applesauce Gingerbread Men...Mix cinnamon (I bought a big jar of it at a local dollar store) with a little applesauce, (using your judgement and adding it slowly) mixing with my hands until it's the consistency of pie crust. Too wet, add more cinnamon.


Angels made from milkweed pods.

Milkweed Ornaments (Angel Pods)This project, using milkweed pods, is a little tricky and probably more suitable for adults or teens. It is somewhat time consuming because of all the paint drying time, unless you leave it natural (see photo).



Pasta Christmas Tree - finished pasta tree on a red surface

Pasta Christmas TreeThis is a beautiful little centerpiece you can make from dry pasta, a foam cone, and paint. I think it'd be beautiful in any colour, but it really looks quite chic in gold with red accents. The farfalle bowtie pasta sitting on top is a cute little finishing touch.


Make a Curly Ribbon Cascade

Make a Curly Ribbon CascadeDon't spend money on those fancy curly ribbon cascades. Make your own!


Crocheted Christmas Card Ornaments

Crocheted Recycled Christmas CardsSince I can't stand to throw out all my beautiful Christmas cards,I cut shapes from them, then punch holes around the sides, and crochet on them to make beautiful new Christmas Ornaments. I decorated our tree at church last year with them and received raves!!


Sock Snowman - trio of snow people on a shelf

Sock SnowmanThis has to be the most fun craft I have made yet! It is so very easy, a great craft to do with the kids! It is funny when I show people and tell them it is only a single tube sock filled with rice. Everything here is from The Dollar Store. I just love that place!


Making Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments - ornament on the tree

Making Popsicle Stick Snowflake OrnamentsI recently discovered glittery hot glue sticks and knew I had to get a bag for my son who loves hot glue and especially glittery items like glitter glue for his arts and crafts.


The completed glitter stars with small red ball ornaments attached.

Stars from Fishing Line and Hot GlueI figured out how to make beautiful stars from fishing line and hot glue. Thanks to the glitter and beads, the stars shine perfectly. You can hang them on a Christmas tree or use for decoration.


finished snowman hot chocolate gift

Coffee-Mate Container SnowmanTurn your empty Coffee-Mate into a unique gift by adding a box of hot chocolate and marshallows.


CD Elf

CD Christmas ElfIn order to make the picture of this craft work, without an intense reflection, I have covered the CD with invisible tape. Your actual project will allow the shine of the CD to show and reflect holiday lights.


A bleach bottle Santa craft.

Bleach Bottle Santa Door DecorationThis is a cute, unique Christmas door decoration that can be made without too much bother or artistic ability. It recycles that empty bleach bottle, too. I've gotten lots of comments about how cute he is.


Wiggly Paper Snowman - finished snowman

Wiggly Paper SnowmanDo you wanna build a snowman??! Here's a simple wiggly snowman decoration made with "all scratch paper" materials. Grab your old papers and magazines and start an eco friendly holiday display.


Ornament Holiday Card - finished card with glitter glue tree and star sticker

Ornament Holiday CardI can't believe it's December already! I am starting my DIY holiday cards that I make every year with items I collect or have on hand.


Christmas Tree Place Card Holders - two Christmas tree placecard holders

Christmas Tree Place Card HoldersWill you be hosting Christmas dinner? Do you want a cute and personalized place-card for your guests? You can make these cute Christmas tree place card holders for your guests to bring home as a party favor and decoration made with simple supplies! (I made these for my kids.)


Logo for a ThriftyFun Craft

Moose/Reindeer NuggetsOne year a friend of mine gave each of my kids a Reindeer Nuggets box (Whoppers candy). It was the cutest idea and my kids just loved it! You could use Milk Duds or gum balls that are in similar containers.


Santa Boxes

Santa BoxesPaper Mache boxes made to look like Santa.


Tongue Depressor Ornament

Christmas Ornaments Made From Tongue...These ornaments are made from tongue depressors and are very easy to make. Instructions for Snowman and Angel ornaments are included.


Christmas Tea Tree - sitting on a shelf

Christmas Tea TreeThis is a cute Christmas tea tree to make and gift to a tea lover, or as decor for the holidays. You could pair this gift with a mug filled with chocolates.


Ballerina Gingerbread Ornament - ornament on the tree

Ballerina Gingerbread OrnamentYou can make lots of cute and fun ornaments with just paper (feel free to adjust with supplies you already own). Here's one I made for my daughter to reflect her personality and I used her favorite color for the shirt.


Designing  Two For One  - snowman and snowwoman candles with greenery, berries, and lights in the foreground

Designing Two For One CandlesDecor for your home does not have to be costly! With a purchase from the dollar store and craft paint you can personalize your candles and cut the cost from those higher retailers by more than half! I wanted to decorate a single set of candles with 2 looks that can be used for multiple occasions. Here's how!


Christmas decorated paper plate

Paper Plate Christmas CollageTurn a paper plate into a beautiful artwork for Christmas and wow your friends with your creativity this year. This craft uses simple materials, but the end result is very pleasing to the eye. A great way for the kids to have some Christmas fun!


Finished Clay Pot Angel

Clay Pot AngelsSweet little angels to sit on your desk. Paint the clay pot white (or any color you want as a theme for your angel). Paint the round bead fleshtone. Will dry in about 10 minutes.


Angel made from a pop bottle.

Pop Bottle Angel for ChristmasI made this angel out of an empty pop bottle. It's easy to make.


An angel ornament made with hot glue.

Hot Glue OrnamentsAbout 6 years ago, I came across an idea that was so simple and yet so darned cute, I saved the photo and will be making some of these this Holiday.


The open Covid Christmas Car Kit.

Covid Christmas Car KitBecause I was given a lot of fabric, and I generally make and distribute treats to friends and neighbors at Christmas time every year, I decided to change it up a little and made these "car kits" with hand sanitizer, kleenex, and masks to keep handy in the car.


Santa Vase And Lamp -  vase surrounded by red ornaments and fairy lights

Santa Vase And LampThis project has recycle in mind. I am using bottles to create home decor and an outdoor table light for a festive look. Here's how!


The completed accordion Christmas tree.

Accordion Christmas Tree from Plastic BottleDon't spend a lot of money on Christmas décor, rather use what you have at hand to create it. I figured out how to make this wonderful Christmas tree from a plastic bottle. I used a green plastic bottle, but you can use it in a different color, as Christmas trees don't have to always be green. You can also use any other decoration for such a Christmas tree, for example crystals, beaded garlands or even buttons that you can sew with threads if you don't have a suitable wire.


Snowman's head on a melted puddle of white crochet.

Crochet Melting Snowman CenterpieceThis craft is a combination of crochet, fiberfill, flex foam, and glitter. I use mine at Christmas as a centerpiece.


Sweet Gum Mini-Wreath

Sweet Gum Mini-WreathThis wreath is made from the seed pods from the sweet gum tree. This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard.


finished reindeer

Pom-Pom ReindeerAnother craft for left-over pom-poms and extra craft bits. The cute reindeer has pom-poms for a body and head and chenille stems as antlers and legs.


finished tree with more snow

Yo Yo Christmas TreeI love making yo yos while watching TV. They are a great way of using up fabric scraps or can be made from fabric purchased especially for your yo yo craft project. I decided to use some left over yo yos from my Christmas garland to begin this project.


Cute white kitchen angel with gold ribbon wings.

Kitchen AngelThis heavenly kitchen angel makes a nice little gift for family and friends. I have made several of these and they were a big hit. You could also make several to adorn your tree at Christmas or use to adorn packages.


Ribbon Angel

Ribbon AngelThis darling little angel will be admired by everyone. Fun and inexpensive to make this angel will capture your heart. A wonderful gift for nursing staff members who are often called "Angels" in a hospital or Rehab center.


Book Pages Christmas Wreath

Book Pages Christmas WreathMy husband is an avid book reader. He reads them and then places the books in three categories; keep, donate, and junk. I use the ones from the junk pile to upcycle, of course! Give this craft a try. It is my husband's twist on a Martha Stewart wreath. It's practically free!


Completed train with hanger.

Candy Train Ornament (aka "The chocolate...Little Christmas train ornament any boy or girl would enjoy.


Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree Ornaments - three more ornaments

Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree OrnamentsI love Scrabble tiles and making things from them. I also love Dollar Tree ornaments. Today, I made some ornaments from both.


Paper Cone Christmas Tree Completed

Paper Cone Christmas TreeThis adorable tree is made from green polka dot paper and embellished with red gems. It's fun and easy to make.


Fabric Pinecone Decorations

Fabric Pinecone DecorationsThese pretty Christmas decorations can be made to hang on the tree by adding a ribbon hanger or used in a cluster on a table top. My daughter and I made them for ourselves and as a gift for her friend.


Thrifty Holiday Gift Wrapping - wrapped gifts

Thrifty Holiday Gift WrappingI find it's more fun and definitely more cost effective to make my own wrapping paper from household items and scraps rather than to purchase rolls of different wrapping paper and big bows. It's also a nice touch of personalization to make something yourself. Here is how.


Christmas Tree as a tomato cage

Cute Tomato Cage Christmas TreesThought you were through with your tomato cages for the year? Think again! They can be turned into very cute Christmas trees for your yard or your home.


Stolking Gift Card Box

Altoid Tin Gift Card BoxesDecorate Altoids containers and use them as gift card holders.


Unique Gift Card or Cash Wrapping

Unique Gift Card or Cash WrappingTurn an old book into a box to hold a gift card or cash gift.


Winter Wonderland Angel and Tree

Winter Wonderland AngelI like making a craft now and then where I use only what I have on hand, so it helps to keep my scrap pile under control. I attempted to do just this when wanting to make a Christmas present for a friend.


glue felt pieces together

Felt Snowflake CoasterThese festive felt coasters are fun to make and are a unique way to capture your favorite paper snowflake designs.


Candle of Light Christmas Card

Candle of Light Christmas CardDuring Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Light of the World. This mini adult coloring page turned card features a burning candle that serves as a great reminder of the reason for the season. It is an easy and cost-effective way to make cards for all your friends and family that will bring a special message of joy.


Candy Bar Christmas Tree

Candy Bar Christmas TreeThese make a wonderful gift. People love getting these trees and they are so much more personal than a box of chocolates. Happy Holidays!


A paper chain counting down to Christmas

Craft Project: Advent Paper ChainThere are many ways to count down to Christmas. There are songs about it. Retail has take a cue from the season and transformed it into a list of shopping deals for the holiday season. Each year at church, we take the month of December off from creating crafts about the children's bible stories and make Christmas themed crafts. The Sunday before the month of December, we usually make an Advent. This year, it was a paper chain.


Finished angel.

Arielle (Christmas Angel)The idea when making this angel was to create a decoration only from scrap material. I rummaged through my craft supplies and found a twig ball that I had used in a floral creation a number of years ago.


Faceted paper ornament made from recycled Christmas cards.

Christmas Card Ball OrnamentBall shaped tree decoration made from recycled Christmas cards. Draw a circle 1 and one quarter inches in diameter on a piece of cardboard


Light Bulb Grinch Ornament - Grinch light bulb ornament

DIY Light Bulb Grinch OrnamentI made this Grinch ornament from a burnt out light bulb. All you need is acrylic paint, some red and white fabric, and some hot glue. No sewing is necessary. Tie on some ribbon and hang it on the tree. I think he's pretty cute!


No-Sew Christmas Sock Snowman - finished snowman on a beige couch

No-Sew Christmas Sock SnowmanHave any old socks? Do not toss them out, but be sure they're washed and clean. You can make this cute snowman plushie, perfect to give as a gift, inexpensive project for a stocking stuffer, or for your children (no sewing required.)


A Christmas decoration made from white packing peanuts.

Christmas Decoration with Postal Foam BeadsSave those postal peanuts! A nice decoration can be made from them.


DIY Wire Star Christmas Tree Topper - wire topper on a small table top tree

DIY Wire Star Christmas Tree TopperWant a custom one of a kind Christmas tree topper? You can make your own with craft wire. This worked perfectly because I couldn't find a light enough topper for our 2 ft tree that I bought last year for 90% off.


Christmas Reindeer Headband

Christmas Reindeer HeadbandWho says you can't have fun during Christmas time? Make this cute reindeer headband and wear it to any social events you attend during Christmas time. A great way to bring festive cheer to the occasion! Whoo-hoo!


snowman door wreath wearing sweater, knit cap, gloves, and scarf

Snowman WreathI make a new wreath each year for the Christmas holiday, but for this year, I decided to go a different route and try to make a different form of greeting for my door. After playing with a few ideas, I came up with this creation. My snowman is approximately 2 1/2 feet tall.


Plastic Canvas Snowflakes

Plastic Canvas SnowflakesCut plastic canvas snowflakes with yarn and beads. You can find just about any plastic canvas shape nowadays. I found these at a thrift store and "fancied" them up.


Money inside a M&M's Storybook.

Giving Cash in a Candy StorybookHere is a simple way to make giving cash a little extra special this holiday season. During Christmastime, there are always a few different candy companies that make a storybook style candy box. When I was a kid, I always got the Lifesavers book in my stocking.


DIY Gift Baskets - wrapped large gift with tag

DIY Gift BasketsI decided to make gift baskets with items I got from Freecycle or elsewhere for free. The larger gift has a dish as the base, which will be a keepsake for the hostess. The smaller ones have six cookies and a travel sized bottle of shower gel from Bath and Body Works.


Cinnamon Broom Deer

Cinnamon Broom DeerThis is great for hanging between your door and your storm door. It is flatter than most wreaths, etc. Cute, quick and simple to make. Start with a cinnamon broom


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