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Grinch yard art

Harlean's Christmas Yard ArtHere are a couple pictures of the yard art that my husband and I make. They are hand cut from birch plywood and handpainted. The figures in the Charlie Brown Christmas display are about 24 inches tall, and the Grinch who stole Christmas is 48 inches tall.


Stockings hung on a branch as a Christmas decoration.

Christmas DecorationBought wood stockings, painted them, used lace, twine, buttons, beads. All materials I had on hand.


Poinsettia tree created using red and cream flowers in pots.

Poinsettia TreeThis is the most beautiful poinsettia Christmas tree I have seen this year. I took the photo in the dining room of our local hospital in Elizabethton, TN. The colors are so warm and vibrant!


rosemary decorated as mini Christmas tree with tiny train encircling pot base

Rosemary Plant as Mini Christmas TreeI got this rosemary plant during the summer and brought it in for the winter. With a little trimming it became a wonderfully aromatic Christmas tree in the corner of my parlor. Double duty and lovely!


large white chair decorated for Christmas

Christmas Decorated SeatOur church had this large chair sitting in the front of our church for a couple of months and they decided to discard it. We brought it home and put it in our front yard and I have it decorated for Christmas.


play on Charlie Brown's poor little Christmas tree

My Roscoe Beagle Christmas TreeThis small cedar tree sprouted in our side yard a few years ago, I decided to put a small red Christmas ornament on it and call it my Roscoe Beagle Christmas tree. We had a Beagle named Roscoe. It is a "take-off" of the famous Beagle cartoon series with his friend Charlie!


Child in large Christmas stocking.

Big StockingAyden had tried all morning to get in his big stocking, he accepted help from his big sister then promptly fell asleep.


An angel bell ornament.

Angel Bell OrnamentThis is an angel I found at a yard sale. It was rather old, but so adorable. It is comprised of a wooden ball for the head and a large bell for the body. It was so cute, I had to share it. It also rings, so sweet!


"Silent Night" Christmas Photo

"Silent Night" Christmas PhotoSearching for ideas for Christmas this past year and not wanting to write a looong Christmas letter, I found this idea. I sat the kids in front of the tree, plopped Santa hats on their heads, added a bit of tape and VOILA, instant fun!


Yard winterscape through the window.

Christmas Snowy SceneThis wintry view from our living room stopped me in my tracks. I had to grab my camera to capture that which had captured my fancy.


View of the tablescape from a distance.

Christmas Tree TablescapeI adorned my dining room table with a red plaid tablecloth, poinsettia place mats, and red table napkins. The centerpiece was a small artificial Christmas tree with a burlap bottom.


Rotating Christmas tree Decorated with Ornaments

Christmas Tree and DecorationsThis is our tree for this year (2011). It rotates. I painted the caroling kids around the bottom years ago, also the Santa above the fireplace.


Lights reflected in water.

Scenery: Shore Acres Holiday LightsStrolling the paths of Shore Acres is always a treat, no matter the season. My husband and I had the privilege of heading out there this Christmas Eve for their gorgeous holiday lights!


Green glass ornament with two colors of ribbon.

Christmas Ornaments in the TreesWe have a tradition at our house after our Thanksgiving meal; our adult children and grandchildren hang large Christmas ornaments in the trees in our yard.


Homemade crab trap lighted Christmas star.

Holiday: Merry CrabmasThis may look like a star with white lights, it's actually, 2 open old crab cages. I saw these at a resale shop, not thinking of using them for crabbing, but immediately saw that these old cages when open formed a perfect star.



Husband and wife with reindeer antlers and bells

Our Annual Christmas CardWe always take a holiday photo at Christmas. Here is ours for this year. This is my husband and I who are almost 70 years young. We enclosed this with our Christmas cards and it says:


Recycled decorations arranged in bowl.

Christmas BouquetThis Christmas bouquet is made from excess Christmas decorations. I recycled them to create this; like flowers in a vase.


Beautifully Decorated Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas TreeThis is my upside down Christmas tree. It is artificial and with bigger branches on the top. I put 1200 LED lights and 400 regular lights (so the ornamotions will work).


Christmas Tree with Homemade Ornaments

Christmas Tree with Homemade OrnamentsIn 2000, I remade some of the older ornaments and then headed for Alaska, sure I would be back way before the 2001 Holiday Season. Then life happened and it was another 10 years till I was where I could have a tree and use the ornaments again.


A house decorated for Christmas.

Christmas at HomeHouse ready, turkey defrosting, baking done, and sweet grandson under the tree in the snow. Merry Christmas Everyone


White Christmas Snow Covered Pine Cone

Scenery: White ChristmasI'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the one we had last year. It was the first white Christmas we have had in a long time. Snow in our area is exciting and it just brings out the kid in all of us.


A heart shaped Christmas ornament hanging with two noodle angels over a calendar that says "Promise".

Heart Ornament and Noodle AngelsMy friend sent me this heart ornament for Christmas a few years ago. I hung it in front of the calendar and happened to have these noodle angels I had made handy so I hung them together.


misspelled banner

Holiday: Blooper BannerI bought this banner on sale for my husband's Christmas party when it was our turn to be the hosts. I didn't even look at it while I was hanging it: I just taped it up on the wall and then starting doing other things.


Keepsake Christmas AlbumWait! Don't throw away those beautiful Christmas letters and photos you received as Christmas cards. Here is a great way to preserve them, and you can compare how your friends and loved ones change from year to year.


Holiday: Christmas EveA picture of our house taken on Christmas Eve, just before Santa arrived.


Christmas lights with reindeer pulling a semi-truck.

Christmas LightsThis photo is my fiance's grandparents' house. They pulled the old semi into the yard and decorated it! The deer in front are "pulling" the semi. Creative idea!


White Christmas

White ChristmasThis was our white Christmas this year in Western N.C. It snowed for more than 10 hours. We got 9 inches of heavy snow. It tied a record going back to 1947. The neighborhood kids were quite busy making snowmen and the usual snowball fights.


glass block angel

Angel Glass BlockI wanted to try a new craft so I thought I would try something with a glass block. I have a home office and wanted something in it for the holidays, but not with the traditional red and green colors.


Fleece pillow, table cover, etc.

Use Christmas Fleece For Holiday DecorationsI found this beautiful fleece early in the season and used it to make a tree skirt and covers for tables. Then I made a blanket for the couch and a couple of pillows. I have gotten a lot of compliments on how pretty it looks.


A bird next to a Christmas tree decoration with Cheerios.

An Outdoor Christmas OfferingMy mother thought it would be nice if the creatures in her garden could enjoy Christmas as much as the rest of the family. She took pine cones and stuck on cheerios and berries on with a glue made out of rice and water. I'd say these critters are pretty excited!



Holiday: A Very Hairy ChristmasA good friend of mine recently cut his hair after years of letting it grow. I helped him pose for this holiday picture. He is always up for something crazy!


Dining table with window to left.

Christmas Window DecorationsI finally put up the kitchen curtains, after being in my new house for 9 months. Better late than never, and with Christmas right around the corner, it really gave me some motivation. Not to mention my family will be here in 3 days.


Train Village with Nativity Scene

Train Village with Nativity SceneTo make this train station and town with a nativity set, you will need a sheet of plywood (4 x 8 feet) placed on two carpentry horses and covered with green felt cloth.


Thanks for the Memories!While going through and sorting our Christmas decorations, I came across the stockings and the little Santa Cap that I had for my Basset Hounds from many years ago.


Letter Carrier Gift IdeaCover a clean empty can with paper (or leave uncovered and decorate if you wish) , fill with a variety of small wrapped candies, and stick in your mailbox. Raise flag on mailbox.


Christmas Tree lit at night

Christmas TreeOur first Christmas in our new home, with our tree. So beautiful and heartwarming.


tree skirt with matching stockings

Tree Skirt SetThese are little tree skirt sets I made. One is for my daughter and the other for my grand-daughter.


Holiday: Thrifty Christmas DecoratingI'd like to showcase my home for the Holidays. Its small and cozy. Each room has been redone by me. On the tree are some hand made ornaments. I used a tree we cut down. I dried the wood cut it like disks.


Holiday: Front Door Christmas CrossWe have had this particular door for years and I noticed that it had a "natural" cross in it. Well, this year, I decided that I would work with that natural cross for my outdoor decoration.


Holiday: Christmas Dining RoomThis is my dining room that I just finished.


Carolers, candles, and lights on shrubs.

Holiday: Christmas Yard DecorationsThe photos were taken to show all of the Christmas theme decorations put up over the entire front yard this year. We decorate every year. Most of our yard decorations are at least ten years old.


Larger Than Life Christmas Tree

Larger Than Life Christmas TreeDue to the economy, we decided to get a tiny Christmas tree this year. Even though it's still adorable and just as loved as a huge tree would be, I giggle at how small it is.


Four small decorated candy jars

Santa and Friends Candy JarsMake plain candy jars into Santa and friends. Simple, affordable fun!


Christmas Decorations: "Fred and Ethel" Bird FiguresI picked these two cuties up at a Party City last year. I went there to get some other things and found them by the check-out. They'll have a spot on my entry way table each year at Christmas. We call them "Fred and "Ethel". ;-)


Christmas Card: "Quiet Christmas"

Christmas Card: "Quiet Christmas"We have a tradition now of creating our own Christmas cards. This was our 2005 version and it was entitled. Jane was hoping for a quiet Christmas, WARNING! Be careful what you wish for.



Christmas Card: The Strom's of NorwaySince I am an art director and graphic designer, I thought it was about time to do something for my family instead of everyone else! I used a photo of an evergreen tree branch, Norway flag, Norway shield, Christmas ornament top, and of course two different pictures of my kids, Dawson and Chloe.


Christmas: Shepard Cat

Christmas: Shepard CatHere is a picture of our cat (his name is Desmond Morton) in the middle, dressed like a shepherd with my sheep.


Santa and an infant.

Christmas: Santa PhotosMy niece's son, Sean's first visit to Santa! Looks as if he's pointing to him saying "Hey you're that Santa person that everyone talks about!"


A decoration of a man fallen off the ladder when decorating.

Fallen Ladder Joke Christmas DecorationThis was my Christmas decoration this year. Well, there is good news and bad news about my Christmas decorations this year.


Red Hat Angel Christmas DecorationI always try to add some humor to my home. For the holidays, this is my red hat angel.


Baby's First Christmas CardThis was the picture we used for our son's first Christmas card! It was so much fun and he was such a great sport! Luke was 5 months old in this picture.


Santa Gourd

Santa GourdSanta Gourd. He is just the cutest gourd I have ever painted for the holidays.


toddler looking in bag

Family: Cora on Christmas MorningThis is my god-daughter Cora on Christmas morning, peeking into her "Santa bag". She is almost 2 so this year was really fun with her. This picture is so priceless.


Craft: Gingerbread HousesHere is a great tradition that our family has been doing for years now. It all started about 50 years ago when I decide to make a gingerbread house for Christmas. My first ones were fairly simple but over the years have gotten more complicated and quite intricate. Now, as was bound to happen, the kids and grandkids and even my great grandson have taken over.


Family: Little SantaLittle Santa in training:)


Craft: Nikon Camera OrnamentI couldn't find a camera ornament for my photographer daughter, so I made one. Hope she likes it. I do!


Craft: Photo With Holiday CharactersI got the idea from your site. I decided to add some of our favorite holiday shows to the picture.


Craft: Christmas Angels Photo CardThis was our 2006 card. The background was from Google images and Photo paint was used to place the faces.


Perler Beads Christmas Village

Perler Beads Christmas VillageThis is a Christmas village. All the houses and the people, fences and snowman were all made from Perler beads. I had to count the beads and use the peg boards to make them. Then I had to iron all of them so they could stay together.


A baby in Santa's lap.

Ayden's Visit To SantaThis is my grandson Ayden's first visit to see Santa.


Young woman with plate of cookies

Little Christmas DeerMy little deer at our family Christmas party with a whole plate of Christmas cookies.


Plastic canvas ornaments.

Making Christmas OrnamentsChristmas ornaments I am making for Christmas to put on the tree. Made with plastic canvas.


Tomato cage tabletop Christmas tree.

Tabletop Christmas TreeSpray a tomato cage gold for Christmas. Turn it big side down, tie the legs together with wire or a twist-tie at the top, and there's a quick and easy tabletop tree.


Gracie With Santa Claus!Here is Gracie with Santa Claus. This is her 3rd Christmas.


Jacob with SantaJacob with Santa. This is my Grandson Jacob visiting Santa Claus.He is almost 3 months old.


Outdoor Christmas lights on house.

Dorothy's House Decorations for ChristmasDorothy's House Decorations for Christmas. Here are my house decorations this year.


Outdoor Nativity SceneOutdoor Nativity Scene. Here is my nativity stable my husband put together. He made it out of skids sitting up on end and put wafer board around the sides.


Holiday Decorations - Water FeatureHoliday Decorations - Water Feature. My water feature holiday decorations. I placed 3 lighted Christmas gifts in front of the pond; I put silk poinsettas on the water fall and a Santa in the center...


Santa holding a small infant in a red outfit.

Santa as the SitterSanta makes the best babysitter!


Stuffed Chair Ornaments

Little Stuffed Chair OrnamentsThese are little hand made stuffed chairs I am giving as ornaments. You may be able to see they open. One has a little teddy bear inside.


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